May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • @matpi – funny you mention Jane Addams. She was from a little town about 5 miles west of ours! We celebrate her a lot, as well as one of the Lincoln v. Douglas debates was in another town 8 miles from ours. LOTS of Lincoln lore around here!

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. As it’s Sunday I am lazily sipping my breakfast coffee whilst perusing the forum and I am still in bed!!! That’s not my normal gig, but it’s windy out there, I actually don’t have a lot of things to do today so I plan to relax, exercise, be mindful.

    So, thank you @brightonbelle, @funshipfreddie and others who offered encouragement for my trip to town. It was actually grand. I did go early, so it was only 9.30am when I pulled into the multi-storey car park. So strange however to see so many shops closed, and one-way systems in place, and so many people on their own (no couples or groups out), and lots of mask wearing. That’s one thing here in Ireland, it’s not compulsory to wear a mask so a lot of people don’t.

    I got all my medicinal and cosmetic needs in Boots, it felt quite normal actually as I could still go around with my basket filling up with make-up, body creams etc, so except for the social distance queue at the counter it was fine.

    The queue for Tesco however at that hour of the day was shocking, I seriously would not be able for it, my patience is usually very thin anyway, so I would give up before I started. How do others cope with the new world of loooooong queues?

    My only gripe was the parking machine did not accept contactless payments! I haven’t used cash in 10 weeks! I had a €50 note in my purse but the machine did not accept €50 notes. Argh! So I had to pop into M&S food hall, bought a luscious lemon tart, just to get change for the darn machine 😄

    Yes, we had that lemon tart for dessert after dinner last night 😆

    So it was an interesting trip. Sorry for blathering on about it, but as my life has been home to work, work to home, with the odd visit to my local village shop, this was a big thing! DH does all the big shopping as he is off during the week so I don’t have to.

    This Tuesday we have appointments at the opticians. That’s going to be interesting too, only one allowed in at a time, face masks etc….but I feel I am getting back out into the world again and breaking through that FOGO (fear of going out) so rightly noted earlier by @betsylee

    @flourbaby, how is your toothache now ?

    Day 24 – Lake District UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    @daffodil2010 hope you have a successful relaxing day we all need them, even us retired people!

    Warm but drizzly day here this morning, after the last 2 days of very long walks (I did 2 yesterday) had planned for a lazy day today. Although will go out for a stroll at some stage, plus bimbling around the garden. The job my OH has planned, going through our wardrobes. With the amount of weigh we have both lost this could be expensive, there are two ‘charity bags’ full already! But with the clothing shops still closed I need something to wear. Going to end up gardening in a couple of suits I’ve not worn since sons wedding.

    @funshipfreddie – I’m going to write your mantra in the front of my food diary ‘If you don’t log it, you don’t scoff it’ as I do count the calories it makes sense, you’re only cheating yourself if you ‘forget’ to count.

    @betsylee – Consolidation, excellent, I think we have a similar way of working, with ‘one day a week off’ I look at my progress tracker each week and (apart from holidays) keep making sure it doesn’t go upwards! I’m not just as bothered about staying the same weight for a week or two any more, just mustn’t go up!

    @flourbaby – Thank you for the link, I’ve downloaded the ‘whoosh effect’ article for a proper read later, but from my initial skim read, it makes sense. Sometimes you do all the right things, nothing happens, but then out of the blue … whoosh !

    Take care all

    Day 24 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Too windy yesterday to garden or do much at all outside. So lazy day instead. Gardening today and longish dog walk this afternoon.

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @i-hate-lettuce – glad you like the mantra! Irritatingly, everything in South Africa is in kilojoules. I’m used to it now, but why everything here has to be different…? So I have to divide the kilojoules by 4.2 before I log it. MFP makes everything much easier though.

    Our president will making another live broadcast tonight, re relaxing restrictions as we move towards Level 3. There’s a vicious rumour that the goalposts will be moved yet again, regarding the sale of alcohol & tobacco! I’m sure there will be riots in the streets if that happens. Many bottle stores have been looted already, & a recent survey revealed that 80% of smokers are still easily able to buy cigarettes on the black market. So life goes on, & the tax man loses his revenue…

    Have a great S🌞nday!

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Only 1 week left in May , where has that gone ?! Fasting as normal tomorrow Sun is shining so I’m off out to the garden ☀️

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Good Morning/Evening All

    I’m pleased to say I’m down another 1lb, so that’s 3lb down from my refresh restart. I have had to pull on will power. Last night I’m so pleased there wasn’t any chocolate in the house because if there had been …

    Beginning to feel lighter & brighter and generally more energised. I’m trying to anchor that feeling down to pull on at times of weakness/craving.

    Today’s menu is a roast around 3:00 pm. Very well could end up a OMAD but not putting any pressure on myself.

    Have a great day.

    Take care, stay safe.

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD,

    It’ll be a quick check-in from me today. I’m looking forward to fasting tomorrow, since despite the toothache I’ve been comfort eating. Mainly lovely fresh bread & butter with my soup, smoked mackerel pate and cheese with a selection of chutneys, no crackers, but ……………………… I can still get very creative when chewing is off of the table!!!

    So the update on the tooth having completed the antibiotics on Day 22, is that Day 23 went well just on Ibuprofen. There’s still intermittent throbbing, but no pain …………………….. touch wood!! I WILL need treatment, but currently the criteria for emergency treatment goes from facial swelling or closed airways to mouth trauma & bleeding!!! Anything less than that it’s painkillers, antibiotics (prescription sent to your chemist) salt water rinses and frozen peas applied to the jaw!!!! I’m really missing my exercising either yoga, Pilates or walking with Leslie, but I’m sticking to keeping my heartrate down & head above heart level since I can deal with minimal throbbing, anything more, and someone or something (offending tooth!!) is liable to get knocked out!! 😂

    @i-hate-lettuce a lesson I learnt at the beginning of this journey is to wear everything before it gets too tent-like!!! If it means enjoying breakfast for you & Mrs I-H-L in your DJ or ball-gown, then so be it!!!! I ended up giving an entire size 16 wardrobe of unworn clothes to charity because I went from 18 to 14 in the blink of an eye ……………………. Regrets …………………. I’ve had a few!!! I truly wish I’d done the washing up in that floor-length velvet skirt!!!!

    @daffodil2010, recently everyone I speak to has FOGO and is really embracing lockdown, how we’ll ever get back to the 2hr commute & sitting in an air-conditioned office for 8hrs followed by another 2hr commute …………………. I’m not sure!!!

    Keep the faith folks………………. Onward to June!!!

    Day 24- Atlanta, GA- USA- FD800

    USA Day 24 WFD

    Just checking in! I hope all Americans have as good a Memorial Day weekend as is possible during these challenging times!

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Happy Memorial Day, Americans, remembering our freedoms thanks to all who gave their lives for us.

    @flourbaby – you sound very smart in dealing with your tooth pain and treating it for now. I am happy I was able to get one bad tooth pulled right before the shut-down. Next will be an implant for that molar, hopefully in a couple months.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25, FD, Aus

    I do like kicking off the week with a FD. Esp after this weekend where my OH is still on his cocktail making bender!!

    Glad your tooth is somewhat better @flourbaby. But I am surprised you’ve swapped PB for smoked mackerel pate? What the?!

    Day 25 – Japan – NFD

    Normally this is a fast day, but I have about 50km+ of bicycling today and that is something I’m not used too. I think I need the food.

    Day 25 Australia FD
    Hi Everyone
    I continue to try to mindfully eat, unfortunately I am observing my longings for sweet food. lemons ripening on the tree…..made a lean meringue pie as we had guests. I stopped at one piece, that’s unusual for me!

    Daughters friends back from New York City(having lived in Australia where) musicians visited Amir Farid a concert pianist also member of the Benaud Trio(named after cricketer Ritchie Benaud!!!) came to practice at our place. This Friday EST 7pm he will play beautiful music in an online concert.
    Some tears were shed as during this time the arts has taken a huge hit, it was so wonderful to hear this beautiful music by Schubert and his wife Clara(I hadn’t heard of her compositions before.)

    We finished the day with Music from Fiddler on the roof! So much fun and a real tonic.

    Well it’s downwards in the weight department hopefully!!! Hope we start the week well

    Pocket List

    Day 24 Australia FD

    @betsylee It might have sounded as though I offered to do July, I’m happy to take my turn but am not well versed in all the workings of the monthly challenge… I’m still unaware of how to see the spreadsheet let alone set one up. Is this a necessary component? If not I am happy to give it a go.

    I ‘d need to look at the first entry of the May challenge- thanks for putting this up @jaifaim! and learn those abbreviations……Is anyone else as challenged as I am with abbreviations in general? This will do me some good! I certainly appreciate the need for them in this case!

    Cheers everyone! Perhaps a water toast???

    Day 25 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Early start, early dart, Bank Holiday Monday, sun shining it’s going to be glorious. That also means it’s going to get busy round here, se early dart and get out early.
    Not going for a FD today will do Tuesday and Thursday this week, garden afternoon and alfresco food!

    Take care all

    Day 25 – Ireland – NFD

    Sorry all – your host went MIA 😂 this weekend.

    Very busy weekend with my parents – looking after them both and also trying to socialise virtually with friends for birthdays was a challenge 😂. Try explaining why you’re all dressed up to go into another room to log on to a computer to an Alzheimer’s patient ♥️ 😂 but my dad in his 90s loves to hear about and see all these new technologies being used so it was fun.
    I managed to log everything I ate/drank and I have only been fooling myself in the past when I’m home with them 😂 two EFS days were had… 5,000 cals over the two days – GOD! I did two short charity cycles for my club too but these will not have made any dent to the numbers but good to have some mindful time out in gorgeous weather.
    So three very late nights and early mornings and I’m wrecked.. but back home now and not working today… so will catch up on downtime and relax…

    We are on the final furlong for May now!! Let’s do this – one more week of effort and we head into June with Penz in the right frame of mind 💪 👍👏.

    I also actually saw two really good friends yesterday as I dropped off some local produce from home on my way back and both commented on my figure so I’m tired but happy. It’s been a long slog..
    Must hold onto that feeling ✅

    Have a good day Monday fasters!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    Hi Aussiejill – it would be great if you hosted July. Keep these challenges managed by us down under! 🙂 I’ve hosted a challenge month before – it really is very simple. I was very lucky that @at helped me out with the spreadsheet (I can’t access google docs from my work computer which is where the spreadsheet is located). There are always people around who can lend a hand. More than happy if you want to shadow me hosting for June?

    Day 25 Australia FD
    @penz I’ll give July a go! Thanks for your offer.
    I’ll think about the spreadsheet later. I haven’t used it so don’t understand a thing about it, having said that I’ve got until July!
    My fast day has felt dismal today, very cold weather didn’t help, I got a walk in, went out and bought some tea bags I like in the afternoon as I thought a black tea I like might help. All good. I have to self-talk to get my mind back on board. That idea of breaking it up into 100cal snack increments may happen!

    I’ve been trying to give my body the longer break as Michael Mosely had explained the bigger gap between eating gives the body time to heal itself. I heard that on a very early program at the start of my hearing about the fast diet.
    To my mind the healing is as important as lowering the caloric intake and the weight loss.
    However it has to work.

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in. Will log on later.

    Day 25 Oxfordshire, UK CD
    Quick check in. Off to collect my supermarket order, then some baking and long dog walk.
    Enjoy the day.

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Finally some good news from our president. We WILL be able to buy alcohol from June 1st. Days & times still to be announced. The night-time curfew will be lifted, & we will be able to exercise anytime outside. Tobacco product sales will still be prohibited

    Happy holidays to most of the northern hemispherites! (is that even a word?) Memorial Day in the USA, and Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. So the usual mammoth Monday Pocket List may be somewhat shorter today.

    The last week of the May Challenge; let’s make it count! 🏆

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    Day 25, London, UK, FD

    I completely forgot it’s a Bank Holiday here!!! …………………………. To be honest I wasn’t even aware it was Monday!!! 😂

    @penz, thanks for offering to host June, we’re gonna nail that challenge!!! I’m joining you for a FD to kick start the week. Have no fear my friend, PB has been on the list of allowable ‘no-chew’ foods from the beginning, as was chocolate which – and this was a revelation to me – melts in the mouth if you just let it sit on your tongue or suck it without swiftly chomping through it ……………….. who knew😂?????!!!!

    @jaifaim, your relationship with your elderly folks warms my heart!! It’s funny how much a positive comment from others can boost our wellbeing, although when I was younger the unsolicited negative comments about my weight sent me spiralling down, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised a good comment = good mood!!!
    I plan to mimic the buzz @jaifaim got by looking in the mirror every morning and giving myself a complement!!

    @funshipfreddie, NEVER in the history SA has a declaration bought such joy to so many ………………………. Well, apart from that whole long awaited, rise of democracy thing of course!!! ♥️ 😂 ♥️ 😂 ♥️

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

    Day 25 UK West Yorkshire NFD Not posted for a bit but I’ve enjoyed reading the posts. Have a great day everyone wherever you may be 😀

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    I forgot it was a bank holiday as well. 😁🙄🙄

    Day 25 UK FD
    Aiming for a grand finish for May 💪
    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    Day 25, UK, (N)FD?

    I’m not sure if I will have an FD today or tomorrow. Just saying that makes me think its more likely to be tomorrow? 😂 For some reson I’m just feeling no will power today.

    Will check in again later and let you all know 🙂

    Wishing everyone a good day 🌞

    Day 25 Happy Memorial Day USA (Illinois) FD

    Kinda of a cool and cloudy day here, taking it easy, will make it a FD.

    @aussiejill – loved your report of music! “Fiddler” has some marvelous songs – I love it. I bet you meant SCHUMANN whose wife was Clara. She had been his piano teacher’s daughter, and much to the teacher’s chagrin, he married her. Schumann was quite the pianist who had to turn composer after he injured his hands over-exercising them. Interesting fellow –likely bipolar — he wrote some marvelous pieces I use all the time with my piano students.

    Joining today’s pocket list:
    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25- Atlanta, Ga- USA- NFD. Happy Monday!

    Day 25 – Switzerland – FD800

    Only had about 200cal until dinner, with 600cal left it disn‘t feel like a FD-dinner. Totally full now 😊

    Second FD will probably be Thursday. After that weekly weigh in…

    Keep care everybody

    Day 22 (#6 for me), UK, NFD
    Day 23 (#7), NFD
    Day 24 (#8), NFD
    Day 25 (#9), FD

    Had a good weekend, spending quality time with my hubby. Would have liked to fit an extra FD but wasn’t really feasible. Had a lovely yoga session yesterday, and for the first time I really paid attention to the breathing part of it, it was fabulous (usually I just go through it without thinking about matching movements to breathing).

    Good FD today, had 2 large bowls of strawberries (anyone else dreaming of cherry season already?) and for lunch had a boiled egg with veggies. Resisted the temptation of eating bread, cheese and cake which was readily available at work (proud of me!). Even managed to arrive home and have energy to bake some Nigella choc chip cookies for DH – as soon as they are cool they will all go in the cookie tin.

    Stay safe everyone xx

    Day 26, NFD, Aus

    I had to double check the date. How did it get to be the 26th already?!

    Good FD yesterday but no feeling of post smugness for some reason. Maybe that’s a good thing as it could indicate I’m getting back in the zone?

    I’m supposed to be doing one of those online Teams meetings this morning but can’t get the app to work as it should. Off to throw the computer out the window. Bye!

    Day 25 Ohio, US — FD
    Day 24 — NFD

    Two good days, although I’m a little fatigued at the moment. The source of the fatigue could be the weather and not the fasting. This weekend we went from about 55 F (12 C) to 88 F (31 C). Usually there are several weeks of intermediate temperatures and the transition is easy. This going from March to July in just a couple of days may have thrown the system off. In any case it will be an early bedtime tonight.

    And to round off the Pocket list:

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍇

    Day 26 Australia NFD
    @songbirdme thank you for correcting my mistake Yes Clara and Robert Schumann were the composers I meant to write. Anyway, it’s on Melbourne Digital Concert Hall thisFriday. Amir is rehearsing as I type this. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for the additional info re The Schumanns!.
    How wonderful to hear that you are a piano teacher.

    Today is a sunny day here, it had a very foggy start. With climate change we don’t see fog often here, something I loved as a child.
    I’m trying hard to keep myself away from thinking about food, so far so good. Yesterday’s fast day went well! I am thinking of throwing in an additional ‘unofficial’ FD day tomorrow.
    I do love the quotes I especially love pretty well anything by C.S.Lewis!

    Day 26 -Ireland – FD
    I hope all of those who had a BH had a nice day..,if you remembered which day it was😉

    I was soo tired yesterday but got out for a hike with a friend and had a lovely afternoon…we had made the plan last week and I didn’t want to bail but I’m so glad I didn’t. Our 5km radius has lots on offer so a bit of sea, cliffs, hill, forest and beach with a yummy cappuccino along the way…

    @flourbaby, right back at you 💪 keep looking in that mirror and championing you!! we are on track 💪 and @brightonbelle your determination is catching 👏

    My time with my parents is so precious and I’m just grateful that we have clearance to care for them along with their fantastic careers who are there on weekdays. Dad was diagnosed as terminally ill last September so we really do count our blessings every day… he is just such a strong determined man ♥️. It can be tiring and challenging but as I’ve always said, I know there will come a time where I’d give anything to have five minutes with them so… while I can 😊💕… of course as soon as I’ve left the house mum forgets that I was there… you have to laugh and we see the funny side a lot.

    Georgia83 I love fresh cherries 🍒 BUT they make my mouth itch… very sad!! I do still eat them if I really fancy them but not as often as I’d like…

    I think we’ll have a few Monday FD switchers today like me…
    Go on Go on Go on… you know you want to..😀

    Pocket list day 26

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Off work today as we have got appointments with the optician at last. DH has needed to get his eyes tested since his scary incident in March when he went blind for a time! Then lockdown happened and opticians were not deemed necessary!

    Finally opened last week, so we got appointments today. I decided I may as well get my eyes checked too and treat myself to updated eyewear and sunglasses, seeing as we can’t go proper clothes and accessory shopping yet!!

    Have to wear face coverings etc so will be interesting experience.

    FD tomorrow for sure.

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Phew?! Always relieved when the Monday FD is out of the way. And NFDs are getting easier to navigate. Almost a year into maintenance, & it’s finally dawning on me that I just can’t ever get complacent if I want to remain a healthy weight. There are just too many temptations all around us. I was watching an episode of ‘Law & Order SVU’ last night, & virtually salivating as Liv Benson & co tucked into a box of donuts!😳

    Have a good one, Tuesday fasters! 🥇

    Day 26 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Things seem to just get busier? Don’t know why or how, yesterday was a blur! This morning it’s got to 10am and had my coffee, sorting car services etc out and ‘domestic paperwork’ etc, so time for a walk

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 26

    Day 26 London. NFD

    FD went fine yesterday. When I started this WOL, I was at the beginning of a two year abstention from alcohol, as wine consumption had got a bit (!) out of control. Now I don’t drink wine any more, but I like beer and I’m really struggling with losing weight. What a surprise. So, new policy. Drink Friday, Saturday and Sunday and dry the rest of the week. It’s so obvious, yet for some reason I try to ignore it. And, I have to say, the days I don’t drink, I always wake up feeling really cheerful the next day. Why am I such a slow learner….

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a really good FD yesterday. Finished up leftover Chinese (broccoli & shrimp that had lots of bamboo shoots) and just a small amount of rice. It was a good FD.

    Your music sounds delightful, @aussiejill — I would have loved having a concert pianist rehearse here!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Out to soak up some rays and read a book See ya tomorrow ☀️

    Day 27 Melb Aust FD (it’s only 1:30 a.m., so I’m up late on the evening of the 26th, so most everyone will still be in Day 26 mode 🙂 ).
    Day 26 TDEE
    Day 25 FD

    Doing okay, and keeping that miniscule amount under the BMI of 30. Hope to push down a little further this week.

    @i hate lettuce, yes, I do tend to end with one NFD day per week. It’s never intended, as I aim for TDEE days on both Saturday and Sunday, but somehow Sunday seems to slip away from me.

    Can’t remember who posted it, but re clothes, I’m also finding that some clothes that are either unworn or hardly worn are already too big. What to do? It seems pessimistic to keep them, but hate giving yet more away. Over this journey I’ve already donated probably 50+ articles of clothing, so at least some folk are benefiting.

    @aussiejill, I guess I misunderstood something you posted. There’s no pressure on you to host July, it’s usually a decision someone makes towards the end of June. See how you may be feeling by then, and only put your hand up if you want to.

    For the spreadsheet, we’re fortunate to have a few computer literate experts who are very willing to help out by setting it up. I hosted one month last year, and someone ?@AT set it up for me. And the acronyms – I just cut and pasted from the previous month, so really cheated with them, too.

    It’s great to read of so many posting about easing of restrictions and the regaining of a little normality. Bit of a concern when people go too far – being allowed to do something doesn’t mean unwise open slather like crowded beaches and poor social distancing, but nice to be allowed to do a bit more.

    Five days left, so down we go!!!

    USA Day 26 FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list day 26

    Day 26, UK NFD

    Not checked in for a while. It was my DH birthday last week, a significant one😄. So we spent a couple of days celebrating- there was wine, there was fish n chips at the seaside and ice cream. A very artistic friend had made him a cake she’d decorated with a model of him made out of chocolate. It was lush.

    Yesterday we both got on the scales, he has put 8lbs on in lockdown and I was 4 lbs over my weight last week, so the 2 lb loss the week before was completely wiped out. Anyhow back on it now. Yesterday was a good FD, under 500 cals. According to MFP I will end today under 1200 calories. Tomorrow is a FD. Getting back to work has helped me remain focussed.

    @aussiejill, the music sounds wonderful.

    Keep safe everyone.

    Day 26- Atlanta, GA- USA- FD

    Day 26 (#10 for me), UK, NFD, 68.5kg

    Had a good day today, super busy at work and ended up walking over 12,000 steps. Had a wholemeal flatbread with cheese in the morning, smoked salmon and bean salad for lunch and strawberries. Dinner was salad with avocado and a slice of cheesy pizza. Feeling pretty stuffed and ready for FD tomorrow!

    On a different note, I do feel sometimes that lockdown has tampered with my social skills, I notice I am not as comfortable with visitors as I used to be, and been saying a lot of incoherent things too. I used to be able to connect with people better. Maybe it’s the masks, or fear of getting too close and offend someone, or the social distance – I’m already hard of hearing, now I am deaf to everything.

    Stay safe everyone x

    I am here to try avoid the call of some whole almond milk chocolate 🍫 I was gifted. I was about to cave and popped into MFP to see how much damage one square would do…it’s about 100 cals but I know I wouldn’t stop at one…. arrrgh ….

    A little pocket list today but with mighty powers 💪. I’m going to stay focused

    Pocket list day 26

    Day 27, NFD, Aus

    Had a good controlled day yesterday as I followed along with OH’s keto meals. I got the mid-afternoon munchies and went to raid the cupboard as I knew we had chocolate in there. A Cherry Ripe caught my eye (Georgia83 – these are delicious! wrapped in dark chocolate) but I flipped the pack over to read the calories. Of course, in Aus, it’s all in kj but I like the sticker shock of seeing a small chocolate bar equal a 4-figure energy rating. I don’t bother doing the conversion. Instead, I told myself it was not worth 1040 calories! Chocolate went back into the cupboard for another day.

    @emma Taylor – I’ll be your dry til Fri buddy. I love my wine, but supping through the week (which I can do easily) really racks up the calories. I KNOW I sleep better too but all this knowing doesn’t seem to override the body habit of reaching for the bottle each evening. Instead of a pocket list, maybe we can have a prohibition list!

    And because it’s Wednesday, I keep meaning to ask you @funshipfreddie, if retirees really still think of this as a hump day? How do you mark off the end of your “working” week?

    @penz – that’s great. Thanks. I’ll be your dry till Fri buddy. I need all the support I can get…..

    Day 27 Australia NFD

    Mindful eating day. Started with porridge and coffee. It’s a dull weather day here and very chilly.
    I’m spending time catching up on household tasks, then maybe a bit of drawing.

    My daughter is baking cakes regularly now we can have guests. Willpower, I can’t remember the last time I used that word. Well I certainly do need to exercise that!!! Hummingbird cake…..mmmmm

    @betsylee your encouragement is all good. (I actually need a nudge at times, so the idea is not a bad one)
    What is our slogan Onward and Downward!

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