Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Hi All,

    Hawaii sounds lovely right about now! We’ve had so much rain in the past few days and grey skies.

    I’m still sticking to 5:2, it was 2 years in October. I have been around the same weight for probably a year, but seem to keep losing inches lol. I don’t mind when I had to recently give away my “skinny” clothes because some of them were too big! My life is rather routine – no crazy work hours or travelling, so I am very able to stick to the 2 fast days a week and control my eating. I think I eat too much on non-fast days sometimes, meals our or popcorn at night, so that probably explains my “stall”; however, I am still happy and feel good…I do a tough yoga class once a week and try to get out for a hike on weekends, my job at times is physical, I work in an archives at a University, so it can involve pushing carts of material, on and off ladders, walking around a lot etc. Not too sedentery.

    Hope all are well! You’;re doing great Sherry Ann! Lori, you’re stuck with MY weather, lol, I’m in Waterloo, which is an hour west of Toronto in Ontario.
    Big day for you guys – me too, as I was born in the US, I am able to vote in the midterms -sent my ballot off a few weeks ago..

    Aloha all!

    Salma, I know why we eat the less-than-stellar food on the plane….it’s because we’re bored and tired! I’ve been trying to either pack something healthy to eat beforehand or get a nice salad, etc. at the airport before I board. Really helps! Just nip it in the bud now instead of later & you will be fine! You’ve been doing so well!

    I’m finishing up a 3 day cleanse/ fast today . I was happy/ shocked to see 112.6 on the scale this morning- I have no memory of being at that weight? Maybe early teens? 🤔 Weird in a good way. I only decided to do a 3 day fast prior to my family arriving on Sunday (eating out that night), as well as family friends on Tuesday because there will be A LOT of eating out happening the next week or so! In addition to eating out with the friends, my three daughters have birthdays on the 17th & 20th and will want to go to dinner. Our 28th anniversary is on the 18th, but I’ve avoided the dinner dilemma by booking a 1 1/2 hour couples massage instead! 😉

    All else going well here- I even managed to buy a few Christmas romance novels to read (something that rarely happens!). Hoping to at least finish one before that onslaught of family & guests!

    Aloha ( since it means both hello & good bye)!



    I sent you an email asking if everything was alright at your California home with the horrible fires right now. Hope your home is far from the fires.

    Hope your family has no travel difficulties because of everything going on in CA.


    Hey Lori,

    I’ll have to check emails again- didn’t notice it? Anyhow, we’re in San Diego, which has thus far been spared. Every flipping Fall CA has these horrible fires! So sad! Family will be flying out of SD, not LA thankffully. Thanks for thinking about us!


    Back from Hawaii and just completed 4 days of damage control ( a cleanse) and back in goal range at 115. Getting to 112 before the holiday & friends in town was nice and I’m going to try to get back down there before the Christmas festivities so I again don’t have too much to lose once the holidays are over.

    Well, supposedly we will be able to move back into our house that has been being remodeled since the end of April finally- we will see! Definitely making it difficult to get our Christmas tee up , etc. and kids are complaining! Outside of house will still need a lot of finish work, but that’s ok as long as we’re in it!

    Hope you’re all having a good start to the week and hope to hear from you soon ! 😘


    Hi Sherry & everyone!

    Good news about your house Sherry! I’m sure you are SO ready to get back in. WOW…since April? That’s a long time.

    You always do so well with your cleanse. I’m sure you’ll be ready for the holidays and sail thru them with no gain.

    I’m doing a bit more running as I prepare for 2(at least) races in 2019. I also discovered Sport Yoga at my gym and I love it! It is like yoga on steroids! Very strenuous and a great workout. I know it’ll help my balance, flexibility and core strength, which will all be good for my running.

    As for my eating, I have decided to stop all tracking. That includes weighing myself until January 1. After a month of tracking in November with no results, I was just tired of it all. I’m trying to stay low carb(Keto) and only eat when I’m truly hungry. Sometimes that is a problem on these cold winter days as I’m bored and food becomes something to do. Even staying LC, you can’t each too much and expect to lose.

    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Let’s stick together for 2019!


    Hi ladies,

    Sorry I’ve been away for a bit — things at the university get very busy at the end of the term. I’ve also had travel and visitors. I’ve been doing mostly 18:6 fasting recently but plan to get back to 5:2 next week.

    I like your idea of no weighing until after the new year, Lori. I don’t want bouncing around to derail my efforts. I also don’t do calorie tracking, just try to be mindful during eating periods. I need to turn attention to more exercise, it has fallen off lately.

    I’m glad to hear your house was safe, Sherry. My family lives in the mountains of central CA. I’m always on pins and needles for them when fires are high.

    Thanks for your motivating note, Siouxzee! I’m keeping my eye on the prize (giving away clothes will feel awesome!)

    Cheers all,


    Hi All,
    The holidays are difficult – our Canadian thanksgiving isn’t as much of a “thing” as yours, but now this time of year it’s a lot of lunches/dinners out etc seeing friends for the holidays and even at work, lots of treats around. I’ve gone down a few more pounds which was nice in the midst of it. It’s been very slow but steady for 2 years – I asked Doc for a chart and it was interesting to see my “high” weight bc I hadn’t been weighing myself then.
    Not sure I’ll get the fast days in over the holidays, I’ll try but I find it so much easier when I’m working and occupied. We’re also going to Disney in FL Jan 3-7, so am hoping all the walking will counter balance the junk-y meals – it’s harder to be mindful of choosing the healthier options when you’re on their meal plan.
    Today is a fast day and I’m hungry lol – saw a naturopath who is leaning me towards keto – I don’t eat a ton of dairy, but I do eat it, and also had gotten into habit of 2 or more fruit servings a day until she reminded me it’s sugar…yoga is over now until FEb too which was my main exercise – our teacher is tough so the classes were great cardio and muscle building with lots of lunges, squats etc.
    Hope you’re all well – we have a bit of snow on the ground, but temps aren’t too cold thank, God!

    Hello lovely ladies,

    Sherry.. I am so glad that you are able to move back into your house finally. I hope the renovations are as you hoped they would be and you are enjoying your new space.

    Siou, I have been contemplating Keto too. Any thoughts? I am not sure I can maintain it though as I like my fruit and the iccasional treat too much. I can restrict ALL food (fast) much more easily than restricting some types of food. There is impressive evidence on Keto, but I am not sure I can stick to it.

    I finally finished moving into my new place last month but had two trips since then. I also seem to have really hurt my shoulder and arm in the move. I have what is termed a “ frozen shoulder” which is painful and unpleasant. I cannot raise my arm without shooting pain. I have been to an osteopath and am being treated for it and hopefully it will get better with time.

    As the holidays are approaching and I have my kids visiting as well as friends with many food-related activities, I am doing serious fasting with a Sherry-type cleanse fir a few days in order to counter balance the damage and stay ahead of the curve.

    What are the strategies you guys are adopting for the coming food onslaught?


    Hi Everyone!

    So good to see some of you posting again. We are entering the hectic and tempting time of the year! I had a bit of a melt down with some Christmas cookies my daughter in law sent home with my husband yesterday. I think I ate 3 or 4. I’m not sure why I did it, but I’m at a place mentally where I don’t beat myself up…..just move on. I usually eat very low carb, but when I want to eat something off plan, I do. If that means I’ll stay this weight…so be it. I want to be fit and healthy…..but most of all happy. It is not worth it to me to be thin and miserable because I’m afraid to eat a freaking cookie. My goal is to be on plan 80% of the time and ease up on the rest. Sure I’d like to lose 20 lbs or so, but I’m pretty happy where I am.

    That being said, I really admire those of you who have success with fasting. I really sometimes wish I could do it, but it just causes me to be angry and rebellious. I guess I’m just a spoiled brat! LOL!

    Salma….sorry to hear that you’ve hurt your shoulder! Miserable. Is that the kind of injury that gets better without surgical intervention? I sure hope it will for you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.

    Sue….have a great time at Disney! I’m sure all the walking will help make up for the food. Don’t stress about it and enjoy your vacation!

    Talk soon!


    Happy New Year all!

    Well, I hate to admit it but I’m returning here having gained the traditional 5lbs of holiday fluff 😳. And, this is my NET after doing my cleanse for 5 days! Yikes! I don’t even want to guess where my weight was before that! I am remembering that after an especially bad eating episode – like the holidays- it takes a while for my body to fully detox and be able to release the weight again. So, I will eventually get it back together but it will take some work 😬.

    I went especially nutty with my eating over the holidays I think due to the stress of trying to pull of Xmas Eve baking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping in the midst of moving back in to my almost done house. Mind you while all this was going on, we had construction workers still under foot here and there in our way ( sadly they’re still around and house probably won’t be fully done till sometime in February at this rate.

    Lori how did your non- tracking month go?

    Ali thanks foe thinking of me- yes, we’re blessed to have been safe from those 🔥! Good luck getting back on 5:2!

    Sue, hope you’re having a great time at Disney World and walking off any eating excesses! 😉

    Salma, glad you’re moved in to your new place but so sorry to hear about your shoulder! Hoping it’s much better by now!

    Well, I’d love to hear back how you all fared during the holidays. Let’s join in making 2019 our best healthiest year yet! 🤗

    😘 Sherry


    Hi Sherry & everyone!

    Sherry….no worries, that 5 lbs of fluff will be gone before you know it. My month of not weighing or tracking went ok. I think I was up 2 or 3 lbs when I weighed January 1. Of course, that was almost 20 lbs over where I was for a long time and even then I was 10 lbs more than I wanted to be! Do the math….that’s 30 lbs. I should shift! Yikes!

    Not stressing about it. I’m still following my low carb(Keto) lifestyle most of the time since that’s the way I prefer to eat. I’m also trying to ramp up my activity. If some weight falls off, that would be awesome. If not….as long as I’m strong and healthy, it’s all good.

    I’m sure you’re more than ready for the house remodel to be over and done with Sherry! What a long process. Our bathroom & kitchen both need done, but I keep putting it off because of the life disruption that it causes. I’m sure you’ll love it when it’s completed.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Hope to see more of you pop in to let us know how you’re doing.


    Hello Friends!

    Hope this post finds all of you having a great start to your year.

    Week 2 of doing 4:3! I was down just over 4 lbs after week 1. So far, so good. My goal is to do at least 5:2, and 4:3 when I can.

    My running is on hiatus for a few weeks until this horrid weather is over. We are getting a big snow storm this weekend….sigh. Spring cannot come soon enough.

    To supplement my activity this winter, I have started playing Pickleball at my gym. It is sort of a combo of badminton & ping pong(table tennis). You use a small racket(paddle) and a ball that is sort of like a whiffle ball. Anyway, there is a fairly steep learning curve and sometimes it’s hard to find someone who is willing to play with a “newbie”. We have open court for pickleball on Mon, Wed & Friday for 2 hours, plus I signed up for lessons every Wednesday in January. I also do my Sport Yoga class on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I really need to get back into running, but the treadmill bores me to tears and I hate the cold, so running outdoors in the winter is out for the most part.

    Hope to see someone pop in and give us an update.

    Talk soon!


    Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

    I hope you’re all doing well. Things are swinging along here. We had a nice snow last weekend (big fluffy snow, 10″). We’re expecting more this weekend, but I fear it will be that icky wet sleety stuff, much less picturesque.

    I’m having good luck with my fasting these days. This morning I’m just finishing 36 hours of no calories at all. To top it off, I’m drinking bulletproof coffee, which doesn’t interrupt fasting mode so I think I get to count even more hours. There’s a really good article about it here: https://blog.bulletproof.com/bulletproof-coffee-intermittent-fasting/. I’m not pitching the brand, in particular, there are many ways to make it. I love it.

    I’ve also thought about Keto on and off. I know I can’t do it. I need the occasional pasta, rice, bread. Zucchini noodles just won’t do it for me. 🙂 But I do try to keep them infrequent.

    It is so good to hear all of you sounding enthusiastic and energetic for 2019. Well, except your shoulder, Salma! I’m so sorry! Osteopaths are great, but you might want to consider a chiropractor for that kind of injury. Please take care of it.

    Cheers all!


    Hi Ali & all,

    Ali, great job on your fasts! I keep going in fits & starts! Can’t seem to keep it together for very long these days. Still stressful here with the end of the home remodel & some not fun times dealing with the builder to wrap this up & fix the things that were done poorly etc 🤨. Also we’ve had lots of dreary, rainy, cold days here in So Cal & it gets a tad depressing when you’re used to sun ( I know, poor me- so many of you dealing with worse weather!)

    Well that’s all I’ve got…. just have to keep swimming!

    Best of luck ladies! 😘


    Oh Lori, just saw u posted too! Great job getting it back on track! I’m really going to kick my butt in gear here! 😊

    Hi all,
    It’s been a while, but I have been reading all your posts. Well life has taken a new turn here in hot and sunny Melbourne. 38deg C today 🥵
    We have bought a farm!!! Our moving date is the 1st of March so I am busy packing, culling (Marie Kondo has nothing on me 😉) The new house is much smaller than our current which is fine for us almost empty nesters. Our son leaves next week ! If you are interested here is a link to our new soon to be home http://www.nobleknight.com.au/78-kalatha-creek-road-glenburn-vic-3717-4483809/
    We have a bit of renovating to do once we take possession. Painting, polishing floors, kitchen facelift and bathroom remodel so will be living in the caravan for a month or so.
    Well back to the purpose of this forum. I’m afraid I have fallen off the wagon for the past couple of months but I’m back on with a vengeance ! I started Michael Mosleys Fast 800 on Monday and have already seen the weight that had crept on coming off. When I get back to where I need to be I will switch back to 5:2.
    Glad to hear from all of you.
    Blessings to you all,
    Just keep swimming
    Love Tilly xx

    Tilly!! Your new home looks fabulous! It doesn’t look like any renovations are needed from the pictures….it all looks lovely.

    Is it far from where you live now? I hope you have an easy move and love your new home.

    Maybe fasting will be easier as you’ll be so busy getting moved in that you’ll forget to eat!

    Good luck!


    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick note to say it was so nice to see all the posts in my inbox!

    Tilly – Your new house is gorgeous! We could start a whole separate thread with all my questions and comments. 🙂

    Kelly Ann – Is it a coincidence that your name is also the name of the person selling the diet you reference? Pardon my suspicion, but it isn’t a common name. At any rate, this thread is for women doing IF so we’re probably not the right group to come to for advice on alternative diets.

    All the best, ladies! Keep swimming!


    Hi All ! Lovely to see this thread picked up again. Have been reading more lately on the benefits of intermittent fasting – the benefits for me have been slow (very slow) but very steady weight loss over 2 years. I also had more intensive blood work done by a naturopath and she was surprised and pleased at the great results despite me still being a good 30lbs over weight. My marker for inflammation was very low too. I started taking CBD oil in August and have noticed a big difference in my joint pain and discomfort as well as anxiety etc. No THC so no “high”, which suit me fine – lots more research being done on the benefits as it’s been legalized in Canada.
    Went to Disney in FL after new years had an awesome time, walked a ton and managed to lose a couple pounds over Cmas and the trip – again, I know it puzzles the n/path as her “no dairy” suggestions are politely ignored by me lol. Somethings seems to have “tripped” in my body since November, as I’ve lost more weight without being super strict calorie counting on fast days and with Cmas eating and Disney food. She started me on a digestive enzyme maybe that’s it?
    I hope everyone is well – we’re getting snow this weekend and are having some bitter cold days – the sunny FL skies are becoming a memory!
    Tilly your house is gorgeous! Lori and SherryAnn nice to see you on here! Also Salma!

    Hi again,
    Answers about the house : It’s about 60kms north of where I live now. Takes about 50 minutes to drive.
    The renovations we are planning are mainly cosmetic. Repainting the inside, as the current colour scheme is not my pick. We also have to redo the whole en-suite. Because of my MS a shower over the bath is not a great option. My husband is pretty handy so he will be doing most of that whilst the painters and floor sanders do their thing. Also a friend who is a cabinet maker will do the facelift on the kitchen. When it’s all finished I will send along some pics.
    On the dietary front I am down 2 kg for the week on the Fast800 woohoo.
    Just keep swimming girls,
    Blessings Tilly xx

    Hello ladies,

    Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year is the year we all get to where we’re going 🙂

    I am sorry about the long silence, but as had happened before, I did not get any notifications in my inbox until today. When I looked back at the dates of the different posts, it showed that there were several posts before the latest ones. Go figure! This also happened to Sherryann some time ago I believe. I guess I will have to check into the site rather than rely on emails.

    Thank you to all who have commiserated with me about the shoulder injury. I actually had to have MRIs done and it transpires that I have a rather big tear in my rotator cuff tendon and a bad inflammation of the biceps tendon. Fun! I am now going to physiotherapy sessions 3 times a week, but the pain persists. If the physio does not improve the situation, the specialist suggests injections and maybe surgery. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the physio will work and am going to the sessions religiously.

    Tilly, your new house looks beautiful. I hope you will have many happy and healthy years in it. Sherry, congrats on the almost done renovation. Lori, I have dabbled in Keto, but I am not 100% sure it is for me as I really like my fruits and the occasional dessert. It would be great if you share some of the insights/research/etc about Keto. I understand that the Lancet has recently published a report/research about fiber and its importance for health:
    I know that a low carb diet can include high fiber foods, but it is a little challenging. It would be interesting to discuss the relative benefits of both.

    I somehow managed to weather December’s chaotic eating; I went up and down those dreaded 5-7 lbs several times. Like Lori, I also try to do 4:3 whenever I can but normally stick to 5:2, but for fast days, I try to go without any calories at all and stick to coffee/tea/water. This means that I can pull off a 36 hour fast, and sometimes 48 hours. Particularly after a disastrous eating day or days, I feel so much better when I am able to fast and cleanse my system of the overload. It works for me, in fact, it is the only thing that has worked for me, but I know that is not for everyone. We all have to struggle to find what works as it becomes harder and harder to stay in good health as we grow older.

    On that note, I would like to share with you gals that my youngest son has just turned 30! THIRTY! I can’t get my head round it.. where did the years go? How could I have got old(er) without realising it? No time to waste, we must live our best lives NOW 🙂

    I am so happy to see us all posting again here.. it feels like home. Thank you one and all.


    Hello lovely Ladies…..Salma, Lori, Sue, Ali & Tilly!

    I’ve been gone a while & I’ve missed you all! I’m afraid, like Salma, I haven’t been receiving my email notifications again and also need to just check in to the thread from time to time to keep up I guess!

    Tilly, what a beautiful, idyllic looking home and property! So peaceful! I think you should host our little thread retreat there 😉! Best of luck on the move & Reno ( which I agree doesn’t look to be needed-but I understand the desire to “ make it your own”). Congrats on the 2g!

    Sue, glad you had a wonderful holiday & lost weight! I absolutely believe the digestive enzymes ( which tend to decline in us as we age) plus the extra walking helped.

    Salma, praying your therapy works for your shoulder! I’m right there with you this past month or so with the weight going up and down! I’ve been having a rough go of it lately for sure. Every year I say I’m not going to go crazy with my eating during the holidays but then I repeat the pattern. Ugh! The bad thing is it takes my body quite a while to reboot and start losing again after these episodes. I think it’s due to the MTHFR gene I have which makes it difficult for my body to clear toxins so when I eat crappy food for too long, it takes a long time for my body to clear it out & function normally. Plus my body get easily re-addicted to sugar 😞. Anyhow this week’s cleanse/ fast feels hopeful so far that I’m back on track. I’m going to Hawaii in a month so time is running out!😬

    I’d like to say our remodel is over but it’s not and it’s taken a turn for the worse in that our house is still not complete and the builder is not owning up to some big mistakes he’s made & so far is unwilling to correct them or move the project forward until he’s paid! So we’re withholding final payment until he does. We are of course in the right but it would be horrible and costly to have to go through a legal battle. Please keep us in your prayers that the matter is solved soon and without a lot of anguish. This too has been weighing heavily on me literally and figuratively- too much stress! 😫

    Hubby’s in Hawaii on business this week and next- also stressful but good in that I don’t feel compelled to make any big dinners with him gone! The kids are happy with simple pizza, chicken nuggets and the like so I’m not too tempted!

    Lori, how’s things going for you as well? Last month you were on a roll! 😊

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone in advance! Time for shower & bed,

    😘 Sherry

    Hi everyone,

    Well…things have taken a down turn for me. We were on vacation in Key West FL last week and hubby and I went out for a run and I tripped over a concrete step and fell hard on my left side. Severely scraped knee and elbow and a broken shoulder. Well…they think it’s broken. I’m going to my Ortho Dr. for proper diagnosis tomorrow. The xrays showed some “lines” that could be fractures, so we’ll see. The worst part is the skinned elbow. May end up going to the Dr. about it. I don’t think it’s infected, but it is bright red all around. Sigh……

    Arm in a sling etc. My diet has gone out the window as I really don’t care about anything except getting over this shoulder injury. I have races to train for and I was so enjoying my yoga classes. Don’t know when I’ll get back to any of it.

    Sorry to be such a downer. I have to read back and see what your shoulder injury was Salma…I forget.

    Going out to dinner tonight for my birthday. Don’t really feel like celebrating, but I’ll go.

    Sherry….hope you get your contractor problems straightened out soon. What a hassle!

    Time for coffee and to sit and pout all day. 🙁

    Oh Lori! Poor thing! That’s terrible! Praying you find out exactly what your immures are and heal up quickly. Happy birthday! I hope it turned out to be a good birthday despite everything.
    I know it’s hard, but try not to go down the path of ruin with your eating too much….it will only make you feel more depressed in the end. Try to control what you can when things in your life are a bit out of your control ( speaking from experience here!).

    Finishing up day 4 of my cleanse today and then would normally be done but I think I’ll add on tomorrow too for a little extra oomph. Started wearing a Fitbit recently too and all week I’ve been surpassing the goal of 10k steps per day and hitting 20k so I’m proud of myself. I take care of close to 10k just between my hour morning walk and running around in the morning gettiing the kids up & fed, etc. The rest of the steps I get doing my normal routine and walking the house at night just to finish it off 😉

    The rain here in California sees unending this season. It literally rained about 24 hours straight from late yesterday until this evening- our pool is overflowing! Depressing! 😫 Hubby says Hawaii is the coldest and rainiest he’s ever experienced- poor guy was looking forward to some warmth & sunshine.

    Well happy Valentine’s Day all! 💕


    That would be injuries not immures! 🙃

    Dr. visit went well. It is definitely a fracture. 4-6 weeks in a sling and then we’ll talk about physical therapy. Ho hum.

    Sherry, you are right about not going totally off the rails on my diet. I have really not been eating a lot, just some treats here and there that are not low carb. Had a few chocolates for V day, but not a whole box! My birthday dinner out was very nice. I did eat a homemade bread roll….been a long time since I’ve eaten bread. It was delicious. I had broiled scallops that were heavenly.

    In 4 weeks I’m flying to Charleston South Carolina for a long weekend girls getaway. I’m hoping to be feeling a lot better by then.

    Dr. says I can do some walking, so must pull myself out of this funk and at least do that. My 10k is in April, so must do some training. I’m determined to do it, even if I have to walk most of it. I’m driving to North Carolina for that and to stay with a friend for a few days.

    Tomorrow some friends want to get together for lunch, so I’ll venture out for that. Will be the first time I’ve driven since my tumble, but it’s only a short distance. Thank goodness I have a good right arm.

    Hope the rain lets up Sherry. 2018 was such a rainy year for us. Sure hope 2019 isn’t more of the same.

    Talk soon.

    Hi! Is anyone still out there?

    I’m in Hawaii for my annual spring trip. I had a friend out visiting for 5 days last week and now I’m just relaxing with lots of walks, cooking, and visiting my favorite spots I also spend this time with staff appreciation activities- I took them to lunch on Thursday and we’re having a big group painting party at a local spot on Tuesday which should be fun!

    On the weight front, it’s taken me a few months but I’m finally back in my goal range ( but 5 lbs above my low last Fall).

    How are you all doing? I hope well and here’s hoping you will check in and say hello!



    Hi Sherry,

    Yeah.. I am still here. Still struggling with my weight and still fasting. Sometimes it is smooth, other times it is impossible. On a recent trip for 9 days, I managed to put on 3 Kgs in that short period. I then had friends stay with me for a week which did not help on the weight front, and I am traveling again tomorrow for two weeks to the States. I am desperate now to lost the extra weight and to get back on track. In the grand scheme of things, I am inching forward towards my goal of 75 Kgs. Before my trip, I was 78 Kgs, I am now hovering around 81 🙁

    Ah well, the main thing is to keep plugging at it and not to allow the weight creep, which is so easy. I hope that I will be able to do my fasting in Boston and will try to walk more there.

    Enjoy Hawaii and don;’t give up on us… you are the one who is always such an inspiration and who pulls the rest of us back in here. So, a BIG thank you.

    A quick question: Is your renovation now all done according to how you wanted it? You were having some trouble with your contractor I believe.


    Hello All!

    Where does the time go? When last we spoke, I was just a week or so past my accident and broken shoulder. Now here we are at nearly 8 weeks post injury! I was just able to start physical therapy last week and it is slow going. The arm is very stiff and often quite painful. It wakes me in the night….not sure what I do to make it hurt? Anyway, slowly but surely, I’ll get back to myself.

    My diet is not going well. I’ve spent the time since my injury sitting and feeling sorry for myself. Not a good combo. In 2 weeks I’m traveling to Oak Island NC to visit a friend and do a 10k race. I haven’t been doing nearly enough training, but I’ll get thru the 10k somehow. I am looking forward to some great beach time and good seafood with my friend.

    Sherry…Aloha! Hope you have a wonderful getaway. Congrats on being at your goal weight. I knew you’d get there!

    I, too, am wondering if your renovations are complete and if you’re happy with the result.

    Salma…hope you have a good trip to the States and that things go well.

    Well, it’s 5:30AM on a Sunday morning and I’m sitting here having my first cup of coffee and holding my cat. This is my life! My arm is achy this morning, so I have to baby that. I would like to get out for a run today if the weather permits.

    Take care everyone!

    Hello Salma, Lori & anyone else out there!

    So happy to hear you are both still out there! 😉 Yes, this weight thing is definitely a roller coaster ride. All I can say is we have to keep getting back on that horse over & over again and that’s what ultimately helps us succeed. Not as simple as it sounds sometimes and sometimes I take longer to get back in the saddle, but it works and ultimately it’s so worth it! I just don’t feel good in my own skin anymore when I’m above my goal range. That’s just me. Now if I could just find a solution to crepey skin, I’d really be happy! 😂

    Best of luck Salma! You are gradually chipping away at the weight even if it sometimes seems like it’s 1 step forward, 2 steps back… you’re getting there and I know you’ll ultimately be successful! I can tell in your attitude in recent months! 😊 The walking while on your trip will help a lot! I literally walk just about everywhere while in Hawaii- if it’s an hour or less away, I walk it! Easy to do in the city as opposed to the rural area I live in.

    Lori, so sorry the shoulder is still bothering you! I hope the therapy helps you find relief soon! I’m amazed it doesn’t hurt as you’re running? I’m challenging you to get back on that 5:2 horse! You can do it! You’ve done it before and I know you can do it again!

    Re: the remodel…all I can say is UGH! It continues but at least the contractor has had a change of heart and come around to his senses ( I think his wife’s calmer head prevailed- she’s Hawaiian and very easy going compared to her higher strung Italian husband). Anyhow, slowly but surely they’re chipping away at the list of things that need to be fixed/completed. Fingers crossed! Thank you both for asking about it 😘.

    I had a lovely, long walk to the zoo today where I wandered around the beautiful park-like zoo. Nice exercise & fun to see the animals. Then had a nice beachside salad lunch and did some shopping on way home. It’s been nice to relax, but back to reality Thursday 😬.


    Oh, also I’m really enjoying Earl Grey tea lately with a little coconut milk & stevia. Have been drinking it both hot & iced. If you have never tried it you should! So good and ties me over when I just need “something” but don’t want to mindlessly munch! 😊

    Hi Sherry!

    I love Earl Grey tea! I have some in my cupboard now, but haven’t had any lately. When I have wanted tea this winter, I have had Moringa with turmeric. It is quite good.

    Glad your contractor is cooperating finally! Both my kitchen & bath could use a remodel, but I just dread having my house torn up for weeks/months on end.

    Yes, the shoulder continues to plague me. I, too, am surprised that running doesn’t bother it…..in fact, some of the most painful times are when I’m just sitting in my recliner. It just aches. It is 5:30AM and this morning at 2AM I woke up and it was SO painful. I really don’t know what I do when I’m sleeping to cause it. It’s funny that at this stage it is more painful to sleep than it was when I first hurt it. Odd. I have therapy this morning and then just a walk later today for my workout. When I get back from North Carolina in a couple weeks, I’m going to start working with a running coach from Colorado. She is going to help me get ready for the half marathon in September. We are going to do low heart rate training, which will involve a lot of walking initially as I build up my aerobic base. I’m really looking forward to working with her.

    Hope you have enjoyed your time in Hawaii. Always sounds so lovely.

    Take care,

    I understand completely I used to be able to lose so easily and never overweight. Now 261 this was weight 3rd term when pregnant. Trying ac60 hour water fast hope I can do it and hope I lose. I want to get in the 130′ have been that all my life with no problem. I am very depressed about having such difficulty and angry I let myself get this large. I ate what I wanted and didn’t weigh myself was shocked when I got on scale and angry with myself this occurred I would like encouragement and motivation by people in same condition

    Hey girls.. hello from Boston!
    I am here for a couple more days before I head back home.
    Lori.. I can fully sympathize with your shoulder pain. I still have pain in my right shoulder even after 20 physiotherapy sessions. Sometimes it is okay and other times it just radiates pain. Sleeping is the worst as it seems to hurt most when I get into bed. I expect that I will eventually have to have surgery, but I am trying my best to avoid that.

    I am slowly working on losing the extra pounds. As you say Sherry, one step forward two steps back, but I will persevere as I feel really awful when I put the weight on. Creppy skin notwithstanding, being lighter is better!

    Happy that your contractor came to his senses… and hope that this renovation will be over soon.

    Miss you guys.. Keep the news coming!


    Hi all, have a spare moment so thought I would update you all.
    Well amazingly I am holding my new low weight even with the crazy life we have been leading for the past 6 weeks. We have moved house and done a lot of our renovations. Not finished yet but close. Hope to actually sleep in the house in a few days when my husband finishes painting the master bedroom ! My kitchen is almost finished, the contractor is coming back Monday to do the final touches. The upholsterer delivered my newly covered dining chairs, which now coordinate with the downsized furniture. They were upholstered to match my formal living/dining and now are a more casual fabric. I have just driven up to the curtain makers showroom and come home with a heap of fabric swatches to choose curtain/Roman blinds for the whole house. A two hour return journey now we live in the country !
    The painters did a fantastic job on the living/ kitchen and guest bedroom. Hardwood floors look amazing. We are very happy with everything, but we have been blessed with great tradesman.
    Hope you have completed all your renovations by now Sherry.
    Kathy hope you can get on top of your weight issues. Be kind to yourself, we all struggle at one time or another. But beating yourself up doesn’t help. As I have said many times we ‘Just keep swimming’ 🙂
    Salsa great to hear from you too, crepey skin is a hazard of being our age I think haha just got to do what we can !
    Blessings to al
    Love Tilly xx

    Lori that shoulder must be such a nuisance, hope you get some relief soon.

    Hi all,

    I know it has been ages since I’ve written, but I’m here! I’m mixing up my fasting to include some 16:8 and 18:6 rounds. Last week I weighed in at under 180 lbs for the first time in 2 years!! I don’t think I’ll weigh myself for a few weeks since I don’t want to see that 18X number ever again!

    Sounds like you’re all doing well, albeit with our daily life stresses/struggles/successes. Same for me. I’ve been feeling a little depression lately, which is unusual. I think this is because of a recent job change (same place, new position) and I’m not settling as easily as I thought. Funny because it is actually a promotion! 🙂 But, it is impacting me, more drinking (= tons more calories) so I’ll need to change that.

    Sherry – Glad things are happy and good in HI. Hope that construction stuff finally ends!!

    Salma – Welcome to the northeast. Hope you get good weather in Boston. We have rain today in DC, but spring has definitely sprung!

    Tilly – Congrats on managing your weight during craziness! I’ll get there one day! 😉

    Lori – So glad your shoulder doesn’t impact your running. Sorry you have any pain ever, but at least it hasn’t slowed you down!

    Kathy – Hi! Nice to meet you.

    Best to you all,


    Hi all! A very quick hello from Santa Barbara, CA. Out here in a 2 day college tour of Westmont & Santa Barbara City College with my 18 year old. My how the years fly! Westmont prob isn’t a “go”- average sticker price is $60k & we don’t really qualify for financial aid. You’d think that means we could easily afford that , but NO! Especially with 3 other kids in the mix! 😬 Anyhow, she actually LOVES the city college which is relatively cheap in comparison so that would help take cars of two years at least until she figures where she wants to transfer. Apparently it’s not Westmont because it’s “ too small -1500 students- and to much like camping- a beautiful setting in the midst of oaks & pines!!! Omg! I want to scream 😂.

    Weight holding steady so that’s great. Good to hear from you all, especially those who’ve been MIA for a while!

    Love you guys & talk more soon when I return home!


    Hi All! It’s been a while -I keep up with the posts but haven’t had a chance to reply. Im still very slowly but steadily heading downwards; I stick to my two fast days a week, yoga and trying to walk on my lunch hours for 30 minutes or so – I work at a University, so nice place to walk and if I feel like company I can usually find a co-worker to walk with me. Sometimes I want to be alone with my podcast, it depends.
    Sherryann, college is expensive!! I am very lucky that my son can attend where I work for 1/2 the tuition fee, so that will help us when the time comes.
    Lori, I just had several weeks of physio because of rotator cuff issues – weakness and tendinitis. I actually feel a lot better now and I am being very diligent with the exercises I’ve been given. I did it to myself with pretending I could lift as much as my 20-30 year younger colleagues at work, I work in a library/archives, so I was lifting sometimes 15lbs above my head up onto shelves. No. More!
    Hope you all have a lovely Easter….I will be eating fish and chips tomorrow, plan to take it easy Saturday, and Sunday is a reasonable lunch – hubby and I have agreed to NOT buy each other chocolate!

    Hi everyone I’ve been doing 5:2 plus a dirty keto on my eat days and I’ve lost over 70lbs. I also researched how cortisol affects our bodies and how it spikes our blood sugar. Once I gave up sugar I immediately saw a huge difference in my middle where all my weight was.

    Hi there Sue and everyone!

    Sue, so happy to hear the weight continues to head downward! How much more do you have to go if you don’t mind me asking? Hope the exercises get you back to normal soon!

    Speaking of which, how are you doing, Lori with your injury?

    Salma, are you back home now? How are things going for you?

    Still plugging away here at home…hubby in Hawaii working for two weeks (its his turn!…he does more work than play like me but he still gets his golf in!). Dealing with the end of the school year craziness plus all of my 18 year old’s graduation stuff…it’s a lot!

    My 18 year old is a slow mover-just started to learn to drive recently. I have to tell you, I’ve been white knuckling it on test drives with her. She’s a tad ADD as I may have mentioned and that’s not the best when you need to scan the road and pay attention to stuff coming at you from all sides! We got her a two year old Hyundai Tucson which is really cute and I hope she keeps it that way! She will be making the car payments with a job that she will hopefully get soon after she moves to Santa Barbara this summer so I’d think that would make her more responsible, but we’ll see.

    My weight is doing Ok. I’ve had to do quite a few of my little cleanses to take care of off and on bad behavior due to birthday parties, Easter, etc. in April but I feel a bit more in control as of late so we will see!

    Well, hope more of you pop in and say hello and update us on your lives!

    Talk soon!


    Hi Sherry and all from Australia,
    Well Winter is getting closer, I think we have seen the last of our hot summer days although we did have a late Indian summer which was lovely even though we needed rain desperately. Fortunately for us at our new farm we have a substantial dam which had a lot of water in it so we were able to keep the garden alive. We have now had some decent rain in the past two weeks and our dam is filling again.
    Our house renovations are getting to the finish. We are now sleeping and living in the house instead of the caravan ! Much warmer when the temperature drops to 3 deg Celsius overnight ! Kitchen is almost finished except for the splash backs and extra shelving needed in the pantry. Slowly whittling away at the boxes in the garage. Keep looking at the boxes of books and thinking how am I going to fit them in ! Lol
    Our other news is we are going to be grandparents for the first time in November, our eldest son and his wife ! Woohoo
    On the weight front I am holding steady within a few hundred grams each day which is great considering the dislocation of my life for the past two months haha
    Sherry I am so glad I am past that teaching driving stage, talk about white knuckles !!! I was the main teacher for all three of our kids and it was stressful to say the least.
    Hope all the rest of you ladies are well.
    Tilly xx

    Hello Everyone!

    So nice to wake up this morning to a few new posts on our thread. I am still struggling with my shoulder injury. It is over 12 weeks now since my accident. I have been doing physical therapy since the end of March and I guess am slowly making progress. I did have a few weeks of horrible sleep right after I started therapy. I would wake up at 2AM in agony. My whole arm would ache. I would get up because I couldn’t get comfortable. Thankfully, those episodes have passed. I went to the Dr. the other day and he put a cortisone shot in my shoulder. I think it helped a little, but not a big difference. I have tendinitis in my bicep tendon which is at the front inside of the shoulder. It really inhibits my movement. The physical therapist says I try to do too much and keep irritating the tendon. Sigh….I just want it to get better!

    This week I did a challenge with some online friends and have finally gotten the scale to start moving in the right direction. I would like to lose at least 20 lbs over the summer as I train for the half marathon in September. The less weight I have to carry for 13.1 miles, the better! I’m working with an online running coach and I begin my training sessions on Monday. As part of the challenge I did this week, I’ve been walking 2-3 miles every day. Our weather is slowly improving, though we’ve had a good bit of rain the past few weeks.

    Tilly….sounds like you’re settling into your new home. Glad you’ll be in before the cold winter.

    Sherry….good luck with the driving lessons! I can only imagine the traffic your daughter has to deal with as she learns. Scary for her & you! You mentioned that she’ll be moving to Santa Barbara this summer. How far is that from you? It will seem odd to you to have one of your chicks out of the nest, won’t it? Hope hubby is enjoying Hawaii!

    Wakan49……congrats on the 70 lbs! What an achievement! I agree..sugar is the devil! I’m sure you feel SO much better.

    Salma…how are you doing? Hope all is well.

    Not much going on here this weekend. I have to get my walk in each day and try to keep the wheels on the road as far as my eating goes.

    Have a good one all!

    Hey girls!

    My goodness Tilley you are so blessed to have your remodel almost done in such a relatively short time! I know it probably didn’t feel short as I can attest when you’re living in a motor home/ caravan! We are mostly done over here but still needing to pick an outside stucco color for the house & needing the cement work such as entry stairs etc completed. Also our massive wood front door which would be extremely expensive to replace took a real beating during the remodel and needs badly to be refinished. We need to hustle as we’ll be leaving for our annual summer trip to Hawaii in June.

    Congrats on your new grandchild on the way! Will they be finding out the sex in advance? Do they live nearby? How exciting!

    Lori, I’m glad you’re seeing progress with your shoulder, but I’m sure it’s frustratingly slow for you! Everything seems to take longer to heal at our ages unfortunately ☹️. Santa Barbara is north of Los Angeles, about 4 hours drive (depending on traffic) from us. There’s also a coastal train that takes about 6 hours with stops from here to there so I might take that when I want to visit her and not hassle driving ( it’s just the worst through LA- a real nightmare!) It’s sad she’s going but I have to say I’m ready. She hasn’t been the easiest kid to raise as many of you have heard me mention in the past. I’m hoping the distance will help us both appreciate each other more & make for a lot less drama here on the home front (sadly all our family members feel that way).

    Hubby returns tomorrow and I can’t wait to have a bit of a break from doing it all on my own! 😳

    Ciao! 😘

    Hello out there! Anyone around?

    Last night was my daughter’s graduation. Happy & sad day all at once!

    How’s everyone doing? On the weight front I feel l’ve been on a mini roller coaster since January. I go up a bit then lose a bit. Finding it hard to maintain on a daily basis in between fasts though overall I’m staying at the high end of my goal range. I think the stress over the last 6 months with this house taking so long to complete combined with my getting my daughter ready to leave the nest has been getting to me. Everything just feels out of order 😖.

    Well, we have my daughter’s graduation party next week and then the following week we leave for our summer trip to Hawaii.

    Hope to hear back as to how you all are doing soon!


    Hi Sherry & everyone!

    Holding steady here. Just trying to keep eating low carb most of the time and doing lots of walking. I’m still having a lot of problems with my arm and I’m afraid I may be headed for surgery. I have a Dr. appt tomorrow and I’m going to request an MRI to check for soft tissue damage. Something is just not right. I am unable to progress at physical therapy because I have so much pain in the front of my upper arm. It also wakes me every night with horrible aching all the way down my arm. I tried to return to doing Sport Yoga(PiYo), but the pain is too great and it makes everything worse. I also have a suspicious small lump that I just noticed in the front of my arm. It is under the skin and I’m wondering if a muscle tore or something? Round and round I go!

    Sherry, I know it’s bittersweet when the kids start graduating and going out on their own. A whole new set of worries for you. Will the whole family be going to Hawaii? How long will you be there? I hope you have a lovely time.

    Hope all is well with everyone else. ((Hugs))

    Hi Salma,

    I am starting the Fast diet this week. I am 54 and a similar weight to yourself.

    I started the Keto diet about 10 days ago and have lost 10lb. Although I don’t find it too difficult, I think the FD is more flexible and I can incorporate elements of the Keto in the FD.

    I have a wedding to attend in Summer and want to have lost 2 stone by then. One of my struggles is exercise as I feel so overweight and unhealthy that I am struggling to exercise. I’m hoping once I have lost my 1st stone that it will be easier.

    Watch Michael Moseley’s Horizon documentary last night and truly motivated.

    Best of luck

    Hi all,

    Lori, any update on your arm after the doctors visit? I know how hard it is & depressing when you are used to exercising at a higher intensity and can’t do it anymore due to injury. I’m sure I mentioned in the past that the same thing happened to me 10 years ago when I injured my lower back /piriformis area & couldn’t do my high intensity 3 day/week spin classes & the step mill machine at the gym, etc. That not to mention the pain- especially at night not allowing u to sleep is horrible! My prayers are with you – it just sucks! 🙁

    Yes, everyone is going to HI but it will probably be my oldest daughter’s last trip at least for a while with school, work etc.. We will be there 5 weeks. Well, keep us updated on your shoulder & the MRI!

    Just went to TWO parties today- a graduation party & baby shower & I have another bday party Thursday. Ugh! I don’t do well diet-wise when I have too many eating out events in a row- gets me out of whack! 😖 Back to bone broth tomorrow to try to get somewhat of a grip on it!

    Hi to everyone else!


    Hi Sherry,

    The Dr. ordered the MRI and I’ll be having that this Tuesday. Then it’s back to the Dr. the following Monday for results and to see where I’m headed. I’ve been having some incidents of severe pain the last couple days. I’ll just be working around the house and reach a certain way and WOW!

    I hope you have a wonderful 5 weeks in HI. Sounds fabulous.


    Hi all,

    So strange! Lori, I sent u a message back but must not have hit send because I don’t see it here! 😖 Oh well, did u get your mri today? I guess you won’t know anything until next week when u go to he doc though?
    I’m hoping the pain hasn’t been as bad!

    I’m finishing up a mini 3 day cleanse today and as has been the pattern it seems a lot lately, I have yet another tricky eating out event tomorrow: the county fair! 😬
    I will of course try to start off healthy and eat the bbq chicken kabobs for lunch but then will come the hard part- trying to avoid overdoing it on my fair fav’s: fresh popped kettle corn, tasty chips ( thick kettle cooked fresh made potato chips), and the giant cinnamon rolls! So gang, What are your favorite fair foods? Any ideas on how to navigate this jungle of temptation? 😂 Anyhow we leave the day after the fair so I’ll just have to do my best the next day to make a correction & eat light!

    Today the sun has finally broken through after weeks of cloudy overcast or rainy weather. We’ve seriously been cooler & rainier than the East Coast lately and it’s depressing! The weirdest, coldest weather I’ve seen in California this last year in my whole life.

    Anyhow, hope you all are well and that our little thread isn’t withering away! 🙁


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