November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • USA Day 2 FD

    Just checking in and adding myself to pocket list.

    Pocket list day 2
    @dykask WFD
    @snowflake56 1st of B2B

    Day 2, Surrey (UK), NFD. 151lb

    A bit about me: I’m 57 and have been following 5:2 for the past – almost – year. Nov 18 marks my 1st anniversary of this WOE. Over that time, I’ve lost around 50lb in weight – that’s a whopping 25% of my starting body mass. I did it by following the basic 5:2 advice, no frills. I’m fitter, healthier, and have more energy as a result. My recent BMI, WHR, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar readings were all excellent. I really could not recommend this WOE more highly.

    October was a momentous month for me, as I finally reached my target, 150lb. The last 2 weeks have been a time of experimentation for me, to see what I need to do to achieve maintenance. I decided on alternating 5:2 and 6:1 weeks, with the FDs being 800 calories rather than the usual 500. The other days have been pretty relaxed and I have allowed myself a few indulgences. So far, it seems to be working. (OK, one pound above is tolerable). Having said that, I’ve been eating mostly healthy stuff on my NFDs. A friend recommended “much more veg” by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and I’ve had a lot of fun trying out his recipes. I have a crush on roasted root veg – delicious!

    But, it’s still early days and I feel I need to keep monitoring myself to see if I can, in fact, maintain. I don’t want to re-gain (obviously) but I don’t want to lose too much, either. Hence I need to decide upon a tolerance range – i.e. the point at which I would change back to 5:2 (or reduce to 6:1 or less). It feels like I’m playing with fine margins, but time will tell. I’ll keep up with this thread and let you know how it goes.

    To quote Charles Dickens: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.”

    Good luck to everyone in November. You CAN do this. You Know you’re worth it.

    Day 2 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD morphed into a MFD then a CD. It was always going to be hard after my carbtastic day before, but this month I’m counting all the positives. So I’m v pleased with myself for drinking more water, eating no carbs and having lots of veg and protein in a 20:4 day.

    Forgot to weigh & measure myself this morning for usual Friday weigh day – will have to do it tomorrow now as drunk So Much already.

    Lovely friend arrives for the weekend shortly, up for a late & low key celebration of his 50th birthday. I’ve baked a wonderfully healthy and warming sweet potato and raisin bread, and we’ll have tofu and cauliflower tikka masala or vegetable chilli tonight and the other one tomorrow. I’ve also bought red wine – which he drinks & I don’t – so I may crack open a beer but at least won’t be knocking back the vino 🙂 Baking apples and blueberries in for healthy desserts if needed, then brunch out tomorrow and lunch with friends on Sunday where I’ll make mindful choices. I didn’t come this far only to come this far.

    Feeling distinctly viral today, as tho my immune system has finally kicked in to start fighting off this virus. Headache, sore throat and aching, hoping that lots of vitamins and water and sleep will see my right. At least I’m beginning to understand why I’ve been feeling so yuck for the last couple of weeks.

    OK onwards – flat ready but I’m still pottering in PJs, need to shower & dress, get my yoga and meditation in and then assemble/wrap his birthday presents! Not to mention picking up project stuff ahead of a skype call at the end of the day…. here goes 🙂

    Day 2 second post

    @cornish-jane happy anniversary, and huge congratulations on your epic achievement 🙂 x

    @judyjudes hope you feel better very soon

    Day 2 London UK NFD

    Hello friends, old and new! Just a quick check in to keep myself accountable. Busy couple of days with my toddler who has a terribly chesty cough. A successful FD yesterday so am ready for the weekend! Today won’t be too indulgent as I have a friend visiting who is doing weight watchers. She was meant to come last week and had to cancel on the day so I’ve made the same thing as last week. A roast cauliflower curry soup. So tasty and only 300 calories in my ferrous sized portion. Today doesn’t need to be an FD but might end up that way as she is staying for supper…no harm as we’ll be having a family meal out at the weekend. I think tonight might be oven baked salmon and roast veggies.

    My plan for doing Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 has gone down the pan as I can’t get the dvd to work. But have started for her 30 Day Shred again as I didn’t want to use it as an excuse to not do anything!

    Hope everyone is well. Already behind on reading posts but I’m so glad to be here with you all X

    Day 2Belfast NFD

    I’m working hard at fighting that sugar dragon and taking one day at a time. OH bought a lot of sweets for the trick or treaters on Halloween night, and they are sitting taunting me from the cupboard but I’m NOT giving in. 😜

    @at happy belated wedding anniversary. 💐
    @badgertastica – that’s an impressive track record so far. Well done. I loved your suitcase analogy.
    @basyjames – how do you incorporate flax meal into your diet? My digestion is, shall we say, sluggish so I need to think seriously about more fibre. I already eat 5/6 portions of veggies so any suggestions gratefully received.
    Thank you for the flowers @coda and we’re right behind you!
    Hope you’re feeling better @judyjudes.
    @ccco – 💪💪
    @EmmaTaylor – I hope the floods have subsided and there is not too much damage there.

    I’m going out tonight with a very overweight and unhealthy friend. I’ve decided to drive, so no 🍷and I shall do my best to avoid any desert. I guess I’m trying to set an example!

    The weekend beckons…. stay strong!

    Day 2 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Sunny and cold today. Rounding up old paints, cfl light bulbs and household chemicals to take to the recycling center. I’m in a decluttering frame of mind lately.
    This evening, OH and I plan to go to movie “The First Man”, then to dinner if we haven’t gorged on theater buttered popcorn.
    @basyjames, it would be very interesting to see what LCHF diet has done for your OH’s blood work. Please, let us know, if you feel comfortable sharing that.
    Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to everyone fasting today.

    3rd post – just sneaking in to try and keep up to date with posts and just had to say @fatfingers WOW! well done you – an inspiration.

    Day 2 Canada NFD

    I am holding off full FD’s as I am still dealing with jet lag after a long haul flight a few days ago. I do find that fasting sometimes messes up my sleep. Not super hungry so being careful about what I eat. Good luck to all the Day 2 fasters!

    So many inspiring members, it is fantastic- @fatfingers @at @songbirdmee @flourbaby @missybear……the list is long

    @michelinme fight those bugs hard, hope the battle is short and sweet

    Day 2: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    A crisp, sunny day on the deliveries today, makes working (almost) a pleasure!
    @kerryn73: Glad to be of help. I hope to join you back on the wagon soon…but I won’t pressurise myself at the moment.
    I feel a bit pre-occupied with my only daughter preparing to live in Australia for (at least) the next three years following her dreams and furthering her career. She’s busy looking for shared lodgings in Pakenham (Victoria) at the moment. Here’s mother hoping she makes good friends and stays safe. She starts her new job out there mid-January after spending just over a couple of weeks settling in the new country.

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD

    Very late check-in for me today, I’ve been sooo busy!

    I had an impromptu lunch with a colleague today, which lasted 4hrs and included wine ……………………… enough said!!!

    @coda, I’m sending, hugs, mojo, healing healthy vibes and WHATEVER else it is you need!!! I’m even going to join you in a semi Dry November (wine with lunch today ….. oops!) And I’m off to the rugby next Saturday, so I know I won’t be able to take the abuse if I even try to make it a dry day!!!………….. In theory, that should be it for November booze wise!!

    @fatfingers, -50lbs, wow, wow, wow!!!! You must have had your wedding rings resized sooo many times now!!!!

    @debster251, I don’t take flax as I understand it is similar to soya and estrogenic (??), but I do use psyllium husk, which is insoluble fibre, it passes straight through the gut and acts as a brush (nice visual!!) I just let it sit in a glass of water for a little while, once it becomes gelatinous I drink it and follow with 2-3 glasses of water ………………….. TMI, but it’s done wonders for my bowel movements!!!!!

    @ciren2, your seat on this particularly popular, successful, fun wagon awaits!!!

    We’ve got November in the bag guys!!!!

    “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!” – Zig Ziglar

    Day 2, Gozo, Malta, cd

    Ciren2 my eldest daughter too left Malta to live and work in London for eight and a half years. She’s here again settling in Malta and we live on the other smaller island Gozo ( of the Maltese islands). You have to let them spread their wings.

    Today I made and ate a chicken, blueberry, strawberry, mango, qinuoa salad with feta cheese and a apple cider vinegar and extra virgin oil dressing with lemon juice, Dijon mustard and seasoning. This evening was left over fish and bulgur wheat salad plus chicken wings for my son in law.

    I also had three yogurt ice creams at 136 calories each.

    Take care everyone. Onwards and downwards.

    Day 2 – UK – CD

    Thank you for the anniversary wishes – OH and I 💑 had a lovely meal out last night and for the wine lovers out there – I have to confess that it involved a glass champagne 🥂 and a small glass of a wonderful white wine (Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeotas) as well as a red (Gevrey Chambertin Domaine D’Ardhuy) and the best thing was that it was all within my TDEE!

    Beautiful sunny if rather cold morning today but I was out there enjoying a brisk hike up some fells with wonderful views with a couple of walking friends and we shared a warming pot of tea afterwards.

    @flourbaby – I missed that it was your 2nd year anniversary on this WOL – happy 5:2 anniversary!!
    @murph58 – wonderful to have your own workout room at home and best of all that you and your OH can work out together
    @badgertastica – thank you for sharing your analogy of your weight loss with a suitcase – I never thought of it that way before so whenever I’m travelling and pulling/lifting that 22kg suitcase it will remind me of the weight I have lost and making me stronger about so not putting it back on………
    @beckyt64 – welcome to the November challenge – wishing you all the best on this new WOE (way of eating)
    @emma-taylor – I hope the floods in Venice have receded and you can enjoy that beautiful city – there was this great picture on the news the other day of a restaurant in Venice still serving food despite the floor being covered with water and the restaurant looked busy too……..only in Italy with their love of good food!!!
    @mogaman – great to hear from you and that maintenance is going well – I thought we had lost you in October!
    @gretta – I love your way of thinking ” I’m going to aim for control, moderation, maintenance, and enjoy the next few weeks over the wedding and honeymoon.”
    @coda – never feel a fraud – you have inspired so many who have joined these challenges since you started them – “Don’t ever give up. Don’t let frustration knock you down. Don’t let fear stand in your way.
    Don’t let time get in your head. Who cares how long it takes or how many times you try. Your only competition is yourself. When you finally succeed, the struggle will all be worth it”
    @bellyblast – thought we had lost you mid October – good to hear that you are still with us and going strong
    @ciren2 – thinking of you during this emotional period but try to think of what a good job you made bringing your DD up and that she’s been empowered and has the confidence to travel so far for a job she really wants 🤗

    How wonderful to read so many inspiring stories and great successes as a result of this WOL!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone – You are all capable of amazing things and in the words of Confucius “IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW SLOWLY YOU GO, SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT STOP”

    Day 1 – USA – NFD
    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    Day 2 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Will finish a 48 hour fast with a yummy meal about 6:30 tonight!

    @gretta – so good you’re thinking ahead. When we have a plan, we’re more likely to succeed!

    @snowflake56 – Onederland is a made up word some of us use when we dip below 200 lbs and get into 100 something. So I have seen 199.4 twice this week. That’s why I’m kind of excited.

    @missybear – Hooray for 30 lbs dispatched!

    @ciren2 – having our children leave is a little rough sometimes but also exciting as someone mentioned. After all we raise them to fly! My son lived in south Florida for 13 years while the rest of us lived in Washington State – about 3000 miles away. It is so special now to be in the same area as both my adult children, for the 1st time since they’re adults.

    Pocket list day 2
    @dykask WFD
    @snowflake56 1st of B2B

    Yes as @at said, “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop!”

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Just a quick check in as I’ve had a really busy day. Just finished my workout and now it be bed time for moi. I’m away this weekend visiting family. Hopefully it won’t be such a bad experience as last time 🤞

    Good night all.

    Still day 2 –

    @sarahbob – May your family time go well. Just a suggestion – think through what you will do if things go off the rails. Have an exit strategy, a boundary if you will. I’m not sure what your family does, but if you start feeling it’s going in an unhealthy direction you state what you are planning to do. For example, if people start disrespecting you to say, something like, “I’m glad to interact with you as long as you speak respectfully. If you can’t do that, then I’ll be leaving…” You’re taking charge of yourself and saying what you will do. We can’t control others, but we can control ourselves. I’ve been through a few things, and this is one of the lessons I needed to learn. Again, I wish you a healthy time.

    Day 3, Emden Germany, FD

    @annemarilyn thanks for explaining. How exciting it must have been to enter Onederland, I hope you’ll live there forever.

    @sarahbob great advice from @annemarilyn, take care, hugs.

    @dingping are you with me today?

    Pocket list day 3, if you want to join me, please copy and paste and add your name to the list

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 3 UK NFD
    @snowflake56 – sorry, not able today at my mum’s with DD & SIL. You can use some of my tiny mojo if it helps but I think you’re in full mojo flow your end! Have a good day.

    Have been reading posts and it’s wonderful to read the amazing stories of transformation and inspiration, to see we have some lovely newbies and others like me who are nurturing deflated mojos.

    Welcome back @coda, you’ve been missed by many.

    @fatfingers – WOW, so pleased and delighted for you.

    @badgertastica – welcome and we’ll done in dispatching a suitcase full already, wonderful imagery and now I can’t decide if I’m carrying a backpackers pack loaded with tent, saucepans and the whole world in it or lugging a suitcase! Both will help, thanks.

    @annemarilyn – onederland sounds a great place!

    @ciren2 – I can imagine your emotionl turmoil with your DD. I had a friend who likened her son and his young family emigrating to South Africa as a bereavement but worse they were gone but not gone gone. On the other hand my OH has cousins who have all settled in different parts of the globe and yet they are one of the closest family I’ve ever met. I always think it’s a tribute to their wonderful parents to have given them so much love and confidence that they felt able to leave and to make it work and stay close and involved in each other’s lives despite the miles. Take care during these emotional times.

    Good luck everyone especially those fasting and controlling today.

    Ta x

    Day 3 – UK – NFD

    Hi @basyjames – I seem to be locked out of the spreadsheet???? can you check if the settings have been changed to private????

    Anyhow – a good CD yesterday – weight remains stable this morning at 54kg and happy to report that I’m also managing to stay on 3/4 days alcohol free for the last 5 weeks = balance in life works!

    Out early today to do the weekly food shop with OH as a busy day ahead so will check in later to read posts – looks like we are set for a wet day here 😒☔️

    2nd post

    @dingping everything fine here, loads of mojo, I can do it on my own! Try to stay calm and don’t let anything upset you. Will be thinking of you, hugs!!!

    Hi. Please count me in for November. H

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Enjoyed some red wine in the pub last night and had a cheese salad for dinner. Despite 2 large 🍷and eating cheese late I slept really well. House chores to do today……good day for indoor activity as it’s quite blustery and threatening rain.

    @coda I’m at my happy weight but I don’t consider myself at destination, I know from experience if I don’t stay vigilant the pounds will find me again. For me 5:2 is going to be a sustainable never ending journey to a happier and healthier me. Don’t ever feel a fraud, look what you started here!!!! Stay with us and enjoy 😉

    @snowflake56 you might be the only one of us fasting today but there will be lots of us cheering you on, have a good day.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend 🤗

    3rd post

    @missybear thanks! I think it’s the first time I’m on my own, let’s see how it goes.

    Day 3Belfast NFD

    What crazy weather. Yesterday’s morning temperature in one part of the province was -6 and today it is 14 degrees. Nuts!

    @basyjames – I’m getting requests for access to the spreadsheet. I haven’t changed the settings but I guess it is still running from my drive. Could you save a copy, then repost the link to the copy?
    @flourbaby – it sounds disgusting but I might give it a go.
    @ciren2 – sending you ((Hugs)). – my two boys went to Canada together for 2 years and the first couple of days they were there they met their partners. As luck would have it, the girls are Irish and after they had worked their time they came home and now live in Dublin. As many have said, we raise our children to be independent but it’s hard for those left behind. Think of the holidays you’ll be able to have. (That isn’t really any consolation, but you have to put on a brave face)

    Must dash. Have a good day everyone.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) FD

    I’m going to do a FD or MFD today. @basyjames -I’m also getting a “locked out” of the spreadsheet, so who knows what’s up!

    @fatfingers – I love your plan of attack for maintenance. Great strategy! I’m right with you on staying here for accountability, and 6:1 has worked pretty well for me. Yes, indulgences happen on the NFD’s. The Dickens quote is wonderful.

    @northerndawn – I am glad to hear I am not the only one who indulges on buttered movie theater popcorn. <3 If I eat anything after that (i.e. supper out with my DH) it is generally just a salad.

    Onward and downward.

    Thanks for the good wishes for our Venice trip. Managed to pick up a stomach bug on Thursday ( I think from a slightly dodgy curry) and I now have NO food in transit! In fact it’s a good way to fast cos I really don’t fancy eating again at the mo. I’m just hoping I’m back to normal for when we go next week. Still really loving being part of this community. Everybody on here is so supportive. H

    Day 3 Minnesota, USA FD

    Yesterday was a NFD but I quit eating at 980 calories, so a CD, thank goodness. I didn’t feel well, so we stayed home and avoided the movie popcorn and dinner out. I think all the carbs and chemicals from the Halloween candy I feasted on really did a disservice to my GI tract! Should keep that in mind if I feel a sugar binge coming on. Moderation might have been ok, but I can’t seem to manage that with sugar treats these days. I eat them so infrequently.
    Hoping for a good FD today and hopefully that will end the week with a decent average calorie intake instead of the “way over TDEE” average daily intake that all of that candy pushed it into.
    Best of luck to everyone.

    Day 3 and down two pounds and have reduced the amount of insulin that I inject.

    Today is the 33 1/2 year anniversary of my liver transplant and it’s also my youngest son’s 25th birthday. I am safe from the cake as he lives in Minnesota and I am in Tennessee.

    My 1st goal is to get into a size 12 pair of jeans by the end of February. I have tickets to see Fleetwood Mac then! I am currently a tight 18 and was wearing some 20’s over the summer. I lost 16 pounds over the past few months by cutting back. I was not consistent with it and then I discovered 5:2 a few days ago and here I am!

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    Started out the month with a nice leftover whoosh, but as usual, FIT (food in transit) has caused Cruella to gloat that I’m carrying 2 more lbs. …this too shall pass (literally, haha).

    On the new job front, I am not keen on working more than 24-26 hours a week due to my other job at home typing, as well as the fact that my SS would be affected if I made too much $$…what a good dilemna, huh?

    However, I’m starting to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel re: confidence in the navigation of the computer screens to get the info I need in a hurry (patients are waiting). It’s so fast-paced that you have to learn by doing, failing, re-doing…there really is no one to hold your hand through it. They are just as busy doing something else. (It’s a pharmacy.) However, I’ve concluded it’s good for me, will make me retain the info better and since it’s repetitive (as am I, lol), it will become second nature.

    I am still reading all the posts, but my new schedule prevents me from responding individually; I will again very soon!

    Day 3 – USA – NFD

    @beckyt64, I am also in TN….! Whereabouts if you don’t mind me asking?

    Day 3 USA 2nd post

    @cornish-jane: I love what you said in your post….”I can’t succeed on self delusion”. I think I need to put that on my pantry doors and refrigerator!
    @judyjudes: I’m glad you’re home from hospital. I hope you feel better soon.
    @michelinme: have fun with your friend this weekend…I hope you feel better and can enjoy your time with him.
    @ciren2: I have great empathy for what you are feeling regarding your daughter’s pending move to Australia. We never stop worrying no matter how old they get or how capable they are, do we? I’ll add my prayers for her safety and success to yours!
    @fatfingers: You’re an inspiration, truly. What an achievement 50 lbs is!
    @emma-taylor: feel better soon! Traveling with a stomach bug is NOT fun.
    @beckyt64: My goodness, you have been through some tough times! Congratulations on taking good care of that liver for over 33 years! And Happy Birthday to your son! Also, congrats on losing that 16 lbs, and glad you found 5:2. You will find it to be one a wonderful way of life (WOL) and this forum is a necessity for sticking to it and always find a place to go for support. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!
    @metatauta: I’m glad the new job is working out. I’m sure in a few weeks you’ll be totally on top of it.
    Best of luck to everyone. I’m with you today, @snowflake56!

    Pocket list day 3, if you want to join me, please copy and paste and add your name to the list:

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Day 3
    2nd post

    With you in spirit @snowflake56 and @northerndawn and anyone else fasting today.
    Just settling down to watch rugby on TV, perfect end on a blustery autumn day here in Somerset.

    Stay strong fasters and controllers.
    Ta x

    @metatauta I am in Clarksville. I moved here exactly six months ago today from Minnesota. I was stationed here at Ft. Campbell in 1983-84. I like it here but wow, lots of crime! I used to go to the VA in Johnson City when I was living in North Carolina, so I am familiar with that area too. Where are you?

    @northerndawn I lived in Marshall, MN for three years. I moved to Tennessee six months ago. I miss MN.

    USA Day 3 FD

    I found a system online that leads to a 24 hour water fast. It’s supposed to make it easier to do, so I am going to give it a try. Each day I eliminate a meal. Today it’s breakfast. Tomorrow it’s breakfast and lunch. I keep doing this until I reach no meals and that would be the fast. I can do this each week. I thought it would be worth trying.

    Today I am adding myself to the pocket list.

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

    What is a ‘pocket list’?

    Day 3, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Today I made a tuna salad with gozitan cheese, black olives, two boiled eggs, artichokes and sweet corn for my pregnant daughter and myself. It was a sea bass and salad for my OH. My son went to see a games convention in Malta.

    This its take away food.

    Have a great Saturday everyone.

    USA Day 3

    Hi, BeckyT64! A pocket list is a support group of people who want to join a group who are doing the same thing. Most often on here, it is a pocket list of people who are fasting. Everyone is welcome to join in. Take care!

    Day 3 Canada FD

    Getting my first fast for the month in, finally feeling like the jet lag is under control. @at I was travelling for the last couple of weeks in October, didn’t get any fast days in but lots of 16:8 and voila the damage was minimal. Love 5:2 and feel that for the first time in many years I have a sustainable way to control my weight. I love food, cooking and eating and diets simply don’t work for me but this WOL most certainly does.

    @beckyt64 a pocket list is a group of fasters- courage in numbers so to speak! Welcome, this forum will help you get into those jeans for sure 🙂

    @coda you should feel so proud of starting these challenges, I can’t imagine how many people you have helped.

    I am adding myself to the pocket list.

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Seems to be blowing up a bit of a storm, but at least it’s dry at the moment. There will be a few firework displays going on tonight….so, dog walked and back indoors safely before dark.
    Thanks to all with your encouraging words concerning our daughter soon to be off working in Australia for three years. Yes, and I do agree….she’s confident, she’s following her dreams, must let her spread her wings while she’s young and free. I’m SO happy for her (of course)…but as a parent, a double-edged sword. I know there are countless other parents who have children go off all over the world to live. In fact I have a colleague at work who has a daughter living in New Zealand….so, if anything, even further away!
    Still off the wagon but running alongside.

    @ccco Thank you for explaining what a pocket list is!

    Day 3, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD spent with the family doing what we do best ………………. Cooking & eating (bread, fish, rice, beef, pasta, apple pie, ice cream & then a passion fruit roulade – so stuffed!!) I can’t wait to get back to work on Tuesday for my 1st FD of the week; maybe I’ll do a couple of very CDs tomorrow & Monday. I don’t think I like ‘feasting’ very much the bloating is too uncomfortable!!

    @beckyt64, congrats on the transplant success!!! & welcome to 5:2, you’ve made a great choice ………………………. Dare I say, it’s easy??? As long as you stick to it, you’ll never feel deprived!! I say this after dispatching 41lbs on the slow & winding path, but it’s dispatched and that’s what counts!!! As @bellyblast said “I love food, cooking and eating and diets simply don’t work for me but this WOL most certainly does.”

    Stay strong everyone!!!

    Day 3 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Welcome @Becky64. Wishing you well.

    Glad to be doing some eating today after a lot if fasting earlier in the week.

    Enjoy the weekend folks!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Lovely friend staying for the weekend. Great dayout in autumn sunshine, but I’ve not had a whole day of activity in 3 weeks and it’s a shock to the system! My fatigue is at a whole other level than I expected

    Yesterday was OMAD NFD with vegan chili and one small beer. Today was lunch out – healthy bean stew with mushrooms – and this evening homemade tofu & cauliflower tikka masala with red rice & lemon spinach. No alcohol but pre-supper nibbles, and post supper tiredness had me opening the sesame snaps! Nothing that a careful week next week can’t balance tho.

    Off to wash my hair & get to bed – another day tomorrow! Wishing you all a healthy weekend

    Day 4 NSW Australia NFD
    (~10.30am Sunday )

    Hi everyone – old and new!
    Enjoying reading all your posts – inspirational, informative, and can relate to so many.

    It’s now 13 months since starting this WOL and I couldn’t be happier – down about 10kg, member of slow and steady Club Tortoise, it works for me!

    2018 has not been my best year, but from here on, it will be better – I can’t change the past, it’s no good worrying about what might happen in the future, so I’ll just live for the here and now on a daily basis.

    Thank you @basyjames for hosting this month. We are all stronger when we do this together, and I enjoy the non judgemental attitude from each of you – you are all an inspiration! I always feel good after reading each post.

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now! xx

    Day 4: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Good morning everyone. (I know it’s probably evening in Australia, but hey).
    Start of a week off from working on my mail deliveries. Lolling around the house, reading the papers from cover to cover while snacking constantly…..I know…I know! Luckily for me, my job is a very active one otherwise I’d be as big as a house! I’m wondering on whether to get a step-counter (but I guess they may not be too accurate) as I’m told my typical deliveries are around 23,000 steps!

    Day 4 Spain NFD
    1st FD of the month yesterday. -1lb. Ate cup of soup in the morning and an omelet and prawn salad in evening. Starting today with porridge, fruit, seeds and ground almonds with cinnamon. I’ve had no hunger problems but I’d really love a huge genuine Cornish pasty! Might treat my self in the UK at the end of the week.
    My other better half has decided to join me so it will make life easier for me.
    Good luck everyone.

    Day 4 Belfast CD

    OH fancied fish and chips last night so I indulged in a lot of carbs. It didn’t live up to my expectation, and the scales are up another 1lb. I have to be careful I don’t let those lbs mount up.

    @beckyt64 – wow, a liver transplant. What a gift of life that was all those years ago! Good luck in reaching your goals; this is a great WOL and there’s no better place for support. Good to see another Fleetwood fan! I too have tickets for June next year. Really looking forward to that.
    @metatauta – I admire your tenacity in tackling all those new challenges. One of the things I have missed about teaching is being thrown in at the deep end of different tasks and having to live by your wits!
    @judyjudes – glad to see you on the mend.
    @bellyblast – well done on that minimal damage while travelling. Isn’t that the joy of this WOL?

    Off now to walk the dog in the morning sunshine.

    “Weight loss is like driving: If you ever veer off the road, just make a U-Turn and head back in the right direction

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I am going to clean out the cab of the van using a nail brush to get rid of years of ingrained dust etc from previous owners so that’s going to be a good workout for me. 😆 This camper van conversion is taking a very very long time…..hopefully we can travel in it by next Summer 😄

    DH is off to work this afternoon so I will then relax with the papers, cook up a chilli, and enjoy some wine this evening 🍷 And then into an FD tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

    @debster251 and @daffodil2010
    I note you both mention lovely sunshine over in Ireland… in Gloucestershire it’s dull, drizzly and generally miserable. How the weather can be so different in a short(ish) distance!
    DD looks to have found a house-share with a young man (and a third person to be found yet) for when she gets to Australia after Christmas…they chatted over Skype, and got on well, so at least she’ll be settled somewhere before she starts her new job.

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