Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • And Faith! Good work. Sorry, I got a bit distracted with cake-making 😬

    While I make our bread and kefir, I’ve been buying yoghurt lately. It is a sugar-filled minefield in the yoghurt section of shops! So hard to find good full fat, unsweetened yohurt. I found one yesterday with “no added sugar” on it. Then, reading the fine print in the ingredients (needing good light and glasses πŸ˜‘), I saw “sweetners” listed! I wonder how many people mistakenly think that is healthier? I finally found a nice pot of plain, unadulterated yogurt and left. Might be back to making it with the lovely, unhomogenised Jersey milk I can buy. P

    P, that’s seriously sneaky marketing! Food manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves. I’ve just checked my natural yoghurt of choice (Yeo Valley) and there’s nothing but milk in it πŸ˜€

    Funny that. Milk (and cultures) only, as it should be. The fact that they use about 4pt text size and rename the sweetners makes it difficult for less cynical shoppers to make quick, healthy decisions.
    My current projects:
    Stop people smoking in non smoking zones
    Stop people taking shopping trollies home and dumping them in the streets
    Spread the word on food labels
    P πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™‚

    Good evening all,

    Another busy and active day here. Really had an attack of the munchies tonight so I made popcorn, it was disgusting but the chewing kept me from eating something worse.

    I had smoked salmon salad for lunch and thai vegetable soup for tea. Weigh in tomorrow, hoping for two to three pounds but not sure as it is an evening weigh in. So long as it is down I don’t mind. I have had a very good week for exercise, averaging 2 + hours per day aerobic activity. I include swimming in that because I swim lengths at a vigorous pace alternating between breast stroke and crawl.

    Fasting tomorrow, good luck to fellow Fasters

    Hi Purple

    I have three brands of Greek yogurt in the fridge right now and none of them has sweetener or sugar. Tamar Valley is the tastiest, also Coles brand, and Farmers Union.

    Just had my post fast day breakfast. Finished up a small salad of tuna, avocado, cold potato, green beans, olive oil, pepper, lemon. So yummy! I lost over a kg yesterday and will be very happy if even half of that stays away through the week.

    Wonderful looking Christmas cake. I make mince pies most Christmas, maybe this year I will add in a cake. You and Amazon and Purple are inspirational cooks. 🍏🍏

    Cheers, Bay 🌺🌺

    Hi Bay 😎
    You’re really on a roll. Well done.
    Yes there are a few lovely pot set proper yoghurts, but the whole wall of adulterated yoghurts frustrate me. 😐
    Sunny day…grass growing, so I’ll have to drag out the mower to distract on this fast day. Roll on daylight saving this weekend, I’m sick of early bird rising. πŸ™„πŸ™„ P

    But P, daylight saving means getting up earlier πŸ™ It was dark again at 6am today – strangely felt like 5am. At least the blackbirds are singing.

    Happy FD, Monday fasters.

    Amazon and Happy I’ll be dreaming this night about all the goodies you two are talking about also Amazon’s garden puts me to shame because I have literally nothing nice for fall yet.
    P thanks but Fasting will be Tuesday. Today I had full fat kefir around 12 and 1 whole banana and small dinner.
    Yesterday I was getting my Greek yogurt and I was doing the same looking for the plain fat one. It ridiculous and almost impossible to buy anything right nowadays. Too many health claims that are not sure.
    Good night ❀️

    Yes Barata, but at least when the sulphur crested cockatoos start screeching at 4:30am, the clock will say 5:30 ☺
    HBC, I loved a sign the other day in the city, advertising “gluten free miso and sushi”. It should be naturally gluten free! It’s like writing “fat free and sugar free” on water bottles!
    Bombard people enough with signs and your average dude will give up. πŸ˜‰ Not us though!!
    Mowing and weeding done. Now for feeding the plants, but not me πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ P

    Hi bayleaf,

    Tamar Valley yogurt with no sugar? Did you mean “no added sugar”? The plain greek yogurt has 7.4g of sugar with 2.2g of fat. The best one Ive been able to find is Jalna plain greek yogurt with 4.8g of sugar and 10g of fat.

    Hi BB

    The Tamar Valley full fat Greek yogurt has 5.2g. of natural sugar. I made a promise to myself to eat foods that are as close as possible to natural food, given health requirements of pasteurisation. So no trim milk or half fat yogurt and no added sugar. Same as I eat full sugar fruit, not dried fruit or sweetened fruit.

    Cheers, Bay 🌺🌺

    Ditto Bay. And the Yalna, pot set yoghurt also has natural sugars (lactose). You can’t have milk products that don’t have lactose or fruit without fructose. It’s the ADDED sugars (and removed fat) we avoid, BigB πŸ™„πŸ™„ P

    Fully agree that you cant have yogurt without lactose in it. I got the sugar content straight off the Tamar Valley website, unless its out of date? I went up and down the supermarket shelves looking for the highest fat content, in combination with the lowest sugar content. Jalna plain greek was the best I could find. And its gluten free, who would have thunk that??

    Hah! I can trump your Greek yoghurt (sorry about the verb). Anchor Natural, 2.5gm sugar, 1.9gm total fat. Beautifully creamy.

    I don’t think I will swap my blackbirds for your cockatoos, P πŸ™‚

    Hi Fast Trackers and Hello World (You All know Who You ARE) πŸ˜‰
    Monday a top of 14 and a min of 5 and currently 8 deg. I have made a curried pumpkin and chicken soup for dinner am getting my masterchef on πŸ˜†
    Hope all fasting fast trackers are getting the job done and keep on keeping on.

    β€œIt’s is easier to avoid eating than to stop eating once started”
    Peace RT

    Just did a comparison of dairy products:
    Milk 3.5g fat, 5.1 sugar
    Butter 80.2 fat, less than 1 sugar
    Yalna yoghurt 4.6 fat, 4.1 sugar
    Cream 35g fat, 3.1 sugar
    Creme fraiche 45g fat, 2.6 sugar

    Conclusion. ..your yoghurt is low fat Barata.

    Mr P calculates you need to eat 1.5kg of butter to get 1 teaspoon of sugar. ☺

    Making me salivate on a fast day 😣

    I believe you, P. But as I say, lovely and creamy, and the lowest sugar on the shelf. All this talk of food… πŸ™‚

    It’s all that lush green NZ pasture! πŸ„πŸ„


    My butter has 0g of sugar so I don’t have to stop eating at 1.5kg?!

    Lactose free Happy?

    P, it’s minimum 80% butterfat. The label says 0g of sugar!

    Human breastmilk is 3-5% fat and 7% lactose (sugar).

    P, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what to do with that information!

    😊😊 File it!

    Morning all,
    Interesting discussion going on here. I have obviously been lazy and now need to check my fat free yogurt pot. I get my fat allowance in butter and Virgin oil so go skinny on yogurts. I choose 0% fat natural Greek Yogurt but will now check if added sugar. Labels can be very misleading, but who has time to read everyone? Luckily most food I buy is raw.
    Weight stuck this last two days so the party is over, back to the everyday grind. Putting it down to not sleeping well this past three nights, pulled a muscle in my side gardening. Shouldn’t have dragged the big pot of Earth on my own. I will never learn.
    My son and daughter bought me proper telescopic Nordic Poles for my birthday, looking forward to using them when I walk the dogs today. They laugh at my fitness exploits but are generally pleased I am trying to get fitter and eat healthily.
    Have a good day everyone

    Happy, I laughed out loud at your post! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    RT, a living national Masterchef treasure! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Morning/evening all,

    Lots of lively chat while the NH slept πŸ™‚

    Firstly, faith, well done on your successful week, I too was busy talking cake (and thinking about how good it tastes)

    I make my own as it takes a few minutes to heat the milk and 30 seconds to pour it into the machine which does all the work!. I buy Yeo Valley whole milk (for non UKers it’s an excellent brand of organic additive free dairy produce)and use the last of the previous batch as a starter. If I’ve been away I buy a small pot of YV yoghurt. Once it is made I pour off as much of the whey as I can without resorting to straining it and it is just as I like it with a mild and creamy flavour. If I use another brand of milk I notice the difference in flavour and consistency.
    I don’t believe in fat free dairy as removing the fat also removes fat soluble vitamins A and E both of which are essential.

    I read every label when food shopping and it is surprising how much added sugar lurks in the most surprising places and the number of names it goes under.

    Bay thanks for the compliment, I’ve always loved to cook. My Mum taught me the basics when I was small enough to have to stand on a chair to reach the mixing bowl πŸ™‚ I find it relaxing and when I’m busy in the kitchen I don’t think about anything else.

    Curried pumpkin and chicken soup sounds delicious and I’m now going to spend my FD thinking about it 😬 πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Good Morning,
    Slowly the cold weather is approaching with today’s morning temperature 11C.
    I did an effort to get up a little earlier, have my coffee, read all email in order to exercise at home. Just treadmill and 30minutes with dumbbells. The pourpose is mainly to have those happy hormones released into my body.
    Also later on a visit to a Gastro in order to have my first colonoscopy πŸ™„
    The highlight of the day will be that debate tonight. It’s going to be very interesting.

    I wonder why no one came up with mother’s breast milk commercialized products yet! Lol

    Have a good one folks πŸ’‹

    I’ll get in before RT, HCB…breast milk already comes in perfect packages and doesn’t need labels 😊

    I haven’t made yogurt for years . I have an easyo yogurt maker somewhere . I will look it out . The powders are useless you buy for it though so please will someone help . ? Is it full fat milk ( does it have to be? and please the best yogurt to use as a base . xxxx

    Hi Wee,

    You can use semi skimmend milk if you prefer but whole milk makes creamier yoghurt. As for a starter any natural unsweetened yoghurt will do but I wouldn’t use Greek style. I always buy organic but that is a personal choice and I’m sure that your local supermarket own brand yoghurt would be fine. Once you get going you can use the last bit of your own for the next batch πŸ™‚

    Thanks Amazon . I made it about 50 years ago when the boys were wee. I used to put it in the hot water tank cupboard. I used to put Ribena in it then lol .It’s been so long I forgot how .

    Watch this space xxxx

    Hi Team a good bouncy discussion in regards to well in the end breast milk and whilst I openly agree they do look much better on you ladies than some I have seen on us fellas ?? And dear yfee damn near had to go up to the school at recess time to breast feed our 5yo ( A slight stretch of the facts) but you get the idea to me it’s just like chicken and I pride myself a leg and thigh man πŸ˜‰ with breast way overrated IMO.
    Amazon the soup with it’s red thai curry paste base lime juice and chicken thigh one pot wonder a triumph as the boys move out and we have changed gears into good food cooked really well from a feed the masses in between school , sports practice , a casual job , homework , band practice , puberty , girlfriends , mates , gaming etc all done and dusted in ten minutes rather like alice in wonderland im late im late for a very important date in the house of the raising sons.!!! A challenge to get the family fed so we are embracing the opportunity to take control over our health and take ownership and responsibility for it.
    β€˜forty is the old age of youth-fifty is the youth of old age’
    Peace RT

    hi guys

    i thought max weightloss if everything was going swimmingly on this was .9 of a pound per week.

    is 2 pounds a week possible… i dont want to be disappointed!

    thanks x

    Hi Why,

    1lb or thereabouts is the average weight loss per week for a woman. You could lose more, or less, in any one week. Indeed Jojo just has lost considerably more. But I think it would be hard to average 2lbs per week over a long time period.


    There are apparently some products made from human milk, including cheese and ice cream… So how about it, yoghurt makers? πŸ™‚

    Happy I LOVE my ice cream but I think I will just stick with mint or honeycomb lol xx

    What an appalling waste of perfect baby food. It needs no preparation or any tampering. Straight from source to baby.
    I included the fat/sugar compostion as a comparison with cow’s milk only.

    Re yogurt making, don’t know if you remember, Wee, the milk has to be sterilised first (heat to 80deg C, cool to 40) before adding the starter.
    Look for commercial brands with the maximum variety of bacterial cultures. You can use low fat for the starter if it is the one with most cultures, but use the best full fat milk for the yoghurt.
    I add a couple of tbls of powdered milk for greater firmness (that’s the “milk solids” they have on labels)
    I use the Easyo container (but not their powders) to make it.
    Cheers P

    Thanks guys . I never had a thermometer so I just used to bring it to the heat where it started to bubble . Then let it cool until it was warm on my finger . I will try it tomorrow and thank you so much again . I eat a lot of it and I would feel so much better knowing what was in it xxxx I used to buy thee easiyo powders a few years ago and I still have the containers and vacuum thingy but would rather do my own πŸ™‚ xx

    Wee, 80C is when it is forming a skin, but well before bubbling. Good luck 😊 P


    Mrs Wee back home when kids were too many and money was short Mom used to use her fingers to temper the right temperature to add the plain yougurt. It worked fine but as kids we liked the supermarket brands better. All those colorful sweet containers still doing the trick still. Thanks Purple … I honestly will give it a try just to see what happens according to your structions.
    Happy for a buck $$$ I believe people can do anything. Even Hillary or Trump’s milk would do the trick lol.
    RT I haven’t me the Yfee! I thing you are a nice Dad and a “Okay” better half πŸ‘.
    Not much to report here! I did my 30 minutes on tread mill followed by 30 minutes of total body cardio from some old videos, organized the mountain of bills to to be paid and letters from when we were not here (OH refuses to do anything online), sorted out laundry.

    Tomorrow is FD aaand cleaning the house to keep me busy and not thinking about some of the food you guys prepare better then I do. Don’t have the menu yet. The weather change and I change as well. I go crazy with soups. Will see πŸ²πŸ²πŸ²β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸ΅πŸ΅.
    Talk to you soon πŸ“

    Hi all,

    As those of you on F/B know, the wedding was a big success – so big that I am still on Cloud 9! Of course the new grandaughter is the icing on the cake! Such a lovely time for us, we have been so blessed. It is wonderful to see both sons settled with two lovely girls – my work is done!! Now for some boring stuff such as housework….. I will be in the garden if the rain ever stops…We were so lucky to have sunshine for the wedding, but its been raining ever since, such a weird September!

    Lovely to read everyones chatter, this group really is an extended cyber ‘family’. And always something to learn – interesting facts re breast milk Purple! And I studied the label on the yoghurt in the supermarket this afternoon, labelling laws are really inadequate.

    We had a lovely 3 hours babysitting this morning/afternoon so the new parents could get out alone, perfect timing as it allowed us to watch the Clinton/Trump debate. Donald was like a caged lion, barely able to contain himself, but I wonder if people will be swayed? Scary stuff this upcoming election!

    I decided to fast today but somehow not able to focus. Maybe I will just have a ‘mindful’ week then get back onto the horse next week….seems like a plan. We are off to Jamieson for a long weekend, so will get lots of walking and gardening in there, as long as the floods hold off and we are not making sandbags!

    I seem to remember your facebook being off the air Jo, so if you don’t see our wishes there, I hope you have a really lovely birthday and get very spoilt!

    Hi Nama,

    It sounds like life is just about perfect for you at the moment (except for the rain!). Thank you for sharing and spreading a bit of happiness!


    Happy Birthday from me too! How did last night’s weigh in and meeting go? Another good result I hope.


    Donald Trump’s milk?! Now if that thought doesn’t put us all off our food and fasting I don’t know what would!!

    On that subject, I will be fasting tomorrow. I’ll be in an office all day, with no temptation, so it should be easy. Although since again this week my weight is nicely within my maintenance range, I’m forced to conclude that in the past it hasn’t been weekends by themselves that have done the damage but weekends + OH. Since I do the cooking, I’m either a feeder trying to fatten him up or I use him as an excuse to overindulge!

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am having a lay in, my other half delivered me a cuppa as he knows I am suffering with all movement, bad back again.

    Another year older and only 1/2 pound down last night. Afraid I am on some muscle relaxants for my gardening injury, so body retaining food and water. Hopefully weight will come off next week. I definitely should not have played two games of bowls yesterday. The wins were not worth the pain I am in today. Not dissapointed by the result on the scales because my own had warned me of the result. I still managed a fast day yesterday until 9.45 pm then a light meal. I remain constant on the ‘no sugar’ and ‘no complex carbs’.

    Last night I was bold enough to question ‘in public’ why the group spent ten minutes discussing the calories in different types of chocolate bars when they are simply perpetuating their addiction to sugar and a future of possible diabetes. They even gave out samples of their latest mint chocolate bar, I refused it. The woman sitting next to me who has lost nearly 8 stones simply replied ‘we love it and can eat it on this diet, it’s the only reason we stck with it’. The only good news is that there chocolate calories are restricted to about three bars per day. She was eating non stop from when I arrived until we left, chocolate bars only. She is also a consultant of her own group. It’s depressing how little healthy nutritional information is offered at these groups. I may need to find an alternative independant ‘weigh in’ source.

    My treat today is lunch with a friend at an Indian restaurant, I will choose carefully, but resisting Naan might be difficult. Guess I could have it instead of birthday cake.

    My Facebook is not accessible on my iPad, my son couldn’t fix it, storage full of synchronised photos. I can access Facebook from my phone so looking forward to checking out the wedding pictures Nama.

    My Nordic Poles ( bought by my kids)are the perfect gift for a decrepid old girl like me, I love them and will use them for 30 mins daily whilst doing my dog walk. My old female dog is retricted to 30 mins now because she has spinal problems. So sad! Last night her back legs gave out and her front legs slid forward of the kitchen floor landing on her tummy, unable to get up. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her and looks at me and then around to say ‘What happened there then?’ Bless her, I just gave her a cuddle then lifted her ( painfully for me) on to a carpeted area.

    Although sunny today the temperature is dropping, I even wore a winter coat to walk to Slimming club last night. Can’t complain though we have had a great summer.

    Off to have a swim as this is the only viable exercise today.

    Why- 2 lb per week is doable if you have a strong willpower and determination plus a willingness to keep moving everyday(at least 10,000 steps). Not sure it is possible if you are less than a stone overweight, not been there in a long time. Aim for one pound. I can lose more because I am still obese and very active(when I am not injuring myself at sports or gardening). I strongly recommend swimming too, less risky for injuries.

    Hi everyone,

    Happy Birthday Jo πŸπŸŽπŸ‘πŸ’πŸ“ πŸ‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ†

    Enjoy your Indian meal and have a Naan bread. If you can’t allow yourself a treat on your birthday and all that……

    I’m just home from the gym. I had a good workout but no time for a swim as I’m going to the Museum of London thi afternoon. Never been before and really looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    FD was an absolute disaster yesterday but that’s the way it goes sometimes.
    Today will be more successful.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Happy birthday Jo. Have a good one πŸŽ‚πŸΈ P

    Or compromise and share a naan bread! They’re generally huge and far more than one person should attempt to eat as an accompaniment to a meal. I’m as guilty as the next person, but it occurs to me if they brought me the equivalent amount of normal bread to eat with my curry I’d most certainly refuse it!

    Hello All,
    Walking the dogs was very uncomfortable this morning, especially the hills. My back is very painful.
    Well lunch was a delight- onion bargee starter then Goan Fish Curry (1/2 rice portion) with 1/2 naan bread. The restaurant brought me chocolate cake with a candle. I ate one mouthful and gave the rest to my friend. Really rich and sickly, she loved it.
    We returned to my place to play cards for an hour. Nice quiet birthday. Watched Rabbit Proof Fence on DVD, very sad story. So many Aborigine children abused and basically turned into slaves in the name of Government policy. I am watching Oranges and Sunshine tonight. Resting my back but moving about every thirty minutes. Drinking lots of tea and water, no more food today, lunch was filling enough.

    Hi Jo,

    Pleased to hear you’ve had a nice birthday. My mouth’s watering at the thought of onion bhaji now!

    I hope your back gets better quick, it’s depressing and limiting I know! It does sound like you need to give your back a proper rest to let it heal now, so maybe lay off the heavy gardening work for a bit?!

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