Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Hi Jayne

    Welcome to our weighty club!
    I know exactly how you feel. I am much heavier than when I was pregnant. My eldest is 28 and youngest 26, so I too cannot blame it on baby fat..more’s the pity.
    Cheer up.. you weigh less than I do, so have less to lose! Isn’t that a cheerful thought?

    I will be doing a fast day tomorrow so have settled in to a movie this evening with a nice sweetened cup of tea, a sandwich and a DVD. I promised myself that I will calculate calories for the day to make sure I am under the TDEE (as suggested by Milena). Perhaps that will do the trick.

    Milena..I was wondering how you figured I had lost 3 pounds until I re-read my post. I seem to have mistyped 91.8 as 91 !! Perhaps it was subconscious. So, I have actually only lost 0.8 Kg which is 1.7 pounds. Come to think of it.. that is not too bad!! I like the imperial number.. it makes it sound much more 🙂

    This has now given me an incentive to push through with this..
    Thanks ladies for all your support.

    Well you are off the startong block and thats to be celebrated!

    I went to McDonald’s last night – we had dropped the boy off – are you all positive its not baby fat, he is 19? Anyway fancied a coffee – nowhere open outside centre of Edinburgh so ended up at locsl Macdonalds. Had had a egg salad sarnie, grapes and a bowl of soup, so at leadt i had a chance of staying within tdee. We changed our order twice, ended up with a small latte for me and a large latte for other half, he forsook large fries for a ripple mcflurry, and two spoons. Checked, 228 calories, but then found another site, 400 calories.

    Even so had just half a tub and stayed under 1000 total calories, though we were there for nearly two hours, its not costa, but it was quiet and comfy.

    To think a few weeks ago it would have been large fries and a tub to myself. Not healthy but todays fast day is ultra healthy, soup and poached salmon salad.

    Has milo had his walk? Hope yesterday went well, Salma.

    Have a great day everyone

    Hi gals..

    Milena.. Although I don’t like Mcdonald’s or eat there, I cannot imagine the temptation of sitting there with all the smells and sights of food all around. However much I stick to healthy eating, there is no denying that junk food can taste very good. Well done.. you are a better man than I. Ice cream of any description is my undoing.. Good for you for having had just half the portion !

    Today was a fasting day for me. I just had my dinner: A parsley and green onion 2-egg omlette and a side of sauted spinach plus a home made minestrone soup (with no pasta in it) and a tangerine. I feel like a human again and very virtuous, clocking in at just less than 500 cals. So, I have, today completed a total of 6 fast days so far (3 weeks). Tomorrow is weigh in day. I like to weigh myself just after a fast day and then again on a Monday morning just to see how the weight fluctuates. I am hoping that the scales will have some good news for me tomorrow.

    How is everybody else doing?

    Hi There, I haven’t posted to this discussion yet, but am definitely in the right age range, though I started last month. It sounds like my stature is a good deal shorter than most of you as well, so my TDEE doesn’t sound like it’s as high as some of you. The first day I started I didn’t understand TDEE, so didn’t figure out what it should be until the second day (with the tool on this site). I have since started using the Mayo Clinic TDEE tool http://www.mayoclinic.org/calorie-calculator/ITT-20084939 recommended in another discussion thread, and at others’ suggestions on that thread am now using the TDEE of my goal weight instead of my current weight. That way there will be fewer adjustments to make once I reach my target, which I must say I am now confident will happen–unlike last year (when my nutritionist basically said, you’re really healthy, so forget about the weight–and then I started gaining again).

    With the exception of today (my schedule this week got changed, so I temporarily forgot I was meant to fast today and took a few sips of a protein drink before I remembered) I haven’t been eating anything on fast days except psyllium three times daily (that I do every day now), my daily supplements (at least 52 calories), and the energy powders I use to flavour my water–well that plus stevia–but since that is 0 calories, it doesn’t count toward the TDEE.

    The weight is coming down, but I keep lowering my target as a result, though I will speak with the naturopath who started me on 5:2 on our next appointment. I have a feeling he won’t want me to go much lower than what we discussed (100 or 105 pounds), but I would like to try 95 or 90 if the weight keeps going down, though I suspect he won’t approve. I just want to try an experiment with different weights to see which feels the best and then stick with that.

    What do you think? How do you arrive at your target weight? I meant to add that I started on 10 January, and as of today have trimmed down by 15.1 pounds (or 6.84 kilos, or 1.07 stone). Considering that before 5:2 I was hard-pressed to trim down by 1 pound (less than half a kilo) per month, I’m quite chuffed. I think I started to see more noticeable results after using the TDEE for my target weight–and working out 6 days a week (though three of those are exclusively HIT/HIIT–I only use weights three days a week).

    Hi, good to have you aboard. Im under 5’3″, Im assuming you are smaller. Like you, I thought of setting my target weight as my TDEE, but as my target is so far in the distance, sort of a motorway, a couple of dual carriageways and a ring road, I’ve set an interim target weight and Im working to that TDEE.

    If you work on your target weight TDEE, your workingvwith 80% of the calories you would need to maintain that weight, which is great – but my journey to my ideal weight will take about a year and a half at a pound a week, dropping to 1345 standard calories and 343 on a fast day, though it would get me there more quickly, might just scupper my chances of getting even halfway there.

    But as my own ideal weight is around 125 pounds – and that really would be reaching for the stars – my own journey might, with pots of luck, might be ending not too far from where you are now, though i may be summising wrongly.

    My point is that we are all on the same journey, but different destinations and at different speeds, some of us are ferraris (classic ferraris of course), some ordinary cars, some classic saloons, and a lot of us old bangers which keep stopping, needing fuel, and find hills a tad difficult, often going backwards.

    Good luck with your journey, be glad of the help your are getting from your pro, and remember to be kind to yourself!

    Salma, you know how impressed i am with your gym attendace, Jayneyw doing six days really puts me to shame, though I did go to the sports centre to pick up a leaflet, AND I did a four and a half mile walk in a near gale (I exaggerate only slightly!!) How did this week go for you, and for everyone?

    I met someone today who has lost 6 stone on 5:2, still has about a stone and a half to go, she said, but that was one very happy woman!!!

    Her advice was to keep on keeping trying, took her a while to get started, loads and loads of plateaus, a good few backward steps and its a marathon.

    Gives us all hope, I reckon.

    Travel hopefully folks.

    milo wlks himself still … very embarrassed but truthful … stuck to 5:2 religiously though … can’t work out TDEE at all … will re-look and walk my poor Milo he loves it when I go with him, I just couldn’t get it done, apologies … don’t want to let you lovelies down … kidding myself it will come off without excercise

    Embarrassingly I only managed to do one fast day last week which was Wednesday, admittedly the rest of the days I was careful not to the extent of counting calories but more saying no to the biscuits

    I decided to weigh myself this morning and I am pleasantly surprised to see I’ve lost 2lb’s, very happy with that
    Fast days next week are Monday and Wednesday

    Onward and downwards ladies xxx

    Good morning fellow travellers..
    I am still hovering around 92 kgs (around 203 pounds) despite being at the end of week 3. So, that is a 0.6 (1.3 pound) loss over 3 weeks. Disheartening, but still.. a LOSS. At least, that is what I am telling myself. I honestly think my body is actually FIGHTING me on this one. However, I am stubborn and when faced with a foe, I dig my heels in. I will keep going and see what happens.

    I only went the gym twice this week. I copped out this Thursday as I had had only 2 hours of sleep. I spent the night tossing and turning and was unable to enter slumberland. I had never had trouble with sleeping before, but in the past year, I have had episodes of disturbed sleep and insomnia. They last a couple of weeks and then I am ok. It is beyond frustrating.. So, come Thursday morning (a fast day), I just could not face the prospect of gym.

    I decided to treat myself nicely this weekend, get plenty of rest, no exercise and a nice breakfast: scrambled eggs, chili jam, homemade bread, fruit and fresh brewed coffee. I also have a brunch appointment with a friend tomorrow, Sunday. On Monday, I start another fast day.

    On the issue of TDEE, I did look at the Mayo Clinic site suggested by Jayneyw, and the surprising thing was that at my current weight, my TDEE is between 1750 and 1900, whereas at my target weight (70 Kg), the TDEE is 1850-2000. I was under the impression that TDEE is supposed to go DOWN when you lost weight not up, as you have less weight to carry. Am I getting this right? I am 170 cm tall (5 ft 7 inches), so a target weight of 70 is reasonable. In a previous life time I went down to 58 Kgs (128 pounds – golly.. about HALF of what I weigh now!!! I had never realised that before :((( ), but this is unreasonable and undesirable at my age, I think.

    I know exactly how you feel Milena about the marathon on a highway. I am definitely in the old banger category, but that’s alright, we all get there in the end (one hopes). I also hope that we do not set targets that are unhealthy. I believe that a bit of fat is protective at our age. The other day (in the gym Milena) as I was leaving the gym they had been washing the floors. I slipped and fell clean horizontally. Thankfully, the extra padding meant I was only slightly bruised. There is always a silver insulating lining!! .. oh.. and this CAN be construed as a reason that going to the gym is bad for you 🙂

    Maydamayday.. I have tried all sorts.. and you CAN lose weight without exercise, but once you get into walking, you will get a lot of pleasure out of it.. and believe me, this comes from someone who is definitely NOT an athletic type. I have to FORCE myself to do any, but walking, particularly by the beach, is bracing, clears your head and makes you feel better (if only afterwards). Why don’t you set a target for 10 or 15 minutes once a week and increase by 5 minutes each week. I know it can seem like too much trouble to get dressed (sneakers, etc) just for that amount of time, but even if you go out as you are to begin with, it is taking small steps in the right direction. If you can fast for 2 days a week (which is a major achievement) you can do this once a week. Think about it.. and think how happy Milo will be!

    As Janey.Lizzy says, Onwards and downwards, ladies. Good luck this week.

    Hi Salma,

    That’s really odd about the Mayo Clinic TDEE calculator. However, when I try different target weights, some of the numbers are the same (i.e. at one weight, the numbers for Active and Somewhat Active might be the same, or similar). Have you tried recalculating? I know this might sound odd, but did you check to make sure you’re using the correct units (i.e. international) and that you’ve typed the numbers in correctly? Nothing personal, but sometimes I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing and enter things wrong. Just a thought.

    My TDEE for my initial target weight at the activity level I am now is 1600, but if I lower my target I come up with 1500 or 1550 depending on weight and activity level. I’m not sure what’s going on, but please let me know what you’ve tried, and feel free to try other TDEE calculators as well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

    Hi Salma

    Remember you are doing much better than I did by the end of week three, my result was zero! Brilliant stuff so be pleased with yourself, we old bangers aren’t very quick on the brakes, and remember we were speeding merrily to a higher weight, so you loss includes not putting on weight. You are just above where i started 8 weeks ago, and today 84kg – this last kilo seemed to take an age, but a kilo in eleven days is spot on.

    We must be good to ourselves – i have a lovely piece of my favourite lemon drizzle cake yesterday – but also mindful – i had half a slice instead of a whole slice.

    My OH is well on board now, so he is no longer buying scones and cakes, and no bacon butties today. Though, typical man, I suggested sharing a slice of toast, but he said no, he was going to be good! Grrrrr. They are good at making us feel guilty eh??? And of course he has lost 2 kilos in less than a week. My son has always wanted a dog, and we joke that if i ever divorce his dad, we would get two German Shepherds, unlikely as OH has always been a keeper. – until now that is!!!!
    Great news Jayne. Lizzy, we should start collecting those pounds, were making a nice wee pile.

    Maydaymayday, its taken me weeks and weeks to start walking regularly, and its just to the village and back, but at least im past feeling dreadful halfway home, puffing like an old woman. Exercise isn’t essential but milo will appreciate it, Im sure.

    Have a great weekend, and travel hopefully

    Milena.. thanks for the encouragement. Really! I was beginning to get disheartened.
    Janeyw.. yes I was careful about the units and I did calculate and recalculate about 5 times with the same result. Perhaps there is something wrong with this particular calculator. I will try another couple and report.

    Hey Salma,

    How odd about the TDEE calculator. Yes, please try others and let us know if you find a good one. I realize I might be closer to my goal than some of you, but I’m dreading getting closer to the goal and having to work harder to get the scales to shift. I hope that doesn’t happen. Take heart. My naturopath said that on 5:2 once some people start trimming down it can be hard to stop the process! That seems unimaginable to me, but I hope things proceed smoothly and at more than a glacial pace for us all!

    Hi Salma

    on the site’s calculator, your height and age, slightly active, is 2100 at 90 kg and down to 1935 at 78.

    Remember on 5:2 you are working at about 80% (5 days x TDEE and 2 day at a quarter of TDEE give about 78% of the calories you would need to maintain the weight)

    I agree working to a lower TDEE makes some sense, but I think if we put in our dream weights, say – oh lets just say 56.5 kilos, 8 st 13, 125 lbs – just imagine an 8 in there!!! Then you would have to go to 1629.

    It MUST be doable, my TDEE at 84 is 1648, at 78 is 1576 (at dream weight it is 1320). I,m shorter, older and lazier of course!

    BUT is it workable? If I ate at our dream weight now I would get 7200 (1320 x 5 + 330 x 2) calories a week because I would be eating again 80% of the maintenance of that weight!

    Hope I’m explaining this – Salma, no reason at all that you can’t go to the 1629 calories level with 2 days of 408 – because I am working to a lower calorie rate. No reason that we can’t both be eating the same amount – except that you are younger, taller and more active, I presume it would be harder because you are more active. And that is the crux, tortoise or hare, slow and steady or racing to the finish – or worse still, finding it too hard and giving up. 5:2 is about being good to ourselves, nothing is forbidden, everything we like, just not as much as we like and not as often as we like. Calorie counted strict diets don’t work, if this becomes a calorie driven instead of a calorie aware way of life, it won’t work – of course there has to be more denial while we shift the pounds, but the endgame is to have a workable WOE. If we don’t get to the end, there is no endgame.

    Janeyw – you have advantages over many of us – you are nearer to your goal – I read today about a 1000 lb woman (no, I didn’t put on an extra zero) and her first 100 pounds went in a month apparently. So I imagine the last 10 or 20 lbs may be a tad more difficult for her. But if you use your TDEE at your present weight, you will still be on 80%, mathematically if you don’t want to lose more than 20% of your weight, you are already on the maintenance or just below the maintenance calories of your target weight.

    So lets travel hopefully and with luck we might be 3-4 lbs less on the last day of March, and Christmas will be here before we know it!

    And lets not sweat the small stuff – we are all new to the journey so baby steps with a few big steps – bung in a 3 fast day occasionally, try a fast day water only, and lets enjoy our ice-cream!!

    Hello friends..
    Today is supposed to be a fasting day, but I am lad up in bed with a very bad flu feeling sorry for myself.
    Is that a good reason to get off the diet until I feel well? Not that I feel like eating anything anyway..
    I am making myself some chicken soup and hoping this flu will go away soon.

    Thanks Milena,

    I see what you mean about using TDEE for my current weight, but at this point, it’s not much more than the TDEE I’ve been using (and I might actually lower it if I end up lowering my goal). I also meant to mention that I’m currently between jobs. In many cases, lots of free food lying around in the kitchen at work can be my undoing, so I am trying to trim down as much as possible before I start working again if that makes sense.

    Also, please enjoy some ice cream for me! I’m doing this in a very different way from most of you I think (under supervision of a naturopath–and eliminating lots of foods–please see this thread for more info if you like–https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/first-dayweek/). Since I’m supposed to be off sugar and dairy, (well not until I finish up the protein bars I have) ice cream is out for the time being. Also, consuming more than half my TDEE in olive oil and psyllium doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. However, I have to say I’m quite chuffed with my progress thus far, and if it works, don’t fix it is my motto, so I will keep going this way for the time being. Please do enjoy YOUR ice cream though!


    I’m sorry to hear you are ill. I was as well a couple of weeks back. Do you have a fever? If so, what worked for me was to fast (mainly because the first day I had fever was a fast day for me anyway, and I decided to stick with it–then I couldn’t keep breakfast down the next day, so fasting was a no-brainer).

    I basically ended up fasting three days in a row, except for breakfast on the middle day that came up before I was about to have lunch. I treated the third day like a regular fast day (same as the first day), and decided to try eating on the fourth day. Fortunately, that food stayed down, and I was back on track after that, but threw in another fast day towards the end of the week.

    I hope that makes sense. If not, please let me know and I’ll be happy to go into more detail. Also, this probably doesn’t apply if you have a cold with no fever. I think it only worked for me because of the fever. In any case, I hope you are feeling tickety boo in no time.


    how are how Salma, bugger any diet when you are ill, your body is using energy fighting it, so be kind to yourself and have a treat!!!

    Just one or two, don’t go mad, being unwell is a reason, not an excuse, to go easy on yourself, but don’t undo too much of the good work. Get your duvet, and rest on the sofa and overdose on daytime TV. Get some ole vera for sore noses and chapped lips. Plenty of hot drinks, a sniff of brandy is good, and keep warm.

    Jayney, I did wonder about the oil, after reading your profile, in fact I googled the calorie content. Poor you – I only hope that you have at least got fabulous hair and skin!!! If not there is no justice – but you can always rub some in your hair, wrap it in clingfilm for a couple of hours, ta da, beautiful!!!

    Once you have wahed it out, of course!!!

    Travel hopefully ladies!

    It’s the end ad my first fast day of the week, I’ve possibly gone over my calories for the day by about 100. Not going to fret over it

    Question for you, why the heck is there always food and cooking programs on the TV on fast days…….sigh

    It’s now just after 10pm and I sat deciding what to have for breakfast, funny thing is though quite often I don’t feel hungry

    Hi Milena,

    Actually the last time I was at a friend’s who hadn’t seen me since before I started the 5:2, she commented (unsolicited) on how “glowing” my skin was. I feel a difference in my hair as well, so there is justice!

    Jayne.Lizzy, I’m not sure about you, but as I go on, I hardly feel hungry at all on fast days. Perhaps it’s because I do aerial work and even before I started 5:2 was used to eating next to nothing and doing a full workout (plus aerials). I’m not sure, but I’m hoping your body will get used to it and not fight you so much on fast days.

    Hi everyone I have just signed up for this and really enjoyed your conversations! I also would like to join FA

    Hi Jayne and Jayney

    great to get a compliment, lifts the spirit. I only cook with olive oil, even if I just roasting a chicken for the cat, come to think of it her coat is lovely! Do you drink it straight?

    I know what you mean about the cookery programme, I watch them constantly. Hows it going?

    Hi Suzi, welcome to the FAs! How is it going for you?

    And hope you are feeling better Salma, westger here is awful, keep warm under the duvet!!

    travel hopefully……

    Hi Milena,

    Glad to hear you’re an olive oil advocate as well. I must admit, my nutritionist recommended coconut oil, and I’ve been on that for over a year, and just started a very large tub of it when switching to olive oil. However, at least the olive oil is fewer calories, though I don’t think I could quite stomach drinking it straight. Last night I normally would have had veggies with dinner, but was out recording a show (so had no time for veggies), and mixed the olive oil with my psyllium and stevia. I’m sure that sounds revolting, but the psyllium I use is apple flavoured, and pouring it over my protein bar definitely wouldn’t have worked. At least everything went down easily.

    Please feel better Salma!

    Hello ladies, and thanks for the good wishes.
    Welcome Suzi.. it is nice to see our numbers growing as our waistlines are shrinking (hopefully).

    Milena.. I am doing exactly what you are suggesting.. my brain is going numb with the daytime TV, and a pile of tissue paper is lounging inelegantly next to me. I feel like I am decomposting but have no energy to do anything.

    I should not have worried about fast or no fast on sickness days. I did not feel like eating much yesterday and just had some chicken soup. At least there is a silver lining.. today when I weighed my self I was 90.6 Kg. which is about 1 Kg loss since last time (a couple of days ago). I know this is probably because of the sickness but it is still nice to see.

    Like you, I also mostly cook with olive oil, although i do use a very tiny bit of butter in scrambled eggs for the taste. I also use it raw on strained yoghurt, hummus and aubergine dip. It is delicious, you should try it. I also use it with a thyme and green onion salad that is wonderful. It is a healthy oil that is very good for you.

    Janeyw.. one thing I have been thinking about since your last couple of posts. Are you counting the fiber in the Psyllium towards your carbohydrates allowance? Fiber is not absorbed by the body and needs to be deducted from the carbohydrates count of any food. I hope you are doing that, otherwise, you are probably eating too little (despite the olive oil). To be honest, the combination of psyllium, stevia and olive oil sounds less than appetizing to put it gently. The thought of it would put me off food for a good while!

    I watched a few cooking shows yesterday, but felt nothing. I am not used to the feeling of not WANTING food! So, I guess this is a side benefit of getting ill. I am dreading the mountain of work emails that are probably accumulating as we speak, but feel totally un-energized to tackle any of it. Sometimes, I think I would like to give up work altogether.

    Milena I had written a whole lot more this morning, but obviously didn’t send all of it 🙂 I have about 10 – 15 kilos to lose. I have tried every diet under the sun and know every excuse. I have been size 8 at my smallest (I was ill) and am now a size 14. I have moved to a new town so don’t know many people to chat to about this diet etc. So happy to have found this forum, it will be lovely having and maybe giving some support. Really enjoy reading all the comments, hate this meopausal weight gain!!

    Hi Suzi..

    We are all in the same proverbial boat!
    I have around 22-24 Kgs. to lose so a long way yet.
    I have always had a bit of a problem with weight, but I used to be able to lose weight very easily. However, it has been immovable these past couple of years. Even on this diet, it is very very slow. I do find it helpful to be on this forum to keep my spirits up and to keep plugging at it despite the small improvement. I think we now have to readjust our metabolism somehow. Everything is working against us, hormones, age, aches and pains, etc, but we should persevere. For me, the thought of what I can turn into if I let myself go strikes the fear into my heart and helps me stay on the straight and narrow.

    57 year old lady from Whyalla in Sth Australia, Menopause hit bad and whilst in the past I found it really easy to lose the weight, now it’s the hardest thing to do. Jenny Craig and Lite N Easy are too expensive, nothing else works. I walk 3kms a day on my treadmill, given up biscuits and chocolate, and still nothing budges, I think I’ve lost 600g in about 3 weeks. I’ve decided to give this a try as it won’t cost anything but my patience and a bit of time. I’ll follow your blogs and I might ask for assistance and support, but I’ll get there.

    Hi Porzia,

    Welcome to Foodaholics Annonymous!

    I hear ya! We all respond to this diet differently, but at least it allows you to be ‘normal’ for the 5 days. I hate counting calories and feeling guilty about everything. Life is to be lived not logged. So, this diet process suits me fine despite the weight loss for me is very slow, at least it is going in the right direction. No way to go but down if we stick to this and, really, it is very doable.

    Good luck and welcome onboard.


    Hope you had a good night Salma, dont give a thought to the emails, when I had a proper job – in sales – the most stressful part was leaving stuff to go on holiday, huge effort involved in writing copious notes about stuff to ensure other people could take over work, and I fretted ehen i was away, just to come back to find the files covered in dust, untouched.

    A kilo lost? Then celebrate! Thats 4 PACKETS of butter, lard, dripping, now go and stick them in the corner of your mind with your other packets already there. See them pile high!!

    I agree about perservering, but how about a bit of stick and carrot? Foodie stick and carrot. Ok you could treat yourself to a new lippy or something, but we are the FA, so why not some delicious treat, gormet food, expensive wine, special chocs. Life is too short for cheap wine. Lobster and caviar are low in calories!!!!!!! Who can afford more than a small box of godiva chocs???? Too expensive? Start putting the pennies you have saved on food and your usual goodies in a jar. Or stick something on ebay.

    A bottle of champage is about 550 calories, ok maybe not a great choice for a fast day, but save a 100 calories from each non fast day for a week, share it with a friend, and have something nice to nibble on. And still be exactly on plan.

    I bet you couldnt do that with weight watchers!!!!

    Travel hopefully…..

    Hi Salma,

    Just to reiterate: I only used olive oil with the psyllium and stevia last night because I didn’t have veggies (that I would normally have with the olive oil). Normally, I just have the apple-flavoured psyllium and some stevia to sweeten it, and it is actually relatively tasty. Regarding deducting fiber from carbs, etc. At this point on feast days I’m having fewer calories than the TDEE for my target weight, so am eating less anyway. I feel great and have so far observed no ill effects, so onward and downward as we say!

    just to let you know Milo is fast asleep having been walked LOTS over the weekend AND I have been on my rebounder too … have done one day fasting using my veggie soup pot and today I can see a little change in my back !!!!! not my stomachs, but my back looks less fat … once you begin moving it all comes together (hopefully) thank you ALL for your support to get my lardy out there again … feeling great …

    Way to go MaydayMayday! Keep walking and keep feeling great!

    Day 3 and still at home and mostly in bed.. This has been a bad flu but I am, at last, beginning to feel better. I will be working from home today so that I avoid spreading my germs to everyone in the office (and to also avoid a relapse as I can easily get a chest infection).

    Maydaymayday.. I am very happy to hear that Milo is enjoying your company and you are feeling good about it. Once you get into it, you will not want to stop. The trick is to “make” yourself do it for 21 days. Apparently, according to research, that is how long it takes to form a habit. Once you have crossed that threshold, it will be plain sailing. Good luck!

    Today’s weigh in 90.4!! Almost below my 90 sticking point. I am not holding my breath since I know this is mainly due to my illness. I have not been feeling like eating much. So, in effect, I have been fasting for two days so far. I think a better measure will be the weigh in on Monday morning! Still, we live in hope.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hi Salma, glad to hear you are on the mend, stay warm. And take any weight loss, however it comes. Good on yer!

    And Mayday, wow – you know a dog’s love is special, they love you without criticism, they love to see you, want to be with you and think your gorgeous and bloody wonderful – and Milo will be ecstatic!!!! Yeh! How your feeling good!

    I’ve had a strange start to the week, a big stress at he moment, stayed up Saturday all night working, carried on through Sunday, realised at suppertime I hadn’t eaten, so had a fast day out of nowhere, managed my usual fast Monday, yesterday are nothing until dinnertime, mince pie and chips – as you now now OH has a VERY limited repertoire.

    Within a hour, so I’ll, I’m sure you have all been there when a toilet and bucket are needed at the same time. Really ill for most of the night. Tender now but feeling much better. Must have been the pork I had Monday night.

    On the bright side, chucked up every last morsel of my dinner, and this morning 13 1, 83 kilos. Not recommended but a silver lining nonetheless.

    Travel hopefully everyone

    Hi I’ve just started 5 2 this week was hoping to loose 2 stone for a wedding abroad in September. I would like to know how you get on over the weeks . Thanks

    Hi Salma and Milena,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling ill, but if the weight is going down and once you feel better you keep at your fast days, it shouldn’t have to come back. Mine didn’t from when I was ill. In fact, I’d sort of hit a mini-mini-mini-plateau before that where my weight was practically the same for three or four days. However, once the fever started and I couldn’t keep anything down, I ended up not eating for two days straight, and threw in an extra fast day at the end of that week. The weight hasn’t returned. I wish the same for you, and feel better soon!

    Please all, get well, take your time and get well. I have had a fast day today, and a great walk on the beach with Milo before taking Mother to look at sheds, nearly passed out with tiredness before driving home to collect dd’s from school but thats another story. Slept from 3.30 until half an hour ago, ready to go back to sleep now. Fasting and chugging round shops not good. Can’t wait to weigh in next week, hope it starts moving again soon … Once again, hope you all feel a little stronger tomorrow. Not a fast day but I find them the worse actually.

    Hi all

    Porzia, beautiful name, how are things, hope its going well, but keep the faith, we are the same age, I hit the menopause about 10 years ago (I’m 58), sailed through it, a bit hot sometimes but that is all – except for the weight gain, but even that I put down to being content, loving food, and wine, and being a couch potato – anyone else sit on the sofa all day every day watching TV – well and listing on ebay – can typing be classed as exercise?

    Salma, on the mend, I hope – keep warm!

    Suzi, how you doin’?

    Jayneyw – enjoying ice-cream again for you! Added MacDonalds chips! On a fast day too, and kept below my limit.

    Ate nothing all day, partly because my stomach felt it had been hit with a brick, many times over, and because I am having huge problems with a committee – never, ever every join a committee, especially with old women on it – they are all power mad! Anyway, OH was starving, he is on a fast day as well, so we went for a Mac Latte and chips. I ate 8 chips and a third of the mcflurry to follow. Where has Milena gone and who is this woman in her place?

    Anyway, feeling good at last!

    How are you and Milo Mayday? Fresh sea air is soooo good – I love winter by the sea!

    and finally, hi Bryn, 2 stone for September – very very doable – will there be bikinis?

    Bikinis – I wonder if I have any in the loft – though we have lived here for 25 years, and I have an inkling my bikini days were afore then!

    Travel hopefully …..

    milo snoozing at my feet, he is tired after our walk which we had finished before 9 am this morning, one hour round trip good for us both … I am going to knit and natter at eleven at a local cafe at our local airfield, its my first time, their first time and I don’t knit … I am hoping everyone is well and happy … drink water and eat soup x

    Good morning all, I weighed myself this morning after completing my second fast yesterday to find the scales very kindly showing a 2lb loss.

    Very happy with that, it really does help the moral and the mouth…if you get my drift, it will help my mouth by not over eating on my non fast days.

    Hope you are all feeling better and that the dreaded lurgy has left your homes

    Hi Jayne.Lizzy – and everyone else.

    Nice to have kind scales, isnt it -lifts your day! Well done.

    Partly due to my bout of food poisoning, but perhaps not entirely, every day since Sunday has been, stictly speaking, a fast day. Including today.

    I had intended trying 4:3 this week as I had a mini target before my wee trip next Thursday. but I think I may end up with a completely unintentional 2:5, or even a 0:7.

    I became a 201lb woman simply by overeating. Just love cooking and love food.

    So not eating, and not being hungry, is very very strange.

    When we overeat, we store fat.

    5:2 has its detractors, who say you have to eat regularly to lose weight.

    Bears store fat for the winter, they sleep, not eat in the winter. Humans can survive for ages on no calories, and probably a fairly long while on a few hundred a day.

    I wonder if Ive just gone into Bear mode, I have all this lovely fat hanging around, perhaps my body has just decided to live on the fat it spent years gathering. The fat must be kept for a reason. If the body gets too much of certain vitamins, they just get flushed out, so why dont we just poo all the excess food?

    Yup, Ive become a bear.

    And hunger is just a habit!

    (of course next week ill be constsntly famished and complaining of putting weight on!)

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been reading off and on here and decided to just pop in and say Hello!

    I’m smack in the mid-fifties(55) as of Feb 13, so I’m in the right place. I’ve been doing 5:2 since January 4th with dismal results, but yet I keep trying! Only 2.5 lbs in 2 months?????!!! Doesn’t get much slower than that, but at least it’s not going up! I find the fasting days quite easy, but the normal days have been my downfall, I believe. I think I’m finally getting a handle on them and am hopeful that the number on the scale will start to go down.

    I also do a strenuous boot camp workout 3-4 mornings a week, so I like to think some muscle is adding to the number. I’ve been doing boot camp for over 2 years and have lost a total of 33 lbs since beginning. Most of that was lost in the 1st 3 months and I’ve been sort of maintaining ever since. Time to shift the last 30 lbs and get to where I want to be! Once the cold and snow/ice are gone, I’ll start doing a little running outside and also get back out on the golf course. Activity is the name of the game!

    I look forward to getting to know all of you and following your progress!

    All the Best!

    Hi Lori_PA.. welcome aboard.

    Wow! I got tired just thinking of your bootcamp workout and the planned activities ahead. I am impressed. In my experience, when I have exercised and dieted, the weight has come off far more slowly than with diet alone. I think that some bodies are like that. Exercise can cause us to retain more water in the muscles and of course, muscle is heavier than fat (or so one likes to tell oneself). I, too, will be turning 55 in August, so not far behind you and have around 50 lbs to lose altogether. A looooong way off!

    Milena.. I will be looking forward to hearing what your scales have to say before your trip. I hope you are intending to do some shopping. They have some lovely small stores..so much nicer than big department stores, I think.

    I feel so much better today.. almost semi-human and actually went to work this morning. I have basically had a day from hell at work where everything had just piled up in my absence and just sort of heaved from one problem to the next. I do not know by what miracle I was able to resist tucking into a chocolate bar. Today was actually a fast day and I have just nibbled on my last 500th calorie. I hope I last till bedtime. I would really like to stick what I promised myself.

    Now.. here’s a piece of information that I gleaned today at my gynaecologist. I went in for my pap smear (scheduled months ago) and complained to her that I have put on a lot of weight in the last 2-3 years and have been unable to shift it. She had put me on progesterone therapy previously telling me there were no significant side effects, that it was in fact “probably protective”. Through some research, I found out that it may be protective of uterine cancer, but may be causative of breast cancer in those with a pre-disposition. It ALSO turns out that progesterone can cause major weight gain.

    When I asked her, she said, ah yes.. progesterone causes increased insulin resistance (a precursor for Type II diabetes and a big cause of weight gain).. Really???? and when was she going to find it reasonable to tell me all this? I am so angry. We are supposed to be given a choice, right? To have a choice you need proper information, not misinformation.

    Not only is the nutritional advice changing at the speed of light. Each day you wake up to a new “truth” that contradicts that of yesterday’s, but our bodies are treated with disrespect! I go to a female gynaecologist because I figured that as a woman, she would be more understanding and sympathetic, but apparently not. Maybe I should find one who is in her mid fifties.. maybe then, she would understand what it is like to have to deal with the indignities of age, everything going south (as well as east and west), and the rest of the fun and games.

    Sorry if I sound grumpy.. I just thought I would let others know what I learnt today.. maybe it would help someone avoid the same pitfall.

    On the weight front.. still hovering, but now below 91.. not at all unhappy with that for this month. Final weigh in for the month on Monday morning though.

    Have a good evening ladies.

    Hi All,

    I’m glad to hear Salma and Milena are feeling better. Well done walking Milo Maydaymayday, and good downward scales Jayne.Lizzy!

    Hi Lori_PA, I know how frustrating slow weight loss can be. Are you eating below the TDEE for your current weight on feast days? What TDEE calculator(s) have you used? That can really make a difference. Some on this forum have suggested eating below the TDEE for your target weight on feast days. That’s what I’ve been doing almost since the beginning, and I’m having good results so far, touch wood. Then again, I’m also restricting certain foods (see this post if you’re interested https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/first-dayweek/) and working with a naturopath, so I think it all helps.

    Salma, many thanks for putting me off doctors. My ex is now a nurse, and is a font of information when I need it (he usually doesn’t mind). My plan is to stay as healthy as possible so doctors don’t become a key presence in my life. However, when I do feel the need for doctors, I refer to a good homeopath I’ve had good results with for over 25 years. No drugs, so no side effects. I realize that this doesn’t work for everyone, but perhaps it might be something to consider if possible. Just a thought.

    Hi all, and welcome Lori, I too am impressed with boot camp. Im am here to support all you fitness folk. Ive missed two days of walks, so that makes me the resident couch potato! Must try harder.

    Just a kilo short of my target and 6 days to do it. My mini target that is.

    We go to a large department store right in tbe centre of town, and spend hours in furniture and lighting department. They have lighting I would love to own, but at about £7000 for a pendant, wont be buying. Will be going to the Georg Jensen shop, will be interesting, I left two bracelets and a brooch in October, no word by January, so they are doing a £200 repair to one bracelet for nothing. Checked today about the other items, told not repaired yet, wont be ready for next week. – they have had them for nearly five months – but the £117 cost of the repair would be waived apparently. I have my suspicions they may have been lost, they were sent for authentication, not repair. Love visiting the shop though. Going to an antiques fair and flea market to buy jewellery – which I resell for a living.

    I know, I know, sympathy from you all, its a tough job but someone has to do it!!!

    If I can stay same weight while away will be pleased, but not the end of the world if I don’t.

    Travel hopefully….

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I just had my Fast day dinner and am feeling better. I was a bit “hangry” before I got my dinner prepared. Hubby wanted to talk and I just wanted him to be quiet and let me make my dinner!!

    I don’t count calories on my non-fast days, so I could very well have been going over my TDEE on some of those days, especially weekends. I did count a few non-fast days early on and was well within my TDEE. Also, my workouts most certainly make a difference to the scale. I’m trying to focus more on fitness and not worry so much about that number.

    Salma…I don’t blame you for being upset at finding out the meds you’ve been on have been causing a weight gain. It’s always something, isn’t it?

    Well, must wind up my day here. Will be time for bed before I know it!

    Hi Salma

    your comments re the gyny were most interesting. I try to steer well clear of doctors, I dont mix well. Used to fit out medical centres, met a few dragon practice managers and some very odd doctors. Was travelling over a hundred miles to a site to sort some details with the builder, said I was hoping to be their around ten. Got there late as I kept having bad nosebleeds so I had to stop driving. One of the practice doctors had heard I would be there so arrived at ten,I arrived nearly an hour later, blood everywhere, nose still streaming, using my hand as no hankies left, the doctor threw into a rage for keeping him waiting. Didnt even mention the blood!!!! Fortunately builders are lovely, one came with a first aid kit, another told the doc to f off, and took me for a cuppa.

    Anyway, went through the change 10 or 12 years ago, occasionally I get a bit warm in bed, but truly it might just be the cat laying across my chest, periods stopped, no other symptoms. You hear so much about it, I have occasionally wondered if I needed, well stuff, hrt or something. You have made me realise Im better off not going near a doctor. It would be like getting the wrong cure for an illness i dont have.

    Have a great Friday y’all and love to Milo. btw what is he?

    Hi ladies.. and I hope everyone is having a great day!
    My weekend has just officially started.

    Thanks also for the messages of support.
    I am STILL going through the menopause process. I still have periods (urgh!!) which is not fun at almost 55. The reason I was put on progesterone therapy is that about three years ago, I started hemorrhaging severely for around 3 weeks of each month instead of a normal period. This went on for around 8 months. My doctor advised a hysterectomy, which I definitely did not want. he asked me whether I wanted any more children (hardy har har) and I said of course not, so he replied why not take it all out? Charming!

    I insisted on not doing that and switched to the aforementioned female gynecologist. She advised progesterone therapy as apparently, I had progesterone which was too high. So that is why I was on it. I had to have a D&C operation under anesthesia first and then put on the progesterone. We tried various types: bio identical creams, pills, etc. The rest you know.

    Apart from this rather unpleasant episode and the weight gain, I am not having hot flashes or other discernible symptoms. Except that I am sometimes having trouble getting to sleep. Last night I only got 3 hours of sleep and then I have to function at work!

    A friend of mine in the UK is specializing in coaching for organizations on retaining menopausal women. Isn’t that something? She explained it to me, and I think she is quite right. Many organizations are losing highly capable women in whom they have invested thousands of punds (the sterling type) to feelings of disorientation, memory loss and embarrassment. She helps organizations to understand this change of life and how to deal with women dealing with it!! Hmmmmmm!

    I promise, I won’t gross out anyone any more with medical details 🙂

    Milena.. I know exactly what you mean.. I have worked with doctors for many years and some of them are just callous business people, particularly in private medicine. I don’t normally trust the medical profession very much and generally do a lot of research before undertaking anything major.

    Janeyw.. I do see a holistic endocrinologist as he tends to consider the whole being and not just the relevant organ. I also do try to eat and live healthy, but I am afraid a very stressful life is not the best option for a healthful life. I have to seriously consider change before I hit 60 (or should I say, IF?)

    Lori_PA.. To be honest, I also do not count anything on non fast days.. what is the point of this diet if I had to, but I do try to stay within what I know are reasonable limits and try to eat as healthily as I can.

    Janey.Lizzy.. Glad for your loss 🙂 Wonderful to approach the weekend lighter, isn’t it?

    Here’s a philosophical question for you, ladies:

    Does it count as a non fast day if you eat after midnight? 🙂

    Last night I couldn’t get to sleep as I was really hungry and my stomach was rumbling. I was exhausted but still tossing and turning in bed. So I waited until it was after midnight to make myself a sandwich – not too big or heavy – and a glass of milk. Happily, the scales did not register my indiscretion this morning.. so I lean towards thinking the after midnight rule is okay 🙂

    What say you?

    Hi There,

    Salma, I know what you mean about a stressful life, but we must do what we can to reverse that process. At one point I tried hypnosis for weight loss. I lost a whole ten pounds over the course of a year (I nearly trimmed down by that much on my first month of 5:2). While it was a dismal failure as far as weight loss was concerned (at least for me), one thing it did do was to get me in the habit of relaxing 2-3 times daily. That can really help with stress. You might consider not necessarily hypnosis, but perhaps some sort of meditation, or just sitting down and doing absolutely nothing but trying to empty your mind of any thought at all for ten minutes a day. This is just a thought, but it might help. What do you think?

    Also, my nutritionist thinks that eating at night is a great way to put on weight. If you think about it, I’m guessing that when you eat at midnight, you might be going back to sleep afterwards. Hardly working it off or using those calories (like you would if you were engaged in any sort of physical activity). If the scales reflected well this time, that’s great, but I don’t know if I would suggest making a habit out of it. Just my 2p.

    Hi all

    I say 90%, 70% or even 50% – even 10% fast should still count – any effort is still effort – there is no right or wrong, only right, fairly right, reasonably right and right but mske more effort next time!!! Any of course anything after midnight is in the judt about totally right range!!!

    Where did we start from? Eating to the clock, boredom eating, eating cos another person is hungry, eating just cos its gooood, and eating cos we are depressed at the padding.

    Stick with it and dont talk a sandwich down – especially if it was a great sandwich! Just keep going.

    Im still in the ‘hybernating bear’ zone, had a full milk latte – (other day tried a skinny cappuccino – thats half an hour of my life and a hundred calories Ill never see again, disgusting!) – and a bit of chocolate tiffin, a crust and butter, having prawn stir fry later – and still less than 1000 calories and the first time over 400 a day this week!!! Full of energy and sleeping really well.

    It wont last long but its interesting – another pound down today so just one to go by Thursday.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

    Happy Friday everyone! Just a couple more hours and I’m free for the weekend! YAY!

    The nasty scale crept up 2/10ths of a pound this morning…..and after a fast day too! I know it had to do with muscle soreness and ahem…food transit issues, which will resolve in time. I’m just hoping not to totally blow it this weekend and see my modest loss from this week vanish! I’m going to try my best to do 16:8 over the weekend to try and minimize the damage!

    I’m not much help regarding night eating as that has never been an issue for me. I think if it were me, I’d get up and drink a bit of milk, or my favorite, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and see if that was enough to allow me to fall back to sleep.

    My little bugger of a cat got me up at 3:30 this morning! I’ll be ready for bed by 8 tonight! Once the weather moderates, she’ll be outside at night, especially on weekends so Mama can get a bit more sleep! She loves to be out at night, but not when it is so cold. During the week I like to get up early, but would appreciate an extra hour or 2 on the weekend!

    Enjoy the rest of your Friday and the weekend too!

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