November 2017 Challenge

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November 2017 Challenge

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  • Final Post for November

    Well, I only dispatched .7 lbs. this month…went up and down a few times. I am fasting today (Day 1 of Dec.), but realized it’s probably more precise to declare my weight this morning instead of tomorrow morning, which would be the 2nd day of the new month. So I’m 166.4 now. I have not measured myself yet, but will do so and log it on the spreadsheet. I usually lose at least an inch or so somewhere each month, which tells me this WOL is working well despite the scales. I appreciate you, @jessyoursize, for your hard work this month and would love to cheer each one of you individually for your determination, whether the scales moved or not. I have not heard from anyone about my question regarding BMI measurements (WW scale vs. 5:2 website calculator). If anyone could please let me know which is the more realistic measurement, I’d appreciate it!

    Please count me in for the December Challenge.

    @metatauta – I believe this thread has wrapped up & is winding down… the foot traffic & action has moved on to December’s page. If you post your question there, more eyes will see it & hopefully you’ll receive some helpful feedback.

    See you in December thread! 😃👍🏼

    Day 2, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Today I’m being careful what to eat. I had some salmon and it was a small piece from one portion. I also had a large bowl of hot spiced fruit salad which I made on Thursday and was still delicious. This evening I won’t have my usual pizza but a light meal of about 400 calories instead. Then today would be almost a fast day of 850 calories. I need this as next week I’m going for a week to Sicily and I won’t be fasting.

    I’m taking care of my youngest grandson Alexander today and he sleeps with me then tomorrow we’ll take him to his mother (my daughter) to Malta. Tomorrow we’ll have lunch in a restaurant.

    Have a great Saturday everyone, onwards and downwards stay strong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1,401 through 1,404 (of 1,404 total)

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