Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Hey Milena,

    I’m completely with you on the fact that any effort is still effort. We all need to start from wherever we are, so it’s all good. I didn’t mean my comments as a put down–just food for thought–as opposed to the other kind ;-).

    Lori_PA, I’ve had days when the scale didn’t move after a fast day (not this week, fortunately), so I don’t know what to tell you. Yes, and ayurvedic practitioner I once knew suggested that if you wake up hungry in the middle of the night it might be a thought to just have a cup of tea before going back to bed. Another thought.

    oops, I wasnt clear, was referring to Salmas fast day, will go bsck and read your post now, had internet probs all day, havent read everything – will do now!!

    Hello FA friends and fellow travellers..

    Yes.. my fast day yesterday did not go too well.. or rather, the fast day went well, until a little after midnight that is, which was not strictly “yesterday”, but “today”!

    I have to admit to NOT being a midnight snacker at all, but yesterday I was not able to sleep at all AND my stomach was rumbling, so I thought, forget this.. I need to sleep maybe food will help. At that point, I could care less where the calories were going, I just wanted to sleep.

    I have decided not to feel bad or guilty about any of it, the weight, the diet, the lapses, the losses (good and bad ones). This is supposed to be a new way of living and not really dieting. I am hoping that once I am down to an acceptable weight (and even THIS weight is okay.. you gotta work with what you have), I will start doing a 6:1 formula, but that’s it. No binging, no guilt, no craving, no no nos, nothing forbidden, no squeezing pleasure out of life. Simply, I fast two days to help balance a ‘normal’ way of eating. Otherwise, I gain weight, which is bad for my knees, my health and my wardrobe. In the meantime, sometimes I slip, sometimes I don’t. I will shrug it off and keep going (at tortoise pace perhaps) but the intention is to get there in the end and to, hopefully, stay there.. wherever “there” feels right.

    So, I am not bothered by last night’s episode.. I am more concerned about my inability to get a good night’s sleep.. hmmm.. back to the drawing board.

    I love your upward and onward attitude, Milena. I keep the old banger image in the forefront of my mind.. and it is a good cheerful one. Thank you for that!

    Janeyw, I appreciate your healthful outlook. I also have tried hypnotherapy and visualization. Is there anything I have not tried? I must say it helped with other things and I did learn deep breathing, but never really got into it. I may have to give that another go. If you would have told me that I would be trying holistic approaches and hypnotherapy a few years back, I would have laughed outright, but the older i get the less answers I have and the more questions. I am now ready to give more things a go, at least to try. Hypnotherapy worked for a while but the effect did not last. However, I go t some interesting insights. Maybe I should give it a go again (just for relaxation and to practice visualization techniques again).

    Good night and do wish me Un-insomnia (is there such a word?)

    Hi Jayneyw, i think we were posting at the same time, hence the misunderstanding. I was just trying to say that if a fast day wobbles, or even if it crashes and burns, its still a success, because its still doing something positive. If your fast day calories are 400 and you managed 600,1100 or 950, still a success, youve just moved out of the fast lane into the slow lane, if you end up in the crawler lane, or even rest in the layby awhile, its still the same journey – and the old bangers among us might take some time to get to the end.

    Sometimes you need to concentrate on the driving, sometimes you can relax and just put on the cruise control, you will need the odd push, and sometimes youll have to push someone else along.

    Travel hopefully……

    Hi Lori, another cat gal – Ive just the one and she has always been a house cat, sleeps all night.

    I used to breed, by eight weeks all the kittens knew bedtime, would climb into their pen at 11 pm with mum and all other cats, not a sound till breakfast – good job as they didn’t leave til 13 or 14 weeks, and some never left.

    Hi all
    What a great forum- feels supportive listening to all of your ‘over 50’ comments. I have a very similar story. At 52 I weighed 26 kilos more than when I got married 18 years ago and found out I had extremely dangerous hypertension. I have been IF for about 10 weeks and lost 7.5 kg which is amazing for me as after 4 children then menopause I have really struggled to lose any weight at all for years. I have been exercising 5-6 times a week- as instructed by my cardiologist so working very hard at this. I have also been 2:1 fasting but a friend told me yesterday that there is new research that says any extra fasting over the 5:2 has no benefits! Has anyone else heard this??
    I found that I put on weight so easily that I need to fast every 3rd day to lose any weight.
    I’m in for the long haul too- thinking this is my new way of life.

    Glad gou remembered the old banger stuff, Ive just posted more of the same! Well I am a petrol head in a house of petrol heads.

    Did you see my post on Melissa Dream? Been using it for two or three weeks, its really working, and now I am just taking it every other night. Lemon balm and camomile.

    Might be worth a shot?

    Using a tablet and I get lots of typos or wrong predictive text, has to write ‘shot’ three times, kept coming out with an i instead of an o,

    Great attitude, I think we just need a great attitude, it will move mountains – mountains of fat!!

    I do hate this auto spell stuff. The gadgets become so obstinate and actually take over your text and force you to say what THEY want. Infuriating!!

    I must have missed the Melissa Dream post. I use aniseed tea which sometimes helps. Camomile is also great. I should give it a go. Thanks for the tip.

    Hi Annechristine.. welcome to our corner of cyberspace. You sound just like me and it is really heartening to know that you have lost that weight (7.5 kgs!) in 10 weeks. This really gives me hope. Please keep posting .. some of us old bangers need a push now and again.

    Welcome Annechristine

    Trouble with research is it seems every time research suggests something other research suggests the opposite!

    Do what works for you, create your own research! Lol, A lot of 5:2ers are actually 4:2ers, I was going to do 4:3 think week, but due to food poisoning its so far becoming a 2:5, not something I would plan or advise but at the moment I’m not eating very much at all. And right now feeling really good.

    Impressed yet again, another exerciser. You all amaze me! I was aiming to join you when I reach 12 stone – but youve shamed me, got son to dig out weights, decided to tone my arms, i now believe rather than hope that I will be thin or at least thinnish, I so sure I’m planning to wear something short sleeved or sleeveless. Small steps eh?

    Oops meant 4:3ers

    Hi Salma Holland and Barrett

    In a couple of months when you get that first stone of, and perhaps some of the second, we will be laughing about how the first few pounds were the blummin klingons!

    fingers & toes crossed!

    Hi Milena,

    I completely agree with you that even if you don’t quite stick to the plan, if you’ve done your best then that was as much as you could do at any time. However, I must say that with the plan I’m on from the naturopath (see here if you’d like https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/first-dayweek/) and exercising six times weekly (at least since 10-1), I’m quite chuffed with the results. I’m not saying I will keep this up indefinitely, though as long as I can would be good. I also know that this won’t work for everyone, but for those exercisers out there, perhaps it might be something to consider to increase the results.

    I completely understand the slow and steady wins the race, and that’s all well and fine. However, even though I likely have many, many years left, I can’t help but feel like I’m running out of time, and the sooner I reach my goal, the longer I’ll be healthy–and perhaps the longer I’ll be around, who knows (barring getting hit by a lorry or something of course ;-)–just a thought.

    hi Janeyw

    I am completely in awe of you, buckets of determination, in 5:2 there is room for hares as well as tortoises, but im not trying to put across the moral that slow and steady wins the race, because it isnt a race. Bangers and sports cars, latest models and classics, much better analogy. The sports cars will get there quicker, the bangers will go slower and hic and fart a bit, even break down occasionally.

    Speed is all about power to weight ratio, as we lose the weight we bangers may become sports cars one day.

    Very quick weight loss or very slow weight loss and everything inbetween – no difference, just what works.

    To my mind, 1,2,3 or 4 meals a day? Whatever works
    carbs or protein? whatever works
    count or dont count calories? whatever works

    I was meaning that if you do hic and fart a bit along the way, slow down or even if it all goes to pot for a day, a week or even longer, it isnt failure, its just a stop in the layby or a detour of the road, there is always a way back,so never give up, we will all get there, whether its 10 lb down or 100lb down.

    But if you race ahead, we will still all be behind you, egging you on. Ok, you might find us in the layby having a rest occasionally, and your determination might bring out the inner sports car in all us bangers!!!

    Hope I put that across ok.

    Good Morning All!

    Up way too early again as the cat wanted her breakfast. πŸ™ I see a nap in my future. I’m doing 16:8 today, but it’s going to be a long morning until my eating window opens at 11. I’ll have a TB of coconut oil in a cup of coffee in a bit to try to hold me until lunch.

    I should go to boot camp this morning as there are sessions at 8, 9 & 10, but I don’t see it happening. Saturdays are for “me” and boot camp sessions are part of my work week, if that makes sense. My husband works a part-time job(he’s retired) and will be leaving at 6:30 this morning, so I’ll have the whole day ahead of me.

    There is one thing I’ve been thinking about doing. I want to take all the jewelry that I don’t wear and sell the gold chains etc and maybe have a new ring designed with the stones that are in old settings. I’ll have to give this place I have in mind a call and see if they do in house design work. Hmmm…I’ll have to think about it. It’s cold out and I could just be content to stay here under my warm blanket!

    Well, time for another cup of coffee. Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

    Hi Milena,

    I think part of what’s going on for me was that before 5:2 I reached a point where for the past few years I don’t think I was shifting a pound a month (if that sometimes–very disheartening to say the least). To go from that to trimming down by 9 pounds in my first month (and over 16 to date) is a huge difference.

    Seeing that kind of progress is motivating in itself–and knowing that a new job and associated bagel Mondays, monthly birthday cake, or whatever could be here sooner than I think is motivation for me to trim down as much as possible before the new job starts (whenever that is).

    I just feel that the closer I am to my goal before I start the new job, if it takes longer because I have more detours or laybys, at least I’ll have less far to go at that point, and will be at a healthier starting point if you get my meaning.

    Of course, we’re all different, and whatever works for each of us is best. If it works, don’t fix it I say. Many thanks for your support one and all.

    Onward and downward,


    Hi Jayney

    you are our resident sports car, we wouldnt expect to find you in the laybys,
    we need you to shout encouragement while you are on the road and from the finish line.We need our supercar pals. But if we ever find you in a laybay, we will all get behind you and give you a good push on your way!!!

    New job??? great news!!!!!!!!

    Monthly birthday cake? I had forgotten about that, so many years since I have worked with anyone else. I will instigate “same day of the month as my birthday” cake, just a wee one!

    Hi Lori

    I used to be a licensed gold dealer.

    Make sure you know the FULL scrap, or if the jewellery is worth more than scrap. Ask for an estimate with and without your jewellery. Normally it is much much better to sell the jewellery first, and it can be a huge difference. I can let you know where to get top price, and its not a high street jeweller or pawnshop.

    Of course you will need a smaller size, what a treat yourself!!!!

    Hello All

    Please forgive me if this post ends up appearing twice – I clicked something and my whole post vanished into the ether.

    I have been following this topic since I started 2 weeks ago. I have drawn so much inspiration from it that I have decided to stop lurking and join in.

    I’m 57 and am post-menopausal. Menopause wasn’t too bad, except for the night sweats – sometimes I would have to get up in the middle of the night to change the sheets as they were so drenched!

    I had been very happy with my weight, but 2 years ago I injured my knee. I went from being a vigorous excerciser (long distance running) to being almost a couch potato. It’s now 2 years and 20 lbs later and I have now become determined to lose it, rather than moan about it.

    I am working on a 4:3 ratio at the moment, fasting on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I struggled enormously the 1st week – eating at least 100 calories over on fast days, and eating above my TDEE on feast days. The second week has been much better, I am staying within the correct calorie range for fasting and non fasting days. I am still struggling greatly with fast days though. I am so crabby by the time I leave work and this week I found myself yelling at my cat – her favorite place to sit is on my keyboard when I am trying to use the computer. I felt so awful afterwards. I have never yelled at her before and it broke my heart when I saw her cowering away. Never again!

    Even with all the struggling through the first week, I was stunned and amazed after a weighed in this morning, I have lost an unbelievable 6 lbs! I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop as I am sure my body won’t do this forever, but it has really motivated me and hardened my resolve to stick with this.

    Exercise isn’t in the cards at the moment, not because of the knee but because I live in Montreal. It has been a brutal winter, we are finally coming to the end of a six week spell of -25 C with a windchill of -35 on some days! I am so happy this is over and am looking forward to finally being able to get out and walk. I have purchased a Fitbit and it is already motivating me to move more – I can’t wait to get up to 10,000 steps consistently.

    Well this intro is getting pretty lengthy so I will bring it to a close. Glad to read that all the sickies are starting to feel better! Looking forward to the encouragement from the group and the pick me up when the inevitable happens and I hit a plateau. By the way, just call me DJ. The name was already taken when I joined up and I just panicked!

    Hi Milena,

    Your and everyone’s support from this forum means a great deal to me. I feel like I am a sports car–for now–I just hope this can keep up at least for the next month or so (she says with the scale hardly having budged .1 pound for the past three days). One thing being sick taught me is that if I feel I’ve hit a wall, perhaps that might be a time to throw in an extra fast day–just for one week–to get things to start moving again. It worked when I was ill, perhaps it might work when I’m well. I mentioned that to the naturopath and he was quite impressed that I fasted when I was ill (not much choice since nothing would stay down).

    Welcome DJ! I think fasting can take some getting used to for sure. However, depending on how fit you are, perhaps it might help if you have an interest in engaging in some activity that is best done on an empty stomach. Personally, I enjoy aerial dancing, and obviously eating anything before flipping around upside down is a bad idea. As a result, over the years since I started doing that (1998) I’ve gotten used to hardly eating before a vigorous workout to warm up for the aerials, and then doing aerials for about an hour or so, so fasting is pretty much a no-brainer for me.

    I realize this isn’t for everyone (or even most). I only mention this because if there is some activity you think you’d enjoy that you could do now, that benefits from as empty a stomach as possible, firstly it might help to keep your mind off food (at least for the duration of the activity). Secondly, once you start doing whatever it is and get good at it, it could even build your confidence (nothing to sneeze at in any event).

    β€œWhatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Aw Jayney, how nice of you to say!

    Welcome DJ, well I’m the resident non-exerciser, but I am good at egging the others on, andI do go for occasional walks. Salma though is inspiring me to try the gym but until my butt is respectable enough for the gym, Ill just have to remain Kim Kardashian’s butt double.

    5:2 working fine though – almost at the 20 lbs, but still 50 or more to go.

    Well done on the loss, I think many of us were eating way above maintenace before 5:2, so 100 off fast is a huge drop and brilliant. You’re making it work for you!!

    Travel hopefully….

    Sure thing Milena,

    However, why do you think people go to the gym anyway? If everyone was already at peak fitness what need would there be for them to go? No matter what you look like, if you get a good fitness program (critical–might I recommend working with a fitness trainer?) and stick with it (even more critical), that combined with the 5:2 would really surprise me if you didn’t see some good results. Quite frankly, that is one of the reasons I’ve been seeing the results I have.

    I completely dumbfounded the naturpath I’m working on the first time I saw him after I started the 5:2. I hadn’t even been on the program for two weeks at that point. He was hoping my weight might have dropped by three pounds, and at that point I had dropped just over five. Part of the reason for that was in addition to the restricted diet I’m now on I’m exercising six times a week–but the first week I only exercised five times.

    My point is, I certainly understand the beater and sports car concept, and I’m not trying to convince you to be a sports car, but even beaters can occasionally drive in the fast lane. For your sake, I urge you to attempt stepping outside your comfort zone even occasionally. You might find to your surprise that you enjoy it–occasionally. If not, you can always jump back to your comfort zone with no harm done.

    This is just a thought. Please feel free to tell me to shut it.

    Wouldnt dream of telling you to shut up, especially when you are talking sense. And I agree. My son is waiting for me.

    Hanging head in shame. Keep giving me these pep talks!

    But I am walking faster, and Ive even done it in the wind rain and snow!!!

    Oh help, I’m not even convincing myself!

    Doing lots of walking on my break next week.

    I used to be sports mad, was on every school team, did loads of gym work, ran a marathon when I was 28.

    I blame the dicky knees.

    Anyway, Im weightlifting. Still got 60 lbs of spare, doesnt that count?? lol!

    Hi Milena,

    This isn’t about shame–there’s far too much of that going ’round if you ask me. That’s great news about your walking–keep up the good work! I understand about the knees. I have trouble with both of mine as well.

    For me, the issue is that I want so badly to fly that I’m willing to deal with the knees. However, now that you mention it, as the weight has been coming off, the knees have been troubling me less–way less–hopefully this will happen and motivate you too.

    As of today I’m just under 34 pounds (under 2.5 stone) away from my lowest goal (less from one of the others). However, I do think that if there was some activity you wanted to do badly enough that would best be done on an empty stomach–skydiving? bungee jumping? swimming? ;-)–perhaps that might help.

    Then again, I’m an unusual enough person that what works for me is completely unlikely to work for anyone else. Sorry if that’s the case, but I thought it was worth a try. Keep on walking in any event (and weather)!

    Oh my…so much for my “plan” for the day. All I did was eat and sit. Sigh…. tomorrow is another day. The husband and I have promised each other that we will go out for a run/walk tomorrow morning. Just hope the sides of the roads and sidewalks are not too icy. I always have my treadmill to fall back on, but I’m really getting the itch to get outside!

    Promising myself a better eating day tomorrow. A nice 1000 calorie day would not hurt after my up, up and away day today!

    Wow Lori_PA! Working out six times weekly as I’m doing now, I can’t even imagine a 1000 calorie day. Good for you!

    Hi all
    I am on the other side of the world so I have been waiting for it to cool down to exercise! It is a sunny 28 degrees Celsius here so I need to exercise before 6am if I want to go outside. When I am stuck indoors I use my bike- some great research from the university of New South Wales (Australia) got great results from 8:12 interval training. So you go really hard for 8seconds then slow for 12- it works well on the bike because the timer is right in front of you. I say this milena because I have disliked exercise all my life and if I am going to do it I want it to be effective!

    Hi all, I just had to pop in to say Milena, I love your sense of humour! you have had me laughing out loud. Thank you.

    I too am not a natural exerciser. Probably last exercised when I was about 12, I used to wag school when it was PE, or forge letters from my mum. And I don’t have the best knees in the world. But I have started secret exercising. Every morning before my husband gets up I run on the spot, on carpet, in front of a full length mirror. I then started punching my arms up in the air while running. I used to really struggle to do 50. I now do 350!! Me!! I alternate doing about 50 very fast, then 100 slower. I feel a lot better and I know it’s doing me good. Maybe try that? Gently does it.

    Good luck everyone and have a lovely Sunday. It’s mothers day here in Spain πŸ™‚

    Hi Annechristine,

    I do High Intensity Training (HIT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on days when I’m not doing strength training. Once a week I take a 30-minute class in that (and do thirty minutes on my own twice a week besides)–it’s tough, but I agree, it works really well. The HIIT I do on my own includes a three minute warm up, and then eight rounds of 20 seconds as hard as I can go, with 10 seconds’ rest. After the eighth round, I cool down for two minutes. I generally end my strength training routine with that. I never thought I’d be working out six times a week, but at the moment it works for me, and I must say I really like the results.

    Hey Lori_PA, I’ve had days like that–but very few since starting 5:2. More power to you for getting back on the wagon. All the best to you all in our valiant struggles.

    Happy Mother’s Day Applepie! Hope you have a lovely day.

    After my day of eating with abandon, the scale is up almost 2 lbs. I know it’s not 2 lbs of fat, but it still makes me angry with myself. I’m determined to make today a better day.

    It’s actually quite warm this morning, nearly 40F already! It has been SO cold the past couple months that this feels like summer! I really think I’d like to try doing my workout outside instead of on the treadmill. I really need some fresh air.

    I have my food all planned for the day, now to stick to it! I’m going to make it a semi-fast day of around 1,000 calories. Tomorrow will be boot camp and then a 500 calorie fast day. I have to right this ship!

    Have a lovely day!

    Hi y’all..
    It is nice to see our numbers going up and becoming quite an interesting international group as well. Maybe we should call ourselves IFA (International Foodaholics Anonymous). Welcome Annechristine, DJ and Applepie.

    Janeyw: skydiving? bungee jumping? swimming? My oh my! Bungee jumping??? Skydiving??? I wouldn’t do either on an empty stomach, a full stomach or any kind of stomach. I can just imagine my rotund form hurtling down.. I feel quite ill just thinking of it.. and I just got better!!!
    I will stick to being an old banger meandering down this path.. thank you πŸ™‚

    Apple pie, welcome and a happy mother’s day to you in lovely Spain. It must be even more difficult for you to fast with the lovely smells and flavours. Lori_PA, just enjoy the fact that you enjoyed eating with abandon.. how nice it is to do that every once in a while. How dreary life would be if we were to watch every morsel of food that goes into our mouths or guard every word and action. Living with abandon, however briefly, is an escape from the dreariness of order.. celebrate it, enjoy it. As Scarlet O’Hara says: “Tomorrow is another day..”. Our problems start when we never right our ship. We are all here to do just that.. one day meandering isn’t going to make lasting damage. I think that once you get on the scale in 3 or 4 days, the extra pounds will have gone and then some.

    Milena, weight lifting is DEFINITELY a sport πŸ™‚ I have been off the gym for a week now as I recuperated and, frankly, I am sitting here thinking of excuses NOT to go tomorrow. I usually leave saturday and Sunday completely gym free, but I DID go to the gym yesterday to get a deep-tissue massage!! They offer a free massage voucher when you sign up.. heaven! I wanted to get into the pool, but it was full of children and I decided to give that a miss.. My days of spending hours at pools with screaming children are well and truly behind me.

    How are you doing before your trip? It is exciting to plan for a trip, particularly to someplace that you especially like. I will be going to Montreal (Hi DJ) next month and can’t wait. I love that city.

    today has been a totally indulgent day: scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado + cafe Latte followed by a few bites of carrot cake (only a tiny bit of icing). Dinner is grilled salmon and broccoli followed by vanilla walnut ice cream. Tomorrow, I fast. Today I live.

    Onwards and downwards ladies.. Have a great Sunday

    Thanks Lori PA.
    salma, I think it is easier for me in Spain if anything. We live in the next street to a massive Saturday market. The veg have to be seen to be believed. Enormous!!! One cauliflower could feed a family of four for a week. OK slight exaggeration but you get my drift. Plus olives are so scrummy and low in calories. And such variety of seafood. I have just been to the local supermarket and bought a big container of giant strawberries for just over a euro, less than Β£1, we will be having some of these tonight with greek yogurt, after a homemade seafood paella, it will be a high seafood to rice ratio. All good stuff.

    Weigh in day for me tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

    Hey Salma,

    If nothing else, at least I’m good for a laugh, am I right?

    Applepie, here in Seattle we have farmer’s markets in different neighborhoods (for example, the farmer’s market in Fremont is today–Sundays, the one in my neighborhood–Queen Anne–is usually on Wednesdays). Other neighborhoods have these as well, where farmers around the Seattle area bring their goods (everything from fresh veggies to honey and handmade soaps, etc.) to the city to sell directly to customers.

    I must say I don’t support them as I’d like to–mainly because I don’t like to cook, so tend to get pre-washed veggies in a bag that I can just dump into a microwave dish, put olive oil and/or buttery spread on, and microwave. However, they are there and are well-supported by the community generally, so just thought I’d mention it.

    Also to Lori, I meant to mention yesterday that late last year, before I even heard of 5:2 I had a ring sized larger because I was having trouble removing it after a good workout at the gym (when my fingers tend to swell). Now that ring is on the loose side, and I’m regretting having enlarged it. I only mention this because you might want to take that into consideration when you figure out what size of ring to get. I’m sure as we all trim down, the same will happen to you, so this is just a thought, but you might put some consideration into when you get your ring made (i.e. how close you are to your goal), otherwise you might need to have it resized when you are at your goal. Just a thought.

    Enjoy your day/night everyone!

    Hi Janeyw..

    Not at all.. I was not laughing (smiling maybe)..
    In all honesty, your energy and single mindedness puts me to shame. I am in awe of your determination and focus. I do wonder though, if you were doing aerial dancing and are now into high intensity and various other forms of exercise, when did you get the time to put weight on? and more importantly, how??

    My knees hurt when I do some forms of exercise, my body fights me on all fronts. I plod on, but it is a struggle and a challenge. If only I could find real pleasure in exercise. I drag myself to the gym feeling self conscious of my shape in gym clothes, but it all takes it out of me. I can not pretend to enjoy it.. it is like going to the dentist, necessary, but hardly fun.. and you do hope that the results are worth it.

    Hi all

    Salma – we are of an accord (very hard to find an occasion to use that prase – Pirates of the Caribean if you were wondering where you have heard it) – and I think we should be kind – being self conscious can be so draining, and I think we are missing out on a lot for it – but – we will get there, we all know each others darkest secret, our weight, and our wanting to be lighter. We WILL GET THERE! It won’t be tomorrow – unlikely its going to be this side of Christmas for many of us – and on this journey halfway there would be more that we would dare dream of. But we can help each other on the journey. I’m so proud that you even get to the gym – and remember, there will be folk there self-conscious of their skinny ribs and flat backsides!. So don’t enjoy it – just don’t expect to – endure it, but endure it for you! Heck, if it was easy I would be there! Imagine coming to us with tales of your achievements. I am behind you – pushing you on – and I need to know that you can do it – I’m still on the outside peering in the window!!! Go gal!!!!

    Janeyw, I would love to bungie and to skydive – a secret bucket wish – but I don’t have the guts.

    The jump – not a problem! Telling the bloke about to strap me in what my weight is? No, no and thrice no – I am too cowardly! But to answer your question, has to be empty – otherwise if you puck up it can only go one way – Newton’s law – it will be some mega bird splat! On the other had bird splat is luckly – so someone might thank you.

    Applepie, sooo jealous – waiting for the summer and for the Scottish raspberries – apparently our weather is well suited – just hope I don’t come back as a raspberry in the next life, is all! The must be real miseryguts.

    Lori and Annechristine, trying to build up a little sympathy for your predicaments. The hottest day every recorded in Scotland was 26F – we do have hot days in the bonnie land – some years as many as 3 or 4 of them – though if it hits 15 degrees we ditch the winter clouts and don the shorts! I had to laugh at your remark about it being so cold, I know (saying in a very Prunella Scales as Sybil in Fawlty Towers voice) hot here too today, think it got to 4 degrees, I think, the ice on the thermometer makes it a tad hard to read.

    Anyway, IFA, you will be pleased to know I am pulling my weight in the foodie department – sausages and poached egg tonight – Gloucester Old Spot and Toulouse sausages – very gourmet – I discover that my food bill is so low that I can now afford to shop at Waitrose.

    Salma – all prepped for trip – 5 days in all. A couple of changes of tees, spare jumper and spare jeans, three sets of undies (well brought up, always an extra pair of knickers) pretty much enough for 2 days, there is a washing machine in the apartment – so will travel with a tiny holdall and a largish handbag. Holdal is for OH’s stuff and my jeans. Tiny bottles with enough – to the millimetre – toiletries. I are pro travellers, though why I take my entire wardrobe, 3 suitcases of books, enough toiletries to open a small Boots (largest chemist and toiletries shops in UK for you internationals) enough food for 4 weeks AND very often the kitchen sink, when we go away on summer hols in the people carrier for a fortnight, is something I ponder every time I unpack on return. This years we are going in the wee two seater, I am fairly confident I can get my handbag to fit in its boot, as long as I don’t actually put anything IN the handbag, so now I’m find I’m pondering once again what to pack, this time for a three week holiday. I presume a spare pair of knickers and a credit card with a very high max will do it?

    Now now you losers (isn’t it great that loser is suddenly a compliment?), deep breaths and throw yourselves into a week of hard work in those gyms. If you go over your food limits, forgive yourselves, if you go under, MAKE A NOTE – build up a bank of goody two shoes days for the off days. You know I am behind you all!

    “Little do ye know your own blessedness; for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.”

    I labour.. I labour!

    Today’s weigh in: 90.4 Kg.
    I started at 93 (in fact higher than I had originally thought and noted 92.6, but on checking my records it was 93)
    Total loss for the month – 2.6 Kgs (5.85 pounds)

    Today, I have completed 4 weeks on this new lifestyle (I refuse to day diet).
    I am happy! I have not been able to shift weight for such a long time that this feels wonderful. I am just thinking that before my upcoming trip to Montreal in 3 weeks, I am hoping to have lost 1.5-2 Kgs more. Can’t wait. It is not often I am happy on Mondays, but today.. I am a happy camper.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hi Salma,

    I really have no desire to put anyone to shame–least of all you. However, in answer to your questions if you were doing aerial dancing and are now into high intensity and various other forms of exercise, when did you get the time to put weight on? I only started exercising six times a week when I started 5:2. Before that, I was only exercising four times a week, not fasting at all, and likely eating well over my TDEE since I didn’t even know what it was; and more importantly, how?? When you’re less than 1.5 meters tall (4 feet 10 inches), being over 50 and post-menopausal doesn’t help. In fact, it’s really easy for me to put on weight–which is why I’m toying with the idea of going below my goal and then coming up to an ideal weight–to be determined by what weight facilitates my flying.

    Milena, I was rather tongue-in-cheek regarding the skydiving and bungee jumping. I have only tried bungee jumping once (in London, as a matter of fact, in front of the Salvador Dali Museum). I was missing my aerials on holiday and thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did it and have no regrets, but have no desire to do it again particularly. It just wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped it would be, and certainly nothing like aerials.

    Also, I want to make something clear here. Just for the record, I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoy my time in the gym. Thrice a week it is merely a warm-up for the aerial work I do–which I enjoy almost beyond imagining. Working out and warming up at the gym is the price I pay for being able to fly with less chance of injury. The other three times I work out half an hour each day and do the HIT or HIIT. Again, I don’t particularly enjoy that, but I really enjoy how I feel when I’m done–I feel like I’ve really accomplished something at that point–especially on day six of the week–and watching the scales go down is indescribably amazing! Just FYI.

    I love this thread! You are all so busy & interesting!

    Finally a morning where I don’t have to bundle up to go to boot camp! It is actually above freezing this morning! It is 34F which is 1C I think. Anyway, just a sweatshirt for me this morning!

    After 2 days of eating with abandon, a bit over a pound is back on. πŸ™ I cannot wait until golf season is back so that I will be active on the weekends! I did manage to do a couple miles on the treadmill yesterday, but I hated every minute of it. My mantra is “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it” I’m hoping this week my exercise schedule won’t be interrupted by nasty weather. 3 days of boot camp and 3 days of run/walk on the treadmill is the plan.

    I have another boring week at work ahead of me. I did all my month end reports on Friday, so now the week stretches long in front of me. I’ve worked at this job for 30 years now and it has become quite tedious. Some days I think I’m crazy for wanting to retire early from this good paying, no stress job, but then I think I can’t face too many more years of the tedium. Sigh…… DH & I are going to to have a meeting with our financial adviser on Friday. He may try to discourage me from my goal of retiring at the end of 2016, but I’m pretty determined. Some things are more important than saving more money. I have a sister whom I love dearly who is 18 years older than me. She is in great health and we have lots of fun together and I want to be free to do things with her. Also, DH is almost 9 years older than I am and we have things we want to do. Well, that was more than you wanted to know about me, wasn’t it? ROFL! Sorry……it must be on my mind this morning! This just seems like a nice, safe place to “spill it”!

    Looking forward to my fast day. Hope you all have a fabulous one!

    Hi Salma


    Engine well warmed up now, humming nicely, out of the low gears and speeding along.

    The best news, I know what it means to you.

    Lori, first day of Spring in a couple of weeks, and bad winters are followed by great Summers, lots of sunny golf days, so much to look forward to.

    Jayneyw, you are our wee star! But we KNOW it isn’t easy for you, just as its not easy for the rest of us. But frankly I, and I’m sure others, are gobsmacked by you. (Gobsmacked – huge compliment) Aerial work, not exactly sure what it means, but I’ve an idea. It’s a well known fact that elephants can’t jump. Apparently they can’t have all feet off the ground. I’m an elephant. Secretly hoping to turn into Dumbo.

    I do hope our British droll humour is translating into Amercan English. I’m a quarter into an 80lb weight loss, so baby steps for me, but if I get there – and I’ve only just realised that yes, it is possible, I’ll be flying with you, heck I’ll be so happy my feet won’t touch the ground again.

    Another 3lbs gone, and don’t come back!! haha. That’s 19lbs in total. I have found the 3 fasts per week, one of which is liquid only, virtually guarantees a 3lb loss. I have had wine and lots of other treats on my “normal” days. I am not a goody 2 shoes by any means but the weight just drops off with 3 fasts. A bit too quickly actually so I am sticking to just 2 fasts this week.

    Lori I obviously have no idea of your circumstances but I would say if you have the opportunity to retire early, go for it! We moved here to Spain when I was 57, we had always worked hard and saved even harder. We have a great life here, we don’t go to the bars all the time as some do, there is a big drink culture here but we keep out of it. Anyway, retiring early and moving here was the best thing we ever did. Good luck whatever you decide. Remember, you only get one life, make the most of it.

    Congrats on the loss Applepie! You are doing SO great!

    Where did you move from? Were you in the States before moving to Spain? We’ll never move away from family here, but it’ll be nice to be able to pick up and go for a few weeks or a month. Fingers crossed!

    I was just out running some errands on my lunch hour and it is beautiful! Talk about Spring fever!! It is 50F, which is 10C I think. Feels fabulous!

    2PM so I only have about 3 hours of my Fast to go. I’ll have a big green salad for dinner with some good protein. Drinking some sparkling water now to get me thru the rest of the day.

    Hope you’re all having a good one!

    Milena.. Thanks for the words (and whoops) of encouragement. You always lift my spirits.

    Lori_PA.. I completely agree with Applepie .. Life is too short and if work is boring you, think about downscaling and/or shifting gears. I am beginning to think of an exit strategy from my job which is very demanding. I completely changed my type of work about 6 years ago and feel that now is time to do so again. A challenge? Yes.. a risk? definitely, but fun and exciting and gives your mind something new to learn and think about. Applepie.. congrats on the 3 pounds loss. Really well done!

    Another fast day bites the dust. I may have gone slightly over the 500 cal limit today as I had visitors at work and I had to take them out to lunch. I only had a chicken & arugula salad (not sure how much the dressing would be – does anyone know?) and a vegetable soup for dinner.

    I normally fast Mondays and Thursdays, but I know that this coming Thursday I have a lunch invite so I will fast on Wednesday instead. This means that tomorrow, at least, I can be “normal”. I really do like this diet/new way of life; fasting the two days is a small price to pay for living normally the rest of the time.

    HAve a great evening everyone.

    Hi all

    What a loong fastday – can’t wait for it to end. Especially considering I am finding fasting ok.

    OH, as you know, has joined me and it is sooo easy for him, bacon butties, lattes galore, though he has stopped buying cakes and puds. And, if I dare ask if he wants a grape, refuses because HE is taking this seriously.

    Well he started today with 3 weetabix and a load of milk, then I mentioned he had only 300 for the rest of the day. He has never shut up, you would think he was dying of starvation. I had half a slice of bread at 4, so gave him other half, it was like feeding the starving. Roast chicken stir fry for dinner. Even that hasn’t quietened him.

    He is off to weigh himself now, thinks he may be at target – blummin’ hope so!!!

    Walked today in sunshine, rain , sleet and snow, in a very cold March wind. A typical dreich day in Scotland. I should have a medal for staying out in it for an hour.

    Can’t imagine retiring, can’t afford to, but I work for myself, from home, I’m my own man and love what I do. The world is changing, I don’t earn the amount I was earning 20 years ago, but I don’t spend much. And I can live all day in Jim jams if I wish, I sometimes get dressed for my walk , and get undressed as soon as I come in.

    Spain sounds very relaxing, we would like to move to France, but probably will end up in South of England.

    Travel hopefully everyone!!!

    Hi all
    Funny about the weather in Scotland- I travelled and worked in Glasgow in 1987 and one day it was 25 and the headline was ‘heat wave hits Scotland’ ! We have had heat waves here in queensland- 33-40 which is pretty horrible but over now!
    Interesting to hear that the 3 days fasting is guaranteeing that weight loss Applepie.
    When I was out walking I was thinking about the huge effort we are all making. If I had fasted and interval trained this hard 10,20,30 years ago the weight would have fallen off so good on us for dealing with our – not easy- situations and forging ahead anyway.

    Good morning everyone..
    Just a quick wish for a wonderful day ahead.
    I have a meeting at 7:30 this morning so the cup of steaming latte I am holding is a good start. Thank goodness today is NOT a fast day.
    Milena, my dream is to have my own business and be my own man, as it were. Well done for making it happen. What a bunch of impressive people you all are.
    Have a great day.

    Hi All,

    Best for your week. Thanks Milena, by aerial work what I mean is that I have three different apparatuses (trapeze, rope, and sling) that I hang very low to the ground (the bottom of it comes up to about my hips as I stand on the floor). Fear of heights? No problem–no heights. Unlike circus trapeze that is suspended from each side (i.e. two anchor points, and swings back and forth), each apparatus I use is suspended from one point, and swings around and every which way. Just FYI. It’s really a blast and perhaps something to look forward to as you trim down? Just a thought ;-).

    I’m seriously considering adding another fast day and perhaps dropping my calorie count by 100 calories per day. I’ll discuss that with the naturopath later this month on my visit. Have a great day all!

    Hi All,
    Lori PA we moved here from rainy Manchester, England. Current weather forecast is 20 degrees today, 25 tomorrow, that’s beach weather!! That will be interesting trying on last years bikinis. Where are you? sorry if you have already said.

    milena can’t our OH’s be annoying? mine was actually trying to gain weight last week as he had gone slightly below his ideal weight, but he lost another 4lbs!! It does make you wonder about these Spanish scales??

    Annechristine, Queensland sounds very different from Scotland. Do you live on the coast? we just head for the beach when it gets really hot. Yes, the 3 days fasting worked for me, plus I am automatically making better choices on “normal” days (apart from the odd kebab and chips haha!) If only I did this years ago, my skin would have been a bit more flexible.

    Janeyw I don’t fancy the idea of apparatus, I think I will stick to running on the spot when no one is watching.

    Salma one of the best things that happened to me was being made redundant from my comfortable, well paid, office job. My husband and I started our own company, he did maintenance, small building work etc and we both did care / cleaning work. And the rest is history as they say. Making money for yourself is much more satisfying than making it for someone else.

    I would definitely recommend Spanish scales, I seem to have lost another 1.5 pounds after just one fast day πŸ™‚

    Happy fasting everyone!!

    Hey Applepie,

    Whatever works. I tried my own business, but couldn’t make it pay. It will be nice when I finally get a good job. My next fast day is Wednesday. Happy fasting to all!

    Good morning all!

    Applepie, I am in Pennsylvania, USA. Just trying to survive this horrible winter! Yesterday was beautiful so it gives us hope.

    I had a good fast day yesterday, but the scale only crept down 2/10ths of a pound. Sigh…..gone are the days when I can drop 5 lbs in a week just by cutting down! Menopause and a sluggish thyroid have taken care of that!

    Nothing to do but keep on trying.

    Hitting the treadmill in a little while. Get that boring workout over with. I thought about doing it after work, but I know I’ll be happy when it’s over. Best to do it this morning.

    Have a great day!

    Applepie, new business for someone, spanish scales!!

    Bought a pedometer today, Β£3.99, on sale in trespass. It shows three steps so far. Ok, not moved around much, but ive been to the office (little bedroom) twice, to the bedroom once, and to the kitchen once. Even in a bungalow, surely more than three steps. I can see this lark being a wee bit demoralising.

    Made a start on the couch to 5k – have downloaded app. Though when got to the finish line of the first Newcastle marathon, in the late eighties, promised myself I would never run another mile. How far actually is 5k????

    Hi Milena,

    5K is about 45- 50 min of walking at moderate pace. I know because I used to walk the promenade by the beach not too far from my house and that is the distance I walked (more or less).

    Your pedometer sounds a bit wacky.. who wants some gadget that tells you you have done less than you actually have or eaten more than you actually did? I say bin it and get a good one that maybe errs on the generous side.

    Just a thought!

    A business selling Spanish scales and over-generous pedometers.. I think there may be something there for me πŸ™‚

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