September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 28, London, UK, NFD

    I’ve another full day planned for today so I’ll hopefully keep things controlled eating-wise.

    I’ll try to catch-up with posts later today, for now …………… Stay strong everyone!!! we’re so near the end of the month, I’m using the last few days to stabilise my resolve, & getting ready to give the reset button a hefty whack for October!!

    USA Day 28 FD

    I am starting on a FD but will see if it ends one! I will be attending a crab feast this afternoon and can’t plan my menu but I will try to be mindful. I’ve lost more weight and am now only one pound away from this month’s goal. It seems that since I went vegetarian this past Spring, losing weight has become easier. Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 28 California FD

    The mosquitoes have struck again! Another day of torture from their bites. Might as well fast to take my mind off it and to reduce my body temperature which will reduce the itching.

    I’m happy to get the spreadsheet done for October and post to the new October challenge. I like messing around with spreadsheets although google sheets is not my favorite.

    Day 4 of weight/strength training today so I will remember the salt if I need it!

    @emmataylor I know what you mean about heartburn. I got it on vacation in England a few years back and that’s when I recognized my weight was getting to be a problem as I got older because I’d never had it before.

    Hello @dingping it’s good to see you back.

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing okay – managed going out for Chinese at our local restaurant with friends. Crab Rangoon is a big hit there. Didn’t eat too much rice, but we did have Key Lime Pie for dessert back at home. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28 Ohio, US — MFD

    Just a quick check in before folding up the rug for the day. The MFD has gone well.
    Have a great Sunday all!

    Day 29 London FD

    Hello everybody

    I havent posted on this thread before, but I do have a read up on posts from time to time, especially when I’ve gone down that slippery slope to weight gain. I lost 2 stone last year, following 5:2, to get into my mother of the bride outfit, but once the wedding was over- guess what!

    I’ve read the posts from the last 3 pages, and I just wanted to say thank you to all posters- I feel reinvigorated and ready to get back on the wagon.

    I am also fascinated at where we are all posting from. I love that this wol brings us all in to 1 place. I love hearing about the local customs/recipes/weather reports from different countries around the world. This feed to my imagination has no calories, but much satisfaction. Thank you x

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    All my good intentions for a NFD went out of the window yesterday; so I really plan on knuckling down today. No hangover at least. Last September FD tomorrow… ⚖

    What a convincing win for the Boks yesterday?! 57 – 3 against Namibia 🥊Shame about Ireland. Sorry, @daffodil2010. Less said… But they’re still in the tournament. Watch out Russia.

    @pandora777 – welcome!

    @betsylee – thanks for offering to host October. Count me in👍

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 29 ….

    Brilliant, just in time before the end of month and just under 2 weeks since the holiday (where I put on 6lb) …. lost all 6 lbs and back to my lowest, feeling rather confident that I can carry this forward into October!

    @rafiki44 …. Mosquitoes, grrr, we have a problem in our area with harvest mites, they’re a flaming nuisance and very itchy!

    Pouring with rain here, this mornings exercise, world cup rugby …..watching not playing!

    FD tomorrow, take care all.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    @funshipfreddie We are a big rugby family but struggling with some of the early starts As you said Boks looking good they boosted my fantasy team in the league yesterday I don’t think yesterday will thwart Ireland and what a great result for the game 🇯🇵

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    I’m with you @funshipfreddie, the good intentions for yesterday’s NFD headed South!! There was pizza & wine and I think I threw caution to the wind ……….. Why???

    Anyway today IS another day!!

    Thank you @betsylee for taking on October’s challenge, I’ll be there banging down the door on Oct 1st!!

    Aiming for super control today to balance out yesterday, lots of veg and soup planned.

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 29. London UK. NFD. Please count me in for October’s challenge. H

    USA Day 29 FD

    Jumping in for accountability! Yesterday’s FD wasn’t successful but I thought that might happen. A FD is hard to keep when out at a crab feast! LOL Today, I am back in business. September is going to end on a weight loss high note, the best I’ve had so far on this WOL.

    Betsylee, thank you for hosting October. Count me in!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Fun reading about various sport aficionados here! Most Americans are into baseball end of season and football (NFL or NCAA) beginnings of season. Rugby? Ho, hum… I don’t know anyone who cares that there is a world cup. Sorry, world! How much I learn from you all! And Fantasy Rugby? Wow! We have our NFL Fantasy team that’s 1-2 right now. More games today.

    Great to read about everyone’s adventures.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29 NFD California

    Welcome @pandora777 we are glad to have you with us on this journey.

    @i-hate-lettuce congratulations on losing the 6lbs so fast! I haven’t lost anything this week I’m still in maintenance but want to get back to my low weight -2 lbs. I weighed myself this morning after my fast day but I’m thinking perhaps that the strength training is making me leaner but not a lower weight.

    Day 30 – New Zealand – FD

    Last day of September. Weighing in tomorrow morning so that gives me a last chance fast day and workout today at lunchtime. I’ve seen big changes in my body over the last month. When I suck in my tum I can see the outline of my rib cage and my abdominal muscles. Also my wife likes to sleep with her leg draped across my hips, but the last couple of weeks she’s been complaining that she can feel my hip bone…. I must be making progress 😉

    @songbirdme – at least when the rest of the world has a World Cup we invite more than one country to take part, unlike USA’s World Series of baseball 😉 I’m loving this World Cup, usually over here we get New Zealand’s games and that’s it but it’s cool to be able to watch other countries you don’t usually get to watch. Great to see a couple of upsets too. A team of amateur players from third tier Uruguay taking out a team of professional players from second tier Fiji, and then of course the hosts Japan taking out world number 2 Ireland. Japan’s coach used to coach and play for my home province of Otago.

    Day 29 Canada NFD
    Quick check in a successful weekend

    Day 29 – USA – NFD

    @betsylee, thank you for volunteering for October! Please count me in as still in maintenance.

    Day 30 – Japan – WFD #70 in 2019

    So far so good. @betsylee thanks in advance!

    Day 30, Emden Germany, FD

    after a month of struggling I managed to lose 2 kg/4.4lbs. I’m very pleased with it and thanks to all for the support when I wanted to give up. I know it’s not an option but I was so tired of losing and gaining all the time.

    @flourbaby having a doctor in the house is handy mostly, blood test this morning went well, potassium and sodium stable after 5 FDs.

    @rabbette thanks, lost 1,3 kg or ~3.3lbs over the last 5 days, not bad at all.

    @lilymartin lovely long post! No, I won’t give up, I’m back in the game because of all the support given here.

    @dingping how lovely to hear from you, I’m really missing our Saturday’s chat, it was special! I’m glad to hear you also enjoyed this lovely summer. Our garden is still quite unorganized, but all the plants did well this year. I didn’t know Richard Booth passed away, he left a great legacy so many can enjoy. Hay-on- Wey is on our list in the far future, can’t leave the cat alone for more than one day, he’s too difficult to handle for others. I so hope you come back to our Saturday’s FDs! Hugs xxx

    @pandora777 welcome!

    @betsylee thanks for offering to host October, I’m in!

    @rafiki44 thanks for hosting September and doing the spreadsheet for the October Challenge!

    Pocket list day 30

    @dykask WFD

    Have a nice day everyone and see you tomorrow on the October Challenge!

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Thanks for hosting September, @rafiki44. Where did it go?! 😳

    Final weigh-in tomorrow. See everyone in Rock-tober 🏋️‍♂️

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @dykask WFD

    Day 30 UK Lake district

    Morning everybody,

    FD today, last day of the month has seen me on the scales back down to my lowest weight again (despite holiday, BBQ’s etc)
    Only started 5:2 Friday 26/7 since then lost 16 lbs, feel a whole lot better and my clothes are growing, belts all having to go down a notch and the ‘wear for gardening only’ pile of stuff got so big my OH has made me put a lot of clothes in the charity bag!

    Have a good one those on a FD today, but take care everyone, see you over on the October thread !!!

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @dykask WFD

    Day 30, London, UK, NFD

    I’m feeling decidedly sluggish today, in fact although the same, I think slug-like paints a better picture. Although there are no slimy secretions, I’m moving soooo slowly and feeling the urge to go back to bed.

    I think September will go down as one of the least successful months of this WOL, my mojo has been harder to hang onto than steam, so I’m all set for the big October reset.

    Today’s CD followed by tomorrow’s FD should give me a better reading on the scale on Oct 1st than I saw today ………….. hopefully!!!

    Onward & downwards people!!!

    Day 30 update …

    I’m going to break my WFD day early, at only around 22 hours in. I’m not feeling well enough to continue this time. So I’ll try again on Friday.

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Been an interesting month … no progress to speak of on my lingering couple pounds above what I want for maintenance. I’ll move forward into October and hopefully can be more judicious on my NFD’s.

    @neilithicman – yes, Americans realize our “World” Series is hardly that. Although our baseball teams do indeed have great players from around the world! 🙂 It’s fun to read about the upsets you mentioned, always good for the sport. My DH and I arrived in Christchurch in August 2004 when the Tri-Nations was going on, and you Kiwis were very happy to teach this American couple just what was going on. We went to a sports bar to watch the All Blacks vs. Springboks. A very memorable evening!

    Hope to see you all over in October!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Can’t believe its almost October!! This year is flying by. Has anyone posted the link for October’s challenge yet? i think I missed it.

    Day 30 UK FD

    Day 30 Canada FD

    Going to finish up the month strong with a solid FD. @rafiki44 thanks so much for hosting this month and @betsylee for taking over the reigns- I am in for October!
    Pocket List – Day 30
    @dykask WFD


    Here’s the link for the next challenge…..

    I’m wondering if I ought to jump back in….

    Day 30, Melb Aust. NFD

    After a recent holiday, I’m finishing up 1.5 kg more than I was at the start of the month. Eek! Reached my maximum allowed gain. Downwards for October!

    Thanks for being our September host, @rafiki44, and hope to see everyone again on the October forum, which is now up and running. Thanks to @rafiki44 for setting up the spreadsheet and starting the active thread.

    I will try to live up to the excellent hosting tradition for October.

    Day 30 second post
    @ciren2, would love to see you back in!!

    Day 30/137.8/FD – cycle started (VA, USA)
    Day 29/136.2/NFD
    Day 28/135.8/FD – new ATL
    Day 27/137.0/CD – dessert evening

    Waking up Saturday morning doing the morning weigh in and seeing that I hit a new ATL ((after eating a decadent *not small* serving of dessert)) the night before. Ummmm yeah. I don’t know if it takes a couple days for the scale to know that I ate a dessert, hence the increase showing up Today *which also has another factor of my cycle and well we all know that causes bloating.

    A side note on bloating when losing weight is that since my clothes are already a little big I didn’t notice the UGH feeling of putting on my outfit to have it be snug. I still feel a little poofy tho.

    I think I’ll do all measurements tomorrow on the 1st of Oct. My cycle will have too much influence if I do the measurements today.

    @flourbaby – I have a feeling “normal” lunches & (breakfast instead of dinners) will NOT be a part of my future. I like a good brunch on the weekends *the only time I really get a chance to eat breakfast food. I miss breakfast food and I know I could eat it anytime, but I really do seem to enjoy it more as the first meal. However if I have an early breakfast, I’m hungry all damn day, so no thank you to that feeling. I also LOVED your reflection you shared with @penz & @emma about the Over Eating bit… it is so true. I had not even recognized that I was a bingers until this WOL. Recently I have paused my own binge that was taking place. *surprised myself* I drank some water – it didn’t help, but I was able to choose some wiser options when the weird snacking monster showed up. It felt good to see it and catch it early.

    @snowflake56 – Yay -4.4lbs that is great! Remember there is the flux, but just come back to your FDs with love and determination and what ever sneaks on during the NFD will start its downward trend with your FDs. I noticed you mentioned a cat and having a little difficulty? May I ask what the difficult part is?

    @rafiki44 – thank you for being our September host!

    @pandora777 – oooooh I have read that the maintenance process is just as important as losing process and can be more challenging b/c then you don’t have the same “happy high” from the scale moving downward. There is a reason it is called a WOL and it is important to understand that in order to maintain one will need to have at least 1 FD or some other way to keep the weight/food in balance with life.

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @dykask WFD

    Can not believe it is the last day of September.

    USA Day 30 FD

    Jumping in for accountability and to add myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @dykask WFD

    So far so good!

    2nd post

    gosh, I’m so hungry, going up to 800 cals.

    @ciren2 yes! Please do come back, I need all the help there is next month!

    @rabbette He’s an older rescue cat and often extremely afraid of hands but not always. It’s difficult to describe where the problem is. He’s very sociable and wants to be around people so everyone wants to pet him. He then sits in front of somebody and when someone wants to pet him and puts his bend hand forward slowly to let him sniff, sometimes he just sniffs, sometimes he hits with his nails out or not. Before he plans to hit us or anyone he warms you with a certain look. He must have had a broken upper jaw in his past the vet found out. When he’s on my legs, he can be very relaxed and when he rolls over to either side you can touch him everywhere apart from his head. Sometimes he allows me to brush him but not for too long. It’s hard to explain, esp. in English. He’s funny, adorable and chats all day long but he’s the most difficult one we’ve ever had. He’s not mean, he seems to be afraid of hands so we think it’s better not to have a catsitter when we’re out.

    Day 30 Oxfordshire, UK. NFD (Portugal)
    Lost my way a little over the last few days. Too much in the holiday zone I think.
    Still in on fire October and will aim to be more focussed. When I return to the UK I don’t want a major uphill struggle.
    Hope you all have a good last day.

    Day 31 – New Zealand – NFD


    September has been an amazing month for me. I went into it weighing 95.3 kilos and a goal of getting to 92.5 kilos and came out of it 90.9 kilos with 2 inches taken off my waist and the beginnings of my abs starting to show. I’m now in the last kilo of my ultimate goal weight of 89.9 (just so I can say I’m not in the 90’s anymore). I’m well on track to reach my goal by my 41st birthday at the end of October. I’ll definitely be joining up with the October challenge to get rid of that last kilo.

    Day 30 – UK – FD500

    Hasn’t September flown by – not much contribution from me this month but I have been lurking in the background and using the spreadsheet…

    Unfortunately my goal of reducing my 🥂🍷intake was not successful but happy to report that I am still maintaining at the top end of my weight range – OH (bless him 😘) reckons that this is due to muscle development!!!! At least I have kept up with my exercise regime and am feeling fit and healthy

    Thank you so much @rafiki44 for being our September host 💐🤗 see you all in October xx

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 30 NFD Italy 🇮🇹 on holidays
    See you all in October… sorry I have not been very present on the forum laterally.. life in Ireland is very busy these days but I’m
    on holidays in sunny Italy which is fabulous… I have no idea how much I’ll have gained when I get home but I’m not going to worry until I’m back on Irish soil…
    I hope you have been getting along well and see you next month!
    Thanks so much for hosting this month @raffiki44 👏Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    USA Day 30 FD

    The last day of September ended in a successful FD coming in at 540 calories! October will be my month for only having wine on weekends, which should go along way to help me toward my final goal weight!

    See you all in October! 🙂

    NZ Day 30 (But actually 1st October here)
    Not the greatest of months, but a small loss. Thank you @raffiki44 for hosting us all this month. I am in for October, I recently got a new job and need to wear a uniform, went for a fitting last week and deliberately chose to get a tight fit – no excuses now. Have got 4 weeks until I start my job so will be very focused for October. Sorry not the greatest of posters, but enjoy reading about everyone’s exploits. Thank you all.

    Day 30 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 29 — NFD

    Well the scales were good to me and I achieved my September goal of getting back into the maintenance region. Hurrah!

    Now to actually achieve my target weight. October here we come!

    Thanks @rafiki44 for hosting this month. You have done a great job!

    Day 30 California FD

    Fairly successful fast day at 700 calories. I will weigh myself tomorrow to start the new month.

    Last Post – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    September wasn’t a complete disaaster – but could have been better. I gained half a kilo. Not going to beat myself up, as maintenance is still fairly new to me. I just need to be more careful on NFDs, especially at the weekends. See everyone in October; thanks again @rafiki44.

    Final Post

    So September just got wiped from the calendar & my memory FOREVER!!! My weight seems to have followed my mind-set for the month …………………… Up, Down, Up, Down ………………………………….. you get the picture!!

    Anyway, October is another month, hopefully there’ll be a LOSS ……………………… 10lbs would be lovely!!!

    Thank you @rafiki44 for hosting us all this month, I’ve felt myself slipping, but I can’t even imagine where I would have been without daily posting and reading everyone else’s posts, as they say, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, ‘many hands make light work’, ‘the more the merrier’ & of course ……………………… ‘misery loves company’!!!!

    See ya’ll over in October.

    Final Post

    Well I’m down 5lbs which is great been a lot of yo yoing but I’m moving on See you in October xx

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Thank you @rafiki44 for hosting us this month! I weighed in at 135.6 and my goal for the month was 135. Just looking to maintain and stay healthy food-wise and exercise-wise. Looking forward to October’s beautiful weather and the changing of the leaves.

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