Size 12 to Size 6/8 in 10 weeks!

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Size 12 to Size 6/8 in 10 weeks!

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  • Courtney: I had the same problem. I stopped FDs around Thanksgiving last year and my weight jumped up so fast. Then came our vacation & Christmas. Needless to say it has taken me a long time to get remotivated. I ended up buying The Fast Beach Diet book. It has helped so much.

    Sparkles: I use Fitness Pal to help track what I eat. I don’t always count all the calories but I find it helpful. I drink lots of 0 cal drinks, including water with slices of lemon & orange. I try to keep my tummy full of liquid. I’ve also been cutting everything in half. I eat what I want on non-FDs but not as much as I want. I save it for another meal. Desserts & sweets are not allowed in the house during my 6 weeks Fast Beach Diet. I have to get in a swim suit soon! My family will survive on yogurt, fruit, granola & protein bars for dessert.

    Thanks Michell I will make an effort to watch what I each on the non fast days……is 8 weeks achievable to lose 1stone? Really hope so I need to look good in my bikini xx

    Sparkles: Most people average 1 lb a week on 5:2, assuming they don’t go crazy on non-FDs. To lose more I would think one would need to do 4:3 or really watch watch the calorie intake on non-FDs. According to the book, The Fast Beach Diet was created to last 6 weeks and it’s more like a diet than a way-of-life. A good way to get back ready.
    Good luck!

    Hi guys,
    Smileybecs…….being back at school sucks a bit but not long till the summer holidays then I’m having a change of school and year group which I’m looking forward to! Courtney, no real tips, just be realistic. I think this diet does work pretty fast but there are never overnight miracles where the weight stays off! This works if you want it to. This week I did a couple of backtoback days for the first time. Found them quite easy, then had an eating day then following day felt too hungry to fast so I didn’t! Won’t have lost much this week but not put on and sometimes it’s like that. I know tomorrow I will fast and then be back on track! Sparkles, I generally eat what I want but have lowered alcohol big time (I could drink half a bottle of wine a week) and I try not to be ridiculous with calories but I’m not a cal counter on non-fast days. Keep going, the weight will shift! Good luck everyone! Will check in towards the end of the week with a good weight update hopefully! Xx

    Hi guys!

    I am fairly new to this and I have a question:
    If you know for example that there are few days of “eating” coming up (going away for 3 days where there will be a lot of eating out and drinking), can one “balance” this by fasting three or four days in the beginning of the week? would it still work/resist weight gain?

    Have a great week everybody!

    After a heavy weekend drink and a BBQ I have lost 1lb this week so I’m very pleased. I really struggle keeping to 500 calories though will this effect my weight loss? I’ve been trying to do 3 castings and keep an eye on my calories the remaining days though! Any advice would be great! How’s everyone getting on? Xx

    Hi Nika, I don’t have much time for exercise either but the HIT is fantastic and only takes 10 mins. I do mine on fast days and once at the weekend and my muscle mass has increased by 0.2% in a month, I can feel the difference!

    Hi everyone am about to start the diet and would like some hints and tips on what to eat and when to eat on FD days. For example on the fasting days should I eat little and often or have majority of fasting cals for evening meal.

    thanks in advance

    Welcome FLFM,
    I am fairly new here, but I can see that everyone finds a way to manage their fast days that suit them. Check through the Frequently Asked Questions and you will see they say it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether you eat little snacks or one meal etc.

    I find it easiest to have one small meal (bowl of porridge) in the morning when I get hungry, and then wait til the evening to have my other small meal, which is always a bowl of soup and a piece of (hi fibre) toast. (Sometimes I call 5pm evening! 😉 )

    I have had this EVERY Fast Day so far, and I think I will keep doing it. It means I don’t have to think! So long as I have my rolled oats, and I have made some soup, I am right for the day.

    I suggest you decide what will be easiest for you. Give it a try, and if it doesn’t work well you can sort out how to change it. The easier it is, the more the 5:2 will fit into your way of life, and that is what will lead to success. Best wishes!

    Hi everyone I am new to this will be starting my diet tomorrow. I only eat chicken and eggs atm for protein I don’t eat any other meat or fish. Just wondering if anyone can suggest what I can or should eat on fast days and if wholewheat pasta and rice are OK? Please help trying to lose weight for wedding in April. I weight 9st10 I would like to get back to 8 and half st.

    There are plenty of other sources of protein other than poor chickens, Little Me.

    Fast days are easy. Eat nothing, drink water. That’s it. You won’t die, you won’t do yourself any harm, you’ll feel a bit hungry, you’ll lose weight.

    So eat nothing at all??? I’m confused I thought it was 500 cal? ??

    No, that is a quarter of your total daily energy expenditure (approximately) which, if combined with eating 100% of your total daily energy expenditure on feed days, can only result in weight loss. It is simply a matter of arithmetic. If you eat no calories on your fast days you will lose more weight. If you feel that eating zero calories will result in failure then just go for the 500. It’s not a magic number. Its just a method of weight loss that promises a greater likelihood of success than obsessing over calories.

    I’ve re-read my response and concluded it might be confusing. In short, 500 calories on fast days is good. Zero calories is better. Unless that makes you likelier to give up.

    Do you guys have any tips that might help?

    Whatever works. I aim for zero calories, invariably fail, and end up eating a boiled egg, a banana or a bit of tofu with soy sauce on fast days. If you want to lose weight, you’ll make it work. If you don’t, you won’t.
    On feed days I eat what I like, within reason. I could do better, but it’s slowly working.
    I’m on ADF by the way. If I was on 5:2 I doubt I’d lose much at all.

    Sorry what is ADF?

    Alternate day fasting. Fast one day, feed the next. I probably eat no fewer calories than those on 5:2 but I do like my snacks and booze!

    Hi you are an inspiration. Must hae will power. So i must keep trying.Day 1 so a long way to go. 24lbs.

    Hi Everyone! I Am New Here, I’m A Size 8 And I’m So Worried I Want To Be A Size 6, Because I Aspire To Tbe A Fashion Model And Thats The Requirement I Hope This Works For Me Cos I Feel Its Impossible To Be A Size 6. Thank U XX.

    Hi Littleme I Learnt Eating More Of Wholewheat Bread, Rice, Pasta And Use Of Honey Or Browsugar And Hi Fibre Snacks And Food Helps A Lot In Dieting, My Only Question Is If I Eat Healthy Meals And Get Really Full Is That Gonna Affect My Weight?

    @alex. Make sure you have a plan B. Modelling is a really tough gig. Look around to your peers. How many are of them are older than 25 and earning a living from modelling? OK enough fatherly advice. Who told you that “wholewheat” bread, rice, pasta, honey and brown sugar was healthy? No its not, they are all highly processed foods. If you want to lose weight, eat healthy and stay full for longer then eat mostly plant based foods. Add some lean meat and dairy as well. If it comes in a packet with a label on it, its probably not healthy. Eat cruciferous veggies like, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, onions etc. Avoid potatoes and sweet potatoes. Have low sugar high fat natural greek yogurt. Eat avocados. Nuts like almonds and brazil nuts. They are full of good fats. Fish like tuna is good. Eat real cheese. Tofu. Beans and legumes are good. Do 5:2.

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