November 2017 Challenge

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November 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 1, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Thanks @jessyoursize for hosting us this month. I have input my details on the spreadsheet.

    Having started this WOL and joining the monthly challenges in February, I got to within .3lb of my initial goal back in August. Since then I have totally messed around through a mixture of complacency, lack of self-discipline and totally forgetting that the health benefits are the most important aspect of this WOL with weight eradication a happy bonus. As a result I put around 8lb back on. My head is finally back in the right place and this month is going to be very successful!

    Strangely my BMI is bang in the middle of the healthy range but my fat levels remain in the overhealthy range. So my focus this month will be on improving the latter.

    Strategy for this month. Continue with daily exercise routine at least 5 days a week and walk more. Stick to the basic 5:2 programme with back to back fast days on Monday and Tuesday. I find this works for me and is achievable. Trying to split my fast days has resulted in the 2nd of the week not happening. I also dabbled with the higher 800 calorie limit and that just messed things up big style But we all live and learn, finding what works for us individually.

    Dreadful news from New York this morning – prayers for all those involved.
    Happy anniversary @at – enjoy your well deserved dinner with OH tonight. xx
    @flourbaby – you’ll be proud of me. Two slices of my Dad’s birthday cake have sat untouched in our fridge throughout my B2B FDs. I will enjoy a slice tonight.
    @bigviking – while I’m not joining you for a No Booze November, I am committing to no alcohol Monday through Thursday with sensible amounts over the weekend.

    Great to see all the new folks joining us and of course all the lovely friends I have met over the last year. Best wishes to all and look forward to our November journey together.

    “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

    Day 1 – Copenhagen – FD (maybe?!).

    Hi everyone, I’m considering making today my second FD of the week as I ate beyond my TDEE yesterday (I was just so hungry at dinner time all of a sudden!), but I have dinner plans with my sister tonight… hm. Will let you know how it goes.

    Does everyone have a weekly weigh-in day? I’m considering making mine Friday.

    Happy first of November! Hope you all had a great All Hallow’s Eve, if you like that sort of thing. 😉


    Day 1, NFD, New Zealand. Did well, I think, considering the first day involved going out to dinner with my husband. I declined wine and dessert, plus ate healthily through the day.

    Hi @jessyoursize could you add me in please. I started to do it but got a little lost since it has been a long time since I have done a spread sheet. Thank you in advance. I have been doing 5:2 for about 3 years and lost about 15 kilos and then my husband had back surgery and hasnt been the same since and then I lost my dear Mum last year and that was hard to deal with. Then in April I had a fall and lost my way so put the weight back on. I need to try and get back into it. Good luck everyone.

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD

    Today is my 1st anniversary on 5:2 and I’m currently down 33.4lbs in total, what’s not to celebrate!!!??

    However,………………… October was a bust for me and I start November at 161 lbs, my aim is to eradicate 4-5lbs this month, it’s doable, as long as my NFDs (Non-Fast Days) are CDs (Controlled Days).

    So my November aims are
    • Eradicate 4-5lbs of fat
    • Be consistent with 2-3L water per day – drown that dragon!!! It’s ALL about the water!!!
    • Up my step count to average at least 7500/day
    • STOP buying crap food just because it’s BOGOF or ½ price or only £1………………. Walk on by!!!!
    • Enjoy wine mindfully after 2 dry months, note to self……………. Do not drink from the bottle!!!!
    • Stick to ADF or 4:3, B2B2Bs only lead me to binge on NFDs (lesson learnt)

    @onahealthyhigh, my brain fog was mixing you up with @steffieagle, the super inspirational tortoise!!!! I hope you’re ok & the crash was just a bumper kiss!!??

    @bert1802, fab company to start my 2nd year of 5:2, last year over Xmas I reacquires my November eradication and more!!! This year I know myself so much better, there’s no way that’s happening again…………………. The world isn’t suddenly going to run out of red wine, chocolate or Baileys!!!!!! I should tattoo that somewhere!!! Ducks & monkeys, love it!!!

    @chiquitita_84, my B’day is Feb 24th, I’m aiming for maintenance at 140lbs by that date (20lbs to go!!) You can absolutely do this by Feb!!

    @bigviking, I thought about joining the Dry Winos……………….. for about a nanosecond!!!!! I’m too thirsty for a 3rd month. Is it wrong to be thinking about wine at 10am??? Good luck, I’m cheering you brave souls on from the sidelines!!

    @strawberriesandcream, you must be a masochist, I reckon I could smell cake through a closed fridge door!!! Well done and I’m joining you in staying dry Mon-Thurs too and being mindful over the weekend…….NO BINGING!!!!

    Thanks @jessyoursize for hosting this month, I need to reacquire the control that has led to a 30lb+ loss so far, particularly before the anticipated indulgences that Xmas will bring!!!

    Onward & Downwards people, we’ve got this November challenge licked!!!!!!

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    Thank you @jessyoursize for leading this challenge and to @saffy420 for doing a stellar job in October.

    A bit about me
    I am a 62 (nearly 63) year old retired teacher with 2 grown up sons, who has been at this WOL about 18months, with a loss of about 22 lbs. I am definitely in the tortoise group 🐢 my BMI is currently 24.4 but I’m still carrying too much around my middle.

    It’s lovely to see lots of old and new faces.

    Starting weight : 151 lbs
    Waist 34”
    Goal : 3lbs and 1” from my waist
    My undertaking for this month:
    – increase my water intake
    – revamp my daily plank challenge
    I’m off for a week’s holiday,on Friday but when I get back :
    – No sugar, sweets, pastries etc
    – Only drink alcohol once a week.

    Remember: I didn’t come this far only to come this far.

    Day 1 – NFD – Brisbane, Australia

    Today I started working for our state election coming up at the end of the month. I am hoping this will help my diet… I will be too busy to eat and I will be on my feet a lot more.

    I am pleased to say I exceeded my October goal of 72kg with a finishing weight of 71.6kg. About five years ago I got to an all time high of 84kgs. At that point I joined Weight Watchers and got down to about 73kgs. Slowly my weight started to creep up again to 79kgs…joined WW again and got back down to 74 kgs. My weight has remained around 75kgs for some time but nothing I did could get me back down to 72kg. It is such a fantastic feeling to be below that now and know that the numbers are still getting smaller. This WOL works for me.


    Day 1…….Florida…..FD

    I love me a day 1…..every month. The first day is always the best. Kind of feels like it’s thefirst day of the rest of our lives!

    My Nov. start weight is 132.8…. down 2/10th of a pound I think for Oct. Yipee…. something lost is better than weight found!

    My new friends….. word of advice….. Don’t allow the scales or the numbers on said scales to dictate your success with this WOL. They are just numbers!
    I plateau for 4 months at 140 but still managed to drop 2 pant sizes. Now, I’ve been toying with 132 for a month or so and I need new underpants again as they are two big again. At least with pants you can wear a belt….. under ware has no belt loops.
    So, dig out an outfit that’s hiding in your closet that’s too small and use that as an indicator that this WOL works!

    @bigviking…… thank you for having me as a member!

    @flourbaby…… Nov is going to be a piece of cake….. no pun intended! Unfortunately the world isn’t going to run out of the good stuff, but you know your body more this year than ever before…. so your already ahead in the game of holiday madness!

    @abfab5….. my weigh in day is Sat in the am….. naked in front of the mirror with sleep still in my eyes. But honestly, I don’t pay all that much attention to the numbers. I just use it as an indicator of weight not rising like the bad moon. I use clothes as my true indicator of my success!

    Well… I’m off to adult now!

    I do not have ducks!
    I do not have rows!
    I have monkeys and they’re running the circus!

    1/11/17 Ireland NFD 162lb 5’5 male

    Hi everyone! Please add me @jessyoursize

    Had my first fast day for a while yesterday which went well and today will try to stay under my tdee by drinking 2-3 litres of water and by keeping sweets to a minimum though there are some trick or treat snacks left over… arghhhh how annoying! Exercised yesterday and will do some lifting today, I want to lose at least one stone. Need to get to the shop to pick up some stir fry veg for tomorrow’s fast and some fruit as healthy alternatives to garbage sweets!!
    Good luck to everyone 😀

    Day 1 UK FD

    This is the month I reach my goal and begin maintenance as I successfully complete a year of fasting on November 9th having shed over 100 lbs. To achieve this I mostly did ADF and cut out all sugar, cereal, bread and pasta which made it far easier as once those are gone the cravings go too. Being vegetarian helped too as meat is a high calorie low nutrient food. Nuts and seeds and legumes are good protein sources with the added benefit of being far more nutritious. I always get at least my five veg a day even when fasting (except for the occasional liquid fast) and often closer to the ten that has been associated with the most health benefits. I discovered along the way that a lot of my pain and fatigue was due to trying to work while digesting. I now only eat when I have time to sit afterwards so usually at the end of a work day. It seems counter intuitive that you have more energy when you don’t eat but that is certainly the case for me. When I don’t eat I can keep going and going but if I eat I grind to a halt. So I never eat breakfast and usually don’t eat anything until after 4pm even on a NFD. But when I eat I eat a lot. I have trouble stopping sometimes and have to be careful when shopping but I have learned that the occasional setback can’t take away my achievement. Small steps, one day at a time, add up to something substantial and incredibly valuable.

    I have come a long way in a year. A year ago I was having trouble picking something up if I dropped it and my XXXL mens trousers were popping at the seams. I was in danger of being unable to look after the animals in the sanctuary I manage because I was in so much pain and was so fatigued. I had to do something. And I did. A year on I feel thirty years younger. My energy levels are great, my weight is normal, my mood is so much better. I am so confident in my abilities to cope this winter that I have taken in an extra twenty animals recently and have started doing night classes as well. I am wearing mens size 29 trousers and they are loose. I have bought some women’s leggings and the size 12s fit but are a bit short which is always a problem for me with women’s clothes. I am 5ft 8 and a half with very broad shoulders so tops are a problem too.

    I have one pound to lose to reach my goal of BMI 22.5, right in the middle of the healthy range and a nice round number where I want to maintain. I am going to use 5:2 to maintain, on Mondays and Wednesdays coinciding with my night classes. I just won’t eat until I get home at 10pm if at all. That should allow be to be generous with portion sizes the rest of the week although I will still have to be careful with the shopping. I cannot be trusted with nuts or cheese so have to strictly limit what I buy. I am going to try adding in some dark chocolate as I don’t think that I will binge on that but it would be nice for those psychological cravings when you just want something.

    I am not very good at replying to everyone’s posts as my social skills are a bit lacking but I really value these monthly challenges and hope that my success can inspire others, particularly those with a lot to lose, to keep going and reach their goals. Fasting really is the right tool for the job and applying it together we are stronger.

    Day 1, Belfast, NFD

    Thanks for hosting November’s challenge @jessyoursize. I’ve updated my stats on the spreadsheet. Hello oldies and welcome to newbies!

    Just a quick intro; I’m 43, live just outside the north of Belfast city and have been participating in the 5:2 monthly challenges since March of this year. When I started I was 12 stone 7 lbs. I now hover around the 12 stone mark. I’m 5ft 9, and I think my BMI is around 25, the high end. I do the 5:2 for the range of health benefits…weight loss being among them. I know that on non-fast days I could make healthier choices and that’s one of my main aims this month.

    This forum is great as the regular sign in seems to (mostly!) keep me accountable…and the chat and support is awesome.

    @fatrabbit – amazing! One pound to go. Well done!

    I’m off on mid-term holidays and we are hosting a chinese student as a home-stay this week…there’s defo some eating going on at mine so I think it’ll be a big re-set when we’re all back to school next week.

    Good luck everyone and happy November! xx

    Day 1, NFD, US

    Not a good start to the month, @onahealthyhigh. Glad you’re ok and hope there wasn’t too much damage to your car.

    Oh, fellow booze-hounds. I hit the bottle last night, and this morning, it’s belting me back. Why, oh why, do I do this to myself?!?! It’s doubly bad because I just want to go and have something hot and greasy now, and the nice light salad lunch I had planned for just aint going to cut it. Sigh.

    First day of the month. Restart.

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Starting weight for the November Challenge = 53.8kg/118.6lbs (Maintenance target is to stay below 55kg/121lbs)

    Just back from my regular Wednesday morning Yoga Class – a lovely energising session!

    Just checking on here whilst I enjoy a cup of tea before I need to go get ready for my afternoon of volunteering – I baked a Chocolate and Beetroot cake yesterday for one of the volunteers who turned 60 on Monday – hope it tastes as good as it smelt whilst baking yesterday!!!!

    I have just completed B2B FD – Monday(158cals) and Tuesday(338cals) and have yet to break my fast today – will wait until I feel hungry to eat something – it might be a slice of that cake this afternoon…….

    Today is my one year anniversary of joining these challenges – I first joined when @back2thefuture was hosting the November 2016 Challenge and I have participated in every one of them since then and even hosted the March 2016 Challenge. I started 5:2 WOL on my own in January 2016 but joining these forums got me to maintenance weight and kept me there ever since.

    My personal motto on this journey has been “Losing weight is a mind game – change your mind – change your body” I see fasting as permanent part of my life going forward as it has allowed me to achieve my goals in weight loss and improved my mental and physical health and it has also shown me that I am much stronger than I thought I was!

    Today is my 37th Wedding Anniversary – where has the years gone!!!! I have a very supportive and loving OH and a darling daughter who is going to be 29 in December – I have good health, take no medication and loving my new life in the Lake District (moved here after retiring 4 years ago!)

    My quotes for our first day of this November Challenge:-
    “Nobody can do it for you, You have to do it for yourself” and “If you change nothing then nothing will change!”

    Day 1 – USA (Illinois) – FD

    Welcome newbies! You are safe here, encouraged to post daily, let us all be community for you. I’ve been part of all the challenges since May 2016 with @coda (and got to meet her and her DH on their trip last spring to Chicago). I’m at maintenance of 160# (+/- 3 pounds) and have been for nearly a year. This weight is right for my 69-year old body so I don’t look too wrinkly. My tummy is a wrinkled mass of lost-fat skin, so I don’t bare it! But 35 pounds lost on 5:2 does that. I’m right at the top of healthy BMI at 25.

    6:1 works for me for maintenance. My 6 days can include some indulgences, including wine and sweets. I eat an apple a day for regularity. Exercise includes power walks on FD’s, but generally I do 2-3 exercise classes for us seniors called Silver Sneakers each week.

    I so enjoy reading this forum for the encouragement it affords to us all.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1, FD, UK
    I’m having a massively concentrated 6 weeks which will see me very close to my goal weight (if not there….)

    I’m so happy with how well this way of eating suits me – 15lb off since July and I have never felt deprived or that I’m missing out

    -3.5lb will get me to my interim target, I reckon I can do that 😀

    Day 1 Akron OH FD.

    Its day 1 of the rest of our lives, I’m marching on to the beat of a brand new drum, oh here I come; the future has begun – It’s day 1.

    Those were the words to the song I was listening to on my way in today and it’s oh so appropriate.

    A bit about me: I am 42 year old female nurse. I have struggled with my weight since I had my kids, I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce and then poof: I was overweight just like that. I have tried everything in the past and I usually lost the weight but could not maintain. So it was a crazy cycle of diet, lose, gain, diet, lose, gain… I used to have a spectrum of sizes in my closet; ranging from size 14 to size 6, to accommodate whatever weight I happened to be at the time. Right about when I turned 40, I noticed the weight was not as easy to lose, I was doing all the things that used to work for me before but I was not losing anything! I was beginning to panic when I stumbled on ADF and this forum and what a God send! I started fasting and I have never looked back and I keep saying that it’s the easiest and cheapest eating pattern I have ever tried. No need to buy expensive special meals or groceries; in fact I have saved money eating this way.

    I met my 23 pound weight loss goal back in May, gained a few back over the summer, lost most of it and have been working on finding a maintenance plan that works for me. When I eat, I love to eat. I am fond of pastries, rolls and cakes (here’s looking at you @flourbaby 🙂 ) and I enjoy a good flavored beer on Saturdays (even though it makes me sweaty, which is NOT the sexiest look ever) my BMI currently hovers between 21 and 22, and I am a comfortable size 0 – 2 in tops, and a size 4 – 6 in pants; everything else has been banished from my closet.

    Long story short – this WOL works. I am looking forward to what November has in store. @bert1802 another good ending. @fatrabbit your story is beyond inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Finally, my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy in NY.

    Together we really are STRONGER!!

    Day 1 Wales NFD

    Feels like November will be a good month, so busy here, great to ‘see’ so many new people – Welcome!

    This is my 5th monthly challenge. I started 5:2 on 26 June this year and have got rid of 17 pounds of fat so far. I’m following the Blood Sugar Diet eating plan on 5:2 with fasting days of up to 800 calories on Mondays and Thursdays. I’m 58, live in South Wales, UK and have yo-yo dieted my entire adult life. This WOE suits me and I feel confident I will finally be able to maintain the weight loss.

    @at – Happy Anniversary!
    @fatrabbit – you’re inspirational!
    @penz – oh how well I know that feeling…..which brings me on to……..

    no booze November,
    @bigviking@emma Taylor – @bert1802 – and anyone else who wants to join us (???)
    I’m doing OK so far, no wine in the house, OH being supportive… it still only day one??!!!

    Day 1 Akron OH FD.

    Its day 1 of the rest of our lives, I’m marching on to the beat of a brand new drum, oh here I come; the future has begun – It’s day 1

    Those were the words to the song I was listening to on my way in today and it’s oh so appropriate.

    A bit about me: I am 42 year old female nurse, mother to two teenage girls and wife to my amazing OH. I have struggled with my weight since I had my kids, I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce and then poof: I was overweight just like that. I have tried everything in the past and I usually lost the weight but could not maintain. So it was a crazy cycle of diet, lose, gain, diet, lose, gain… I used to have a spectrum of sizes in my closet; ranging from size 14 to size 4, just to accommodate whatever weight I happened to be at the time. Right about when I turned 40, I noticed the weight was not as easy to lose, I was doing all the things that used to work for me before but I was not losing anything. I was beginning to panic when I stumbled on ADF and this forum and what a God send! I started fasting and I have never looked back and I keep saying that it’s the easiest and cheapest eating pattern I have ever tried. No need to buy expensive special meals or groceries; in fact I have saved money eating this way.

    I met my 20 pound weight loss goal back in May, gained a few back over the summer, lost it all and I have been working on finding a maintenance plan that works for me. When I eat, I love to eat. I am fond of pastries, rolls and cakes (here’s looking at you @flourbaby 🙂 ) and I enjoy a good flavored beer on Saturdays (even though it makes me sweaty, which is NOT the sexiest look ever) my BMI currently hovers between 21 and 22, and I am a comfortable size 0 – 2 in tops, and a size 4 – 6 in pants; everything else has been banished from my closet.

    Long story short – this WOL works and participating in the monthly challenges has been a lifesaver. I am looking forward to a great November. @jessyoursize thank you for hosting the challenge this month, @bert1802 another good ending, you never disappoint 🙂 @fatrabbit your story is beyond inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Finally, my thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy in NY.

    Together we really are STRONGER. Stay thirsty My friends.

    Day 1 NFD
    Ate too much Halloween candy as a goodbye to my old lifestyle.
    And a little stress/fear of the challenge ahead but I am ready to go.
    I am curious how people manage NFD’s and plan for this month to count calories.
    Just being mindful is a step in the right direction for me.

    Good luck all!!

    Day 1, South Wales, NFD

    Looking forward to the November challenge in the company of old faces & new!

    The kids are off school this week and I always find it harder to fast when they’re around. Still at least the Great British Bake Off will not be taunting me with pastry, cake and bread in November!

    Goal this month: drop 4lb, go dry til Fri every week, start hiking at weekends.

    Good luck all!

    Day 1 NFD

    New month new determination, so much so I packed up all of the sweets left over from Halloween and brought it ALL into work today – my OH isn’t bothered with that kind of stuff and with both of my kids now at uni I couldn’t trust myself to keep it all at home – a small victory for me as I usually love that sort of rubbish!!!

    Feeling positive 🙂 I’m beginning to think I just might be able to do this…

    Loving reading all the posts here. Good luck to everyone!

    One day at a time….

    Day 1 North Wales FD

    This will be my 5th challenge. I have lost 24lbs and I feel great. I don’t feel like I am on a diet as I eat within reason 5 days a week. I am beginning to think about maintenance. Like others I don’t want to look to wrinkly and gaunt. Another 8 pounds and I think I will be there.

    I am 61, a retired teacher, mother of two daughters and two granddaughters. I live in beautiful North Wales close to the sea and mountains. I have a a dog called Moli and chickens. I had been struggling for years to get my weight under control. A stressful job, broken ankle and sick parents caused me to eat more than perhaps I should have. This forum is so supportive and nice. Whenever I feel like I am struggling I just read the posts and it helps to get me back on track.

    Fizzy water with a dash of lime helps to keep the hunger at bay on a fast day. I do two fasts per week and since I started this WOL if have lost around a pound a week. Slow and steady is my motto and hopefully it will stay off.

    I did the Sober October last month. I was looking forward to a glass of white this evening but heigh ho it’s a fast day so that pleasure will have to wait. 😂😂😂. Like many others I seemed to buy a lot of bottles whilst staying sober. Christmas should be a merry time. 😜

    ONWARDS AND DOWNWARDS Together we are Stronger 💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    So great to begin a new month & with this lovely international, supportive forum!
    I’m a 67 yr old teacher, probably my last year of full-time teaching. At my heaviest I was 245 and when I began 5:2 fall of 2016, I was at 235 lbs. Am starting this month at 199. My goal is to reach 195 this month.

    @fatrabbit – thanks for reviewing your story and how you accomplished your 100+ lb weight loss. It’ll help me steer away more consistently from the floury carbs (not completely @flourbaby).

    @at – Happy Anniversary! 37 yrs is a wonderful accomplishment!

    @abfab5 – I usually consider my “official” weekly weigh-in the morning after my 2nd FD. Everyone does it differently. I echo @bert1802 that how clothes fit is often a better indicator of how one is doing than the scale.

    Have a great month fellow fasters! Remember that together we are stronger!

    Day 1, Gozo, Malta, fd

    I weigh 66.2 kilos. I’d like to be 63.5 kilos. Today is a fast day for me and as I spend a day outside with my two granddaughters and daughter I have eaten a small Parma ham and mazzorella salad.

    Have a great day everyone, onwards and downwards.

    I’m in for the November Challenge. I’ve been doing 5:2 plus Mediterranean Diet for 4 months and lost 11kgs so far. I’m keen to keep going as this really works for me and I’ve a lot more to go.

    As well as the weight loss, I have cured my indigestion. And I’ve had the confidence to start yoga (biggest person in the class to start with!) and plan to start running next year.

    Just got to keep going….

    Day 1, London. NFD.

    Starting weight: 58.1kg
    Goal for the month: 56.5kg

    Good luck to everyone!

    Day 1 – ABQ – FD

    Good morning (or evening to some of you!) everyone! Today is a great day to get the month started. I will say I over-indulged a bit with the halloween candy last night! But I am going to re-commit to this month by kicking off with B2B FD today & tomorrow!

    Starting Weight: 161.8
    Nov Goal Weight: 155

    @KerryAnn, @mjrbcd44, @mrspepperpot, @needtochange, @sbc – Welcome!!! We are so glad you are joining us! I’ve added your names to the spreadsheet! Just find your name and add in as much or as little detail as you would like to share! Whatever you write (or delete) in each cell will auto save. 

    Google Sheet:

    @onaheathlyhigh – OMG!! I am glad you are not hurt, but that is and can be quite scary!

    @bert1802 – I’ll get your stats added 🙂

    @stayinthin – way to go for getting into that dress! AND for being so close to your goal! You’ve got this!

    @daffodil2010 – WHOHO! Congrats on reaching your October goal!!

    @abfab5 – Some people do weekly, while others do daily, and some only do it once a month. I personally am in the weekly group. I like to do it on Saturday mornings, that way I have time to do my weight and measurements.

    @flourbaby – we weight goal twins this month! October was a bust for me too – though with the new scale I’m still a little unsure on what happened. I’m starting this month fresh too!

    @fatrabbit – One pound!? That is so awesome!! Congratulations! And I for one love reading your updates! They make me laugh and give comradery to those of us in the same boat!

    @at – Happy Anniversary!

    Day 2 NZ FD

    I didn’t reach my October goal. Roll on November!

    Day 1 California NFD 60.4 kg., 133 lbs.

    Yesterday started out to be a good 2nd day of an extra FD for the week, a B2B with Monday. I made it all the way through until 11:00 PM with 500 calories. Then the Halloween candy that had been calling my name all day got stronger. I didn’t even bother counting how many calories I consumed. But it was a massive amount. Self sabotage at its finest. I knew I shouldn’t have candy in the house. Somehow I lost 100 grams from the prior day. Imagine the loss if I had just gone to bed and ignored all that candy! #@!&#!

    Well, November is a new month. Good luck to everyone. Don’t do what I did. Banish all trigger foods from your home. You know, the ones you can still hear calling out to you, even with your fingers in your ears, going, “LA LA LA LA LA! “ 😁

    Day 1 Ireland FD
    Thanks @jessyoursize for hosting. I’m ready to rock and am almost through my first FD. Feeling strong after an iffy October but going to give it my best shot
    Goals for this month
    1. Goal weight
    Current Weight: 143.6 lbs
    Nov. Goal Weight: 133 lbs
    Goal Weight: 126 lbs
    2. Be generally happier and not so hard on myself and everyone around me. This involves me going to bed at a reasonable time and getting up early and practicing yoga daily. I commit to doing this at least 3x per week for November building towards daily in Dec
    3. Drink enough water!!!!

    Day 1 London NFD

    Day 1, Norway, NFD, no alco

    A normal NFD today – no breakfast, lunch at 11:30…dinner at 17:30-ish….has to be below TDEE of 1800-something….will do the counting later on.

    Day 1, Mountaintop PA, USA, NFD

    November 1 dawned dark and dreary here in PA but there was a positive number on the scale of 141.5 showing a solid 1.8 lbs gone in October. Maybe one more pound to go, although I am thrilled with my number now. That makes 17 pounds in nearly one year on the Fast 5:2.

    Hit the trail this morning in 38° temperature dressed in double layers plus a down jacket. Deer are approaching Rut, the time they are most active mating on November 5 and are very active in my yard and up in the gamelands where I walk. A large 8 point (or more) white tail jumped in front of me streaking across our road with a scant 15 feet between us yesterday. The encounter scared me and sent my heart rate soaring! LOL.

    November is challenging with weather and Thanksgiving celebrations. We can do it. Good luck to all faithful November 2017 challenge members.

    DAY 1 – Kodiak AK US/ NFD

    Woo hoo! So, thank you to all of you who have welcomed us newbies. Reading all of your posts is incredibly inspiring! I’ve participated in many forums in the past and I have to say that this is one of THE MOST welcoming, friendly, and supportive forums I have ever seen.

    Yesterday was my first FD. I had started before I even realized there was a forum!

    Anyway, I did great! I am amazed! My husband even commented on how well I was doing and that he was proud of me. Eventually, I think I will be able to get him on board 100% since it’s just these two days and because near starvation is his preferred method for weight loss anyway!Long story there but it has to do with military weigh-ins twice a year.

    Just a recap of the day. I ended up eating a total of 577 cal. I did spread my calories out throughout the day because my body is accustomed to the whole 5 small meals spread throughout the day thing. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t kill myself!

    My energy was good all day, I did a low impact cardio workout in the morning, did my fast, stayed on track….omg, 3 oz of baked chicken and steamed broccoli never tasted so good, I didn’t get a headache, I drank about 3 L of water and several cups of herbal teas. The water and the tea helped enormously with the hunger.

    I think spreading the calories out works best for me right now. I like knowing that there is always some tiny thing I can nibble if I get really, really hungry. It didn’t take much at all to alleviate the hunger. So I’ll stick with that for now.

    I slept very well last night! Got up this morning and was able to do a ballet based balance and stretch workout this morning, had granola and yogurt for breakfast and am still feeling great!

    I don’t normally have that kind of breakfast. I usually have way less carbs, sugar, and much more protein and veggies type thing, but I found that yesterday I was fantasizing about yogurt and granola for breakfast!! So i promised myself I could have it!

    I chose the very low key workout this morning because I wasn’t sure how much energy I was going to have. I do think my muscles got fatigued pretty quickly so I’m glad I went with that because I also have a dance class tonight so didn’t need to burn to much energy.

    The best part of the whole thing was knowing that I just had to get through this ONE DAY! That made ALL the difference!

    I know a lot of you can identify with this, judging by the other posts, that as I’m driving home from the office I’m thinking how beautiful a glass of red wine will be. I almost always have one while I’m cooking dinner. I didn’t struggle with it as I have in the past. I owned it as my CHOICE to skip today for the sake of staying 100% compliant and BOOM! I didn’t think about it for the rest of the night.

    One observation about myself, periodically throughout the day I found my thoughts habitually focusing on tomorrow being another “diet” day. Mentally planning what I would eat to stay on track and giving myself a pep talk about how I can do this again tomorrow. Then I would remember I’m not on a diet. It’s just this one day! Tomorrow I can have whatever I want and I DON’T have to count every calorie and I don’t have to gorge on everything in sight because it’s not a “cheat” day or a “free” day followed again by restrictive dieting….it’s just a plain, old, DAY!!!

    What a relief to know that! It’s the reason i made it through and the reason I know that I can do it again tomorrow.

    I love that this thread has people from so many different places!!! There a lot of places my husband and I want to visit! Soon when I have a little more time I will be able to tag people with individual comments. There are so many people here I want to get to know.

    @rainbowsmile you said “I want my revenge body back to demonstrate to myself that the things that my ex-husband said to me about being ugly and unattractive because of my weight are no longer true”

    I hope that you know in your heart that the things your ex-husband said to you NEVER WERE TRUE extra weight or not. People who love you, people who are genuine and compassionate, love past the excess weight and beyond bodily imperfections. You deserve better than him. The revenge body can be a powerful motivator so definitely put that energy to good use in reaching your goal!!! But ultimately, do this for yourself and remind yourself every single day that you are a person worth loving no matter what your body looks like!!!!

    Oh this has turned into a crazy long post!! Hope I haven’t bored everyone to tears!!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Day 1, Brussels BE, NFD reasonable day but didn’t count calories. I avoided sweets and chocolate which I love and are my downfall 😁

    This week is a bit off for me as I’m on holiday and out of my routine so I’m finding it harder.

    Do you have any suggestions how to avoid the NFD binge? That’s what I find the worst!!

    Day 1, London uk NFD

    Killer exercise class this morning – great way to start the day. Now settling into the evening – mentally preparing for my FD tomorrow.

    Glad to be here.

    Hi @jessyoursize. Please add me to the challenge for this month.
    I live in Germany, have just turned 50, and my goals for this month are to get into the programme and drink more water. Thanks!

    Day 1 – 🇬🇧 – NFD

    Plan to be more committed this month knowing that I have a lot of socials in December!!!

    Yesterday was my 1st FD.

    Day 1 – no worries as NFD. Still ate well and tried to avoid snacking.

    Noticed I had less coffee than normal today – 3 cups instead of the usual 4 or 5.

    2nd post…..

    I just wanted to add a little food for thought for all our newbies as well as us old timers who need help.

    So, you just completed your FD. Thoughts of what your gonna eat are on your mind. Oh, I’m having this…. and this and this and this….. oh and you know I’m eating you tomorrow too!
    They key, I found out that works wonders for me is to approach the day as if it were a FD, instead of saying I’ll have you tomorrow. Say, I’ll taste a small part of you today and if your that good I’ll have you on my next NFD.
    It’s a mind game, your playing with yourself. Normally the first bite is the best anyways. If that thing….. (pastries for me)are that good, you’ll just have another taste at another time.
    This way you are getting what you want and everything you want with out making your bellys explode.

    @at…. congrats on your one year!
    @steffieagle….. my OH would love to be surprised with a deer encounter like yours. He says you are on lucky duck!

    I do not have ducks!
    I do not have rows!
    I have monkeys and they’re running the circus!

    Day 2/16:8 CD/Melbourne Australia

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Such a lovely group of old and new friends. I really appreciate the support and advice, not to mention the humour and life stories. My poor car has suffered a little more than a bumper kiss (@flourbaby, what a fun description). I’m fine but the stress of dealing with a very young man, with little money is taking it’s toll. On the one hand I’d love to think the best of him, and trust his friend is qualified to repair my car but on the other I need to ensure my car is cared for and I don’t suffer too much from a possible loss of value. A real dilemma.

    Needless to say I had a 1/2 bottle of a delicious white last night which led to a whopping 1000 calories over TDEE. Wine really does release the snack dragon. If only I could limit myself to one glass a night. When I started this WOL I could but not now. At least I stop at a 1/2! Not the best start to Nov but not a disaster in the scheme of things.

    Looking forward to a more relaxed and controlled day. Feeling lucky that it wasn’t worse. With so much going on in the world and in people’s lives, this is a really minor event.

    Embrace the day and enjoy the journey. This is a wonderful WOL shared with a wonderful international group.

    Hi @jessyoursize please also add me to the Nov challenge! Too much wine in October and having started to ride my bike to work has meant I’ve put on a couple of kilos 😞 Really upste as Xmas is coming up and that in itself is going to be fuelled with wine and (too many) mince pies!!

    I’m hoping to get back to doing IF doing b2bs. My routine Will be 4 days on FD and 3 on A NFD. But I have to make sure I don’t binge on the NFDs as I have been recently (where the wine and lots of eating out has ruined it).

    I find cycling is making me more hungry so might be uping the 500 to 600. Will see.

    I have have have to lose those annoying KGs!

    Let’s doooo this!!!!

    So I’m based in Surrey and today was an FD. I have to start using MFP again too 😒

    Good night everyone! Keep doing what you’re doing! X

    Day 1 Gold Coast, QLD CD
    Day 2 Gold Coast, QLD FD

    Hey everyone, I’m back for my 2nd challenge month after finding that checking in every day and connecting with everyone was a great incentive in October. My weight is up and down all over the place during the week, but the trend is steadily downwards so I’m happy with that. Here’s to a great month!

    Starting weight 142.8lbs, briefly considered doing a fast day but doesn’t work with game 7 of the World Series – especially when my team is losing. 😉
    In general I am hoping for Mon & Wed fast days. Recently I have been getting better at intermittent fasting and don’t eat until noon most days. Goal is to get well into the 130’s by the end of Nov.
    P.S. posting from Alberta, Canada where it is still Nov 1!

    Day 2 – Japan – NFD

    I was lost in October … came to November and already 3 pages behind!

    NFD days are pretty easy. Tomorrow should be a fast day.

    @jessyoursize Thank you for hosting November!

    Day 2 | Sydney Australia | B2B FD

    This month my goal is 124 kg.

    That means I will need to lose about 4 or 5 kg. If I succeed then I will have lost about 22 kg over about 6 months.

    I just had my first meal of the day, some miso soup. No plans yet for dinner.

    I’m upping my volume of cardio at the gym. I haven’t been doing much since I strained my arches, but I’m now doing some work on the cross trainer, the recumbent bicycle, and walking on the treadmill with a steep incline.

    Day 2-Uk-FD x

    Day 2, FD


    Day 1 – FD
    Day 2 – NFD

    Good Morning everyone,
    Sorry had a hectic day so didn’t manage to post.

    I am doing a 4:3 .

    I haven’t done a fast in a few years , so getting back to IF slowly..

    Yesterday was my 2nd fast day of the week and first for this month.
    I am sticking to Tuesday, wed, and Friday as my FDs as they are my long days with work and other commitments and I feel that would be better for me as I won’t have much time to be thinking of food during the day 🙂

    I do feel good. Had a bit of headache during the day , nothing to stop me carrying on. I do mainly coffee’s and water during the day and just one meal in the evening on FD s . Do get a bit of craving towards end of day , but am hoping it won’t jeopardize anything.

    Well done everyone for getting thru Day 1 of November if you were on your FDs.

    Today is an NFD for me

    Day 2,Germany, FD
    I’m just wondering whether it is a good idea to weigh in every day. I realize that it frustrates me if my weight goes up on NFDs! Within the last two NFDs my weight went up 1,3 kg! And I just had my normal 3 meals a day, no sweets! How often do you weigh yourself?
    Well, today is a FD and I will really try to go with 500 kcal (which I find very hard). I will try to have my first meal as late as possible!
    @flourbaby : thank you for reminding me of the importance of drinking water! I always drink a lot but I feel that pure water (much better than tea) best helps against feelings of hunger or cravings – so I’ll go for loads of water today!
    Thank you everybody for your open and friendly shares, it’s really a gift to be part of this community!

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