Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Hi Sherry,

    Just back from the MRI. Couldn’t have it done. 25 years ago I had jaw surgery and there is some metal screws and a plate in there. They waved a magnet by my face to test and whoa…thank goodness they tested it, or those screws etc could have started moving around! I’m not sure what Plan B will be. Exploratory surgery maybe? I’ll call the Dr.’s office tomorrow.

    Round and round I go!

    I’ve been just sitting and feeling sorry for myself and eating for a few days. This set back will not help my mood, but I have to get a hold of myself and deal with it.


    Hi all,
    Oh Lori I feel your frustration with the MRI issues. Hope you get somewhere really soon. Hang in there.

    Sherry I think maybe duct tape for the fair haha Drink lots of water so you feel fuller and then maybe won’t be tempted to over indulge 🤐 I love cinnamon donuts so that would be my kryptonite at a fair.
    We have entered winter over here in Australia, where we have moved to is similar to our old home. The difference is the house. Our old home had double glazing throughout, this one doesn’t. Also our drapes/ blinds haven’t arrived yet so we are leaking heat badly. Thank goodness the woodfire heater we had installed is very effective. We have almost finished our renovations, my husband is finishing off the en-suite bathroom as I sit here typing. I did the run done to the plumbing supplies place this morning to get some parts as we found the plumber had put the pipes for the vanity in the incorrect place grrrr. Two steps forward one step back 😏
    Holding my own on my weight, need to get back on the wagon to lose a little bit more.
    Sherry hope you have a fabulous time in HI. We hope to head over to the USA at the end of next month to visit family in Portland Oregon, t will be my husbands first time in your country, my second. I visited Florida when I was a child.
    Blessings to all
    Tilly xx

    Hi everyone,

    Just popping in to say hi to my friends here and report that I am still alive and stuck 🙂
    I will write some more soon.
    Missing everyone.

    Ugh Lori! So frustrating with the MRI! Hurry up & wait! I can totally understand eating to make yourself feel better! I’ve been doing a little too much of that lately (stress) too ☹️! Keep us updated!

    Tilley, alas, I couldn’t find any duct take so all manner of fair food somehow flew into my mouth! I’m paying the piper now and feeling a bit chubby for Hawaii ( we just arrived yesterday).. Glad your home is almost finished! Hope you have a wonderful time in the U.S.! We had a woman from Portland , OR on our shuttle bus to the airport yesterday and she said the summers in OR are very hot- like 110 degrees Fahrenheit! So be ptepared!

    Hi Salma! Hang in there!

    Ok we’re headed to the local farmers market for breakfast & shopping- it’s very nice- lots of tropical fruits & flowers , yummy food, including a guy who cracks open coconuts for u & gives u a bamboo straw to drink the juice! U come back after u drank the juice & he cracks it into wedges so u can eat the yummy coconut flesh 😛. Oh, and there’s wonderful live Hawaiian music and occasionally someone from the crowd will just jump in and do the hula to the music- so fun!

    Aloha all!

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    Hi everyone! Hope all’s well with you!

    Lori, I’ve been wondering if there’s any update on you’re MRI/shoulder issue yet?

    Our friends from Cali just arrived in HI & we’ll be going out to dinner tonight. They’re staying at the nearby Hilton & will be spending the 4th of July holiday on the beach across the street from us as they did last year. Makes it fun & easy having the fireworks right across the street from our condo!

    It’s nice to have them here now because the kids have been bored believe it or not! It’s been rainy (including thunder & lightening the last week or so- which meant no beach! At 12, 13 & 18 the activities that used to keep them busy a few years ago don’t interest them anymore so I’ve been a bit at a loss as to what to do with them!

    The eating plan has been very hit & miss lately unfortunately! Ugh! ☹️

    Hope you’re all well & pop by to tell us what’s up with you!

    😘 Sherry

    Hi all, I’m just starting fasting diet. I’m 52, mum of 4, nurse. Have lost weight successfully over the years but it’s always found me again 😉. My daughter and I did a 6 week challenge at a local gym recently and I lost 21lbs. Still got about the same again to loose and really hoping this good be the way to do it and finally keep it off 🤞. Have loved reading through the posts and feeling positive!

    Hi everyone!

    Writing to you from a cruise ship in the Bahamas! I’m with my sister and we’re having a great time. We sailed to Bermuda from New York and now we’re heading toward Nassau.

    All tests on the shoulder showed no structural damage, so I just have to keep doing stretches and exercises to regain mobility. I’m so glad that I didn’t need surgery.

    When I get home from this trip, I’ll get back into my Sport Yoga and trying running again. Not to mention that I’ll have some cruise weight to lose!

    Hope you are all well.

    More later,


    Hi all,

    Lori, do glad to hear it MRI showed no major damage! So like you said, you just have to keep the rehab going & eventually you’ll be back 100%!😉 Your cruise sounded like a blast!

    I’m in the middle of my monthly 4 day cleanse which is going well. I’ve not been eating stellar otherwise on this HI trip I’m afraid (so afraid in fact that I’m not getting on the scale for a bit!).

    We leave for home in a week which is good & bad. Will be good to be back in a normal routine but then there’s the remaining remodel stuff, namely the outside stucco color which needs to be tackled.😬

    Best of luck Gethen! You can do this! I lost my weight doing 5:2 a few years back & now, as you read, just struggle a bit to keep it off! 😉



    Back to reality after a great 8 day cruise. Only gained a little under 5 lbs, so not too bad really. When I think how I ate and drank….OY! I thought it would be closer to a 10 lb gain!

    I started back to Sport Yoga this week and it’s going ok. I also went for a massage on Wednesday which was wonderful. She has helped me so much already. She said my shoulder and arm all the way to my wrist are just a bundle of muscle knots and tight fascia. I’ll go back on Monday for a 1/2 hour session of just working on the shoulder and arm. The other day she did a bit on my legs and back too. I’ll have a full body massage every once in a while, but for now will have her concentrate on the shoulder and arm. I also have an appointment with a Sport Chiropractor who was recommended to me by a friend in my yoga class. She does a technique called “Active Release” which I assume is a lot like Trigger Point therapy. I’m anxious to have her give me a treatment. So…I’m trying to be proactive with my recovery.

    Sherry, hope you enjoy your last week in paradise before returning home to your ongoing remodeling project. I know you are tired of it and want it all completed! I’m sure it’ll be wonderful once it’s done.

    Nearly bed time for me. It’s very warm and humid tonight, so sleep won’t come easy. We don’t have central a/c, and haven’t put the window unit in our bedroom, so it’ll be a hot one. We have a fan and that will have to suffice.

    Hope you are all well.


    Hi Salma, I am like you in my mind fifties and bigger each year, particularly since entering the menopause.I have tried every diet possible, well most diets, still paying a monthly fee to weight watchers online. Who keep changing the diet every couple of years or so. I’m at my heaviest despite trying to follow. I have just started the Fast Diet and I don’t find it as difficult as I thought. My weight is coming off very slowly, I’ve been on a training course for three days in London, where the reward of gorgeous food gets you through the day, and still managed! So optimistic at the moment.
    So as we speak I’m ditching WW, as the only loss pounds are sterling, and give this a good go. 😉

    Welcome Lidia,

    Glad to hear you’re doing fine with starting the Fast Diet. I had to laugh when you said that the only pounds you lost with WW were in sterling. 🙂 It is a business and they depend on us failing and coming back.

    Well done on navigating training in London and managing fine. Keep us posted on how things are going for you.


    Hi all & welcome & best of luck to you Lidia!

    Back home now & trying to get back in swing of things! We’re wiorking very hard to get our remodeled house back together & get the finishing touches completed. We take our eldest to college 4 hours away in Santa Barbara next week so a lot going on!

    My eating is going ok- mainly I’m really concentrating on trying to continue to get my 20k+ steps in pee day as I was doing while in Hawaii- infinitely easier there in the big city of Honolulu & with all those beaches than out here in the suburbs!

    Lori, are you coming out my way this year it was it early next year?

    Bye for now!

    Sherry 😘

    Lol! That would be 20k steps PER day rather than PEE!😂


    Welcome home! I’m sure you are running around like crazy getting your daughter ready to go to college and getting your house put back together after remodeling. Whew!

    Unfortunately, we will not be coming your way any time soon. We have the care of an elderly relative, so cannot plan any big trips. She lives in her own home(for now), but we want to be nearby in case she needs help. Hopefully, one day we’ll make it to your area.

    Way to go on getting those 20k steps pee day! LOL!


    Helloooo! Anyone still out there? Wow! Has it been 2 months? Time flies! Daughter has been packed off to college and learning quickly how good she had it at home lol 😉. All in all she’s doing well though.

    Hubby’s been off working in Hawaii for the last 3 weeks with a week more to go so that’s really been keeping me busy solo parenting!

    My 13 year old son now has a girlfriend! Yikes! He’s pretty immature ( ie: stills plays with Nerf guns & Lego’s) so I was surprised! Of course even thought he’s over 5’10”, he looks/acts a lot younger than his girlfriend who my 18 year old daughter noted, “ Looks like a woman!” I’m trying to provide them with very “public” fairly supervised outings. This is all new to me and it’s just weird! Now it begins….😳

    After months of not being able to figure out the color for the outside of my house, which had held up finishing it ( roofing and outside hardscape can’t be completed until that’s finished), I hired a designer/architect a friend recommended was good with colors . Color samples should be forthcoming soon and I’m feeling a big sense of relief!

    Then there’s my eating…..um, not so good. 😬 I’m slowly getting it back together & an avoiding the evil scale for now.

    Hope you’re all well & still out there!

    Time for bed!


    Hi Sherry!!

    My gosh I forgot all about this site! I should be back here since I’ve restarted 500 calorie “fasting” every other day. I’ve seen the scale head in the right direction for the first time in a long while, so it’s working.

    I’m sure you’ll get your food back under control. You have so much going on with your DD going to college and your big home remodel, it’s no wonder if sometimes your food choices are not great. Isn’t it funny when our young ones start dating? Just doesn’t seem right, does it? LOL!

    I’m still trying to get my shoulder back in shape. No golf for me at all this season. 🙁 I’m still working with the Sports Chiro and the massage therapist and making slow progress. I’m back to doing Sport Yoga(PiYo), though I do have to modify some moves.

    So good to hear from you Sherry. Let’s try to do better keeping in touch.


    Hey there Lori,

    Sadly I think this thread is dead! ☹️ You still have my cell & email info, right? Maybe we could just communicate that way? Unless you want to start up a new thread? I need to get serious & recommit like you are! Hope you’re still doing well!



    Hi Sherry!

    Yes, I still have your email address..not sure about your cell. Anyway, I’m just back from a few days in Virginia Beach with my sister, so getting back on track starting tomorrow.

    We can try to post more on here and hope more people rejoin. Whichever way you want to stay in touch….I’m game!

    Take care,

    Hi Lori,

    Email me & I’ll get you my cell & vice versa. We can try to post here too & see how it goes! 😉


    Hi Lori and Sherry! I just checked in after being gone for how long? and find you two hanging in there but others gone. Hope you won’t check out too.

    I fell off the fasting wagon. Life kinda got in the way. Last May I finally got on the scale again, gasped, and got serious again. Lost seven pounds using Noom and then gained a few back on summer’s travel. 🙁 Now I’m back on 5:2 or some weeks 4:3 and things are slowly turning around. It seems to be what fits my lifestyle best. So, recommitting like you two.

    I do hope things have been going well with you two over the last year or so.

    Minnesota Miss

    Hi Minnesota Miss!! So good to see you again.

    Maybe we can fire this thread up again since a few of us are jumping back into fasting. I’m trying to do EOD(every other day), but 4:3 at a minimum.

    This is my first DD(500 calorie max) since being back from vacation, so I’m struggling a wee bit. I have a terrible headache today which is odd for me. I woke up with it at 2:30 this morning and it’s hanging on.

    I’ll have a couple eggs for dinner tonight and then go to bed early. Tomorrow I can eat….YAY!

    I weighed this morning and had only gained 2 lbs from my time away, so pretty happy about that. I’m hoping most of that will be gone after today’s fast.

    Talk soon,


    Hi MM,

    Glad to see you’re still around and recommitting with me & Lori! I thought I had the weight thing under control, but then like you, life messes with you! Oh well, trying not to beat myself up over it and move on- this just may be my pattern in life but I’ll just have to deal with it each time & keep moving forward!

    Lori, I emailed you. Making sure it got to you?

    Have a great weekend all!


    Sherry…..I did NOT get your email. Did you receive the one I sent to you the other day?


    PS I just sent you another quick email. Hope I have the right address for you!

    Hi Lori, yes I received your email but you obviously didn’t receive my reply back! I thought there was a glitch when I hit send! Will try again

    Guys I’m thinking about to losing some pounds. I need your help. What do you guys think about KETO. Here’s a free ebook that I’ve just checked out https://sites.google.com/view/5-ways-to-lose-weight-fast-now/home but I’m not sure. Some of the recipes are cool, but what do you guys think? Comment below and let me know.

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