September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 25! really !! Where did that go ? UK FD

    @rabbette Ouch I understand what you are going through my hubby is having problems with his shoulder he had steroid shot yesterday but sleeping is problematic.

    Fasting today , would really like to see results st the end of the month

    Day 25, London, UK, FD (2nd of B2B2B)

    Feeling positive at the moment after a successful FD yesterday, they’re sooooo much easier when there are NO treats/crisps/chocolates in the house!!! Todays’ soup and salad should see me right for another successful FD, fingers crossed!!

    Today feels like a double-hump day, much appreciated if you could oblige @funshipfreddie!!!???

    @daffodil2010, I hope the holiday is going well and the scales behaving!!!!

    @snowflake56 & @penz I know you’ll be giving that reset button a whack next month, but don’t let loose for the remainder of September, it’s such a slippery slope you don’t want to have to work that bit harder to get back on the wagon next month!!! Finish September with mindfulness and control even if you’re not fasting, take care xxx.

    Keep the faith people …………….

    “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.”

    day 25 Holland NFD

    still not well,

    glad the shoulder is getting better.. @rabbette

    try sage and ginko tea, it might help @gretta

    good luck everyone

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Maintenance going okay. Two more FDs to go this month, + a CD on Friday, and I’m confident I’ll finish the month on target.

    @snowflake & @penz – don’t quit! You can accomplish a lot in six days. I’m trying to come up with something profound, along the lines of, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’; but I haven’t been awake long enough. But I have to agree with @flourbaby. You may not reach your goals, but if you just keep going, October won’t be such a struggle 🍏

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 25 UK CD

    I’m still here, bumping along at 63-65kg / 140-145lb. Somehow keeping to mostly healthy food albeit higher carb than usual. Some good choices and some planning ahead making lentil & veg soup – craving all that deeply comforting, warming food.

    Hugely grateful to the person who posted the other day about not fasting during bereavement. That so resonated and encouraged me to simply be where I am. Thank you for all your kind condolences. My friend’s memorial service is on Friday and I have a quiet weekend planned.

    I’ll keep chugging along for the rest of the month and jump on the waggon for the October challenge. It’s the month of my big annual event and likely to be beyond hectic. Glad to keep accountability here.

    Well done to eveyrone who’s kept going this month; go gently all who feel they’ve failed. This is a way of life where every day, every choice can be a new beginning x

    Day 25 – New Zealand – NFD

    Pretty light NFD today. I had a dental appointment so I didn’t have anything to eat from 11am until I got home about 6pm. I’m at my goal weight for September, but I’m considering doing fast 800 for the last 5 days of the month to see how much I can drop of the last 2.5 kilos I need to lose to reach my goal weight.

    Have s great day everyone

    Hello Everyone, back in here after a year or so, shame for being so inactive. Glad you all doing well and keeping the focus on weight loss. Time flies so fast and I have put on so much weight without even noticing it.
    Need some motivations in life to shed weight and get fit. Thats why I am back here to find life. Who is starting the October challenge? I am ready to Start from Oct 1. will be active here from October. Good luck to all friends here.

    Day 25- Atlanta, Ga- USA- CD.

    Planning on staying below 1,900 cals today.

    Day 25 California NFD

    I didn’t realize there was a one humped camel and a two humped 🐫 @flourbaby. Welcome to you @suresh3101, I’ve only been on this site since December so I wasn’t here when you were on the site before.

    Day 25 Canada FD

    Yesterday’s post vanished grrr!

    Another FD for me, it seems like this month has been a training month for me and I am just getting back into the swing. I’m not the only one it seem who hasn’t been successful, I have actually put on 500gms. I think it is likely fluid and will be sorted when I have my final surgery later on in the year, but I am not giving up on the last days of the September Challenge.

    Day 25, VA, USA, FD

    Yesterday was a CD as sushi was supper and then I even ate some crisp, put me up a dash on the scales this morning, but you know what – its ok b/c life is all about fluctuations.

    AND never give up even when there are only 5 days left. My 5 day vacation last week taught me that when you are mindful and really tuning in then I DO make better choices. Drink more water, LOOK at the calories of the thing you THINK you want to eat, make a rational choice. DONT just eat it b/c one might think the month is shot… heck no. In 5 days I I lost 5lbs (I was not even trying to do that – honestly) I was pretty much mostly OMAD, at around 10ish everyday I had
    1 boiled egg
    3 slices of ham
    1 oz of cheese
    Fruit (either 2-3oz of grapes OR 1 halo orange)
    Roughly = 300 calories

    There was a ton of walking involved, and one evening when I got back to camp I had 200 calories soup. *and still had a total loss of -5lbs.

    So don’t you give up. You guys/gals got this!
    If you slipped (LOOK IT RIGHT IN THE EYE) see what made you slip and create a game plan to work with or around it. I also find planning my FDs are easier and I’ll stay on target way better than if I just suddenly get hungry and then start trying to make supper.

    When tempted drink your water, use the dash of salt under the tongue and then also drink 8pz of water after. It is usually the thing that really satisfies me and takes away temptations.

    @flourbaby – Love the quote.

    @suresh3101 – welcome back jump in anytime.

    @snowflake56 – its because of you guys and the support of this forum I do well. You guys rock.

    “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.” posted by @flourbaby

    Thank you all for the shoulder love!
    (No cold shoulders in this group 😉 Teehehe

    Pocket list day 25


    Day 26, Aus, FD

    Yay for a FD! At least I feel I have these under control even if the other 5 days are waaaay over TDEE.

    Day 26 London. I’m home. FD

    Finally. A FD. Boy, do I need it. I feel like I never want to eat again. Major reset coming up. I hope.

    Day 26 (5 to go!) – New Zealand – FD

    Fast day, chicken salad for lunch and pork stirfry for dinner. Come on everyone, stay strong, only a few days left to go.

    Day 26 country west Australia
    trying for another FD as had a good one ( under 800 cals) yesterday.
    Day 25 FD
    Day 24 CD
    Day 23 FD which wasn’t …..
    @Rabbete, I so agree that planning on FDs is essential – at least for me. But it is often the NFDs which derail unless I plan and think and make mindful choices. So glad to back on the thread. Looking forward to the end of the month and maintaining modest weight loss.
    Is anyone hosting October?

    Day 2 NFD
    though today is a low intake day

    @Rabbett you are right, I also make much better choices.

    quitting smoking and drinking, best choices I ever made, I am already a vegetarian so this is excellent! Now I want to quit chocolate and cheese… the last two processed things I eat. and then cut out added oils.
    Although I have been too ill to dare a fast day, I am quite naturally cutting back, just paying attention makes a difference.

    P.S. although I have quit smoking I have not gained any weight.

    Love you all, I shall keep up with you all even when the September challenge is over, I know I won’t make it to my target, but DO feel we do so much better together!

    love you all

    Day 27, Emden Germany, FD

    @flourbaby, @funshipfreddie and @rabbette thanks you so much for your support! After reading your posts yesterday I had a talk with the husband, my biggest supporter on losing weight and decided to whack the reset button and did a good FD, I plan to do FDs the rest of the month to get my weight down at least a bit this month.

    Pocket list day 26


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @suresh3101 – welcome back.

    Quote of the day – “Never put off until October what you can do in September”. Benjamin Franklin. (Maybe that’s what he really meant..?😉)

    Pocket List – Day 26

    2nd post

    sorry for mixing up the dates and for only putting myself on the pocket list, in my head I was on the 27th already. Thank you for correcting it @funshipfreddie!

    Day 26 …. FD today

    Been a bit odd this week, since coming back from hol been doing well, FD’s successful and losing nicely, then this morning from nowhere gone up 2lbs! weird, was careful counting calories all week (BMR is 1936) been under all week! Plus lots of walking as well, fairly sure it’s just a glitch, but FD planned out for today, might ease up a bit on exercise today and drink plenty water.

    Going to really focus on October for the full month, nothing planned out of the ordinary so can give it full attention, halfway to first goal! Weekly weigh in day tomorrow.

    Not been on this site long …. dumb question, Pocket List ?

    Hope everyone has a good day FD or otherwise.

    Day 26 – 2nd Post

    @snowflake56 – no problem. I hadn’t even noticed you put ’27’, duh? So glad you didn’t throw in the towel on September! 🍏

    Pocket List – Day 26

    Day 26 – 3rd Post

    @i-hate-lettuce – the pocket list is optional. Originally, I believe it was something you could print off – a list of everyone fasting on a particular day. Sort of for moral support. It’s nice to know you’re not alone on a fast day, & may help if you’re struggling a bit.

    Day 26 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD


    Can’t even explain it but that’s all about I can muster right now….

    Day 26, London, UK, FD

    Looking forward to soup for breakfast/ lunch …………………………. Brunch! ………………………. At 2-3pm, I’m finding it easier to do 19-23hr fasts daily, but wondering whether I’ll be controlled when/ if I ever try to incorporate ‘normal’ lunches & dinners. I’m musing now, but perhaps I won’t ever go back to that schedule??? …………………………….. Social expectations & niceties be damned!!!!!!

    Welcome back @suresh3101, it’s not the falling off of the wagon that counts, it’s the pulling yourself back on & buckling yourself in for the journey that deserves PRAISE!!!

    @penz & @emma taylor I think ‘we’ as Foodies, Eaters, Bingers …………………….. Gluttons, or whatever else we called ourselves before 5:2, sometimes need a blowout to remind ourselves just how far we’ve come!!!! It’s been a while since I devoured and entire pack of doughnuts (5 for 65p was designed for both my inner miser and my inner glutton!!!) or chocolate fudge cake or family sized pizza, but ‘THAT’ feeling is still at the top of my memories. The difference now is when I did it before, I couldn’t see it for what it was and could easily repeat the same the next day or at least later the same week!!! Now? I know the feeling and look forward to a FD with such enthusiasm I wonder how I managed before 5:2!! I guess it’s that saying on that Fat vs Sugar programme “we’re sleepwalking into obesity” …………………….. I certainly was!!!

    @snowflake56, we’ve got you!!! Once you’ve listened to your own mind & body (and the free consultation with your OH!!!) you know what you need to do, no pressure but no hurling yourself off of the wagon either!!! It’s always better to hang on by a fingernail than to let go altogether ……………No pressure!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce the pocket list originally used to be for more challenging aspects of these, well, challenges!!! Like B2B2B’s or Water Fasts and we would print the list & keep it in our pockets knowing we weren’t alone when the dragon(s) started roaring, you could whip it out and fondle it (ooh, err, missus!!) whilst reminding yourself of the support being sent your way. Now it’s for those of us fasting on any one day, but the intention is the same …………………… we’re in this together!!!

    Stay strong folks, the finish line is in sight …………………… It’ll take an amputation to meet my goal, but such is life!!!


    Thanks for the info re pocket list, hadn’t worked it out!

    Just got home, been out for ‘power walk’ … 2.5 miles 35 min fat burning 357 cal burned ….. then the rain came grrrr.

    Just had breakfast cereal 120 cal, water until mid afternoon now.

    Thanks for the support folks. The forum does encourage!

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Trying hard to have a controlled day but feeling very grumpy as woken up with a massive cold sore – not sure if that’s what they’re known as everywhere ? Herpes simplex is the correct term Anyway keeping busy trying to take my mind off it and food x

    Day 26 Canada FD

    The scales have finally downshifted, not a lot but I will take it as a win.
    Another FD for me!
    Thanks for the encouraging posts, 5 more days left to make a change this month 🙂

    Day 26 – Ireland (Spain travelling) – NFD

    Oops has it really been so long since I last posted? I am entrenched at the beach in the Costa Dorada and if I am not posting it means I am not fasting. I also did not take the scales on holiday, the incredulous look from DH plus the difficulty of storing it safely whilst en route ….well. I gave up on that idea ☀️

    Relatively good food choices but lots of beer and wine too. But as I had my morning swim in the Mediterranean early today I decided to enjoy the time, fasting will be there when I get home. In another few days we will leave Spain for a leisurely trip northwards through France before the ferry home. Having our own camper van means that we are in charge of our food (only ate out twice so far) hence the good food choices.

    Now that I have broken my absence I might start posting daily again. I have read everyone’s posts and good to hear the lively banter.

    Weather is only FAB by the way. Two weeks r&r by the beach was much needed (and I am not a beach babe really) as it has been a tough enough year.

    The camper van is only FAB too….we are such newbies down here, surrounded as we are by veteran Dutch and Swiss campers who have been coming to this resort for years but we are delighted with how well all the hard work on the van has paid off and the freedom it brings ☺️

    @flourbaby I saw your post at the top of page 10 when I logged on so it inspired me to post!!!

    Oh and @funshipfreddie and @neilithicman, I think both of you have had plenty of success in previous world cups so don’t be wishing Ireland’s retreat just yet 😀😀😀

    Day 26 California FD

    Just checking briefly to add myself to the pocket list. Will check in later.

    Pocket List – Day 26

    Day 27 (where has the time gone) – New Zealand – FD

    Day 2 of my 5 days of back to back fasting. I’m

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Getting back very close to my maintenance – yeah, some more controlled eating. Right at 161.3 this morning. Better than I have been for a while.

    @lizzy-agatha — hope you’re feeling chipper very soon!

    @emma-taylor — glad you’ve made it home safely.

    @rabbette — hope your shoulder heals faster than your wrist did!

    @daffodil2010 — whew, what a terrific place to vacation! Looked up where that Costa is. A completely beautiful spot!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 – Japan – WFD (#69 in 2019)

    Normally when I fast I have a hard time building 2400 calories in a day. I’ll have to see how it goes but I’ve done over 10000 steps with 120 floors of stairs. Still just barely over the 100 calorie/hour rate.

    I don’t like to push too hard on fasting days. I’m typically fine in the morning but as the day wears on, it gets harder. If I add too much work out stress on top of that it is worse.

    Second post

    Successful FD so far having eaten nothing at almost 7pm but I do have to go out to dinner with DH’s and his friends at 7pm. Luckily it will be sushi which I hate so there won’t be lots of other choices to tempt me. It will probably be over 500 calories but I will still count it as a win.

    Day 26 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    I missed the last two days with being down with some food allergies. Today had lots of activities, yet I managed to stay on target.

    @neilithicman Most people have a regular range of foods that they prefer, so on average their calories per bite tends to have a fairly small deviation from that average. But let’s say that someone has been eating only lettuce and then shifts to eating only chocolate bars. If they still lose weight, fine. But chances are that with their new chocolate bar diet they won’t be losing weight and will have to decrease their number of bites. Eventually they will have to decrease the number of mouthfuls of chocolate to make the calories in on par with the number of calories they were getting from just lettuce. And as we all know they can eat a lot more lettuce and lose weight than chocolate! The feedback mechanism is crucial here.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 27, Emden Germany, FD

    2nd FD went well, went shopping for the next FDs to come. You are all so right, preparation is key to succeed. I’m glad it’s getting colder, I love soups not salads.

    @funshipfreddie and @flourbaby I don’t have another choice if I want to lose weight, to have you with me certainly helps!

    @flourbaby you do have a good memory! OH not convinced I should do 6 FDs in a row so he’ll check my potassium and sodium levels on Monday.

    @daffodil2010 how nice to hear you’re fine, just enjoy!

    Pocket list day 27

    @dykask WFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    Day 27 Wales NFD

    Just popped in to say hello. Still happily maintaining at a couple of pounds below my goal weight by doing regular Monday and Thursday FDs. Hope you’re all doing well.

    Onwards 🙂

    Thank you for welcoming me back to this mission

    Checked my weight this morning, 83.2kgs, bmi 27.8, very bad. For my height, i need to be around 74kgs. So a lot of work to be done. October , here we come.

    Day 27 …..

    Good week and loads of exercise… weekly weigh in …. down by 1lb

    Better than plus 1 …. think body still in shock after being on a cruise eating and drinking so much, but now back to being good. Belt gone in another notch though!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 27, VA, USA, FD start

    So the FD start… for me this means starting the day as a WFD. Then tonight I’ll have a fantastic arugula salad with just a hint of fresh shredded parmesan cheese. THEN the kicker Shyindgz the dessert place. I really want their Macaron Bomb – a dark chocolate balloon drizzled with white chocolate encasing 3 chocolate Carmel macaron ice cream sandwiches then smothered with warm raspberry sauce.

    Now what is not only amazing about fasting – is the fact that I can still have cake & eat it too!

    When I’ve done this (fasting/mental prep for a large-ish decadent dessert) in the past (I’ve been surprised the scale still will stay steady.) actually I’ve been floored and don’t take it for granted b/c I know if I do throw ALL caution to the wind the scale WILL read different no doubt.

    For the rest of the weekend – I eat in moderation you could say CDs and if it suits me I’ll do a >800 calorie day and lots of walking/dancing. I’m not much on outright exercise (sounds terrible being a yoga teacher) I mean I love yoga, but doing the machines at the gym so far has not grabbed me.

    Shoulder is still getting lots of ice and sling support. I can see that it is more droopy than my other shoulder, but not sure if it was like that before the dislocation.

    @songbirdme – I sure hope it does heal faster than the wrist. I will avoid putting weight on it for a while. It seems that most videos on recover moves suggest resistance work first.

    @neilithicman – 5 day B2B, I find the 3rd day starts to get easier. Hang in there.

    @snowflake56 – sometimes we just need to be reminded that this works and to remember that their are ups & downs. Hopefully downs for the scales (fingers crossed)

    @lizzy – yay better choices! (Having a salad and dessert) thats my compromise haha.

    @lilymartin – yes a little bit of planning goes such a long way.

    @suresh3101 – you just made me take a look at my beginning numbers Feb of this year BMI started at 32.1 (can I say wow) and today BMI 23.7 I’ve just started touching the top of normal range.

    Pocket list day 27

    For anyone doing 5 B2B – I always have a little gain back after the final number… like for 5 days – I may lose about -4 to -5lbs but after I’m steady from a NFD it usually equals about a -2 to -3lbs don’t be discouraged by that flux. That flux is natural part of eating and fasting. Hugs.

    Day 27 California NFD

    I didn’t eat much yesterday as I hate sushi and am not a big fan of non sushi Japanese food other than edamame. Today I forgot to bring my lunch which means I’m going to have to go grab something. I’m thinking Starbucks meat, nut and cheese assortment because @rabbette is making me hungry.

    Hi @missybear, glad to hear your maintenance is going okay!

    I’m thinking there is a 🍸 in my future because it’s Friday and I deserve it!!

    Day 27 Hereford
    Hi @snowflake56 – I dipped into here tonight and saw your shout out a few weeks ago. Glad to see you had a good summer enjoying life.
    Life this end has been busy, the garden has kept me stupidly busy, ground elder is a bleep bleep to get rid of! Still don’t think I’ve got to grips with the garden as things ran away from me whilst being distracted by so many lovely friends and family visiting this spring and summer.
    Sad to report Richard Booth who made Hay the book town it is passed away a few weeks ago. The town went into mourning but was also filled with people sharing lovely thoughts on such an influential and original character who did so much for the town.
    As for me, like you, I’ve enjoyed the summer too much!!! I’m trying to work out the best way to tackle things. Returning to fasting is on the list of ideas but nothing formulated as the way forward yet!
    Lovely to see familiar names still here and doing so well despite life’s ups and downs and that the challenges continue month on month. Well done all of you for keeping them going.
    Wishing you and everyone here all the best and successful fasting.
    Take care and ta
    @dingping xxx

    Day 27, London, UK NFD

    It’s the 1st of the 4 dreaded NFDs, but I’ve been so busy today, hence the late late post, that It’s been super controlled!!

    @snowflake56, what I wouldn’t give for a real life ‘Doctor in the house’ rather than the one I have, who just thinks he is!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m glad you left the scales at home, it means you’ll be more mindful, since you have no way of knowing whats happening ……………. I think!! Sometimes a loss on the scales seems to give me permission to eat/ drink something I really, really shouldn’t!!

    Lovely to hear from you @dingping, the October wagon awaits!!??

    I’m off to bed soon, just so I can avoid the siren call of the cashew nuts in the kitchen!!!

    Roll on Day 28, hopefully today’s control will stick around!!!

    Day 27 Canada CD
    Yay. Lost 1kg and feeling great. Off to a birthday dinner for a dear friend so have made this a OMAD to cover it.

    Day 27 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    I intended to make this my second fast day of this week, but when I woke up this morning, I felt so bad that decided to just do a NFD. As the day went on I’ve felt better, so I think that this morning was just part of retooling after a pretty strong acupuncture treatment yesterday. This kind of thing is not completely unexpected for me.

    @bellyblast Hope you had a great time with the celebration dinner for your friend!

    @rabbette Desserts are so important!! I’ve promised myself that when I get back into the maintenance range, I’ll have a dessert supper of bread pudding and 1 Guinness stout at a local Irish pub. One of the nice things about Guinness stout is that it’s relatively low in calories. Not the same can be said about the bread pudding!

    Enjoy the day!

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD

    My water fast was easy. I could have easily just continue for a second day, but I didn’t.

    Day 28 country West Australia NFD
    Day 27 CD
    I do not know where the time goes!
    It is lovely to see some of the ‘oldies ‘ popping in to say hello. Greetings one and all.
    We have a long weekend in west Australia to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.
    The eastern states have their long weekend for her birthday next weekend, and I think her real birthday is in March!!
    Just off to sing with our choir at a ” Bloom Festival Function.”
    The flowers and gardens are looking beautiful but we could do with some rain. So any northern hemispherites tired of rain ,please send it ‘ down under’ and we will be very appreciative .
    Today is also our Aussie Rules Grand final. My team didn’t make it but the contest will be between Richmond, the hot favourite and GWS, the new kid on the block having been in the comp only about 8 years.
    Still deciding who to barrack for. Just hope it’s a good game. Have to record it as I will be singing whilst it is on.
    @flourbaby you do make me chuckle. I too had thought an amputation might be the only way to show a real loss – but I’m not sure I can just excise the tractor tyre around my waist so plodding along wiht mindful eating and fasting.
    @ I hate lettuce – love your handle!! Great to hear about your belt. The only forum I know where being a loser and having to tighten one’s belt are good things.
    @suresh3103 – maybe you just need to grow taller!
    @brightonbelle, sorry to hear about the cold sore. They can take a while to go. I rarely get one but when I have in the past it is usually when I have to attend a function or something . Not pretty.
    @rabbette, good luck with your shoulder rehab post dislocation. Usually requires lots of exercise which I’m sure you know as a yoga teacher. Unfortunately shoulders and wrists can take while to fully heal – seems like forever!
    @funshipfreddie, love the quote. I’m sure that’s what Franklin really meant.
    @snowflake 56, please please please don’t give up on this WOL. We really are all here to hold on to you. I fell off the wagon BIG time for quite a while, removed my brain and ate like an eating machine not even thinking about the health benefits I know go with this WOL even if not showing up on the scales.
    The outcome is that I got to a point where I weighed the most I EVER had ( including 3 pregnancies!!), had difficulty moving and couldn’t fit into most of my clothes.
    Came back to 5:2 and posting daily, reading others’ posts for inspiration and being accountable. Back on the wagon and going steadily along.
    I just have to apologise for everyone else on the wagon – the side I am on will have lifted the other side into the air with the wheels well and truly off the ground. But hey – it’s starting to right itself day at a time. Looking forward to when I am just on the wagon and it’s on an even keel again.
    Have a good Saturday all. Off to sing my lungs out.😮🎶🎵

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    A good FD & CD over with. Giving myself a pat on the back this morning. I just need to stay mindful this weekend. Staying away from the cider after last Sunday’s hangover 😳. I may have a couple of glasses of red wine tonight.

    @suresh3101 – so you need to lose around 9 kilos? Very doable! You could be at your goal weight by the end of the year, or very close to it. Imagine having maintenance as a New Year resolution, rather than having to shift 9kgs in 2020? 🎉🥇

    Have a good weekend ☀️🌈

    Day 28 NFD London UK

    FD went fine on Thursday and I feel about a million per cent better for it. I even managed to get heartburn in Greece, and I don’t think I’ve ever had it before. Planning is definitely the answer. It’s so obvious really. I’ve frozen a big batch of veggie soup and lentil soup. On FD I’ll defrost them and add plenty of veg to water the calories down to a FD level.
    Have a good day everybody. H

    Day 28 Melb Aust NFD

    Just back from holidays, gained around 1.5 kg, so the scales won’t show a loss for September, but it could have been worse.

    I did put my hand up to host October, but if anyone else is interested….. please speak up now (please?).

    Not sure I’ll do a good job, but can try. If it ends up being me, Will DEFINITELY need someone to put up the October spreadsheet for me, as I am very illiterate when it comes to Google docs.

    Haven’t caught up with all the posts, but good to read of some good progress, and some resetting of goals.

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