LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • Hello to all!

    Just starting a new thread to document progress in my second month!

    I lost 8 pounds in the first four weeks that I was on the 5:2. Really happy with that!

    I am now in the sixth week of fasting, doing my final fast for this week today.

    Thanks to my forum friends Hilly66, Angie090465 and JFitzy – (not to mention all the other kind souls who have supported and encouraged!) – I have now put my scales away until March 7th and will document my progress when I have my weigh in on that date!

    Let’s all have a strong end to February!

    Morning (well it just about still is!) everyone 🙂

    Oh LittleDragon so sorry to hear about your work, I had a very tough time at work last year, so I do know how it feels – don’t let the b******s get you down!!

    Take strength from your fasting day – though must be tough stress makes our blood sugar levels drop, which gives us pyhsiological urge to eat!! Make sure you have some damage limitation snacks nearby, maybe a handful of brazil nuts, bit of ham or diet jelly, anything that works, that isn’t a doorstop of chocolate or a delectable hunk of cheese!

    Finished my fasting for the week but will be a challenge for the next few days as it’s my birthday on Sunday (fun but you should see the size of the cake my son has made for me with my Mum!!) and also got a difficult conversation to have with my boyfriend 🙁

    Have a good fasting day everyone,off out to lunch wit some work friends now, will try not to do too much damage xxx

    Well done LittleDragon for starting the new thread. I have been in meetings so just got around to replying to you now.

    So far so good on my 3rd day of fasting. Keep thinking about my wine and Pop Chips that I am going to enjoy tomorrow night whilst watching the rugby! 🙂

    Hilly66 – Happy Birthday for Sunday – mine is next Friday and we are going away for the weekend so I will be eating what I fancy thus the 3 days this week and next for damage limitation purposes of course ha ha 🙂

    Good afternoon Hilly66 – thanks for your lovely message, trying to just get my head down and crack on with work and trying not to get too despondent but you know how it is! Just had a large black coffee so feeling buzzed and not hungry at all which will push me through for the next few hours. I’ve got some sugar free jelly (6 cal) in the fridge if I need it.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great year ahead! Enjoy the cake, you deserve it! And you worked hard to fast this week so you deserve to indulge. Hope it’s yummy.

    Sorry to hear you have to have a difficult conversation with your boyfried, I hope that goes as well as it can go, and you know where to come if you need a word of support! Like you said though, draw strength from your fasting and you will be a better person for not eating your feelings (not assuming you would anyway but I know I would have done before the 5:2!)

    JFitzy – good luck on your third day – hope the meetings went well today! I saw some Pop Chips in Waitrose this morning and thought of you! But my goodness they’re expensive at £2.10 a bag! (Maybe that’s just the Waitrose price!)


    Ha ha my hubby thinks I am going to turn into a Pop Chip!! They used to be 1.99 per pack ( which is bad enough but 2.10 is madness) but, they do have them on special offer from time to time at 2 packs for £2 so I usually buy in bulk – and yes I mean in BULK!!! 🙂

    Hope you day is getting better.

    Hilly66/Angie/LittleDragon where do you all live? I am in London 🙂

    Haha, JFitzy, there are worse things to turn into than a Pop Chip! Think how delicious you would be! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a special offer on them and get them when I can.

    I’m also in London. 🙂 I think Angie is in Kent but sometimes works in London – not sure about Hilly66!

    PS in advance – happy birthday for next Friday! 🙂

    Thanks I am really looking forward to it.

    Maybe we could all meet up sometime, when the weather is better, and have a 5:2 drink or 2!!

    That would be really nice – can’t wait for this rain to stop and see some sunshine! 🙂

    Hope you’ve got something lovely planned for your birthday!

    Afternoon gang!!

    thank you litlleDragon for new thread, hope your day is going well and no more upset for you :-)stay strong missy!

    JFitzy I live in kent, south east..In a little town called Deal but I work in London 🙂

    the weather is rubbish today and it was so lovely yesterday!!!

    Hilly66 a happy lovely birthday from me too on Sunday, bet its going to be a fab day 🙂

    take care everyone and have a good afternoon….now, back to the movie hehehe 🙂 xx

    LittleDragon we are off to the Cotswolds (if it is not flooded that is!). Love that part of the world and it is the very first place my now hubby and I went to when we started going out 🙂 You are on then we will meet up when the weather is better and we can sit outside.

    Angie I know Deal it is a lovely place my hubby’s Aunt lives there.

    Better get back to work now as I have to get some things finished off this afternoon.

    I will check in later x

    Ah lovely I’ve always wanted to visit the Cotswolds but never got round to it – perhaps I’ll look into it in the summer! What a great place to celebrate your birthday, I’m sure you’ll have a superb time.

    Have a productive day, speak later I am sure x

    Hello ladies, thought I would check in with you all and see how your days are going? JFitzy how is the fast?

    I’m just having a bit of late lunch now – got laughing cow cheese and chicken breast on a Wartburtons Thin – hoping this will carry me over into dinner which is around 7.00 tonight

    Hope you’re all doing well – the sun has made an appearance, yay!

    Afternoon all 🙂

    LittleDragon it sounds like your day is going good, am glad! its been raining here most the day but still took doggies out, its kind of clearing now…
    You are almost there, am sure you’ll be fine now till 7pm 🙂

    JFitzy you too the day is almost through! I am always amazed when people know Deal lol, until I moved here I never knew it 🙂

    take care everybody xx

    Hi LittleDragon & Angie

    All is going well except I must say I have been EXTREMELY tempted to eat my soup which is sitting in the fridge but that means I cannot have my chilli dinner (eek decisions!!!) However I have vowed to stay strong, keep away from the fridge and keep busy until I leave at 5pm 🙂

    It is actually Friday for me as I don’t work tomorrow so even more impressive that I am fasting today (hee hee)!

    I will try and check in later but if I don’t get time have a fab weekend LD, Angie, Hilly66 and everybody else who is reading this post and I will speak to you all next week xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Angie – hope the rain goes away for you but good on you for taking the dogs out for a walk in the rubbsh weather. Kent is really beautiful, I am jealous!

    I’m on course to leave work at 4.30! Yes! Granted I am going to a work related meeting til 6.30 but at least I’m away from the office.

    Hope JFitzy’s fast is going well.

    Ooh didn’t see your message JF – well done on staying strong today – why don’t you have the soup and a smaller portion of the chilli – well good on you for deciding to stay strong! I am impressed!

    Speak soon, have a fantastic weekend, look forward to hearing about your next weigh in soon! xx

    Good evening all.

    Just thought I would check in as my last fast day for this week comes to an end.

    Again, I’ve not really felt too hungry or grouchy today! I had my late lunch in two parts 3pm and 4.30pm, got home around 7, did some light housework to work up my appetite and will have dinner around 8pm I think.

    Glad today has come to an end but I’m expecting a horrible day tomorrow at work! Yuck! The weekend can’t come soon enough!

    Hope everyone who was fasting has had a good fast day and those who haven’t fasted have had lots of yummy food.

    PS JFitzy: guess what – I got two Curly Wurlys today, might have one tomorrow as a treat – didn’t realise they were so low in calories – just 115 for the whole bar! And it’s really long (yes thin and lots of holes) but doesn’t feel like a low calorie treat! But WHEN did they go up to 69p?!?! I can remember back in the day when they cost about 15p! Goodness me!

    Hi LittleDragon just picked up your post on my phone! I know 115 calories and I feel like I am cheating hee hee!! Asda do a pack of 5 for £1 – I am a supermarket tart according to him indoors!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a fab weekend and grit your teeth tomorrow x x x x

    Evening JF!

    How did your fast go today? Did you manage to hold out until your chili?

    Thank goodness it’s nearly the weekend, woohoo!

    I need to go to Asda but unfortunately I don’t live near one – paying 69p for ONE CW is insane!

    Have a super weekend, great to chat! xx

    hi all! hope those fasting today had a good fast. I will be fasting tomorrow since neither today or yesterday worked out for it. I must know, what is a Curly Wurly?

    Hey Kilda – glad you found us on this thread! Good luck tomorrow for your fasts, wishing you a successful end to your week.

    A Curly Wurly is a chocolate bar – used to be a favourite of mine when I was a kid!

    Good morning gang!!

    I hope everybody is feeling great on this sunny chilly Friday morning 🙂
    Fasting today so might start climbing the walls by this afternoon haha!!

    Good luck if you’re fasting as well, we can do this and tomorrow is just around the corner, yeah!!!!!!!!

    Have a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Morning all

    Hope you’re all doing well this sunny morning.

    Angie good luck with your fast – one day and then it’s the weekend, woohoo!

    I brought this up the other week, perhaps I’ll start another thread in a different section for this but I wondered if anyone suffers from insomnia on fast days… I was awake til 6am last night and just couldn’t drop off, it was horrible. It might well have also been work worries but the exact same thing happened last week too. It tends to happen to me on my second fast of the week, and it seems to be a relatively new thing – didn’t have this issue in the beginning. Help please!

    Morning everyone and what a beautiful day! So nice to see blue sky and the sun. Am working from home and fasting today. First time that I have fasted not in the office so am really hoping that I don’t get tempted by my fridge! Hope everyone has a good day fasting or not!

    Hi LittleDragon!

    I am sorry to hear you didn’t get much sleep, ouch, I know it can be horrible!
    I wake up almost every night around 2 or 3 am, and it takes ages to get back to sleep..then its time to get up anyway!
    But for me its every night not just fast days… so I don’t have any suggestions hun, am sorry but I have read this many times on forums… do you wake up hungry? I try and have a hot choc last thing at night on fast days, it fills me up and I drift off lol…

    Hope someone will help! have a lovely day and try and catch a few winks if you can 🙂 xx

    Hi Angie

    I remember you mentioned you often wake up in the night. I have had sporadic sleep issues in the past but recently it seems to tally with the second fast day that I do. I don’t go to bed hungry though, I always have my evening meal around 7pm /8pm or as late as possible to avoid going to sleep hungry. Last night I was the same – went to bed around 11.30, wasn’t hungry but by about 3am after lying awake for hours, I was a bit hungry.

    Might go and get some low cal hot choc to for the cupboard and use your tip – thanks!

    Wishing you a good fast day!! xx

    Thank you LittleDragon!!

    they have lots of low cal hot choc in the shops but stay well clear of the WW ones, they are vile, honestly I tried one and it had no taste at all, it was like drinking hot water grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    I have the Option ones, they are lovely and so many different flavours to choose from too 🙂

    Have a lovely day xxx

    Thanks Angie. Didn’t even know WW did a hot choc but I certainly won’t be buying that one!

    I really like the Options hot choc Belgian is my favourite. Will go out and get some today.


    Morning everyone,

    I feel like I abandoned you all!! Had a lovely time yesterday lunching with friends, then on to my sister-in-law and then when I got back my lovely 13 year old daughter had chatterboxitis and had to drive to Asda to get an ice lolly!!!! (Well didn’t have to but it was fun – you’ll be proud of me I didn’t indulge!) Had I know there is an urgent need for Curly Wurlys I might have got some for you all 🙂

    Sorry you’re struggling to sleep Little Dragon, I was awake til 2am but that was because I was cold, try doing the fast exercise a couple hours before, then those little endorphins might come out to help you snooze!!!
    I drink a lot which helps stave off the hunger pans but alas does tend to mean one wake up in the night to spend a penny!!! But isn’t so bad, just autopilot and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Not too far away from you all either down in Surrey, so a meet up when the sun is finally here and has some warmth (+ of course we’re all be well on our way to where we want to be). What about our friends across the pond, maybe we could skype, or possibly could we set up a facebook group – 5:2ers or something!

    How’s the fasting going Kilda, Angie and Jenki?

    Am off to Notting Hill later to principally to see a recruitment agent but not been before so might go up early and wander about, hoping a Hugh Grant type will pop round the corner!!! 🙂


    Hi there Hilly66!!

    glad you’re having a good morning, or whats left of it lol!! I really like your idea for a meet up, that would defo be fun, am up for it!! 🙂

    I can bake a mean cheesecake with my hens eggs lol,so I could bring one for you all!! I have a dozen laying hens and even though I am not a huge egg eater, I sell them to work colleagues 🙂

    hope your Hugh Grant bumps into you!! xxxx

    Morning Jenki2 and Hilly66 (and Angie!)

    Jenki2 good luck fasting today, I have never fasted while at home, I don’t know whether I would be able to stand the temptation of my kitchen!

    Hilly66 did you have a nice dinner and lunch with colleagues? Ice lolly for 40 cal, can’t really argue with that! Sounds like you had some trouble sleeping last night too. I will try the exercise thing – I bought the book a while ago, but haven’t actually got round to reading it or following it yet. I’m about to go to the gym so hope this sets me up for a better sleep tonight. I slept around 6am, so feeling really groggy but got to push through the rest of the day. I really hope this doesn’t become a regular thing.

    Angie – I think you’re putting yourself through some kind of twisted torture talking about yummy cheesecake you can make while you’re fasting!

    Have a good day all!

    Thanks LittleDragon – so far so good. Have had a lot of black coffee and water and have the olympics on in the background so not my most productive work day!

    Angie – my parents have hens and love their eggs so much nicer than shop bought! Cheesecake sounds lovely too although probably best not to think that much about that at the moment!

    Hilly66, hope you had a good time in Notting Hill – its so nice to see the sun again after all the rain. Am going to try and head off for a run soon as its too nice to be indoors!

    Right best try and get on with some work *looks around for more distractions*…..

    Very excited – before Christmas my Mum bought me some jeggings, I foolishly bought a size 12 – not a chance, so had to take them back and get a 14, to my horror I couldn’t even do those up either but I was to vain to take them back and get a 16 so I kept them!!! Have just put them on, now they do up with ease and have put a checked shirt on (normally I can’t wear shirts blouses etc, as by the time I can do them up round my chest, they’re massive everywhere else!!!), which I can do up.

    Woo hoo!

    Good on you Jenki2 going off for a run. I have fits and starts of running, finally get to the stage where it’s vaguely enjoyable and life comes along and I lose it again! Fab day for it, cool but sunny.

    Jealous of you girls and your hens – though am a bit scared of them!! (One legged cockrell, at my Great gran’s that used to chase me and peck my white socks!!)but the taste of fresh eggs really is something else!!

    LittleDragon I downloaded a little App to talk me through my “fast exercise”, it really is over in 7 minutes!! So far (only been 2 weeks) am managing to do it every other day. It’s not too bad 🙂

    So Angie, with your cheesecake it might have to be a picnic!! Lol you are definitely going for torture talking about such things on your fast day!!

    Right off to London now.

    Hope you all have a fab afternoon, be back this evening x

    Hilly66, amazing news about your skinny jeans. That must feel fab! Well done you!

    I might do the same with a pair of skinny jeans I bought just before Christmas… I wore them one day and they were SO tight when I sat down that I just couldn’t wear them and had to change into an old pair. I might try and see what they fit like now!

    Just got in from an hour’s gym session, burnt 560 cal according to the elliptical machine so feeling good about that.

    I had crumpets for breakfast and felt really full after them, but didn’t feel too bad about eating them at all. They’re only 100 cal per crumpet after all!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day, yay for the sun! Nearly the weekend! X

    Afternoon/evening all!!

    hope you all had a good day, Hilly66 that is such a great feel good factor about the jeans, bet you were smiling all day, well done you!

    LittleDragon I love crumpets too, the WW ones are only about 68 cals, and they are ok, not quite like their hot choc grrrr

    my day has been ok but as always I get a little irritable and at times I think am going a bit mad lol, I am hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another hour and dinner, phew!!

    sooo looking forward to tomorrow, I am working but that’s ok, driving is more relaxed at weekends so it makes a more pleasant journey too..
    oooh yes about the cheesecake, that was a little silly of me, sorry guys!!!

    anywhow, hope you all have a pleasant evening, take care xxxx

    Evening everyone, hope everyone’s ready for the weekend.

    Angie, I’ve never seen WW crumpets, I’m happy to stick to the Warburtons normal ones as they’re the best and would rather have the extra 30 calories haha. Love them with lots of butter (eek!) and Marmite, delicious. How did your fast go today? What did you have for your meals?

    Hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight… really hope this insomnia business isn’t a regular occurrence…

    Hilly66 – how was Notting Hill today, great weather for it, did you see Hugh Grant?!

    So, I have some good news… while I have successfully avoided the scales (in my insomniac state last night, I did think about jumping on them sneakily and just having a look but I resisted – it helps having them hidden away!) I have had a mini NSV – someone else came up with that, and I’m borrowing it – it stands for non-scales-victory.

    Tonight I tried on a pair of skinny jeans I bought from M&S before Christmas. I was away over Christmas and packed them to come with me. However, they were so tight that I just couldn’t wear them, I couldn’t sit down in them, let alone eat anything while wearing them. They really dug into my tummy and I had a terrible muffin top. I remember thinking ‘M&S sizing is generous, I’m getting far too fat now…”

    Well, tonight they slipped on perfectly. They didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I decided to wear them out for dinner tonight and when sitting down in them, they didn’t dig in like they used to.

    Really happy – although last month I saw the numbers drop on the scale, it’s really nice to have non-number related victories too.

    And with that, I’m happy to start my weekend 🙂 yay!

    Afternoon everyone!

    hope you are all having a good Saturday, I am working today 🙁 LittleDragon you are another skinny jeans success, well done you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had a warburton for lunch yesterday with ham, usual stuff lol and a WW meal in the evening, green tea in the afternoon, aand a couple of satsumas…oh I also had a low fat yogurt, bumped the cals intake but hey I was starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoy your day peeps, take care xxxx

    Afternoon Angie – thanks for your message, sorry to hear you’re working but I hope those customers are behaving themselves today!

    Thank you so much, really happy about the jeans – a small victory and I feel really inspired to keep going. I don’t know what my “goal weight” will be – maybe somewhere in the 9 stone zone – a bit like you!

    Angie can I ask a bit about your weight loss journey – did you do any diets before the 5:2? How successful were they? How much did you lose? and how much do you want to lose from now?

    Have a good day xx

    Evening everyone

    Hope you all had a good day, mine was not too bad, busy att he gallery but glad i finished early..

    LittleDragon of course i dont mind the questions lol!! Well my story begins roughly 7 years ago, i really kind of let mysefl go, ate all wrong things, so one day i decided enough was enough and i took myself in hands. Back then i was a size 14 going on to 16 so way too big for my 5’2 ish frame!! To be honest i didnt dare weight myself then but i guess i must have been almost 10 st.
    I went on a low fat diet, i was very strict then, i didnt do calorie counting and did it all by myself, and soon the weight fell off, i dreamed of buying a size 12 jeans, but soon i was buying size 10 and from then on i never looked back!! My weight settled around 9st 10 or so, crept up to 9’13 and by now i wasnt happy, so back in July when i stumbled across the 5.2 i thought i can do that!! I went into it mainly for health benefits and i wanted something long term too, no faddy diet or expensive pills, and hey presto i lost almost 10 lbs, so now i am around 9,5 but havent weighed myself for weeks, though i love the way my clothes feel, and still a size 10 🙂 i would love to shift those last 5 lbs but we’ll see, i am a lot more active now since having my dogs and walk most days for an hour..
    So that is my story lol, if i can do it everyone can, beleive me!! For me though its a long term thing, and i want to be healthy above everything!!
    Hope this wasnt too long 🙂 and anything else i forgot then ask!! Its a long slog but you will get there, it takes patience and determination , which i know you have loads of!!

    Have a lovely evening, take care xxx

    Hope everyone had a good day. Angie, I had to work today too. LittleDragon, congratulations on getting into the skinny jeans! That must be such a good feeling and I bet you look fabulous in them.

    Today was the end of week 6 for me and I didn’t lose any weight compared to last week (oh no, the dreaded plateau). But I lost inches from odd places – a little from my neck, biceps and bust. Nothing at all below the chest. I know it’s just a little slowdown and will try not to let it bother me but I have to admit it is frustrating to see the scale sit there, right in the same spot as last week. I really should join you all in putting the scale away til March.

    Hi there Kilda!!

    please please do not worry if you don’t loose every week/day/nite lol!!
    your body will start changing, and as you said you have lost inches, its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep on going 🙂 have a fab sunday, working again today though… ah never mind!!
    take care xxx

    Good morning everyone, been a busy couple of days but I’m back (and a year older – boo hoo!!!). Maybe some damage today but never mind it’s my birthday!!!

    Had my difficult conversation yesterday, it was very emotional and I felt terrible but we both managed to get through. Actually feel better now it’s all out in the open.

    Today is normally my weigh day, so it has been hard resisting the scales this morning!! Had to satisfy myself with the tape measure, woo hoo have lost 2.5 inches from my waist since 6th Jan – very happy with that. Just need to keep going.

    Thanks for sharing your story Angie, such an inspiration to us all.

    I’m just shy of 5′ 1″ and have battled most of my life with my weight, have been to Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley and even sort the advice of a nutritionist (definitely the best move but I just couldn’t sustain it!!). Presently I’m a 14 to 16, definitely much too much for me because underneath all that blubber I really am quite small!!!. I do so hope I can stick with this and get back to a healthy weight for my size, must confess I can’t actually imagine being a size 10 at the present moment – it just doesn’t work in my head!! Am just plodding along week by week and celebrating my small successes!!

    Right have to go ASDA now, to get some food for this afternoon, my family are coming over to help me celebrate my birthday (48 gulp!!!). Speak later everyone xxx

    PS If anyone is fasting today, hope it goes well and everyone else enjoy your day xxxx

    Don’t be too hard on yourself Kilda, I sometimes have a small gain but we all have weight fluctuations over the month and you know you are smaller than you were. Keep persevering x

    Hi Hilly66 , HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! hope you have a lovely time!!!and well done on the inches loss, that’s fab!!

    sorry about your difficult day yesterday, hope you are better today and things just keep better 🙂

    Oh Hilly66 I never imagined myself as size 10 before either!! I used to envy my friend going into a shop and just picking up a pair of trousers, inside I was hurting like hell… believe me it can be achieved, determination and time, which you are doing already!! step by step…

    I am 48 too 🙂 soon be 49 though grrrrrrrrrrrr 🙁 oh my, in April…

    take care and have a great evening hun xxxxxxxxx

    happy birthday Hilly66! And thanks for the encouragement Angie and Hilly. Don’t worry, I’m not letting it get me down. I’ve lost 15 lbs total since starting, and I can see a difference. Actually I lost more than I expected the week before, so my body was probably just evening it out. This week’s results did inspire me to get out today and take one of the dogs for a longer walk though, so if nothing else, he was happy! Just going to stay away from the scales a little til they start telling me things I like again.

    Hilly what is your app you mentioned for the fast exercise?

    Hello to Angie, Kilda and Hilly.

    First up, happy birthday Hilly! Hope you’ve has a fantastic day! Treat yourself! Sorry to hear the conversation was difficult but I hope you feel better for having had it. Also well done on holding off on weighing yourself today, staying true to the pact! I appreciate that 🙂 if you had given in I probably would have done too!

    Angie thanks for sharing your story, what an inspiration, I was just curious about how you ended up on the 5:2 diet. Well done on all your success so far! Bet you’re looking and feeling amazing.

    Kilda well done on your incredible 15 pound loss, what a great job! Keep on going!

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone. I’m fasting tomorrow so I’ll be back! Xx

    Morning gang!!

    very early start for me today as due to change of rest days I am working..
    so I decided to fast today instead of tomorrow when i’ll be home, so LittleDragon I am with you 🙂

    last night I stayed over at a friends in London and we had KFC, oooh it was nice 🙂 never eat it otherwise lol, so it felt like a treat!! so I feel more than ready for a good detox today grrrrrrrrrrr

    hope everybody is fine and dandy on this mild Monday lol, and that your weekend was great!!

    Hilly how was your birthday? hope you enjoyed it, bet it was fab 🙂

    cheerio for now, have a good one everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

    Morning all

    Goodness, what an early start for you Angie! Good shout fasting on Monday, there are lots of Monday fasters, including me, and I think it’s a good day to fast as you get to detox from the weekend. Ahhh I absolutely LOVE KFC, it’s such a problem, I love any form of fried chicken. I’ve not actually had any since starting on the Fast Diet in Jan, but I used to have it quite a lot before! (perhaps why i was so overweight)

    I ate VERY well this weekend (and by well I don’t mean healthily…) lots of rich food, duck, creamed potatoes, chocolate, burger… but didn’t feel too bad doing it as went to the gym Friday Saturday and Sunday and fasting today.

    A colleague told me today I’m looking really slim so that’s made me really happy 🙂 woohoo. Just under two weeks until I weigh myself!

    Hope you all have a good day! The sun is out!! xx

    Morning All,

    I am fasting today as well although luckily have a very busy day ahead so shouldn’t think too much about food!

    I had a bit of a good weekend as well with probably too much wine and beer involved. Oh well at least I get to detox today!

    So lovely to see that big yellow thing in the sky – been so long I almost didn’t recognise what it was!! Hope everyone has a great day and happy fasting!x

    Happy fasting everyone!!

    LittleDragon, what a great booster that is when someone remarks on your slimming!! well done hun, you are doing good!!!!

    have a good Monday all, enjoy the sun xxx

    Unforunately I’ll be stuck inside for the day so no enjoying the sun for me, boohoo!

    Good luck to all fasting today! xx

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