November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 30 Minnesota, USA FD

    Wt this am was 152.8 lbs but I’m going to just round it up to 153, same as yesterday, and also use that for my starting weight for December Challenge. BMI is 24. Happy with November result, especially because I never really pushed it or stressed TOO much about the amount I’d lose. Glad to be amember of Club Tor-twah, at times. Anything past 2 lbs “chucked” (or shucked 😉 ) in a month is a bonus I’m grateful for.

    @basyjames, thank you for hosting…..I think you did a fine job! There are so many caring and supportive people on these forums who encourage and respond to others, that I think the Challenge Hosts needn’t feel as if they should respond to every post. There are so many posts to read through and so little time, anyway.

    @songbirdme Good luck to you, your SIL and Utah! Fingers crossed for you all. Let us know how the sandwiches turned out, please.

    @at I love your motto or mantra, and lately have really been appreciating the second part…..I am sooooo glad to be where I am now and not back where I was in July and August! I’ve got to hold on tight to that feeling and remember how I got here. And never let this WOL slip away again! Congrats to you on your 2nd Anniversary of this WOL. I’m looking forward to celebrating those anniversaries in the future.

    @michelinme Congrats to you on your first anniversary! And thanks again for hosting December.

    @cornish-jane I wondered where you were. Slow and steady wins the race! Glad to see you are back.

    @judyjudes congrats on your loss. It’s very substantial and will be easier to keep off. As I remember, you had been ill during part of that time, so it’s best to go slowly, let your body tell you what you need to do.

    @metatauta congrats on your stable loss. You seem to be in a good place. So glad for you.

    @flourbaby I love your posts, you are indeed a wordsmith! Glad you will be with us in December.

    @missybear You are crushing the whole maintenance thing! Inspires me!

    @debster251 One days weight doesn’t really tell the story, as you know. I’ll bet on a nice drop in weight for you in the next couple of days. Good luck!

    @coda, I am still keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. These legal matters move so slowly, and it seems so unfair when children are involved. I hope you have found good solicitors who will work for your best interests for years to come. Your poor son, what a terrible time for him! I’m sure he appreciates having you and your OH giving him all of your love and support. Sending you hugs and certainly prayers.

    Best of luck everyone. Adding myself to the pocket list. It’s 8:35 pm and the kitchen is closed! Reading and responding to the posts has kept me out of it. Now soon to bed and keeping calories under 500.

    Pocket list day 30

    December 1st

    Although I planned not to weigh but to go by my measurement dress, I had to know as I saw the scales. Weight 56.9 kg so 0.3 kg down, not bad, maintenance is going well.

    Thanks you @basyjames for hosting November.

    DAY 1 – UK – NFD

    @northerndawn thank you for your kind words; yes I’ve been quite poorly with a stomach bleed. Origin not yet confirmed. Due to have endoscopies in a couple of weeks. Still feel off it to be honest.

    I jinxed my weight loss by posting as it’s up again today (as is my stomach, looks 7 months pregnant swollen) by 3lbs. Daily weigher and imput in MFP. Over the last 6 months or so my weight has been yo-yoing around but overall MFP tells me I’m 7lbs up :(.

    Amongst other problems I also am aware my thyroid is playing up and I’m over due for my 2nd blood test as was in hospital with bleed when I should have gone to local gp for it.

    I’ve really cut down my food and I’m not drinking alcohol or having snacks. I can’t imagine how heavy and bloated I’d be if I hadn’t reduced what I eat.

    Warm wishes to all.

    Final post for November ….

    Weight today, after yesterdays FD, is 55kg. Exactly where I started the month.
    Plateauing, obviously. Hoping for a better December 🙂

    Again, thank you so much for hosting November @basyjames 🤗 💐

    Finishing the month with a slight loss, but a loss is a loss. Was thinking of taking a break for december….but have decided instead to join @ciren2 running along side the wagon. I have read all the posts, but can§t possibly reply to any here.
    See you all in December!

    Finished the month with a great FD, busy and active. Just checked my tracker and I clocked 19182 steps. No wonder I was hungry by dinner. I have lost around 3lbs this month and am happy with the progress.

    @coda hang in there. I am so sorry you and your family are going through so much, the trip to NZ will be a timely respite.

    @basyjames thanks so much for hosting this month, really appreciate having the forum to come to and the effort taken in making it happen!

    Final November post –

    Down 4.8 lbs. Goal was 5. I’ll take it. Now at 194.6 lbs. My lowest since I’ve started this WOL.

    Good for you @bellyblast for heading downward in November. And @kerryn73 – yes, a loss is a loss 🙂

    Thanks again @basyjames!

    See you in December 🙂

    Feeling positive about November, it wasn’t about losing for me but about just doing and nurturing my very deflated mojo, a strategy that seems to have worked.

    @coda – very sad to hear things are still difficult, a break from your home life sounds perfect to re charge those emotional batteries. Best wishes.

    @michelinme – what a delicious moment that will be when you take the clothes layers off – Ta-da!

    @judyjudes sorry to hear it’s been such a tough month wishing everything gets sorted soon for you.

    Congratulations to all that had a successful month and good luck to everyone in December.
    Thanks again @basyjames for hosting and thanks to all of you.

    Ta x

    Day 3, December CD, Mountaintop PA

    I’m late to report but I am happy to report that my 2 year anniversary in mid November saw my maintenance weight holding steady for the past year. Over the past 2 years I have learned to be satisfied with smaller portions, a desert now and then, and some regular cocktails and wine. I really don’t obsess about how many calories I’ve eaten. I continue to walk 3 to 4 miles a day, weather permitting, which is challenging in Northeastern PA with rain, snow and lack of sun a constant challenge.

    After all this time I have a moderate approach to food, enjoy the daily exercise and recently got my Earth badge from Fitbit for walking 7,900 miles – the diameter of the earth. Next badge on the horizon is 12,600 miles so that will be awhile.

    Overall the Fast 5:2 program and the Fitbit accountability have been a winner for me. Remember we enjoy our lives one day at a time.
    On to the December challenge!

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