September 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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September 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Grrr…I’ve just found out my poor car will most likely be stuck at the garage for at least another week…or even TEN DAYS! The second-hand part wasn’t the right one, and for such an old car (2001) no others came up on the site he uses. So I’ve made the decision to spend out on a genuine Nissan ignition/key system already coded to the car and “guaranteed to fit”. The trouble is: the time it will take to arrive. I NEED my car for WORK NEXT MONDAY!!!! I’ll have to get a plan-B organised now. Lifts.

    Day 28 USA – NFD

    Pretty good day yesterday, still at maintenance. Off to Silver Sneakers shortly.

    @ciren2 – hope your plan-B works out for you! I personally have a terrible unsettled feeling when things are not working, car, equipment, anything. Hugs to you as you go forward!

    Onward and downward.

    USA day 28 FD

    @rainbowsmile MFD (?day 6)

    Just added myself to the pocket list! Have a great day, everyone!

    @songbirdme: Me too…I feel I’ve wasted my week off work by not being able to drive anywhere. Stuck at home in this lovely weather. It all started off being one day, just the MOT. Now I have the hassle of trying to get to work next week, 12 miles away. Hate it, hate it!! My little car has been so reliable until now…

    USA Day 28 FD

    Thank you, FiveTwoFan5252. That article was very informative.

    Day 28 UK CD

    Went off on a toast & honey spree last night – that’ll be the popcorn effect. Sadly it’s continued to my carbtastic tum today – popped back out in all its splendour. Way to go on a Weigh Day!

    Today i’m back at 145lbs, where I started the month. Some of that will be food in transit and I haven’t gained. I know at least some of what i’m doing that’s not helpful – getting overtired, stressed, not drinking enough and having carbtastic blow outs, not doing yoga & meditation… Not looking after Current and Future Me. O well – not beating myself up; good to be aware and will help me to focus.

    Totally tired & have procrastinated away the whole day. Now need to squeeze 5 hrs work into the next 2 and then get ready for long but lovely awayday tomorrow – up and out by 7am on a Saturday is not my best subject! Mostly spent in silence and with kindred spirits, but i’m not looking forward to the early start or the journey. Hopefully a good balancing thing!

    Feeling squished to almost stopping point by deadlines, health and anxiety – hank you for kind thoughts and well wishes, it makes such a difference. I’ve just caught up with reading posts and am so sorry not to respond – hopefully later. Sending love to all who are struggling for whatever reasons xxxx

    UK day 28 FD

    Just came to add myself to the pocket list, cannot copy and paste from my phone, so a bit late in the day. But woohoo, the end of my first B2B!! I feel slightly invincible after doing 2 x 500 days, I really thought I would feel far too hungry, but it was 11.30 before I reaslised I hadn’t eaten my ’emergency boiled egg’.

    @rainbowsmile Sorry to hear about your misbehaving boiler. I know all too well about bleeding austerity, can’t be too much fun at 64. I think the hardest thing after a divorce was having to sort all the stuff myself, but the best thing was, not having my ex make everything harder than it had to be (mixed blessings).

    @fatfingers I am rooting for you! Sadly my current physique does not do any credit to this WOL just yet, but watch this space…

    @debster Thanks for the encouragement. Have a lovely weekend, sounds like a good one.

    @snowflake I need to loose 20Kg in total, so after my 13 week challenge, I may just extend it. Who knows, maybe I could loose 18Kg in 18 weeks…I have the bit between my teeth now, especially given my B2B experience. I can see why it is so popular for you.

    @fivetwofan Thanks for the article. Today I even had some flack from the receptionist who has never joined in. At lunch she said ‘What do you have to inhale for your 2cals for lunch today’. I just jollied along, but it might get wearing. So I have decided I am going to print out that article and keep it in my back pocket so to speak. Also, I suppose as I continue to have a good result and my energy stays up, the diet will speak for itself.

    Pocket List 28/09

    @rainbowsmile MFD (?day 6)
    &FasterJo (B2B)

    Day 28, gozo, Malta, cd

    Yesterday I forgot to post. I cooked a chicken, spinach, strawberry and avocado salad, and a baked mushroom chicken risotto.

    Today I prepared a tuna and egg salad for my pregnant daughter and baked chicken with aubergines, red peppers and zucchini.

    This afternoon I went out with my second daughter and three of my grandchildren and ate some a slice of pizza and half a muffin. I didn’t eat anything this evening. So I had a successful cd.

    Onwards and downwards, keep on keeping on on.

    Day 28 Canada NFD

    Close to the end of the challenge- I think an extra FD tomorrow might be in order!

    Day 28 – France 🇫🇷 – Yet another NFD

    Sitting in the hotel in La Rochelle in France and have finally read all posts. It’s our last night, we head to Cherbourg tomorrow for the overnight ferry to Ireland. Then it’s back to reality

    No way will I have maintained. I am sure a few pounds have been added and a few inches to my waist, but I have had a wonderful holiday (after a stressful July/Aug) so I will face the reality on Monday.

    And then hit the ground running.

    You guys are great. See you all in October

    Day 28 UK NFD

    @dingping yes I resisted the McDonald’s.
    Thank you @flourbaby for keeping me strong. Plus the thought of Jillian Michaels hunting me down and beating me for eating crap was enough to scare some sense into me! I don’t know what’s up with me, I don’t even like Mcds!!!

    Though lately I am really craving savoury carbs and salt, which is unlike me as I’m usually a sugar fiend. I also have to admit that I have been finding my fast days quite challenging lately. 🤔

    Right well off to bed I go. Night.

    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – LFD

    Pocket List 28/09

    @rainbowsmile MFD (?day 6)
    &FasterJo (B2B)

    Yes, @fivetwofan5252 IDM is Dr.Fung’s organization in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Thanks for posting the article.

    Day 29, Emden Germany, FD

    @fasterjo just go on with this WOL and you’ll lose your 20 kg. I wanted to lose the weight as fast as possible and it worked for me. Having a goal and a plan as you have is always better. My problem atm with B2B are the 5 NFDs in a row, I often go over my TDEE, I have only ~1350 cal to spend and I don’t want to eat loads of vegetables every day. While working I didn’t have any problems, retirement makes it harder for me. But I know it will get easier.

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your last day in France!

    @debster enjoy your weekend away!

    This will be my last FD this month, so I plan to make it a good one.

    Pocket list day 29

    @rainbowsmile 8th day of 56 MFD’s

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 29 UK NFD

    @snowflake thanks for the support. It is good to hear from another faster who lost alot quickly. The only thing I don’t know is if loosing fast is wise or not. There are many medical and otherwise opinions that it is not good. It is a long held belief of mine also, but I don’t really know what the ‘evidence’ is. So as long as my body is willing to loose, and I feel fine (in fact better than fine), I will continue my journey. I have lost a total of 3.2kg in 9 days, and I haven’t at any time felt it a hardship, overall a loss of 5.2kg, considering in the beginning of the month I was hoping I would lose 2kg max. Do you mind if I ask how much you lost in total and over how long a period?

    On to October challenge…


    Day 29 UK FD

    Morning all, still procrastinating over stuff, but focussed with fasting, phew!

    @sarahbob – pleased to hear it and @flourbaby great intervention!

    @snowflake56 – thanks for adding me straight away to the P list, no backing out now!
    How has your weight settled after last weeks epic fasting? Do you think B2B’s are counter productive for you at the mo if eating on so many NFD’s in a row is a problem?
    I haven’t worked out my total weight loss for the month but know I still won’t be back to where I was before I fell off the wagon in July and August, so October will still be catch up time.
    Pleased to hear you’re back in maintenance I still have a long journey to get there but determined to do it and stick with it day by day.
    Off to find my mojo for catching up on well put off jobs.
    Everyone enjoy your w’ends but don’t blow it!
    Ta x

    Day 29…..Florida……CD

    Well, it’s my Sat. to work, not really looking forward to it. I’m pretty irritated with my one boss. Thank goodness, it’s only 5 hours and then I won’t have to see him for a couple days!

    @525252……I appreciate you taking the time to post about the article. The other day, I had a conversation with one of my co workers. She’s been dieting and exercising for about 6 months without much success. But she’s very concerned because lately she’s been lethargic, low energy etc. she asked me what I thought it could be…….Umm! your diet. She explained that her diet is. Extremely healthy, fruits, veg, low fat proteins,no red meat and very low carbs. No sweets or snacks.
    It can not be my diet. I agreed yes, your eat very healthy. But I almost guarantee your under estimating your calories and over estimating how many calories you are burning. She said that her salad she eats every day for lunch is only a 150 calories. I estimated it at almost 500 calories.
    I gave her Dr. Mosley’s documentary and I’m going to give her the article as well.
    Even if she doesn’t switch to our perfect plan ( lol ), maybe she will start understanding how her body is working.

    Thanks for everything you guys provide for me on this site!

    It was me…… I admit it….. I let the dogs out!

    Day 29, UK, NFD

    Weight stays the same, 53.6kg. Discouraged.

    Enjoy your weekend lovely people ❤

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD,

    @fasterjo, LOL at your ‘emergency egg’, mine was an emergency apple!!! Your 1st B2B is like your 1st FD, you’re in shock that a) you didn’t die of starvation and b) you’ve gone through life (so far) believing in breakfast, in 3 meals a day & that this is the size you’re meant to be!!! Just wait until you do your 1st liquid FD then your 1st water FD!!!!! As for the snarky receptionist, say nothing, but have a secret smile to yourself as you watch her waddle away!!! It’s not mean, after all ………………………… she started it!!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I would never say you ‘deserved’ to reacquire any lbs, or to overindulge, but you absolutely deserve to have a stress free holiday after the earlier nightmare, the results of that may well be a few extra lbs and a re-acquaintance with a few dragons, BUT you’ve got the tools to rectify those results soooo easily!!! Life IS for living!!!!! Thanks for herding us cats this month, it’s been trying, but I think I’ve found sustainability again …………. It’s called ‘basic 5:2’ ………… no bells, no whistles, just stick to the basics, after-all ……………………………

    “Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward”

    @sarahbob, Don’t panic …………………. I’ve had cravings for things, I don’t like, never had or only read about in books; so weird!!!!! Maybe I should keep a list of those things for when I’m at goal weight, hopefully by then they’ll have lost their appeal!!!!!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone, but not too much!!! Maybe it should be (for us)………………….

    “Your speed doesn’t matter, downward is downward”

    Day 29– Colorado USA — OMAD (one meal a day) just dinner today.

    This week I managed one 42 hour Fast, and then 2 days of OMAD (calories went well over 500 but under TDEE in that one meal. But still got 24 hour Fast done before eating dinner. )
    Not sure how to classify those 2 days, but I’m definitely still making downward progress on the scales!

    And also I’m simply amazed that I can now easily go 24 hours (& sometimes longer) without eating. Before 5:2 I would’ve thought skipping meals was impossible. And crazy. But once you build up that Fasting Muscle, stretching the limits gets easier.

    AND this week, since the weather turned chilly, I decided to try on some jeans….. haven’t squished into any jeans/ pants since…not sure when?? 🤔.
    Pitfall of being a Nurse = always wearing baggy scrubs. No accountability with drawstring pajama-style waistbands!!! 😧

    Happily, I EASILY slipped on 3 pairs of jeans. And have 3 more smaller pairs waiting in the wings. No shopping required.

    This time, instead of holding onto larger sizes, I will donate the baggy clothes immediately. NO GOING BACK. No getting lazy. NO REGAINS!
    Intermittent fasting, combined with lower carbs (banishing sugar & grains that agitate my Crohn’s gut) is the key. If I no longer possess larger sizes in my closet, I won’t “forget” to fast in time to halt any upward scales. Much easier to catch a 4 lb gain, than wait till it’s 20 lbs needing to budge!

    Hope you all enjoy a happy, healthy, relaxing weekend!

    Day 29 – USA – NFD

    Sorry guys, I haven’t logged in since 9/24, but know that they were all NFDs, and busy days. Juggling a new job and trying to keep up with my job from home. In the past month, I’ve transitioned from one set of training to another, and I have yet another to experience once all my background checks come back (again). I’m looking forward to it and a little apprehensive, but it’s all good. I finally had a FD yesterday, albeit 594 cals., not the strict 500 I used to do. Hoping to get back into a rhythm in October and lose this last 5+ lbs. Will take my day off and read the past few days’ posts and comment as I’m able. Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Day 29, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    ShinyThing your weight is fabulous enjoy it maintain. Enjoy life 👍

    Today I made a blueberry, broccoli, spinach (but I used other leaves and rucks), feta cheese, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, avocado salad with a mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice garlic and buttermilk dressing. My pregnant daughter and my second daughter said it was very good. I tried the recipe for the first time today.

    This evening we’re invited for a bbq to my second daughter s new home.

    Take care everyone, have a great weekend.

    Day 29 NC USA NFD

    I did my last FD day of September and decided I would use it for the end results of September since there is only one day left tomorrow. I started this WOL on August 27th at 198.8 but by the start of this challenge I was already down to 195. Therefore my ending weight of 186 this morning is 9 lbs down. Woot! I am also down an 1″ in my hips/chest and down 2″ in my waist. So far so good. Of course it is early days and the weight loss should slow down a bit I think.

    Today is an NFD but I may let myself have a slightly over TDEE day since I realized I hadn’t let myself have a donut in a month and I decided I would get one this morning. It felt so decadent! Was almost going to get cream filled but decided to just get glazed since it would be slightly less calories.

    In other news a lady at work wants to try this WOL too since she says it seems to be working for me. 🙂

    2nd post

    @happymargo you’re doing really well! Isn’t it nice when clothes that were way to small suddenly fit again? In hospital I always had a dress on, I wore them larger and longer than my actuel size because I found it more convenient, everyone thought I was mad doing this but I felt fine. I now think it didn’t look very well on me.

    @dingping you’re welcome! I like the thought of having someone with me on this, if I struggle I have someone to think of. My weight is bouncing up and down, it went from 56.2 kg to 56.7 kg to 55,9 kg to 57.3 kg to 58.2 kg twice and today 57.3 kg. I think I will be under 57 kg tomorrow. I put my maintenance weight 2 kg higher, I tend wanting to be too low with my weight. Last year I went down to 50.3 kg, way too low, way too thin so I have to watch out and try not to overdo it. But I know, that if I stop doing 2 FDs a week I will gain the lost weight back so I have be alert. I too lost my way mid July, a few birthdays and leaving this thread was enough to put a few kilos back on.

    @bert1802 why do some people think eating extreme healthy means you will lose weight, have they never heard of calories???

    @fasterjo all my adult life had a stable 56 kg. 7 years ago we moved to another town and I started to work as a practice manager.I dicovered Häagen-Dazs’ Macadamia Nut Brittle and found it irresistable. But it got worse: At Christmastime we got a whole load of Lindt chocolate from lovely people who appreciate our work. In January 2017 my weight was up to 72,9 kg at a height of 163 cm. I started by skipping sugar and ather white stuff like rice and flour. It worked really well, I lost ~11 kg in 2 months and another ~6 in the next one, so a total of ~ 17 kg in 13 weeks. I didn’t plan to lose the weight so fast, it just happened. I counted calories for a month and tried to get all the nutrients I needed, I think it doen’t matter losing weight fast as long as you do it in a healthy way. I had blood samples taken before I started, after 3 and 6 months. Everything stayed the same, everything fine. What did change however was my BP, I was on BP medication for 30 years, now I take the medication depending on my morning measurement, most of the days I don’t need anything, but if so, I only need a small dosis.

    @shinything why are you struggling so much lately? You seem to be so demotivated now. I read through your posts. You seem to work very much and often until late in the evening. How do you plan your meals, do you take meals from home to work? Could it be too many calories or the wrong kind of food? Although you lose way very, very slowly, until now it seemed to work for you. What has changed? Lack of motivation? Are you doing things you enjoy just for yourself? Try to take care of yourself, be selfish and prioritise yourself, not your work (if this is possible).

    Have to stop, our lovely neightbour came by to borrow the lawnmower and to invite us to dinner tomorrow. How good we didn’t plan an FD tomorrow.

    3rd post

    @beththenew that’s what I call a great result, well done! How good you motivated someone at work to try this WOL.

    Day 29, Guildford UK, MFD

    Thank you everyone for the encouragement.

    Turns out I need new pipework too! Well my boiler does…….

    So I have no heating, no hot water and my linen cupboard contents are scattered all over the house.

    I won’t have two cold water tanks, they will go to the tip. No cistern so more room in the airing cupboard.

    So I am treating myself to a spa today! Gotta do it.

    I have studying to do, so am going rogue, MIA.

    Despite all I am still MFD. Today I had the David Lloyd Steak breakfast at 360 cals and two skinny cappuccinos.

    And I am full.

    I exercised yesterday and today but Wednesday and Thursday were washouts (sic). And @ciren2 my plantar fascia is uber tight on my damaged foot. So extra physio for me.

    @formerly-fat-pete that’s awesome, I love Nairobi too.

    @snowflake56 I note you are down so I am sending you extra special rainbow sunshine strength. As they say this too will pass.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐

    @dingping today is a MFD and it’s Saturday! The good news is I am back to my pre broken foot weight again. I hope not much muscle lost in the lower part of my body. Chasing tails burns calories.

    @shinything i just want to wrap you up in sunshine and chase those nasty old lbs away.

    @flourbaby I just love your post, 4 on the run? AWESOME

    @bert1802 spread that energy around. Keep it flowing, this cheers me up so much. And your colleague is doing the wishful thinking diet not a proper WOL.

    @fatfingers you will hit your goal, rooting for you go go go

    Thank you to the thread fairy that has kept me on the pocket lists whilst I sort boilers and rehab feet.

    @fivetwofan5252 yes I joined his FB group but it isn’t a community like it is here. But it’s full of very useful stuff indeed. Its thanks to Jason Fung that I learned that through longer WFD I needn’t have loose skin and my longer WFD are designed to get rid of that. It was a throw away remark he made in an interview that he had never had to refer a patient for loose skin surgery. And I have to say I have minimal loose skin, a little but not so much it bothers me. And I will do another longer WFD to get rid of the loose skin on HP moustache tummy. That tummy is so resistant to fat loss. I echo @ccco thank you for the article.

    @missybear that’s lovely to hear that the WOL comes naturally to you.

    @ciren2 I hope your car gets repaired soon

    @michelinme more news when you are less busy. I assume in the Big build up to the presentation?

    @fasterjo some exes do that. Its the problem with divorce late in life. But I am looking forward to peace and quiet. You know what you are doing works so ignore the jealousy. For that’s what those remarks are pure jealousy. Others who are really concerned express themselves in a loving way, not a sarcastic way.

    @anna6 it’s knowing that reading about your food isn’t calorific (because I would be tempted to seconds and thirds) and that helps.

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your holiday, thank you for hosting and safe journey.

    @sarahbob excellent on the Macs resistance, it’s like a muscle easier next time.

    @happymargo WFD I find easier than MFD. Its odd but of course I don’t want to do 8 weeks of WFD on the BSD. And I never thought a type 2 diabetic could either WFD or fat adapt on an MFD. I am looking forward to reporting that I can get into jeans easily, I can however get into yoga pants (wry smile). I love your thinking.

    @beththenew 9lbs is awesome. Yes yes yes. Absolutely love to hear it.

    Well until the last day.

    Pocket list day 29

    @rainbowsmile day 7 MFD
    @annemarilyn LFD

    Great list for the last Saturday of the month

    Off to sauna


    4th post

    @rainbowsmile thanks for sending me extra special rainbow sunshine strength and lots of flowers! But I’m doing very well actually, more on a high than a low. I think something went wrong with the way I expressed myself (struggle with the language, often can’t express what I mean to say). How glad you don’t need any new pipework yourself. Enjoy the sauna, haven’t been to a sauna for ages, you have to be all naked overhere, don’t want to do that anymore.

    @shinything: 53.6kg!…you are blessed; don’t be discouraged xx

    2nd Post
    Doing fine today, though I find Saturday’s do go slower than other fasting days.
    My procrastinating is going into stupid levels…. so much I could do, need to do but just not dong it!!! I will be doing everything in a rush in the end and not doing such a good job because!

    @snowflake56 – I’m sure your body will settle into a natural weight range now you’ve dispatched your ‘off the wagon’ weight gain. Here’s to less bouncy bouncy scales and simple maintenance.

    @sarahbob & @flourbaby – when your brain gets the idea of the munchies anything will do! I’ve eaten porridge with pesto and Parmesan as that’s all I had in! Seriously though, savoury porridge was quite yummy!!

    @fasterjo & @beththenew – if we were all classmates sounds like you’d both be top of the class. Well done and good luck with reaching your goals.

    @happymargo – love my thin feeling whilst fasting!
    Lycra and clothes with expandable waist lines are not helpful in detecting blooming waistlines, wise decision to not hang onto your redundant sizes, might be too reassuring knowing they are there. Must remember to do the same, I’ve always hung onto them ‘just in case’ and of course ‘just in case’ happened! Well done.

    @metatauta – I hope you find your working and fasting rhythm ASAP.

    @anna6 – yummy as always. What are ‘rucks’?

    @shinything – sorry you’re still feeling despondent, it must be very frustrating, I’m sure you will find your path. Sometimes when we want something so desperately we are so stressed by wanting it that we get bogged down in the detail and exhaust ourselves. It is those last few Ibs or kgs that are the hardest and it sounds like that is where you are. Maybe live with it a bit and enjoy life and then have another go. Good luck with getting your enjoyment for this WOL back.

    @ciren2 – hope you sorted out your work lift and you don’t let this blip stop you joining us in October?

    @rainbowsmile – are you still boiler less! I’m imagining you boiling kettles non stop. Fingers crossed all is fixed or will be very soon. Have you in my back pocket today along with @snowflake56. Thanks.

    See ya tomorrow – weigh day for me!!!

    Day 29 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    @rainbowsmile – yes,I had a LFD yesterday and broke it at about 11:00 this morning. Hope you get your heating situation fixed up soon. A spa day sounds wonderful!

    @shinything – 53.6 kg seems so tiny to me. Are you close to the weight your body needs to be to be healthy? Either way, sending ((hugs)). Hope you get feeling more “shiny”.

    @happymargo – what great progress! You’re definitely getting your fasting groove on. Hooray for fitting into those jeans!

    @metatauta – hopefully all things job wise will fall into a good rhythm. I’m sure that’ll help with those last few lbs disappearing.

    @beththenew – woo-hoo on 9lbs down! Great start!

    Glad we’re in this together!

    Day 29 Canada FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list- this is my 3rd fast for the week. Felt like another one was worth squeezing in to celebrate a successful month.
    Beautiful fall colours and sunshine to enjoy here, have a wonderful day 🙂
    @rainbowsmile 8th day of 56 MFD’s

    Day 29 UK CD

    Yesterday was unplanned FD as worked hard – first at procrastinating then squishing in some of the urgent proejct work. Delighted to stop at c400 calories, and to wake up back at 144lbs today – back where I started Sept! At least it’s not a gain 🙂

    Up & out at 7.30, enjoyed awayday with community – nice mix of silence, time together and solitude. Mostly wise food choices – banana & nut breakfast when light-headed, salad lunch with just a few grapes for pudding rather than the fig & pistachio cheesecake! No cake but 2 chocolate rice cakes in one break.

    Journeys difficult bc tired, sensory overload & burning joint pain, then found myself significantly breathless during parts of the day. Not sure if bc airconditioned train, lack of sleep or fighting off virus/infection…. but a bit worrying at nearly 3mths since hospital admission with pneumonia 🙁

    @rainbowsmile SNAP with boiler! Had survey on Friday, waiting for details. Hope all goes well with yours xx And yes, annual two-day conference which i lead organising. Just 15 days til this project crunch time is over – peak time for getting the details sorted and i’m uncomfortably behind. Need to get up to date over next couple of days so ready to share last load with others – or hand it all over if i’m going to be ill…

    Really glad to catch up with posts & sorry not to be responding. I’ll be more myself next week – next challenge! xx

    Day 29 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s company arrived in time for my appetizer at home, then supper at our fave Italian restaurant. I had banana cream dessert (made with no calorie pudding) at home then. Good thing I brought home half of my dinner entree! Still, up a pound this morning. Bet it was that nice Merlot. Hmmm.

    September nearly done… wow. Sounds like people have had some good travel time, but also success.

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post

    I haven’t read all of today’s post……but I so need to tell you guys, the funniest thing I heard today!

    Today was my Sat. to work. Normally, the Sat. crew meets for breakfast or the boss brings McDonalds in. Today was McDonalds, but I had already had my morning food, so when I was offered breakfast, I said no thank you, Im not hungry.
    So,my boss then says She won’t eat because she prefers to starve herself…….
    I just giggled…… not because it was funny but because that is the most ignorant thing, I’ve heard a grown man say!
    Then after my giggle he says…. well you know it’s the truth……
    I just replied…… well, I guess that what happens when society jumps to conclusions before they know the facts.
    He just looks at me!

    Sometimes, I wish people would just keep their pie holes closed until they research and have knowledge in a particular subject.

    I mean, I am only working for 8 hours and the only meal that falls in between those times is lunch. You cannot judge a person lifestyle in a snap shot!

    I guarantee if we matched food for food for a whole entire week….I more than likely eat more than he does!

    I’m interested in hearing, what dumb, ignorant stuff has been said to you all about your WOE? Care to share?

    Day 29 Minnesota, USA NFD (should have been a FD) 2130 (9:30pm)
    Day 28 NFD (less than TDEE)

    Cold as cr*p today! 46 degrees F; and that’s 7.7C, I think. Last weekend it was 90 degrees (32.2C)!!

    Well, things have not turned out as I had planned. A lot of social obligations cropped up, these last two days, and it has really challenged me to remember what I’m all about and to keep my goals in mind. That’s really the secret to motivation, I think. Keep your eyes on the prize. That’s in the Bible, for instance. But also in many other old manuscripts. It’s good advice. Using it as a mantra for me; “Keep your eyes on the prize”.

    So, I kept thinking about how good it felt to be thinner, now, than how I felt 6 weeks ago. How my jeans fit looser and so lovely, now. Only 8 lbs in 8 weeks lost since 08/14/18 (3.2-3.8Kg). Not as much as I lost two years ago when I first started the 5:2 WOE (13lbs at that time, in 8 wks, meaning 1 stone or 6.4Kg). Maybe age makes a difference, but I will say I’ve been more gentle with my fast days than I was 2 years ago. I’m totally satisfied with my fat loss.

    I did stay within TDEE yesterday. Today is another story. So far so good but I’m still hungry and may get some cheese out of the fridge. It’s all I can think about right now, to be honest. I’ll get some gum….try to ward off the hunger. Wish me luck. The more weight I lose, the hungrier I get during fast days, off and on. I know that’s a fact from my past efforts. And I know hunger comes in waves and can be managed. So, hunger is my friend, I tell myself. It means I will lose weight if I just stay the course. And it goes away, with fluids, time and exercise (gentle). And then>>>>there is that wonderful weight loss with a well deserved sense of accomplishment.

    Stay strong everyone, and stay the course. Keep your eyes on the prize. However long it takes.

    Day30, gozo, Malta, nfd

    Dingping “rucks” is a misspelled word. I couldn’t find where I put it way back in my posts but I’m sure it’s a misspelled word which I put by mistake.

    Yesterday I had a lot of finger food namely pieces of pastry boats with creamy mixture and caviar blus tortilla rolls with salmon, ham or tuna which a lady did for my daughter s bbq. The lady did the delicious sides which went with the meats as well, and then there was chocolate cake. All this made my weight this morning at 79.4 kilos the most I’ve been this month.

    Tomorrow will be a fast day as I have the left over finger food my daughter gave me to eat with sides etc in the fridge for today.

    Incidentally my son passed with a good mark in the Maltese language subject. He starts college next Tuesday.

    Tomorrow will be a fast day.

    Have a great Sunday everyone.

    Day 30 UK NFD

    September is a month of transition, a slow move from summer to autumn. I’ve moved slowly into a new weight range – yay! Still lying in bed, well it is Sunday, so haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m lying her feeling thin and virtuous after my B2B2B’s, I hope the scales work in my favour.

    @michelinme – take care x

    @rainbowsmile – a sauna sounds wonderful as long as it didn’t involve other people, I’m a bit like @snowflake56. Bizarrely, considering my present dislike of inflicting my body onto unsuspecting members of the public I quite fancy the idea of wild swimming, the opposite end of the spectrum to a sauna – do you plunge or shower after?
    Good luck with the pipe work and such.

    @northerndawn – hadn’t realised I was going to feel hungrier the more weight I loose, I think I’m probably being too smug with myself – thanks for the warning. I’ll bear in mind one day at a time but keeping my eye on the long term prize.

    @songbirdme – very intrigued with your ‘no calorie’ pudding, do divulge? Ta

    @bert1802 – I’m doing this in secret by default rather than by design so not encountered ignorance from others re this WOL. The most cutting and critical person I know is my mum, I’m know she would have some very dismissive comments to make if she knew but life at the mo and the adaptability of choosing when to fast means she has no idea. Those of you who have to take this WOL more openly into the outside world are educators spearheading the cause. Thanks and I’ll do my bit when the time arises.

    @anna6 – you mentioned using ‘…other leaves and rucks’ in yesterday’s recipie. No worries, curiosity momentarily pricked as the only ruck I knew was the rugby type! Explains all, thanks.

    Thanks all for guiding me through September.
    Ta x

    2nd post

    3.8kg (8.3Ibs) loss this month, happy with that.

    Thanks @daffodil2010 for your gentle hosting whilst in holiday mode delighted to read your joyous entries having fun in the sun with your loved ones. Hope you don’t land home with too heavy a post holiday bump, but sadly is inevitable after a fab break away, worth it for the beautiful memories.

    Thanks all once again. Off to enjoy the start of our weekend here….
    Ta x

    @dingping: Good loss for you this month. I daren’t weigh!!
    Right, I’ve arranged for a work colleague to give me a lift the 12 miles to work during the coming week. He lives a few doors down from me, so that’s handy! If, on any day that’s not possible, my husband will have to be dragged out of bed early instead! Getting home will be less of a problem, several work-mates come from the same town as me…and, if necessary, I can always ring hubby too…
    I will be present on the October challenge, and I hope and pray that I can get back on that wagon, which seems so high and so fast-going…
    Hopefully my car will be out of the garage after another week and the stress levels can go down….
    @daffodil2010: Thanks for providing the forum this month.

    Day 30, UK, NFD

    Its my day off and a day to get ready as I will be moving around travelling (not holiday but family business) for the next 2 weeks 🙂 . I have no plan what to eat today, and I don’t want to go shopping so I’m in a dangerous position 😂
    I haven’t reached my goal this month, and in fact I went the other way and ended up heavier than at the beginning. Oh well, we carry on 🙂

    @snowflake56 I’m not quite sure what’s changed, but it sure is frustrating seeing the results that are oposite of what you are trying to acheave. It also reminds me of the fact that I had to have my thyroid removed 2 years ago and that medication could never replace the real thing. It might be something to do with that. Work is fine, I do shift work and I do work till late in the evening but thats fine, I’ve done it for years and it suits me :). I have established routine working like that. Thanks for your concern 🤗

    @rainbowsmile I felt that bit of a sunshine ☀ , I hope your recovery is going well 🤗

    @ciren2 I would like, like many others, to be able to wear my nice clothes that I had for years and are sitting in the wardrobe now because they are too tight. But yes, I shouldn’t complain I guess 🙂

    @dingping its true that the last bit of weight to lose is the hardest, and that has something to do with where I am I guess. And I don’t mind being a tortoise, I actually want to be, but I do mind going in the wrong direction lol . We have to keep going 🙂

    @annemarilyn my goal weight is 50-52kg, so yes, I’m close 🙂 . I’m not tall and I have small frame, so 53kg is not tiny for me, but nor its big, its just ok. Its more about where I want to be and my struggle to get there, which shouldn’t really be a struggle and thats the problem. If you get what I mean 😀

    @michelinme I know it might be hard, but try and not overdo things and make yourself worse, you are still recovering :hug: . Do you have a check up with the doc soon?

    @northerndawn I like your mantra, do you mind if I borrow it? x

    @daffodil2010 thank you for being our host while on holiday this month, these are for you 💐

    I hope you all have a great Sunday and see you all in October ❤

    Day 30 Northern NSW Australia – NFD

    My goal was to shed about 1/2 kilogram. Instead I’m about where I started in this challenge. Reviewing my progress for the month I see that I was very enthusiastic and committed during the first week, which saw me not only reach my goal but surpass it. Then a degree of complacency kicked in and I’m a bit over starting weight, though still within my goal weight envelope (or ‘wiggle room’). Though this is the case, I stuck to every planned fast day which equated to fasting two days every week through thick and thin and I did have a couple of ‘very thin’ fast days that felt particularly challenging due to lack of sleep. So even though I didn’t reach my outward goal, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for reaching an inward goal of simply carrying on in the face of challenge and resistance.

    I want to thank both host and participants of this challenge. Keep up the good work everyone!

    Day 30 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Where did this month go? Whizzed by so quickly. Still maintaining and as expected up a little on the start of the month, visitors always = treats! No worries, a few FDs will get me back to where I was.

    @daffodil2010 thank you for setting up this months challenge, hope you’re feeling wonderfully refreshed and relaxed after your holiday 💐

    Enjoy Sunday everyone, see you in October.

    Day 30, Guildford UK, MFD

    Ankle is sore so only did one short spin.

    A little tearful, no dancing broken boiler and behind in my studies. So unmotivated.

    Finished the month back at the weight pre broken foot, something at least. I feel tired really.

    Yes @dingping I inflict HP Moustache tummy on the world. Yes, I know I shouldn’t do it nor wear a bikini, but I do. But it’s all usually covered up with a towel or gown. But this body is the one I have and it’s older but in fact it’s in better shape than many. We come in all varieties, don’t we?

    And yes I have heat shockproteins and cold adaption ones.

    Boiler likely to be another week until completed.

    Looks like my FB was one of those hacked, troublesome. But I have a fake birthday on it and none of my telephone numbers and a weird email address which is for junk mail. So looks like I will be ok.

    Onwards and downwards.

    Day 30 Pocket list

    @rainbowsmile MFD


    2nd post

    @rainbowsmile – oh gosh I’m so sorry I’ve upset you. I really didn’t intend to imply I was judging you. I think it’s fab you can be you and do what makes you happy.
    You are a free spirit and embrace life…. it’s me who needs to learn to ‘… dance like nobody is watching’, one day, maybe one day…
    Sorry for the upset, none intended.

    Day 30…..Florida……FD

    Thank goodness, I’ve got the next two days off and it will be an unbelievable short work week for me. I’m only working Tues, Wed. And Thurs., taking a long weekend.
    The hubby and I are taking our youngest and his friend into Orlando for a card tournament.
    So it will be a nice escape weekend for hubby and I while my youngest has a fun day of what he enjoys.

    My FD are going to be a bit funky this week, as I’m doing them on opposite days.

    @dingping…..Sorry to hear about your mums disapproval. I know how hard it can be to have to deal with a disapproving parent. I’m hoping one day, she will be open enough for you to teach her all the great things this type of eating provides us. I’m very fortunate that my hubby and kids are supportive. Both my hubby and youngest have developed their own version of 5:2.
    I guess, it just hard for me to comprehend how some people can be so foolish when they have so little knowledge. I’m also thankful that we as a group can offer each other support as we are trying to be slimmer healthier versions of ourselves.
    Im sending my love and a big bear hug to you!

    @Ciren…… we had a Nissan with those same ignition problems. We figured out that we had to put the key in just right and it would start. We talked to this mechanic who said that the switch is like a puzzle piece that he’d to fit together to start but it’s a common problem for Nissan. That the piece in the switch where down so the puzzle does always come together but if you wiggle it just right you can still put the together.
    Hopefully, you’ll get your car back soon!

    Okay well, I’m off… going to get my Oct. post started!

    It was me…… I admit it…… I let the dogs out!

    Day 30, Finland, NFD

    Well quite a surprise….I thought I had put on half a kg this month but have in fact lost a whopping 100 grams! Had a good start to the month, but after trip to London half way through I have lost the plot. Have gotten back into bad habits, been enjoying chocolate and lollies while salad and vegie count has reduced. Hitting the reset button for tomorrow. Being back hat work has also affected my daily exercise…just hasn\t happened. I have joined a yoga website to get some more yoga classes in….

    Hope everyone has had a successful September. See you in October!

    Canada Day 30 NFD

    Thanks for a great month together!

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains,US, NFD

    Back home from hiking the beautiful Red Rocks in Southern Utah! Cabin has been winterized! 😊
    No weight gain, maintaining! 😊

    Great being with you all during September and will be seeing you in October until I leave for Austria on the 22nd.🌺

    Thanks for setting up September @daffodil2010! 💐

    Have a good Sunday everyone! 🍃🍂🍁

    Day 30, Emden Germany, NFD

    Another month over! I lost 4,2 kg this month,now 56.6 kg. DH lost 2.9 kg, now 78 kg. I had to do way too many FDs to lose weight but I’m glad I can go in maintenance again, don’t need to lose more. Back to basic 5:2. DH wants to lose another 3 kg, he will get there, he has a much better approach to this than me, so relaxed.

    @fasterjo you lost 5.2 kg this month, very well done!

    @dingping it worked really well for you this month, great loss. Ready for our next Saturday’s together?

    @daffodil2010 thanks for stepping in and starting this challenge despite going on a well earned holiday. Hope you had a save trip home, see you tomorrow!

    This has been a tough month for so many, I hope next month will be a better one. I’m glad I came back here, it’s a good place to be. I hope @coda, @at, @strawberriesandcream, @onahealthyhigh and others who took a break will join us on next month’s challenge. Thanks everyone for being here to support eachother.

    Have a nice evening everyone!

    Day 30, London, Uk, NFD,

    Late check-in today, I’m being very controlled today because the nasty, bouncy-bouncy scales did a real number on me this morning!!! Tomorrows’ final weigh-in NEEDS to be a good one!!!

    @dingping …………….. savoury porridge, Tasty!!!! ………………..NOT!!!

    @happymargo & @rainbowsmile ……………………….. It’s that oldie but goodie ……………………..
    Shop assistant – “What size trousers do you wear?” …………………
    …………………Me – “Leggings!!!”

    @bert1802, I told the guys at work I was doing OMAD after one said “Wow that’s a HUGE salad”, after I explained what OMAD was he said laughingly, “I bet if someone said donkey p*ss would help you lose weight, you’d try it!!!” ……………….. needless to say, I wasn’t laughing!!!! He’s the gym bunny scanning macros for every meal and eating things he doesn’t like/love as long as they ‘fit’ the correct macros…………….. donkey p*ss indeed!!!!!

    I hope everyone is having a controlled last day of the challenge!!!!

    @rainbowsmile: You sound so sad. I know it’s horrible when things go wrong….as in foot, car off the road for yet another week and shops discontinuing my favourite, addictive foods in my case.
    In your case, you have a broken boiler to contend with for another week and I see your foot is still bothering you as well as work getting behind. I’m so sorry you are suffering stress and tears. I do hope you will be with us in October so we can offer cheerful words of encouragement. Big Hugs from me xx

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