LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • Woo hoo, another 1.5lbs gone, down to 10st 2lbs. just 2lbs to target before holidays. OH has lost another 1lb, so he is now below his target and positively beaming. 1″ off hips and 1/2″ off thighs. Looking a bit lumpy but I take the view that this is my body chewing on lumps of fat here and there, and eventually it will all disappear.
    LittleDragon – I too think the weight loss is slow, I’ve been doing this since Jan 17th, that’s nearly 14 weeks and hopefully will have lost 10lbs by next week. However when I checked my chart for my previous weight loss programme, it took me 7 months to lose the same amount, so in fact, it’s a lot, lot quicker. I think I am just an impatient soul, forgetting how long it took to put the weight on in the first place! A young man used to say to me, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. At least I know I don’t have to carry excess weight for a lifetime, thanks to the Doc and 5:2. Good luck all you fasters!

    Third Time Lucky well done, you are doing so well, you definitely seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. I weight yesterday and I lost one pound on the previous week but still only at 10.4 and was hoping to lose some more than that. Never mind. Weight loss is slow, but sustainable I suppose so that’s the up side. I am really impatient. I lost 21 pounds last year between Jan and now, but I suppose I can’t expect it to be the same every time. I am wearing a pair of skinnies today that are a size 10 so that’s satisfying. They are on the tighter side, and I expect the sizing might be a bit off but that’s progress, I guess.

    I fasted on Monday and Wednesday this week, went for a 5k run in the mornings on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will be going to the gym this weekend. I have been out to eat a lot this week, I seem to do a lot of social eating and I am sure that if I didn’t have so much of that going on, my weight loss would be quicker. But at the same time, I do really enjoy eating out and seeing friends – perhaps I am undoing the hard work on fasting days and exercising but it’s the one pleasure I do have – I don’t drink often and if you deny yourself of everything you enjoy in life, that’s no way to live.

    Just had lots of fruit and porridge for breakfast so feeling satisfied. Have a lovely weekend fasters.

    Did an extra fast day yesterday. Somehow Saturday never goes as well psychologically but got through the day but had a terrible night sleep. Aware of hunger and very tempted to get up at 3.30 for tea and toast, but didn’t . Ended up eventually sleeping till 10.30 so my fasting window was extended. Scales show a loss of 1/4 lb, down to 10 St 1 3/4 lbs. nearly there. Two more fd’s before we go. Surely I can do this…. I have no doubt I will gain on hols, but in my head I have climbed a mountain.
    Speaking of which God help those poor people in Kathmandu . Seems as if the planet is hitting back just now.
    Cloudy but sunny day here in Dundee so hopefully will get a walk in later, happy Sunday fellow fasters.

    Evening everyone,

    Little D and 3rd Time Lucky you’re doing so well at the moment. 3rd Time Lucky you’ll feel amazing as you set off on your holiday πŸ™‚ Where are you off to? Little D you’re getting there; definitely seems like you’re being kinder to yourself this time and not beating yourself up when life springs up on you!

    I stayed the same last week – my pesky last half stone seems to be stuck on with super-glue – it definitely doesn’t want to budge!! May have to try a few 3:5 weeks but not this week as it’s the Bank Holiday and I think I’m popping down to Weymouth for a few days away. My running is going really well, almost tempted to try and enter next year’s London Marathon; such an inspiration seeing everyone run yesterday! But in the mean time might look for a 10K race to do and perhaps think about joining a running club as just go on my own at the minute!!

    Have had a good fast day today, though am (as usual) cold now.

    Hope my fellow Monday fasters have had a good one and that any of you preparing for tomorrow have an equally good one.


    Somehow managed to gain back that pesky 1/4lb lost of Saturday. Fasted yesterday but not wanting to waste food, made a big beef curry to use up stuff in fridge before leaving on Thursday. Ate too much and managed to bump up my allowance and it shows on the scales this morning.
    In town today decided to try on a swimsuit I’ve had my eye on. OMG I hate those changing room mirrors! My thighs have actually changed since last I looked. Very dimply and looking saggy, but that is because I’ve lost fat from them. Hope they continue to lose fat and eventually smooth out a bit (wishful thinking). Didn’t bother with the swimsuit, it didn’t do me any favours and I need all the help I can get! Did manage to find the shoes I have been looking for for ages, so that’s my wardrobe finished now ready to pack tomorrow. I haven’t had lunch today (not hungry) and will eat sensibly tonight so a semi Fd. Then as we will be travelling all Thursday we will fast on Wednesday instead, so will post my result on Thursday before leaving for Paris /South Africa . Only two more sleeps – getting excited!

    TTL you sound just like me, I can’t stand wasting food either. That 1/4 lb likes you doesn’t it? Know exactly what you mean about the mirrors too. We have Primark here in Spain and their mirrors are very unforgiving.

    I am excited about your holiday too and I’m not going! Have a fabulous time x

    Have a wonderful holiday TTL, feeling excited for you too – especially with all those new additions to your wardrobe.

    Oh no major fast fail for me today – day went swimmingly well, popped in Waitrose grabbed a soup carton (Made the same people that make the Skinnylicious soups have told you all about earlier), misread the calories on the label – gobbled it up complete with a piece of bread, went to add it to Myfitnesspal … oh no!! Mis-read the label, I was looking at the calories per 100g, I’d eaten the whole lot plus bread!! So demolished over 760 calories in one hit!!!! Aghhhhhh!!! Botheration!! Don’t make my mistake girls always check the label very carefully (which I normally do but came a cropper this time!!!) May try and do another on Friday but am driving down to Weymouth on Friday night so might not be good driving so far on a fast day!!

    Good luck to any Thursday fasters.


    Hi all,, well didn’t quite reach my goal, but you know what – I did the best I could.
    Now 10 St 1 1/2 lbs so a total loss of 9 1/2 lbs since January .
    Leaving today so will post if I can but if I don’t it’s because we are having a great time.
    Will catch up with you all end of May .
    Thanks to all you lovely people I can now wear a Swimsuit without feeling enormous. Your support has been brilliant. Keep at it everyone, we can do this!

    Oh my have we all disappeared?!!!

    Not that you will read this but hope you’re having an amazing time 3TL x

    I sneaked a weekend down in Weymouth weather wasn’t great but had lots of fun catching up with my cousins and went for a wonderful long run, along the river around the harbour and then along the beach (the best bit by far!!).

    Fasted yesterday.

    Am sitting here with crimson cheeks having just eaten a strawberry and white magnum – a few things seem to do that to me lately, think my next challenge might be to knock processed products containing sugar on the head!! Think it’s the sugar doing it to me so soon I could be a homemade only girl soon!

    Where have the rest of you gone?


    Hello all

    Sorry for not checking in for some time. I was away over the bank holiday weekend and before that was suffering with some pretty horrendous migraines. I wasn’t able to stick to fasting for 2 weeks which has thrown me off course a bit. I have been going at it with exercise though, lots of resistance and weight training. I weighed this morning and I wasn’t expecting to see a 4 pound gain. I fasted yesterday and will be fasting today. I am trying not to let it throw me off course though but weight loss this year has been very slow. Perhaps I’ve not been as strict as I should be on non fasting days – I eat what I want to eat on weekends but always go to the gym on a Sunday and work out on a Friday.

    I am hoping it’s just a temporary blip for now, and that once I get back into fasting twice this week, the weight will start to go down. I haven’t been feeling the effects of fasting as well as I did last year but I know I must continue and not let it discourage me otherwise I will quit and gain exponentially like I did last year between November and January! I am still smaller and healthier than I was at the beginning of the year so I need to try and bear that in mind.

    Very disappointed, but need to keep going and make a real change if I am going to see results. I think I will try and cut back on refined sugars, carbs during the week and save the treats for weekend only. If i limit it altogether I will just be miserable.

    Morning all

    Completed my second fast yesterday and had egg and salmon with edamame beans and salad for dinner with some miso soup which was so yummy and filling. I’m always much more full if I have lean protein and veggies/salad so I need to bear that in mind.

    Today I plan to have lots healthy things for breakfast, banana, mango, raspberry yogurt and cashew nuts for later as a snack if I need it, a salad with protein for lunch, and then for dinner I’m going to have a thai green curry with chicken and quinoa instead of rice. I’ve been substituting quinoa for rice a lot recently as it’s less bloating and much better nutritionally (although not low calorie but I went to a gym class this morning so not worried about that) I’m trying to focus on eating foods that are better for me rather than cutting back on calories all the time – i.e. more green tea and water not diet coke, fresh fruit instead of smoothies etc.

    Good luck to any of you fasting today, hope it goes well!

    Check in later x

    Hello Ladies
    Hope you are well keeping well. I am back in the fold and today is my FD for months!! Have not felt remotely hungry so far but give it time πŸ™‚ I am going to combine FD with low carb as I definitely feel better when I don’t eat them. I am having a big prawn salad for dinner tonight.

    I plan to fast today and Friday as that is just the way this week has turned out. Then next week I am going to try and get back to doing Monday & Wednesday as those days suit me best.

    I am hoping to give my weight loss a boost as I have been around the same weight (give or take a 2/3 pound gain/loss) for ages.

    Have a good day fellow fasters!! πŸ™‚

    Hi welcome back JFitzy and hello everyone else.

    Little D keep going and remember it isn’t just about weight loss, it’s also about being healthier and you’re definitely achieving that.

    I fasted today too JFitzy though am starving now!!

    Was walking along the corridor today and one of the young (gorgeous) teachers said, “Gail, you look absolutely amazing!” – been walking on air the rest of the day!! Keep at it everyone.

    Not sure if I am losing or not, am still fasting two days a week but haven’t weighed for a while, all my smaller clothes still fit comfortably; so i must be doing ok. Maybe I am slipping into maintenance mode without even realising!! Might weigh tomorrow to see if anything has changed.

    Good luck any of you lovelies that are fasting tomorrow.


    Hi Hilly

    I managed to get through my fast quite easily yesterday despite my hubby drinking beer and eating peanuts while we were sitting in the garden!! I kept my resolve even though he kept offering me wine!! I had a delicious prawn and avocado salad with mayo and a followed by a cup of tea and as square of dark chocolate and thankfully didn’t wake up feeling ravenous.

    Having prawns for lunch today and out to dinner tonight so will have a couple of glasses of white wine as I am fasting again tomorrow.

    Have a lovely weekend one and all and speak next week πŸ™‚ x

    Morning all

    Welcome back to JFitzy, it’s good to see you back! Well done for maintaining, you must look great! How did you find your first week back on 5:2?

    Hilly – what a great confidence boost, I bet they are absolutely right when they say you’re looking fantastic – well done you.

    I fasted Monday & Tuesday, went to a gym class on Wed, ran on Friday and another gym class on Sunday. I think I will make this a habit now – I quite enjoy getting fasts over and done with on Monday and Tuesday and I find the Tuesday fast easier than the Monday fast sometimes. I love going to the gym early morning on Wednesdays so won’t be missing that!

    Got my cuppa tea to wake me up – didn’t sleep well at all last night so needing it! Sushi for dinner tonight so will be looking forward to that!

    Hi everyone,

    Little D sounds like you’re getting your head back in the right place – you’re brave doing back to backs everyweek but that’s what I love about this, you can really make it work for you and we’re all unique!

    I did brave the scales on Thursday morning (can’t remember when I last previously did!!), to discover I have lost 2lbs meaning I’m just 4.5lbs from my final target weight. I now have a BMI of 23.2!! It was 30.6!! Am so happy to finally be the petite woman I should be rather than a round one!! Furthermore I think I might just (given I’ve been doing this for nigh on a year and a half!!) stick to it, so will always be in control. Now picture me doing a happy dance around the two huge bags of clothes that are too big for me in my bedroom!!)

    Keep going everyone – I’m a failed Weight Watcher, Slimming Worlder, Rosemary Conleyer and couldn’t stick with a nutritionist’s advice long term either!! Whoop whoop whoop for Intermittent Fasting!! πŸ™‚

    Is there anybody out there?


    Hi everyone! What do you weigh now Hilly? I have just weighed in. 8st 11lbs!! I have lost 2 stone! This WOL rocks!

    How is everyone else doing?

    Fasting today, liquids only tomorrow, loving it.

    We have a Facebook group if anyone fancies joining, just see my profile.

    Happy Fasting!

    Hi hope you all had a good weekend. I started back last Thursday and did my first fast day and I am fasting again today. I will weigh myself on Friday as I am off on holiday for a week so will fast again this Thursday before I go. I am not sure if I can fit one in when I am away but I might be able to. Anyway that will be 3 fasts in 8 days so that should give me a boost!

    Hope you all have a lovely week and I will post my weight loss (hopefully) on Friday πŸ™‚

    Morning all – hope everyone is well. I am fasting today and Thursday because of the bank holiday. Massively overindulged at the weekend, steak, cooked breakfasts, italian food and gelato and the only exercise I did was a run on Friday morning and a bit of walking and climbing stairs. Never needed a fast so much in my life as I do today! Off to the gym tomorrow morning so hoping that’ll make me feel a bit better, then fasting Thursday and will go running on Friday.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    Sorry I meant to say I did my first fast day a couple of weeks ago but then went away on a business trip and didn’t manage to do the second one that week so counted that as a maintenance week started again properly last week. Haven’t weighed yet but will do on Friday πŸ™‚

    Hi LittleDragon and everyone!!

    its good to see some familiar faces still here πŸ™‚ Little Dragon, am glad you are still on the forum and keeping strong, well done you!!

    i decided to come back because i want to loose some weight, not sure how much, but clothes are feeling a little snug, event though i haven’t gone up in size i thought i’d better tackle this now!! i am going to try my hardest to stick with it this time, and make it the way of life i was used to up to last year…

    2014 was a hard and tought time for me… but things are better now, it’s been a long hard road and loosing my dad was and still is, the saddest thing of all…

    anyway,yesterday was my very first fast lol, i have done this before so i know what to expect… gone ok, to be honest i was dreading it! good luck for today’s fasters, have a good one!!

    take care and happy fasting πŸ™‚ xxx


    Angie, it is so lovely to see you back here again – I was starting to wonder where you had gone. I remember you went through such a tough time last year – how is everything now? I hope you are feeling stronger and better. Don’t give yourself such a hard time about gaining the weight, you had far more important things on your mind! How are things with the husband too? Been missing you and glad to see you back.

    As for me, things are ok – I got down to 10 stone last year at the beginning of May, plateaued, gained a bit, stuck at 10.4-10.6 for ages and lost heart and came off fasting altogether around October and gained and gained back up to 11 stone. Started off this year at 11 and whilst I am not 10 stone again, I am feeling much better in myself. I was 10.4 a few weeks ago and then 10.6 but not weighed myself for a while as the weight fluctuates a lot and I get frustrated. I’ve been concentrating more on fitness and toning and my body has certainly changed shape even if the weight loss hasn’t been as rapid. Still plodding along and trying not to get despondent and learning to not be as hard on myself which is the reason I failed last year.

    Hello Angie I have just come back too! It is good to hear from you. Like me I think you said you had been lurking – I have been doing ok but like you want to kick start my weight loss again so I am back on the FD wagon! I am combining FD withe low carbs which will definitely help me on the non fast days as I will be more conscious of what I am eating – well that is the plan anyway!

    Hope things are getting a little bit easier for you and nice to see you back πŸ™‚

    Hi Hilly

    How much have you lost in total over the year and a half? x

    Thank you for replying all of you!!

    wow in a way i don’t feel so bad now, seems we all did came off the wagon a little lol!!

    LittleDragon you will get there again, i really believe when we get back on that horse we are stronger and more determined!! To me it looks like that you are doing all the right stuff anyway, so hang in there! believe me or not i have not been on the scales for almost a year πŸ™ i refuse to until am well into my first month at least… thank you for the kind advise too, and its great you are the same with yourself too, i guess its all to with discipline as well… bloody hard though!!

    Things are home are ok,i only work the weekends now as the journey was just too much, still at the Tate πŸ™‚ i have settled into a little routine, i go home to France as often as i can and the dogs are keeping me on my toes lol…

    JFitzy i am glad to see back on here too!! it feels like a little reunion lol!! yes i did lurk every so often but i just didn’t have the strength or heart to get back to fasting… well done on reducing/avoiding carbs, i try to be strong but gosh i am of Italian descent and well we know what that means in terms of carbs haha!!

    well my lovelies i hope you all had a good day/fast, my next one is friday… did anyone got the free sample soup from the Kitchen on the forum? i ordered mine yesterday, a freebie is a freebie πŸ™‚

    have a lovely evening and again thank you for the kind words, here’s to one fab fasting journey!

    Angie xxxxxx

    Wow it’s a reunion πŸ™‚ Welcome back Angeles and JFitzy, fab to see you here again ☺

    Angie how amazing are you still wearing the same size after everything you went through last year. Also sounds like you’ve got more balance in your life. Hope things are better at home too and that you’re still enjoying your home made cheese cake from time to time! (Hope I’ve remembered that right!!)

    Sounds like you’re doing well too JFitzy so good to have you back X

    I’ve plodded along the entire time and have never paused, have had a few ups, many downs and a lot of long plateaus. But to date have lost 2 stone 11.5 lbs and last time I weighed I was 8 stone 11 1/2 lbs. When I started 5:2 I never imagined that I’d reach my target of 8 stone!!! Never in a million years!

    I agree with you Applepie – 5:2 rocks a small do all of us wherever we are on our journey πŸ™‚ xxx

    Oops that should say as do all of us!! X

    wow Hilly66!!!!!!!

    super well done to you miss!!!! thank you so much for kind words, i remember when you started out, and look at you now!! you should feel so proud of yourself, great achievement… now you really inspiring me to keep up with fasting this time… yes i wear the same size, only just though lol,but clothes have begun to feel a bit too snug and well you know how it feels, when you know the brakes have to come on lol!! i know my body and if i let it slip any further i will be in big trouble hehe!!!!!!!!!!!
    i havent baked a cheesecake in a while lol, but now you mention it πŸ™‚

    i am glad all of you super people are still here, i wanted to come back so many times but i didnt have the heart too… but, am here now, and really inspired by all of you πŸ™‚ happy fasting everybody, good luck to today’s fasties πŸ™‚ and have a lovely day!

    Angie xxxxxxx

    Well done Hilly that is brilliant!! I like being back on FD as I find it makes me think more about what I eat. I also like the fact that I don’t have to count calories on my non FD days but I am finding this time I am not going mad those days!

    I will post my loss on Friday and then I will be away for 8 days so hope not to gain while on holiday. Mind you I am going to Venice so lots of ice cream I am sure!!!

    Have a good day everybody πŸ™‚

    By the way my target was 9 stone!! Not 8!!! That would be too much!!

    How’s everyone’s fast going today?

    Am in two minds as to whether to fast – fasted yesterday but today is the only day I can fit the second one in but I don’t often do back to back and am going out for a picnic!! Well haven’t had anything yet, so maybe a day and a half’s fast this week for me!!


    Hi Angie – I know the feeling of not having the heart to come back to the forum, if I have been quiet it means that I’ve not been very strict with myself and I’m too ashamed to admit it! But welcome back and really glad you are joining us again.

    JF I am so jealous you’re off to Venice – the gelato there is quite something. Make sure you enjoy lots of yummy pizza and pasta without guilt and pick up where you left when you get back – do not fast! Italy is not the place for that!

    Hilly don’t worry too much about fasting 2 full days – you can always pick up next week, especially since it is half term, I always find it hard to fast when I’m not at work. A day and a half is better than none at all, and if you can always do a few extra sit ups/lunges or a run.

    I went for a gym session before work this morning, I missed Sunday as was away for the weekend and could feel it – funny how quickly your body goes back to being lazy! But I’m back on it. Fasting again tomorrow.

    Good luck any fasters today!

    Hi LD I am really looking forward to it – we are going by train!! Should be good fun and yes I will enjoy the gelato I have heard it is fantastic!!

    Hi JFitzy,

    wanted to wish a lovely time in Venice too!! enjoy the ice cream lol, and have a great holiday πŸ™‚ x

    Thanks Angie!! x

    Have a fantastic time in Venice JFitzy xxxx

    Morning everyone!

    I hope you are all well,i am fasting today, my second one for this week πŸ™‚ anyone else?
    Going ok so far, the weather is a bit rubbish today… have a good day all of you fasting or not, and a great weekend ahead!! xx

    Morning all

    Hope everyone is ok.

    Currently suffering quite a bad bout of cystitis – anyone else suffered it? It’s not pleasant at all.

    I had to miss my morning run today but otherwise this week has been good – stuck to my fasts and was very good on non fast days. Had sushi and miso soup for dinner last night and low fat beef bolognese with slim pasta on Tuesday. I weight this morning, but I am up a pound on last week which is slightly frustrating but to be expected after my crazy bank holiday eating. It might also have been all the water I’ve been drinking constantly flush out this infection.

    Weather was good this morning but has turned grey – yuck.

    Exhausted as was up at 5 and wasn’t able to sleep due to these pains.

    Hope everyone else is having a better day.

    Hi LD,

    Sorry to hear you’re poorly, hope you feel better very soon πŸ™‚ well done on doing so well with your fasting, my second fast today and not too bad though belly is rumbling a bit lol i am just ignoring it!

    Have a good day anyway and hopefully you will be able to recover and have a good rest this weekend, take care πŸ™‚ xx

    Good luck with your fasting Angie – hope it goes well. Have a lovely weekend x

    Thank you LD!

    and have a lovely weekend too, hope you feel better real quick πŸ™‚ xx

    Thanks Angie – fingers crossed! It’s not pleasant πŸ™ xx

    Good morning everyone πŸ™‚

    Poor you little d cystitis can be horrible. A friend that used to suffer a lot was recommended cranberry juice by her doctor – it helped X Good on you two fasts as well.

    Angie you’re amazing bet it feels good to be fasting again. I was over your way yesterday visiting a friend that’s moved to Cliftonville – was lovely walking along the beach – could have walked for miles πŸ™‚

    Lunch out today I might choose the low calorie option will see how I feel πŸ™‚

    Have a fab day everyone xxxx

    Thank you Hilly66!!

    you should have popped in lol! i haven’t been on the beach for a while now, dogs are not allowed πŸ™ but yes i know what you mean, nothing like a long walk on the pebbles, especially when its sunny πŸ™‚
    Not so nice today though…getting windier by the minute here, but i still take dogs for walks twice a day, that’s about an hour each day… they don’t like rain and wind that much grrr

    yes it does feel good to be fasting again, it’s like regaining some control, it’s going ok so far but i’ll be glad when tonight comes lol!

    enjoy your lunch out anyway, have a great day everyone, and never mind this crap weather, apparently we are having a heatwave next week πŸ™‚ xx

    Hello all you happy fasters! I’m back! Some new names as well as the all of you that helped me in the past. Had a great time in SA. Can’t begin to tell you – absolutely everything was FAB U LOUS! I know I have gained weight but haven’t had the courage to get on the scales yet. Marking 1st June as my starting point again and actually looking forward to getting back on track. Learned so much about my health also with a Kinesiologist in Swaziland – gobsmackingly accurate, and she advised me what to do to put things right. Highly recommended fasting, she does this herself. Anyway, will keep this short and make a start on Monday again. Great to be back with you all and look forward to getting to know the ‘newcomers’
    Third Time Lucky

    Morning all

    Hope everyone’s well.

    TTL so glad you had a wonderful holiday, welcome back. Don’t worry about the gain, holidays are for enjoying yourself! Hope today’s fast goes well and you feel like you’re back in the swing of it.

    Had a good weekend – lots of dinners and brunches this weekend but did manage a run on Saturday and a gym session Sunday.

    Fasting today – already struggling!

    Morning everyone

    hope you all had a great weekend, well first of the month and all that, and apparently its going to be warm this week πŸ™‚

    fasting today, so good luck to my fellow fasters, hope it’s going well!

    have a lovely day and stay strong xxx

    Hello all – glad to be back on the Fasting Wagon again, it helps me get organised in the kitchen and find eating more simple dishes saves money too.
    Managed to gain 2.5lbs during holidays, but that’s OK. It had to happen and not as bad as I thought. I have set my target to lose 4lbs, down to 10 stone, which should be reasonably doable in the short term. Then will tackle the next 1/2 stone down to 9 1/2 stone. Haven’t done much exercise except walking so will be glad to get back to Aqua fit and Pilates this week. It’s amazing how I have stiffened up over the last month. You don’t realise how much benefit you get from exercise until you stop doing it.
    This will be my first fast day for 4 weeks so hope it goes quickly. Prawn stir fry for dinner tonight and am already looking forward to it! Discovered I am allergic to Wheat so the carbs will have to go. That will be a challenge as I do love bread, pastry and the occasional cake, but hey, if it makes me feel better to cut them out, so be it!
    Good luck everyone if you’re fasting today, good to be back.

    Today is going to be a struggle, I feel – I’m quite tired and hungry and I think I’ll be clock watching most of the day!

    TTL 2.5 pounds is such a small gain I am sure you will have no issues getting rid of that plus more to get down to 10.

    As for me, I can’t seem to break past 10.4 – perhaps too many dinners out or not being strict enough on the non fasting days.

    Morning everyone!

    i hope you are ok, LD how are you? are you feeling better? i hope so.. the weather is crazy today, strong winds and rain grrr but apparently form tomorrow its going to be warmer and sunny πŸ™‚

    good luck to all the fasters today, mine went ok yesterday but i was glad when the day was over lol!

    have a good day fasties, despite the rain… take care in that wind!

    Angie xxxxxxxxxxx

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