Size 12 to Size 6/8 in 10 weeks!

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Size 12 to Size 6/8 in 10 weeks!

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  • 10 weeks in, 23lb down (10st to 8st 5lb) and very happy! Feel so much more confident in my own skin and for the first time in my life it has been hard earned (other times I’ve weighed this much have been through depression and/or anxiety).

    I’ve incorporated tons of exercise (2nd Half Marathon in September and want to beat last years time!) and made better food decisions in general, not just on fast days. Less snacking, mainly and smaller portions – but as many long term fasters will probably know this comes naturally once you’ve been doing 5:2 for a while.

    I’ve cut out the booze (easily drunk a bottle of red to myself most evenings not even considering the calorie intake, let alone the damage to everything else!!) and it was easy, obviously didn’t have a problem, just a bad habit!! Drink socially now, or have a G&T after a hard day with my loud 5 year old daughter!

    I hope to go onto maintenance in September, although that will depend on which way a festival and holiday in Spain this month will tip the scales! But feel positive and in control and loving how my clothes are fitting.

    It really works! Good luck and keep going everyone 🙂

    That’s a fantastic achievement, Littlewing! You must be feeling on top of the world! I wish I could ditch the wine completely – I know full well how calorific it is – but I find it really hard to say no at the end of a hectic day!

    Wow! That is a great loss. Well done!

    I’ve lost 10lbs in 10 weeks but have only really just discovered if I exercise more and harder the weight drops lower during the week.

    Hi LittleWing!

    I have just started on the diet and weigh a few pounds more than you did at the start of your journey. Your results are exactly what I am aiming for!

    Any chance you could share a before and after body shot so I can get some idea of what I could potentially look like?

    I am so excited and motivated to start this journey! Have ordered the book from amazon yesterday morning and had my first fast day yesterday 😀

    Many Thanks

    Emily xx

    Wow LittleWing that is fantastic – best of all you sound so happy and in control! It is very motivatingto hear you success story 🙂

    Cath x

    23lb in 10 weeks is amazing!!! I’ve been having trouble pushing myself to exercising after work (I have 45 hour weeks) but now I’ll just have to kick myself in the behind and just DO it…

    I am inspired! Thank you!

    So well done LittleWing that’s amazing 🙂

    Excellent results! Very inspiring. Have dropped from 16 (heaviest) to 14 to 12 (currently) myself and my goal is back to 7/8 by the first of the year…and then just maintain it.

    We can do this!

    Ordered my book today will start this week itself.I now weigh 172lbs.Need to lose atleast 20lbs.
    Encouraged by your result.Hope i can have the same success to share 3 months down the line.
    Lets stay motivated .

    Inspirational’. I don’t have the energy or mindset to exercise that much but I think like you, cutting out the 1/2 -1bottle of red a night will help me,

    hey littlewing

    well done you!! you must have amazing self control to lose so much in such little time!!

    keep going and i hope i will go the same way!!

    lol xx

    Do you have any before and after pics to share? I love success stories; so motivating.

    That is amazing. I am just about to embark on this diet just waiting for scales, tape measure and cook book to arrive. I am feeling very inspired at the moment reading all these stores and hope i have the same success 🙂

    Where’s your before and after pic(s)? I want to see your transformation!!! I’m excited!!! (can’t you tell?)

    I want to know every step of your journey. What were your meals? Did you eat once or twice a day? Or did you opt for 5 100 calories snacks during the day? How much working out did you do? Am I right, “marathons”? Wow.

    I’m experimenting with my 5:2 program whereas, I don’t drink wine on fast days, I don’t eat my meal until 3:30-4:00 pm, and I’ve incorporated a ballet-pilates workout 2x a week. I’ll add another day as soon as my lazy lima bean butt starts getting back into shape and can handle it.

    I would love to go down to a size 4-6. I’m a 12 now, but most of my clothes are size 8s, 10s, and some 6s.

    I can hardly wait to hear/read your story.

    Please, please don’t worry about lack of exercise re the 5 – 2 diet. Do regular excises to keep yourself fit and happy but they really do have little effect on your weight. It’s the regular fasting that counts. A person can run a couple of miles and lose any weight loss almost immediately by eating a small sandwich. I’ve lost nearly three stone in weight since July (13 stone to roughly 10) and I’m as lazy as I have always been

    Thanks for that advice, because I only managed to work out one time that week, however, I’m in culinary school and run around like crazy and I lift some heavy objects around the kitchen. After an early light breakfast, I don’t get to eat until around 5-7 p.m., our dinner time because I’m so busy and believe it or not, I’m surrounded by delicious food all day, but don’t have the desire to eat it. You taste a little on the spoon, throw that away, and then move on to the next dish you’re cooking. We have a timeline when food must be finished for the dining room and there’s no eating allowed in the kitchen during this time, which is fine with me.

    I have good news to report that I am now wearing my size 10 jeans. I’m so happy because I tried them on two weeks ago and they barely made it past my hips. Now they just glide on and they’re comfortable when I sit and move around. Actually, they are starting to get a little lose-fitting in the seat and thigh areas.

    I’m so happy. Maybe there’s hope for me yet to reach my goal and start wearing all of my clothes again which range from size 6-8. My goal is to get down to 5-6. I look so much better when I’m slimmer and look much younger, too!

    Peace everyone!

    Wow well done you! May your good health and well being continue

    I wish I were a size 6, but an 8 will do fine for now. I’m trying on jeans and clothing I haven’t been able to wear in years. I got a compliment from some people the other day at a benefit and they said every time they see me, I managed to keep my youth. I told them I’m like everyone else who has to “work” at keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk.

    Nothing special, just a new determination that started with the 5:2 diet program and will stay with me always. Yo-yo dieting is rough on the body and ego, and I do have me some ego.

    Peace Out!

    How many calories did you eat on no fasting days ? Am just starting this did you stick to the 2000 calories ?
    Amazing results well done

    Back after a loooong break!

    My absence can be explained by the drooling 2-toothed bundle of joy sitting on my knee… I got pregnant in November 2013 and now have a 5 month old baby keeping me on my toes!

    So I’m back to where I was in June 2013, with an extra 11lb to lose (a lot of that could be boob!). It gives me hope and inspiration reading over my own post back in August 2013, I can tell you now I stayed very slim until half way through my pregnancy when I stopped running and morning sickness was behind me (and eating became fun again!)

    I would love to post a before and after pic from that time although I am not sure how to embed it in the forum, will work on that.

    So now… back to square one, sort of, with the knowledge that I did it then, so I can hopefully do it now. May take longer as still breastfeeding and I’m sure post-baby chub is pretty stubborn (took me 2 years to shift baby weight with my first child, but I didn’t 5:2) but I’m getting married in May so have got a bit of a deadline, am making my own dress and too afraid to start while I’m 2 stone overweight.

    Have been eating right and preparing a few 5:2 meals this last week, as well as running (11 miles in total – used to run around 25-30 miles a week post-baby!) and seem to have lost 2lb already. Feel better too. Here’s to the next 26lb!

    Above is the link to my before and after snapshot! A proud moment in time – hopefully I’ll get there again.

    Nikki 🙂

    Wow Nikki you look amazing. Congrats on the birth of your little one too. I find your story so inspirational. Thank you. Best of luck. Im sure youll be as successful again this time

    Hi Nikki, gorgeous pictures. Sitting here with my waist cincher on trying to compile a workout plan for a fractured clavicle recovery and running is seeming the most convenient until April (when I can lift weights again). Have you always been a runner? Or did you start later in life?

    Thank you very much! I only started running in Spring 2012 (the before pic was taken in Sept 2012) and have had just under a year off (stopped running at 20 weeks of pregnancy and have finally recovered from a cesarean section). Feels good to be back out there and have surprised myself at how fast I’ve regained stamina. A fractured clavicle sounds awful! Running is convenient for me because I can fit it around the kids and its free. When I want to ramp it up I run with 2kg or 3kg weights strapped to my wrists and legs!

    Best of luck 🙂

    Just re-reading this post LittleWing…you have done amazing! Well done. You look so healthy (but didn’t look heavy or unhealthy before mind you!) and are totally glowing.

    Can I ask what height you are? I’m 5’7 and would like to a similar amount of weight to you 🙂

    Thank you Drunner but note that I am back at square now since having baby no.2 so I re-read this post myself as inspiration! Also the ‘before’ pic isn’t a true representation of my start weight, I was about a stone heavier than that (as I am now).

    Phew, currently down from 151lb to 141lb after 3 weeks of fasting, so it does work!

    And I’m only 5’2″. Or 5’2.5″, if I stand up very straight 😉

    Me an hubby been on 5 2 for 6 week he lost 19 pound I lost 16 pound hubby not exercising but I do Zumba x2 weekly pus treadmill but. Last week not lost a pound and I am trying harder than ever so a bit fed up at moment any ideas ?

    May I give you 2 1/2 cents? Stop competing with hubby. Men ALWAYS, not matter how hard we try, will beat our weight loss with or without exercise.

    I’m amazed at your progress and you should not only pat yourself on the back, but get a soapbox and go door-to-door telling your neighbors how fabulous you are!

    I’d give you a dollar.

    thanks etherial think it because it my fast day today monday the hardest day of the week for me and scales not moved in right direction for over a week now, but clothes looser and def look different so doesnt seem to make sense to me

    I also post to another thread entitled,If your scale isn’t moving…but your clothes are getting looser. I paraphrased, but Annette, the thread starter explains how your scale may not be budging, but you find you’re fitting your clothing better and better everyday, then you are losing fat. That should make you sit up straight.

    The scale can move or not, but, Clevertess, if you find you can zip up your jeans, and still have room for your largest purse, then you’re ahead of the game.

    Soooo 8 weeks in and 20lb down! And 2 inches gone from hips and waist and 1 from bust (still BFing so need em big!) I am so pleased it has worked as well as last time and with pretty much no sport, unlike last time where I ran up to 30 8-minute miles a week…!

    Pleased to report I stepped on the clever scales at the chemists the other day and my body fat measured at 26%, which is within the ‘good’ range. Not bad for a breastfeeding mum! I wish I had known about 5:2 after my first child, I still looked pregnant when she was 7 months, whereas this time I’m confident of getting back into my Size 8 wardrobe in a few weeks. And I have cheekbones! And a defined jawline! And decolletage! Woohoo!

    As you can see… Clearly pretty chuffed! Only 8lb to go to goal weight and if I manage to lose anything else before my wedding its just a bonus!

    Well done LittleWing you’re an inspiration! I’m on my first fast day today and haven’t weighed myself (being a bit of a chicken about it) and I’m struggling! I’m a bit shaky but I don’t feel too bad. I think as it’s my first day I was always going to struggle but it’s going as well as can be expected.

    I’m hoping to lost about 2 stone in total and it’s great to see many people absolutely loving the lifestyle and seeing great results. I’m not a fan of the gym so I fit in light bits of home exercise and I’ll see how that goes!

    I really love this post – today is my first day and its gone so much better than I anticipated. Inspirational posts like this are great. I really want this to work. Im 5 foot 1 and weigh 127lbs which is not considered ‘overweight’ but I have already lost 5-6 pounds eating only GI and exercising. I am carrying a lot of body fat especially around my hips and thighs. I used to be really fit and slim. Littlewings thread makes me realise that I CAN DO THIS 🙂
    Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hello Emma and Courtney!

    You definitely can do this… My original post was actually written nearly 2 years ago. I have since had another baby, and can report back that I have had the same magic results with 5:2, albeit from a higher start weight (10st 11lb rather than 10st) so 25lb down since Jan 2015 I am now pretty much exactly 9st, whoop!

    This time, however, with a small baby and a wedding to plan I have had no such luxury of time for long runs 3 times a week. I have tried to walk the mile into town as much as possible but this hasn’t been as often as I’d like. My point is that you can still lose weight with 5:2 without vigorous exercise, I was running up to 30 miles as week the first time I did 5:2 and although I was probably more toned, the actual weight loss has been more or less the same.

    Good Luck!!! 🙂

    Sorry everyone, a bit late to the party on this thread!!

    I’ve just restarted the 5:2 diet (I had migraine problems when I did it previously). I read some of the other posts and got loads of tips for avoiding a bad head! It seems to have worked!

    Today is the morning after my second fast and I get weighed tonight, fingers crossed!

    Your stories are so inspiring, I read them thinking I can do it! I’m a shorty (5ft 1 if I stand up really straight) so I’ve always thought there’s nowhere to hide any additional weight!! My starting weight is 143lbs and I initially wanted a stone off but reading your posts made me think I can probably aim for 2stone!! Just a bit more hard work and determination!!

    Becks x

    Hi everyone.
    This is my 2nd attempt with 5:2/4:3.
    I did manage to loose 3,5 kg beginning of the year but somehow was not able to loose above weight after awhile what led to loosing motivation.
    Am currently in size 12 and would love to reach my goal of UK size 8.
    So need the help of the group.
    I red a the postings and find it very encouraging.
    Weighing this morning 71.9 kg. so +2kg already if the -3.5 I lost. 🙁

    I guys. I too started 5:2 (although doing mainly 4:3) a few weeks ago – started as a size 12 at 11st2 (I’m 5:7) and now weighing in at 10:8. I have never really been less than 10st and always believed it’s not possible for me to be a size 8 but I would so love to give it a go. I had a particularly crappy binge day today but I’m determined to carry on properly tomorrow. I need to ditch the alcohol though as it is too easy to drink wine on my non-fast days and a complete waste of calories! Excited to see how far I can get as I have a friend’s wedding in Italy middle of July to buy a dress for! I’d like to lose ten more pounds by then. Good luck everyone! X

    You can do it Sunflower! When I first did Slimming World I lost a stone then put a stone and half back on (married life eh?)

    Littlepicker that weight loss is fab! You should be proud of yourself. I weighed in tonight and I’ve lost 2.5lb so very happy with that. The forums keep me motivated too! Best of luck to everyone x

    Well done smileybecs! I am finding this week harder as at home with the kids for half term, but a fast day again tomorrow and hoping I can stay good! Actually looking forward to getting back to work next week so I’m in my normal routine! Good luck everyone! X

    Half terms are the worst!! I used to be a teacher and I always put on weight in the holidays because I was out of my routine, with free access to the fridge lol!! Hope tomorrow goes well! X

    I am a teacher too! Hence the problem half terms! Managed a successful fast day today though so I’m pleased! Hoping to be on maintenance by the summer holidays but we’ll see x

    @smiley: Thx for motivation.
    Yesterday’s fast went better then I thought.

    @Liitle: I also think that I won’t be able to weigh 60 kg. somehow not cracking the 6ish.
    But you seem to be on a good way. Great to read that.

    Hello everyone….seriously thinking about trying this again. Can you tell me your keys to success? Do you have to eat healthily on the normal days too ? I want maximum loses. Im fed up of being overweight and I have to get bikini ready in 8 weeks xx

    Hi sparkles …….. I have been doing this for a few weeks now, gone from 11st2.5 to about 10st8 so far and I’m 5ft7. I have random weeks when I feel like I’ve been ultra good and the scales haven’t shifted (like last week) and then I’ll suddenly lose three pounds!!! I think my weight does fluctuate a lot, but I have gone from a twelve to a size ten (got my size 10 skinny jeans on now!) and I feel great. I got told three times by 9:00am yesterday at work that I looked good/lost weight, massive boost after not losing on the scales this week. I tend to do 4:3 as I naturally overeat on the other days. I’m cutting out most alcohol now to help a little (a wedding in two weeks) but generally I eat what I like. I’ve decided to not get to het up about the scales as I can tell in my clothes etc and I often get disappointed. I don’t think I’ll ever be an 8, I’m tall ish and broad but I would like to be a slim size ten not a ‘just’ size ten! How much do you have to lose? My top tip would be plan your fasting calories the day before and get the food ready, I find it easier to stick to the allowance that way. Good luck xxx

    I agree with Littlepicker: the scales don’t always reflect what I’ve eaten/not eaten for the week. But, if you are wanting to lose weight quickly you will have to monitor what you eat on non-FDs. When I fall off the wagon, I can go weeks with out losing. 2 fast days a week can’t make up for eating whatever I want.

    Hi everyone,

    How’s everyone’s weeks going so far? I did one proper fast day last week and lost 1/2lb, I was pleased because I was a proper food monster the rest of the week lol! On my second fast day this week, hoping not to go mental over the weekend and maybe lose another 2lb (fingers crossed)! I weigh in on Mondays so will let you all know 🙂

    Fab weight loss Littlepicker, you must feel amazing! How’s it being back at school?

    Sparkles, I like to think of non scale victories like fitting in the next size down or your jeans are a bit looser. Like Michel and Littlepicker said the scales don’t always reflect what you’ve eaten.

    Sunflower, how’s this week gone?

    Have a great weekend everyone x

    Hi guys, trying to get back into this after having a break for a long time! I just can’t get motivated 🙁
    I have a holiday in a month and just want to shift a bit of extra weight and tone a little bit before I go.
    Anyone got any tips?

    Thanks so much everyone. Feeling worse than ever today as it appears I’ve gained another 2lbs since Monday but I think I’m on catch up from all of my over indulgence over half term! I’m 5ft3 and 11st 8lbs which is awful! I’m heavier now then after having my son! I’d love to lose a stone by my holiday in 8wks but ideally my goal is 10st. Is it achievable in so little time? What things do you all eat on your none fasting days? Do you calorie count? Sorry for all the questions! Planning to start this Sunday as I’ve got a busy weekend xx

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