March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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  • Day 30, Germany, NFD
    So much on my to do list today, so just a quick post… 🙋🏼‍♀️

    Day 30, London, UK, NFD

    A very quick check-in this morning, I’ll try to catch-up on posts later today.

    Have a good weekend everyone!!

    Day 30 – Manchester, England – NFD

    Long post alert!

    Yesterday’s day out with a friend for her birthday was lots of fun. The weather was glorious here! I hope you’re having good weather wherever you are. And the scales continue to be kind today. It’s amazing to know that I can relax very well at the weekend, but by putting in an extra careful/CD/FD in the week, that doesn’t affect things. I think I really love this WoL. I just hope things continue as they are currently.

    @russetfox – a walking pub crawl sounds like just the kind of activity that me and my hubby would love! I hope you had a lovely day. Well done on the loss too.

    @snowflake56 – thanks so much for hosting this month and your kind words about my -4lbs – yey 😃. Your care, motivation and support have been invaluable. And of course, thanks @ciren2 for volunteering for the job for April. I’m excited to be a part of this!

    I love the ‘smiling is infectious quote’, but I’m pretty sure the original author is the wonderful Spike Milligan. (I’m an academic and I have to teach my students to make sure they reference the correct original author! 😂) It’s a full poem of his and it’s really great. Check it out if you have a moment. He also has “I told you I was ill.” on his gravestone which I think is brilliant!

    Well done @debster251 – those of you who have been doing this for a while and are in maintenance are sooooo inspirational!

    @dykask and @flourbaby – I completely know what you mean about that empty feeling. I never thought before that I would actually come to enjoy it, but I really do. And I get the being in control thing too totally!

    @missybear – I know that you’re still trying to lose a few lbs, but it sounds like you’re in such a great place anyway being at your lowest adult weight. Again, this is totally inspirational to me!

    OMG @debster251 – hahaha the news about your bra is amazing! Really made me chuckle too 😂 Is ‘congratulations’ the right work??!! 😂

    We are at the end of the month. Well done everyone for being here. It doesn’t really matter what the losses/gains are. The fact that we are still here is testament to us being committed to being healthier and better selves. So well done! 😘

    @aglowworm- if I am still breathing at dinner time you can give me a high five!

    @debster251 I’m going to give you one right now 🙋 just in case you don’t make it! 😂

    Please can someone tell me how the colours work on the spreadsheet? Thank you 😃

    Day 30 Wales FD

    Last fast day for March, where did the month go??

    @snowflake thank you, I know the weight loss will get harder, but enjoying this speedy bit 🙂
    @aglowworm was a beautiful day for walking yesterday, did 15miles with hubby and woofit, but I never learn to be more restrained with the alcohol 🙁

    Pocket list day 30, in union there is strength!

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday was one of those crazy eating days – probably overate too late, but I was just so hungry. Crazy.

    @aglowworm – I also don’t really know about the colors on the spreadsheet. At one time the only color was us on maintenance, but the rest I don’t know.

    Working my shift at the museum this morning. We had 150 the first hour yesterday! So many wonderful comments from people in our area.

    Onward and downward.

    Here’s our new museum website — I’m in the Cubs shirt on the board of directors:

    I FINALLY had a good FD. Just a bit of bone broth and one of those ginger and apple shots from Pret. I’m going to try to extend it as long as possible today. You forget how nice it feels to feel empty. And hunger sort of goes away.
    Have a good day all. London is lovely today. H

    @songbirdme! A face to a name. Lovely photo. H

    Day 30. California. NFD

    Decided I will weigh myself tomorrow and go with that although it’s unlikely I’ll reach my goal although I will only miss it by 1.5 pounds. On a plus note I’m fitting into a lot of my ‘small’ clothes so that’s a plus!

    2nd post

    Lovely picture @songbirdme

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Nearly another month gone by, still flailing in the dust behind the wagon!
    More boxes of flowers and mothers’ day cards in my delivery today, but not too heavy overall. Got home in time to take our little dog for her first hair-cut of the year, I hope she forgives me for leaving her at the groomer’s when she thought she was going out for a walk in the park!

    USA Day 30 FD 800

    SongBirdMe, I love it when I can put a face to someone on here! Nice photo and the museum looks lovely. I am sure the children will have a wonderful time there!

    I see that ladies in the UK can still get bras fitted for them, Here in the U.S. that is hard to find, so must of us wind up with ill fitting bras from the department store! LOL

    Anyway, adding myself to the pocket list. It is amazing how fast the months go by but at least it’s Spring now!

    Day 30 Pocket List

    @ccco FD800

    Have a great day, everyone!

    2nd post

    @aglowworm thanks for correcting the name of the author of the poem. I guess you’re wondering about the handles in red or black. In black are the handles from the ones that signed in, in red the handles from the ones that haven’t signed in yet. Doing it this way is easier for me, I’m going to take out the names from the ones that don’t sign in. The other colors used should be clear, maintenance in bright green, FDs in light blue, weekend days in yellow. I hope this makes sense.

    Day 30 – USA – FD800

    I spent Thursday and Friday off program celebrating with hubby so no counting or limits those days. We had a wonderful time doing a ton of different things, and a highlight was attending my first heavy metal concert. I even said yes to black leather pants for the occasion. Hubs was thrilled and thought I looked “hot.” 😀 This was a stretch for me, as I prefer Classical music and usually dress pretty conservatively. I have apparently turned a corner in my openness to trying new things and in my comfort level with my body. Anyone else finding the same?

    Today, I’m back ‘in the saddle’ planning on going with an 800 cal day max. I’m going heavy on water fruits and vegetables to detoxify a bit from all the sugar, animal fat and alcohol of the past few days. I feel a bit “toxic.”

    Tomorrow, I’m doing a 0 cal water fast to end the month. Feel free to join!

    Gratitude for to everyone who participated in this challenge this month – we have great support here!

    Adding myself to the list of fasters today – we are a tribe of 4 strong!

    Day 30 Pocket List

    @ccco FD800

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Almost finished packing. Soon printing out boarding passes. Might not have time to check in tomorrow so I would like to report today that I managed to get to the lower part of maintenance. Wiggle room for traveling.I will do 16:8 most of my time in Austria. 😊😊😊

    @snowflake56: Yes, snow and freezing is possible until May. Planting (my tomatoes, hot peppers) is safe from May 15th on. Thank you very much for hosting our March challenge @snowflake56. You were a wonderful leader.💐

    @debster251: Glad you liked my description of the outgoing March in my neck of the woods.😊😂🤣

    @flourbaby: Can do MRI in the tube only with sedation. The claustrophobia is too much for me.😊

    @ciren2: Thank you for hosting April. I might check in once in a while but will be returning to our May challenge around Mid May.😊😊😊

    Congratulations to all for another month of this great WOL.

    Have a good weekend and a great April everyone! See you all in May! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 30 London UK, FD800

    I’ve filled in the spreadsheet – tomorrow is an NFD, so will take today as the end of the ‘fasting’ part of the month. I beat my target. 🙂

    Today has been a buying food and cooking sort of day – preparing food for the freezer. Lunchbox bars for snatching quickly, the ‘Spicy Spinach and Lentil Dahl’ from the recipe book. If I’ve time, I intend to also try cooking the Red Pepper and Butternut Squash soup. 🙂

    Thank you @snowflake56 for hosting this month (glad your BP is back to normal and no longer seems to need meds), and thank you @ciren2 for agreeing to host the April Challenge. I’ll trot over there and sign up once I’ve finished this post.

    @hieiren – hope you’re feeling better now. Blacking out is definitely not a laughing matter – I think here in the UK we’d have been phoning the ambulance.

    @michelinme – congrats for managing to stay vegan on a weekend away. That’s better than I did – I didn’t even try to keep fasting during a weekend away.

    @aglowworm – congrats on hitting your target. And @russetfox, congrats to you as well! Walking pub crawl, hmmm?

    @EmmaTaylor – yay for the good FD and may there be many more.

    @fiftyandfabulous – the heavy metal concert sounds great. As does hubby thinking you’re hot 😀

    @redrockgirl302 – enjoy Austria, and see you in May.

    Day 30 UK NFD

    A better day, tho still knackered! Managed to make mostly good choices again so hoping there won’t be too much of a reckoning when i get home on Tuesday.

    I’m so lucky that my friend is following Slimming World and they usually eat tons of fruit & veg anyway. While i’m here they are both eating vegan along with me, except when we go out. And the hubband today said they’d definitely eat some of the same things again bc really tasty – result!!!

    SO i’ve had a banana and apple mid morning, salad with 4 tortelloni at lunchtime & an apple while I was out. For supper I had cauliflower, 4 teeny new potatoes, peas and mushrooms with a huge salad on the side, plus tiny portion of vegan mac n cheese. Then a vegan magnum (who knew they did such a Thing?!!).

    Off to bed – clocks go forward tomorrow and need to be up with the Vicar! I won’t be able to weigh in with monthe end until I get home on Tuesday but suspect I’ll have put on weight while away, not least bc no FD… but hopefully EOEO 🙂

    Hope all’s well here. Sorry to skim posts and run… it’s hard when staying with others… less time to myself, obvs! But If you’ve lost weight this month – well done for persevering. And If you’ve not lost weight this month- well done for persevering! This is a WOL which will lead to success… it’s flexible and will pay dividends in so many areas of life. Keep on keeping on – you are worth it x

    SO many thanks to @snowflake for your wonderful, brave hosting this month. You have been a star! And hope you get to the bottom of what is wrong v soon xx

    Day 30- Ohio nfd

    Sorry about last one. Joys of rushing and wanting to edit things. I’m certain it was from not enough sleep because of family over anything else. My boyfriend agrees on that since he pointed out how little I’ve been getting. He’s seen me do this since we met. My oldest took the phone from me so nobody could wake me before work after I did it. I do have a note on my health record of both vertigo and other unexplained fainting. But, feeling somewhat better with more sleep. Mother is currently getting her second colonoscopy since she is the same. It’s all waiting games now I guess. Update: next is camera to find bleeding source.

    Just got to spend cuddle time with the “baby girls” aka guinea pig herd. The girls normally dump them on me or their brother when their cage is getting cleaned. They like burrowing under blankets and running around. I ended up feeding them their evening veggies. Now they are in their loft together.

    It’s grilled cheese and tomato soup night here. And I’m definitely celebrating hitting just under 150 at end of month with this meal! Perfect for rainy day and night. May even add an active bit of game night.

    @fiftyandfabulous Cool over the husband finding you hot! Which band did you see? I seem to remember a study where they said that similar brain areas were stimulated when listening to both Classical and Metal.

    Day 31, Japan, NFD

    Yesterday turned out to be a feast! Very lovely family gathering tho… Sometimes needed. That lead to me missing the target by 0.1kg but seems that everyone count their weight after the last FD? If that then I beat my target XD

    Here are some pictures of cherry blossom this year here around Tokyo! Took only with my poor smartphone through out these two weeks. I may update a little bit in April as it’s still not the full blossom yet.

    Thank you and good job for March, see you in April!

    @hieiren @bluesqueak Hubs obviously needs his eyes checked. He’s a keeper tho. 😉 I actually did enjoy the concert, the music was quite intricate. The band is called ‘Dream Theater.’ Hubs has been a big fan of theirs for years. I appreciated the band much more live because of the energy and the fact we were in the sixth row. It’s nice to enjoy shopping for clothes again, too!

    Link to Dream Theater’s “Gift of Music”

    Day 31 – USA – FD

    Going out like a lion with a roaring good fast day! Rawwrrrr 😉 Starting a list a bit early.

    See you in April!

    Day 31 Pocket List
    @fiftyandfabulous WF

    Day 31. California FD

    Day 31 Pocket List
    @fiftyandfabulous WF

    Post more tomorrow

    Day 31: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    A rather sleepless night, my asthmatic cough is really bothering me at night ever since I went down with that horrible throat virus about four weeks ago. I sound like a seal barking! I’ve still got to wait until the 12th before I can get an asthma review at the doctors’. I took advice from this forum and upped my inhaler puffs morning and night.
    Last day of the March challenge, so thanks @snowflake56 for being a lovely host to us all. Also for being my spreadsheet-expert for April xx
    See you on the next challenge everybody….

    Day 31 Melb Aust CD

    Haven’t done well the past week, but glad the “damage” isn’t as bad as it could have been. Not meeting my March goal, but at least I did lose 1.6 kg, which is better than nothing. Back on track today after a few days of battling over-indulgence. I’m sure April will be better, and it’s good to “turn over a new leaf” with the new month.

    @snowflake56, you’ve done a fabulous job hosting us for this month, thanks heaps.

    @ciren2, Sorry to read that your asthma is still troubling you. I’m glad you’ve upped your Symbicort morning and evening as a temporary measure. Much safer.
    Another thing to consider as a possibility: Although Symbicort has Ventolin in it, I also take a puff of Ventolin a few minutes before I take the Symbicort, mainly to reduce any airways spasm, so the Symbicort can get down to where it’s needed. At this time, that might also help.
    Second thought – do you have a peak flow meter and an asthma treatment plan? If not, that’s something to consider discussing with your asthma nurse when you see her. Good luck with it all.

    Final day Belfast NFD

    So my weight is firmly back into my maintenance range. Goal met. Only three days when I’ve fallen off the sugar and alcohol wagon, and waist is back to 33”. Waist to hip measurement is 0.86 which is too much, so work in progress, but generally very pleased with this month.
    @shelliz thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures.
    @ciren2 you might have been flailing in the dust behind the wagon this month, but you’re in the driving seat next month! Thank you for taking over the reins.
    @Redrockgirl – enjoy your trip.
    Thank you @snowflake56 for your excellent stewardship this month. I’m sure when you look back, you’ll be delighted at the new skills you’ve learnt!

    For all those who’ve lost weight or inches, a very well done. Anyone who has not achieved what they’d hoped for, stay strong. This is a WOL and we’re in it for the long haul.

    “It starts with a DREAM
    Add FAITH and it becomes a BELIEF

    Add ACTION and it becomes PART OF LIFE

    Add PERSEVERANCE and it becomes a GOAL IN SIGHT
Add PATIENCE and TIME and it ends with a DREAM COME TRUE”

    Doe Zantamata

    Day 31 – UK – NFD

    Dear @snowflake56 – I am so sorry for being absent for the 2nd half of this challenge but just needed a break I think after hosting Jan and Feb. I’m still in maintenance and keeping up with my exercise regime so all good! Just wanted to pop in to say a big THANK YOU to you for conquering for fears and stepping in as our host for March – you did a wonderful job as we all knew you would and these are especially for you 🤗💐

    It’s going to be too much to try and catch up with what has been happening to everyone but you have been in my thoughts and so whether during this March Challenge you:-
    *Achieved your weight loss goals for the month
    *Holding firm in maintenance
    *Standing still on that plateau
    *Even gained a bit
    Join us for a new start with the April Challenge and in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. – “TAKE THE FIRST STEP IN FAITH. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEE THE WHOLE STAIRCASE, JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP”

    Day 31, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good afternoon everyone on the last day of the March 2019 – Spring Challenge!

    So today is the last day of hosting this challenge. I’m delighted and grateful I managed it as @debster251 said and proud of myself for overcoming the fear as @daffodil2010 and @at said. It was a month of ups and downs for a few of us but a lot of us stayed here until this day. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hold the group together, I hope the ones who didn’t make it to the end of this challenge are fine and will join us from tomorrow on in the April challenge, hosted by the brave @ciren2. Thank you all for participating on this challenge and helping me to make this work. I loved taking care of you all as good as I could and will try to do the same in the Mai challenge.

    @debster251 you deserve to be “green” again! What an interesting bra fitting you had!
    @songbirdme what a lovely picture and the museum seems to be a success, so many visitors in one hour! I would love to see and smell the “Smell of Molecules” science exhibit.
    @emma-taylor glad you had a good FD , I also enjoy the feeling of an empty belly.
    @rafiki44 perhaps it is more important to fit in your “small” clothes again than going by the scales, they hardly ever tell the truth!
    @fiftyandfabulous wow, looking “hot” in black leather pants!
    @redrockgirl302 enjoy your yearly holiday in Austria and don’t get wild on Topfenknödel, Backhenderl, Kasnockn, Krautfleckerl and Ruab’nkrapferl, to name just a few!
    @bluesqueak you did so well this month, congratulations on losing 3,8 kg, that’s a lot!
    @michelinme what lovely friends you have!
    @hieiren unexpained vertigo and fainting sounds scary, is there a pattern to this happening? It must be difficult to live with it. I love guinea pigs! I got one named Willem, when I was 12 years old. We all adored him, he loved sitting on someones lap in the evening and died 7,5 years old.
    @shelliz thanks for the beautiful pictures, it looks like snow on trees. Perhaps you are our champion this month, you lost an amazing 4,4 kg, that’s a huge amount!
    @ciren2 you’re welcome, I’m pleased to help you! I hope the asthma nurse has something to help you with that nasty cough.
    @betsylee thank you! In my humble opinion, losing 1,6 kg is not bad at all, take it!
    @at don’t worry, the most important thing is, you feel good. I totally understand you took a break, I’m sure you needed it. I know now how it feels, hosting a challenge. xxx


    Smiling is infectious,
    you catch it like the flu.

    When someone smiled at me today,
    I started smiling too.

    I passed around the corner
    and someone saw my grin.

    When he smiled I realized
    I’d passed it on to him.

    I thought about that smile,
    then I realized its worth.

    A single smile, just like mine
    could travel round the earth.

    So, if you feel a smile begin,
    don’t leave it undetected.

    Let’s start an epidemic quick,
    and get the world infected!”

    Spike Milligan

    Bye for now and have a lovely Sunday!

    Day 31, London, UK, NFD

    It’s Mothering Sunday, and I’ll be off to my mums’ to cook lunch with my brother and spend the day making some memories with them!! Of course, it’ll be a NFD!!!

    @snowflake56, what a fantastic host you’ve been this month ………………… I thank you!!!!

    I end this month lighter than I started it (I blame the ski trip!!) but still ½ lb higher than I started December. Xmas indulgences, missing January mojo, excessive Feb B’day celebrations and a wine & cheese fuelled ski trip have ALL done me in!!! Of course, nobody was force-feeding me!!! Oh well back on the Dry hula-hooping wagon for April I think!!!

    I’ll post my final months’ weight tomorrow, which should keep me a bit mindful at todays’ lunch.

    I hope everyone here still agrees, without these challenges, whether you gained, lost or stayed on the plateau, without the accountability and just the process of checking in ………………………….. it would have been soooooooo much worse!!!!!!

    Onward to April everyone, I hope the hula-girls (or boys!!!) have been polishing their hoops!!!!

    2nd post

    @flourbaby thank you! This hula girl is still waiting for her hoop! Gave it to our lovey 10 y.o. neighbour after doing miserably bad on the last hoop challenge, she did it without any effort. She knows how bad I was (unfortunately this child has a very good memory!) and wants to put sand inside the hoop,so it will be easier for me! It makes me feel very old!

    Day 31 Wales NFD

    Happy Mother’s Day to UK mums here today.
    My 2 are taking me out to the Carvery this evening, and they bought cheesecake so relaxed eating day for me.
    Have a lovely day all xx

    Day 31
    NFD @snowflake56 thank you for hosting March. I’m excited to say, on your watch, I have gone under the 170 lb mark. YAHOOO!!!
    Reach my goal for this month and I didn’t think I would.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Have a great Sunday.

    3rd post changed my NFD to a FD

    Gained 400 g this month so decided to do another FD today and join the fasters. Starting weight: 57 kg, today 57,4 kg.

    @daffodil2010 you got off the plateau and lost 1,5 kg, well done!

    @russetfox enjoy Mother’s Day! I never heard of a Carvery until I saw one at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. I love a good roast!

    @kaywesterman hurray for reaching your goal for this month, the milestone 170 lbs!

    Adding my name to today’s pocket list!

    Day 31 Pocket List
    @fiftyandfabulous WF

    Bye for now!

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Well, another month is done.Keeping at maintenance has been easier because of all of you taking this path with me. Huge thanks to @snowflake56 for your kind and wonderful support of all of us! (Yes, the molecules are quite a hit – a local science teacher’s daughter is now professor of chemistry at Indiana University and devised that for her doctoral dissertation, sharing it with us!)

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 Bristol UK NFD

    This is my first month challenge and I wasn’t quite sure what to do so have sat back and just read all the messages. I managed to hit my target this month (although i had to throw an extra FD in yesterday), so I am very pleased. I’ll try to join in more next month.

    Could someone tell me what CD stands for?


    @stephsie: Good for you, hitting your March target. CD is “controlled day” more food than a fast-day, but still being careful,eh?

    2nd Post

    @stephsie from what I have read CD stands for controlled day or 1200 calories.
    Someone here has a link to a post that shows all the acronyms.

    Welcome to the pack xx

    4th post

    @songbirdme thanks you so much and well done staying in maintenance!

    @stephsie well done on reaching your goal weight for this month! I can’t remember where the CD, controlled day, came from. For me it’s eating healthy food and don’t go over 1200 cal, ~ 200 cals below my TDEE.

    Bye for now!

    Day 31 – Ireland NFD

    Hi all, sorry for being MIA for the second half of March. I came back from my holiday to family and work pressures so have not been home and therefore haven’t had the opportunity to check in easily… it has been a bit stressful but hopefully April will hopefully be an easier month.
    I will catch up on all the posts tonight or tomorrow but I hope that you are all doing well!
    Thank you @snowflake56 for being a fabulous host this month and taking time to support us all along the way..
    Weight went back on during skiing and the past week but it feels like maybe not as much has gone on as past holidays … will weigh in for the start of April..
    see you all next month and thanks for being there 💕

    Day 31, Germany, NFD
    Actually decided to fit in a 6-day-cabbage-soup diet week! I’ll do it the way your link tells @fiftyandfabulous. Today was already the first day and that went well. On two days I’ll still count my cals though.
    This morning I had a nice surprise on the scale. I weighed myself again and was at my lowest weight this month – only 400g away from my March goal, yeahhh!
    @snowflake56 Thank you so much for hosting us in March! You did an awesome job and I felt that you really cared for all of us! ☺️
    @emma taylor congratulation on your good FD! Hope you can take lots of motivation from it!
    Onwards and downwards! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Day 31- Ohio nfd

    According to the spreadsheet, I missed my weight goal by 0.8 lbs. Oh well, I hit my most important goal, which was to not give up or have any guilt after. I know I would have given up if it wasn’t for all of you. The hula hoop is ready; think I may turn the shed into a mini workout area once the weather warms up. No, I refuse to acknowledge today’s weather. At least it will warm back up tomorrow.
    Hope all the Mothers get to enjoy UK Mother’s Day.
    @fiftyandfabulous Dream Theater!!! In case you didn’t hear the squeal when I read that. I keep having conflicts getting to see them. You definitely got to see one of the good bands then.
    @snowflake56 First and foremost huge hugs and thanks for this month. And I’ve been doing that since I was little, but nothing is out of the ordinary to cause it. I just get told to remember to slow down when it happens. My oldest friends just grab me and wait until I’m good again. It’s really to the point of annoyance to me.

    5th post

    @jaifaim thank you! It’s fine, it doesn’t always go as we want it but you’ll get back on track.

    @miraclelou thanks you! Well done, you almost reached your goal. I’m excited to hear all about your cabbage soup experience. We seem to be the only “Germans” left on this thread so let go for it next month.

    @hieiren well done, you almost did it! Please take care of yourself, you don’t always have someone with you to catch you.

    @rafiki44 we posted the same time. Thank you so much, I realy liked doing it.

    A lot of you have lost a lot of weight, one of us left the plateau she was on, the maintainers were able to stabelize their weight and one of us gained a bit (me!). The most important thing is, we did it together and supported each other on this journey. I would like to thank all the “oldies” for the encouragement and sound advice given to the “starters” and the “starters” for their enthusiasm in their first month of this new WOL.

    Thank you all for making this a month to remember and I hope to see you all tomorrow on the April Challenge! Hugs xxx

    Thank you @snowflake56 for hosting us this month! You were a great host.

    Day 31 London UK NFD

    Busy NFD day eating through some more of the bad stuff in my freezer. Strangely, this included a blueberry muffin. 🙂 And a baked potato, though I ate that with some nice healthy mackerel in olive oil and spinach.

    Thanks, @snowflake56 for being such a great host. You certainly made me feel welcome and I think you were an important part of this being a friendly and supportive thread.

    Hope everyone celebrating Mother’s Day today had a good one!

    Day 31 NZ NFD

    @snowflake56 THANK YOU for all your work this month you have been a great host. I haven’t posted most days but usually get to catch up on posts and enjoy everyone’s comments. I managed to reach my March goal – thanks to you all. Now on to April…

    Day 31 Ohio, US — FD(#69)
    Day 29 NFD (75 bites)
    Day 30 NFD (75 bites)

    Boy! Has it been hectic the last few days! So just checking in. See you all in April’s challenge!

    Day 31 – USA – FD

    Successful water fast day today and feeling motivated to keep IFing in April. I am thrilled with how it is working so far: 18lbs down in 11 weeks! Can barely believe it.

    Hope to see everyone in April. Cheers!

    Thank you to Ciren2, Russetfox and Snowflake56 for the welcome, congratulations and explanations. And especially to Snowflake56 for hosting March. See you all on the other board! :0)

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