November 2017 Challenge

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November 2017 Challenge

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  • Norway, Day 2, FD/NFD?

    Hi, I’m in on the November challenge, even though I will be travelling/on holiday for 10 days.

    Sorry to be away the last week, I have been travelling with work, dealing with sick children, and then been sick myself. Still not well, but I will try for an FD today and see how it goes.

    I have put on a bit again the last week, expect it to be a bit of water due to a lot of salty and bad food, the truth will be told tomorrow after this FD. If I can manage it. If I don’t feel good today, I will break my fast. There is no point in having FDs when I am sick, then I just need to focus on getting better. This is such a bad timing though, I was having suck a great streak with the good FDs and actually losing weight again, aaaalmost saw the number 85 on my scale and then boom. sick. In 2 weeks I am off so warmer places and will have to wear a bikini. Not looking forward to the latter, but I am really looking forward to sunshine and heat 🙂

    Day 2, Brussels BE, FD

    Everything meal and calorie planned, I seem ok on FD so will see how it goes!

    @bert1802, congrats on your journey and thanks for the insight ! I will try also planning for the NFDs like the FD ones, and also keeping track of food!

    Loving all the positive posts here, it’s so encouraging 🙂

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Wow, such a busy forum already, so much so that I could not catch up on all posts before my daily sign in. That’s great. Welcome all , we are stronger together.

    Went out for a celebration meal with DH last night, did not count calories, did not have dessert (not a dessert person really), lots of glasses of red wine, a really great night.
    I wore a smart top and trousers that I have not worn in ages due to being too fat ☺️ But not now 😄
    Oh yes, it felt good.

    And this morning the scales tell me that I only put on a quarter of a pound! Yay!
    It’s an FD today, plan for less than 500 calories, just an apple and plum for lunch, and BigBills chicken noodle soup fir dinner.

    I have my cardio tests tomorrow so need to be lean and clean 😨

    @flourbaby your posts crack me up 😂 Loved the EFS earlier this week. I enjoy your musings very much 😃

    Hi @jessyoursize

    Thanks for hosting the November challenge. Please count me in. I will be on holiday till 13th with limited wifi access but will post on my return and when I can while away. Starting this month on 59.4 Kg . Would like to lose 1 Kg this month but might be a bit optimistic considering the holiday “getting in the way”! But I do need to have a goal to work towards even if not totally achieved.
    Good luck to everyone for a great November.

    Day 2 Wales FD

    FD meals planned, fruit and yogurt breakfast, veg soup lunch, tuna and vegetables for dinner.

    @miraclelou – we have different weigh in preferences. I began weighing weekly but got distracted from fasting when the scales moved in the wrong direction, so now I weigh me just once a month at the end/ beginning of challenges so that I only see the downward trend. Some people like to weigh every day to monitor the fluctuations. The great thing about this WOE / WOL is that you just learn what works for you along the way.

    Have a super day everyone and a big thank you for keeping me company on my journey to a trim and healthy me.

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Yay :))) I reached my goal with a week to spare giving me time to make sure it sticks. Preferably I would like to stay under it in maintenance. I ate nothing until I got home last night and then went on a bit of a feeding frenzy but with fruit so well within 800 calories. I considered not eating at all but then I would have been more likely to mess up and binge today. As it stands I feel full and satisfied this morning, able to wait to eat until I can cook something good this evening.

    I used to get really down about fluctuations and tried to only weigh once a week. But now it is a routine that I weigh every morning and record it on the tracker and I know the bounces will happen and don’t worry (much) about them. The important thing is not to give up whatever bumps in the road there are. The cumulative effect is what counts.

    Day 2 North Wales NFD

    Good fast day yesterday, off to visit my sister today for the weekend. Lots of good food and company. @kerry Ann well done for successfully completing your first FD. Your comments about it being just one day does make all the difference. I too see it like that. I am not on a diet because I can eat what I like tomorrow.

    @stephies when I think about the NFD binge, I think about undoing the good work I have done on my FD’s. I do have the occasional binge. Life would be so boring if i didn’t. I just firmly press the reset button the next day.

    @at congratulations on your first year.

    @onahealthyhigh there is nothing nicer than some crisps or cheese with a glass of wine. Don’t buy the snacks 😂. I have to keep snack free cupboards else I would be eating crisps with my wine every time.

    @missybear I only weigh once a month, I occasionally have a sneak peak two weeks in. I don’t like to see the scales move up. I find that keeps me more on track.

    Really need to work hard this month on my water intake. I start off with good intentions and then as the day progresses I drink less. 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 is my motto this month. Please do not let me forget it.

    Have a good day everyone x

    Day 2 FD, Canada

    @jess thanks for hosting this month!

    @at congrats on both your anniversaries!

    @miraclelou, I just weigh every 2 weeks as the scale fluctuations really messed with my head and would wreck my resolve when I was weighing in daily.

    My goals this month: daily plank challenge,2 aerobic exercise classes a week,stay within my TDEE on NFDs.

    Day 2, London, FD.

    I have not read everyone’s posts (as I have too much on right now), but will do later in the day, especially if my resolve starts to wane.

    I’ve just dived in to this challenge as I have just started the 5:2 WoL. Tuesday was my first FD and it went pretty well apart from cooking evening meal – my family is not joining in with 5:2 and so my meals are different, for now.

    Apart from being overweight and having hypertension I am otherwise healthy – as evidenced by blood results and confirmed by doctors. My aim is to reduce my blood pressure and improve on some of the numbers in my blood test results, e.g. Reduce L.D.L. and Triglycerides and increase H.D.L. Reducing my CRP number will be good as well. Of course, getting the fat off will help with all of this.

    Today is my 2nd FD and I so tried 1 of the easiest recipes in the book – and failed. Well, you try peeling the shell off a very hot egg without burning yourself. I gave up and ate it from the shell.

    On my last FD I found that afternoon was the worst time because I did not have enough to occupy my mind at work. On my FDs I plan to have breakfast and supper without anything in between. Today that should be different as I have planned activities that should keep me busy.

    Day 2, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Many congratulations @fatrabbit – you’re @fabulousrabbit!
    Good to hear you had a great night out @daffodil2010 – all the best with your cardio tests.
    @onahealthyhigh – hope you’re ok after your car incident yesterday. Even the most gentle of knocks can cause unseen damage underneath (I know from experience) so you need to do what’s best for you re insurance/repairs etc. I expect the young man will learn from this experience.
    We have so many new challengers joining us this month and I’m sorry I can’t respond right now. However, my contribution this morning is this link to Dr. Eric Berg who has loads of useful information about fasting on You Tube.

    Yesterday I met friends for brunch and so I had some porridge. That set off the hunger pangs all day and whilst I stayed in control, it proved to me that my current routine of generally sticking to OMAD on both fast and non fast days works for me in terms of not stoking the hunger pangs.

    Lovely sunny day here – off to do some work in my Dad’s garden.

    Together we are stronger.

    Day 2, London, UK, FD

    I like it @lynned – I’m in the “Dry ‘til Fri” group with you, there may even be a dry weekend thrown in this month, but I’m getting ahead of myself again!!!!

    @basyjames, I hear you, although I LoL’d at your “I am fond of pastries, rolls and cakes”…………….. I’m fond of my OH, but I absolutely LOVE cake!!!!! (that’s a joke, …………….. just!!)

    @jessyoursize, I’m happy to have another twin!!!! So now I have a weight twin – you; an anniversary twin – @bert1802; a greedy twin -@lilymartin & a couple of refined carb triplets @aljomisaza & @basyjames (although I suspect 90% of challengers could join too!!!)

    @califdreamer – and THAT is the ultimate definition of a food avalanche ……………………….. just one morsel and all hell breaks loose!!!!!!

    @kerry Ann, and that’s just about the best bit of advice for this WOL…………… you just have to get through this ONE DAY!!!!!!! How hard can it be!!!???? Well said in response to @rainbowsmile, my sentiments exactly!!

    @miraclelou, Water is the key, I just have to keep reminding myself, hence the hourly alarm on my phone!! I’m a daily weigher and have been since the beginning of my journey, if I didn’t I would weigh-in after a week and wouldn’t have a clue where I went wrong………….….. or right!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m eliminating EFS from my vocabulary!!!! I don’t plan on having any more of those weekends……………… I know self-sabotage doesn’t care what I have planned so…………….. I expect I’ll be pressing reset again………. And again………and again!!!!!

    Just a quick comment/ query, have we become a bit hardened to the atrocities in the world??? We had very few comments regarding NY, yet earlier this year we ALL commented/ sent wishes of goodwill to London, Barcelona etc………………… I don’t know, just feeling sad that I’m getting used to this cr*p!!!!

    What a downer to end my post!!!! Stay strong everyone, one day at a time, we’ve got this!!!!!!

    Day 2, FD, New Zealand. First fast day in months and months and it was easy. Helped that I was so busy at work that there was no time. Also helped by black coffee and one miso soup mid-afternoon to quash any hunger pangs. Went to choir practice in the evening to remove myself from temptation in the fridge and pantry.

    Day 2, FD, Copenhagen.
    Feeling very hungry this morning, but trying to focus on my goal.
    Does anyone know if having a spoonful of a fibre supplement like psyllium husks should be included in my daily calories? 🙂

    Hope everyone is doing well, and to anyone else fasting today: we got this! X

    Day 2 Belfast FD
    WOW! such a busy forum already!
    I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so hoping to be controlled over the next week. Probably will dip in and out till I get home.

    Last month, I took part in Sober October, stepped off the wagon after 20days for one night, then went without to the 29th. I also did without sweets, pastries, cakes etc for 20 days, but didn’t manage to climb back on THAT wagon. After this holiday, I pledge to ditch the sugar for the rest of the month and join the ‘Dry till Fri’ group.
    @at congratulations on your journey. You are part of the inspiration and back bone of this forum. 👍
    @msraven – you will do it, I know!
    @kerry Ann – your enthusiasm is infectious! I do quite a strenuous swim training class on a FD and suffer no ill effects. In fact, I probably feel more comfortable (and it takes your mind off food!)
    @StephieS – planning what you’re going to eat helps. Also, I was brought up to believe that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, but now I don’t eat it. I have brunch around 12 – 1pm and then an evening meal, mostly 16:8. Even if you over eat on NFDs you’re already down 500 or so cals so it kind of balances out. Last year I went travelling for 9 weeks, no calorie counting, no scales, plenty of wine etc and followed this routine. Outcome… just 1Lb on, which I was delighted with. I do have my down side..l love/binge on wine gums and other rubbish, so I try to avoid those. I do fall of the wagon from time to time!
    @onahealthyhigh – I missed you mentioning your car prang. Glad to hear you are OK but will the insurance not cover the damage? A stressful time for sure.
    @strawberriesandcream – I’m with you on OMAD. Thanks for the link. I also saw a link from Dr Berg ‘ Should your dog do I intermittent fasting?’ Seeing’s I’m thinking of getting a dog when I get home, that puts a whole new slant on this WOL!
    @flourbaby – you’re so right of course. The random killings around the world are becoming an everyday part of the news. Of course our thoughts and prayers are with those caught in the trouble. I was near that very spot in February.

    Even if you lose 1/2 a pound a week, you’ll lose 26 lbs in a year.


    Day 2, 2nd post,

    @abfab5 I know nutritionally calories are different (i.e. 200 cals from cake are not the same as 200 cals from spinach!!!) but for the purposes of this WOL, a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie, of couse you’ll struggle if you make your 500cals from cake rather than 3oz protein and loads of veg!!! I count EVERY calorie on FDs otherwise I start making excuses!!!

    To any newbies, – the following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:–

    Day 2……Florida……FD

    I’m headed into a b2b today, as I was bit over in calories yesterday! A couple cookies held me down and forced me to eat them.
    So, I’m going to try to even myself out by another FD today.

    Just for insight, I weigh daily but I only use it as a guide line never a defined source of my success. It took me a long time, to stop putting so much stock in those numbers but it’s a habit I developed in my teens and I just can’t break it. Okay well, I’m not really trying to break it either.

    @dykask…… I’m glad your found!

    @flourbaby…… I believe we are living in a new world, where violence and destruction is part of the norm. Sucks majorly, I think that for the most part is why I’ve disconnected from the news, all together! I also believe this is the reason so many people have joined our little 5:2 family, because of the safe place we’ve all created.
    What I can’t understand why and how people can see a difference just by the color of our skin, our religion or the other crazy stuff. As far as I am concerned since we all breathe the same air and we all bleed red, we are in essence the same.
    Another thing, I think is making a difference is they have failed to teach our younger generation about the 6 degrees of separation.

    Well….. I’m off….

    I do not have ducks!
    I do not have rows!
    I have monkeys and they’re running the circus!

    Day2, UK, FD
    Yesterday’s fast didn’t quite happen… So be it today instead 😀

    Thank you @debster251 for your positive words of encouragement 😄

    Day 2, South Wales, FD

    Looking forward to catching up with all the posts later – good luck all on FD today!

    Day2 London UK FD

    And day 2 of dry November. Just sayin’

    Day 2 – 🇬🇧- FD

    Managed a run this morning & just had yogurt fruit & a rewarding cup of tea – soup for later! Good luck everyone 😊

    Day 2 London FD

    Day 2 – Stratford-upon-Avon,UK – FD

    Black coffee and water for me today.

    Later I will make a Butternut Squash Soup and have it with 2 x small slices of wholemeal bread, followed by an apple.

    OH wants to go for a swim tonight, I had my hair done yesterday so really not keen on getting wet tonight, lol :-)- it’s a girl thing, looks nice today and trying to hold off the Return of the Frizz, so it might just be a long walk after work to rack up my steps to 10,000, or maybe both…..decisions, decisions…..

    Stay strong fellow fasters!!!

    Day 2, FD, USA
    Discovered a new seafood restaurant last night and had a lovely meal with my OH. And a really nice bottle of wine! 🙂

    Hi @abfab5. Re weighing in, everyone has a different approach. For me, it’s not so much about how much I weigh – which is just a number on the scales – but how I feel. I tend to weigh myself monthly more out of interest sake than a slavish need to know what the numbers say. I know I’m losing weight by the way my clothes fit – this, to me, is more important. I would suggest, if you do weigh daily, that you are cognisant that your weight will fluctuate greatly. This does NOT necessarily mean that you are gaining weight over all. It’s just normal. It can be interesting to learn how your body works through those daily observations, but don’t take any gains to heart.

    Congratulations Fabrabbit (which I deliberately misspell!) on reaching your goal. Truly an awesome achievement.

    KerryAnn – I loved your description of NFDs as just a plain day. So true and what a great way to think about it.

    What’s OMAD stand for again?

    2nd fast day this week today. Have done this before and from what I remember , it takes a couple of weeks for them to get easier and seem more ‘normal’. The evenings are the most difficult for me.
    A question for you experienced fasters, what do you reckon is an average weekly weight loss?

    Day 1 – FD – went very well under 600 calories. Forgot to do my plank challenge so must try fit that in tonight…
    Day 2 – NFD – feeling like I need to eat some carbs as I generally enjoy hill climbing (cycling) on Thursdays and really feel it in my legs if I have not eaten enough. This may just be an excuse though so will try not to overdo it.
    Weighed in this morning – it motivates me to weigh in after my second fast day of the week even though I know that the numbers will go back up over the weekend… very happy with today’s weight.
    I have cut sugar since mid-October and plan to stick with this through November. Initially I dropped 5lbs in the first week but it has slowed up since..I plan to stay off alcohol for the month with the exception of one weekend in the middle for OH’s birthday.
    Wishing everyone a lovely day.

    Hello Fellow Fasters!
    I know it’s been a while since I checked in. I’ve missed this lovely, friendly, supportive crowd!

    Unfortunately, my Crohn’s Disease had come storming back onto the scene. I suffered 2 recent bowel obstructions sending me for stays in the hospital. Finally we went with the nuclear option: Surgery to remove the scarred & inflamed stricture. Yay.

    My last bowel resection bought me 11 years remission. We are hoping that after this surgery, plus adding some anti-inflammatory modalities, that I will achieve a good 20 + years remission. I believe it will be so & am happy at that prospect ! 😃👍🏼

    My surgeon did a beautiful job on cleaning up the incision site with a scar-revision. My “zipper”up the middle of my tummy looks so much better now!! And once I drop my excess weight, I’ll celebrate by buying a new bikini 👙
    I’m not shy. I don’t care if my scar shows at the beach. My dear OH tells me I’m beautiful & that’s what counts, right?

    So bring on November!
    Bring on healing & re-newed hope!

    PS: sorry @bigviking I won’t be joining your Dry Wino group this month. It went quite well for September, but my mother is coming to stay with us for 2-3 weeks while I recuperate. We may be needing a touch of 🍷🍹🍷 during this time. 😆

    Day 2 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was just fine at 400 calories. On maintenance, I do 6:1, but still I have to be very careful on those 6. Like many of you, it’s almost easier to do the FD than a CD for a NFD.

    I’m trying a new recipe this morning to break my fast that has oatmeal, eggs, etc. I’ll let you know how I like it — baking now.

    @at – congratulations on your anniversaries! Good for you sticking with both endeavors! Sometimes marriage is harder to continue than our WOL!

    @kerry_ann – nice to see you from AK. Yes, this is an amazingly friendly group. I also adore the international flavor. I’ve been able to meet a few of our far-flung folk (@coda came to Chicago last spring and I’ve met @redrockgirl302 when traveling).

    @onahealthyhigh – ugh. Car accidents can be so troubling to deal with. Hugs to you.

    @miraclelou – everyone does their own weighing it seems. Our group is all over the board. I am a daily weigher but expect there will be fluctuations. It seems days that I exercise bring on an extra pound or two the next morning.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 – USA – FD
    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    Glad I started November with a FD, had 560 cals. I had a menu idea for dinner, but OH wanted me to finish up the sauerkraut and kielbasa, and I understimated the ounces; hence the 560. Oh well.. And here I was wondering why I did not see anyone posting on the Nov. challenge – DUH – finally realized I needed to check the box at the bottom to get emails!

    Hello to all who are new! You will find this forum to be really helpful in your 5:2 journey. I am 63, newly retired. Started 5:2 in earnest January 2017 and joined the forum early February. Starting weight 191.6; presently 167.6, dispatched 24 lbs. and 20.5 inches overall. My goal is 150, but I’d love to really be 140, which is the top of the range for my height, 5’4. Ask questions, read the posts as much as you can and join in!

    Oops! Been away for so long, forgot to start post correctly…

    Day 2– Colorado USA— FD

    Yes! Back on the wagon, doing a FD. Feels great.

    Used to do the full-on liquid only FD. But now I’m allowing myself up to 800 calories total on my FD. Need the protein & nutrients to assist with recuperation & healing that giant incision.

    It’s been 2 months since I’ve been able to eat any vegetables. I’m SO looking forward to my first salad!! 🥗

    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    Almost forgot, happy anniversary @at!!! Had it on my calendar for yesterday and missed it! Hope you had fun!

    Day 2 First official FD Oregon, USA

    Wow!! This forum is really amazing. Love waking up early in the morning and getting inspired by all of you across the world.
    @debster251 I LOVED your

    reminder at the bottom about only losing a half pound a week would be 26 pounds a year!

    That is almost my goal loss and so clarifying to see it that way! Marathon not a sprint and I MUST remember that!!
    Also really enjoyed reading everyone’s decisions on weighing. I may try to stay off the scale initially. As I definitely feel too much reward /resent syndrome (depending on the number😕).

    I have been doing 16:8 for the last month but with zero regard to calories in the 8 hours and lost nothing but had felt like I saw a change in my tummy fat.
    Making the shift to 5:2 with more attention to calories especially on NFD and hope that ignites something on the scale.

    Really appreciate all of you who have been on this WOL for a while as it really seems worth it in the long run and sustainable.

    Here’s to fast day #1!!
    PS @flourbaby. My son lives in NYC and texted me to say he was OK before I had learned what happened. What is sad is the RELIEF that I felt that there were “only 8″dead. Horrible but true.

    Peace to all and

    Good choices everyone!

    @anna6 – that’s my goal: eat only when hungry…Not just when I’m bored. Unfortunately, I still tend to head to the pantry & rummage for a snack when I’m bored.
    Luckily, 5:2 is helping retrain me to drink some hot tea or fizzy water instead.

    @jessyoursize – haha! “Sugar Slayers” is a great name. That’s def something I’m aiming for in Nov. Want all my allowed calories to be nutritious. Avoiding the frivolous (and unhealthy) sugar this month!
    Thanks for posting the 30-day Challenge links for HIIT & Yoga. Cool idea.
    (Also, Mmmmm, cheese. My weakness.)

    @bigviking – taking a pass on No-Booze November. My Mom will be visiting for 2-3 weeks & I know there’ll be some Girl’s Nights dinners with wine. In the spirit of the Pocket Winos, I’ll be enforcing limits: Only on Fri/Sat/Sunday & stop at 2 glasses or less. I’m a total lightweight from my last Dry month, so 2 glasses is *more* than enough.
    I’ll be the first to sign up for the Dry Winos in January though!

    @flourbaby – I like your preemptive strike on holiday indulgence! Drop some lbs now so there’s room in the waist band for a little sensible celebrating! Cheers to that!

    Day 2 – SW WA USA – FD

    Active forum indeed. Not quite caught up on posts.
    This is my 2nd FD this week. Loved it that the scale moved downward after my NFDs. Today will be a 500 cal FD.

    Off to work/school.

    Have a great day! Remember together we are stronger.

    Day 2 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    Day 1 – NFD
    I’ve been traveling the last few days so haven’t had time to read posts.
    Trying for CD’s while I travel.

    Day 2 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Had a very controlled day (CD) yesterday and planning to eating to TDEE today as we are out tonight celebrating our wedding anniversary (which was actually yesterday! – Thank you for good wishes for either my wedding anniversary or entering my ONE year anniversary in maintenance @missybear @annemarilyn @jessyoursize @bert1802 @molij @in-it-to-thin-it @debster251 @songbirdme😉- sorry if I missed anyone but thank you 🤗 )

    Had a very energetic aerobic class this morning then volunteered in our Soup Kitchen equivalent – called Fareshares Lunch – basically cooking food from whatever we get given by local supermarkets and serving it for anyone who attends – 25 people today – it’s a free lunch! but people often leave a donation!

    I have not eaten today as yet as saving all my calories for tonight will hopefully keep me to TDEE!!! Lots of water and several cups of tea drunk today so far.

    A big welcome to all who are new to both 5:2 WOL or to the forum – Lots of folks at different levels of their journey and several of us in maintenance who stay with the challenges to keep us on the straight and narrow – Iso plenty of advice, support and great camaraderie – we have all been there so totally understand what you are going through – I remind myself of this regularly “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @onahealthyhigh – so glad you are OK if a bit shaken by the experience xx
    @happymargo – we had missed you and wondered what was going on – so sorry to hear about your traumas – hopefully the worst is now behind you and you can concentrate on enjoying a healthy life with no flareups for a while 🤗
    @coda – was so pleased to see you joining us again – you have been missed x

    Lots of very enthusiastic posts to read and so happy to have so many new faces joining us and of course welcoming back some great “cyber friends” already made on this journey.
    If you were not already aware these forum were started by @coda way back in May 2016 and has impacted on so many lives across the globe – so many of us are indebted to her for helping us find our way back to much more healthy lifestyle with greatly improved health markers too!

    Re: the question as when to weigh – there is no right or wrong – whatever suits your personality – personally I pop on the scales daily but only record my weight after my 2nd FD of the week – I totally acknowledge that this is likely to be my lowest weight for the week but it gives me feel good factor 😇

    Just some general advice that worked for me
    – Are you eating to the TDEE for your goal weight and not your current weight??? Do this now so that you lose weight faster and when you reach your goal weight you will also be used to eating much less too!!!
    – Also make sure that you are not underestimating your calorie intake………..
    – Don’t add the calories lost through exercise to your TDEE as this will increase your TDEE and is not useful if you are trying to lose weight unless you are someone who is burning “huge” amounts of calories when exercising……….
    – Make sure that you drink plenty of water each day – no less than 2L

    The best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL is to stick to the basic 5:2 for the first month – The following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:–

    To lose the weight and keep it off – we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight! “IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOSING THE WEIGHT; IT’S ABOUT LOSING THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET THAT GOT YOU THERE” Steve Maraboli

    Day 2 California FD

    Great to see all the newbies on the November Challenge. Welcome! We have an active international group here.

    @happymargo, great to see you back here. We missed you! Glad to hear you got the blockage issues straightened out. (And the scar too!)

    Today’s a FD for me and badly needed after that Halloween candy avalanche (thanks, @flourbaby 😁) two nights ago. 6 pounds to go to my final goal. I need to get more serious this month, especially before all the holidays.

    Day 2, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    I had a nice salmon salad but mid afternoon I had a blueberry muffin I made and which I didn’t eat on Wednesday as it was a fd. This evening I’m planning to have a large yogurt and some fruit.

    It’s All Souls’ Day and I went to two cemeteries to put flowers on my parents tomb and on my father in law tomb. My teenage son came with me. Almost all tombs had beautiful flowers on them.

    Prayers for those affected and dead in the senseless terrorist attack in New York. My brother and his family live in New York. It’s scary how you can’t be safe anywhere it seems.

    Have a great evening everyone, onwards and downwards.

    2nd post
    HappyMargo I eat and snack when I’m bored too sometimes. I just have to be mindful and refrain from snacking through habit. I eat fruit when I’m hungry between meals but sometimes a piece of chocolate or cheese or a muffin like today. But this wol can still be winning even when we slip and snack on food or cakes we should do better without and anyway it’s nice to have a treat sometimes.

    3rd post

    HappyMargo I wish you speedy recuperation.

    Happy anniversary At

    I sometimes don’t read all posts as there seems so many it takes a while to read them all.

    Day 2 Akron oh nfd.

    Day 2 – ABQ – FD ~ CD?

    So today’s FD may turn into a control day since it’s DH’s bday and he wants wings! So I’m staying nice and controlled, still treating today as a fast day so that maybe (just maybe) I can squeak by at still under 500 cals (or maybe 800).

    I also signed my official offer letter for a new job yesterday!!!! I am so happy! The place I’m at now is a temp position, and over mid month. This is the first time I was asked for a job that I didn’t apply to! Its rather exciting! But since the person I am replacing leaves on friday, I’m going in after usual work hours to get caught up. And boy, I thought my schedule was already busy! The next two weeks is a ton of switching back and forth between jobs, lots of late nights… so something had to give. The DH and I decided to postpone training for the 5k til Jan, since the holidays aren’t the most “time-forgiving” months and it will be easier when the new year has started.

    I’ve also been doing some more looking into the BSD (blood-sugar diet) by Dr. Mosely and I’ve been thinking that the Med-style diet seems like a good idea. I don’t think doing the full BSD (8 weeks of 800 cals) would work for me right now, but I really like the idea of combining 5:2 with the Med style of dieting. Has anyone else tried it or is already incorporating it? It seemed like a good way to join the @SugarSlayers

    Oh and I did a weigh in after a successful FD yesterday (under 350 cals!! WHAT?!) and I am back into the 150’s 🎉! Granted 159.8 but that’s still sqeakin in the 150’s! November GOAL here I come!!

    @amanda-new, @yirrakurl – WELCOME WELCOME!!! I have added you to the spreadsheet and you can fill in as much or as little detail as you would like!

    @flourbaby – I noticed the lack of comments for NY, I know I honestly didn’t even know it happened until I read it on this board. I don’t watch the news very often anymore since most of the time its all about how terrible the world is, and I don’t want my daughter to grow up around that kind of negativity. But of course my thoughts and prayers are with NY.

    @happymargo – welcome back! It’s good to hear from you again!! Sorry to hear about all the bad, but hopefully only good things are up ahead for you!

    Day 2 UK NFD

    thanks @jessyoursize for hosting this month. @coda thanks for my virtual flowers, hosting last month kept me focussed even when I was really down.
    Last day in work tomorrow for over 3 weeks so I can almost feel that work stress disappearing. I seem to have been eating constantly since last Friday, but I’m prepared for a hike in weight at the weekend. We go on holiday on Monday until 25th Nov so I’ll struggle to post. It’s a nice tropical holiday so hoping to be eating fish and fruit and doing lots of swimming.

    Lots of newbies, this is a great supportive forum. Everyone here is really helpful. I’ve been on this journey since February and have shed 50lbs in that time- it’s coming here that has kept me committed and positive. At the minute because of life I’m on a run of NFDs but I know I’ll get back to it.

    Day 2 – London UK – FD

    Signing in to this active group. All went well today. Eat my boiled egg alone as the smell at work is pretty strong. A miso soup at lunchtime and now a delicious omelette to complete the day.

    Definitely looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.


    Day 2, Germany, NFD

    2nd post :
    Yeaaahhh! 🎉🎉 this is the first time that I have finished an FD with less than 500 kcal! And this is definitely thanks to this wonderful forum! Whenever I felt weak or hungry today I just turned to reading your posts – and felt strong again! Thank you all for being there! And also thank you for your comments on my question regarding the weighing!
    In Germany it’s about nighttime now, so I ‘ll get some sleep and am looking forward for tomorrow! 😊

    Please add me to the challenge! I have done the 5:2 successfully before but am restarting again after several months ‘off’.

    Day 1 : FD
    Day 2 : NFD, 68.4kg
    Day 3 : FD

    Lets do this!

    Day 3 Brisbane, Australia NFD

    Successful fast day yesterday at work. Black coffee for breakfast, tea with a splash of milk for morning tea, pho soup 33 cals for lunch and grilled salmon and salad for dinner and coffee after dinner. Whilst I didn’t actually count calories I am pretty confident I was under 500. Also did 11500 steps while at work!

    @at I am a daily weighter too, more out of habit really. l only record my weight on Fridays after my second fast day, as long as I am below the previous Friday I am happy.

    @happymargo wishing you a speedy recovery.


    Day 2 FD – Kodiak USA

    Note to self…no broccoli on a fasted stomach. Geeze that was painful.

    Half way through my second fast day of the week and doing very well. I find that today it’s more difficult to remember that I’m fasting! I’ll be going along, notice I’m hungry and start to head for a snack then I come to and snap out of it!

    This process really illustrates how automatic my food behaviors are. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I am on a NFD I REALLY enjoy what I’m eating so much!Much more than usual. And I’m talking regular food. Not treats or indulgences or binges…just the thought of fried eggs on toast w/ butter sounds so exciting!! So maybe that will be tomorrow’s breakfast. 🙂

    @ukfaster – I have that same issue with boiled eggs at work! lol, i have one in my office right now I think the shell maybe a little cracked. I feel like I need to warn people who come in that it’s an egg they smell….”no, really…i have a boiled egg in my mini fridge…honestly, I swear”

    @jessyoursize – congratulations on your new job!!! How exciting!

    @songbirdme – thanks for the welcome! Very cool that you’ve been able to meet people from the forum. I’ve made a few friends over the years on similar message boards that I’ve been able to meet in person and have become very good friends with. These internet connections make the world a much smaller place! so much fun!

    @debster – good to know you find the exercise invigorating rather than exhausting! I think it will be a help, like you said. I wasn’t able to get up early enough today but tomorrow I’ll get back to it.

    WAY TO GO YOU UNDER 500-ERS! I have a hard time imagining that right now! Also, the folks who manage to save all 500 for dinner. I like that idea a lot but don’t know how I would make it without down right pain from my stomach getting so empty. Which i think it maybe doing because of gall bladder issues???? Not sure.

    And I’ve noticed a lot of people saying the word “Cake”….it keeps jumping off the page at me! So there may be CAKE in my future (aka…tomorrow)

    Thoughts and prayers are definitely with New York. I just tend to avoid bringing up news or politics since you never know where it may lead.

    Hope that you’ve all had or are having a successful 5:2 day…whether you’re on a 5 or a 2 !!! 🙂

    2nd post.

    I would promise that all my posts will not be as long as that last one…but I can’t really promise that in good faith. 🙂 Sorry I tend to be so long winded!! 😀

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