March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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March 2019 – Spring Challenge

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  • Day 28 Belfast FD
    A final FD before the end of the month.

    @annemarilyn – the snowdrop is one of the first spring flowers to bloom, quite often when the weather is harsh, hence its name. There are many varieties, some selling for silly money but mine are the double flowered ones, with no noticeable scent, which, added to the single headed ones already in situ, should put on a lovely display under the trees in my drive and back garden next spring.
    @shelliz – definitely looking forward to those pics.

    Now all I have to do is to have a controlled weekend. Ha!

    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”

    Day 28, London, UK, FD800

    Short & sweet today

    @lilymartin, so good to hear from you! You’re going through a particularly rough time at the moment, caring for elderly parents can take it out of you. I hope things improve for you soon, perhaps some 800cal days could give you some sense of control in a chaotic period? Take care xxx

    @ciren2, thanks for your offer to host April, I’m sure one of our tech-savvy friends will help set up the spreadsheet ……………. DO NOT LOOK AT ME!!!

    @snowflake56, you’re really doing a fantastic job considering you’re still recovering!! I love todays quote!!

    @miraclelou, the struggle is real I’m afraid, but the one thing I know about this WOL is that it may be tricky at times, but it’s the ONLY thing that’s ever worked for me, that I’ve stuck to, that I haven’t felt like a failure doing!!! There is NO other option!!!!

    Keep the faith people!!!

    Day 28 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Quick check in for accountability on my last FD of March. Off for a haircut 💇‍♀️

    5th post

    @flourbaby haha, not tech-savvy but can’t do much else atm, no digging in the garden or painting, nothing that requires my left hand much. Not really ill, but a bit bored tbh.

    Day 28-FD-Atlanta, Ga. -USA

    Day 28 – UDA – NFD
    March Challenge SW 146 – CW 140 – GW 135

    Just a quick check in…hope you are all doing well! I’m posting my results and wondering how your results have been this month?

    I have 5 more lbs to go, and I’ll reassess at that point whether I want to maintain or go a bit lower. Not sure how these things are decided. 😛

    @hieiren It sounds like you’re hitting your stride with fasting! It does get so much easier as we train our bodies to new behaviors and find some tricks that work for us

    @shelliz Several years ago, I had the happy opportunity to visit Washington DC at cherry blossom time. The cherry blossoms are things of such etherial, delicate beauty, I can understand why they lightened up your day. They were gifted to the US by the mayor of Tokyo City in 1912. I wonder if the cherry blossoms that we both saw were somehow distant relatives?:)

    @ccco @gretta Big fan of cabbage soup as a FD staple here. Sometimes I use it as a sort of detox for a few days when I need to get back on track. It’s so delicious and filling and full of good treats for the body. Weight loss cabbage soup must be a *classic* for a reason, but I only just discovered it a few months ago.

    Final push, guys and gals! Let’s do this!

    Eat simply and mindfully.

    Day 28 Wales FD

    Quick check in

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Had a good 530 calorie FD yesterday. I love that 6:1 is working for me for maintenance. See what you all have to look forward to?! 🙂

    @debster251 – did you plant snowdrop bulbs or the plants? I have read up a little about them, and they do sound so delightful. I also know that sometimes people “broadcast” daffodil bulbs and plant them that way among other grasses or vegetation. I am guessing you planted the snowdrops in beds, right?

    @lilymartin – so great to see you back again.

    @shelliz – I used to teach the song “Sakura” in school and talk about the cherry blossoms. Someday sure would love to see yours in Japan, or maybe just the ones in Washington D.C. at least.

    @ciren2 – thank you for taking us on for April. Hard to believe March is winding down.

    Now that the huge push of our children’s museum opening is done, I move over to the spring Choral Society concert that I am directing on April 7. Whew… it’s always something! But then there will be a little break before other big events come my way.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 28 FD 800

    So many interesting conversations this morning, especially about flowers. Shelliz, I live near Washington, D.C. and I can tell you that even though the cherry blossoms bloom for only a week they are amazingly beautiful, especially because there are so many of them that they become overwhelming! People come from all over the world to see them. As I understand it, although some of the trees have died over the years due to age, many are still original. I can only say we are still thanking the mayor of Tokyo for this amazing gift! 🙂

    Gretta, I am glad you enjoyed the cabbage recipe. I like to watch recipes when people post them here. A lot of times, I learn of meals that I never heard of before, since they seem to be native to certain countries. British breakfasts have captured my attention. We Americans are so habituated toward cold and hot cereals, bacon and eggs, along with toast! Sometimes bagels or croissants manage to get in a moment in there, too! LOL FiftyandFabulous, here in America cabbage soup was a big fad back in the 1990s and still some people are inclined toward it but I never met anyone who actually lost weight they way. I think in the long run, losing weight by just eating cabbage is probably not sustainable. We’ll begin to start craving other foods. I am more of an assortment in smaller portions type of person or I will definitely binge! LOL

    Debster251, I am not familiar with the snowdrop where I live, but we have the crocus which comes up in the same harsh conditions. We can begin to see them in early February. It makes me feel like
    Spring is right around the corner. Ciren2, thank you very much for picking up the month of April. It is truly appreciated!

    Hoping everyone has a success and lovely day! 🙂

    Day 28: Gloucestershire: UK: NFD

    Hey, thanks @snowflake56 for doing the April spreadsheet for me, I definitely needed a technical assistant for that, as I don’t have a clue!

    I’ll compose something for the new April challenge, either today or tomorrow and give you all the link to follow (hopefully).

    Just got home from work, things were SO much easier today….about half the mail we had yesterday…..phew.
    @annemarilyn: Yes, keyhole surgery is most probably what you call laparoscopic surgery, in other words, they don’t cut you right open and do it all through a small opening with cameras and special tools. Means more skill needed, but quicker recovery.

    Day 28 – USA – NFD

    Still at 141.4, although I’ve been up and down at least 3 lbs. over the past week. @lilymartin, welcome back and please don’t be so hard on yourself! We’re all rooting for you!

    @ciren2, thank you for hosting April..please count me in and please continue to keep me green (maintenance), thanks1

    @snowflake56, you are a natural! Congratulations and thank you for your superb hosting in March!


    Sign up for the April challenge here!

    2nd post

    @ccco The cabbage soup diet is not meant to be sustainable, it’s a 7 day plan to quickly lose 7-10lbs for an event, or to detox as a pre-diet. More here:

    The cabbage soup 7 day was how I started my journey, and the immediate 7lb loss got me super motivated. From there, I started 5:2. It’s more attractive alternative to juice fasting in cold weather, and it’s a wonderful way to detoxify very simply and inexpensively. I’ve kept the veggie soup idea going on fast days, and it’s worked well for me. I make several, but cabbage is my favorite!

    While it’s a good option as a 7-day detox, jumpstart, or pre-event plan, it’s not recommended to do the cabbage soup diet longer than 7 days. It’s not meant as a sustainable plan – just wanted to point that out. If someone’s been struggling with the long plateau or with motivation to getting started, it may be a tool to use for a week as a structured pre-diet.

    It worked for me, but YMMV. 🙂

    @metatauta: Great to hear you are in maintenance. All you maintainers are an inspiration to the rest of us.
    In my case, even being able to get back on the wagon would be an achievement!

    USA Day 28 FD

    Thanks, FiftyandFabulous. I copied that cabbage soup recipe for future reference and intend to make it soon!

    Hi everyone
    I’m still around and while I have not posted for a while I think of you regularly. @snowflake56 well spotted I was on the spreadsheet lol. You have done an excellent job and thank you @ciren2 for putting your name forward for April. I’ve been catching up on a few posts while at the hairdressers but my battery is now at 15% and falling fast. I promise I’ll post again b4 the month is up and give you all an update on what’s been going on. It will give me a chance to catch up on some more posts. Love to all you lovely people x

    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    At about 24 1/2 hours of about a 30 hour fast; from about noon yesterday to a special event this evening. Hairdresser before the event.

    @ciren2 – thanks for stepping up to host April!

    @coda – good to hear from you and looking forward to an update.

    @fiftyandfabulous – I love all things cabbage, so thanks for the share. It reminded me that I haven’t made my family’s Cabbage Borscht for quite a while. I better check my freezer. Whenever I make a soup, I make a big batch, share, plus freeze some. Then in a short while I forget what all I’ve got tucked away.

    @metatauta – so happy for you that you’re at maintenance. It gives me hope! I want to believe I’ll get there and some days I do believe more than others.

    Heading off for the weekend early Friday morning. Will try for mindful eating as I head to a mini retreat and more.

    Glad we’re on the journey together!

    Day 28, Germany, fd800
    FD ok, just up to my 800 cals. Somehow I haven’t felt well for a while now though. Having a light headache today and am just feeling completely out of energy. On the other hand I do make it to go out running in the morning, a couple of times per week, but all my usual daily stuff feels soooo overwhelming…
    @fiftyandfabulous your cabbage soup diet sounds really interesting, thanks for the link!
    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 28
    558 calories. Not to bad. Hoping by Sunday I’ll drop those two lbs. Still having fantastic weather. Going out tomorrow with our Audubon group. @snowflake56, a lanai is screened in patio. It helps keep the bugs 🐜🐿🐍🦎🦟🐊 out. However, if a gator wants in, don’t think it would stop him/her. 😂
    Have a nice evening.

    Day 28 London UK Fast 800

    Quick check in …

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Quick check in.

    @lilymartin: good to see you back! 😊
    @ciren2: Thanks for hosting April! 🥀

    See you all tomorrow! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 28, Japan, FD

    The weight I put up on that one single NFD is finally going away… up and down we go.
    Two NFDs left for this month and march is over! How time flies.

    I looked up the cherry blossoms in Washington DC and wow they do look very similar to what we have here in Japan!
    Fun fact: because all Somei-yoshino cherry blossom tree are grown using branches but not seeds, every single Somei-yoshino tree on earth is supposed to have the same DNA, therefore exactly the same person if trees are human. I was so fascinated by this idea when I first heard it.

    Have a nice Friday everyone!

    Day 29 country west Australia NFD
    Thanks to all my ‘ old friends’ for the support.💐 Much needed and very welcome.
    A cyber hug across time and space to you all.🤗🤗
    See, I should have been hanging with you guys all this time!!
    Had a good controlled day yesterday and made far wiser food choices, only ate 2 smaller meals , cut out the sweet stuff and ate less carbs.
    Already feeling better.
    Have a great day.☺️

    Day 28 Ohio, US — FD (#68)
    Day 27 — NFD

    Yesterday was an emotional roller-coaster at work with both very sad and very happy events. The upshot of the day was that I lost count of my bites. Why does it seem that highly emotional events always have food associated with them? Fortunately today was a FD and that has gone well. I didn’t get as much done as I hoped I would, since I went for another deep tissue treatment and that wiped me out for the evening. Things are definitely getting better so that is good news.

    @shelliz Your comparison of the cherry blossoms is interesting. If I remember my history correctly, the original ornamental cherry trees in Washington, DC, were a gift from Japan. So their modern day descendents have the same DNA!

    Hope everyone has a good end of the work week!

    Day 28 California. NFD

    I’ve been very bad about posting this week. Yesterday was my fast day and I was sick so I’m hoping I lost some weight – will find out tomorrow.

    @ciren2 thanks for volunteering for April.

    Crossed 🤞 for tomorrow’s weigh in.

    Day 29 – Japan – WFD #24

    Late but the cherry tree pollen is killing me. I’m looking forward to the rain!

    So many cherry tree and none of them produce fruit, just flowers and so much pollen. There are flat yellow drifts of pollen on the steps out side. It was cold and I was climbing steps and wearing gloves. When I tapped my watch there were puffs of pollen from my gloves.

    It is pretty but I’ll be happy to just see the green leaves!

    I’ve been wondering … I actually kind of enjoy fasting. I love eating too, but I like the breaks from eating and I generally feel good. I don’t mind the slight empty feeling as it is a lot better than a strong hunger feeling.

    Day 29 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Feeling better than I was yesterday thankfully. Kitchen closed at 700cal, was not feeling great so added a bit of extra food to get me through.

    Weight down this morning to 70.4kg, so I’m pleased with that.

    Not looking like I’ll hit my March goal, but there are definite positives, my training has been consistent at 4-5 days per week of solid sessions, and even though not sugar free, most days the sugar just consists of a little bit of dark chocolate – so in my books that’s a win.

    @emmataylor I also find it hard to maintain focus and clarity on this WOL – I’ve started listening to different podcasts (mostly around fasting, wellbeing, and mindfulness) which I’ve found has helped. I know the fasting enthusiasm will come back if I can ride out the slump. We’ll get there!!
    @ciren2 thanks for hosting April! You’ll be a fabulous leader.
    @snowflake56 my ferritin is at 37, so not low enough to warrant a iron IV – not sure what the healthy range is in the EU, but here it’s 30 (though I have been offered it at my own cost, though here it’s quite expensive). I’ve had a couple of antihistamines as suggested, and I’m actually feeling much better than I was earlier this week. So think the diagnosis form the doc is spot on. I have IBS, so I suspect what you’re saying about poor absorption also plays a part. Follow up blood test in 3 months so will wait and see how that goes.
    @fiftyandfabulous sounds like a great hike! Very true with the loop hikes – they’re my favourite

    Day 29, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    @coda good to hear from you!
    @debster251 300 smalls bulbs are a lot to plant. Snowdrops seem to be a Europian thing. We have the single headed ones, they were there when we moved in, but spread a lot. I think we have more of them in the lawn than in the beds, but we like it so leave them there.
    @annemarilyn enjoy your weekend!
    @miraclelou virusinfection coming? Take care!
    @fiftyandfabulous well done, 6lbs gone and only 5 to go. When I met my goal weight, I decided to lose a bit more but thought I looked too skinny then so got back to my original goal weight and plan to stay there.
    @kaywesterman thanks for explaining the lanai. What does your Audubon group do?
    @rafiki44 I hope you feel better now, take care!
    @gretta you sound so positive today, I like that! Glad you’re feeling better.

    Only 3 days left on this challenge! A few of us already reached their goal for this month, others are almost there or try to shift at least a bit of weight.

    “Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, when someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.” Karen McLendon-Laumann

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 – Manchester, England – NFD

    Hi All. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to read everyone’s posts and respond.

    Thanks so much to everyone who said nice words about my job situation. I’m sorry to hear about your predicament, @annemarilyn. I know what you mean about it being exciting and unsettling too. That’s exactly how I feel.

    I also probably won’t be able to get on the forum much over the next few days due to a busy weekend of seeing friends and eating out – yikes!

    Because of this, I’m going to count today as probably my last weigh in, although I may update things depending if I weigh in tomorrow as well.

    March starting weight: 178lbs
    March goal: -4lbs
    March end weight: 174lbs

    Which means that I’ve achieved my goal for March!!

    I genuinely don’t think I would have stuck to this without the help of all of you on this forum. Thanks so much for your support, great advice and general chats 🙂

    I’ll come back to see how everyone else is progressing and hopefully see you all in the April challenge. Only 2 more days to go. WE CAN DO IT! 💜

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Off work today but busy with chores that have to be done. Have a great Friday ☺️

    Day 29 Wales Feast

    Walking pub crawl planned with hubby, as only day off together for a few weeks.
    Last weigh in of the month and goal beaten by 2 lb thanks to all of you and your constant support. Lost 3.25lb this week, don’t know how that happened, but I’m not complaining !!
    March start weight 182.25lb
    March goal weight 175lb
    March end weight 173lb Woohoo!!! and 7cm gone off my wobbly belly 🙂

    @snowflake thank you for hosting this month, you have been brilliant xx Hope you are feeling better xx

    Sorry I haven’t been around much this week but it’s been a busy one. Off to read through the posts now. Have a lovely Friday everyone xx

    Day 29 Belfast NFD
    Yesterday’s FD has given me that final ‘shove’ back into maintenance. Now to keep it there……

    @songbirdme – I understand the best way of planting snowdrops is to plant ‘in the green’, which is after they’ve flowered, so you are actually planting the little plants. You quite often find them in woodlands. I’ve planted them under the trees and in flowerbeds along with the other spring bulbs like crocuses, daffodils and tulips. The idea of ‘broadcasting’ daffodil bulbs is to make them seem as natural as possible. I didn’t realise snowdrops were a European flower.
    These are some of the walks near us that have beautiful displays of snowdrops.

    Thank you @ciren2 for offering crack the whip in April. I always found hosting to be a very motivating experience.
    Welcome back @coda 😜
    @dykask – every image has two sides. Sorry to hear of your problems with pollen. Do you suffer all Spring or just when the cherry blossom is out?
    @gretta I’m a big fan of podcasts. There are so many good ones to listen to.
    @ Fiftyandfabulous – I wind how many of us haven’t dabbled with the cabbage soup recipe?😜

    I just love the diverse and informative discussions that go on in this international group of friends. The cherry blossom trees have definitely gone onto my bucket list.
    @snowflake I love your quote today, so I shall repeat it.
    “Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, when someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.” Karen McLendon-Laumann

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    Today feels like a FD, maybe because I’ve had a mocha at a whopping 170 calories, so maybe the lack of appetite is because I’ve practically had a liquid breakfast!! I needed it, as I had an MRI this morning (6:45 am!!!!) and the claustrophobia kicked in during the last 5mins ………………….. I couldn’t stop myself thinking nobody was out there, and I was stuck in this humming, buzzing coffin!!! Just the thought of being immobile, confined, pinned or trapped has me breaking out in a cold sweat!!! The avalanche dream pre-ski holiday was a doozy!!!!!

    @ciren2, I sincerely hope the hosting job will inspire, invigorate and stimulate some 5:2 success for you!! I know you love this WOL as much as I do, it just isn’t loving you back at the moment, stay strong and eventually all the pieces will align!!

    @coda, lovely to hear from you, I hope all is well in your world!!

    @kaywesterman, I had to re-read your post, it seems, by your casual mention of a gator wandering into your lanai, that it might not be as petrifying a prospect to you, as it would be to me!!!

    Way to go!!! @lilymartin, we’re hanging onto you on this wagon, no slipping off for you!!!

    @dykask, I love that empty feeling too, I think it makes me feel ‘in control’, and powerful to a certain extent!!!

    Off to Pilates now, Happy Fasting Folks!!!!!

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Glad to see March is winding down. We often say around here March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Yesterday was very “lamb-like” but not sure it is continuing. Oh well, it certainly is better than January and February were!

    Doing find – working on so many details about the Children’s Museum. Still making myself do Silver Sneakers 3x a week, and one yoga. The yoga has been good for my back.

    @debster251 – most interesting to hear about and see your snowdrops! I think they could live here as well. But I feel like I usually only see them for fall planting like bulbs. I have an area along our back fence that could use attention. Well, lots of our yard could! Oh so many possibilities.

    @coda – great to hear you’re checking in on us, and we hope to hear an update on your life

    @snowflake56 – thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf this month, and last too! You have been one terrific hostess!

    @ciren2 – looking forward to April – and glad you’re taking the helm!

    Onward and downward.

    Day- 29- FD- Atlanta, Ga. – USA

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD:

    Yet another lovely, sunny spring day on the deliveries. Lots of Mothers’Day flowers and quite a few cards in the post. I bet my dear daughter forgets. I think it’s probably a different day in Australia anyway.
    Thank you all for your touching faith in me as your host for April. I hope I come up to scratch….especially as I’m still off the wagon!
    @coda: good to see you are still around. Hope all is well with you.

    Day 29 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Weight this morning exactly the same as at the beginning of the month, still at the top of my maintenance range so haven’t managed to shift the couple of pounds I gained in February but I’m confident I will get back to the low end of my maintenance range during the summer months of salads and more outdoor activity. I am still in my first year of maintenance and still learning…..but my plan is to get to my low maintenance weight during the summer so that I have scope for a little seasonal gain next winter and then repeat annually 😉. Loving that I am at my lowest adult weight, have maintained for eleven months and still enjoy food and wine……just count calories on two days a week……easy!!!!!!

    Wishing you all success as we approach the end of this challenge. If you haven’t quite made your target don’t feel down, just keep going one day at a time and you will succeed, 5:2 is a WOL not a race to the finish line.

    @snowflake56 thank you for hosting March so brilliantly. I hope your blood pressure is returning to normal and you are feeling better 💐

    USA Day 29 WFD

    Thank you, Debster251, for sharing those lovely flowers with us, a great incentive for taking walks!
    Just quickly checking in. I am on another water fast and won’t eat again until tomorrow! I find myself binging when I end my fast, so I know I need to do better.

    Hope everyone is doing well today and that you all are having a wonderful Spring day!

    @ccco – I call that binging a DAFD issue (Day After Fast Day) and often I find myself in the same boat!

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    A foot of snow! Winter just cannot let go! March going out like a lamb… like a rabid lamb with bad attitude! 😄😂🤣
    Any way, busy packing, snow shoveling, walking the doggie (the only one who loves snow all year round 🐕😄), then
    relaxing at the Symphony in the evening.

    Have a good Friday everyone! ⚘❄⚘☃️⚘

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    A foot of snow! Winter just cannot let go! March going out like a lamb… like a rabid lamb with bad attitude! 😄😂🤣
    Any way, busy packing, snow shoveling, walking the doggie (the only one who loves snow all year round 🐕😄), then
    relaxing at the Symphony in the evening.

    Have a good Friday everyone! ⚘❄⚘☃️⚘

    Second post:
    Sorry for double post! 😊😊😊

    Day 29- Ohio fd
    Second part of b2b fd ended a fail. Word to wise, do not blackout in front of bosses. Was from exhaustion but they wanted me to eat to be sure it wasn’t anything else. Got off work early last night, so about to make hours up now. Yes, trying a fd tonight since I got sleep during day. Did stay up with Mother overnight though so she could be awake whenever (ended up being 5am) they transported her.
    Didn’t make falafel mix, so will do that over weekend and save some for during next one. Yeah, I think I need a couple of lighter ideas with spring coming. @redrockgirl302- weather channel showed you guys can get snow until May or June?!? Yuck. I thought until April was bad.

    Day 29, Germany, NFD
    My weigh in this morning showed a 600 g weight gain 😣
    I of course was kind of disappointed and it does seem my March goal will not be reached – but then there is April…
    Foodwise was good today, yet I am feeling very bloated…
    Good thing is that l haven’t binged since january 19th! I am really happy about that.
    I am also still experimenting with TRE and hope for the benefits, even though the scale wasn’t kind with me today!
    @fiftyandfabulous thinking more and more that I would like to try your 7 day cabbage soup challenge 😉. Somehow I realise though that I am very sceptical and I am already doubting that I can loose weight by this diet.
    @flourbaby you’re so right! In the long run 5:2 is the only thing that works for me in terms that I keep doing it! I’m doing 5:2 since february 2017 now. I didn’t have much to loose but was soooo happy when I had reached my goal weight!! Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to maintain it and now I am again struggling with these sticky last 3 kg!!! Probably I need to ‘let go’ and relax a little more in order to also let go those last kilos!!
    Onwards and downwards! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Day 30, Japan, NFD

    NFD today and tomorrow but I will try as much as I can to stay in control…. hopefully. Fingers crossed.

    @dykask I suffer from pollen too 😣 but I thought thet one that causes troubles is Japanese pine tree that blooms at this time too?

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Checking in from holiday in Norfolk. Been busy with talking, adjusting, settling in, visiting things… much busier than I’d anticipated but prob balance over the next few days bc friend had day off today and back to work from tomorrow.

    Not enough sleep yet nor rest yet… probably less than at home! And phsycially tougher environment than home…where of course everything is adapted around what I can easily do. But good to challenge myself and see what’s possible, even if it’s not sustainable in daily life.

    Delighted to have made good choices thus far. Still gf vegan, hugely helped by generous hosts cooking amazing food. Banana and apple for breakfast, pub lunch near ruined castle – half a bitter, platter of veggies, hummus, salad & sweet potato fries – and supper of beetroot pie with cauliflower and salad. But not drinking enough bc no fizzy water – must get some tomorrow.

    I’m writing this in the bath on way to bed! Hope you all have a good last weekend of the month…x

    Day 30 – Japan – NFD

    24 WFD done, went 39 hours. Things look better today, cherry tree blossoms are starting to fall and pollen isn’t as toxic. The blossoms make a pink snow in a few days.

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Too many snacks being consumed over the past day, popcorn, crisps, ….got to stop as April will have me starting wobblier than I want.

    Busy day ahead with the camper van work, but DH got the electrics done yesterday and I had the honour of flicking the switch and we had power!! Exciting moment, and as DH hadn’t a clue about electrics and was self taught… was a proud time ☺️

    @flourbaby so with you on the claustrophobia and MRI. I have only ever had one MRI, it was on my head so was strapped in and could not move, and oh GOD the fear! 😱If I ever have to get one again I will have to be sedated. It’s the claustrophobia that gets me at the dentist too, cannot handle it. Hope you are ok.

    Have a great Saturday

    Day 30, Emden Germany, FD

    Good morning everyone!

    Feeling better today, BP normal without BP medication, so my DH wants me to try a FD 500 to see in what way it effects my BP. Will be interesting.

    @debster welcome back to maintenance!!! Are the results from the helicobacter test back yet?
    @metatauta thank you! Well done staying in maintenance, I found it easier to lose weight than staying in maintenance.
    @aglowworm well done, 4lbs gone already! Enjoy your weekend.
    @russetfox thank you! What an amazing weight loss you had this month, you’re doing so well.
    @flourbaby glad you survived the MRI, always scary. To distract myself, I start counting when I’m in the tube, it helps to take the fear.
    @songbirdme thank you!
    @missybear thank you! BP seems to stabelize at normal without medication, it would be nice if it stays like this.
    @redrockgirl302 is it normal to have snow now, when does Spring start?
    @hieiren a blackout in front of the bosses must have shocked you all. I hope you feel better today. Is your mother back home again?
    @miraclelou you still have two days to go on this challenge, anything can happen. No binge since January 19th is huge, well done!
    @michelinme I’m sure you settle in soon at your holiday adress, then the enjoyment and relaxation can start.
    @dingping do you feel well enough to be with me today?

    Pocket list day 30, in union there is strength!

    “If you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?” Jill Scott

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 30 Belfast NFD

    (Pardon to any gents for TMI!) I went into a bra shop yesterday for a fitting. I had been measured by a well known big chain about a year and a half ago and was measured at a 40B but recently couldn’t find one to fit properly, so I went to a different shop. After an hour of wrestling with at straps, wires and the likes, the end result was a 32FF!!!?? What the …! I wasn’t even that at my slimmest in my twenties! The new equipment is a little tight, but I was assured it will loosen after a week or two. We’ll see!

    @flourbaby – hope nothing too serious to warrant an MRI?
    @lilymartin during busy times and times of stress it’s so hard to keep focused. We’ve got your back!
    @Redrockgirl – like a rabid lamb with bad attitude! I’ve been chuckling for the last 10 minutes.
    @hieiren – blacking out is no laughing matter. Take care of yourself. Xo
    Wise words about ‘Letting go’ @miraclelou. Isn’t maintaining harder than you think?
    Thank you @ Snowflake56 for putting me ‘back in the green’! I’ve to phone next week for the results, but have been busy cutting my meds and working on a diet that limits inflammation.

    Where has March gone? I shall have a final weigh in tomorrow.

    “Living a fit and healthy life is not measured by the pounds you lose or gain or by the weights you can lift. It’s not a fad or a trend or something you do to please others. It’s a way of life and is something you try to do everyday for yourself. It requires a fundamental shift in thinking based on loving yourself enough to try…”

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