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My Fast Diet Accountabilty

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  • Hello lovely people

    Kerry Ann – Hi. Glad you are feeling better. I really enjoy reading your posts and I recognise that I have an inner “mean girl” (something I’d not thought about) but mine is slightly different.
    My inner one is more of a “what’s-the-point” girl. Sometimes “ms lazy-bones” in my head makes me listen when it get’s tough and I give in. I need to work on that. She’s not my friend.

    MollyMoo – I am just like you with the snacking. I do really well early on in the day and then when the afternoon hits I get all kinds of cravings. If I am anywhere near our kitchen I go raiding for crisps and biscuits. I even eat the BabyBel cheese meant for my daughters lunch box! Not cool! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ The only way I can manage it is not to be near food. If I am busy it helps but I still need to run my mantra from 4 years ago. “Don’t give up! You can have it tomorrow.” Most of the times it works but not always. Well done for voicing what is going on with your eating. I think it helps to say/write it out loud.

    Sabina – thank you for letting me use your thread – I hope you don’t mind? I think you are doing an amazing thing inspiring people to restart the 5:2! How is The Shread workout going?

    I am fasting today so will do my best to stick to the 500 cal’s. Coffee is my big downfall in that I drink latte and I don’t always count the calories as closely as I should. I used to drink black coffee when I started 4 years ago.

    Good luck everyone and take care!
    Lotta x

    Sabina, excellent progress with Fasting!! But you mention and end date for Fasting… it is a Lifestyle, sister. My husband and I have been Fasting for 4+ years: one to lose the weight [total of 46 pounds between the 2 of us] and 3+ years of staying on the plan to maintain the weight loss, and to get the other health benefits. If we went off the plan, we would definitely be regaining all our lost weight. Do not plan to stop. Plan to adapt this as a life-time strategy for good health.

    Good luck to all on this thread.

    Good Morning All!

    Yes, Sabina, I’ll repeat what others have said. I hope you don’t mind me/us using your thread. Your accountability postings will be more difficult to follow. But we could certainly start a separate thread if you want us to! That would be no problem at all.

    So last night we had a pretty big earthquake and were under tsunami warning from midnight until about 4 in the morning. The whole town is exhausted, no wave hit thank goodness, but lots of people had to leave their homes til the danger had passed. Because of that, schools are closed today and most businesses are closed until noon. We are fortunate to live outside the waterline so were able to stay in bed but we were awake checking on our friends and family and waiting to find out what would happen to town and airport.

    So….I didn’t work out this morning! I slept in.

    I had an excellent fast day yesterday. I ate butternut squash soup for lunch and cabbage soup for dinner. This worked really well for me since it’s so cold and snowy outside salads and water just don’t cut it! However, i did not walk. I was feeling pretty smug from working out and successfully fasting so I just sat on the couch and watched TV.

    @lotta, Have a great fast day lady! It’s just for today!

    I totally get that inner message you’re talking about with the whole “whats the point” thing. Oh yes my mind goes there too! Which reminds me that i need to focus on the reasons why I want to do this!

    My reasons are mostly vain to be honest! I love clothes and want to look good, but recently I’ve discovered a new (or rediscovered an old) passion. I am taking a ballet class and have made it my goal to get en pointe! Seeing myself in the GIGANTIC mirror in the dance studio wearing a leotard and tights (doesn’t hide much!! not to mention the 20 & 30 somethings) is more motivating than any of my swimsuit wearing vacations have been!

    20 pounds has become a long term goal. I have removed the pressure of a timeline, per se. I want to lose a pound a week but I am accepting of the fact that some weeks will be better than others. I am not setting a specific date by which I want the 20 pounds gone. All that has ever done is give me so much anxiety that I can’t focus on my life! I am sticking with the idea that if I focus on the habits the outcome will take care of itself.

    Now I have class once a week and have signed up for a private lesson once a week too. So I’ll be looking at that mirror twice every week!

    So the other goal I have is to become a certified barre instructor this year. I also have given up drinking wine at home!! I’m on day 23 of that ๐Ÿ™‚ After about a month and a half of that I will have saved enough money to pay for the barre certification course! I’m half way there!

    I have a lot of other non-weightloss/fitness goals as well but these are my main fitness focus.

    OOOOOOhh, and the biggie, I almost forgot, I have got to bring my blood pressure down because I would really like to avoid medication!!!

    @fasting_me, thanks for sharing your story! That is exactly the kind of story I love to hear that convinces me this will work for me long term. I mean, the whole idea of it makes so much sense! And I’ve had great success with it over the last 3 months in maintaining my pre-holiday weight which was my only goal until the New Year.

    Okay, I’d better stop….my posts always feel soooooo long. Sorry about that!

    This will be my week one:

    Week 1- 1/22/18 – 149.6

    Everyone have a strong day where ever you are in your week! Take care,

    Kerry Ann

    Aw man. I typed a big long post this morning and for some reason it’s not showing up. It will probably show up tomorrow or something. Oh well.

    I can re-type some of it but my brain is too tired. We had a big earthquake and tsunami warning last night and were up from midnight til 4 or 5 this morning so I’m really tired!!

    Anyway, I hope it shows up because I was talking about my reasons for wanting to lose the weight and all kinds of fun stuff ๐Ÿ™ like my goals for the year, ballet class, my excellent fast day yesterday. Oh well…..too tired to care right now ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will start my log over right here, just in case.

    Week 1 – 1/22/18 – 149.6

    Stay strong fasters!! You do NOT have to be hungry tomorrow, just get through today! ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, in my post that disappeared I commented to each of your most recent posts. Just so you know! I was listening ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Kerry Ann – your post is there – great post btw.
    It’s always fab to read about other peoples successes and struggles because it means they are doing something about it! I read about the earthquake and the tsunami warning. So scary. Glad it was ok in the end?

    What is Barre? I have heard it mentioned but I don’t know the workout?

    I drink wine at home but I have reduced my intake drastically this month.
    Some of my friends are doing dry January but that doesn’t work in my head. If I cut it out entirely I will just be way worse once I am “allowed” back on again. I have a somewhat addictive personality so moderation is my mantra… as well as “I can have it tomorrow” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Today is my 2nd FD in a row – my husband is out again tonight and it’s always much easier to manage my food when he is not there. It’s not that he opposes me fasting but he eats and drinks a lot and I get tempted.
    Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might do a 3rd FD. I know it sounds crazy to some but I do feel good when I’m fasting. In control and much sleeker than on my eat days.

    Ok peeps – take care – gotta do some work now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lotta x

    @mollymoo37, welcome to the group. I absolutely donโ€™t mind you posting on this thread. I also love to refer to the weight loss data, especially when I am feeling down. It reminds me the struggle and joy throughout my journey. I am so glad that you have decided to come back and you have managed to keep the weight off for two years. I have never been able to maintain my goal weight more than few months. You should be proud of that. The fact that you have decided to get back on track, that itself is a success. We all have that โ€œmeanerโ€ person inside us, trying to constantly make us doubt ourselves. However, we know one step at a time we will progress towards a positive outcome. Like Kerry mentioned on my fast day, I usually convince myself to hang on for only 24 hours, then comes the NFD, where I indulge. That is how I have managed through all these FDs. Well done on getting those steps in, I know it is not easy to get lots of step during winter months.

    @lotta x, great job on getting your 4:3 days in. Wow, 5 lbs loss in 3 weeks is fantastic. I totally agree that it keeps the weight loss going at a steadier rate. I actually like my 3 FDs, as I donโ€™t have to worry about packing lunch, especially now that my DH is also fasting with me. Donโ€™t worry about missing exercise right now, you can slowly ease in when your schedule frees up again. Thanks for your encouragement, my 16-year-old daughter has decided to join the gym. It is fun to workout with her. We have both signed up for a 10k in late May. No excuse for us anymore.

    @kerry you are definitely not preachy. We have to first believe in ourselves and in the process, next, we have to commit one day at a time. The change is inevitable. I am glad that you are feeling better now. I love my walking time too, however, it is not at all convenient during winter months. I have been trying to go gym or getting up early to get a workout at home. I am waiting to hear your storyโ€ฆ.

    Like I said earlier, I have never managed to maintain my goal weight more than few months. This time around I had given myself 10 lbs range from my original goal weight for maintenance. I havenโ€™t been at this weight for more than 10 years now. I not sure if my body is ready for another 10 lbs. Anyway, I have decided to continue 4:3 another 6 months. I feel comfortable in my lose size 8 pants now, I wouldnโ€™t mind to settle around here. However, I would like to continue this WOL for another 6 months. Starting February, I will post my weight on a monthly basis, my goal is to have 2-3 lbs loss for next few months.


    Hi Lotta. Thanks! I always feel long winded but it’s just because I have so much enthusiasm!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Everything did turn out okay with the earthquake. We got very lucky with that one!

    congratulations on 2 FDs in a row! I have not been brave enough to attempt that yet! But I made need to employ that strategy in the near future to navigate some special occasions.

    I have tried for years to moderate my wine consumption. It’s been quite a long process for me getting to this point. The longest I’ve gone completely “dry” has been about 2 weeks. I love, love, love to have a glass of wine while I’m cooking dinner and then usually another while I’m eating dinner. Occasionally, on the weekends I’ll slowly drink a whole bottle over the course of a day. Especially if I’m cooking and cleaning all day. That sounds horrible but it’s really just 4 glasses spread out over the course of the late afternoon and into the evening.

    I was going to do a dry January but had two planned glasses on nights out to dinner, then had two social beers over this past weekend. One on Friday and one on Sunday. So, I really can’t call it a dry January but I have not had one glass of wine at home this month.

    I’m definitely not one of those people who says…”okay, I’m doing this!” and boom…never gives it another thought! It takes me a lot of practice to accomplish some things. Especially when it includes giving up something I love.

    I totally get what you’re saying about cutting it out entirely not working in your head. I was exactly that same way for a long time. A really interesting change for me that I can’t really explain is that all of a sudden money and calories are both huge motivators for me in a way that never, ever mattered before!! I don’t know exactly why it happened but I’m saving close to $300 A MONTH!!!

    Sadly, I have not seen much weight loss yet just from giving up wine, but I think that in time that will happen too. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Barre workouts are generally based on the foundation of ballet classes without as much of the choreography and they concentrate on the strengthening moves and usually add in some upper body and core work. There are a lot of plies, arabesques, ronde jambe, etc. in other words ballet style squats and leg lifts and rises onto your toes. It is really tough!!! It makes you shake and sweat in a good way!

    What i love is how i can feel so many little tiny muscles working that don’t get worked in traditional exercise. It’s done either barefoot or wearing yoga socks so all the stabilizer muscles in the feet and ankles get worked. If you get a chance to try it, do!

    I had ballet class last night and at the end of class one of the other women in my class said…we need a strengthening, flexibility kind of class. The teacher responded that she would love to have one and I said “hey! I’m getting certified to teach American Barre Technique so I could teach a class like that!” And the teacher, who is also the owner, said that would be great! She would love to offer that class!

    So now I’m even more motivated and have said it out loud to other people who are willing to take my class!! Super excited!

    My husband is like yours Lotta, very supportive but still manages to tempt me without even trying sometimes. Like showing me food porn on a fasting day. “Hey, could you make this some time soon???” as he shows me a video of some super gooey cheesy pasta casserole that has 15,000 calories per serving as I’m sipping my 20 calories of veggie broth! LOL. Gotta love em.

    Okay, I promise that as we get to know each other better my posts will get shorter.

    Yesterday was a NFD but a very reasonable one, today is also and I’m planning minimal calories until dinner.

    tomorrow will be my second FD for the week and I will weigh again on Friday. Moving forward Friday will be my usual weigh in day.

    Keep it up Lotta. You’re inspiring me!

    Everyone else have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


    Great post Sabina! It came it right when I hit submit on mine so I didn’t get to reply to yours but did want to say that your story is a lot like mine. I have lost weight and never been able to maintain it either!

    That is why I find the concept of the Fast Diet so promising. I think that during times in my life when I have been at my favorite weight that I was eating this way sort of naturally. I would have a busy day or two throughout the week where I hardly at anything at all. Other days would be medium/ moderate calorie intake and then here and there would be a day where I ate tons for whatever reason.

    It wasn’t until I really started focusing on trying to follow all the nutrition advice that I kept reading that I really started to gain weight in the first place!!

    Okay, I really have to stay off this thread for the rest of the day ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s just fun to have fasting buddies ๐Ÿ™‚


    Good Morning from a sunny London today. It absolutely “bucketed down” all day yesterday but I am feeling all fresh and happy today. It’s amazing the impact the weather has on my moods.

    Great posts from you Kerry and Sabina. A lot of what you write resonates with me too. They also made me laugh and nod my head in recognition. I am sure all my workmates think I am a bit bonkers ๐Ÿ˜€

    I feel empowered by being able to control my eating on FD’s. Last time I managed to control my non-FD’s too but it took me a while. That is when the proper weight loss started. There is a lot going on at the moment in my life that I cannot control but my food intake I can. So that is keeping me positive.

    3rd FD for me today and I don’t feel in the slightest worried about it.
    I am however putting up some mental markers for tomorrow Friday.
    Fridays are notoriously tricky for me. I am Swedish (but have lived in the UK for 25 years) and our tradition is to have a Family Friday evening. They are full of good food and wine and sweets and snacks and watching films and relaxing. Yay!
    This is great if you can do things in moderation… a tad more difficult if, like me, you feel like you’ve been let loose in a sweetshop ๐Ÿ˜€
    I won’t deny myself my Friday evening BUT I will keep tabs on myself and silently consider my intake. I will also go for a run on Saturday morning. It’s all about balance…

    Take care all!

    Lotta x

    It’s sunny here in Kodiak, Alaska too but that is mildly offset by the 15 degrees F/ -9 degrees C. It’s a nice cold though, crisp and dry with bright blue sky and sunshine. Better than the dark, windy, rainy, blustery crap we’ve been having.

    Lotta, we have Family Friday here too! Same thing, food, family, usually movies etc. Because I’m doing a (mostly) dry January I will not be having wine tomorrow but I will be eating something yummy!!! However, when my month is over that may change…or maybe not. I sure do like the way I feel in the morning drinking no wine at all.

    Congratulations on your 3rd FD of the week!! I really want to figure out how to get another day in. I just need to be patient and master the 5:2 first. If I try to get ahead of myself I’ll screw it up. I’m not calorie counting on my “slow” days at this point but I am eating very mindfully and “clean” ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’m really paying attention to hunger cues and not eating past fullness etc.

    Last night was a lot of food. We have family dinner on Wednesday nights with my step daughter and grandkids coming upstairs (they live in our apartment downstairs). Anyway, they come up every Wed. for dinner. I always try to cook something really delish and I let myself eat as much as I want. During the day leading up to it though I try to semi-fast because like you, Lotta, I don’t do s0 well with moderation. I am getting better though!

    Today is my second FD for the week. I am hungrier than I was on the first one. I’m feeling good though. Not worried about not making it. Feeling good all around!

    Have a great day everyone!


    Quick check in…

    Weight loss
    Week 1 โ€“ 1/22/18 – 149.6
    Mid week 1 โ€“ 1/26/18 -148.4

    I won’t normally be weighing twice a week but I really wanted a starting weight which ended up being on a Monday and a Friday weight because that will normally be my weigh in day.

    But I do see progress!

    yesterday’s fast day was good. I made it through even though I ate two pieces of candy. I never eat candy but i was beyond hungry and that was the only thing I could find. I will make sure I have something better than candy around for emergencies next time.

    I felt great this morning. Usually the morning after a fast day I’m really tired. today I felt amazing. I think my body is adapting to the fasting protocol.

    I’m really controlling my calories today because we are having a high calorie comfort food dinner tonight …grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

    My challenge today is resisting the urge to pop open a bottle of wine for our Friday evening family time. The urge is stronger today than it has been all month BUT! I will not give in because my husband is so proud of me right now and I don’t want to disappointment him!!!

    The heat is out in our office building today so we are all freezing. I think they got it fixed but it will be an hour or two before it warms back up! Maybe I’m burning extra calories trying to keep warm ๐Ÿ˜€

    OH! That reminds me, i did a HIIT workout this morning. Only 8 minutes but it was a good one! Then I did a bunch of stretching and practiced ballet.

    Hope you are all having an awesome Friday, have a fantastic weekend!


    Hello everyone
    Ok so the thing about being moderate and keeping an eye on my non FD’s totally went out of the window this weekend. ๐Ÿ™

    Friday morning weigh-in showed a tiiiiiny change in the right direction but after 3 FD’s last week I expected a larger drop than that.

    I know why though… I don’t exercise at the moment and I go over the top on non-FD’s, so what I lose I put back on. ๐Ÿ™


    So – FD today and I didn’t weigh in after the weekend (I usually do to see what the damage is). I am changing tack slightly to see if I can keep myself off the scales until Friday and in that way keep my concentration.
    I am not giving up!!

    Change since start: 5lb loss
    Start 75kg -165lb
    Wk 1 โ€“ 164lb loss 1lb
    Wk 2 โ€“ 162lb loss 2lb
    Wk 3 โ€“ 160lb loss 2lb
    Wk 4 – 160lb – no change

    How was your weekend lovely people?

    @kerry – Well done on the weight loss and your no-wine resolve! It really sounds like you’ve got it sussed. Go you!

    Lotta x

    Happy Monday Lovelies!!

    Lotta, I did the same thing this weekend so don’t be too hard on yourself. I even said to my husband last night…this is not the way to lose weight :/ He did remind me though that I had two great fast days last week and that I will have another two this week and that I’m still getting used to this WOL. One step at a time.

    You have done great so far! I will be downright joyful if I have those results at the end of week 3! Five pounds! Yes, I will be absolutely joyful! Even at the end of week 4 at least you didn’t go back up.

    Also, I’ve heard that the weight you lost last week really won’t show up until next week-ish. Now I have no idea how true that is but for me it does seem to happen something like that…so don’t despair!

    i don’t weigh again until Friday. It was so tempting to get on the scale to see if I gained weight over the weekend but I knew that it would make me sad ๐Ÿ™ so I didn’t!

    I, also, have not been exercising as much as I should. Ironic since I’m working on becoming an instructor (rolling eyes here).

    I finished my American Barre Technique course work over the weekend! Now I have to create and teach a class which I record on video and submit for grading. When I pass I will be certified to teach under the name ABT.

    Once I’m really comfortable I’m going to just get a group fitness instructor certification through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and design my own classes. I know a lot of people teach fitness classes without a certification but I feel it’s important to have that little bit of academic background in addition to the hands on experience and I think it does lend more credibility to your reputation.

    Super excited about it all. There are several places in town that I can teach! Of course…I still have this full time job that’s really cramping my style! ๐Ÿ˜€ It sure does help pay for all this stuff though. Including the adorable exercise clothes I plan to buy once I get to goal weight.

    Doing a half fast today due to step daughters birthday dinner out tonight. Planning a half fast day on Wed. and a regular FD on Thursday. I might try a fast day on Saturday but that doesn’t usually go well for me so it’s still up in the air.

    Have a wonderful day and stay strong anyone fasting!!


    I could have sworn that post was not going to be that long!!!

    Hello again

    Thanks Kerry – I do try to remind myself that every FD managed is a step in the right direction. I am just not very good when I sabotage it for myself by giving in to the splurge-eating.
    What a lovely supportive husband you have. My hubby don’t really think I need to lose any weight so he’s not all that aware. He eats out with work a lot during the week so me fasting doesn’t really impact him that often.

    It’s difficult when you are smaller or lighter then you were before, but still not at the comfortable size that you want to be. It’s hard to explain to people, who have seen you when you were bigger, that you still want to lose weight.

    I did something yesterday that I have not done in a while. I started a FastDay and then had a massive cave-in when I came home in the evening and stuffed my face on pasta and snacks. I even drank wine – something I have not done on a Monday this month. I don’t know what it was that made me give up. Maybe my inner mean-girl were just a bit too loud… ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway – I will do 2 proper FD’s this week on Wednesday and Thursday so all is not lost. The beauty of this WOL is that tomorrow is another day and not to give up because of one bad day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care all on this thread and good luck with your FD / non-FD’s.

    Lotta x

    Lotta I completely identify with what you’re talking about as far as being smaller but not where you want to be. No one thinks I actually need to lose weight. No one except my husband is supportive! The main reason he’s supportive is because I tend to cry when I try to find something in my closet to wear and I hate the way I look ๐Ÿ™ But medically speaking I am overweight. My body fat percentage is like 27% or so. And I really shows when I’m in a swimsuit, leotard or naked!

    It does make it more difficult.

    Sorry to hear that yesterday didn’t go as you had planned. It’s always frustrating to try and figure out what really knocks the motivation and drive out of us. Lack of sleep? Hormones? Mental tiredness from work? Sometimes I think I use up all my self discipline on other things and then it just runs out and I just have to relax.

    Be kind to yourself today!

    But like you said! You have today and tomorrow! You can kick that inner mean girl right in the booty.

    Take care and have a great FD.


    Ha,ha,ha! Thanks Kerry!
    I am kicking that inner mean girl right in the “tushy” right now ๐Ÿ˜€

    FD going well so far. Got a busy day at work and choir in the evening and that always helps.
    Very tired at the moment but that is due to not enough sleep and nothing to do with fasting.

    I think the giving up attitude comes from a number of reasons of which some hopefully soon will be dealt with. It’s mainly work related and I am planning to change things there as it is becoming unmanageable.
    I need to get past initial gratification I get from stuffing my face and instead strive for the long term benefit of better health, fitting into nice clothes and feeling better about myself.

    Thank you for all the positive and caring posts. It’s helping enormously.

    Your workouts sounds brilliant! Well done for having a goal and working towards it in addition to doing a full time job. That is amazing!

    Lotta x

    Hi Lotta,

    I hope your work troubles are over soon. Whatever the changes you need to make, I hope that goes smoothly. Where do you work, by the way? I’m a business operations manager for a behavioral health clinic. We provide a full range of mental health, substance abuse, and psychiatric treatment. All on an outpatient basis.

    I had to quit a job once because of the work environment and the stress it was causing me. Fortunately this job opened up at exactly the same time I was quitting so I knew it was meant to be!

    I noticed something this week that I’ve heard other people say but that I’m actually experiencing for myself now! Monday was the day we went out for step daughters birthday and I ate a ton of calories and carbs plus two glasses of wine. Tuesday morning I woke up absolutely starving!!

    Yesterday I ate waaaaay less carbs and the only carb in my dinner was a small amount of baked potato. This morning I woke up feeling mildly hungry but easily able to not eat anything for several hours.

    The difference was amazing! I really need to get to a place where special events don’t automatically mean a full on jumping off the rails into carb town!

    We’re in the same boat with lack of sleep. I know for myself I need a full 8 hours, even better is 8.5 but I don’t like to spend that much time sleeping. There are too many things to do!! I have so few hours in the day after I get home from work. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t have little kids at home any more so I’m really free to go to bed as early as I want but sometimes I AM a little kid and I just don’t want too!!!

    I think you are 9 hours ahead of me so into your evening time. I hope your FD was a success and that choir keeps you busy ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ll be fasting tomorrow. I’m glad that my posts help, yours are helping me too!

    Have a lovely evening and get a goooooood sleep!


    @fasting_me, you are so right, I do think if I put an end date for my fasting all my weight will come back. What I meant is, I would love to keep on losing until summer 2018, then switch to maintenance around fall. I actually really like my fast days, so I plan to keep doing three fast days for as long as possible. What I plan to do is tweak the calorie intake for fast days to see how my body responds. I am actually in a semi-maintenance mode now. I reached my goal of 137 by the new year. Now I am planning to slowly lose another 10 lbs, 2-3 lbs a month is fine with me. My fast days are actually somewhere around 600-700 cal these days. I am going to play with FDs calorie to find out what works for me long term.

    @kerry and @lotta, I absolutely donโ€™t mind you guys checking in. As long as you guys donโ€™t feel bad that I am not a very frequent visitor here. However, when I drop by, I do really enjoy reading your posts.

    @kerry, who does not love to look good in a dress. I think it is a very solid reason. I also had to goal to fit in size 6 skinny jeans. I think I am almost there. Jillianโ€™s Body Shred workouts are really toning my core. I really love the way my body looks now. I am going shopping tomorrow to try out size 6 pants ๐Ÿ˜Š Wow, that is so cool that you are planning to be Barre instructor, I havenโ€™t tried these workouts yet. I am sure you will get tonned in the process of becoming an instructor. Arenโ€™t we girls so lucky to have supportive spouses. Mine has actually started 4:3 few months back and doing really great. Letโ€™s hope this time around we make commingment to change our life style for long term. It seems like at 27% body fat, you must already be looking good, keep on losing until you feel good.

    @lotta, 5 lbs in a month is really great. Donโ€™t worry about NFD for now so much, as long as you are getting results, you know are on the right tracks. I found having some crazy NFD really helped me stay put on my FDs. I hope your work situation is bit better now. I also struggle with diet in general when I have too much stress at work. This time around I had a few trips to vending machine some days, however, I didnโ€™t let it roll on to next days. I am an Engineer, I work with computers, I really donโ€™t have to deal with people other than my colleagues, who are very nice.

    Month#8 Update
    Start## 168 lbs Mid-May-2017
    Start FD 163 lbs ( 36.6% BF )
    Month#1 156 lbs (-7 lbs) -1 July-1 (-7 lbs)
    Month #2 148.8 lbs (-14.2 lbs) Aug-4 (-6 lbs)
    Month#3 145.1 lbs (-17.9 lbs Sep-1 (-3.7 lbs)
    Month#4 141.2 lbs (-21.8 lbs) Oct-1 (-3.9 lbs)
    Month#5 138.8 lbs (-24.2 lbs) Nov-1 (-2.4 lbs)
    Month#6 136.4 lbs (-26.2 lbs) Dec-1 (-2.2 lbs)*******Yayyyy GOAL weight******
    Month#7 136.6 lbs (-26.4 lbs) Jan -1(+0.2 lbs) after all-inclusive vacation
    Month#8 133.6 lbs (-29.4 lbs) Feb-1(-3.0 lbs ) (26% BF)

    Well, I have to say I am glad to be losing again after the holiday. As you can see, I have been losing 2-3lbs a month for last 6 months. I will keep at this for another 4 months to see how far I can go. Once I reach one year anniversary of FD, I will continue on a maintenance plan again. I have signed up for a 10k race on the 24 May. I would like to run this race being around 127 lbs, this will be almost 30 lbs lighter than when I ran my last year Canada Day race.

    UUUUUUggghhh, sorry I was gone for a little while. I got hit with a really bad cold and just haven’t had the energy to do anything. I took the day of yesterday and wish that I could still be home on the couch sleeping!!!

    Last Friday’s weigh in was a disappointment. I actually went up a pound but I’m not really surprised. I didn’t have even one full, successful fast day. ๐Ÿ™ I did partial fast days and also ate quite a bit of wheat which always makes me retain a lot of water. On Thursday I was supposed to fast but that’s the day I got really sick and I just couldn’t. My body needed food!

    @sabina! nice to hear from you! Nice job signing up for your 10K! I swear some day I want to run a 10K….I just don’t know when!!! Your weight loss is still inspiring. Every time i think I’m going to give up on this WOL I read your success story!

    @lotta, hope all is well with you! How’s it going across the pond?

    I really am not sure about getting any fast days in again this week but I’m still going to weigh on Friday.

    Hope it’s going well everyone!!!


    Hi everyone
    Sorry for the radio silence from the foggy island ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s been super busy with work and my son is rehearsing for a variety show that starts next week so weekends are full up too.

    Last week went well FD wise after the abysmal start but I didn’t lose anything at the end of the week. Not surprising considering the bad start to the week.
    The weekend was spent sitting around working on costumes for my sons theatre group. I didn’t think I did too badly but clearly I had more cups of tea and cakes than I realised. My Monday weigh in was not a good one.
    However – despite what the scales says I have had a number of very kind comments on how I have lost weight so it seems like it’s noticeable even if my scales says otherwise. My clothes also feels bigger and I feel better in myself.

    So this week I am doing 2 FD’s. Yesterday and today. I almost caved in yesterday but in the end I managed to silence the mean girl within because it DOES matter and there IS a point ๐Ÿ™‚

    So my stats up to last week as follows:
    Week 0 165
    Week 1 164 – 1lb loss
    Week 2 162 – 3lb loss
    Week 3 160 – 5lb loss
    Week 4 160 – no change
    Week 5 160 – no change

    Take care all and @sabina and Kerry – great to read your posts.

    Lotta x

    Feeling pretty crappy still so I’m pretty much taking the week off of everything. Both ballet classes, all my workouts, and my fast days. Everything except work. I took a day and a half off and can’t really afford to take more time off right now.

    I haven’t been eating a ton because I can’t taste much and don’t have too much of an appetite though.

    Great job maintaining Lotta. That is an accomplishment in itself. And if people are noticing then something is going right ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your sons theater group sounds like so much fun!

    I”m really looking forward to feeling better and getting back to my normal routine :/ I feel like I’m losing valuable time to get in shape for May and June!!!! :0

    Hello all,

    I’ve been absent for a while. Been sick with a sinus infection which is just now starting to get better. I did lose a pound or two but not because I was trying. I just didn’t have any appetite and I haven’t been working out either.

    This week I will be planning and prepping. Next week I will be back to 5:2 dilligently.

    Hope all is well with you Lotta and Sabina and anyone else who pops in!


    @kerry, I hope you are feeling better now. Lotta, great job on keeping up with the FDs, the result will show up in times, as long as we promise not to quit.

    I am sorry to be away for a while. I think this season, flu is passing through online ๐Ÿ˜Š. I was really sick with flu, followed by chest infections and the flu rotated through the whole family. It must be the sickest month in our family history. I had to take some time off 5:2. Since last week, I tried 18:6 as I was taking antibiotics and needed a good meal before taking the medication. Last Friday I did do a full fast day, may be with bit more than 600 cal. I didn’t weighed myself for two weeks. To my surprise, I maintained this month. I am actually very happy to maintain at this weight.

    Currently, I am dealing with some close familyโ€™s terminal illness. Although I have promised not to give up during this difficult times. I might not show up here so often, however, I will not quit.


    Month#9 Update
    Start## 168 lbs Mid-May-2017
    Start FD 163 lbs ( 36.6% BF )
    Month#1 156 lbs (-7 lbs) -1 July-1 (-7 lbs)
    Month #2 148.8 lbs (-14.2 lbs) Aug-4 (-6 lbs)
    Month#3 145.1 lbs (-17.9 lbs Sep-1 (-3.7 lbs)
    Month#4 141.2 lbs (-21.8 lbs) Oct-1 (-3.9 lbs)
    Month#5 138.8 lbs (-24.2 lbs) Nov-1 (-2.4 lbs)
    Month#6 136.4 lbs (-26.2 lbs) Dec-1 (-2.2 lbs)*******Yayyyy GOAL weight******
    Month#7 136.6 lbs (-26.4 lbs) Jan -1(+0.2 lbs) after all-inclusive vacation
    Month#8 133.6 lbs (-29.4 lbs) Feb-1(-3.0 lbs ) (26% BF)
    Month#9 133.6 lbs

    Great job maintaining Sabina! So sorry to hear your family has been knocked out by the flu. We’ve had a rough season here too.

    I’m back to feeling normal and have lost some weight! five pounds since my start date. I had a little bit of a back slide there in the first week of Feb. But below shows where I am today.

    Week 1 โ€“ 1/22/18 โ€“ 149.6
    Mid week 1 โ€“ 1/26/18 -148.4
    03/07/18 – 143.6

    I haven’t actually had too many successful, full-on fast days. It has been really hard to keep my calories down to 500. But my diet has been impeccably clean and I’ve managed to keep my daily calorie consumption under my TDEE. I keep trying to build myself up to another Fast Day but the lowest I seem to be able to go right now is about 900 calories.

    In any case, I may not ultimately be getting the specific health benefits of fasting per se but I know my body is detoxing and getting very well nourished and I am burning fat, even with the higher FD calories. I think I will give my body time to adjust to this intake for a couple more weeks and then take on the challenge of adding a fully compliant 500 calorie fast day once a week.

    I’m going to start with only one because I have found that I’m very tired the day after a fast day. I need more hours of sleep and it’s harder to get through my ballet class and workouts. I’m sure this is part of the detoxing and healing process but I can’t afford to have that low of energy levels twice a week.

    I’m going to keep popping in here to see how you all are doing and report on my progress. And i AM going to add that FD back in…just not for a couple of weeks. As long as I’m losing at least a pound a week I almost don’t feel a need for it.

    I’m rambling now!!! I hope you are all doing very well!!!

    @sabina…thanks for popping in and hope you and your family are feeling better. Also very sorry to hear you are dealing with a terminal illness in your family. I’ve done that in my life more than once and it is never easy. Best wishes for you.

    @lotta….hope things are going well!!!

    Take care,

    Hi All
    Apologies for the over a month long silence from moi! We had February half term holiday madness which descended into a bit of a “stuff your face” week. Since then it’s been pretty much down hill with the 5:2.

    Last week I finally braved the scales again. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I knew I’d “podged up” and put on weight because my clothes were tighter than before.
    I weighed in at 164lb again ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    Not unexpected (I’m a realist) but so incredibly annoying!! I hate sabotaging my own good work. I know why I have been doing it but I wish I could stop. ๐Ÿ™ The short term good feeling I get from food is NOT worth the long term mental and physical health issues that the extra weight brings.

    So today is my first FD after pretty much a month of bingeing.
    I feel fine half way through and I look forward to the “sleek” feeling tomorrow morning.
    I am doing 2 FD’s in a row this week as that is how it works best for me. Fingers crossed I can keep the wine, bread, pasta and cheese intake to normal levels over the weekend. That’s my downfall.

    @sabina – amazing work, you are doing so well maintaining your weight in such difficult circumstances!

    @kerry – brilliant weigh loss – that is fantastic. However you get it done it is clearly working. Fab!!

    Right, kind and lovely people, I will hopefully be able to post some new progress at the end of the week. I hate feeling as bloated and uncomfortable as I do when I put on weight.

    Take care all
    Lotta xx

    Oh no – my post disappeared ๐Ÿ™


    Myggan40 wrote on My Fast Diet Accountabilty:

    Hi All
    Apologies for the over a month long silence from moi! We had February half term holiday madness which descended into a bit of a “stuff your face” week. Since then it’s been pretty much down hill with the 5:2.

    Last week I finally braved the scales again. :-0 I knew I’d “podged up” and put on weight because my clothes were tighter than before.
    I weighed in at 164lb again ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    Not unexpected (I’m a realist) but so incredibly annoying!! I hate sabotaging my own good work. I know why I have been doing it but I wish I could stop. >:( The short term good feeling I get from food is NOT worth the long term mental and physical health issues that the extra weight brings.

    So today is my first FD after pretty much a month of bingeing.
    I feel fine half way through and I look forward to the “sleek” feeling tomorrow morning.
    I am doing 2 FD’s in a row this week as that is how it works best for me. Fingers crossed I can keep the wine, bread, pasta and cheese intake to normal levels over the weekend. That’s my downfall.

    @sabina – amazing work, you are doing so well maintaining your weight in such difficult circumstances!

    @kerry – brilliant weigh loss – that is fantastic. However you get it done it is clearly working. Fab!!

    Right, kind and lovely people, I will hopefully be able to post some new progress at the end of the week. I hate feeling as bloated and uncomfortable as I do when I put on weight.

    Take care all
    Lotta xx


    I got it from the notification email ๐Ÿ˜€

    @sabina – sorry I sent it to you as a mail ๐Ÿ˜€

    I got it in the email notification too. It’s weird that it didn’t show up on the message board! I’ve had that happen before though.

    Glad to see you back Lotta!

    So many good stories. So many lost pounds!!
    Some of you imply that Fasting is a means to an end and then you will ‘try’ to keep the pounds off. Fasting is a LIFESTYLE which must be continued to maintain the weight loss. We have been Fasting for almost 5 years. The weight [40 pounds for my husband] came off in 7 months, and we continue to Fast 2 days/week every week so that we can keep our weight where we want it to be. I urge you to consider this.
    As for eating on Slow Days, our appetites have decreased to a great degree. No way could I eat 2000 calories every day — my stomach capacity isn’t there and it would make my weight skyrocket.
    When one reaches a plateau, one should look at what is being eaten on Slow Days. Start eliminating or reducing the foods that add empty calories and weight will be lost.
    A benefit of the slow but steady weight loss with the 5:2 diet [or 4:3] is that it gives you a chance to re-orient how you think about food so that you can make healthy choices for the rest of your life.

    keep up the good work!

    I am sorry to be away for so long. Last month my Dad got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It has been very emotional and stressful since then. I really had to find a way to cope with the stress and somehow follow some reasonable eating plan. Since I leave far away from home, I just took a trip back home to meet up with my Dad. With visiting family and dealing with life in general, I was off 5:2 for about a month. I gained few pounds during my trip back home, however, I have lost most of it in a week.

    I am back to following 4:3 starting this week. I do feel so much in control when I follow this way of life. It is definitely something I can continue for the rest of my life. Now that my husband is also following this WOL, it is so much manageable. He is also very pleased with the weight loss.

    As for the workouts, my 10k race is coming up in 6 weeks. The weather here in Ottawa is still on the cooler side. However, I plan to start training for the run starting this week. I plan to do at least 3 runs, 2 walks every week. I will also add in some Jillian/Weight training workouts in between.

    @fasting_me, I definitely plan to keep on following this way of eating for the rest of my life. It is way more manageable as a long-term solution than any other diet plan I have followed in the past.

    Kerry, Lotta, Maygan, I hope you girls are still going strong.


    Month#10 Update
    Start## 168 lbs Mid-May-2017
    Start FD 163 lbs ( 36.6% BF )
    Month#1 156 lbs (-7 lbs) -1 July-1 (-7 lbs)
    Month #2 148.8 lbs (-14.2 lbs) Aug-4 (-6 lbs)
    Month#3 145.1 lbs (-17.9 lbs Sep-1 (-3.7 lbs)
    Month#4 141.2 lbs (-21.8 lbs) Oct-1 (-3.9 lbs)
    Month#5 138.8 lbs (-24.2 lbs) Nov-1 (-2.4 lbs)
    Month#6 136.4 lbs (-26.2 lbs) Dec-1 (-2.2 lbs)*******Yayyyy GOAL weight******
    Month#7 136.6 lbs (-26.4 lbs) Jan -1(+0.2 lbs) after all-inclusive vacation
    Month#8 133.6 lbs (-29.4 lbs) Feb-1(-3.0 lbs ) (26% BF)
    Month#9 133.6 lbs
    Month#10 135 lbs (-28 lbs) โ€“ 2-week trip and off 5:2 for a month

    Two weeks till my one year anniversary of FD. Lately I have not been following my fast days properly. I tend to fast till dinner and then eat way more than 500 cal, more like 1000+ calorie :-). I have gained a lbs since last check ins. I am at 136 lbs.

    So, I am going to hold myself accountable for the next two weeks. I will follow these rules till 9th of June and post my results.

    1. Do 2-3 fast days/week with <500 cal
    2. Keep non-fast days calories at 1800 cal
    3. Track calorie using fit-bit
    4. Keep deficit at 3500 cal/week
    5. Fast for 14 hrs on non-fast days
    6. 10,000 steps/day
    7. 3 days/week Chalean Extreme Weight training.

    On a happy note, I have completed my 10K race yesterday in 1hour and 9.45 min. It was an amazing experience. I have never imagined I could have ran that far. Regardless, I did it. I ran it with my daughter, it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. I am so proud of myself to be able to do it.

    One Year update
    Start## 168 lbs Mid-May-2017
    Start FD 163 lbs ( 36.6% BF )
    Month#1 156 lbs (-7 lbs) -1 July-1 (-7 lbs)
    Month #2 148.8 lbs (-14.2 lbs) Aug-4 (-6 lbs)
    Month#3 145.1 lbs (-17.9 lbs Sep-1 (-3.7 lbs)
    Month#4 141.2 lbs (-21.8 lbs) Oct-1 (-3.9 lbs)
    Month#5 138.8 lbs (-24.2 lbs) Nov-1 (-2.4 lbs)
    Month#6 136.4 lbs (-26.2 lbs) Dec-1 (-2.2 lbs)*******Yayyyy GOAL weight******
    Month#7 136.6 lbs (-26.4 lbs) Jan -1(+0.2 lbs) after all-inclusive vacation
    Month#8 133.6 lbs (-29.4 lbs) Feb-1(-3.0 lbs ) (26% BF)
    Month#9 133.6 lbs
    Month#10 135 lbs (-28 lbs) โ€“ 2-week trip and off 5:2 for a month
    Month#11 137 lbs (-26 lbs) +2 lbs
    Month#12 133.8 (-29.2 lbs) – 3.2 lbs

    Today is my one year Anniversary of 5:2 WOF. I am so proud to say that for the very first time in my life I have managed to sustain a loss for 6 months. Earlier with various diets I have lost the weight, however, never managed to keep it off more than a month or two. This time around, I have been able to tweaked my diet to fit my life style, it mostly worked.

    During last month or two, I was not quite following the fast days within the calorie limit, I noticed that my weight was slowly creeping up. For last two weeks, I have again started calorie counting on the nonFDs and between 500-600 cal of FD. I am going to switch between 2-3 FD for the rest of the summer.

    I have had so many benefits after starting this diet. My health and mood is generally better. Since last year, I have been so active, so are my entire family members.

    I no longer feel nervous going out for a party and vacations and enjoying myself. I know I can take care of these over indulgences within few FDs. Whenever, it stops working, I start calorie counting for few weeks even for nonFD, that gives me the discipline to keep accountable and weight starts rolling again. I must add that using FitBit this entire time also motivated me to keep moving. I try to keep 10,000+ steps a day.

    I have read in the maintenance forum that sometime your metabolism slows down after a long time of fasting. To address that problem, I have started focusing on heavy weight lifting program, to build some muscle. Hopefully that will keep my metabolism going.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next year. I will keep coming here to keep myself accountable.


    Well done, Sabina!! Congratulations on your anniversary and on your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

    It has been so long since I checked in. Things have been very unpredictable at home. For the past two months, I have been really overwhelmed with my dad’s cancer. He has progressed to the last stage of cancer so fast. I was out of home for three weeks. Taking care of him during this last few days of life has been so rewarding to me. I did realized that our body and mind are such a great gift to us, we must take care of it when we possibly can. I also saw his tremendous spirit, it is one thing that keep us going when everything else fails. Right now he is in hospice at home, being surrounded by people he loves.

    Now that I am back home, I want to start back the routine with fasting and overall fitness schedule. I haven’t been fasting for more than a month. I am starting off tomorrow again. I will drop by here weekly to keep my self accountable.

    *******6 week challenge********

    I would like to lose 8 lbs in next weeks, by October 7th, fasting 3 times a week for next 6 weeks. I will also post my progress weekly here.

    Week #0: 141.6 lbs

    Hi Sabina,

    I’m sorry about your dad, stay strong! He must be a very nice and strong person, from what you wrote about him.

    Your journal is very inspiring for me, after one year you lost 35 lbs, it’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

    I wish you all the best and keep up! Stay strong!

    @melilotus, I am so happy that I can motivate someone.

    Well, it has been three weeks since I got back home. I surely didnโ€™t post an update each week. ๐Ÿ˜Š Life is still very uppredictable, sometime it feels like I am holding my breath all the time. My Dad is still holding on. However, I hope he is not in so much pain anymore. I am trying to live one day at a time.

    I have to say my challenge of losing 8 lbs in 6 weeks is not practical in the current context. Regardless, I am still going to lose those 8 lbs in a longer time frame. We usually go for a winter vacation in late December, that gives me about 14 weeks. I will keep on working on my fasting until it happens.

    Anyhow, I will update how my fasting went on the last three weeks. My first week back home, I was on vacation with kids. We were cooking stuff together and just enjoying times together. My fast days were not quite fasting days. I actually gained 2 lbs. On a good note, I did start walking and JMBR workout on regular basis. Next week, I went back to work and kids went back to school as well. I really pushed to complete three clean days of fasting along with running. Gladly, I lost the 2 lbs gain from the previous week. Last week I fasted for 2 days clean, kept up JMBR workout. However, I injured my shoulder a bit, therefore no run, only walk last week. I did manage to lose another pound. To sum it up I lost 1 lb in the last three week. In the recent weeks, I noticed that even when I fast really clean, I no longer lose weight so fast. Fortunately, I donโ€™t have to lose much, I still have very good muscle tone from my workout, a slow progress it quite acceptable. I have to lose 7 lbs in the next 14 weeks, that should be manageable.

    I found that initially starting back fasting again, it was very hard. After fasting for 5 clean days, it seems easier.

    Today is my birthday, I am so proud of my journey so far with fasting. I promise to come back here next birthday and keep myself accountable.

    Week #0: 141.6 lbs
    Week #1: 1431.6 lbs (+ 2.0 lbs)
    Week #2: 141.6 lbs (- 2.0 lbs
    Week #3: 140.4 lbs (-1.2 lbs) <-Sept 14, 2018


    Happy birthday! I know I’m late but better late…I hope you had a great day and celebrated. You’re doing very well!

    Hi, it has been a while since I checked in. My dad passed away few weeks ago. It was very hard to stay on track with all the emotions. I did slowly came back and started last week. As of Oct,7th my weight was 140 lbs.I noticed it went up 2 lbs and then I had to get it back down.

    I did kept up with walking and my exercise during this time. I found it very peaceful to go out for a walk/run, whenever I felt sad. I did my 5k run yesterday in 32.06 min, it was my best time. I am also keeping up with JMBR, I am currently on week 6. I only took a week off. I have also ran a 5k with 9 year old 2 weeks ago, it was amazing to see my kids growing up so fit.

    I have 10 weeks until Christmas, I would like to be able to go for my vacation in healthy weight range, which is below 137 lb, Let’s see how it works out.

    @melilotus, thanks for your birthday wish. I am trying to do my best given all I have to deal with right now.



    I’m sorry for your loss. I understand, my mother in law passed away a few days ago. I went for a walk in the forest also and it was peaceful indeed. I felt better. The only problem is that I find it difficult to eat. When I’m stressed or sad I can hardly eat anything. I try to have some fruit and a little something else in the afternoon but it’s quite difficult to eat.

    I wish you all the best.


    I have been away for a very long time. This has been a very stressful year so far. It is almost two months since my dad passed away. Soon after I tried to get back into some good health habits. Three weeks after he was gone, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to had a mastectomy. I flew back home again to be with her. Life has just been totally unpredictable. I tried to fast 14-16 hours on and off, however, I have not been able to really do fast days with ~500 cal for a very long time. I have been doing JMBR for last 8 weeks with few weeks off in between. I had tremendous amount of stress at work as well. I would say given the amount of stress that I had this year, without some fasting I would have gained A-LOT of weight.

    Regardless, I did gain some good amount of weight in last two months. I checked my weight this morning, was really sad to see a weight of 146.2 lbs. There are 4 weeks( 27 days) till I go for an all-inclusive vacation. I would like to be at least 141lbs for that holiday. There are few things I would like to do for next 4 weeks:

    1. Track my calories in Fitbit every day
    2. Have at least 2 ~500 cal days a week
    3. On non-Fast days fast between 14-16 hours
    4. Have 1700-2000 cal for non-fast days
    5. Have 10,000 steps a day
    6. Have 5 servings of fruits and veggie every day
    7. Blog here in this forum every day.
    8. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday

    After I get back from my all-inclusive vacation, I will set my long term goal again. Letโ€™s day next year I am really looking forward to have some order in my life again. For now I am going to focus on some quick damage control and re-establishing some good habits back.


    Day #1

    Well, I did manage to stay under 500 cal yesterday. I also took 10,000 steps. I was feeling very hungry at night though. I did manage to fast for almost ~16 hours today.

    Weekends are always hard for me.I have to stay really focused till Monday not to completely go crazy. I would like to stay between 1700-2000 for three days, then fast again on Monday. I also have to remind to log everything I an eating over the weekend.

    My weight this morning was 143.2. 3 lbs loss after one fast day?? I think my weight gain yesterday must be due to water retention. Anyway 143 is a much better number for me. I can definitely manage to get it at 141 in next three weeks. I just need to be accountable on my non-fasting days. I need to remind myself that I can eat anything, but not of unlimited quantity.

    Tracking, tracking, tracking…….


    I made it under 2000 calories for my non fasting day. It is actually pretty hard to get back in the routine again. I am trying to practice turning down temptation. I am planning to hit 70k steps for this week.It has been a while since I did that.
    Tracking is tough. I had to track my periline and cream ice cream yesterday.



    I am so glad the weekend is almost over. It was my daughter’s 10th birthday today. We went for her favorite buffet restaurant to celebrate. It was very though to track all the bad food I ate, and of course the cakes and chips form home. I did make an effort eat 5 servings of vegetables. Today I almost decided not to track. However, I did track and to my surprise I stayed under 2000. So no more eating after lunch. I am so much looking forward to my fast day tomorrow.

    I also manged to take 70k+ steps this week.



    I am fasting since lunch hour yesterday. I am feeling so much better that I don’t have to worry so much about food today. Anyway dinner time is when I usually slip. I still have to keep an eye.

    I have started week9 of JMBR workout. These workouts are so hard. I am just trying to stay focused for next two weeks.



    I am getting better at logging my calories. I am also doing very good this week waking up early and getting the morning workout done.

    I did end up having two slices of vegetable pizza at work. I think I must be around 600-700 cal today. I will do a 5k run on treadmill tonight to make up for it. I will have my next meal tomorrow lunch time. That way I get 24 hour fasting period.


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