October 2017 31 day challenge.

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October 2017 31 day challenge.

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  • @ferber16 – welcome from a fellow Illinoisan as well as 60-year + old! This is a wonderful group. I’ve been with the challenges since May 2016 having begun 5:2 a couple months earlier. I’ve lost 35 pounds and have kept it off for nearly a year. Daily posting has really kept me accountable!
    (I live west of Rockford – 2 hours west of O’Hare.)

    Day 1 CD Gold Coast, Australia

    Hi everyone, I’m new to 5:2, having only started a bit over a week ago. I think this challenge will help me stay on track. I’m 63, semi-retired still working in a casual capacity (but lately seem to have been working nearly full time). I’ve been overweight most of my life, and now need to lose 30 kilos. I have an intermediate goal of getting to 91 kg by Jan 1, 2018. I’ve been following the Eat Right Now mindfulness program for about 8 weeks, and I am finding it really helpful in changing the way I think about food and what it does for me – my relationship with food is changing. However it isn’t a diet, and is too slow for me in shedding the kgs I need to lose in the timeframe I have set. I think 5:2 and ERN will integrate really well to help me achieve my goals for long term sustainable healthy weight and eating habits.

    For this month I’m planning for 2 FD, liquid only, 4 CD and 1 NFD where I will allow going over TDEE. I’ll see how it goes. I’m finding it relatively easy to fast while at work, so will work my 2 FD around my work schedule. At least that’s the plan!

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you all as we journey through this month of the challenge together.

    Day 1 – Perth Western Australia
    This is my first post – I have anxiety issues so the idea of posting and being noticed freaks me out. Although I have been reading people’s posts and finding motivation through them (thanks everyone for having the courage to share).
    I am a 45 year old woman and started 5:2 on 20 July this year. So far I’ve lost just over 9kg (approx 20 pounds) and am now in the healthy weight range, albeit in the higher end.
    My October goal is to fit into a certain dress I have to wear to a wedding (probably 2kg away).
    Challenges – my own negative self-talk, caring obligations for elderly parents, working long hours in a sedentary job, sabotage from unsupportive people that either worry that I’ll become anorexic (I know, right?) or are just w**kers.
    Hopefully I’ve covered what I needed to and don’t sound too negative.

    Day 1 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 82.1kg

    I snacked a lot yesterday, not sure why, but I’m plenty full today. I don’t have a goal for October but I’m thinking about changing my exercise up some. Maybe I’ll do more passive stuff like planking.

    I’m also thinking about diets but the truth is I’m really turned off by many of the people talking about things. Mostly extremists views are presented.
    * Vegans are often extreme
    * LCHF people do a good job of competing in being extreme
    * Anti-dairy people typically extreme but smaller group, they probably would be heard if it wasn’t for vegan support.
    * etc

    Basically the only common thing with the groups is somewhat boring diets.

    @saffy420 – Thank you for hosting October!

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, FD

    Starting weight 141.4lbs.
    Body Fat 34% (which for my height/age is classed as extremely high body fat or obese).
    October goal is to significantly reduce body fat.

    Welcome to all the new challengers and hello to regular fellow challengers. I’m looking forward to a great month together. Thanks @saffy420 for leading us.

    Together we are stronger.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Hi @saffy420. Joining this challenge for October and checking in! Started 5:2 in April and have eradicated 10.6 Kg with the help of these challenges!
    My starting weight for October is 60 Kg and would like to despatch at least 1 Kg this month.
    Looking forward to a reset and a successful month for all!

    Day 1 (that feels 😊) uk 🇬🇧 16/8/cd day

    Lost 5lbs in sept, very happy with that, start weight 10.3lbs think that around 64kgs. Want to see the 50’s by the end of October, good luck everyone x

    DAY 1 – UK – NFD

    Hi @saffy 420.. checking in for the October challenge. Thank you for hosting.

    Starting weight 10st. 5 lb. Target for the month 10st. 2lb.

    So a 2lb. loss last month – not 1lb. as originally thought. Thank you for those admonishers who rightly criticised my use of the word “fail”….I was feeling cross with myself for not achieving my goal for the month. If I had put on 2lb I would have been truly disappointed, so you were quite right, any loss, however small is a huge achievement. (In fact staying the same is an achievement). I apologise and the word is banished from my vocabulary.

    I will join the “no sweets” challenge…..my downfall being licorice and chocolate.

    Well done to all, and good luck for the October Challenge.

    Day 1, UK, FD
    I’m starting the month on 81.0kg / 23.16 BMI. My ultimate goal is probably somewhere between 75 and 77 kg, but it depends on how the punctured spare tyre disappeares.

    We’re off for a week of all-inclusive holiday from the 21st, so any loss has to happen before that, with the last 4 days of the months there to repair any damage. I’ll aim for 79.5kg / 12 1/2st at the end of the month. I’ll also aim to be more mindful with alcohol, but I won’t be a Dry Wino for October 😀

    Thank you @saffy420 for being our October host. Please count me in.

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD

    @saffy420, thanks so much for hosting, I need the accountability!!!

    I’ve logged my final post & results for Dry September (Urghh) and now after a semi respectable effort last month (exceptional effort being a DRY Wino though!!) with curbing the snack dragon, I join this October challenge 3lbs lighter.

    Hello Oldies & welcome newbies, this WOL (way of life) will give you far more than it takes – You WILL spend less on food BUT you’ll also have to invest in a new wardrobe! You will become slightly evangelical about this, just supress that urge to accost random strangers in the supermarket who you KNOW would benefit from 5:2; you will come to enjoy that empty tummy feeling; water will become your BFF; you will at some point say “I’ll just have one”………. And mean it!! You will learn to ignore the negative comments from friends, family or even acquaintances regarding starving yourself; you will FINALLY listen to your body and actually hear what it’s saying; you will struggle, you will fall off of the wagon, you will binge/ snack/ indulge like there’s no tomorrow, then you will get up, dust yourself down and reset………………………… You WILL succeed, and I’ll hold your hand, and you’ll hold mine throughout the entire thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My aims this month – current weight 159.6lbs
    • Eradicate 5.6lbs (I know it’s optimistic, but I really need to aim for 11st, so 154lbs!!)
    • Aim for 3L water/day, but no less than 2L
    • Exercise (a bit)
    • Drink wine…………………….. (in moderation!!)

    Good luck everyone, we really have got this!!!

    Day 1Belfast FD

    Thank you Saffy420 for taking over the reins and a big thank you to @basyjames for your excellent stewardship during September and the lovely words at the end.

    A bit about me: I’m a retired teacher at 62, I have lost a total of about 25 lbs since spring last year. This year it has been a lot slower, but ‘life’ has got in the way! I’m quite near maintenance, but my waist measurement at 34 is still too high. My goal is to reduce that.

    Just catching up from last month so forgive me if I reply to a few posts from September.
    @bigviking do you get the Martin’s money emails? He’s detailing a prosecco deal.

    @rainbowsmile – I love your idea of dying old bras before recycling. I have a big pile of recycling including a couple of bras, so I’m off to get a dye. I’m so glad you’ve turned round your life. A change of career will be so good for you. I went to teacher training college when I was 35 and with two children. It was the best thing I ever did.
    @coda hope the healing is on track 👍 and I’m with you for no sweets etc and no booze. Definitely nothing containing the word wine, particularly the gums part!
    @jessyoursize – I’m with you on that plank challenge!
    @Fridgetoofar what a great name!

    Welcome to old friends and new starters. Some here have lost weight very quickly, others, like myself, mor slowly. But remember, this way of life (and it is a WOL rather than a diet) really works.

    So, my BIG aims this month :
    No sugar (sweets, pastries etc)
    No booze until the last weekend
    A daily plank

    Onwards and downwards everyone

    Day 1 UK FD 🌈

    Right – as British people say when they start a sentence with determination. Off to the gym, Rowing 🚣‍♀️and a cycle 🚴🏼‍♀️class that should set me up for the day nicely.
    Water water water. 💦💦💦💦💦💦

    My goals this month:

    Attend the gym that I pay for at least three times a week
    Drink water -always a goal of mine
    Eat healthy – reduce unhealthy snacking
    Two FDs a week

    That’s all, how hard can this be 😂😂😂Good luck all New month, New goals, New motivation. Keep on keeping on, and if in doubt DRINK WATER! 💦🐉 Drown the Dragon.

    Norway, Day 1, NFD

    Looking forward to a good October with you guys in here 🙂
    A little bit about me: I am 33 years old, mum of two boys that are 1 and 3 y.o.. I work full time as a research scientist in a chemistry company. I started out with 5:2 in August at 94 kg/207ld. I am now down to 88kg/194lb, and my final goal is 77kg/169lb.
    I am currently not too active (except for having two small and very active kids that keep me on my toes of course), but I have joined a yoga class that will last for 12 weeks, and I hope to work out more as soon as we figure out how the everyday-life with two kids in kindergarten and two parents working 100% works for us. The youngest just started kindergarten in September, so we haven’t really found a daily routine that works great for us, yet.

    I hope to lose 2kg in October, and 4 kg before 17th November, as I am going to Sydney,Australia for 10 days then.

    Happy fasting everyone! We can do this together! 🙂

    Day 1 | 🇮🇪 Ireland | NFD
    FD tomorrow.

    September was pretty busy getting ready to teach my new online class and kicking off my own studies online so 5:2 really became 6:1. It’s too easy when you’re working from home to snack so I’m planning to be much more mindful in October. I am committing to losing a couple of pounds and get back into the 5:2 mindset.

    I did however start a 6 week fitness programme so have had one hour long personal training sessions (2 more to go) and then one or two exercise classes each week. Hopefully I’m getting more toned as a result but we’ll see what the measuring tape says at the mid-October point when the programme ends.

    This is a great support forum so good luck everyone for October.

    Day 1 North Wales NFD

    Very pleased to be taking part in my 4th challenge. Thank you @saffy for hosting it and thank you @basyjames for hosting the September one.

    A little bit about me. I am 61 a retired science teacher, mother of two beautiful daughters and two granddaughters aged 3 and 1. My husband is one of those infuriating people who can eat sweets 🍬, cakes 🍰, biscuits 🍪, and chocolate 🍫 daily and not put on an ounce 😩.

    I live in North Wales but I am not Welsh. Moli is my dog 🐕 a gorgeous 5 year old Welsh/border Collie cross. My husband and I moved here 10 years ago to help look after my husbands late father. It is a beautiful part of the UK where I live but I hate being so far away from my family. As a result I go travelling once a month to spend time with them.

    Over the last 10 years my weight had been steadily increasing, probably due to the stress of teaching and going through the menopause. Most weight had gone around my middle. I was inspired by Michael Mosley and decided to try the 5:2 diet. I hate the fact it’s called a diet because I think it is a way of life.

    @coda I will join you with the no sweets 🍬for October. I am not a big sweet eater, but every little bit helps.

    @feber16 your story sounded very familiar especially your comment about the bulge. I hate my bulge.

    @tsubaki don’t worry about posting. I am not a long poster but I do post every day saying whether or not it is a NFD or a FD. I love reading other people’s posts and find them very helpful.

    My goal for the month is to complete 2 FDs a week, give up sweets 🍬 and join the Dry Wino’s 🍷🥂Drink more water 💦💦💦 loads more water 💦.

    We are so much more stronger together 💪💪💪💪 Onwards and Downwards.

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD

    Such a hangover this morning, I almost, but not quite, could join the Dry Winos for October 😆

    A little about me. I am 50, worked in big corporate world until two years ago, went back to college to study horticulture, now I work in the herb glasshouses of a local farm and LOVE my midlife career change. 😊
    I never had a weight problem until I stopped smoking 15 years ago and weight has been yo-yoing ever since. Getting off the nicotine dragon was the best thing I have ever done for my health but replacing it with the food dragon has been difficult. I have been to Weight Watchers many many times, but once I stopped the weight piled back on with more to spare.

    In 2013, I was at my highest ever weight of 12 and a half stone (176 lbs), which for a petite 5’2 woman is obese. I found the Dukan Diet, and with my DH, we successfully lost 50lbs each. Maintained for over a year, but then slowly took my eye off the ball, and slowly gained weight up to 162lbs in July this year.

    It’s relatively easy to lose weight, it is extremely difficult to maintain.

    Since 20th July I have lost about 16 pounds, dropped a dress size, and have amazed myself with how well I feel whilst following this WOL. If I could only get DH to join me…..😄😄

    Goals for October – lose 6lbs to get to 10 stone, do practice 4:3 with one of the FD being liquid only, try to get rid of inches off my waist (I am an apple shape currently with a 37.5″ waist 😨)….. So I will take up the plank challenge.

    Haven’t a clue about planks but @jessyoursize, I will look up those sheets you linked. Please add me to the pocket plank list.

    Thanks Saffy420 for hosting, these monthly challenges are fantastic and I love to read everybody’s stories every day. Let’s do this 👍

    Day 1 London NFD
    Current weight 9st 9lbs
    Goals for this month –
    Lose 3 lbs
    Run twice a week
    Cook a new (healthy!) recipe each week

    That’s it! Good luck to everyone…

    Day 1, CD, UK

    Started fasting 3 months ago. Along with my weight loss (9 lb in total) I am really pleased with the changes in the measurements taken this morning – I have lost 9.3″ overall.

    Bring it on October ☺

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Spent ages on my first post and it’s gone missing ☹️ Even though the sidebar stated that I had updated the October forum. 🤔
    Righty-o….here we go again. Apologies if original post reappears and you have me rabbiting on twice 🙄

    I recently turned 50. I worked in big bad corporate world in Dublin until 2 years ago, then I went back to college to study horticulture, now I work in the herb glasshouses of a local farm and I love my midlife career change. No work stress does wonders for the health.

    I never had a weight problem until I stopped smoking in 2002. Killing the nicotine dragon is still the best thing I have done for my health but replacing it with the food dragon was not good. As the years have rolled on my weight went from 8 and a half stone (120 pounds) up to my highest ever weight of 176 pounds in April 2013.
    I have joined Weight Watchers many times but once I stopped the pounds came back. In 2013 I found the Dukan Diet and successfully lost over 50 pounds, and maintained well for over a year.

    Then I took my eye off the ball, and gradually put weight back on again up to 162lbs in July this year.

    For me it is relatively easy to lose weight, but extremely difficult to maintain.

    I started 5:2 late July and have dispatched over 16 pounds and a dress size since. I am amazed at how well I feel with this WOE, my fast days are never a problem, I can do liquid only B2B fast days with no issue…..I never would have thought I could do this except for the support and encouragement from this forum. 😇

    October goals –
    1. Lose 6lbs
    2. Whittle the waist line – I am an apple shape with 37.5″ waist (down from 42″ two months ago 😮)
    3. At least 10k steps a day
    4. Join the plank challenge. @jessyoursize please add me to the pocket plank list

    Cheerio until tomorrow

    Day 1 Sicily FD @saffy420 Thank you for hosting. No access to a scale here in Sicily so I couldn’t record my end weight for September. From the fit of my clothes, I know I’m at least maintaining (while immersed in temptations!) Today is my 2nd FD this week, as I still have an eye toward keeping total weekly caloric intake around 6000. Hubby is making chicken cutlets and roasted vegetables. I’m feeling quite hungry now but part of the 5/2 is being okay with experiencing hunger, knowing it will pass. I’m going to drink a big glass of water now! Greetings to all.

    Hello all day 1 (I know what you mean @louis05 about day 1 sounding so good) from co down ni nfd

    @flourbaby – we are so similar – I am 159.25 lbs and would love to get to 154 lbs by the end of the month but I promised myself I would do it in 2 lb increments so my next interim goal is 157 lbs.
    Good job I logged Saturdays weigh in as today I was up 3 lbs!! Newbies please note the scale varies day to day and even hour to hour. Please do not let the number on the scales derail you. It is for guidance only and not the be all and end all.

    Right (@lynzm lol) this month I pledge to give up sweets/candy including my liquorice that I get at my dad’s (@jarbia I’m another liquorice lover) and also bars of chocolate for the month of October. I can easily polish off a bag or 2 of wine gums, sports mixtures or midget gems. I have given my OH notice not to bring temptation into the house as he had started bringing little treats home.

    @tsubaki – welcome don’t worry we have all been the ‘newbie’ at one point. I remember my first time (never been on a forum b4) it was a bit nerve wracking but the anonymity helps and you will grow in confidence. With regards to negative talk I try to think what i would say to others and apply that to myself. We would never dream of saying to someone else what we bombard ourselves with on a daily basis. It does take practice as this is a very bad habit we are all guilty off. We also never use the word fail. We never fail if we keep trying. Also if we lose something, keys, purse etc we hope to find them so maybe think of other ways to describe ditching lbs. Excellent that you have a goal of fitting into a dress as sometimes you get slimmer while the scales do not reflect a change. I hope you enjoy the October challenge and look forward to seeing you here on day 31.

    2nd post
    There have been quite a few who have expressed an interest in having a sweet free October (@bert1802 have you thought of a name for our group)?

    Copy the names below and add your name to the group.

    Day 1 Chester UK NFD

    It’s October already, can’t believe how fast this year is going. Big month as my husband takes early retirement on 27th from a job he’s done for almost 30 years. @daffodil2010 I’m interested in your experience of moving careers. He wants to work but something less stressful and shorter hours.

    My aim for October will be to get to 13.5 stones – 189 lbs from wherever I am at the minute. I won’t see the scales till Wednesday at the earliest. Last night we had a lovely celebration meal for 30 of us. I wore a black lace dress which is quite tight. I got some lovely compliments in my weight loss, best of all my mum said I looked elegant 😲. My mum never gives compliments so I was almost walking on air. @tsubaki, @feber16 @fastlife, you’re all on the spreadsheet to use as you want to.


    To all the September dry winos – it’s 1st October, enjoy that well deserved glass of your favourite tipple. For anyone indulging in sober October, good luck.

    For myself and fellow sweet and chocolate avoiders, only 30 more days till we can have a wine gum or a kit Kat.

    @fatrabbit, if you’re out there let us know.

    Happy Sunday everyone, day 2 of Celebration weekend means we’re headed to a cousin’s house to recreate the Boxing Day buffets we had in the 70’s and 80’s . Desperately hoping the boiled tongue proves too difficult to source in 2017.

    Thanks for reply! 35 pounds off and keeping it off is a big accomplishment! I live in Chicago on the far north side one block from the lake. I am in an area called Rogers Park.

    2nd post. Adding my name to choc/sweet avoiders.


    Day 1, South Wales, NFD/16:8

    Thanks so much @basyjames for hosting September and @saffy420 for hosting this month – looking forward to a new month. It helps so much with motivation to check in here every day, knowing that we’re all together in this challenge.

    I’m starting this month at 153lb/69kg (having discovered last month my old scales were under-weighing me by 6lb, boo-hoo…), and I want to get to 140lb by the end of 2017 and stay under that forever! I work full-time, sedentary job, with a husband and chocolate-obsessed teenagers. I’ve lost 25lb since starting 5:2 at the end of April. My strategy for this month is:

    1. Dry til Fri – avoid any alcohol during the week (not enough willpower for the whole month!)
    2. Join others in avoiding sweets for the month (“@SweetEnoughWithout” list?)
    3. Plank 1min per day
    4. 2 FD a week, and 16:8 as often as possible.
    5. Wave goodbye to the plateau

    Good luck all – so many inspirational stories here. Huge welcome to all new people joining here, you will find so much support.

    Day 1 Wales NFD

    Hello old friends and those of you new to the monthly challenges. I began 5:2 late June and this will be my 4th monthly challenge and I’m sure logging in daily is keeping me focused and is the reason why I now weigh a whole stone less (14.25 lbs less to be precise). I’m doing Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet on 5:2, Monday and Thursday are my fast days.

    I’m 58, took early retirement at 55 and moved from urban England (and stressful commuting) to rural Wales with OH and 2 cats. I’ve always had a weight problem. I can usually lose weight but never quite make it all the way to ‘target’ and maintenance. This time I will do it!

    Best wishes for a successful month everyone x

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Another wet morning here, but yesterday it cleared up to a beautiful sunny afternoon – hope for the same today!

    Well after B2B on Day 28 and Day 29 in September I ended up at 53kg on Day 30 – after a CD (just under TDEE) yesterday, this morning my weight is 53.5kg! So that is my starting weight for the October Challenge – below what I set as my 55kg top maintenance weight.

    My Weight loss story so far:-
    I am a 59 y.o. Female – married with a grown up daughter
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in

    *January 4 2014 = BMI: 28.2 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs – retired and moved to Cumbria so started fell walking and being more mindful about what I ate. Lost my darling mum in the September so flew back to Australia a couple of times spending several weeks there over 2 visits
    *January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.9 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs – for health reasons started 5:2 WOL on my own
    *October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.4 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs – had plateaued for last 3 months so decided to join the Nov Challenge = best decision I ever made!
    *December 1 2016 = BMI: 20.8 Wt: 55.3k/121.9lbs – so near to that target of 55kg! I achieved it a week later!!! and have maintained below that since!!!
    *October 1 2017 = BMI: 20.2 Wt: 53.5kg/117.9lb – I am happy to report that October will be my 10th month in Maintenance 💃
    *I still do 2 x FDs each week (sometimes only around 150cals but usually just under 500cals) and I follow at least a 16:8 eating pattern daily – no breakfast ever, but break my fast late morning or early afternoon.

    Great to “see” many from the previous challenge joining again – Together We Are Stronger!

    @tingting @happy-go-lightly @elphaba @afridgetoofar @noodles69 @feber16 @tsubaki – WELCOME to this WOL (Way of Life) – 5:2 is a great way to lose weight slowly and steadily and then to maintain! Plus the health gains are a great reason for making it a permanent WOL – You will put weight back on if you go back to old lifestyle and way of eating………..
    The best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL is to stick to the basic 5:2 for the first month – The following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:– https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/ – once you have got used to the basic fasting day then try experimenting and you will find what works best for you.

    @fastlife @camcd – welcome to your first full month in a challenge!
    @emma Taylor – so nice to see you here again – lost track of you in the 2nd week of September
    @erika45 – great to have you rejoin again – hope you had a great time travelling
    @ellie Rainbow – hope to see a bit more of you in September – logging in daily is great for accountability

    @jessyoursize @daffodil2010 – I started a Plank Challenge last month and I think there has been some interest again for this month so here are some useful links for anyone else interested
    **Planks for Beginners: How to do a Plank – YouTube
    **5 min Plank Workout with timer

    @SweetEnoughWithout” (including chocolates) October – Copy the names below and add your name to the group.

    There is no elevator to success! We have to take the stairs and every now and then we have to pause at a landing in between each set of stairs!

    @saffy420 boiled tongue 😱😱😱😳😳😳?????

    Re the career change, I took voluntary redundancy from my previous job (I had worked for the same multinational for 18 years, gradually climbing the management ladder etc), and the lump sum helped support me for a year while I went back to college. I got this job straight from college, actually they recommended me to the boss (the horticulture world is a small one) and I have been there a year.

    Positives are lack of stress, dealing with herbs and plants instead of staff, no staff manage responsibilities, a 6 minute commute instead of 90 minutes, short work days from Winter to Spring…oh I could go on.

    Major downside is the huge salary cut. I am back at the beginning again on a basic wage with no perks and I still get an unpleasant surprise each week when I see my payslip 😆.
    But positives far outweigh negatives and I plan to stay here until I get too old to go to work 😊

    Best of luck for your hubbies early retirement. He should think of what he loves to do then see if he can get work out if it. That’s what I did and no regrets.

    @daffodil2010 thanks for replying. It’s exciting but also nerve wracking for us. Money wise the numbers look ok, but in real life, who knows🤔

    Boiled tongue, as revolting as it sounds. One aunt always had it on the buffet, pride of place, peeled (yes peeled), waiting for you to take a slice, for all the world looking like a massive tongue😳😳 with bits sliced off it. It was horrendous as a child and would just be horrific now.

    Day 1 – 🇬🇧- NFD

    @saffy420 – thanks for hosting & adding me to Oct challenge – this action committed me just at the point I was going to completely off track!

    I’m on board with the challenge- weighed in at 10st 11lbs – I would love to get to 10st 7llbs. So there’s my goal.

    Other commitments include exercising & drinking more water as opposed to tea & 🍷

    Pocket winos – can’t commit to sober October due to socials but will do 5:2 in reverse – 5 nonalcohol days & permit myself to indulge for 2 days per week 🍻

    Good luck everyone 😊

    Day 1 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Welcome to all the newbies, and greetings to us ‘oldsters’ in whatever capacity that may be. For me, it is age and longevity! I began these challenges with @coda in May 2016.

    I’ve been on maintenance (6:1) since November 2016 after losing 35 pounds over 9 months last year. I might like to lose a couple more pounds as I am at the high end of healthy BMI at 25. But at 69 years, I don’t want any more wrinkles showing up than already to from the weight loss. My granddaughters laugh at my saggy throat area… oh well.

    I’m a retired public school music teacher who is still plenty active with a townspeople choir I direct, private lessons, church music, children’s museum work, and maintaining a house. We have 4 children scattered across this country and 5 granddaughters.

    This is a marvelous company of supportive and helpful people! Welcome!

    Onward and downward is my mantra.

    Day 1…..Florida….. NFD

    Starting the month out so wrong, but for all the right reasons…..

    This is what I’m going to do….
    Lose 1 lb
    Do 16:8 daily
    FD M, W and F
    No sweets for Oct.

    I’ll be putting the sweet slayer list together at some point today. So, if you want to put your battle armor on and join us! Please let me know!

    Okay here are my stats….

    I’m starting the month at 133.8lb, goal is 132lb

    Welcome to all the newbies who are joining the challenge. This is a great place to be! The key is stay connected, tell us the good, the bad and the ugly, there is always someone around to cheer you on, answer questions or a shoulder to cry on. Lastly, if you got question, please ask….. because someone will know the answer, plus someone will have experienced it, so there is a vast amount of information just waiting to unleashed!

    Okay well….I’m off! Got to get ready, I’m going to see IT today!

    I see a liitle stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose and carrying a can of fandango…..

    Day 1– Colorado USA- NFD

    OH is cooking up a yummy breakfast for us. Simply cannot do FDs on the weekend with him around. Too many temptations!

    Good news though:
    As you all know, OH has made my 5:2 journey a touch challenging. To put it mildly. But after multiple discussions re: the myriad health benefits of intermittent fasting, he’s coming around. Finally.
    Now he asks in advance what days I’m Fasting so he doesn’t cook a huge dinner for us both. And he’s gotten curious enough to even consider giving fasting a go for himself.
    Wow! Color me shocked!!

    Anyway, knocked off 3.3 lbs in September. Would be thrilled with a repeat performance in October.

    However, I will be bowing out of the Dry Wino Challenge. One month of passing up on all adult libations was enough for me. I miss ordering a nice glass of red wine 🍷 when we got out for dinner Date Nights. I’d be much better served joining @coda in the “Breaking Free from Sugar” Challenge in October.

    2nd post
    Am I alone, or does anyone else have family members who complain about your weight loss? I am busy replacing my wardrobe (XXL to M), but the way my wife carries on, you’d think I was dispatching the Crown Jewels! And despite me carrying a sizeable spare tyre still, I keep hearing how I don’t need to lose any more and how this WOL is “ridiculous” and “can’t be good for you”. Herumph!

    Day 1 (wow!!), US, NFD

    Some great inspirational posts on the forum to start off the month. LynzM, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to adopt your “drown the dragon” mantra.

    In addition to my pledge to myself to drink more water, I will also join the @SweetEnoughWithout group (great name, btw). Fortunately, my husband polished off the last of the Lindt dark chocolate with orange last night, so the cupboard is bare of temptations.


    Goal this month is to annihilate 2 kg. I’d like to do more, but I’m realising this is what my body is comfortable with.

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1, USA (Boston, MA) NFD
    @saffy420 Thanks for hosting I want to be part of the October challenge also. When I open the October spreadsheet from the link above the dates are for September. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Hello and welcome, newbies and oldies but goodies! I have been doing 5:2 seriously since 1/7/17…have dispatched 20+ lbs. painlessly and quite a few inches shaved off this 5 ft. 4 inch hourglass shape!
    Starting wt.: 191.6
    Present: 171.4
    I am a 63 year old transplant from the urban northeast (NY/Chicago) to a little rural southern town in Tennessee. I spend my days with my OH, my diabetic 13 year old schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle), 6 chickens, a rooster, 11 new chicks, and to keep my sanity, I transcribe legal depositions and hearings part-time for a few court reporters in various parts of the country. This WOL (way of life) has helped me stablize my blood pressure and given me energy and confidence. I enjoy low-carbs, healthy fats and moderate protein, along with apple cider vinegar. I do the basic 5:2 on Wednesdays and Fridays. Planning meals on FDs is key for me to be successful. I’m looking forward to dispatching another 3-4 lbs. in October so I can get to the 60s again. My final goal is 150 lbs. I also look forward to continuing my virtual relationship with all of you every day as we post and encourage each other in our journey!

    Day 1, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Ate lunch with family. I prepared a spicy beef and rice noodles soup, then baked chicken legs with red peppers and potatoes and then bought desserts. I didn’t have any dessert yet only two teaspoons of one slice.

    This evening I’m going out for a drink and an ice cream.

    Tomorrow my first fast day of three B2B2B. I’ll probably fast up to 700 calories it depends how hungry I feel.

    Have a great Sunday everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 1 NFD Country West Australia
    yesterday’s last day of September challenge I mistook FD to be a feast day and, celebrating my mum’s 92nd birthday, accidentally ate my own bodyweight in chips, cake, pies and other seriously unhealthy non-food.
    What a glorious way to end September!
    Anyway my plan for October is simply to post daily and try to do 2 FD’s a week and try to keep to TDEE the rest of the time.
    The ‘oldies’ on here will know that I started doing 5:2 November 2016 and initially lost several kgs. I then sat on a plateau for a few months, became demoralised and have simply meandered a long for a few months trying to do this WOL a bit half-heartedly.
    Result – have put on 4.5 kgs in 6 – 8 weeks.
    So, resetting for October – thanks @saffy420 for hosting and thanks @basyjames for keeping us on song for September.
    The many health benefits of fasting are the main reason I am now sticking around while trying to get the weight issue sorted.
    So welcome to all newbies and don’t lose heart, together we CAN do this and this forum is full of really helpful supportive people.
    BTW did anyone else have a problem getting on to the October challenge? When I went to post I had to re login with username and new password. Would not let me log in as usual.
    Looking forward to the challenge of October!

    Day 1 Canada NFD (16:8)

    Thanks so @basyjames for hosting last month and @saffy420 for leading us in October.

    I started 5:2 mid-August and joined that challenge, loosing 2.5kg to date has been easy. My motivation has been to get rid of the fat that had settled around my belly, not the healthiest place to carry excess.

    Work was really difficult for me last month and I was pleased to reach my goal weight despite hectic schedules. For now I am going into maintenance event though I still have some weight to loose. Getting settled into a routine is going to be important.

    I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but come undone with dark chocolate- am giving that up for this month!

    Welcome to all the newbies, this is a great forum and the 5:2 WOL really does work.

    Day1, South Wales, NFD – second post

    @saffy420 I think you’ve hit on a sure-fire snack-dragon suppressant. I was feeling a little peckish just now, but your description of ‘peeled boiled tongue’ from the 1970s kicked my hunger into touch. I think you’ve hit on a powerful psychological weapon for fast days!

    Day 1, Emden Germany (but being Dutch), NFD

    Starting weight this month: 52,5 kg, 115.7lbs

    Hi everyone, my journey so far:

    I started January 2017 weighing 70,9 kg by cutting out sugar and most carbs. Started 5:2 at the beginning of February. From March on I joined the challenges. It worked very well, I benefitted a lot from the good advice and support the others gave, there are a lot of carers and motivaters around here. If you have a bad day, someone will help you up. Don’t be afraid to post your thoughts and concerns here, it’s a safe place to be.

    Today’s weight 52,5 kg, so down 18,4 kg, 6th month of maintenance, don’t need to lose more. Plan to maintain at ~ 54 kg. I will be doing 2 FD’s a week with ~ 500 cal and eat a little above TDEE on the other 5 days. Alcohol will be back in my life again, starting today with a lovely glass of wine (or maybe 2) with dinner.

    Goals for this month:

    ~ post every day
    ~ maintain < 54 kg
    ~ join the plank challenge
    ~ play the piano for at least 30 minutes a day
    ~ try to be more relaxed the last 104 (or 99, we don’t know yet) before retirement (this will be the hardest one)

    I’m sorry to say this but I love boiled tongue with a madeira sauce!

    Just stick to the basics, it works. Let’s make it a great month!

    Added myself to spreadsheet. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. I’ve lost 17 lbs. total so far but I expect my weight loss to slow a bit as I continue so I’m setting a modest goal. I don’t care if it takes a long time to reach my final goal. The way I’m feeling eating like this is something I never want to lose. And someone actually remarked to me yesterday that my skin was “glowing”. I’ve always had very dry skin until 5:2 so that was a wonderful thing to hear.

    Day 1 NZ NFD
    Day 2 NZ FD

    I am really glad I found 5:2 WOL. Last month I have found it easy to commit to (first time) and I am hoping this month goes just as well. More about me later in the month.
    Thanks for hosting this informative, friendly forum.

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Mind if I join?
    I’ve been absent awhile. Gorging on naughty foods, undoing my good work achieved during 2016.
    Last FD still stands at 8th March….but I feel a fresh start coming on.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    I have been missing the challenges and have been reading some of the posts for old times sake and saw my name get mentioned a couple of times so I am coming back for October which will nearly take me to my fasting anniversary on November 9th. It would be nice to finish of my year of fasting by reaching a weight at which I can maintain happily in the company of people who helped me achieve what I have. Together we are stronger.

    August and September were difficult months, (sorry for dropping out of the challenges), but I not only survived but lost more weight too, although I resigned myself to not doing so a few times. I am now 155lbs with a BMI of 23.3. I am delighted with my progress so far and feel years younger than the 52 I actually am and much younger than I have done for at least the twenty before that. I started last November at over 250lbs, I don’t have an exact starting weight unfortunately. Scales didn’t use to be something I went within a mile of. Nor mirrors or cameras for that matter.

    I didn’t do straight 5:2, but ADF – alternate day fasting instead. With so much weight to lose I didn’t think 5:2 would do it fast enough for my impatient self to be able to see it through plus with menopause looming my hormones make it difficult and I really needed to see good results to keep me motivated. I haven’t coped particularly well with the plateaus on the journey but they do end, you just have to keep at it.

    I am now setting my sights on 150 lbs, 68 kg, which would put me right in the middle of the healthy BMI range at 22.5. It should see off most of the excess fat still visible under my rather loose skin and get me to a nice round number that I can be satisfied with.

    2nd post

    @ciren2 and @fatrabbit great to have you back with us!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    @ciren2 and @fatrabbit, so happy to hear from both of you again…missed both your daily posts!!! By the way, I found out by just looking at the bottom of the spreadsheet that it has both September and October on it (duh). Not much of a techie.

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