September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Hello everyone!

    Welcome to September and I will be hosting this month’s challenge. The challenges were started in May 2016 by @coda and have continued on ever since.

    This is an international forum full of very supportive people, some have lost great amounts of weight, some are half way there, some sitting on Mount Plateau, and others who are just starting their journey. What you will find here is great support, no judgement, friendships, lots of laughs, and the wonderful comradeship that comes from sharing the 5:2 Fast diet, this wonderful way of eating (WOE), this great way of life (WOL). We are all in it for the health benefits as well as the resulting weight loss.

    The usual format is to start your post with the day of the month, where you are and whether you are fasting (FD) or having a non fast day (NFD). Some may want to post that they are having a controlled day (CD – below TDEE), others a liquid only fast day (LFD). Some have back to back (B2B) fast days. for example, my first post will be:

    Day 1 – California – NFD

    You can start the challenge part way through the month, but remember that even though it might be your first day, if, for example, it is 8th September then it is Day 8. This keeps us on track with what day it is, wherever in the world you are. And posting your location helps us appreciate the different lifestyles, weathers, stories and customs from all parts of the globe. Post as often or as little as you like, but most have found that a daily post gives daily accountability and helps us toe the line whilst we are off fighting various dragons.

    Through experience, trial and error, you will figure out what best fits your lifestyle and what works for you. By spurring each other on, we become an unstoppable team working together to create our best lives and our best health.
    This is the spreadsheet link for September:

    Feel free to start off by posting something about yourself as an introduction.

    Hi @rafiki44

    Count me in! Although I will be holidaying in Spain the last two weeks of Sept I will still be living this WOL and hopefully will still log in daily.

    Until the 1st…

    Hi. Please count me in for September. Where did this year go?

    Count me in please, @rafiki44 Thanks for hosting September!

    Hi @rafiki44 – I’m in! thank you for hosting September! With 2 weekends away in September it is going to be a tricky one for me but I’m up for the challenge.

    Please count me in for Sept……

    I’m in!!

    @rafiki44 – I’m in for September – Thank You So Much for hosting 🤗

    Keeping up with my wonderful friends in maintenance. Count me in!

    Hi @rafiki44,

    I’m definitely in for September!! Thanks for hosting!!


    Hi @rafik144! I am definitely in for September! See everyone in the new month and thanks for taking on the new month!

    Thanks for hosting September @rafiki44

    I’m in for a reset!

    A bit about your host for September:

    I’m a 52 year old female from Southern California who grew up in Gloucestershire UK (plan to visit family there in April!). I reached my goal in July and August was supposed to be maintenance. I will post what actually happened when I weigh myself tomorrow! I was doing 16:8 almost every day but not counting calories or anything as I can’t see myself doing that for the rest of my life. I guess you could call this month a science experiment about how to live/eat for the rest of my life without gaining weight. Discovered flax seeds last month so I’m taking those daily and since I missed lunch yesterday due to work I discovered if you take a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds in water it’s really filling.
    My family consists of my husband and two 20 something children plus a cat and a grand-dog.
    Today my plan is to fast and to paint the hallway. Although it’s a small hallway I’m sat playing on my computer delaying making the inevitable trip to home depot for supplies. Really, I could just sit on my computer/iPad all day just reading and doing nothing productive. At least it’s a three day weekend!!

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    At last – it’s officially spring in the southern hemisphere! 🌻🥀🌹

    @flourbaby – so interesting re cashews being initially poisonous! But no, it doesn’t put me off, unfortunately. And they’re technically seeds rather than nuts? Yet they grow outside the fruit! Tricky little blighters.

    Wishing success to everyone who joins the September Challenge 🍏

    Day 1 Oxfordshire, UK. FD
    Hi everyone I’m looking forward to September’s challenge.
    I’m 58 female with husband, son & daughter in their mid 20s and a mad cocker spaniel. August was my first challenge and I really enjoyed the support from the group. I’m not sure how often I’ll post this month or next as we’re away in Portugal for a lot of that. I’ll do my best.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    A fresh start ( again !! ) need to break the cycle of losing / regaining the same couple of pounds Will fast tomorrow

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD,

    August saw a gain I’ve decided never to mention again!! This month WILL be dry, I will exercise daily, even if it’s just a walk, I will drink 2L+ water per day and I will stick to 500kcal FDs since that’s what worked so beautifully in the past!!

    That’s the plan and the idea of a challenge is to actually challenge myself!!! No faffing allowed, time to get back to it!!

    Day 1 – Reading, UK – FD

    I’m gingerly getting back to it after a shaky August. Thank you @raffiki44 for hosting this month. Onwards and downwards everyone!

    Pocket list for today:

    Day 1, Melb Aust TDEE

    Thanks for including me, @rafiki44, I’m in. Not sure about the name colour-coding. I was in red, so changed it to black, but is that correct? Others that are “in” this month seem to have their names in red.

    August was a “holding” month for me, with a gain of 0.1 kg for the month. Now it’s getting warmer in Australia (spring, yes!), I’m back more seriously, and hoping for serious weight loss over the next few months.

    About me? Nearly 70, retired in August last year from being an ESL teacher, previously a medical laboratory scientist, so two decidedly different careers. Single, one cat, Wilbur, who rules my household, and wanting to lose weight mainly for many health reasons. I’ve been doing the monthly forums since December last year, lost 12 kg (26+ lbs) so far, and really appreciate the support and accountability.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 1 NFD country west Australia
    @rafiki44 thanks in advance for hosting.
    Please count me in for September.
    August was a time for resetting and being more conscientious getting back into 5:2.
    Having lost weight and getting a lot fitter after initially starting 5:2 in November ’16, I then put on 17.5 kgs !!! in the past 2 years after not being very sensible at all and not posting and not doing 5:2.
    So sadly am starting a long way further back than when I initially started 5:2 ( if that makes sense.)
    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 NFD country West Australia
    Had written a post which seems to have disappeared into the ether so thanks in advance for hosting @rafiki44. Thanks @ktcaroline for last month’s hosting.
    Please count me in for September.
    Won’t re-write lost post.
    Suffice to say I need to be on this very supportive forum and post for accountability to help get rid of some of the 17.5 kgs I have put ON since successfully embracing this WOL way back in November 2016, before completely going overboard and eating myself silly.
    Welcome to all.
    Onward and downward.

    I am in! I from Canada currently living in the UK.

    I have been living abroad since 2017. Before the UK I lived in Estonia for a year. Then my husband and our cats drove across Europe. Quite a joueny! We are looking to moving back to Canada next year.
    My background is in mental health, psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, energy work, reiki, DIY stuff and so much more.

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Just how I have managed to do ever challenge since @coda began these May 2016 I do not know. But call it a good habit? I had begun 5:2 in March 2016 with 35 pounds to lose. Managed to do that in about 10 months but have stayed with this terrific group of people for maintenance.

    I’m a 71 year-old retired female music teacher who still directs a townspeople choir, do church music and a few piano lessons. I’m president of my local P.E.O. chapter and on the board of our newly opened children’s museum. It’s retired hubby and me at home, 4 grown children all over the place and 5 granddaughters.

    August was kind of rough with more eating out so have about 4 pounds to lose to keep at my 160# maintenance which has me right at BMI 25. I do Silver Sneakers 3x a week and yoga once.

    I look forward to keeping up with old friends and meeting you newbies!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all, Thanks @rafikki44 for hosting us this month! ‘
    I find this time of year is the toughest and find that things derail for me… summer ice creams, summer drinks… so although I love summer and the fact that I can be outdoors, the long days etc in a way I’m glad that we’re heading into autumn and winter.. 👍
    The first challenge I joined was October 2017…and I’ve been intermittently fasting in all senses of that phrase since…. I’m rubbish at keeping track of my food intake, calories, mood etc so hoorvyo get a little better at that 👍
    Up until this year I bobbed around 12-13 stone and had never gone much below 12st since I joined but I’m quite happy now that I’m at the lower end of this mostly below 12 stone nowadays but ideally would like to get to 11 1/2 stone this year if I can.. I’m very active, very muscular but carry weight in my hips and tummy.. unfortunately weight comes off my face first…
    I love being outdoors even in our lovely Irish weather and cycle lots, walk, hike and play tennis regularly. I am training for a long and hilly cycle in October in warm weather so need to be as committed as I can be for the next two months 👍
    I’d like to find time for Pilates and strength & conditioning but life is already so busy with full time work, elderly ill parents and my family and friends.
    I’m pretty much staying away from alcohol and sugar as much as I can… but I am very easily led particularly when I’m out with friends so will never be off either completely but it’s going well in my opinion – and that’s ALL that counts… 😂😂

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 1 California NFD

    Welcome everyone to day 1. I’ve taken other people’s advice and started drafting my emails in notepad to avoid the dreaded lost post. That would probably throw me over the edge this month!

    @jaifaim and @songbirdme, since you’ve both been at this for a while have you been sticking to 5:2 for the entire time? I’m currently doing 6:1 and wondering if that’s going to work for maintenance. Still trying to figure this out.

    @lisa Starseed Expat Welcome! i’ve added you to the spreadsheet (the link is in the first posting in this month) if you want to use it.

    @betsylee i have been putting people’s names in red as they check in so i can get a sense of who is around. I wanted to delete some of the names of people i hadn’t seen post in a long time so the spreadsheet is more manageable. I figure i can always add people back if necessary!

    I finished my painting project today; only have to peel off masking tape which is a little scary. It’s very hot here again and i’m ready for summer to be over but i guess we are lucky not to get any hurricanes!

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Don’t dare weigh myself as my feel good trousers are decidedly too tight and not comfortable to wear and I know that the last two months have not been very good but September is the month to buckle down and get back into this WOL and eating healthily again 🤞

    Will write a longer post tomorrow to introduce myself to those new to the challenges

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 2, Aus, FD

    Hello everyone!! Thank you @rafiki44 for hosting; no need to include me on the spreadsheet as I just don’t use it.

    I like your plan for the month @flourbaby. I too will try and up my exercise (which has been sadly neglected) but now that the weather is turning warmer, that should be more doable.

    Day 2 NZ – FD
    Thanks @rafiki44 for hosting this month. Didn’t have a great month last month, but determined to do better this month. Sorry not much of a poster on the forum, but read everyone comments to keep motivated.

    Day 1 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 31 (August) — NFD

    Please count me in for this month’s challenge!
    Yesterday spent the whole day researching sound systems for my tv. As I’m working through what furniture to give away (right now my first floor looks like somebody’s cluttered old attic!), it’s become clear that the key link is the setting up of the tv and it’s sound system. After the research I visited a number of stores and wound up at supper time away from home. I tried a new (to me) chinese restaurant. The food was tasty and also incredibly spicy which led to a reaction. Used my standard self medication of ice cream afterwards. Which is all to say that I definitely ate too much yesterday.

    Today I’ve eaten on target, but all the rain we’ve gotten has kept me from walking as much as usual.

    @rafiki44 Thanks for hosting this month! Like @penz I don’t use the spreadsheet. My day-to-day activities are so quantitatively oriented, that I need one place without that focus.

    Here’s Monday’s pocket list: (@KTCaroline — was your list for 9-1 or 9-2?)

    Day 2 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Hi all, thanks for hosting this months challenge @raffiki44 !

    I’m back on deck after a great week in Queenstown. Managed to keep the weight stable which is a bonus. Got the flu last week but finally on the mend.

    Must run but as its my first day back at work and things are manic, but will try catch up later on and catch up on some posts. Good to be back!

    Day 2 FD country West Australia
    DH away for the moment so it is much easier not to eat anything – though I have sent DH off with lasagne, sandwiches and have a delicious beef casserole cooking for his very late dinner tonight.
    If I don’t take the first bite of food I am so much better on FDs.
    I find that once I have taken a bite of food it sets off the leptin +/- ghrelin and it is so much harder not to eat further mouthfuls!!
    Really looking forward to a good month in September. It is also easier going in to warmer weather.
    Onwards and downwards.

    Day 2 – Adelaide, Aus – FD
    Chocolate is my weakness. I don’t have to worry about being tempted by any chocolate in the house on this FD because I ATE IT ALL over the weekend. @gretta, @penz @wacm and @lilymartin, thanks for the company. Stronger together.

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Had a great “shakedown” trip in our camper this weekend. One big issue was shaken up which is good, because we can get it fixed in time for our trip to Spain in 2 weeks. As for food and drink…well….suffice to say lots of chocolate, there was pizza and beer Friday night, chilli con carne with rice and bread Saturday night, full Irish breakfast both mornings…..and wine in the evening!!

    Despite it all, and it WAS a fab weekend of fun and sunshine and laughs on the road, my weight this morning is at the middle end of my plateau weight…so I am ok with that.

    It’s an FD today however my team are bringing me out to lunch as its my last three days with them (I move to another team on Thursday), but I plan on something healthy.

    Talk later. Have a good Monday.

    Day 2 UK FD

    Really need to get a good month in Starting my with my first fast which for me is a >500 cal. I feel I’ve been deluding myself re my intake so back to basics , at least calorie counting a bit easier in the internet age . Have a couple of HIIT classes at the gym which are great but even tougher with all this extra weight I’m carrying

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I just can’t get my fasting head on today. Not sure why; I think I just slept too long/late. Not a great way to start the month; but anyway. Tomorrow!

    Good luck if you’re fasting today 🍏

    Day 3, London, UK, NFD

    I’m with you @brightonbelle, a minimum of 2 x <500kcal FDs per week, mindful but not overly restrictive eating on NFDs below TDEE …………………. Simple!!!

    I posted this at the end of August, and I‘m pledging to read it daily to reinforce my willpower, it’s from another thread, & absolutely hit home ……………….

    “Several years of 5:2 have persuaded me that losing weight is not difficult, so I got too casual. Time to start again!”

    @daffodil2010, soooo jealous of your ‘shakedown’ trip, it sounds idyllic!!

    Here’s to a Successful September!!

    Day 2 – 2nd Post

    Pocket List – Day 2

    A pocket list for today’s fasters. Even though I’m not fasting. ‘cos that’s the kind of guy I am 😉


    Day 2. London UK NFD

    @flourbaby – how did you get to day 3 already? Are you going faster than the rest of us?

    I managed two proper FD last week and will do another tomorrow before we set off to Greece for three weeks. Going to try 16:8 in Greece in an attempt to offset the inevitable. I need to lose 9 lbs to get to a BMI of 25. That must be doable.

    Went for a longish 8 mile walk along the Thames yesterday from Marlow to Henley. DH, close friend and I are doing the Thames path in stages. It’s sooooo beautiful. Another world. We all live in the inner city ( although London has tons of green space) so it’s lovely to get away from the noise.

    Have a good day, all. H

    Day 2 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    So happy it is finally Autumn! My favourite time of the year, just love watching the trees change colour! Love jumper weather, chilly mornings, soups and casseroles.

    Little bit about me, I’m 50 years old, I’ve lived in the UK for 30 years but originally from Cork, Ireland. I’m married with 2 daughters aged 20 and 22 and we have a very soft, pub loving labradoodle named Izzy. I work part time in an office and we also have a holiday apartment which we manage ourselves, we would also be considered ‘locals’ at our pub in the village, life is good but busy.

    I’ve dipped in and out of this forum before but this is my 3rd consecutive challenge and my plan is to stick with it. I don’t think I have found my groove yet, I’ve been doing B2B2B2B but haven’t been losing loads (19lbs since end of May) I probably have another 30lbs or so to lose so I really need to figure out what works for me. But, I ALWAYS gain weight over the summer period (too much socialising!!!) – this year I have bucked the trend (which I am very pleased about)so I just have to keep on keeping on.

    Love this forum, it keeps me focused and motivated. Love the support and encouragement and camaraderie. Love hearing peoples stories from all over the world. Love the glimpse we get of people lives.

    This weekend we had cause for celebration, my eldest DD submitted her MA. That’s her done, 4 years of university. Time for her to step back and consider her next step. Scary but exciting times……

    Need to get back to work!

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Pocket List – Day 2


    Day 2, Emden, Germany (but I’m Dutch), FD800

    Hi everyone!

    @rafiki44 thanks for hosting this month, I’d like to join!

    I’m back after having a great summer with lots of wining and dining. Gained a LOT of weight, but not regrets, it will come off again.

    Pocket List – Day 2

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 – UK – FD

    Cannot believe that we are in September already – I have not been very involved for the past 3 months and a few lbs have crept back on…… definitely time to buckle down and shift them before they become a problem – I so need the accountability of this challenge month!

    Starting with a WFD today to test my mental strength – I know I can do this………Great Broga class this morning with OH – drinking plenty of water and black tea……Thankfully my regular Yoga classes restart this evening so looking forward to that 🤞that it will keep me focused at the end of the day!

    For those new to these challenges – a little bit about myself 😊
    I have been part of these challenges since November 2016 and have never missed one since – I am a retired 61 y.o. married female, with a 30y.o. daughter.
    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 and joined the challenges in November 2016 for support and motivation to drop those final 5kg/11lbs as I had been on a plateau for around 3 months. I reached maintenance in early December 2016.
    In total I lost around 22kg/ 3st 7lbs and have remained in my maintenance range of 53-55kg/116.8-121.2lbs with a BMI of around 20 since then! (Height = 163cm/5ft 4in) except for the past three months when a few lbs seem to have crept back on…….
    I also managed to reduce my blood cholesterol levels to just above normal and I have come off both my asthma inhalers!!!!!!!!
    I now love a wide range of exercise, currently doing yoga which I discovered about 4 years ago and it has just been the best thing for me, both physically and mentally. I also do Broga, pilates, aerobics and hiking on the fells in my beloved Lake District ⛰ and do some volunteering in my local community!

    So lovely to see a lot of old friends here and a big welcome to those new to this WOL and/or the challenges – This is a brilliant international community with no judgement but with a lot of understanding and freely given advice and support!

    @suki2 – welcome to your 2nd challenge month in a row and well done on dispatching those 3kgs last month 👍
    @lisa-starseed-expat – big welcome to these challenges – you will find lots of support here 🤗
    @songbirdme – it is so nice to have an original member of these challenges staying with us – you are not alone with having a few lbs creeping back on so hopefully we can be there for each other this September to get rid of them before they become the norm……
    @jaifaim – the beauty of retirement is having the time for “Pilates, Yoga and strength & conditioning” I love it !!!!
    @rafiki44 – I find staying with 5:2 the most effective in maintenance as it allows me to have treats on my NFDs plus I love how I feel after a good FD – both mentally and physically
    @snowflake56 – so lovely to have you back with us – have missed you 😘 Join @songbirdme and myself as we have allowed a few lbs to creep back on too – From reading the posts sadly we are not alone but Together We Can Do This 🤗

    Definitely adding my name to today’s Pocket List – Day 2
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @at WFD

    Make it a September to Remember!

    Day 2 UK FD

    Hello! Back from a fall-off-the-waggon at the end of August… holidays, festival and overtiredness = 5lb weight gain = reset time!

    I’m 55 living in London, gained weight over the years due to longterm health issues, stopping smoking and hormones. Joined the Dec 2017 challenge weighing in at 182lb/82.5kg. Have joined every challenge since and got down to 63kg/140lb in July… August holiday rebound led to slackness and the sugar dragon, peanut butter overload and icecream… and I’m back to 145lb/65kg.

    I’m going to reboot with plain old 5:2 – 2 days/wk under 500 calories, 5 days of 16:8 and keeping an eye on treats and exceptions so they don’t become routine! Daily yoga & meditation, good sleep and plenty of water.

    I’ve got off to a good start by making fab thick lentil & veg soup yesterday for FDs planning to drink lots of water and stick to OMAD. This WOL works, so time to stop kidding myself and get back to good self-care!

    Pocket List – Day 2

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to manage a FD (500-700 calories) today. Hope to read posts later on as my resolve wanes.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 California NFD

    I agree with you @lilymartin it’s so much easier to fast when you just have yourself to consider. Sometimes that’s the reason i’m excited when my DH goes away for work! @EmmaTaylor i did 16:8 on vacation most days and it was pretty easy and kept my weight in check pretty well.

    The masking tape on my paint job did not work as advertised so today it’s back to it and i’m going to try painting the line freehand. I’ve watched multiple utube videos on how to do this (got to move your whole arm and not just your wrist and push the brush up to the ceiling…) so i’ll give it a shot since i have today off work. We are having a barbeque today since yesterday we discovered someone had left the propane turned on and the tank was empty…

    Day 2 and 23 hours ( almost day3!) country west Australia NFD
    Well I should be in bed but a really sensible and good FD has sent me back to reading posts for some reason.
    I feel like I have finally got back in to the swing of things properly instead of all the half-hearted attempts pre-August.
    It feels so good just to be able to put on my work pants and at least be able to breathe more than once a day!.
    I managed to resist all foods during the day and had a few spoons of meat and veg when DH got home.
    I enjoy the health benefits of 5:2 as much as anything so I am not sure why I so comprehensively ditched this WOL.
    It is interesting to note that others have gained a few lbs/ kgs over the past little while.
    Having always wondered why people who lose weight then put it back on – and then some in my case – I do wonder if it is the ‘ I’ve done it before I can do it again’ mindset? I think that has been a big, pardon the pun, part of my problem.
    Reset, reset, reset.
    @at and @snowflake56 good to ‘see’ you here again.
    @rafiki44, sorry to hear about your paint job. Good luck with the straight line. I couldn’t do it. Can’t even draw a decent stick figure!!
    @winsomewaif, glad for the company. I really need you guys to keep me on track!! Together we CAN do this.
    I have 2 big occasions coming up in the next 5 weeks – a wedding and a 60th birthday for a friend and I NEED to lose weight ( only about 10 kgs!!!) to be able to wear something nice to both.
    At present my birthday suit is about the only thing that fits!!! and even that is snug……

    Day 2 second post

    Successful FD – mostly bc v busy and forgot to eat/drink! Checking in for accountability as I’m often tempted to snack after supper.

    I’ve had 2 black coffees, 1.5litre fizzy water and 1.5litres fizzy water with blackberry vinegar – prob too much sugar there. Now haveing lentil & veg soup with a little grated vegan cheese then heading for early bed.

    Hoping this will be the reset day that kickstarts a reset month… my body is much happier on 5:2 and so am I.

    wishing everyone a good rest of FD – and a good September challenge xx

    Day 2

    @rafiki44 – In maintenance I have kept up 6:1 with carefully watched calories on MyFitnessPal (MFP). It has still been quite difficult to keep under TDEE on those 6 days. That also means I must keep up my exercising!

    @at – yes, we are really sisters in all of this, aren’t we?

    @flourbaby – I am convinced that “casual doesn’t cut it” for sure.

    Day 3, Aus, NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday though I did dip into the peanut butter jar (sorry for mentioning those words @flourbaby, but I see @michelinme also did!!) The good thing about the PB we have in the house is it’s actually not very nice so one small spoonful was enough for me. (And as I do coffee only FDs I’m quite comfortable with this approach.)

    You say you haven’t lost “loads”, @Yoy-Yo Fletch but 19lbs since May is a lot!!! You’re doing an amazing job.

    Canberra is finally turning on some beautiful spring weather – we spent most of the weekend outside and today is an expected high of 21. And I am at work!!! (Much rather be out enjoying the sunshine.)

    Lots of positive energy in the forum at the moment; fresh resolve and commitment. Keep it up everyone!! (And thanks for the pocket list yesterday @funshipfreddie even tho you weren’t fasting – you really are that kinda guy!) What a great bunch everyone is. (is? are?)

    Day 2 Canada NFD

    I haven’t been part of a challenge is such a long time! I have a three kilos that I need to shift so am joining in for the month.

    I have an ongoing health issue that isn’t quite resolved yet, hopefully by the end of this year. It means I have to be careful on FD’s and seem to need a few more calories to get through the day. Up until recently that has been fine, somehow I have given myself permission to indulge way too often for the last month.

    @rafiki44 thanks so much for hosting. I am looking forward to reading everyones posts and checking in here daily for some moral support!!

    Day 3 – Australia – NFD
    I had a successful fast day yesterday but my evening was agony with terrible heartburn about three hours after dinner.I had nothing in the house to treat it so I googled heartburn home remedies. I had baking soda so I diluted a teaspoon in water (as directed by Dr Google) and drank that. Relief eventually came and I was able to go to sleep. Anyone else in the same boat? It was my first case of heartburn since pregnancy.

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