LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • Me too LittleDragon!! 🙂

    have a fab day anyway xx

    Morning all hope you had a great weekend.

    Hilly66 how was the birthday?

    I was so excited for the weekend and ended up being in agony with toothache from lunchtime on Saturday and ended up having an emergency appointment at the dentist this morning – the result is I have just had the first part of a root canal aghhhh!

    Back at work now feeling a wee bit tender but I have my pain killers to keep me going. In spite of it all I still managed to have a good weekend and I am getting excited about my weigh in on Thursday (supposed to be Friday but we are going away). I don’t feel any lighter but I have moved my jeans belt in another notch today so something must be happening! 🙂

    JFitzy I am excited for you lol!!

    please don’t be too downhearted if the loss isn’t in lbs but rather in inches, a loss is a loss!!! 🙂

    hope you are feeling much better now, have a lovely day!

    Thanks Angie – I would like to see a loss on the scales but I am pleased with the overall change in body shape so a scales loss would just be a bonus! I cannot believe this is me talking – I used to weigh myself everyday without fail! 🙂

    Morning all! (I know, it’s not morning for you anymore, but it is for me!) JFitzy, so sorry about your tooth, ouch!

    Thanks Kilda – just had a bowl of soup (on a fast day) and some pain killers ast the injection has just worn off!! Not feeling too bad actually and I haven’t had much of an appetite today so that is helping me 🙂 I have an M&S ready meal for tonight cod and mash so thankfully no chewing involved (hee hee)!!

    Where to you live – US? x

    yes, Maryland on the east coast of the US. It’s 10:30 in the morning here. 🙂

    Have a good day Kilda!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Ooh lovely I would like to go there sometime. My sister lives in KY and I have been to the US quite a few times. I was in NY before Christmas for work but I did have some time and did lots of shopping!! 🙂

    Hello all

    Well thank goodness today is over – again not for fasting reasons but for work related reasons!

    I’ve been feeling really grouchy and irritable all day – I think this is work related, I haven’t really felt hungry at all but just generally annoyed by everyone and everything at work. Moan moan moan. OH and someone threw out my Warburtons Thins from the work fridge!?!? I had 5 out of 6 of them left in there and someone chucks them out?!?! (Or took them… urgh!) So had to make an emergency dash to the supermarket today for lunch, annoying!

    Having a spinach and ricotta cannelloni for dinner tonight, and saved some calories for a bed time Options Hot Choc.

    Who was fasting today and how did it go?

    Me too just about to have dinner soft food after my visit to the dentist today!! 🙁 x

    Sorry to hear about your dental work JFitzy – wishing you all the best for a really speedy recovery! Root canals are no fun!

    well done to those who fasted today! Enjoy a much deserved dinner and a good rest. Today is an eating day for me, tomorrow I fast.

    Evening everyone,

    I was fasting today too – how have my fellow fasters found it today?

    Have stuck to it today, but found it very difficult, back at work after a week off and the staff room was awash with cakes!! Didn’t trust myself in there so I went for a short walk, since it was such a lovely day. There’s a nearby park with a small stream running through so decided to go down there. As I was gazing dismally at the rubbish people leave about: a flash of irridescent blue dazzled me as it flew about 20 yards. I couldn’t believe it my first ever sighting of a kingfisher! With the sun shining down, it seemed to indicate the promise of good times 🙂

    We are going to succeed everyone x

    Evening all,

    Well done to all of you who fasted today, i didnt find it too bad as i was at work but relieved its over now!!
    LittleDragon whoever did take your warburton needs a good slap!!! Thats stealing grrrrrrr.. Hope your work issues dont get you down too much though..

    Well have a lovely evening everyone, i am looking foward to a good sleep 🙂 nite nite fab fasters!! Xxxx

    Morning all, how are we today? Who is fasting today? Yesterday went well I found but glad to have done one fast already this week – that’s the thing I like about fasting Mondays. I haven’t decided whether to do Thursday or Wednesday this week, but I’m thinking probably Thursday as I’ve got an after work do on Wed.

    Hope everyone has a fab day. xxx

    Morning all, today is a normal day for me so milk in my coffee – yippee. Yesterday was a fast day and was fine. Work was so busy that it passed in a flash. Am fasting again tomorrow and am toying with doing an additional day on Friday as well but not sure if I will have the motivation!

    Has anyone done 4:3? I am finding just thinking about the prospect a bit scary!

    Littledragon – I think that I remember reading somewhere that you are not weighing yourself for a while – when are you going to step back on the scales? I think that I might join you in a scale ban as they are becoming seriously addictive!

    Hope everyone has a great day and if you are fasting stay strong!

    Morning Jenki – you are right, I’ve been away from the scales for just over a week now – I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself, think maybe a week or two ago. The first four weeks I was on the 5:2, I was obsessive about the scales. Then I realised that it was getting too exhausting having my mood dictated by numbers so decided to hold off for the second set of four weeks – Hilly66 and I have made a pact not to weigh ourselves until March 7th – you are most welcome to join us in that! It’s not too long away – just under two weeks and imagine how great it’ll be to see a decrease of 4/5 pounds instead of 1/2!

    Have a great day!

    Morning ladies how are we all today? I fasted yesterday which was very easy after my dental work as I wasn’t that hungry. I am fasting again today and for a change saving all my calories until tonight. I am on my last offical week of 4:3 – waiting to see what my result is on Thursday at my monthly weigh in!! Not sure if the scales will have moved much but my clothes are definitely looser – now on notch 3 of my jeans belt – could only barely zip them up when I started.

    As I am out on Thursday and my birthday is Friday so I am going to do tomorrow as well so 3 days in a row – must be mad!!

    LD I hope things at work are better for you today x 🙂

    Speak later x x x

    Hi all!!

    i’ll join you all in wishing you a fab Tuesday,and stay strong if you are fasting!!

    Another birthday, wow, super duper lol JFitzy I bet you are feeling so happy 🙂
    well done girl!!!

    LD I hope too you have a much better day at work 🙂

    take care everyone xxxx

    Hello all

    JFitzy – thanks – this and next week will be a nightmare but just trying to pull through! Well done on the belt victory, that must be such a great feeling. Happy birthday for Friday! doing a fast back to back for three days running is madness so lots of luck sent your way for that!

    Angie – hope you are having a good day, shame the sun isn’t out for your day off and thanks, I am just keeping my head down and staying busy so home time comes sooner, unforunately I think it’s going to be a late one 🙁

    hey what is this

    hi Rickyjames123

    not sure I understand your question? what is what? if you mean the thread, its a bunch of us supporting and encouraging each other on our 5.2 journey, anyone is welcome though!!


    What is what?

    Ha ha Angie you bet me to it LOL 🙂

    I think Rickyjames123 might be a spammer – check out his forum activites – seems to be saying the same thing on different threads…

    Oh thanks LittleDragon, am a bit slow today lol!!

    how’s your day going? hope it doesn’t drag too much for you, hang in there and soon you’ll be on your way home 🙂

    JFitzty watch out for the trousers falling syndrome 🙂 xx

    No that’s okay, classic Angie being super nice to everyone! Haha! My day is fine, it’s going fairly quickly because I’ve got so much to do and I’ve still got HOURS to go, probably won’t leave the office til 9 🙁 bad times. How’s your day going?


    I know Angie – actually I am looking forward to the day they do fall down – not in public of course!! 🙂 🙂

    morning all! JFitzy, happy birthday early. Sorry to hear work is so heavy for you LittleDragon. Am I the only one fasting today?

    Jenki2, I have done 4:3 a couple of times. I didn’t plan it, just decided to throw in an extra fast day now and again. It wasn’t any big deal but I think it would be different if I tried to do it every week.

    Morning Kilda I am fasting today as well. I have a ready meal planned for tonight as my hubby doesn’t want to do 2 days fasting back to back so I am making him pasta. Usually I do cook but I didn’t go shopping at the weekend so need to get some fresh veggies or salad in for tomorrow.

    I am doing 3 days this week; I have been experimenting with 4:3 this month, just to see how it goes, and then I will probably go back to 5:2 next month. I will be interested to see what the scales say at my monthly weigh in on Thursday 🙂

    Happy fasting to you both 🙂 xx

    Good luck to JT and Kilda on your fasts today!

    I’d be interested to know what everyone eats on their non-fasting days. Weekends I think are a bit different – but during the week, what do you like to have to stay within certain limit?

    Hi LD I have baked potato with a bit of chilli/stir fry beef or chicken with egg noodles (which I don’t have on a fast day) /lamb burgers with salad, fish pie, sausages with roasted vegetables/chicken with veg or salad/pasta with peppers (Jamie recipe).

    STOP – I am hungry now thinking about all that lovely food! Definitely not good to talk about food on a fast day!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Kilda – might try an extra day on Friday or maybe even Saturday as I am working all day.

    LittleDragon I am also going to join you in a scales ban – must stop stepping on them every morning! Will try and find a good place to put them ‘out of sight, out of mind’

    Happy fasting Kilda and JFitzy, hope you have a good day, I will be back on the bandwagon tomorrow.

    Must get on with some work, getting far too distracted by this forum!!!

    Sorry JFitzy – shouldn’t have raised the topic of food on a fast day!

    Jenki2 – I’ve hidden my scales in the boiler cupboard so I don’t see them everyday. I think it makes staying away from them a whole lot easier. March 7th is my weigh in date though, so we can report back then!


    finding the fasting a little tough today…..someone brought doughnuts to the office. I’m trying to stay strong and just keep drinking water……

    Hi Kilda

    That really is tough! Well done you just remember you can have a treat tomorrow! 🙂

    Doughnuts uh, don’t you just hate them!! 🙂

    stay strong!!

    LOL I wish I hated them, that would be a lot easier! And I just had to walk past the doughnuts to refill my water bottle. But I made it. JFitzy, how is your fast going?

    well done Kilda!! 🙂

    Evening everyone, how I miss keeping up with everything but it’s almost impossible at work; it’s full on the whole day, plus the wifi is intermittent at best and the computers always seem to be monopolised.

    Ouch JFitzy just read about your toothach!! Poor you, hope it is sorted out now and the pain has gone.

    Know what you mean about the doughnuts Kilda; I was fasting yesterday too! There were caramel squares, flapjacks, chocolate brownies, all of them calling me. That’s why I went out for a walk because I knew I would crack and eat one!!! How can people be so cruel to us?!!!

    Managed the fasting ok yesterday but am struggling a bit, had a real low yesterday evening and just sat and cried! Today have been a bit out of control, I know it’s emotional stress + work I suppose which is always stressful!!!!

    Welcome to the non-scales gang Jenki – it’s hard!!! Very hard!!! Just about managing!!!

    Morning all it is a beautiful sunny spring day yeah.

    HIlly66 my tooth is fine now thanks for asking. Part 2 of the procedure will be in 4 weeks so hope it will be all sorted the.

    Kilda my fast was fine. Day 3 today and then … DRUM ROLL please … My monthly weigh in tomorrow. I have not weighed since 31st January so I am hoping for a few pounds loss!

    Who else is fasting today? I actually did go a bit over yesterday more like 600 but it says in the book if you go over 500 by 10 or 20 calories on a fast day not to stress. I don’t normally go over so hopefully it won’t have made much of a difference!!

    Have a great day – only 2 more sleeps to my birthday weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Morning peeps!

    hope you are all ok and for those fasting, have a good one today!!
    a little annoyed this morning as I have put one lb, not sure why as I have not done anything much different, just upped the exercise routine and lots of walking…but the good thing is my waist is smaller 😉 so I am going to put it down to muscle damage/repair and time of the month, but still I will be careful though as next weigh in I want to see those extra lbs gone!!!

    have a fab sunny day everyone!! xxxx

    Morning all

    Kilda well done on resisting those doughnuts, tough on a fast day, we’ve all been there!

    Hilly66 I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a tough time, I think when you’re fasting on top of dealing with day to day stress, everything is made 100 times worse. I feel like we’re in a similar place right now, while the fasting thing isn’t a problem for me, work is really testing me at the moment and I’ve been reduced to tears more times than I can count because of work over the past 6 months. It’s horrible, but I feel like we can only keep trying and keep learning. It’s exhausting though, last night I had nightmares about work and was up all night and my other half was trying to console me but sometimes you feel like there’s no way out. However, today the sun is shining which is one reason to feel a bit more positive.

    JFitzy Hope the pain from your tooth isn’t too bad, wow, it’s so close to your weighing day – I have all my fingers crossed for you for a good loss – you’ve worked so hard and deserve good news before your birthday! Can’t wait to find out how much you’ve lost!

    Angie Sorry to hear your disappointment but it’s like you tell everyone else, sometimes there’s no reason for a gain, your body just wants to hold onto water or something. If you’re feeling comfortable in your clothes and enjoying food without going crazy that’s the main thing. I hope you’re not too down about it.

    I’m fasting today which might not be a great idea because 1. stressed and irritated about work 2. hormones and 3. lack of sleep last night.

    Oh well, at least when it’s done I’m finished for the week.

    Hope everyone who is fasting today has a successful day.

    Chin up (perhaps I should take my own advice). xx

    Hi LD and thanks for your kind words 🙂

    very sorry to hear you had a bad night 🙁 that’s rough, maybe you should speak to someone? virtual hugs your way ((()))good luck with fasting today but if you are struggling don’t beat yourself up and do it another day!

    I know I should take my own advise lol, I may start doing more 16.8 days but I find it hard not to eat breakfast grrrr

    take care everyone and have a good day xx

    Morning all,

    LD and Hilly66 so sorry to find that you are having stressful and horrible times. I really hope that things improve for you both soon.

    Angie – just look on the 1lb as a glitch that will be gone again very soon. You are always so positive and lovely to everyone else so you should be that way to yourself! (sorry if that sounds very bossy).

    Well done to JFitzy and Kilda for fasting yesterday.

    So anyway I have had a major glitch as well, was supposed to be fasting today but went out with a friend last night and had far too much wine with no food so really needed to eat this morning! Will fast tomorrow instead and luckily I am in the no weigh gang so can’t see how much damage it has done for weeks when hopefully the damage will have been undone.

    Anyway had best try and focus on some work if my poor dehydrated brain can take it…..have a good day everyone.x

    Thank you Jenki2!

    not bossy at all lol,am always very hard on myself and gave myself a good ticking off 🙂

    have a good day too and stay focused hehe ( now who’s the bossy one! )xx

    Hi Jenki2 that is the beauty of the 5:2 if things don’t work out one day you can fast the following day instead. I think with other eating plans if somebody has a bad day they think “What the hell I have had a bad day so I will start again next week!”.

    For all of you reading these threads I thought I would tell you that my hubby went for a check up at the doctor and he told him he was doing the 5:2 (or rather his bossy wife had him on the 5:2!!:)) and the doctor said it is the only eating plan that works as the others on the market such as Atkins, WW, SW and Dukan are not sustainable in the long run. I was pleased to hear that and also my hubby’t cholesterol is the lowest it has ever been (it has never been extremely high but it is good to know it is in the low range now).

    Have a lovely sunny day all 🙂 x

    Hello all

    Thanks Jenki2 – I think things will be better soon, I just know I’ve got a rubbish two weeks coming up. Hope all is good with you and you’re managing to resist the scales.

    Angie – thanks 🙂 I would speak to someone if anyone at my work cared I was having a hard time. I plan on leaving soon anyway so hopefully better things are around the corner.

    JF – thanks for sharing your feedback on your hubby’s visit to the doc – it’s really encouraging to hear that from a medical professional! Well done on your full month of 4:3 and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. My colleague was doing the Dukan Diet after Christmas and while she lost a stone and 4 pounds in about 2 weeks, she’s put a lot of it back on now because she couldn’t sustain it and ended up giving in after about 3 weeks. Meanwhile I’m on the 5:2 and have been going strong for almost 8 weeks now – I’m really pleased with how sustainable this WOE is (I don’t like calling it a diet!) Long may it continue.

    This morning in the shower, I felt as though my middle is getting a little less round, there’s a little bit less jiggle there. I am willing March 7th to hurry along because I can’t wait to get on the scales. I will be so nervous!

    How is everyone’s fast day progressing? I’ve not eaten yet – saving my Warburtons for as long as I can hold off for (maybe around 3 – 4pm). I’ve not raelly felt hunger this morning, perhaps because of work, but I’m glad after today is over that we’re nearly into the weekend and I’ll have done my fasts for the week.

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