October 2017 31 day challenge.

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October 2017 31 day challenge.

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  • I can so relate to your post! I also am able to lose weight fairly easily but can never keep it off. I always gain it back usually with some extra. 5:2 is the first diet or WOL that I feel I could stick to forever because it’s rapidly improved my blood chemistry and my skin is much improved too. Wishing you and all of us on the October Challenge great success and good health. 🙂

    @saffy420 thanks for doing the October challenge. I am new here and definitely want and need to loose weight. I have tried the 5:2 in the past and lost 10 kilos but due to a bad spell of ill health and an operation I lost my mojo. I want to get going again but am still rather unwell and undergoing several test to determine the cause, but feel that with the help of the challenge group may be able to make it this time. I am 74 yrs old and have lived in Spain for 29years and live it. We bought an old finca (farm) out in the country at the foot of the mountains and it is as close to heaven as I will get this side of life. I have a wonderful hubby, four children, eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren and another on the way so you can tell we have been busy!! Hope to loose around 30kilos but may be a bit optimistic! Only saw the challenge today so will start tomorrow and hope to do 2fds Tuesday and Thursday. Wish me luck.

    Day 1 – Norway – NFD

    I have been on and off this diet for a couple of years now, and every time I start again I wonder why I dont do this all the time! Now I am ready for a fresh start by joining this challenge, and I even decided to track my weight, something I havent done in years. Last month went ok, had some good fast days, but none this week as I am in the final phase on my PhD thesis. Tomorrow I`m handing it in for review, so no more excuses!!

    The plan was to weigh myself in today,but the weight was not working this morning, even after I changed the batteries, so I guess I`ll have to buy a new one. Tomorrow is a fast day, and I look forward to it after a weekend filled with treats. I could also use the extra time when I am supposed to have dinner to go and buy that weight!

    2nd post 🌈

    Same journey @lilymartin, love the sentiment @bert1802 and @coda please add me to the Sugar Slayer list! ⚔️

    @ciren2 and @fatrabbit how wonderful to hear from both of you again. You have been thought of often, wondering how you are getting on. Welcome back xx

    @albatera1 – welcome

    Norway, day 1, NFD, 2nd post

    @afridgetoofar Yay, another Norwegian! Now we are three, at least if @maayyaa is still with us in here (?)
    What do you write your thesis on? I finished my PhD in 2013, and dieting (or changing lifestyle, which 5:2 really is), was not on my mind around that time. So, well done! 🙂

    Today was not a good “Day 1”, home alone with the kids drove the snack dragon out of it’s shelter. Hoping for a good FD tomorrow. I have a work dinner in the evening, so I need to do zero kcal until then to stay below 500… and be sensible at the dinner. I think I will drive so I cannot drink 😂😝

    Hoping to get some sleep now, but with a sick, coughing 1yo beside me, I don’t think the quality will be great.

    Day 1, 2nd post

    Welcome back @ciren2, I hope we as a group can make some kind of difference to your state of mind so that you get back to the successes of 2016.

    @fatrabbit, I’m glad to ‘see’ you’re back if only for more bunny stories!!!! Congratulations on staying focussed.

    @saffy420 – I actually thought the boiled tongue sounded ok, I imagined it would be a bit like pate………………… until you mentioned the peeling!!!!!!

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Starting weight 204.2 lbs. Not where I want to be but not where I was. About 35 lbs dispatched since I began the 5:2 journey about a year ago. Have gone from a US size 18 to 14. Am looking and feeling a lot better than a year age! In fact I recently turned 67 and feel better than when I turned 66.
    I’m still actively teaching. Am an ELL (English Language Learner) specialist in the school district with a primary and middle school. Just started 2 evenings a week with adults as well. I’m a Canadian who’s lived and taught in a variety of places but presently in SW Washington state. I so love the international flavor of this forum & the gracious supportive individuals.

    This month I believe I’ll plan to go back to more of the basic 5:2 again with an increase to know more than 4:3 on occasion. I plan on choosing less carbs joining in the “No sugar” for the month or as @happymargo put it “Breaking Free from Sugar”. I still plan on having some sugar free treats but any treats will be w/0 sugar. For example, I baked a lovely chocolate zucchini bread recently without sugar (stevia/xylitol instead). It satisfies me and keeps the sugar out.

    @missybear – when you do the Blood Sugar Diet is that doing 800 cal FDs all the time or what? I don’t quite recall what it entails.

    @albatera1 – welcome from Spain! I lived there a couple of years in the early 70s and have visited a few more times. I feel very at home there. It will be good to have your voice added to this international forum.

    @ciren2 & @fatrabbit – so good to have you folks back. We do really become friends on this forum even though it is virtual. We missed you both. @fatrabbit your weight loss journey is pretty amazing.

    Again together we are stronger!

    Still Day 1

    Whatever we’re to be called : “Breaking free from sugar” group or “Sweet enough without”…


    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Hello old friends and welcome newbies!😊

    Yes, indeed, this is a WOL (way of life).
    I am with this wonderful group since February 1, 2017, started at 137.3 pounds (62.3 kg), got rid of about 17 pounds and am now in maintenance for about 2 months.
    Top maintenance weight is 120 pounds (under 55 kg), I am 5’4″, 58 years old. Today’s weigh in was 122 pounds, BMI 20.9. I like to get back under 120 and am aiming for more ‘buffer zone’.
    I do 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hours food window) every day, 2 fast days/week and walking (10000 steps/day) or hiking for exercise.

    In addition I would like to join our no sugar October group “Sweet enough without”!


    I will also join the dry winos in our Sober October mini challenge until the last October weekend.


    All the best to all of you! 😊⚘😊⚘😊

    Day 2/FD/Melbourne Australia

    Lovely to read all the inspirational posts. What a positive start to October and welcome back @ciren2 and @fatrabbit. You’ve been missed.

    Deep breath, i’d ‘love’ to join the Sober October mini challenge. @pocket winos I need this! I’m a day behind having enjoyed a gin and tonic and large glass of proseco on day 1. Hold my hand tightly please as I grip the sides of the wagon.


    Wishing you all good health and happiness on our journey.

    Day 1 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 FD.
    Thanks for hosting saffy420.
    Holiday in 25 days I want to be under goal before I go.

    Day 2 Gold Coast, Aus NFD
    Reasonable day yesterday, although not as controlled as I’d like. Visitors went home so quiet day cleaning up, including cleaning up food leftovers. Not such a good idea. Today is a public holiday, so we’ll mostly be getting ready for the work week ahead (I don’t feel very retired right now).

    It was really interesting reading everyone’s post and hearing your stories – really inspirational so thank you!

    Day 1 Melb AUS NFD
    Day 2 Melb AUS FD

    I’m 55 yo and have got to my goal weight a couple of times after a milestone birthday but have always put it back on. I restarted 5:2 11th sept after a 6 week holiday and lost 3.2kg at the end of Sept challenge.
    Unfortunately I had a big weekend with the football grand final, my sister and my daughter’s birthday celebrations and by the next day on the 1st Ict I had put on 800 grams and another 600 today😒
    I have a wedding to go to onthe 28th October and want to wear a dress I wore to my daughters engagement in April.
    I am married and my DH does the Dukan diet but not by the book which frustrates me no end. We have 4 children, 2 are married and we have 3 granddaughters. The other 2 children (in their 20s) and a fiancé have moved back home.

    Day 2 FD Country West Australia
    feeling very good about October and planning to be very mindful of what I eat and drink today.
    Putting my toe in the water for ‘Sweet Enough without…’ but we have bags of chocolates in the pantry following my mother’s birthday on the weekend.
    She loves chocolate and I think every family member bought her chocolates for gifts and for the party – plus the huge bouquet of her favourite flowers.
    As mum lives in Aged Care I was nominated to be the ‘bringer-home-of-chocolates-and-take-them-in-over-a-oeriod-of-time’!
    Unfortunately those alluring little calories are whispering to me to come and taste them. It’s a siren song I have to refuse so hope by joining the ‘Sweeties’ group it will help me resist.
    Since some of the chocs belong to my mum I wouldn’t eat them anyway but those left over from the party are making their presence felt!
    Hi to all on this challenge. Looking forward to a rocking good. month.
    Strapping on my parachute and ready to take the plunge…

    Hi there

    I started yesterday 1 October and today is my child’s birthday! With cake!
    I am in Melbourne, Australia.
    Tomorrow and Thursday will be my FD this week, although I will try Mon and Thur for the rest of the month.

    I am at 76kg and not sure what my goal should be, it isn’t really a weight goal – I just want more energy, better sleep, feeling less bloated, fit into my clothes better and have people notice that I am looking and feeling better (not for vanity, but so I know I am hitting my goals).

    Thanks for hosting this month’s challenge, it is my first time!

    Thank you @saffy420 for hosting October. This is day 1 in Akron Ohio NFD. I met my goal in June on 4:3, over indulged at an all inclusive and had to work my way back. I have been in maintenance for a few months and I’m currently working on finding a maintenance schedule that will work for me long term.
    My goals for October:
    Limit alcohol to Saturdays only
    Limit sweets to Saturday only
    Follow a Mediterranean diet on NFD
    Drink 100 ounces of water at least 4 days a week, 66 ounces other days
    Body weight exercises at least 3 days a week
    This forum has been a great space to stay accountable. A warm welcome to all the newbies and my best to you all.

    2nd post

    Welcome back @ciren and @fatrabbit!
    Welcome to the newbies!

    Day 1 without sweets! I really, really, really want some right now!

    Forget it, I’m going to bed!

    I saw a little stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose with a can of fandango…….

    Day 2 – Tokyo, Japan – FD 82.5kg

    Day 2, UK, NFD
    Off on my travels again

    Day 1 NFD St. Louis USA
    I’ve changed my mind and decided to join in on the October fast if I may. It’s been so helpful, I’m just not ready to let go. One of the reasons I wasn’t going to continue is that it’s been really difficult to keep up with all the posts. I haven’t felt I contribute their way to many of you do by commenting more frequently. However, there are so many of us now that if we all commented wait probably never get through reading them all.

    Tomorrow will be my weekly fast day.

    @saffy420 thank you for hosting this months challenge.

    All my best to all of you.

    Day 2- uk-FD

    Up with my 17month for half the night. Now going to work..this could be interesting but I’m determined x

    Day 2, FD, UK

    This month’s intended wonderful start of more exercise might be scuppered by a rather nasty burn to the palm of my hand 😯 We’ll see… maybe bandaging will do the trick… Really don’t intend on being held back ☺

    Day 2 UK NFD 🌈

    Went slightly over calories for my FD yesterday still under TDEE however did do lots of exercise at the gym trying all the new machines and my regular workout and a cycle class.

    Drank lots of water so yesterday a successful day I would say.

    Today working so hopefully busy, going to try and limit or ignore lunch as I’m out this evening for a curry, hard to pick healthy in a curry house. Might be a portion control thing instead. Gym again 🚴🏼‍♀️first so should help.

    My aim this month is day by day little changes. Doing ADF this week. Keep on keeping on! 👊🏻

    Day 2 Sicily NFD Yesterday was a very challenging FD but I came in at 519 at the end of the day- had to watch hubby eat a croissant, chips and beer etc but the thought of the group effort kept me on course. I managed to have a week slightly under my 6000 calorie goal (reminding folks that I’m a small person at 5’1″, and relatively sedentary due to MS.) As I mentioned before, eating a Mediterranean diet while living on the Mediterranean is pretty easy!

    Day 2 London FD

    Day 2 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    First of B2B. I am starting day 2 with an extra 2 pounds from the weekend indulgences of wine and crisps. I don’t mind as I knew what I was doing, and knew that I have 2 FD’s to get me on track.

    Day 2 of the plank challenge completed. Thanks @at for providing the TouTube links…I am a plank beginner so this was great.
    @jessyoursize I am using the 31 day plank calendar that you posted, so cheers for that.
    @albatera1…..welcome! You are also living my dream for retirement 🤗 My DH and I are often dreaming and
    talking of moving to Spain, buying a finca in the mountains above Cambrils with an olive grove and room for horses….sigh ☺️

    Day 2 Portugal FD 65.5kg

    Ultimate goal weight is 57-58kg. Had got to around the 60/61kg mark before the summer. Keen to get back there quite quickly.

    October goal – lose 2kg,
    Couch to 5k (with my 14yodaughter) 3x per week for approx 30 mins
    Drink plenty of water.
    Going to try ADF

    @at thanks I had a great summer, holiday in southern US and then back home to Ireland for about 6weeks. Then returned to Ireland for a further week to settle eldest daughter in uni. Glad to be back home in Portugal and into a more normal routine!

    Day 2 UK FD

    Very busy day today. I am not likely to have time to eat anyway.

    Thanks for the welcome back:))

    Day 2, Newcastle UK, FD

    800 cal FD achieved yesterday. Weight this morning 139lb. My first day without (far too much) alcohol in well over a month.

    OH came home from hospital yesterday and is off alcohol for as long as it takes to recover from his knee op. He’s taking place in a study to compare recovery rates of those who carry on drinking and those who either limit themselves to 14 units a week (not worth having) or stop completely. Fortunately, for both of us, he was placed in the latter group. I am delighted to support him in his efforts by abstaining. (Apart from one pre-planned night out for me on 19/10).

    Having had a six week break from the forum I am feeling relieved to be back. I have proved to myself that I need the daily accountability to stay on track – especially as I’ve discovered I am a comfort eater. So instead of eating, I shall share my woes (although I’m confident that a difficult few months are now behind me and I shouldn’t have woes to share).

    My strategy, for this week at least, is to do 7 x 800 cal FDs to give myself a good start in eradicating the additional 8.1lbs that I have accumulated recently. This morning I’m 2.4lbs down vs yesterday. Of course that will be water loss. Nevertheless, I’m delighted to be the right side of 140lbs again.

    So good to hear from @fatrabbit, @ciren2 and @sirisan 🙂 🙂

    I’m in danger of rambling, so will stop here. Next week I shall give a short history of my journey for newbies.

    Very best wishes to one and all. Together we are stronger.

    DAY 2 – UK – FD

    Glad to be fasting to-day after a busy weekend, looking after dd and the grandchildren whilst the man of their family was off hiking with friends.Spent Sat. scooting around Dorney Lake. DD brought over all the washing, as they are having an extension and her place is a tip. I washed 14 shirts, countless towels and bedding and clothes..washing machine and drier was on practically around the clock (I never usually use the drier, but I had a window of time to do it all by). All this whilst cooking a roast dinner followed by Apple and Blackberry crumble (Apple tree in the garden groaning with fruit) Blackberries picked earlier in late summer. Phew! was I glad to wave them goodbye. (Am I the only mother who’s kids revert to lazy teenagers as soon as they come home!)(I think they regard it as a holiday)..I have told them I am keeping a book of paybacks for when I am aged. (Well…slightly more aged than I am already).
    Still, I loved having them and we get on really well).

    Obviously, I ate the roast dinner and pudding – had to keep the energy levels up…(hope the pudding didn’t count as “sweets”.) On the straight and narrow again to-day

    Good luck all.

    Day 2 Belfast FD
    After being away for a week, the fridge was lacking in good healthy veggies, natural yoghurt (homemade) and water kefir, so my first job is to get that rectified. I definitely have a spring in my step and a new resolve.
    @saffy 420 your tongue story brought back a memory. My best friend is a butcher’s daughter. One day when I was in her house, she was cooking a tongue – A big curly lump. Ugh! I’ve never touched it since, and that’s maybe 35 years ago!
    @ciren2 and @fatrabbit so good to see you back. You were missed.
    @erika45 it sounds like you had a great summer. Welcome back!
    Good to see you too @Strawberriesandcream.
    @onahealthyhigh I nearly tumbled on Day One – there’s half a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge but I took a deep breaths! It’s still there and I’m going to put it down the sink.
    @msraven what a horrible place for a burn. Hope it heals quickly!
    @Albetera1 – your life sounds ideal. Hope you get to the bottom of your health issues.
    @sirisan – good to see you. It’s good that we can use this forum suit ourselves.
    @jarbia – I’ve had my eldest son home for a few weeks while he organises his new flat and my washing and ironing has doubled! The same boy says ‘Don’t include me in dinner plans,’ then comes home and polishes off the lot. Lucky I always make too much. If I’m honest, I never really got to terms with portion size since the boys left home. Our freezer is usually full to bursting.

    It seems like I’m on a lot of lists this month – Dry winos, Sweet enough without and Pocket plankers! That has to be a statement of intent if ever there was one!

    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 2 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 FD.
    Going to do 2 fast days a week until I go on my holiday. Would like to be under goal before I set off.

    Day 2 – Reykjavik – FD

    I just entered my Oct 1st weight in the spreadsheet. I have to admit I´m a little embarrassed for my start up weight since it had shoot up 0.9 kg from the day before which I reported as the end of September Challenge number. But this just highlights my ongoing problem; my weight consistently jumps up 1-2 kg over weekends (especially after Friday nights and Saturdays) and then I spend big time of the weekdays recovering from last weekend.

    I have to be able to control the weekends better than I currently do. And that is one of my sub-goals for October. Also my plan is to exercise more and I already started that yesterday with a good cycle tour along the coastline in Reykjavik in a calm autumn weather. And opted to walk to work this morning (ca. 30 min walk) instead of driving. Every little counts. Also I planned on joining my wife for a dry October. That actually didn´t start well yesterday. I had 2 glasses of red wine as we had an open bottle in the fridge from Saturday – and you just can´t let it go to waste can you?

    Having experienced a 2 weeks plateau in second half of September I decided to change my approach. I will do only regular 5:2 in October, no extra fasting and focus on more exercise and drinking more water than I´m used to. I´m excited to see how this changed strategy works out for me.

    Good luck everyone with staying on track and reaching your goals for October.

    Day 2, London UK, NFD

    Unexpectedly, I’m still below that 160lb mark even after yesterdays’ NFD, I guess that’s got more to do with the 3L of water consumed than good food choices. I am, however, just like @happymargo in September, officially a cheap date, no problems with speech but 1 glass of wine and I nodded off MID conversation, woke up 20mins later covered in a blanket to lots of whispered conversations……………………… I’m now a lightweight, in every sense of the word!!!!!

    Good luck to the ‘Sober October’ mini challengers, @jessyoursize, @debster251, @molij & @onahealthyhigh, speaking from experience, it really isn’t that bad, as with these monthly challenges, when you’re accountable to others and have someone, somewhere, holding your hand it’s a breeze!!! Anyway, I’m off for a glass of red…………………. It’s got to be midday somewhere right??

    @bert1802, loving this months ending…LOL, now step away from the sweets!!!!!

    @strawberriesandcream, glad to see you back and from one would be lush to another………………..it will be a breeze to lose the booze!!!!………………. (I did say would be lush!!)

    Keep the faith everyone, this really does work, newbies, you’ll come to look forward to that FD feeling, just stick with it, drown that hunger dragon and remember………………….. you are NOT starving to death!!!!!!

    Day 2……Florida……FD

    I’ve made it to the half way point, in the decluttering adventure I started on the first week in Sept. I’m hoping to be completed by Nov. 1st. After I finished for the day, I went and saw the movie IT. It was a pretty good movie, it was a bit drawn out at times and I really don’t think there was a need for a part two, but it is what it is.
    That’s not even the interesting part…. There were 4 young ladies in the movie theater, oh I would say about 13/14 yrs old, no supervision, they were being loud, abnoxous, and jumping around in there seats. At one point during the movie, I could not hear, so I turned around and very loudly said……”Ladies, please your being very rude.” Silence, and the rest of the movie was very enjoyable. Then after the movie, I got tons of thank you’s from tons of movie goers.
    What I can’t understand is why an adult would leave their children unattended to watch if all movie a scary one.
    Food wise, I did okay not the best. For breakfast, I had a ham and tomatoes omelette and a late lunch that consisted of 4 slices of toast with jam and peanut butter, no dinner, no snacks or sweets at the movie theater.
    Today will be a good long fast and a 500 calorie day!

    Okay well….. I must go adult!

    I see a little stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose, carrying a can of fandango.

    Update – FD going okay.

    I’m shocked about the mass shooting news out of Las Vegas. The world is falling apart. There must be 1000’s impacted by this. It is really too horrible for words.

    Day 2 – Cumbria UK – FD

    A second rainy day in a row……..

    Went for a test drive for a new car this morning……….Pilates and Yoga classes this afternoon/evening should help keep me focused on fasting…….

    Saturday was a controlled day but Sunday was well over TDEE but such good fun! So today will definitely be a FD!

    @saffy420 – Thank you for hosting the challenge this month – looking forward to staying in maintenance. I’m one who is game to try most thing once but I agree that the descriptions and talk of that boiled tongue has put me off ever trying it…….
    @ciren2 and @fatrabbit – great to have you rejoin us this month…….we missed you 🤗
    @fatrabbit – great job on staying with this WOL during difficult times and making even more lbs disappear……👍
    @albatera1 – Welcome – I love the sound of your home – I moved from Suffolk to Cumbria about 4 years ago when I retired and we love hiking for me/running for OH in the fells around our home! Losing 30kg on 5:2 is so doable with this way of life!
    @afridgetoofar – Try to see 5:2 as a WOL and not a diet! Make permanent changes to your way of eating and the weight loss can be maintained – good luck with your journey this time around.
    @sirisan – great that you have decided to stay with the challenges – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @msraven – OUCH! 🤗
    @Strawberriesandcream – I’m sure that your OH is grateful for your support whilst he is abstaining from alcohol and it will no doubt help drop a few lbs too…..

    My goals for October:-
    *Stay in maintenance – below 55kg
    *Do 2 x FD each week
    *Continue with 16:8 or 18:6 on my NFDs
    *Drink 2L of water daily
    *Daily 5min Plank Challenge
    *Continue with yoga/pilates/aerobic classes and hiking with friends
    *Join the sweet free October group/@SweetEnoughWithout group/sweet slayer list????
    *Limit my 🍷🥂consumption to a maximum of 4 days/week!

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein

    Hello day 2 from Co Down NI FD

    @stayinthin and @tenoro – scales fluctuate so please don’t despair. The most annoying thing is when they go up when it is your official weigh day. You need to realise they could easily come down again later so don’t obsess too much – easier said than done i know. I weighed on Saturday morning at 159.25 lbs but after a meal out on Saturday night I had jumped up 3 lbs when I stepped on scales the next morning. You can find the numbers vary from day to day and even hour to hour. As long as the overall trend is downward.

    @lilymartin – if you think even the party ones are someone else’s would that help? Bring them in for the other residents or staff.

    @bratwit – welcome

    @sirisan – good to have you still with us. Maybe just read a few posts before and after yours. I know its hard as you want to keep up but if you feel overwhelmed just read what you can and post daily no matter.

    @debster251 – instead of down the sink it why not add it to a dish when cooking?

    @jarbia – don’t worry you are safe – crumble is definitely not classed as a sweet in my book. I am thinking more candy type sweets and chocolate. I too had apple and blackberry crumble after dinner yesterday yum yum!

    I have also stayed dry since 13 September more due to worrying if I take a glass or 2 would my reaction time or balance be compromised and I may knock my toes. So I will be joining the dry winos at least until 27 October when I get the pin removed.

    Nice to have some old friends back among us – every person helps!

    Feeling shocked and very sad once more at the complete disregard for life.

    Day 2 – Perth Western Australia
    FD – 64.5kg

    Day 2 UK B2B FD

    First of back to back fast days. Will fast till dinner then fish and veg and fresh fruit so should be fine. Welcome to all those new to 5:2 and this amazing forum! The support has been the main reason I am still losing weight and getting back on track following days when I stray! Previous attempts at losing weight have been abandoned with the feeling that the diet is ruined, why continue? Here, you just press the reset button, climb back on the wagon, and are ” held tight” by the amazing people contributing to this way of life! Stick with it… it works!

    Day 2, Norway, FD

    Thanks for hosting @saffy420, i find these monthly challenges very motivating.

    Yes, still here @mari84, joining this challenge as well 🙂 Yeay for more Norwegians :):)

    I stayed on a platau for most of September…1kg/2.2lbs down for the entire month, even though i did my FD’s…and usually all my NFD’s are CD’s… well, i just need to pull up my sleeves and try harder. Im on the waterwagon as well 🙂

    Day2, Canada,FD

    Hi all,coming back to this WOE after a several months long hiatus. I have 10 lbs to get to my goal weight and have just booked a January vacation to Hawaii, so am feeling very motivated. I want to feel comfortable in my skin, and my bathing suit, lol.

    My goal is to report my daily calorie intake here, which should help slow down those out of control days,knowing that I have to track and report to you’all.

    My heart goes out to all those affected by the Vegas shooting,so senseless!

    Day 2 North Wales FD

    Determined to make this a dry October. I do think I will find it challenging though so I will need lots of support.

    Day 2 – USA (Illinois)- NFD

    Still in shock over the mass shooting from Las Vegas last night. Why in the world someone would do this is so far beyond me.

    I need to be as controlled as possible today. This evening is our Choral Society social where we rehearse an hour or so then graze around a table of incredible goodies everyone brings. So, I plan to just eat lightly today and save a few good calories for tonight.

    Great to see several long-timers back with us!

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post ( FD & SF) fast day and sweet free

    @inittothinit – welcome back – yes its strange how we can stay in control more easily if you have to confess.

    @molij – try the mantra of I can have it but I just don’t want it and take a day at a time x

    @jessyoursize – just to let you know you have been missed. You haven’t posted as yet in October? Hope everything is good with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    My heart is heavy as I hear more about the tragedy in Las Vegas…condolences to all affected!

    Day 2 Wales FD

    FD going well, went for a long walk this morning before the rain came. When the days get shorter and the weather colder and wetter I find it more of an effort to get outdoors for exercise, so I’ve made it a goal for this month to get outside and exercise everyday whatever the weather. I’ve got arthritis in the facet joints of my lower spine so I really need to keep moving.

    @annemarilyn – on the 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet I eat low carb Mediterranean style food everyday but only count calories on FDs when I can eat up to 800 cals. Since starting this WOE I’m now less hungry on FDs so I average around 650 cals, its comforting to know I could eat more if I need to and if/when I hit a plateau I can take it down to 500 cals.

    Hope all you other Monday fasters are having a successful day. Keep well everyone x

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