Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • My son and gf land in Kauai in one hour. Oh joy.

    Hi all,

    Can;t believe the mess in Hawaii!! So scary for everyone and it seems in a lot of cases the news that it was a false alarm was not communicated terribly quickly. I can’t even imagine the utter terror you would feel; a hurricane is one thing, but nuclear fall out??? So glad it was an error, but let’s hope this kind of “error” isn’t made again!

    Sherry I think you’re smart to try a more natural approach and see if you can have some success with that before trying meds, especially as it seems you aren’t experiencing severe symptoms.

    My weight is ok but since Cmas and being out of the routine finding it hard to get back into it. last week was thrown of bc of being on a hiring committee at work – so 4 days was in meetings most of the day and I ate regularly because I didn’t want my stomach growling and also I know my moods are affected by hunger, which wouldn’t be fair to the candidates! We currently have a woman on contract for a year doing essentially the same job, so I am hoping she will get it, despite the face there are others with more experience than she. I just think the intangibles mean a lot, we know her, hard worker, she fits in, doesn’t call in sick all the time, isn’t late, has made friendships with people in other areas of the Library etc.

    Hope all are well! We’re back to -20C temps with the “wind chill” but supposed to warm up later in the week thank God. I fell hard on my knee last week slipping on some ice, so will focus on Yin yoga this week and wait until next week to do a harder more “athletic” yoga class. Still doing daily meditation – I highly recommend for stress or anxiety or insomnia, it’s really helped all 3 for me.

    Take care all!

    Hi everyone,

    This site seems pretty dead lately. Thought I’d pop in with the hope of reviving things/getting people talking again!

    Hubby is back as of very early this morning so hopefully my stress levels (aka out of whack eating) will normalize. I generally have a hard time eating well this time of the year. Don’t know why? The season/low sunlight effects me I think. And I live in So. Cal! What a whiner, I know. But it’s true for me.

    Anyhow, enough about me…how are you all holding up this first month of 2018 which is already almost over…my how the month has flown!

    Well, sorry to be short but I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is an early day as my three youngest are in the “Mulan Jr.” musical at their school and I have a 7:15 am call time to put make up on the young actors. They’ll do two more plays on Saturday too. I saw a rehearsal/run through of the entire play today. It was a little “rough” 😉 but the kids are so cute that it makes up for the forgotten lines, dialogue you can barely hear, etc.!

    Hope to hear from you all soon,


    Hi Sherry & all!

    Sherry…have fun being the make-up lady for the play. Sounds like fun. Tell those kids to speak up! LOL!

    Glad hubby got back to take some of the stress off of you. Any more household calamities that you had to deal with? Hope not!

    I’m doing ok. Still holding my own weight wise. I have days where I go off the rails and then the next day I’m strictly on plan. I guess that’s my balance for now. It won’t help me lose the last 10 lbs, but it allows me to stay where I am. I am pretty happy with my current weight. I guess that’s why I’m not being more strict with myself. I just have to guard against letting it all go. I seem to have healed my insulin resistance so that I don’t gain so easily anymore. The Keto and intermittent fasting really worked to heal my IR.

    I tried to get back to boot camp this week. I made it 2 days, but yesterday I pulled my trapezius muscle. I cannot lean my head to the left at all. Sigh…..It is not any worse this morning, so I guess it will slowly get better.

    Take care all and have a good weekend!

    Hi! Anyone out there?

    All is good here. Eating-wise I’m still trying to get back on track and am in the midst of my monthly cleanse with the hubby (he’s doing 4 days, I’m doing 5 this time (I’ve been VERY BAD!)). It’s been a tad stressful around here lately and we had my husband’s two birthday celebrations soooo….that’s my excuse at least!

    I go back to Hawaii in a few weeks so I’m REALLY trying to get it together with the eating well! This time around I have not one but two friends coming out to visit, one coming early on and the other midway through my trip-the two will be overlapping 3 days. So, unlike the usual where I just do whatever I want, I will be hosting/being a tour guide. 😉 It should be a fun departure though since I haven’t had a visitor in a while, and I do get almost a week on the back-end of solitude when they leave!

    So I have an update on my use of the little skin “aerator device”, the Glow Pro that I started using back in November…it’s been 3 months and I do think I see a noticeable, albeit small difference in wrinkle depth and skin laxity (especially in jaw line and around the saggy elbow skin area). Hopefully it will get even better with time. So, there you are for those of you who wanted to know how it worked!

    Btw, I’m curious as to whether any of you have ever tried “carb cycling” where you alternate higher carb days with low carb ones during the week to confuse the body and lose more weight? I’ve been seeing some interesting discussions on this lately. They say on lower carb days to do higher intensity exercise and on higher carb days to do strength training. They say this works well with intermittent fasting too. Lori, I’m wondering if you’ve toyed with this? Can you discuss more about the keto and intermittent fasting healing your IR? I’m curious as to how long it took and what “healed” means for you?

    How’s your trap muscle feeling Lori? I pulled something weird in my foot. Don’t know how! It’s making walking a tad painful, which of course is my main form of exercise! I’ve been taping it, which helps but thinking I may need to lay off at least a few days a week to let it heal?

    Ok, time to get moving on my day! Have a good one whoever’s still out there! 🙂


    Good Morning!

    Ahh…Sherry…..another trip to Hawaii. Wonderful! I would love to be one of your guests sometime! I can’t think of a more fabulous vacation.

    Hope your cleanse is going well. I really need to do one of those and get things moving here. Speaking of moving, I have started my 10k training for the race in Edinburgh in May. I am going very slowly and following a walk/run plan. All I want to do is finish within the allotted time of 1:30….don’t need to break any speed records! 😉 I’ve had to resort to the treadmill as the weather has been absolute crap around here. Just this past Wednesday we had 6 inches of snow and then freezing rain…Yuck!

    As far as healing my IR. It has taken a long time(several years) of following a LC/Keto lifestyle..most of the time. I can just tell that my body is better able to handle a high(er) carb day or even a couple weeks and bounce right back with minimal weight gain. Plus, my blood glucose readings are finally typically in the 80’s, and sometimes even the 70’s. Prior to this, I had struggled to keep my BS below 110 even with a strict LC diet. I think what finally turned the corner for me was a strict month of IF last June. I still try to do IF several days a week, but really need to make it a lifestyle. Sometimes with my part-time job schedule, it’s hard to stick to the eating window I prefer.

    With this super cold & snowy weather, I’m struggling to get my boot camp workouts in too. I have made it a couple times a week for the past couple weeks and then took this week off in order to start my running training. I’m hoping to combine the 2 next week. At least 2 days boot camp and then 3 days running. About my Trap muscle…it is still a little sore! I’ll be going to my chiropractor on March 1st and I think she will help it by working on my upper back. I really think there is something out of alignment.

    Well, I have rambled on long enough for early morning! I have an easy day and then have to go to work from 4-10 tonight. By far my least favorite shift. I’m just not a night person!

    Sherry, I’m SO glad you keep in touch here. I’m sorry I’m not better about it. Also feel free to email me anytime. I would hate to lose touch with you!

    Take care,

    For sure Lori! Thanks for the encouragement and for popping in!

    Hi Lori and Sherry!
    I get your posts in my email, but have to sign in to reply. Glad you two are still here, it does get very quiet around here. Sherry your HI trip sounds wonderful! We had snow, freezing rain, snow all weekend. At least today is sunny, so that makes it a bit more bearable, I keep three coats in rotation depending on temperature and precipitation.
    I am still fasting just the two days a week, am still hovering around the same weight for a few weeks now, am hoping to get down to 150lbs by the end of March which is my b/day. At 5 feet that’s still heavy, but I look a feel a lot better and certainly giving away clothes that are now way too big is always nice.
    So, Lori I have to ask, what is IR? Good for you training for a 10K! I can’t even imagine! I could probably manage to walk 10K if I had to, but I’m not a runner at all. Yoga and walking in the woods is it for me right now and not even the walks bc of our stupid weather. Because of the cold I’ve gotten lazy, it’s been a month since I was out there, just the one athletic yoga class and another more stretching meditation class a week.
    Keep healthy!

    Hi Sue, So happy to hear from you and I wish you the best toward hitting your bday goal in March! To answer for Lori, I think IR is insulin resistance. I think that’s what I and a lot of people our ages have where we can’t eat much in the way of carbs anymore without gaining because we can’t produce the correct amount of insulin to deal with it? Is that right Lori?

    I’m maintaining the cleanse loss at 118.0 today after going up half a pound yesterday. I’d like to drop 1-2 lbs more before I leave late next week for HI. Not looking forward to all the eating out my friends want to be doing while visiting….can’t blame them though! They’re meeting me for lunch tomorrow and we’re going to discuss what they want to do while there as well as where they want to eat because some places you have to book reservations for well in advance. I’ll try to follow Dolly Parton’s old advice when she lost weight and ate out a lot. She said to simply just eat half of what’s on your plate (easier said than done sometimes when it tastes really good!) at restaurants. I’ll try to keep it to that and just a light brunch-ish meal earlier in the day. One friend is like me and loves to walk/hike so that will make things easier while she’s there for 4 days. The other friend who will be there a week however, has some issues with her back and foot so don’t know how much she’ll be able to be physical. I’ve warned her that Honolulu, especially Waikiki, is most easily traversed by foot and to bring good walking shoes…parking is difficult, expensive, and hard to find!

    Anyhow, on to my day…just finished my walk and I’ve got to start some pre-planning of ideas to present to the girls at lunch tomorrow as well as do a little pre-packing and organizing. We had rain earlier today and it’s expected on and off all week so it’s a good time to be inside and get stuff done!


    Yes, IR is Insulin Resistance. It is not so much that we are not producing enough….we are actually producing too much as our cells become “resistant” to insulin so more and more is required to do it’s job. Too much circulating insulin is no good for weight loss.

    I’m just home from a long weekend at my sister’s. We had a good time, but ate too much, as usual. Back to reality now.

    Have to run. DH will be home in a few minutes. I have to figure out what to give him for dinner. As for me, I’m having a cup of Keto coffee and am happy as a clam.

    Be happy everyone!

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for the info – how do you tell if you are IR? Is it a blood test? I avoid carbs as much as I can anyway, I am fortunate in that I don’t feel great after eating pasta or bread so other than rice or potatoes once a week maybe I don’t eat a lot of carbs. Same on sugar although V-Day threw that off as I did eat some hershey’s kisses lol…
    HI sounds lovely! We’re into mild temps and rain which means grey skies, at least with snow it’s bright! I feel on the ice on Tuesday, came down hard on both knees, twisted my ankle. Saw massage therapist who also did laser so I am hoping to heal quicker. Not in a ton of pain, thank God, but no hiking or yoga for now 🙁
    It’s hard to stick to an eating plan when you have visitors and everyone else is eating. Mtg a friend for lunch Saturday, it’s a long weekend here “Family Day” on Monday, so will be snacking I am sure. As long as I am maintaining, I am happy, but getting to my goal by end of March would be nice!

    Good morning! Back from the walk and getting ready for the day ahead!

    Lori, you are great at getting back on track after your sister visits (so nice you two get together regularly and enjoy each other!).

    Sue, so sorry about your fall on the ice! 🙁 Hoping it feels better quickly! I’ve heard from a friend that those lasers really help. I know what you mean about eating right when you’ve got visitors, etc. That’s what I’m going to be dealing with while entertaining my two friends in HI. Mainly our discussion on Tuesday centered around which restaurants they wanted to try! Again, will try to stick to my “eat no more that half of what’s in front of me” mantra!

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day btw everyone! My hubby and I got a couple’s massage the day prior to celebrate, as we all know how crazy and expensive the restaurants can be on the actual day of Valentines! Last night I made the family healthy mini muffin cup brownies (made primarily with dates for sweetness and almond flour) that I filled with a mini ice cream scoop of vanilla coconut milk ice cream and a topped them with homemade chocolate syrup made from coconut cream, yacon syrup and cocoa (YUM!). Everyone devoured them! 🙂 I may or may not have had two! 😉 Anyhow, back on the horse today. I have to take my eldest to some appointments later today and the other three will be in tow. I think I’ll take them to get dinner at the Whole Foods ready to go food bar area and I’ll get a serving of their yummy roasted brussels sprouts for a light dinner.

    The weather out here has cleared up, cool mornings, warm-ish days and cold nights!

    Have a good day!

    Hi …I’m Jeff…52… and im excited to start the 5:2 diet. I’ve lost quite a lot of weight…50 lbs a couple of years ago…mostly counting calories and cutting out fast food. A job change put me behind the wheel of a car and my weight quickly went back up 20 lbs but I’ve changed job again and picked back up and I’ve taken the 20 back off. I’ve used fasting days to help me intermittently and now I’ve heard of this more regular use of fasting and I am hoping that I can take the last 30lbs off to get to my college weight of 160 lbs. One thing that I like about fasting is that you learn to properly appreciate the food you eat. You begin to feel what your body really needs instead of being driven by habits …boredom…feeling “empty”…tempted by ads…social pressure….all the things that cause that easy gain and tough reduction in body weight. Good luck to all….hope you find fasting as helpful as I have!

    Hello. I am just starting 5:2 today. I am excited yet nervous! I am a bit confused about my calorie intake on feast days though. I am wanting to lose weight so am I to consume the TDEE calorie amount or the other calorie amount according to my activity level? I am also thankful for this forum! What a great source of support! Have a beautiful day!

    Hi guys..
    I am back here to try again- yes, again – to shift those extra pounds.
    As I have gone back to college, and with all the studying and exams, it is particularly difficult to stick to a routine, but I so want to approach graduation day on March 24th slimmer and healthier.
    Hello to old friends from here, Lori, Sherry and the many more, and to the new ones.

    Wish me luck!

    Hi Everyone!

    Salma!! Great to see you again! How exciting to have graduation day SO close! Congratulations to you.

    Jeff….good on you for taking control of that 20 lbs before it spirals into more as it easily can do. Take it a pound at a time.

    Annette…I think the most important thing to start is just to keep your fasting days to the 500 calories. Do not try to restrict too much on your feasting days or it will lead to frustration.

    I have not been following 5:2 for a long time, but I think it would help me get the last few pounds moving. I follow a Keto way of eating and adding the 5:2 would serve me well, I think. I’m getting ready to go on vacation, so will get more serious once I am home.

    Good luck to all!


    Thank you Lori_PA for the insight. You are correct! I will get frustrated quickly if I try to restrict too much. I am not going to restrict myself much but I do want to understand and try to stay in the correct range of calories. Do I try to eat the TDEE amount of calories or the BMR amount of calories?

    Annette…..your BMR is the base number of calories that your body needs just to function. TDEE takes into account your activity. If I were you, I would use the TDEE within the little to no activity range. Most people tend to overestimate how active they are, so using the little to no activity even though you may work out will keep you from going over on your calories.

    That being said, the beauty of 5:2 is that you only need count calories on your 500 calorie days. If the calorie counting every day begins to wear on you…don’t be afraid to ease up on it. My only other advice is to cut down on carbs/sugar as much as you can all the time. It is my firm belief that dietary fat is not our enemy…it is the carbs/sugar.

    Good luck!

    Hi all! A quick pop in from Hawaii! Welcome back again Salina & our new members! Good luck all!

    Annette, I agree with everything Lori said. We’re both old timers with this way of eating- she’s more Keto in her eating & I’m more Paleo, but we agree on keeping the carbs & sugar low & the low nutrition foods out for the most part! Sure we all have “those” days where not-so-great foods somehow make it into our mouths (we are human! 😉), but getting back on the horse with a fast really helps! I personally don’t stick to a TDEE, I just eat healthy & reasonably- I’m tired of counting calories, points, etc.

    Anyhow, I’ve been enjoying my time in Hawaii with my friend and the other friend is flying in tomorrow. So far I”m handling the eating out daily ok. Trying to fast 16 hours from dinner to my first meal. I’ve been trying to keep it to a protein shake, nuts & fruit at brunch tine & then eat as healthy as possible st dinner ( have had an adult beverage each night though which I rarely do normally! 😉)

    Tuesday I’m taking the girls to a free luau courtesy of one of my employees who has connections! Should be fun. I’ll try to stop in again to say hi but I’ll be busy tour guiding! 😀🌸🌴

    Have a good week everyone!


    Sorry Salma! Somehow, with my quick typing you became “Salina”!

    Hi All,

    I second the info above! Don’t kill yourself counting calories on your non fasting days, but make sure you’re not having a food free for all! Avoid unhealthy carbs, sugar and processed foods. This the ONLY play where I have consistently lost weight, kept it off, and that accommodates a birthday, holidays, lifestyle changes or a night out etc,
    It has also been proven to be healthy to give your body a “break” from digesting food constantly. I was very apprehensive about being hungry, but I got over it and now I don’t panic at the thought of missing lunch or my stomach growling. Your body most definitely adjusts!
    I eat breakfast around 11am, then eat a salad and chicken for dinner around 6:30, I do count calories and watch what I eat on fast days; and you’ll find over time that you’re cutting portions in half or not eating the “whole thing”; on weekends I often skip lunch, don’t restrict calories, but I’m ok now with skipping a meal.
    Sherry, HI sounds lovely and kudos for you watching your food while entertaining friends. My sister and niece went to a luau and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Lori, fasting while on vacation is tough, easier to get back on track when you get home – where are you going?
    Welcome to the newbies and welcome back to Salma!

    Hi anyone who’s still out there? I’ve been AOWL for a long time since my Hawaii trip…so busy and now my hubby’s there working for the last two weeks and I don’t know for how much longer due to an office shake up where we had a couple people quit within a week…one for a higher paying job and the other to take care of her dad who is getting a kidney transplant. Anyhow, had a hard time getting back on the horse after the trip, Easter, and quite a few family parties, but I’m back on track now. I just completed a three day organic juice cleanse which wasn’t too difficult! Counting it as 3 fast days!

    Well, if any of you are still around, pop in to say hello. It’s sad to have seen this thread die out! 🙁


    Hi Sherry & Everyone!

    I have been meaning to pop in here and check on everyone, but as Sherry said above…life just gets busy!

    I am currently visiting my sister(will go home today) and we’ve had a nice week, but ate too much, of course. I think I’m up about 5 lbs from where I’ve been hovering for a long time, but still need to lose a bit more. I’m still doing Keto, but haven’t been managing to fast at all lately.

    I’ve stopped the boot camp work outs as I was just burnt out after 5+ years. I now work with a trainer once a week at the new Rec Center that I joined. Also doing some weight training, plus I’m doing quite a bit of running. I have signed up to do a 10k race on 5/26 in Edinburgh Scotland! I’m meeting my online running group in Edinburgh and we’re spending Memorial Day weekend. I think there will be about 10 of us. I am using a run/walk method as I simply can’t straight out run long distances and have no desire to. I like knowing I have that walk break coming up! 😉

    Golf season is slowly starting up again. Our weather has been horrible. Last weekend we had 2 days of 80 degrees and then back to 40’s-50’s and cloudy & rainy. And the wind!!! We cannot seem to have a day without a cold, biting wind. This Spring has been a huge disappointment.

    I’m still working my part-time retail job. I mostly work evenings. Some nights are good, some ok and some I think I want to quit! I’ll do it for awhile….nice to know I can quit when I want to. Just doing it for something to do, although the little bit of $$ is nice.

    Hope more people pop in here to let us know they’re still around.

    Sherry…let’s do a better job of keeping in touch!


    Hello ladies..
    I have fallen off the wagon again and did not feel entitled to pop in here again. This is my final week of school; exams and papers loom huge, but it should be all done in a week. I have promised myself that I will lose those pounds if it is the last thing I do. Studying did not help in the weight department, and I now am back where I started when I started this thread way back in 2014!! Sad and can be quite depressing, but I am choosing to focus on what I have achieved this year, not what I have failed at. My next project will be getting the weight off and REALLY getting in shape.
    Wish me luck girls (on both the studies and mid-year the resolution)


    Nice to see you pop in here Salma! Good luck with your studies & the new resolution! I, too, have let things slide a bit and need to get a grip on my eating.

    May 1 is coming soon….shall we begin anew?

    Take care,


    Hi Salma, I saw your post and popped in to say hello.
    Hi Lori and Sherry and other old timers too.

    But Salma, what have you been studying? How interesting to be back at college.
    So sorry that extra weight has snuck back on…. but it would be much worse if you hadn’t had the weight loss inbetween.

    I hope that getting back to 5:2 is like moving in with a good friend.
    Good wishes

    Hi old timers! So glad to see you all pop in for a “hello”…it’s like a hug! I have just a moment as I’m still running like a crazy person solo parenting. Hubby going to be gone a total of a month when all is said and done and I’m just exhausted. The stress has be gaining a losing weekly on a giant rollercoaster (its BAD!). Sounds like we’re in the same boat, Lori and Salma. Yes, May 1st! New month and renewed dedication! Let’s commit to doing it! 🙂

    Ok, got to go. Have to pick up two of my daughters for their quarterly appointment with the endo doc for their diabetes check ups and then take the third daughter for her weekly physical therapy appointment and then my son to his baseball game (can you say AHHHH!?)


    Hi all! I haven’t posted in ages for the same reason as Salma. I, too,fell off the wagon last fall and just started fasting again this past week. So we’re all starting again this May! It feels good to have the company.

    After a terribly snowy March and April, we finally can see the ground again. Getting back to taking long walks is also on my agenda–at least till the deer flies come out.

    Salma, good luck with your classes and exams. We, too, are in the last week of the semester. I’m always kind of sorry to see the academic year come to an end. Miss the students.

    Good luck with fasting, everyone. Does anyone else actually find fast days easier if you don’t eat at all till supper?

    Minnesota Miss

    Hi all! How’s the May challenge to get back on track going? I’m doing ok- hanging out around 119 which is a little above my goal / maintenance range of 115-117 but given how miserable I was doing a short while ago, I’ll take it! 😉

    Hubby finally returns today after being gone a month in Hawaii- his longest trip ever-and I’m so happy & relived! Luckily he hired some great new people to replace the ones we lost & soent the last few weeks training them.

    We also started our LONG awaited remodel of our home this week! I’m happy but already it’s a little off putting! The workers are all outside my kitchen & family room working on building put the room expansions so I feel like I’m in a fish bowl- every time I look out there’s someone with a shovel etc staring back! 😂

    Well, hope you’re all well and getting back on track! Happy weekend girls! 😘

    Happy weekend indeed! I started my Friday with a 5 mile run/walk in preparation for my 10k on 5/26 in Edinburgh Scotland. That is coming up quickly!

    Been doing fairly well with my eating. Although I’m doing a “no weigh May”, so don’t know what the stupid scale is saying.

    Sherry, glad the hubby is coming home to be there to enjoy the remodeling with you! 😉 Just think how nice it will be when it is all completed.

    Weather is looking crap for the weekend, at least tomorrow. Golf is cancelled. This has been a terrible Spring for golf. What are you gonna do?

    Having a lazy afternoon after my long run this morning. Make it a good day!

    Hi all,

    I haven’t posted for ages! I, too, fell off the wagon months ago. And while I didn’t get on the IF wagon in May (as many of you did), I did get my rear end to the gym. I had the wonderful opportunity to begin weight training for free with a personal trainer who is a friend of mine. I’ve been going 5 days a week and making significant progress in my strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance. In fact, I went to a 70’s dance party last night and didn’t feel it all today! 🙂

    I’m about to head off for a 10-day vacation on Friday. Not sure it is the best time to try fasting, but I think I’ll try 2 days this week and see if I can keep it up while I’m away. If not, I’ll be ready to jump back on it when I return.

    It’s good to see familiar names on the thread and nice to see some new ones. I hope your kitchen remodel is going well, Sherryann! MinnesotaMiss and Lori (is PA for Pennsylvania?) I hope your weather has improved. I live in DC and we’ve had the weirdest spring and early summer; my plants don’t know what to do!!



    Hi Ali & Everyone!

    It’s been ages since I’ve been here too. Oh, and yes, the PA is for Pennsylvania.

    My trip to Edinburgh Scotland has come and gone. I trained for and completed the 10k(my first)! The hills were insane and it took me longer than I had hoped and I had to walk more than I intended to, but I finished and was not last! There were 219 poor souls slower than me! OMG…..those hills! I did the 10k(6.2 miles) in 1:19:26 I had a great time in Scotland with my friends. We walked miles around Edinburgh and hiked up an extent volcano(Arthur’s Seat). I was only there from Friday morning until Tuesday morning, but enjoyed it all.

    As for my eating….it’s not been good. I really need to get myself under control. I think a couple fast days a week would do me the world of good as I’ve simply been eating too much, even though it is low carb for the most part. Eating when not truly hungry is a big problem for me.

    Thanks for nudging the thread again Ali….hope to hear from some more of you!

    Hi long lost souls! 😉

    I haven’t been able to get back on here to chat (and really shouldn’t be right now!) because soooo busy trying to unload all of our household stuff into storage and our garage while the major part of our remodel happens while we escape from it to Hawaii for 2 months starting Tuesday. Our house is a disaster zone inside from all our moving stuff but the outside is even worse…giant trenches to re-pipe and lay footings, etc. We have had a whirlwind of running around looking at flooring, tile etc and I’m exhausted. Yikes! hubby is home from dumping off a load of stuff at storage and would not be happy to see my on the computer ! I am, however, doing good with eating Thank God! Sticking around goal of 117-118 for last month or so.

    Chat with you more when I get to Hawaii!

    Love to all and good luck! 🙂


    Another lost soul who fell off the wagon!!! I could barely remember my password.

    But I’ve been trying to get back on the wagon the past two weeks. I haven’t been doing IF exactly but I’ve been eating only in the evening and only low carb. I’ve been exercising A LOT more. Guess what? Scales are UP!!! So I really need to do a proper IF but I also know from experience and reading that some weight gain with exercise is normal, even though it’s not crazy exercise!!! I’ll try to get back on here more. Let’s push each other back on the wagon!!

    PS, our son graduated from college, spent 2.5 months in Latin America and is now in California. Our daughter was crazy busy with end of the year stuff. No excuse, but that’s part of it.

    Good to see you again Carolina! I think we’ve all been slacking…I know I have! I’m still carrying around 5-7 lbs of vacation weight from 3 months ago! Yikes!

    Congrats on your son’s graduation. It sounds like he’s had an exciting time.

    I’m going on a cruise in October and would really like to have 15 or 20 lbs off before then. Guess I’d better get busy!

    Talk soon!

    Hi! Funny I was just thinking of hopping on here today & saw your post Elizabeth! Good to see u here again! We’re here to help with your diet reboot! 👍🏻😊 (u too Lori!)

    I’ve been on HI a week now escaping our whole house remodel this summer- glad to not be in the midst of it it also worried not to be there observing as they go! What if there’s a change I decide I want made after seeing what they’re doing? 😖 Anyhow, the contractor sends us videos every few days to update us & so far so good.

    Luckily I’m doing well on the weight front- maintains in the 117’s for a while now. My biggest positive change is adjusting my eating at each meal to accommodate what I ate earlier or am going to eat later- trying to balance it all better. Also trying to add a little more walking in on days when I’ve overdone it seems to help. Thankfully there are lots of opportunities to walk to places here in Waikiki/Honolulu! 🌴🚶‍♀️

    Time to go- with the kids at the Bishop Museum now!

    Aloha! 😘

    Hi girls,

    Well as of yesterday I officially reached the “midi-fifties “ mark….55 years old! Geesh! Where did the years go!? My teen took a photo of me with my birthday bouquet and through an app, erased my wrinkles as a birthday gift! 😂 So weird to see me half a lifetime ago staring back in the touched up photo! I had a good day- we ended up out to dinner at Dukes by the beach. I had ono & the salad bar but then everything went out the window when they brought out the giant hunk of hot fudge covered ice cream pie! We probably looked like a pack of lions feasting on a wildebeest the way we five attacked it! 😬 At least we walked there and back- about 35 minutes each way!

    Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

    Hi. Love the title of this thread and thought I would add a quick message. I am living in the Peak District in the UK and am starting the 5:2 next week. I have lost weight before with Weight Watchers but it all seems to come back (and some…). I have finally accepted that I do actually need to change my lifestyle and make healthier choices. I also think the evidence of the health benefits of IF are compelling so here goes… Any tips appreciated!

    Good Morning!

    Sherry…..sounds like you had a fabulous birthday! In Hawaii…..how could it not be fabulous?? I’m glad you allowed yourself the yummy dessert. You deserve it! I’m sure you walked it off and more.

    Nice to see you Candy. I hope you do well with your lifestyle change. That really is what it has to be. For me that includes keeping carbohydrates very low most of the time. I do have my moments of carb loading, but always get right back on plan. I have not been doing so well with the fasting lately, but like to hang around here for the support.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Enjoy your weekend!


    Thanks Lori! How’s your efforts going to get into “cruise shape”? I’m sure you’ll do fine- you know how to do it!

    Welcome Candy! Ditto for me; I keep it lower carb, basically Paleo eating most of the time with an occasional splurge so it really is a way of life rather than just a diet plan. I’m in maintenance now so I only use IF here and there if I feel the need. I also generally do a 4 day cleanse monthly of organic bone broth, veggies, berries, and protein, It helps keep my weight in check and reboot my eating habits if needed. Good luck!


    Hi everyone I’m loving this fasting plan I have,a lot of work to do on making the right choices during regular eating days but this is helping me so much to see it is possible to eat less and feel full I have been on vacation but am looking forward to getting back in routine fasting day tomorrow back to work and the treadmill good luck evryone!

    Hi all,

    So nice to see all the activity on the site and especially new folks! I’m back from my week in CA and looking forward to getting back on track! The vacation time was fantastic, but I am exhausted from so much food, wine and family! I’m going to focus on fewer carbs, more veggies and protein. We’ll see how that all goes! I have a long way to go – 30 pounds over the last couple of years! Strong and steady.

    Take care,


    Aloha girls from Kailua beach! Just finished my one hour beach walk while kids played. Lovely breezy day here on the Windward side of the island!

    Still maintaining pretty well on the weight front. May mix in a few lower cal/fast days soon since we’ve got friends flying in next week for the Fourth of July celebration. We’ll be eating out the night they come in & then we will bring our paddle boards & have a pop up & pic nic set up all day at the beach park across the street from our condo. They shoot off fireworks from there so it’s a great spot! 🏝

    Welcome Lily ( one of my daughter ‘s names! 😊) & hi Ali!


    Menopause weight , anyone successful in getting rid of the menopot? I exercise daily, weights every other day, try to watch carbs, Basically does this work? I have had a hysterectomy and things have changed ,stomach/hips.thighs are always there, ok thanks for the tips

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    Sounds rough maybe a new routine could help in the end staying fit and healthy all comes down to balance not so much what you eat but how much and with any added exercise and things you can add in to further it along I liked using the items on this site myself https://best2weekdiet.wordpress.com the tea I really like not even just for a weight loss item but as something to have on occasion to just kind of flush of my body and detox The extra help with weight loss and getting my body moving is just an added bonus at this point for me

    Hi all and especially Scoot,

    It sounds like you and I are in the same situation — menopause has changed the way I gain weight and I’ve added 30 lbs in 3 years. I also exercise regularly, although that hasn’t always been true. I’m committed to reversing the weight gain trend and intermittent fasting is how I’m approaching it. Because of my schedule this week, I’ll be fasting T/W. I hope it goes well!!

    Hope everyone is well!


    Hi girls,

    Please excuse the radio silence. I was just so discouraged and ashamed of all the fat that I piled on this last year. I gained more than I had started with back in 2014 (I think that’s when this thread started!).
    Anyway, I have finally taken my self by the horns and have completed 10 days of the program (fasted 3 days and am on a more or less higher protein diet with only one day a week in which I will allow myself an indulgence).

    So far so good.

    Just to keep myself accountable, I started off with an unbelievable 94 Kgs which is the heaviest I have been. Even when pregnant, I did not scale such heights!

    I have lost 2 Kgs already. I know most of it is water, but it is a good boost. I do hope I stick with it this time and it will be for life. At 58 next month, I should be able to achieve a decent weight for my 60’s.
    This is such a frustrating endeavor, but with your help, I just might make it.

    A big hello to old friends..

    Hi Salma & Everyone!

    Salma! Good on you for sticking to plan for 10 days and having such great success already! What a good goal to be a healthier weight as you enter your 60’s. I am 58 as well….isn’t it hard to believe that we’re pushing 60??

    I, too, am taking the bull by the horns and diving in with a vengeance. We are going on a cruise in Europe in October and that gives me 2 months to vanquish 15-20 lbs. A rather lofty goal, but I am determined. I haven’t gotten back into a good exercise routine since returning from Edinburgh at the end of May. I trained so hard for that 10k and then just went flat when I returned home. I already have my running & gym clothes laid out for tomorrow…ready to get going!

    Ok Salma….you and me…..one day at a time! We can do this!


    Hello all! I’ve mostly been a lurker but have found a lot of inspiration here. I’ll be 55 in September and have at least 20 (maybe more like 30) extra pounds that have been sneaking on over the last 3-4 years. Combination of menopause, more sedentary job than previously, a knee injury and just a less active lifestyle overall have all contributed.

    I’d lost just 6-8 lbs with IF earlier this year but felt TONS better with more walking and weight lifting too as my knee healed, but then my father-in-law passed away and I had to get one child graduated from high school and one from university. The spring was a blur.

    Now I’m back to lots more exercise and mindful eating. We are leaving for a wilderness canoe trip next week and I’m planning to re-start 5:2 on my return. We live in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin) and I’d like to have a good handle on things by the time the snow flies. The trip should be a good kickstart as it’s physically very taxing, and we have to carry in our food so it’s rationed!

    I have found you all interesting and inspiring fellow mid-50 folks. Would love to rekindle my own initiative!


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