May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 21 FD UK

    Hi Everyone

    I had a good CFD yesterday @ around 800. Today I’m aiming for sub 500. Miso for lunch. Chicken salad for later. Water and low calorie hot drinks in between.

    Take care, stay safe.

    Day 21 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Joining the pocket list.
    Needed a boost so did my measurements, thankfully all heading in the right direction. They are also slightly lower than when I was this weight before. 🙂
    Pocket List day 21

    Day 21, London, UK, CD

    I’m aiming for a CD today to match yesterdays’ CD. The weather and the toothache are conspiring to reduce my hunger (or just my ability to eat!!)

    WFH yesterday in the local park, there may have been a snooze or two involved, but I did get SOME work completed!!!

    I hope the following link works/is allowed …………… how times have changed, I love the quote from one man who says, “What are we supposed to do, walk?”

    Onward & downwards folks!!!

    Day 21 Melb Aust TDEE

    Yesterday’s FD went well, with the result that today I am officially overweight instead of obese – yes, I hit the elusive BMI of 30, yay!

    @michelinme & @emma Taylor, I was interested in your comments about odd foot eruptions – that’s been publicised here as an unusual manifestation of Covid-19 which just clears up spontaneously over time. Might be another strong hint that you’ve had the virus?

    @aussiejill, my suggestion is to just not tell your friends what you’re doing. If you’re socialising with them and they offer you food, simply refuse by saying that you don’t feel hungry, but thank you.

    Someone wrote about snacking on 100 cals several times through the day – I’m another that it just doesn’t work for. An alternative (as others have mentioned here in the past) is to sip on a mug of warm to hot water.

    @funshipfreddie, same with me, on FDs, no solid food until evening (if at all).

    Onward and downwards everyone, and stay safe.

    Day 21 UK FD

    Had to give myself a good talking to – struggled with some of my exercise yesterday due to the heat , but my struggles with heat is one of the prime reasons s I want to lose weight So dreaming of being a bit slimmer , fitting in all my clothes strolling through somewhere lovely and sunny when all this is over Onwards

    Pocket List day 21

    Day 21, UK, NFD

    I will move my FD for tomorrow since I had FD on Tuesday. I am trying to eat sensibly on my NFDs, and being somewhat successful 🙂
    At least my tooth ache is gone, hoping it stays that way 🤞

    @ccco nice to see you back posting, I was a bit worried about you 🙂

    I hope all of you lovely people have a great day 🌞

    Second post… need to be strong 💪
    Adding @judyjudes to the pocket list – we are in his together 💪


    Day 21 North Canton OH NFD

    My team’s project audit concluded yesterday and we passed! What a relief and an end to a very stressful 2 weeks. I have logged on many times over the last couple days and was just unable to complete my post.
    I seem to have settled into a pattern of doing really well during the week and indulging on the weekends. My indulgences aren’t that terrible (methinks); a couple slices of cake here, a couple glasses of wine there, combined with a giant cookie or two. I am not gaining weight, but this pattern appears to be keeping me from losing weight. I lose about 3 pounds every week and gain it back by the end of the weekend. I really would like to lose about 7 pounds but I still want to enjoy my indulgences on the weekend, so I have incorporated daily HIIT into my regimen and increased the duration and intensity of my strength training routine, hopefully this moves the needle for me, we will see 🤷‍♂️.
    @flourbaby and @shinything I hope the toothache resolves
    @betsylee congratulations!
    @saffy420 my condolences on the loss of your furbaby
    @daffodil2010 rant away. Today is my first day working in the office since we were asked to work from home, and while it is still a ghost town- I have to remind myself to be careful. It is easy to forget the precautions when you have been cooped up at home
    @dee22 and @i hate lettuce, that is always the best feeling when people notice your efforts.
    @jaifam there is a word for those people who want to push the boundaries in this pandemic; @daffodil2010 and @funshipfreddie mentioned it. I think it’s easier to be dismissive of the risks of this disease if you or someone you know has not experienced it, especially since there is now a political aspect to this pandemic.
    I hope you feel better soon @Emmataylor
    Have a lovely Thursday everyone

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Late checking in today! I slept from midnight until almost 10am. Then I had a two hour phone call from Las Vegas from an old friend/ex-colleague. I haven’t seen or spoken to him for about 7 years, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

    @louiselou02 – 3 x 800 cal FDs, sounds like a plan! Just find what works for you & stick with it. Michael Mosley’s ‘The Fast 800’ book suggests 800 cals per day for 2 – 12 weeks for those with a lot of weight to lose, before moving to 5:2 or 4:3 until you’ve reached your goal.

    @aussiejill – I seldom tell people I practise intermittent fasting. The people who criticize fasting usually fall into two groups; the people who know absolutely nothing about it, & still believe breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day’; and then there are those who’ve tried it, but just can’t manage it. So they tell themselves & everyone else that it must be unhealthy or dangerous. Fasting is not for the faint-hearted!

    @flourbaby – ?!! That is….I’m lost for words?!! So you were legally allowed to get behind the wheel after 22 pints before ’74?!! I think I would pass out & never regain consciousness after 10!

    @betsylee – way to go! 👍

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍇

    Day 21 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Logging in to keep going with today’s FD. Since lockdown a few more weekend treats are becoming the norm so I really need to make sure that I don’t skip a FD……and I will probably have to get a better grip on weekend NFDs.

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍇

    Together we are stronger 🙂

    USA Day 21 FD

    Jaifaim, thanks for remembering me. I’ve been out of sorts for a few days but I am back!

    Thought I had better add myself to the pocket list. I am very much in need of it! LOL

    Day 21 Pocket List

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍇

    Hope everyone is having a pleasant as possible day!

    Day 21 – UK – FD800 x 4

    After an overcast start to the day we ended up with beautiful blue skies, sunshine and warm weather – No rain!

    I started my day with a 7am Broga class with OH followed by a 9am Aerobic class – both with regular teachers.

    At lunchtime a couple of hours spent portioning of food, cooked and delivered to us from one our local schools, for collection by a team of volunteer drivers to deliver to those in need or who are isolating from our Parish centre – lots of washing up afterwards of the containers ready for collection for tomorrow’s lunch delivery – so lucky that there is lots of support from the local community for those inn need 🤗

    A gently 5 mile walk this afternoon – then home for a rest before cooking a nice healthy meal for OH and myself (OMAD for me today)
    Now my kitchen door is firmly closed except for a cup of tea a bit later and 🤞I will completed my 4th FD800 in a row – was aiming for 5th one tomorrow and still hoping to complete but will see how I feel??

    @beck100 – so glad that seeing your name on the pocket list helped 🤗
    @aussiejill – stay strong and ignore those that don’t understand all the benefits of this WOL – Do keep an eye on what you are eating on NFDs as a lot of us found that to be more difficult than FDs….
    @ccco – good to see you back

    Goodness me only 10 days left of this May Challenge – so plenty of time for a final push to make a difference before the end of the challenge – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍇
    @at – FD800 x 4

    “Remember your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you are feeding the right ones!”

    Day 21 (day 4 for me), UK, NFD

    Had a good day today, plenty to do at work but nothing too stressful. Everyone seemed to be pretty positive despite the odd circumstances. I have also discovered how great eating my packed lunch by the greenery outside is, the fresh air, the smell of the grass, hot sunshine on my face mmm. I used to just eat by my desk and it was a bit sad really. It’s a change I would like to stick to.

    Skipped breakfast (getting really good at it, there is loads of leftover yoghurt in my fridge lol, plus I no longer arrive late for work! Fasting has positive aspects where you least expect them) 🙂

    Lunch was a smoked salmon salad with a bit of cheese on the side, grapes and a chocolate treat. Mid afternoon snacked on overnight oats (oats, banana, yoghurt and pecans). Egg and veggie salad for dinner (no dressing).

    Was planning a FD tomorrow but having a BBQ now so won’t happen. However I will stay mindful and not overindulge.

    Look after yourselves everyone! X

    Day 21 – Switzerland – NFD

    Well, I already wrote a post this afternoon – unfortunately lost it 😡

    Anyway, made it through the rest of my FD yesterday (thanks again AT) – but woke up hungry this morning. Had to eat some yogurt before going on my morning run. Decided that today was a not controlled eating day, you would call it an EFS – well maybe not epic, but certainly enjoyed eating.

    @aussiejill, never mind the comments. I understand that it bothers you – I myself only ever told OH and my closest friends about my 5:2-ing. The good thing about it is you can arrange your social life around the FDs or the other way round. You don’t have to follow an eating plan all day every day 😊

    Day 21- FD – USA

    Reporting for duty late, I’m sorry. Did well again fasting all day with omelette for dinner sans butter and cheese. But what is beautiful is that… I can have butter and/or cheese tomorrow. That gets me through the day “What I can eat tomorrow.”

    Kitchen closed now. Out of sight, out of mind, indeed!

    USA Day 21 FD

    FD went south after I went grocery shopping this afternoon. Tomorrow will have to be a WFD. I really need to stop treating myself every time I do to the store. It doesn’t even make me feel better, only leaves regrets! Tomorrow is another day!

    AT, I like that little blurb you wrote. I will keep that in mind! 🙂

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    I so did not deserve to be on yesterday’s pocket list as my planned FD morphed into a relatively healthy salad for lunch, leftovers for dinner and wine. Sigh.

    For penance, unless someone else has offered, I’m happy to host June (as long as someone – @at? – can do the spreadsheet for me). Let me know!

    Day 21 usa Illinois (NFD)

    All is well with me.

    @aussiejill — the Aussie friend who got me into our WOL is in his vacation home south of Sydney – says is weather is getting bad too and heading home up to the Gold Coast in a few days. As you all get colder, we all in northern USA get warmer

    @jaifaim – educated people can make strange deductions as well. I have my PhD but am not always right about things! 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 Ohio, US — FD

    An excellent day for fasting and absolutely fabulous if you’re a duck! More rain today. I’ve found that in the last few weeks my daily schedule has been set by the breaks in the rain. So today, for example, I did manage to get forty minutes in, but distributed randomly so that I could dodge the rain drops. At least today there were breaks in the rain … So with the 25 minutes of yoga this morning, my exercise total comes to a little more than an hour for the day.

    @songbirdme It’s almost seems that it’s getting warmer is something to take on faith, like the Easter Bunny. After all, yesterday’s high temperature was the average low temperature for that date. The weather announcers say that in a couple of days it’s supposed to jump into summery weather. Right now I feel that’s like the mean grocer who put the sign, “Free ice cream tomorrow” in his store’s front window.

    @ccco One of the few benefits of this present time is that with Instacart I haven’t been shopping in person, so I haven’t been buying treats every time I go shopping. When I was shopping in the store, I almost never could resist picking up a fresh-baked cookie (or two, or three, etc.). I wonder if they have a special fan that blows fresh cookie aroma all over the store.

    Day 22 Australia NFD

    Possibly a controlled eating day….Is that a mindful eating day or do you use set calories?

    Well the weight is coming down It looks as though the pattern may be .5 of a kg or less per fortnight. we’re all different. I don’t want to get too excited as I am now on NFDays until next Monday so another week with 2 fast days will ‘set’ the new weight-well that’s what happened in 2018.

    How do you join the spreadsheet??? I can do it next month.

    Another dullish day. I am trying to move between sedentary activities and walking, vacuuming etc

    Our daughter who lives in Manhattan is still with us and faces so much uncertainty re travel, if she can return she may not have a job in a month, her type of work visa has special conditions re return. If she returns to NY and was able to come back to Australia she would have to go into a fortnights quarantine and possibly pay to stay in a ‘quarantine’ hotel here.This we need to explore.
    I really feel for her. I’m trying not to worry about this. My adult offspring have each been very impacted by covid 19 re employment. At least they are healthy and are all in Oz at present, that in itself remains a blessing!

    Best wishes for the next little while everyone.

    Day 22 – Japan – WFD #41

    @flourbaby – Like you I’m have a bit of trouble with my fasting now, I seem to be slightly out of sync or something. However I think my problem is a bit different than yours. It has been months since I had any changes in my pattern. I might need a change from time to time. So next Monday I probably won’t fast. I have nearly 50km of bicycle riding anyway so that is already around 1000 calories. At bit much on a water fast day. Maybe I’ll just not fast until next Friday, I haven’t decided.

    For a while my fasts were very easy. Now they aren’t so easy. It isn’t hard just a bit uncomfortable.

    day 22 – 2nd post

    I did a hard run for me, averaging under 6 minute kilometers. I used to laugh at people that ran as slow as I do now! (Over 4 decades ago) Anyway that seemed to really help shift my fast and I feel more normal now. Likely it pushed up my blood sugar levels. Maybe I need to push harder, but that is difficult when one has to work too.

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Was going for an FD but DH is not working tonight and it’s Friday so….park it till next Monday but be mindful during the days at the weekend…..and with DH at work that will mean I have more time for exercise and not eating!

    @flourbaby I laughed at your link, and thought it was a real thing at first…..then I saw the newspaper title…..Waterford Whispers News…….that’s a highly hilarious satirical site and they come out with the funniest things re the Irish life 😆

    So @funshipfreddie…no, our drink driving laws were never THAT liberal, though I do remember as a young girl my Dad and his mates saying they only had 5 pints so we’re grand to drive home. No way now!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone, I normally disappear from the forum but I promise to post for accountability ☺️

    Day 22 – Ireland – NFD
    Good morning everybody! It’s a wet and very windy one here but will head out for a walk shortly…
    I’m below my May target today but realise that I had got this low last year in September… how could I have forgotten this? MFP is great as you can track back …. although I think it would be great if it showed you your highest/lowest stats easily… Anyhow.. Very pleased my Coronawork is finally paying off … but… a tricky weekend ahead so no PFDS here…. I know how that can trip me up.. 🥴

    @beck100 – it’s great to see the power of the pocket list working for so many.. It just gives you that little bit more motivation to stick with it 💪

    @dykask yes – a FD and a 50k cycle don’t go well together – you need fuel and hydration – best to push your FD off to another day…

    Have a good day everyone!!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 21 – Lake District UK- NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    Weigh in day today, scales showing a 1 lb loss in the last week, another low! That’s 3 lb again this month, a total of 20 lbs lost this year, despite the odd plateau, the graph keeps heading downwards. No more trying to ‘improve’ this 5:2 WOL, I’m sticking to basics, it works!

    The downside is I’m wandering around with very baggy clothes, don’t want to go outside in a gale, if the wind got hold of some of these shirts I’d be off floating in the breeze! It’s going to be expensive when we can get out clothes shopping, my better half, well she’s shrinking and needs a new wardrobe as well!
    I really am enjoying feeling fitter and a lot lighter, still a long way to go, but slowly does it, my BMI is down to 32.9. This WOL is one I can manage, the occasional wine or two, foody treats as well, 2 FD’s are easy, even have an additional unplanned extra one now and again.

    One day off a week, but don’t go completely off the rails, then just discipline for the remainder of the week. Lots of walking and gardening also helps, certainly since I’ve sorted the Fitbit and MFP App, makes it easy to count the calories as well.

    @betsylee – congratulations on reaching your 30 ! That is my main objective, to get my BMI below 30, but it will be a while yet.

    @ccco & @matpi – the benefit of home delivery. No temptations as you wander round the store! However, bread making for me this morning, that is always a ‘tempter’ !

    Take care all

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @aussiejill – a controlled fast day, ie ‘CFD’ or ‘CD’ is 1200 calories; as per the list of abbreviations on page 1.

    @daffodil2010 – duh? And I believed it?! That old newspaper clip was very convincing! 🤓

    @i-hate-lettuce – 20lbs down already this year?! Well done!! 🥇 Bread-making, I wouldn’t dare. I live about a km from a huge bakery; just driving past there is sheer torture 😳

    Pocket List – Day 22 🥕
    @dykask WFD

    Day 22 UK FD

    Can’t remember who I was talking to about a whoosh, but it turns out, I’ve had one, somewhat unexpectedly!

    I’m down to my lowest weight now, 63.4kg, meaning I’m .4kg away from this month’s goal. All hope is not lost (contrary to what I had begun to think…)! I’m very pleased and very motivated to keep my NFDs enjoyable yet calm.

    Hope everyone is doing well x

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Had a good week so far so hoping to be able to not relax too much , the weekend starts at 5pm

    Day 22, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD, perhaps a CD, we’ll see. My tooth is still painful, my dentist wants me to finish the antibiotics today and call back in 3-4 days!!! I’m sure it’s an abscess so maybe I should just call an emergency dentist if mine continues to drag her feet …………………. At the expense of my own pain & suffering 😡!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, @daffodil2010 has let the cat out of the bag, but to be honest 99% of people I know believed it!!!! 😂 I mean, it could have been true!!!!………………..…… I could easily hear my friends’ OH in Kildare asking “What do they expect us to do, walk?”!!!

    @dykask, you know your body’s responses to change or exercise or different foods soooo well!! I’m envious because I tend to change things as soon as things go off track, rather than plough through the plateau or whatever!! That’s why I’m glad to going back to basic 5:2 HOWEVER slow the weight loss!!! I’m with you @i-hate-lettuce!!

    @funshipfreddie, loved the picture of your “Drive By Sniffing” regarding the bakery!!! I’m surprised they don’t make a ‘fresh bread’ perfume or aftershave!!!

    @endellion, it’s a real thing, I just wish I had the precise formula for triggering one, mine usually (but not always) involves lots & lots of water!!!

    I think I’ll give myself a break and enjoy (as much as my tooth allows) this weekend, then Monday & Thursday FDs next week …………………. Simple!!!

    “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

    Day 22 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Good FD yesterday, Zoom book club in the evening and no wine. Happy with myself. I think the measurements spurred me on to not break my dry till Fri rule.
    Pleased to say the scales also reflected a small loss too, (300g). I now need to be in the mind set not to sabotage over the weekend.
    Had my first run since I pulled something in my hip. Managed 4km, not the fastest ever but I’m pleased I didn’t lose too much stamina in the meantime. Will take it easy the rest of the day, with some late afternoon yoga. I tend to do yoga when the 6pm news is on so I don’t have to watch it. Then DH just gives me the highlights. I find that a lot less stressful.
    @betsylee – congratulations on your 30 mark
    @ FlourBaby – interesting article re whoosh effect. Sounds like @ihatelettuce’s plan of having one cheat day a week supports that theory
    Re CD days I find 1200 cals too much for me. I tend to try to stay at around 1100, which is my BMR. Then other days I stay within 1540 cals which is my TDEE. This week I have managed two FDs at 550-600, one CD at 1130 cals .
    Here’s to a successful weekend and final week of the challenge.
    The only way is down.

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Keeping at maintenance. Doing our best to do spring things around the house, including getting our little backyard pool open. Boy, is the water going in from the hose cold, though! It will take a while, even with our gas heater, to have it warm enough for swimming.

    @matpi – you are so right about our weather. Our climate is much like Wisconsin in our corner of Illinois, so we just look at the calendar and remind ourselves that June is supposed to be warmer than March. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Ahh thanks for the encouragement @funshipfreddie. Today has been the first day since starting where it felt easy and like I can sustain this long term so body is adjusting I think.

    Congratulations @betsylee for reaching BMI of 30. I’ve done from a healthyish BMI of about 27 to a BMI of 35 in a few years so I appreciate how nice that must feel to reach 30.

    USA Day 22 WFD

    So far so good! Day is half over and I am beginning to feel a little hungry but I am working on persevering! Flourbab!y, I read your whoosh article. I do believe in the whoosh effect, although I have never had one. Maybe one day

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 22, UK, FD

    A good FD so far 👍 , I’ll do my best to keep it that way.

    @flourbaby sorry to hear you are still having a tooth ache, that’s really horrible, its been going on for a long time. If antibiotics haven’t helped by now its not likely they will? I’m no expert but I’d call emergency dentist. I hope you sort it out soon 🤗

    Pocket list:
    @dykask WFD
    @ccco WFD

    Lets go fasters 💪

    Day 22 – UK – FD800 x 5

    Struggled today to stick to this last FD800 of the week but kept telling myself that it’s good to complete the goal that I had set myself and tomorrow I can eat to TDEE and enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner too – cannot say that I really feel hungry but OH seems to be eating for two today 🤣🤣🤣 and the temptation to just give up was strong……….

    Did a lovely yoga class this morning – stretching and relaxation with a 20min Yoga Nidra at the end 🙏

    Funny weather here today – started off grey and overcasts with some sunshine early afternoon for a short period, lots of gusts of wind but not really cold and no rain.

    @penz – good on you for volunteering to host the June Challenge and yes I will be happy to set up the spreadsheet 👍
    @flourbaby – sorry to hear that your tooth ache is not settling

    Pocket list for Day 22
    @dykask – WFD
    @louiselou02 ??
    @ccco – WFD

    “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up ends up being the biggest step of your life”

    USA Day 22 WFD

    So far so good but getting a little tired and hungry but I believe I can do this. I don’t know who put me on the pocket list (I am thinking Shinything) but thank you. I need it today! 🙂 I am not going to exercise today but I think it will be too much with the water fast but I wish I could take a walk. Unfortunately, more rain and too chilly! It will be like this until Monday! Tomorrow I will exercise indoors again when I eat! Hope everyone’s fast is going well!

    Day 22 (#5 for me), UK, NFD

    Hi everyone.

    BBQ day today despite grey weather to start with. Skipped breakfast as I knew I was going to need those calories saved for later. I’m actually going to bore you all with what I ate, here it goes:
    1 wholemeal bun
    2 slices of monterey jack cheese
    1 beef burger
    2 pork sausages
    1 tablespoon of coleslaw
    4 tomato slices
    1 big squirt of bbq sauce
    1 large glass of orange juice
    1 small glass of bubbly
    1 Cornetto for dessert

    Tried to be mindful about what I was eating but I still ended up scoffing down around 1500 cals – so so easy to go overboard when there is booze and mixed meats on the bbq, I honestly could have eaten much more, it was all delicious.
    Still feeling pretty stuffed atm so I am sticking to water and tea for the rest of the day.

    Monday is my next FD, staying mindful over the weekend. Stay strong everyone!

    Day 23 CFD 800c UK

    Good Morning/Evening Everyone

    I had a good FD on 21st, closing at 550. Yesterday was 1100 cals. As I have a low TDEE a regular day for me rarely exceeds 1100; if i consumed more I gain.

    I’m down another 1lb so that makes a total of 2lb loss for this week, which I’m pleased with.

    Wishing you all a great weekend.

    Take care, stay safe.

    Well done on your loss @judyjudes
    I also had a good FD yesterday, stayed within 800 cals which was my goal. And have dropped about half a pound.
    Need to try and not overdo it on NFD today as that tends to be my downfall. As long as I dont have snacks in the house I’m usually ok.

    Day 23 – Lake District UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    I just love this WOL ….. really got it working for me, yes taken me several months to get myself properly sorted and now I’m into the routine, the scales, my clothes (and people) are telling me, I’m looking and feeling good and a lot healthier than in years!

    My way of working allows me a day off, not face down in the trough with a vat of wine available though, the ‘Inner Warthog’ I think has been tamed (but I’m not taking my eyes off him!)

    Yesterdays weigh in was another drop on the scales, but time for a real treat …..
    We are very lucky to have a very good 2 Michelin Star restaurant not far from us, Simon Rogan’s L’Enclume. Incredible reputation, very popular, at the moment due to C-19, closed.
    But to keep his staff employed and to pay back a little to the community, they have been offering ‘Food for Home’. Although frozen, it just needs defrosting and reheating properly, what profit they do make is going towards helping those struggling, which is excellent.

    Yesterday evening we sat down to a rather splendid meal, Lakeland Venison Stew with seasonal vegetables for me, Red lentil Dahl, cauliflower, courgette and spinach for Mrs I-H-L. Together with a rather nice bottle of wine, we were tempted to do the whole dressed up bit but were slightly knackered from the very long walk that morning.
    So at chez I-H-L we sat down to a Michelin Star quality meal, the flavours were stunning, the wine excellent, don’t think the service was quite up to their standard but we had fun. As I said at the start … I just love this WOL

    Take care all

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning. Posting for weekend accountability. I have had my early walk (the wind out there is something else though), I have completed a Leslie Sansone workout, and I plan a longer one this afternoon.

    I have to head into the nearest big town and go to the chemist for essential supplies, medicinal and make up 😄, however I am nervous as I have not been to town or any shop apart from my local village shop… over 10 weeks 😨 But needs must.
    Not sure if I should go now, early, or wait until later. Best just get it over and done with.

    It is an essential journey so I feel strange feeling nervous…..oh how our lives have changed.

    Day 23 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Had my splurge day yesterday so the remainder of the weekend needs to be controlled.

    Zoom yoga followed by gardening. Popping up to collect some veg plants from a good friend, cucumber and courgette. Don’t normally grow vegetables so this will be a learning curve.
    At garden centre yesterday we bought a couple more plants to fill in some gaps, so that will keep me busy.
    Planned a steak and veg tonight to keep the calories low.
    Very windy here too.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Day 23 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast went well enough. Since the park equipment is off limits now, I’ve been doing a lot more pushups again. I’m about to about 70% of peak but it is increasing quickly. Pushups aren’t fun but they do stress the back, shoulders and chest pretty well.

    As far as 5:2 goes I’m more in maintenance than a weight loss mode. I don’t mind losing more, but if I only lose a kg or two a year that is fine. The other day I was carrying 12 litters of drinks. 12kg is less than 50% of the weight I lost and I couldn’t believe how heavy it felt. Kind of shocking.

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Just checking in. This weekend will be the first time I’ve done three NFDs in a row for ages, so it feels a bit reckless. I’ve gone back to my, ‘If you don’t log it, you don’t scoff it’ mantra. So far so good, & I didn’t even touch my dwindling alcohol stash last night!

    @daffodil2010 – I hope your venture to town wasn’t too stressful? I’ve bought only groceries for the last couple of months. And I have the luxury of being able to go mid-week when it’s quieter. It certainly makes me appreciate our essential workers, having to wear masks every day for their entire shifts. They’re very strict where I live though; you won’t even get into a mall without a mask & a squirt of hand sanitizer; & then every store you go into ensures you use hand sanitizer too.

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 23, FD. Checking in today; nice sunny morning after quite a lot of rain yesterday here in Northern Virginia. Lots of little gardening tasks to do, so will get some exercise that way. So far this month have lost 2 kg, so it is a good start, and encouraging. I really have to restrict carbs in order to lose weight consistently; and I love to bake and eat all carbs! Reading about everyone’s struggles and successes is so encouraging.
    Take care, all. And poor @flourbaby, I hope that tooth is soon better. Your dentist is certainly not in a hurry to take care of it!

    Day 23 UK NFD

    I haven’t even been out of the house for around the same period @daffodil2010 but now I’m considering so understand your anxiety Hope it went well

    @i-hate-lettuce that meal sounds lovely – what a good scheme

    Have a good weekend ,for us I’m the U.K. it’s a bank holiday on Monday but that’s pretty pointless at the mo

    Day 23 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Going to do a 16:8 today. There is a ‘drive-by’ baby shower this noon (advertised to be giving out cupcakes…) then having Chinese take-out for supper this evening. Can’t exactly fast with this. Will fast on Monday.

    @betsylee — congrats on your milestone! It’s always so good to see progress.

    @penz — thank you for agreeing to take on June. I love seeing this forum with old friends and new each month.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 23 NFD

    Both my WFD and my NFD went well. Tomorrow will be another WFD. Hope everyone had a pleasant day!

    Day 23 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 22 — NFD

    The scales were well-behaved yesterday and registered a 1.5 lb (.7 kg) loss. So perhaps I’m off the plateau?! However that puts me back to where I was in February. March saw some weight gain that is only now dissolving away.

    I came across an interesting article about why for some people who do IF weight loss tends to be slow. Here’s the URL:

    A one sentence summary might be (Spoiler Alert!!!): The body loves homeostasis.

    @songbirdme Jane Addams was also from a part of Illinois near Wisconsin. That part of the country produces some really nifty people!

    @excelsior12309 I admire your gardening get up and go! Apparently I have a conditioned aversion to gardening. When I was a teenager and got angry, my mother sent me out to do some yardwork or work in the garden with the idea that I could work off the emotional steam. The unintended consequence is that now whenever I do yardwork or gardening, I get angry.

    Day 24 Melb Aust TDEE
    Day 23 TDEE
    Day 22 FD

    Doing okay, consolidated the “3)” goal by a further 0.2 kg down, which was nice. But I tend to be like @i Hate lettuce, and have that one day a week which is a NFD rather than a TDEE day (usually Sunday) so I’ll have a FD Monday to repair the damage, then FDs Wednesday and Friday to try to lose a little more by the end of the month. Thank you for those who posted kind words.

    @penz, great that you’ve volunteered for June.
    I think @aussiejill also put her hand up (a few posts later) – maybe she could do July??
    @aussiejill, would you be interested in doing that? Joining the spreadsheet is easy by the way, just add a line and write your name in.

    @flourbaby, hope you get treatment for your tooth SOON!

    @daffodil2010, how did your town visit go? There was an interesting item on one of our current affairs programs a week or so ago – they were calling it FOGO (fear of going out), arising as a consequence of the coronavirus.

    Thanks for the article posted re the “whoosh” effect. It may explain why, a couple of weeks ago, I’d lost nothing after a FD, then after my TDEE the next day, I dropped a kilo. Don’t much care why it happens, really, just pleased that it does, but interesting to read a possible explanation.

    So many postings since I was last here – good to see @ccco and @at back – can’t comment on them all, but – we have one week left, let’s go for it and finish May on a high note (except for those of us who may not be great in the vocal area 🙂 ).

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