Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Awesome Kari! Your canoe trip sounds like more than I would want to tackle! Whew! I just got home from my first gym workout in a few weeks…felt good. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it in my shoulders in the coming days.

    Glad to have all the input here from all of you. We all need support as we go along.


    Lori.. You and me 🙂

    I can’t help thinking that your target is a little over-ambitious. 20 lbs in 2 months? wow that is quite a steep hill to climb. I can’t help thinking that a lower target is preferable to avoid disappointment. In any case, I am in the trenches with you this time 🙂

    Today is a fast day for me.. and I am sooooo hungry; mainly because I had a late dinner last night which is never a good idea. Also, Sunday is my hat what you like day”, so a Monday fast feels particularly painful.. but I plod on. I thought it might be a nice idea to go to the sales (70%) this afternoon as a pick-me-up and for extra motivation instead of tucking into anything.

    Kario.. it is nice to see you here. I started this thread oh.. ages ago.. and lost a lot of weight, then piled it all back on as I went back to school. Last year was brutal in as far as weight management is concerned. I am currently in Boston, but I normally live in Lebanon (Middle East) where I will be returning at the end of August. I am trying my best to enjoy the New England beautiful weather before I have to go back. I go out for a walk on a daily basis and try to get in at least 10,000 steps with the aid of my Fitbit. So far, so good.

    When I lost tons (or rather pounds) of weight a couple of years ago, I found this forum very helpful to stay on track, so I would encourage you to engage and keep writing. Lori and Sherryann are a constant inspiration and have been the pillars of this forum throughout. I woe them a lot for encouragement and as role models. So, please stick around.


    Salma….you are correct. There is no way I will lose 20 lbs in 2 months…that is a pipe dream! I’ll be lucky to lose 10 in that time.

    Let’s just take it one day at a time….all of us…we will get there.

    Good on you Salma for getting out walking and enjoying the New England weather.

    I made it to the gym today to begin my weight training. Tomorrow will be my first walk/run in a long time. Easing back into everything. I didn’t manage to fast today, but stayed true to my low carb plan.

    On to tomorrow!


    Hi all!

    Today is my first fast day in many weeks. My birthday is at the end of January and I’ll be 54. I’ve given myself this next 6 months to slowly adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Over the last few months I’ve gotten into a very good exercise habit with my partner (he’s great on accountability!) so I’m turning my attention to healthy eating and mindfulness. I hope to be strong-minded, but also a little forgiving when needed.

    Wish me luck!


    Sounds fabulous Ali(Cosette)! How nice that you have an accountability partner for your exercise! My husband is better at tempting me to get ice cream! ACK!!!

    I love your statement about being strong-minded, but also forgiving when needed. Perfect!


    Hi Ali. Good luck. I know how hard it is to get back on the bandwagon, but we can do this!

    Lori. I am still in the first flush of enthusiasm. I am sticking to my fasting days like glue, just to begin to see some of the weight come off. I walked some 10 Km yesterday (a little crazy) and now my feet are throbbing. I think I have to take it a bit easier and to get some decent walking shoes. All my exercise geara has been hiding in the back of the cupboard for over a year now. I hope your shoulders don’t hurt too badly and well done on sticking to your low-carb plan. To be honest, I have found that the only thing that works for me is a lower card approach. My bosy seems to hold on to fat from carbs for dear life! I have also started a new thing: Half an hour before eating (particularly in the morning and before breaking a fastt) I drink a glass of warm water with 2 tbsp of organic apple vinegar _ a squeeze of lemon jouce + pinch of cinnamon + pinch of salt. It is supposed to alkalize your gut (I will pull up the website) and to help in digestion and weight loss.. Well if it doesn’t work, it can’t hurt. I have now lost 2.5 Kgs in 2 weeks (including water weight, I am sure, not purely fat, but good for the morale) which helps me stay on track. I really hope that I will be down to 88 Kg (another 2.5 Kgs by my birthday at the end of August.. This would be my gift to myself.

    Wish me luck!


    All sounds great Salma! I always drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar & salt every morning, but am intrigued by having it before each meal or snack. Brilliant! If nothing else, it may discourage you from eating if you have to drink that concoction first! 😉

    10k!! Girl….don’t injure yourself! Definitely get good shoes if you’re going to put on that kind of mileage!

    Great weight loss….you will make your birthday goal…no worries!


    Well… day 1 wasn’t a total success. I don’t know why, for the first time in 3 months, my girlfriends at work decided that would be the day for cocktails after work. I know I could have gone without drinking anything, but that didn’t happen. Oh well, I did stay within a weight loss calorie count for the day. Sigh. Tomorrow we try again!

    No worries Ali! Life happens and we need to live it! If you had a nice time with your friends, that is the most important thing.

    I had a very bad day today. As a matter of fact, this whole week hasn’t been great so far, but tomorrow is another day. I’m hitting the gym first thing and hope that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

    Bring on tomorrow!


    Hi ladies,

    Another fast day for me today.
    I totally understand Ali.. socializing is brutal if you are trying to stick to a fast or to a low calorie day. It is a constant struggle. But don’t feel bad, we all have those days. I am determined to reach my birthday at a lighter weight, so I grit my teeth, but it is HARD. Today, I was invited to lunch through which I sipped green tea (yuck) and this evening to a dinner through which I will munch my way through a salad (< 500 cals). I already checked the website and determined what I will order.

    To be honest with you, this is NOT the way I like to live my life, but I have gained so much lately that to continue this way I will become totally obese in no time. So emergency measures for me.

    Once I pass my birthday, I plan to ease up a bit.

    Lori, tomorrow IS another day (today now, right?). We struggle through this together!


    Hi all,

    My fast day yesterday was a great success! I even managed going out to dinner. Knowing the calories counts on the menu is SO helpful.

    Congratulations Salma! As you can tell, I feel your pain! I’m also using my birthday (5.5 months from now) as a goal date. I’m not looking forward to managing the holidays, but we’ll figure it out together.

    Tomorrow is another fast day. I’ve planned my day, now let’s see how it decides it will go. 🙂

    Keep it up, everyone!


    Salma, if your weight is in place – it may be the result of the disease. Have you done any research to rule it out?

    Hello All,

    Well, I’m tackling my first FAST day in forever! Aiming to stay at around 500 calories, but won’t beat myself up if it gets up to 600-700. I eat pretty much low carb all the time, but haven’t been restricting when I eat. Even on my eating days, I’m trying to wait until Noon before having my first bites. We’ll see how it goes.

    Hope everyone is doing well and that you all will check in soon.


    Hi girls,

    Lori, that’s great! Onwards.

    I have gone down 4 kilos by now. I am now 89 Kg, so one more kilo to go to reach my birthday goal. I am sticking to my fasting for dear life. Of course, I am encouraged by the weight loss, but I also expect that it will slow down when I fall into the inevitable bad day.

    Daniela, I am not clear on what you mean by the weight loss being the result of the disease. What disease?

    Have a great day gals,


    Hello again,

    Salma…..not so great as far as my fast day. I just don’t seem to do well with calorie restriction. What I do ok with is intermittent fasting using the eating window. I try to stop eating by 6PM and do not eat again until Noon the following day. I am just about to break my fast for today and am looking forward to my breakfast for lunch…eggs, cheese & sausage. Yum! I’m hoping the fasting window plan will allow for a slow loss…if not, I’ll happily stay where I am!

    Yes Salma….I was wondering what disease she was referring to as well????? Glad to hear that you don’t know either!


    Hi gang,

    Way to go Salma and Lori! I ended up with just one fast day last week, but at least it went well. I’m planning on Tues/Thurs this week and I’m very optimistic! I’m also getting back to the gym, which feels really good.

    Mark me number 3 regarding not understanding the disease comment!!

    Take care,


    Hi ladies! To be honest, I thought this thread withered away since I apparently wasn’t receiving email notifications fro here anymore! Salma didn’t you have that problem once?

    Anyhow, I’m back from our 2 mo’s in HI finally ( we were gone extra time this summer to avoid most of our major house remodel). The house is still in the throes of the remodel (sigh! ☹️) and as a result, we’re living in our motorhome for the time being-2 adults &. 4 kids!. Not so bad when you’re on vacation, but when you have 4 kids getting ready for school at the same time, not so fun! The builder says it will be completed in 1 month, but you know how that goes! Judging by the looks of it now, I’m doubtful!

    The miraculous thing is I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to maintain my weight in the 115-117 range all summer despite eating out and having no real ME time to unwind as I was basically tour guide & activities director for 5 kids ( we brought my son’s friend too …. did I mention we’re gluttons for punishment? 😳) And now the stress of living in the motorhome! But this too shall pass I know and looking forward to having among other things, a big, bright new kitchen to cook in even its completed.

    So happy to hear from the new people & the old timers- Salma, Lori, Ali! I’m proud of you all and know you will reach your goals! Salma, it really sounds like you’re in the right head space at this time to tackle your goal! Good luck!

    Lori, you’re a go-getter & you always seem to reach the goals you set! I have faith in you that you’ll lose a good amount before your trip! Are you still planning on coming to San Diego early next year I think it was?

    Btw. the old timers know this but for the newbies, I echo what Salma & Lori said, I’ve been most successful sticking to lower carb ( and for me, mostly Paleo) way of eating when not fasting. As I’m in maintenance now, I don’t find I need to fast, but just naturally I think I do tend to have some lower calorie days.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great end of the week!
    😘 Sherry

    Sherry! How great to hear from you!

    Wow, the house project sounds like quite the challenge. As you said, motorhome living is one thing when your traveling, quite different when you’re parked at your house! Congratulations on maintaining your weight through all that is/has been going on!

    Today is a fast day for me. It is so much easier having seen the scale go down a little bit with my weigh in this morning. I have dinner out tonight, so I’ve already scoped out the menu and picked my meal. Fingers crossed I keep to it!! 🙂



    Hi Sherry!

    Oh my….living in a motor home…big challenge! So nice that you got to spend extra time in Hawaii…tough duty! Congrats on maintaining your weight so nicely.

    Right now I’m concentrating on the eating window method and am doing quite well with it. I try to stick to a 6 hour eating window most days. Not sure what the scale will say, but I feel thinner, so there’s that!

    Sherry, we are planning on coming to San Diego and then up the coast next October or November. I’ll be sure to let you know. It would be great if we can get together for lunch or something at least, unless you are in Hawaii at that time of year?

    Ali…congrats on seeing that scale go down! Enjoy your dinner out tonight.

    I just got home from playing golf. It is hot & humid out….long day. We’ve had SO much rain this summer and all the golf courses around are so wet….the one we played today was no exception. There were areas that were really soggy. Ick!

    My husband and grandsons are at the Little League World series games today. It is opening day. We are only about 25 miles from the Little League complex so they are planning to go several of the days.

    That’s it from here.


    Hi, I just joined the group. This is my second fast day this week. It felt a little harder than the first one, but I’m happy to say I made it. My plan to start out with is to eat an Atkins bar and drink an Atkins shake to get my calories. I may be going over the top by the time I have my coffee and a cup of broth at night, but I did manage to keep off one of the three pounds I lost the first day. I’m excited to start this lifestyle and happy to have the support of this website. Cheers

    Hello girls.. Welcome Celeste. Fast days can be a little patchy. Some days go by so easily, other days are a real struggle. Once you get the hang of it, I would say try to eat your 500 or so caliries on fast days in one meal to lengthen the fasting period which gives you better results, but only if you can. The important thing is to bring the calories down for a couple of days a week.

    Lori, I have tried the 6- hour window in the past, very doable but only when I didn’t have much socializing. You are always an inspiration with regard to how much exercise you get in. I wish I were passionate about some spirt.

    I sent the below long reply yesterday but it seems not to have been pisted (another problem that I had intermittently in the past Sherry). Anyway, here it is:

    Sherryyyyyy.. It is so nice to see you here. The remodel sounds AWFUL.. poor you. I know how that is, but as you say, this too shall pass and you will have a beautiful new kitchen.

    I am writing this from the airport at Chicago on my way back to Boston. I have a few days to pack my stuff and will return to Lebanon for good. My parents are ageing and I do not want them be on their own. My mother is suffering with early stage dementia and my dad is finding it hard to deal with this on his own. We celebrate his 90th birthday in October, and I am in charge of planning a family reunion for all the family in his honour in October. More stuff to organize and take care of.

    When I left Beirut to come to Boston to study, I gave up my apartment, so I now have to find a new place and set it up. I also have to look for work. This may seem like Deja-vu to some of the old-timers who saw me through previous troubles and tribulations, but this too shall pass. I feel privileged to be able to give back to my parents at this stage in their lives. It was a wonderful break to go to school at such a university and at such a time in my life. I now have to go back to the real world and find real work. Humph!

    On the diet front, I am inching closer to my goal of 88Kg by the end of August (birthday). My son and I went to Milwaukee yesterday, and of course beer and cheese.. not conducive to weight management efforts. So, today I am fasting again in the hope of repairing the damage. I am quite confident that I will be able to reach my birthday at 88Kg and hope to be down to 80 or, dare I hope, 78Kg by the end of the year. Gritting my teeth, zipping my lips and just accepting that I will not be able to eat all I want/like and maintain a reasonable weight. I feel so much better when I am slimmer, my knees feel so much better and I look so much better.. so, here goes.. again!

    Lori, Sherry and Ali.. I am so glad we are on this journey together.


    Hi all and Welcome Celeste!

    I woke up this morning feeling great after a successful fast yesterday. I even managed a good workout with pangs of hunger. Another reason for feeling good is that we’re in the final throws of our A/C troubles. It has been going out off-and-on for over a month now (lots of little problems), which is pretty awful in July/August in D.C. The problems also spawned a leak (caused by the technician) that resulted in the ceiling in one of our upstairs rooms collapsing completely. The hole was probably 7′ diameter!! What a mess!! The last A/C part will be installed this afternoon, the carpenters will finish tomorrow, and the A/C company is covering all expenses, so I’m hardly in a place to complain. Nonetheless… 🙂

    Celeste – If I recall the calorie values, you’re probably safe with the Atkins and broth combo. If you get bored by the shakes but still want the convenience, you might look at Lean Cuisine or other items that include lean proteins and veggies.

    Salma – Wow wow wow! A big adventure for you. I totally understand wanting to be by your parents. It truly is a gift to be able to do that. I hope we don’t lose touch in all your craziness.

    Take care all and be good to yourselves,


    Hi all,

    So the days to going back home are inching closer. I leave on Tuesday. In all the mayhem I was able to stick to my 2-day fasts and I have been rewarded with a reading of 88.2 Kg on the scales this morning. Mind you, yesterday was a fast day, so the scales will probably bob up tomorrow, but I am well within sight of the 88 Kg target within a week. Fingers and toes crossed.

    I have just come back from the Apple store to see if something can be done about my phone’s complete erasure of 2 years’ worth of photos. All this fiddling with technology sent me straight to the ice cream store to calm my nerves. Photos are still nowhere to be found and I am heartbroken, but chocolate ice cream made life feel a little better at least temporarily. I did only take the smallest serving but it is a digression from the path. Ah well!

    I packed two big suitcases yesterday; I think I have 2 more to go. This is very stressful and unpleasant, but it too shall pass.

    I hope you guys are having a good weekend.


    Hi Salma,

    Sorry to hear about your lost photos. Wonder what happened? Heartbreaking for sure.

    Safe travels back to your home. Hope everything goes well as you settle back in to a routine.


    Hi Salma,

    I, too, am sorry to hear about the photos. Don’t worry about the ice cream, we can’t police our eating every single moment. That’s what this is all about, right?

    I hope your travel home is uneventful and all goes well on both ends.

    Take care,


    Hi. I too have joined the 50’s club in July. Annoyingly I started the 5:2 to be at my goal weight for ny 50th just over a year ago. Was doing swimmingly, then life changed (new reltionship, holiday) and somewhere after a 10 lb weight drop, so did I with this WOE. I haven’t weighed myself, can’t face it, but it is mid 80’s. Today is my 2nd fast day, struggling with feeling faint and foggy brain. I know it will pass and become easier. I have tried to read all the messages, but there are 100 pages!😲. So I am wondering how you have all been doing either on the weight or clothing size front in terms off losing?

    Happy Monday ladies!

    Hey Lori, I’m usually in town in October so I’m hoping that’s when you head to SD. I will probably be in Hawaii for the month of November as usual. Glad the eating window is feeling like it’s working- I know you had great success with that in the past.

    Ali how did your dinner out go? Seems like you’re very motivated and on the right track. Yes, motor home living has its challenges! 😬 My 17 year old hates it but enjoys telling her friends that she’s living in a “ trailer” and they all have a great laugh together about it. Oh well, we aren’t the first and will not be the last people to live in an RV whilst remodeling their home!

    Salma, GREAT JOB with the weight loss ( ice cream aside 😉)! I too hope the photos can be retrieved! Wouldn’t it be great if we all actually downloaded those photos now and again to avoid that issue! Ahem….. guilty as charged here! Safe and pleasant travels home!

    Hi Mama & FasterJoe, it will get easier over time and no, you shouldn’ t try to read all 100 pages of this thread lol!😂

    We are here to help if we can. I’m at maintenance pretty much the last 2, for sure 1 years but I still like to hang out here with my friends and give and get help when needed. I DO fall off the wagon occasionally ( ie: the holidays!).

    My weight is still maintaining around 115-116 lately which I must say is probably in large part due to taking not one but two 1 hour walks daily as my hubby and I got in the habit of doing while in Hawaii this summer. Now that we’re home it’s vital to our survival….we get some free time away from living with the four kids in the motor home! 🤣

    Have a great week ahead all! 😘


    Hi Sherry, thanks for the info. The big fear is of course another diet that I cannot maintain afterwards. So good to hear you have managed to maintain.
    I have been considering the whole keto thing, have spent hours listening to Dr Eric Berg (not sure if his stuff has made an appearance here), but decided instead of faffing with getting and staying in ketosis, to just do the damn fasting already. The end of my fast today, 2nd one in, and having started with serious brain fog and lethargy, I have ended the day not feeling very hungry despite only having had water, coffee and tea. Last time I planned my 500 cals to the last morsel, today might just be a fluke, but still, really happy to be back in the saddle.


    He everyone.. hi Sherry.. hi Jo,

    I am back home.. well, sort of, as I am staying with my parents until I find an apartment and move. It is such a huge change for me, but I have been able to stick to my guns and to keep the fasting going, even through flights and time zones. I am actually surprising myself since I am not usually this dedicated, but I have set my mind on reaching my birthday (in a couple of days) slimmer and lighter. My goal was to reach 88 Kgs by my birthday, but I weighed in today at 87.6!!! Hurray. I decided to do an extra fast day today since my birthday gift to myself is a short 4 day holiday to Cyprus to see friends. I will not fast during the 4-days, so I decided to do an extra fast day today to stay on track. So far so good. I am so hungry, but fighting off the hunger pangs until around 5:00 p.m. hopefully.

    Yes, Sherry, I agree with Jo that you set a great example for us. Maintaining a reasonable weight is infinitely harder than losing it. I hope, against hope, that I will be able to do just that.

    Well, the proof of the pudding is in the (not) eating, I suppose.

    On the computer front, my Mac completely gave up on life, so the likelihood of retrieving anything is slim, but I will take it to an Apple support site and hope for the best.

    The news from Hawaii is not great these days.. Sherry, I hope that your home has not been affected.

    Sending you all good wishes for the weekend and much positive energy.


    Good Morning!

    Salma…so glad to hear that you have made it home safely. Well done on sticking to your fasting plan throughout all the travel and resettling. Awesome! Hope you are able to find an apartment soon so you can truly get settled in. Sorry about your computer woes.

    Yes, Sherry, I’ve been thinking about the storms in Hawaii and wondering if your property will be effected. Hope all will be well there.

    Off to the golf course today for me. Finally a sunny day with no rain!


    Hi all,

    Salma – so glad to hear that your trip was successful. I, too, hope you get yourself settled soon.

    My fasting has not been as successful, but not a complete loss. For the last 3 weeks I’ve managed to fast 1 day per week (or 1.5 depending on how you count hours). I certainly learned that trying to fast on the weekend is a disaster for me!! So, I’ll remained focused and go for two days next week. I have been regularly getting to the gym, so I do feel good about that.

    I hope all is well for you in HI, Sherry. As well as your friends there.

    A beautiful weekend for us here in DC. I plan to take full advantage!


    Hi Lori and Ali and thanks for the encouragement.
    I totally agree Ali that fasting on the weekend is a non-starter, but I am doing this today as I have zero plans and to account for the loss of a fasting day next week. Also, I want to make sure that I do not say hello to my birthday over the 88 Kgs I set (totally psychological and illogical). My weight tends to go down considerably the day after a fast but jumps up on a regular eating day.

    I was in DC a couple of weeks ago.. I love that city. Enjoy!


    Hello! Well, I did start receiving email notifications for about a week after I jumped on the thread again & then they stopped so I checked back and sure enough, here you all are chatting away without me knowing about it! 😉

    Yay Salma! You are on a roll! So proud of you and smart to get an extra fast day in before your birthday! Ahhhh…..a birthday trip to Cyprus sounds heavenly! I’ve never been…. it’s on the bucket list. How long a flight is it for you from your home? How are your parents doing? Did you end up finding help for them while you were in the US?

    Hey Jo, I really have faith that you too will get where you want to be and be able to maintain. I know we hear it time and again, but it really is about making a lifestyle ( that you can live with) change and not consider this a diet that you are on and then will be off some day and back to old habits. It only took me about 40 years to finally figure that out! 😉

    Hi Lori! So our condo is in the Ala Moana area near Waikiki on the South end of Oahu which thus far has just seen some wind and rain thank goodness. Our office building there did close down on Friday in anticipation of a big storm, which I’m sure made our employees very happy- like a snow day elsewhere! 😂 Thank you all for your thoughts!

    Ali, I agree, weekend fasting is not easy for sure! You know how I mentioned that I fall off the wagon still occasionally? Well, this weekend was one of those times-an impromptu invite from the neighbors for drinks and chips & salsa on Friday ( no dinner before so ate waaaaaay too many chips!), a great nephew’s birthday party on Saturday ( all they had was pizza & chips- really what else did I expect?,) & just generalized stress eating today thinking about my to do list for next week re: picking tile, bathroom vanities etc. all needed ASAP for the remodel). So when I step back and look at it, I need to plan better/ bring healthy snacks I feel good about eating when going somewhere where there’s bound to be not-so-great food and do a little deep breathing re: the remodel!

    Tomorrow is another day and a new week and it will be better! Have a great week girls!


    Oh dear, I need to get my head into this! I work at a university and our semester is just starting. As such my calendar is starting to fill with meetings and events. I have already booked 2 lunch meetings on what were supposed to be fast days! Of course I can fast on other days, but I do think making this a regular habit on the same two days would be more ideal for me.

    At any rate, I’ll be working on getting my act together! 🙂

    Hope all is well,


    Hello everyone..

    It has been so silent around here, but I am also guilty. I do have an excuse though as I went away on a trip to Cyprus. Sherry.. it is only about a 20 min flight, so very close. I stayed in the mountains which was wonderfully peaceful.

    I DID manage to get to my target before my birthday. I weighed 88Kgs as planned. This was the best birthday present to myself. I have now set a new target fot the end of September which is 85 Kgs. I seem to be losing weight faster than I expected, but that is also possibly because on non-fast days, I am trying to have protein-heavy meals and avoid carbs. Even on fast days, I try to have mostly protein for my 500 cals. I weighed myself this morning ans was 86.2Kg.

    I am curious about how others are doing.. so drop us a note.

    Have a great evening,

    Awesome Salma!! You are in super weight loss mode!

    Your trip sounds so nice…..wonderful to have a great place SO close.

    Hope you had the happiest of birthdays. Keep up the great fasting work!

    Hi Everyone, I’ve literally just joined the forum and so glad Salma’s is the first post I have seen. I am 55 and all of what some of the ladies have said re post menopause etc is my story too. Well here is to me starting on my 5:2 journey next week as I had things booked for this week so will see them through.
    I can easily do the 500 calories on the fast day. My concern is the other 5 days. Will I stuff my face and destroy the hard work of the fast days? Any advise?
    Need to loose 37 lbs & get myself back to fitness and good health.

    Hi everyone!

    I’m halfway through my monthly 4 day maintenance cleanse/fast and doing good. I’m happy to be fasting as I was starting to head down a bad path with the eating between social events & generalized stress eating (ahem – living in a motorhome with 4 kids and a seemingly never ending remodel). Anyhow, enough of me….

    Hey Ali, I hope you’ve found your balance too- sometimes it’s tough but we’ve just got to keep trying till we get it right, huh? 😉

    Salma! Congrats & happy birthday! So proud of you! Keep that momentum up! Sounds like you’ve followed the plan Lori & I use on non-fast days of eating lower carb/higher protein.

    Balda, as advice I’d encourage you to also consider that which has worked for many of us when we’re not fasting

    to follow a lower carb eating plan. Best of luck to you! Btw, I’m right there with you sister/ 55 years young! 😄

    Hi you too Lori!

    Have s great weekend all!


    Hi all!

    Welcome Balda, so glad you joined. You and I are probably to newest members (despite how long I’ve been on this list). I’m finishing a fast day right now, tracking 150 calories so far today. Fridays are hard! I, too, am careful about white, starchy carbs on non-fast days, but not in a way that feels like torture. Sometimes I eat pizza!

    Salma – Happy birthday! Congratulations on meeting your goal! I like your month-to-month strategy. My current goals is tied to my birthday in late January, maybe I should make one for an earlier date to keep on track.

    Sherry – My continued virtual support for the RV adventure you and your family are “enjoying”! Super impressed how you keep on track. Go Sherry!!

    Have a good weekend,


    Helloooo? Anyone out there? 😉

    I’m still here and living in the motorhome (unfortunately!) while we finish up with the last of the home remodel. It’s been stressful to say the least living out of my home for the last almost 5 months & remodeling now for 6 months. A little too much togetherness & kid fighting during all this time in close quarters has been the most straining…. but as I’ve said, this too shall pass!. Hoping to be in our house in the next 1-2 weeks with probably at least ak th more of finishing touches still happening.

    The stress did recently really start to get to me with regard yo my eating & ive committed to reigning it back in as of today! Any of you in a similar situation with your eating? If so let’s recommit together!

    Anyhow, hope some of you are still out there reading this and are doing well! 😘 please excuse any typing on my cell typos!


    Hi Sherry,

    I am right there with you!
    I have been living at my parents’ since I got back (2. Months) .. not recommended! Anyway, Last week, I found an apartment I like in an old building with 4 meter ceilings. It is lovely but moving house certainly isn’t. My stuff was in storage and I now have boxes piled to the ceiling. How do we accumulate so much STUFF?

    I moved in two days ago and the process has sent me spiralling. So far, I have managed to lose 10 kg since mid July and was doing quite well with both 2-day fasting and shortening the eating window on non-fast days. But, the last couple of days have gone haywire and the scale is announcing it loudly.

    I really have to rein this in before I go back to comforr eating and weight gain as has happened so many times in my life. I am so sick of being overweight, but being a guest in my ageing parents home, no job, and the recent move has been difficult (thus the silence).

    Let’s do this!!


    Hi girls, I am still hear although haven’t posted for so long. It’s been a full on year so far. We have been away so much…2 weeks in New Zealand, 10 weeks camping in the north west of Australia and I have just had a week up in the tropical north. And then yesterday we bought a farm !!! So I will be doing the whole moving, renovating thing early next year. And we will be living in our caravan whilst doing that, although without the children Sherry ! I hear you Salma about how we accumulate so much stuff. I have been culling over the last week, I need to get a large truck to take all the stuff we don’t need to the tip! I will need to cull furniture too, our new home is a much smaller home, which is good as where we live now was built with three teenagers in it. And now they have all gone to their own homes.
    Surprisingly my weight hasn’t ballooned. I am slowly pulling off what I put on whilst travelling. And am about 3 1/2 kg off my goal weight.
    My husband headed off on a three week mission trip to Indonesia yesterday so I am hoping I can get back on track whilst he is away. I don’t think exercise will be lacking as our house is on the market so it’s me keeping everything looking spic and span 😬
    I’m right there with you girls.
    Just keep swimming,
    Love Tilly xx

    Hi everyone!

    Talk about being off track! I’m sitting on a cruise ship in Southampton England! We have been on board for 2 weeks and today we get off and fly home. We left home on October 1st. I have been totally off the rails!

    Time to get back to the plan for sure. Let’s try to make the thread more active. Seems like several of us could use the support this winter.

    Bye for now. Long day/night of travel ahead for me.

    Be well.


    Hi ladies!

    I’m still not getting the email notifications from this website! Salma,that happened to you before, right? How do you fix it?

    Anyhow I’m back in Hawaii as normal this tine of year/ 9 days solo & then the family joins me fir a couple of weeks .

    Thankfully I rebooted my weight loss efforts and am excited to report that I’m actually below my goal range of 115-117 lbs- I’m now wavering between 113-114 which I haven’t seen since a very brief moment in time in the late 1990’s! I attribute this in large part to not only watching how I eat but also taking not one but two 1 hour walks per day , morning & evening whenever possible. My husband & I have been needing that o e time to walk together each evening g to get away from the kids in the motorhome!! Lol 😂

    Well I hope you all are doing well and have gotten back on track. As I’ve gotten older I’ve finally figured out that it’s ok to mess up with what you eat as long as you nip it in the bud sooner rather than later – which I had a problem doing in the past!

    On my phone without my glasses so please excuse any strange typos! 😉

    Aloha! 😘🌺🌴

    Hi Sherry….our Hawaii girl! As I’m sitting here looking out at the cold rain, I’m really envying you!

    We had a fabulous cruise, but I’m paying the piper now! I was already up 10 lbs from my low and add another 7 from 2 weeks on a cruise ship! OY! I need to shed at least 25 lbs this coming year as I have set some lofty running goals for myself.

    In 2018 I did my first 10k in Edinburgh Scotland and it has given me the itch to do more. I’m planning another 10k in North Carolina in April 2019 and….wait for it…..a half marathon in September! The training will be no joke and the less weight I have to carry around, the better. Talk about incentive! I’ve managed to drop a couple of the cruise pounds, but it is slow going. I’ve started going to some workout classes at the gym and a new favorite…Sport Yoga. It is yoga on steroids! WOW! What a workout!

    Sherry….it is so awesome that you are below your goal weight! What do you typically eat in a day? Just curious. I’m still trying to stay very low carb, but fasting is just eluding me. Maybe it will come, but for now, hunger is winning out over fasting.

    Hope everyone is doing well….as far as getting notifications of posts Sherry…you click the little box right under the reply window. Hope that helps!

    Talk soon!

    Hey Lori,

    Hmmmm….. what do I eat? I’ll try to recount the last few days: Saturday: Bkfst: smoothie made with vegan protein powder & berries; lunch: vegetarian curry; snack: homemade raw brownie ball; dinner: homemade chicken salad made with paleo mayo, dried cherries, celery on lettuce leaves with carrots on side; snack homemade almond flour pumpkin cookie

    Sunday: breakfast: made a vanilla/almond flour/egg mug cake with berries on top; lunch: leftover chicken salad on lettuce; snack: brownie ball; dinner: roasted asparagus & homemade egg drop soup; snacks: pumpkin cookie, handful of pea crisps

    Monday: brownie ball, berries, 1 large Pressed Juicery Freeze with almond butter & coconut on top (weird but I was honoring my cravings which I’ve found is key for me to not go too whacko with my eating 😉); lunch: personal size cauliflower pizza crust to which I added pesto & goat cheese, spinach with homemade lemon/olive oil/Dijon/honey dressing; snack: brownie ball; egg drop soup & asparagus, baby carrots, 4-5 almond flour crackers topped with ghee; snack: pumpkin cookie, handful pea crisps

    As you probably already know, mostly I choose organic foods and I like my sweets (which are made with healthier sugars like coconut or dates).

    Hope that was helpful, 😉


    Oh and one other thing- since I started having digestive issues with the SIBO ( which I’ve yet to attack with a program since it’s very time consuming with extreme diet change and herbal antibiotics etc & I plan on doing that when my life is more settled), I started to take MRM vegetarian digestive enzymes before meals. And, I just read something yesterday about as we get older, our digestive enzymes tend to decline making it harder to digest fat, protein & carbs and that taking enzymes can help you with food metabolism & weight. Interesting!

    Thanks for taking the time to list all that Sherry. It all sounds so good and healthy!

    Interesting on the digestive enzymes. I’m going to look into that.


    Hello ladies,

    Aloha Sherry.. I too am jealous. I just arrived in Boston and the weather is miserable.
    Traveling as you guys attest to is a real problem where weight control is an issue. It seems I spent all of yesterday eating. Meals on flights are typically appalling, but why do we feel like we have to eat them? Anyway, I am fasting today to atone for the non-stop eating yesterday on flights.

    I am hovering around 82 Kgs. I lose a couple and then regain. This is where I always get stuck. It seems to be a magical number that my body hangs onto for dear life. However, I have already lost around 12 Kgs since I started, so it is not altogether sad. I so totally agree that being able to maintain is being able to nip weight increase in the bud. So, what I have been doing is going on two to three day fasts (with only a similar broth to Sherry’s once a day)to push the weight down, then I go back to 5:2. I also try to stay low card most of the time, but I do allow myself one day a week where I eat a really nice breakfast (or dinner), no holds barred.

    Back to the drawing board. I right there with you Lori..I am in Boston for a couple of weeks before going back home. I hope that it does not wreak havoc.


    Hi Salma!

    So good to “see” you again. Oh yes….traveling is difficult on the way of eating for sure. It sounds like you have a good plan in place with fasting etc to keep any damage to a minimum.

    Hope the weather improves in Boston. We had rain yesterday and today, but we have the promise of sunshine tomorrow and Thursday.

    Talk soon!


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