OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Hello everyone from NI – day 2 fd
    day 1 fd – estimate 691 calories
    today’s estimate so far is 322 which evens out about 500 for the 2 days if the kitchen stays closed.

    Thank you @debster251 for looking after this months challenge.

    I am taking things rather slowly and trying to put things into perspective but it has been a rough time. I feel exhausted by it all, and still very raw. I probably spent the first weeks constantly crying and not sleeping. It has really knocked me for 6. I have questioned myself as a mother and as a person, could I really have got things so wrong? What did I do, what could I have done differently. I wake in the morning and my stomach turns, its like a reoccurring bad dream. I really didn’t see this coming from a person we welcomed into our home and who I thought I got on well with. At first due to all the stress I couldn’t eat, then the last few weeks of September I awoke the midget gem and carb dragon but new month, new week and I have posted as I realise I have to look after me so I can look after others.

    Good to see some familiar names and some newbies joining our October monthly challenge. It is only for 4 weeks – you can do great things in 4 weeks. Try to stay mindful and don’t worry about a little set back, it takes practice, be kind to yourself and remember baby steps. Much love to everyone x

    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    Day 2 – France – NFD

    Working from home today and also feeling blah. I suspect PMS. The closer I get to menopause (and I am pretty darn close) the worse the PMS gets. Of course PMS unleashes the carb dragon, so I’ve been fighting with it all day.

    @coda hugs to you. i don’t know if i missed a previous post with the backstory but whatever it is I feel for you.

    Day 2 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Going for an 18:6 today with my LFD from yesterday ending early afternoon. Definitely enjoying some extra hot drinks in these cooler fall days here in the inland NW.

    @ciren2 – yay for a successful climb back into the wagon!

    @daffodil2010 – wishing you all the best in your new role. They must have thought well of you & your capabilities to change things.

    @keeper – What are you studying?

    @coda – my heart goes out to you with the ongoing family issues. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself and are with us in this October challenges.

    Glad we’re together in the journey!

    USA Day 2 NFD

    Just checking in!

    Hi @debster251 please can you check im on the spreadsheet, couldnt see my name on there unless im doing someyhing wrong?

    Hi Coda. I don’t know exactly what family crises you have. But as you know we had one ex son in law that we’ve always welcomed in our mists and what he did with our eldest daughter. Ie cheating on her for years before she found out.

    Take care of yourself because you have to in order to take care of others.

    Virtual hugs 🤗 from me to you.

    Day 2 FD

    Well, I near the end of the day having let myself down badly.
    Early afternoon I think I convinced myself that by dunking a Rich Tea biscuit (or 6) and therefore making it soft and easy to digest, that I was therefore not “eating”.
    Just lying to myself and I’m so disappointed in myself I want to cry.

    Day 2– Colorado USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD pushed the limits up to 800 calorie mark.
    First time in quite a while that a FD felt tough… usually I work on Monday, but had the day off. Didn’t keep my hands busy enough to stay out of trouble, so over-shot 500 by a bit. 😬 Oopsies!

    So today’s NFD, I met a friend for lunch. Both our husbands hate sushi…. so that’s what we had! Mmmm. What a treat.

    Now time to take doggy & kitteh for Annual Wellness check up & booster shots.

    2nd thank you @sparklyshoes, @annemarilyn and @anna6 for your hugs and thoughts, much appreciated. I know we are not the only one for this to happen to and one day it will be behind us. x

    @clairesuzanne ok it wasn’t the best end to an otherwise good fast day and perhaps not the best choice but we all know how 1 rich tea can lead to half a packet and if you eat them quickly enough it doesn’t count – right? We’ve all been there done that, made the hard yards only to fall at the end. What to do now though is to put it behind you and move on, pick yourself up and carry on. What’s done is done and there is no changing it but tomorrow is another day. This is the best thing about 5:2 it’s a way of life. So maybe put rich tea on the danger list. I’m not saying there is no place for a rich tea – stick 2 together with real butter yummmmmy! But count it/them in and enjoy. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s only day 2 so plenty of time to get well on track. Even with 6 or more rich tea if your fast day was good to that point maybe the damage is not as bad as you think? Just looked it up 1 biscuit is 38 approximately – could have been worse had you gone for digestive at 70 lol. Sometimes we feel we have blown it when really it’s just a blip and nothing too bad. Just keep on keeping on x

    @coda — sending huge hugs and so much love and respect for you. Family situations and foibles can indeed wrench our whole being. So many of us here truly care for you.

    Day 3 FD country west Australia
    Day 2 CD
    Day 1 FD became a CD

    Day 3, New Zealand, FD

    Am going to try ADF this week, managed water & steps ok yesterday. Still working on having an early night. Thanks for the welcome back @at. My eldest daughter is turning 21 in December and we are having a big family get together, with lots of photos, which is my motivation (plus summer is coming!). Can I join in with @snowflake and @debster251 for a plank challenge – are there any specific rules for me to follow?

    Day 3 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Hello everyone for the October challenge! Have a heap of posts to catch up on, will do so today hopefully.

    Tomorrow will be my first FD for the month, was away for a long weekend and unfortunately did a fair bit of carb damage (and also skipped a usual FD), but back to Melbourne and back to training and this WOL, so I’m sure things will bounce back!

    @coda thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


    Day 3 London UK NFD

    Trying to keep up with reading everything. There are so many of us…. Does anybody else find that after a good FD, the next day it’s fairly easy to fast until late afternoon? It’s like once you’ve broken the habit of eating, it feels good to prolong the fasting for quite a bit longer. I feel much happier today because I’ve eaten very little after fasting on Monday.
    On another note, went to see the film Cold War today at the lovely Rio Cinema in Hackney. Independent, local cinema. Tiny screen and around thirty seats at most. Lovely, lovely film. Really worth seeing.

    2nd post…..

    I can not believe the day I had! It started out so nice and wonderful……then turned to crap! By the time lunch came around, I was just so sick and tired of being poked and prodded….. hissed and yelled at. I lost my cool……. a few words were exchanged, I was blind sided and I found myself being force feed a McDonalds McDouble…..I don’t even like the darn things, then 6 mini donuts, 4 slices of Italian bread for dinner and a cupcake. Matilda won today’s fight!
    She has really become a thorn in my side!

    @coda…… A wise person once told me…… A person true character has no bearing on yours. Through and through as long as you are you, you can overcome any damage a person character has tried to do to yours. I understand the heart break, just know the best revenge you can give is one of love and happiness to those in your life!
    Then you wait for the Karma bus to run their ass over!
    Please remember the wise words of Sister Angelica….. you can hope person slips on a banana peel but you can not throw it down in front of them.
    My prayers to you Coda in your time of need!

    Okay, well I’m off, they changed my schedule at work on Wed. only now I get to go in at 7:30am, so I got to go to bed!

    Day 2 Minnesota, USA FD 16:8

    9:00 pm: Under 500 calories and about to go to bed and read with my kindle to avoid any last minute snacking. Babysat for my two yr old granddaughter this morning and then had my hair cut this afternoon, which always energizes me, for some reason. I may try another FD tomorrow. Like you, @emma Taylor, I feel it’s quite easy to continue a fast well into the next afternoon. Might as well take advantage of that.

    @ciren2; I’m glad you are back on the wagon! Stay right here and the next 4 months will fly by and you will again be proud of your achievement.

    @at; I am also looking to you as a role model. You’ve done so well and sustained so long. A little break in September was just fine; here you are all fresh and ready for the challenges ahead.

    @coda: I hope you know how much you’ve helped other people, so many of us on this forum, our lives were changed for the better by your idea of these challenges. We all want the best for you.
    I don’t know what exactly is going on in your family but if it involves DIL, I would tell you that in my experience, sometimes it really isn’t as much about you or anything you have said or done, as it is about what her expectations of her relationship with you are. Perhaps her own mother had a poor relationship with her MIL and that is what she expects. She may feel intimidated by your knowledge and experience if she is insecure. She may feel you are somehow a rival for your son’s attention and love. I hope it resolves over time, but until then, try to breathe deeply and remember it is not all upon your shoulders. You can only do so much to reassure. It takes two in any relationship. Others have responsibility in this as well. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, because I know how stressful family problems can be. Hugs.

    @claire suzanne; when you bomb out on a FD, just plan for one to make up for it in the next few days. Let it be a MFD if you need to get back into the swing of it gradually, then do a more strict one. Whatever works. There’s always tomorrow!

    @redrockgirl302: Danish pumpkin kringle???? How can you resist that? So glad it’s not here. (But kind of wish it was 😉 )

    @daffodil2010; let us know how the new position suits you, and good luck with it! You are being very brave….I’m sure you will crush it.

    Hope to be on forum earlier in future. Best to everyone!

    Day 2 Ohio, US — NFD

    Regular NFD, all went smoothly. Amazingly I wasn’t tired as I often am the day after getting a massage. Sometimes it takes a full day for my body to “reset” and while there was some of that, it happened without requiring a big nap! The body reset phenomenon can also occur the day after an acupuncture treatment. Speaking of which, next week my regular FD happens on an acupuncture day. I’m wondering what kind of interaction the two things might have. Has anyone done both things on the same day?

    Peace to all!

    Day 3, Emden Germany, FD

    @strawberriesandcream how nice to hear from you. It’s so much easier with my husband on board, he’s doing quite well.

    @at just a case from easy on, easy off, we know how well this WOL works, don’t we?

    @coda wise words from @northerndawn. Did your DIL show any signs of a depression during pregnancy? Just a thought. Hugs to you.

    @daffodil2010 how did your first day go?

    @claire-suzanne we all have been there, take a deep breath and make a fresh start the next day.

    @wacm no rules on the plank challenge, just do the planks you want to do, but try to do them every day. It’s just to remind us we planned to do them.

    Planks challenge Oktober 2018


    Pocket list day 3, if you want to join us, please copy and paste the list and add your name to it.

    @rainbowsmile MFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    @coda not sure what’s going on, but sending big hugs. Be as kind to yourself as you would a good friend. No use berrating yourself when your intentions were never to harm anyone. I hope you find closure.

    Day 3, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Well, I managed to swerve the sourdough bread by taking a different route home from yoga that avoids the bakery. Only to find my OH had baked a loaf while i was out. 4 slices were eaten yesterday but at least it was a non fast day. 5 if i am totally honest.

    Another day and this time i will stick to the pumpernickel bread as its virtuallly impossible to over-eat it as its very dense.

    @daffodil2010 – how is the yoga going?

    @coda – take a lesson from the Stoics – as long as you know you are doing the right things – you can’t control the actions of others. But you can control how you respond. Easier said than done of course. I’ve had some issues in the past and they did improve over time with me letting go stuff and doing a little forgiveness – which took a while and i had to talk myself into.

    Day 3: Leeds, UK: FD

    Ate waaaay too much yesterday, need to be a bit more sensible on my NFD but if I set myself too many rules I just seem to rebel against myself. Anyway back on with ADF so adding myself to the pocket list for today!

    @rainbowsmile MFD

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Good morning.
    @coda: To you; big HUGS xx
    I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up fully on the forum for many months and don’t know exactly what has happened with you/family….but please accept love and prayers from this forum which YOU brought into being in May 2016. We all have so much to thank you for.xx
    My day off work today….so I have to be aware that I am apt to sit around eating and catching up on the papers all day (the two are totally inter-connected for me…as eating and cinema are for some)!
    I intend to fast tomorrow…a work day. Just need transport….my POOR Car….hurry up back to me…

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    Yesterday’s FD was more an 800 cal day but my first day in a long time without any wine so my liver is so happy and proud of me 😄 I have also lost about 4 of those pesky holiday pounds and today restarted my normal morning routine of dumb bell arm stretches, planks, plus a brisk pre dawn walk. Feeling back on track.

    Thanks to all for your good wishes for the new role yesterday @ciren2, @annemarilyn, @northerndawn @debster251, @snowflake56, @flourbaby and anyone else I might have missed. I was so nervous but that’s because I did not know what I did not know, and it didn’t help that my friend who works in the company was telling me about steep learning curves, something to get my teeth into, buy,buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. 😱

    Yeah, @flourbaby I was thinking I would have to dig out an 80’s power suit 😄
    But no, it’s fine. I work on contract now for a large international insurance and investment company, so they have a maternity leave vacancy in their dealing team so they want me to cover it. From what I gather (after just one day) its administrative and numerical work, checking and rechecking, anti money laundering procedures etc….there is no expectations of me actually selling investments to big power brokers
    ha ha. Thank Goodness!!!!!

    But I am delighted how it’s going. The manager who looks after my contract told me yesterday that she would probably look to extend my contract in the new year. So I must be doing something right.

    Huge change from the Glasshouse and the bully boss who is inadequate.

    @cornish-jane I have not been to yoga in weeks due to my Holiday but I start back Thursday week.

    @coda big healing hugs to you.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone

    Day 3 Norfolk (UK) NFD

    Thank you @snowflake56 for your words of support.
    I guess the calories weren’t major but still….

    Up this morning with hopefully determination to get back on track.
    Did the sit-ups and crunches with the OH.
    He asked if I was up for a run when he gets home tonight so will go carry on the Couch25k training.

    Day 3 NSW Australia FD

    Hi everyone! Just checking in to add myself to the pocket list. I’ve Had a good FD and feel the better for it.

    Day 3 pocket list:
    @rainbowsmile MFD

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!!!

    Day 3, London, UK, FD

    2nd FD of the week, I decided a B2B2B was in order after the weekend I had!!! A well meaning friend gave me a loaf of Co-Op olive bread yesterday ……………………. I didn’t murder him, I just chopped that sucker up and shoved it in the freezer in 100g/222calorie portions!!!!!!!! I did, however, dream about olive bread last night!!!!!

    @coda, lovely to hear from you, I hope the situation resolves itself and you’re included in the baby’s life, hopefully she will realise that grandparents are invaluable. Stress of any kind alters our ability to lose or maintain weight, I hope you can find some peace in a situation NOT of your making. (((Hugs)))

    @claire Suzanne ………………… don’t panic or beat yourself up about the “Rich-Tea-Episode” ………….. just firmly press the reset button and know that ‘just a little’ often leads to an avalanche!!!!! I dare not even sniff a biscuit on a FD!!!!!!

    @emmataylor, I guess that’s why B2B2Bs are so much easier for me, my self control is high, my tummy has shrunk and the habit of eating (mindlessly sometimes!!) has dwindled!!!

    So, am I correct in saying it’s just @happymargo & myself going Sober-For-October!!!!!?????? Hhmmm, a forum of lushes, who knew???? ……………………. I include myself in that grouping, of course!!!!!

    Just keep keeping on people, once you’ve got the hang of this WOL, started looking forward to FDs, know exactly where you went wrong on a NFD and allow yourself to use (& sometimes abuse) that reset button…………………………… you’ll have begun to understand & cherish your body, rather than beat it into submission with a low calorie, restrictive, pain inducing unsustainable …………………. (whisper the word) ………………….. D…I…E…T

    Day 3……Florida……FD

    Man, it’s early! It’s been many a moon since I’ve gotten up this early for work. Good thing is if we’re not busy, I’ll be home early too! I was so busy last night stuffing my face, I really did not get any of my daily tasks done. I did not even do my night time rountine……. oops!
    For those who do not know, I follow the flylady system. Which really works well, if you do it. So, this morning I’ll be doing my morning and night time rountine before dashing out the door! Oh well!

    So, I did sneak a peek on Cruella this morning, she seems to have stayed the same. Here’s to wishful thinking, but come hell or high water, my big ole butt is doing a FD!

    Well….I’m off!

    My nurse friend asked me where she could find scrubs, I said probably hanging out on the passenger side of his best friends ride!

    Day 3UK FD 3rd of B2B2B2B

    Yesterday’s fast day was a bit harder but I stayed strong. 😁

    Still got a headache today though.

    Sending positive vibes to you all.

    Day 3 pocket list:
    @rainbowsmile MFD

    Day 3, UK, ?

    Another decent CD yesterday, and a fast 2 mile walk to visit an elderly friend. It’s early days, but my brain (my sub-conscious) is working with me for the first time in well over a month.

    @claire Suzanne – hello – good to meet another relative newbie to Couch to 5K. I started 6 weeks ago, then stopped for 2 weeks after aggravating a knee injury (disco dancing on holiday in France!) and started again from the beginning. Today is Run 2 of Week 3. I’m finding the audio coach so helpful and am really enjoying my new running experience vs 30+ years ago when I didn’t have any plan or real support. Please let me know where you are up to and how you’re getting on. Who’s your coach?
    @songbirdme – I’ve started using MFP but it does tick me off when I don’t reach the daily calories it thinks I ought to have. Do you know if there’s a way to get around this and sync it with FDs? Like you, I need to save up calories for social activities.
    Hear hear @at & thanks @bellyblast & @flourbaby – it’s good to be back – feels like coming home 🙂
    @foodfreedomgirl – well done on your positive mindset.
    @coda – hugs – together we are stronger xx
    @happymargo – you may have used up to the 800 limit – but that’s still an official FD – so well done!
    Yes @emma Taylor – as a non-breakfast eater, I find this fairly easy. The hard part is not going overboard once I start eating! I’m sorry to tell you that September saw me relapse on the alcohol front – but in a bid to change my mindset, I am not beating myself up about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t want to give up altogether and the more I try to do that, the more my self-conscious rebels. So current strategy is to take off all pressure and agree with my self-conscious that I can enjoy an occasional drink when out socially – just not in the house. OH is on board with this – so much easier when we’re in it together.
    @wacm – I’ll join you in joining @debster251 & @snowflake56 in the plank challenge.

    Planks challenge October 2018

    By the way – did anyone see Dr. M’s supplement in Sunday’s Mail on Sunday? Any new guidelines that we should be aware of?

    Prayers for all the poor souls in Indonesia. Once more, world events put things into perspective.

    2nd post

    Hahaha @flourbaby – my post above will explain my silence on the subject of Sober October!! However, (in a whisper), so far so good……..

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Sober October????? I’m quietly standing on the sidelines with fingers crossed……but sometimes a red wine treat at the weekend is just too tempting!!!! @strawberriesandcream I may steal your plan.

    @coda 🤗

    Keep on keeping on everyone.

    Day 3 – NFD – France

    Just checking in. Having lunch with a colleague today, and my goal is to choose wisely and not to stuff my face!

    Good luck to all the fasters.

    DAY 3 UK FD

    I’m baaaaack! Hello everyone! I’m a little late joining the bandwagon this month but looking forward to scrambling on board and catching up with oldies and newbies alike! For those who know me, Copenhagen trip was wonderful and I had way too many delicious Danish pastries in Denmark (uh, oh)!!

    A bit about me:

    I started 5:2 back in June with a goal of losing 5kg. I had put on the extra weight during and after pregnancy. Although if I’m honest the month I got pregnant my weight was at the highest it had been in years so I can’t blame pregnancy entirely! Two years after having my little boy, my confidence was at an all-time low and I was living in floaty tops. At 5ft 3in and a petite build, every extra lb shows. I had all but resigned myself to thinking that this was my new post baby shape and that I would just have to get used to it. Then I saw the BBC Horizon documentary by Michael Mosely and decided I had nothing to lose…except 5kg of course!

    Once I started I found 4:3 worked for me and I combined that with a brisk one hour walk every day. I also logged everything I ate on My Fitness Pal. I reached my target 8 weeks after starting and I can’t quite describe how wonderful it felt to stand on those scales and see the magic number appear! I switched to 5:2 and found I was still losing weight and eventually it settled at approx. 1.5kg below goal weight.

    Reaching this weight, I found I still had a muffin top…now this I can blame/ thank pregnancy for!! So in August I started working out with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd at home. It has definitely helped me tone up all over but that mid-section is refusing to budge so that is now my ongoing battle!

    I really enjoy 5:2, especially knowing the health benefits so I still do two fasts every week. I am a bit more relaxed with calorie counting (aiming for 800 max on a fast day) as I want to maintain my weight.

    I’m behind on reading October posts so will catch up at my leisure at some point if toddler allows! Work is so busy at the moment – I’m in the office Mon, Tues, Wed and have adventures on Thurs and Fri with my little boy. I generally fast on Mondays and Wednesdays. Weekends are family time and I also get an opportunity to catch up then while my husband and son go swimming.

    I normally post everyday but have been quiet this week as I was away at the weekend and am catching up on life! For any newbies here, I would recommend reading and sharing and logging details on here. I doubt I would have reached and maintained my loss without the support and wisdom of fellow fasters on this forum!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all better throughout the October Challenge! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Second post

    Day 3 pocket list:
    @rainbowsmile MFD

    @sarahbob I am already behind on Ripped in 30 as my DVD player is waiting for me to pick it up from the post office! Have been continuing with level three of 30DS but very excited and nervous about starting RI30 from tomorrow. How are you finding it?!

    Hi @strawberriesandcream

    I am using the app recommended by the BBC, OneYou or I think it’s called.
    I got to week 3, but found stepping up to week 4 perhaps a step too far.
    So I stayed on week 3 a bit longer.
    But then had 2 weeks holiday away and although the intention was to get up and run when it was cool, I never managed it.
    I have downloaded an app that lets you set your own intervals so I’m putting in some more levels before I step up to “week 4”.
    I am the most unfit person and and the moment the thought of running without stopping for 5k….?!?!?!?
    My aim is to take part in some parkruns. That’s the plan!

    Day 3 Belfast NFD

    I left puppy to the vets today to get spayed. How guilty I felt when she was so excited when I got her lead and put on my shoes.😦

    I am taking my sugar slaying day by day. Two done, staying strong today. I shopped for dog food this morning and was horribly aware of the rows of sweets all shouting at me. I resisted those and then was confronted by a freezer full of ice creams. It’s no wonder the world is consuming so much sugar.

    Good to see you back in fighting form @at
    @anna6 – good to see you. I’d miss your delicious recipes!
    @redrockgirl302 I. With you on fightingmthat sugar dragon. I had to google Danish pumpkin Kringle- salivating as I look at the picture is not helpful. I’m glad I haven’t seen them locally!
    @bellyblast – just put it behind you and press reset!
    @foodfreedomgirl – how annoying to wait for that appointment and be disappointed and let down. Hope it’s nothing serious.
    @i’m glad you’re back @coda. Your first priority is to look after yourself. I’m with you on carb and sugarslaying🐉🗡!
    @sparklyshoes – What did us women do to deserve PMS, menopause and all the other associated c***p that goes with it?
    @pamh81 – I can see your name here. If you still can’t see it, you can always add it yourself. Give me a shout if you still have any problems
    @ClaireSuzanne – we’ve all been there! Just dust yourself off. Tomorrow’s a new day. The beauty about this way of eating is that it’s not a diet. It’s a way of life and a journey (slow for many of us) so no failure. Press the reset button and start again. I find that I tend to eat the same things on a FD. Salmon, an omelette or a little chicken with lots of veggies or a salad. That way, it’s a habit and you consciously have to break the routine. If you feel really hungry, try a bouillon cube as a drink. In the winter I take a mug of home made soup. You get a lot for 100 cals.
    @happymargo – how great to give your fur babies a wellness check. I haven’t come across that here, and in NI, we don’t even seem to have annual checks for us humans!
    @wacm – at the bottom of this post I will share a link to a plank challenge first posted by @at. No rules as we all start from somewhere different. Challenge yourself!
    @gretta – carb damage seems to be a recurring theme! You can do this 💪
    @emma Taylor I’ll keep an eye out for that movie. It looks good. Have you watched ‘Killing Eve’ on BBC 3? Binged watched 4 episodes last night. It’s very good.
    Wise words @bert1802
    @matpi – I only had acupuncture for a shoulder injury and found it quite stressful. It did work though. I think I would need the massage after!
    Thanks for the pocket plank list @snowflake.
    @lolastarr – many here use an app to count calories on NFDs. It does tend to focus your food intake. Good luck for today’s fast.
    @strawberriesandcream – another planker! I need all the encouragement I can get lol, it’s SOooo hard.
    Welcome back @ Beedoo and glad you had a great time.

    Here’s the plank links


    And now I’ve got a little ‘free from doggy’ time, I am going to do my planks and do some serious cleaning. Have a good day one and all.

    Day 3 – London – NFD

    Happy hump day all!
    1st fast day yesterday was a 7/10.

    All good until i went to work (I work in hospitality), there was soo much food and temptation. Happy I managed to resist, aside from two mini profiteroles probably about 120 cals together. Not going to stress too much about it as that’s the reason I usually end up giving up. Best to just try a different technique next fast day. I think i’ll experiment with OMAD on FDs.

    @debster251 – thank you for adding me to the spreadsheet! Please may I also join the planks challenge? Are you doing incrementally timed planks over the month or just doing your own thing?

    3rd post

    Thanks for the links @debster251.
    @claire Suzanne – yes that’s the same app I have and I’m using Jo Whiley as my trainer. I started out with Laura but I’m finding Jo more motivating because she was a complete novice. If I feel Week 4 may be too challenging, I’ll repeat Week 3. Off out now for my 2nd run of the week. I too am aiming for our local 5K park run on a Saturday morning.
    Hi @beedoo – good to see you.
    @missybear – it’s working so far… Yes I know it’s only day 3!

    Hello lovely people! Is it too late for me to join the October challenge?

    I took part in a number of these challenges last year and did well and then WHAM! Life and other challenges took over and I fell out of the 5:2 WOL – I lost control of everything (or so it feels!) and gained back the weight I lost 🙁 (Yo-Yo Fletch by name Yo-Yo Fletch by nature!)I need to refocus and regain that control again and I feel there really is no better place to start than here!

    So, debster251 please could you add me to the spreadsheet?

    My aim this month is to regain some control of my rapidly spiralling out of control eating! I’m so unhappy with where I am right now but know the power is in my hands…..

    USA Day 3 FD

    Just adding myself to the pocket list!@snowflake56
    @rainbowsmile MFD

    I’m a newby, what is the “October Challenge”? Is it the same for each month?

    Day 3 NC USA NFD
    Barely TDEE yesterday.

    4th post

    Hello and welcome @fatbutnothappy. You can read the first post on page one by @debster251 who is this month’s challenge host and all will be explained about how the challenges work. Feel free to ask any further questions on the forum and you’ll always get an answer. All the best.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Yesterday turned into a good MFD that I know I needed. I made lunch of Italian stew, Caesar salad,with some cheesy bread. ONly had 758 calories all day when I added my late afternoon apple.

    @strawberrriesandcream -I don’t fret with what MFP says about how much to eat. I also do NOT add my exercise into the log as it then says I can eat more calories. The week-ending compendium they send with the email is nice for reminding me the fast days.

    Off shortly to yoga and Silver Sneakers.

    This afternoon our local movie theater is doing (for the fall — 4 films) “Films Set in Illinois.” Two very interesting and educated men lead discussion before and after. September was “Blues Brothers” and today is “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off” — my lunch will be popcorn and a Diet Coke. 🙂 These film series are well attended mostly by us retirees. They have a matinee and an evening showing.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 Michigan FD

    Good day friends!

    Yesterday’s NFD was going great until about 9pm. I ate 6 McVitie’s milk chocolate digestive biscuits and a little debbie pumpkin cookie…. ugh. It put me about 400 calories over my TDEE. Quite angry at myself for that slip up. It was a tough day emotionally though, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack.

    @annemarilyn I am a psychology student finishing up my bachelor’s degree! I’m old for this accomplishment (28) but it’s been my goal for my entire life. I can’t wait to finally finish in the spring!
    @cornishjane – sourdough bread is my kryptonite. I have an associate’s degree in the culinary arts and knowing how to make so many good things makes it harder to resist stocking my kitchen full of carbs and sugar!
    @coda – holding you in my heart today.

    My car is coming back…hooray!!!! The garage just rang to say the part arrived and they’ve fitted it. A man has to come and programme the keys tomorrow morning. So, just one more lift to get to work tomorrow morning then….I’M FREE!
    @keeper: The trouble when you start eating sweet foods, eh? I’m the same.

    Day 3 UK CD

    Feeling immensely sorry for myself today. Feeling coldy and yuck, day of meetings in town. Coped reasonably well with unexpected pressure, but now just want to cry or eat. Trying to remind myself that eating my feelings won’t make me happy.

    Brought laptop into town so i could catch up between meetings, hinge has broken with lid open. Can’t carry it around, can’t really see to work and petrified I’m going to lose important work in the 10 days before my conference.

    Posting for accountability, will try to catch up on posts later…

    Day 3 – UK – CD

    Yesterday ended up a good CD and hoping the same for today – weight this morning = 54.7kg

    Great strength yoga class this morning followed by brunch out with a girlfriend – had a slice of sourdough toast with sautéed wild mushrooms and a duck’s egg on top with a skinny flat white! (I still have no breakfast whether I’m fasting or not – on NFD I will often have a late brunch and then an evening meal)

    I volunteered for a few hours this afternoon at a club for the elderly and now back home catching up on the forum before I tackle tonight’s meal – OH has requested Jamie Oliver’s Crispy-skinned mackerel with Asian-inspired dressing 😋

    I am finding myself having to work hard to curb the bad eating habits that I got into last month and struggling on both FDs and NFDs still BUT I know that I can conquer that particular 🐉 if I stay strong – I’m hoping that after this first week it will get easier……..

    @ciren2 – thank you – you can do this too 🤗 and yes so lucky to live in Cumbria and have fantastic places to hike on my doorstep – it will be nice to have your car back 🚗
    @bellyblast – I find MFP very useful as a guide – amazing how fast the calories add up when you don’t think about it!!!! I suspect that has been the problem for all of us who got overweight – consuming way more that we thought we did……..
    @foodfreedomgirl – remember that a bad day does not a bad week make – dust yourself off and hitch a ride on that famous @bert1802 5:2 wagon – there will always be plenty of hands to pull you up 😊
    @coda – so nice to have you contributing to the challenges – we will always be here for you as you have helped so many of us in the past – I do hope that there is a good resolution with the family issues 🤗
    @claire-suzanne – don’t berate yourself – everyone of us on these challenges have had days like your Day 2 – remember if you managed to stay under 800cals still count it as a FD – if not then park day 2 as a learning experience and refocus on your next FD this week – There will always be someone being 😇on your shoulder to support x
    @wacm – you are very welcomed and what a great motivator you have to help you focus over the next couple of months x
    @emma-taylor – agree it is often easy to carry on fasting until late morning or early afternoon after a good FD
    @bert1802 – you just put that Matilda and those people at work who are annoying you all together into that metaphorical cage and slam the door shut on them and let them get on with it 🤣
    @northerndawn – Thank you for your kind words – you are right I was not really sidetracked just had a bit of low month mentally……… I also always find that a visit to the hairdresser has such a positive mental influence on me – I walk out of the hairdresser feeling fab ☺️
    @snowflake56 – so glad to have you on this life journey xx
    @daffodil2010 – just knew that this change of role was not going to faze you……definitely sounds like the change of job was just what you needed – so nice to work with people who appreciate your efforts!!
    @arelkade – hello and how are things with your OH – still going well after that procedure he underwent I hope and congratulations on what I believe is your 1 year anniversary with this WOL
    @flourbaby – and that is the reason why I don’t buy or keep bread in the house – I leave it as treat when I’m eating out – if it was in the house it would disappear into my big mouth…………Sorry but I’m not doing Sober October with you but will be abstaining on 3-4 days a week 😉
    @beedoo – hello and lovely to have you back after your Copenhagen trip – I was absent for September after the first week but back with a vengeance this October!
    @debster251 – thank you for the welcome back x
    @yo-yo-fletch – Welcome to the October Challenge and it’s never too late to join – I remember your name popping up on a couple of days in various challenge months last year – we will all help you make this month strong and it does help to post something daily even if it is just briefly – it helps with accountability!
    @fatbutnothappy – welcome on board – the challenge month is for those wanting to follow the 5:2 WOL and it is for whatever personal challenge you want to set yourself – read the first post on Page 1 by our host @debster251 for this month and it will explain things a bit for you
    @michelinme 🤗🤗 and to anyone else who needs one today x

    The number on the scale might go up and down every other day, but that’s OK – this journey is about living a healthier, happier life, not just about fitting into a certain dress size.
    We’ve all got to deal with setbacks, whether it’s missing a workout when we’re sick or having to grab something from the vending machine when there’s no time for lunch. Keep your eyes on your long-term goals!


    Hello everyone from NI – Day 3 healthy eating non fast day for me.

    Thank you all so much for all your kind thoughts and hugs, @songbird, @gretta, @bert1802 ‘Please remember the wise words of Sister Angelica….. you can hope person slips on a banana peel but you can not throw it down in front of them’ how did you read my mind lol. @northerndawn, @snowflake56 no signs that anyone was aware, @fastjo, @cornish-jane, @ciren2, @daffodil2010, @strawberriesandcream, @debster251, @at (glad to see you back), I did notice you were MIA as I depend on you and a few others to keep me up to speed with what is going on from your posts. @flourbaby, @missybear, @keeper – I feel blessed that so many are thinking of me and my family. Thank you and much love back x

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