LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • Well being the fittest you have ever been is a fantastic achievement! Have a fab time in Italy and enjoy the yummy food! I will check in next week before I I go away and when I get back x

    Hi everyone , haven’t abandoned you all on this thread and have been reading your posts regularly. Been very busy on the Little Voices thread and trying really hard to drop the weight myself too. Only managed 2lbs this month so far with 6 days left to the end July. Feel vexed for you little dragon still being on the plateau . You may like to check out the Little Voices thread and look at Action Heros comments. He posts lots of affirmations and advice, it might help you get through this. Sometimes you can talk yourself into a situation without realising. His quotes have helped me. Will catch up with you all next month when the pressure is off. Haven’t forgotten it’s all you gals kept me on the straight and narrow at the beginning.
    Love and lots of pound reductions, TTL.

    Hi everyone,

    I’ll second JFitzy’s words to you Little D – you must be looking amazing! I have broken my scales (not on purpose) feels very strange not being able to weigh myself but am just carrying on with my good habits and hoping all is well!

    3rd time lucky 2lbs is still down and a fantastic acheivement unfortunately it does slow down as our bodies get used to it!

    I actually only fasted one day last week, am wondering if I need to switch over to maintainence but hard to tell since I have no scales!! Feel happy as I am and loving shopping in the sales. My wardrobe is very bare – feels scary getting rid of old faithfuls but they just don’t fit and I feel as though the new me is here to stay.

    Am very jealous of all of you and your holidays, hope you all have an amazing time.


    Hi everyone – feel as though I’ve abandoned you all for a while – sorry, got very tied up with leading the Little Voices challenge, but have handed that over now and have a bit more time to catch up. Hope you have all been keeping fit and well, and that you are now off the dreaded plateau LD.
    I managed to lose 3 3/4lbs in July, and am down 1 1/2 lbs already into August. I seem to consistently losing weight now, due to giving up all carbs (except the vegetable ones) I just have the occasional G & T now, and haven’t had wine for ages. Really don’t miss it, although the sweet tooth inn me still raises its head and demands satisfaction now and again .
    Think I am on the cusp of being a size 12. My size 14’s are very loose, but the 12’s still a bit snug. Haven’t been a size 12 for 16 years. Soon time to replace my wardrobe, yippee !
    Hope you are all staying strong and the weight is dropping off. Have a great weekend everyone. TTL

    Morning all.

    Sorry for the silence on this thread. TTL well done on your losses, that’s great progress. Really glad to hear your good news.

    How is everyone else doing – Hilly, Angie, JF?

    I just got back from a week in Italy where I didn’t limit myself at all – cheese, carbs, gelato, it was heaven but I felt very bloated all week. I am fasting today and exercising all this week – running and yoga tomorrow, circuits on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, running on Friday and circuits on Sunday. I have also been considering taking up personal training sessions soon.

    I haven’t weighed, I dare not. But this plateau/gain pattern probably continues…

    Hi everyone,

    I’m still here pottering about! Another few weeks and you’ll be back in those Size 12s 3TL (don’t buy too many though, you may continue shrinking!!).

    Wow Little D you are one fit bunny I bet you look amazing even if the scales are continuing to be stuck!!

    Am still fasting one day quite strictly and the second am probably having 500 – 1000 calories. No idea what I weigh, since I broke my scales a month or so ago!! But have pretty much had to change my whole wardrobe and am increasingly finding I have to put the 10 back and try on an 8. Beginning to realise I am small now, it’s taking my head a long time to get used to it – can’t actually remember when I was last this small but was definitely sometime in my 20s!! Intermittent fasting has definitely made an incredible difference to me!!

    Someone swapped my legs over one night when I was asleep too!! I now have runner’s legs!! After much dithering have finally entered the Reigate Half Marathon in September so have started training for that.

    Hope the rest of the gang are having an amazing summer and fabulous holidays.


    Hello, is there anybody out there?!!!!

    Hope you are all doing well 🙂


    Hi Hilly66 I am lurking!! I was away for the month of August and didn’t fast at all and was delighted that I only gained 4lbs! I have been doing the Little Voices Challenge and I have already lost my holiday weight since I started back on 1 September so really pleased. Hubby is also on it and has lost 7lbs.

    How are you? Did you have a good summer? When is your half marathon? Hope it goes well 🙂

    Little Dragon are you around? How was your summer? Are you still training like a mad thing !! 🙂

    Hi all

    I’m still here, wondering where everyone had gone!

    At the recommendation of my personal trainer (yes I’ve now taken up PT sessions) I’ve cut back to one full fast a wee where I have 500 cal and the second day has been 16:8. I’m weight training 3 times a week so I’m not sure fasting on 5:2 is the most sensible. I hit a plateau and had to do something different. I’ve not weighed myself for a while, but I’m concentrating on building muscle and losing fat. For now, I think the scale was just discouraging me and focusing me on the wrong thing, so I”m trying something else. Cutting back to one carb meal a day, and focussing on natural, unprocessed foods. My energy levels are much better and I’m sleeping a lot better too. How is everyone else doing?

    Hi LD sorry I didn’t see your post. I am fine thanks after a busy summer I managed to only gain a few pounds which I have since lost and more! I am doing the Little Voices Challenges as they keep me on the straight and narrow. Finding this much easier second time around and not gaining over the holidays certainly gave me the boost I needed to continue. I am only setting myself small goals but it is working!

    Hope you are well x

    Hello girls,

    I didn’t notice a few of you had posted either – am so sorry.

    Little D sounds like a great step you have taken and am glad things are going so well. It’s quite liberating not weighing isn’t it (though in my case I no longer have any following the water incident in my bathroom!!)

    J Fitzy well done you, on doing so well during your holidays and continuing to lose since you returned.

    I’m still fasting roughly a day and a half a week, though I may need to go back to two full days a week as work is extremely difficult at the moment and my stress levels are through the roof! Am feeling an urge to eat!!! That said my new smaller clothes all seem to be fitting well, so think I’m doing ok.

    Completed my first ever half marathon on 20th September in 1 hour 59 minutes and 37 seconds felt utterly amazed as ran the final part that it was actually me running to complete a half marathon!! Loved it and felt so good 🙂 Have signed up for my next one on Feb 21st to keep the momentum going, hard to go out for a run after the crazy days I’m having at work, so this will make sure I do 🙂

    Anyway bed time for me, so brilliant to hear from a few of the gang, keep going everyone no matter what you’re doing.


    Hello strangers

    Hope everyone is well.

    I’ve been quite quiet recently as I’ve not really been fasting. I upped the exercise instead, lots of strength training and I now have a personal trainer.

    So guess what, LittleDragon used that as a free pass to eat and eat…. I’m so disappointed that I weighed myself a few days ago and I’m back up to 11 stone… UGH.

    I feel like this will be a constant cycle of losing and gaining the same stone.

    How’s everyone else doing?

    Hi LD

    Lovely to hear from you! I have been on the Little Voices Challenge and Rugby threads. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling – upping the exercise and upping food at the same time was always one of the traps I fell into 🙂

    I am sure you are losing inches – how do your clothes feel? Maybe you should get your PT to weigh you once a week at the gym as that would probably act as an incentive!!

    I am still losing albeit very slowly. I have set myself very realistic targets as in the past I would set unrealistic goals and then get frustrated when I failed.

    Hope all is well with you otherwise x

    Really good to hear from you JF. Glad you have been persistent, you sound like you’re doing much better than me.

    Yes weekly weigh ins with my PT doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

    She measured me at the start of our sessions and then 4 weeks after and I’d lost 1cm on thighs, arms, and 2cms on waist.

    My jeans are feeling quite tight so I don’t think the scales are lying to be honest. I know I haven’t been as good as I should be and I’m definitely paying the price now.

    I’m always interested to see how everyone is is doing, I imagine Hilly is still kicking around here somewhere soldiering on. i always feel like such a failure when I come back to report a weight gain. It’s so discouraging, I have such a love/hate relationship with myself and food 🙁

    Ah don’t say that LD – you are not a failure. Just keep up your gym work and the inches will come off. For a long time when I had a PT everybody would say how much weight I had lost but the scales hadn’t moved. My PT used to tell me to ignore the scales and measure weekly and weigh monthly.

    Please don’t get disheartened. What about doing our own little challenge – to lose 6 lbs between now and Wednesday 2 December before the party season starts! That is 6 weeks so only 1 lb per week.

    We can check in half way through next month and see where we are 🙂

    I would totally do that but I’ve got a 3 week holiday to Thailand booked between 17 November – 6th December!

    How did you find having a PT, JF, did you find it was helpful?

    Ooh lucky you I am very jealous!!

    I did like having a PT and went for years but found that it became a bit repetitive after a while – although in fairness he did mix things up quite a lot. I hurt my knee which was the start of my troubles so didn’t go for ages so decided on yoga and swimming instead which I find really good. Swimming especially as it it weightless and great for overall toning even my abs are starting to show a small bit 🙂

    Have a great holiday if I don’t hear from you before you go x

    How about a mini challenge between now and 17th November before my holiday? It’s just under 4 weeks.

    I currently weigh 11 stone 1. What do you think is a realistic target for us for 17th November? Would be great to have something to aim for…


    Ok why don’t we say 3.5 lbs which should be achievable. Then you will be back in the 10’s before you go away x

    Good idea JF – it’s seriously disheartening being back in 11’s again where I started!

    Let’s do this! Great to have a buddy x

    Deal! Also I find that avoiding starchy carbs like bread, rice, pasta and potato during the week has helped me. I have never eaten loads of them and I will eat them at the weekend if I want to. Last weekend I had toast for breakfast and pizza on Sunday night.

    Good luck and keep me posted x

    I tried to cut carbs from my week days but it ended up that I just ate more sugar! I really need to curb this sugar addiction – too easy to mindlessly eat biscuits when you’re in the office and they’re lying around.

    I’m excited to be on the down again.

    Thanks for being so supportive JF!! xxx


    Hi girls yes I’m still loitering about! Kind’ve miss you all!!

    Still fasting, roughly a day and a half a week. Have had a very stressful half term at school so have been eating more rubbish than usual so can feel a bit of a belly, but my clothes still fit; so think I’m on the right track. Would join you on the challenge to lose 3.5lbs but no scales to check in on!!

    Am feeling rather pleased with myself – have managed to get a job back in what I used to do – will be earning a decent salary and not have to cope with a violent child. Happy days sure the running and fasting has helped give me the confidence to try!!

    Though a little sad to be leaving the world of education; I am looking forward to my new challenge 🙂

    Let me know how the challenge is going girls.


    Hi all you lovely ladies and apologies for being AWOL for so long. I have been doing the Little Voices challenge as you know, and it has helped me focus (some of the time) to get the weight down. Am now currently 9st 6 3/4 lbs, en route to 9 stone (new target). I have ditched most of the size 14 and am now comfortably in size 12. It’s been about 20 years since this happened and am delighted. It doesn’t take much to bump up the pounds, wine being the worst thing, but just plain over eating does it too. Am still working on that, but overall things are on track. Had decided to get down to 9 stone for Xmas, but if it doesn’t happen, no one will put a gun to my head! It’s a case of just accepting this is a new way of eating, and going with it.
    LD hope you have a lovely holiday, and enjoy the Thai food. It’s quite healthy.
    Hilly, good luck with the new job, sometimes it just takes a change of direction for a boost.
    Good luck everyone else, onwards and downwards. TTL

    Hi LD I have been away on a business trip and I completely forgot you were leaving today. I have lost 3lbs since we started – how did you get on? Have a fab holiday and contact me when you get back 🙂

    Anyone still out there?

    Predictably Christmas was a massive binge-fest and I’m now back on 5.2 starting 4th Jan. Haven’t had the heart to weigh myself yet but will do so tomorrow morning.

    Today’s my first day back – how’s everyone else doing?

    Hey there Little Dragon,

    I’m still about – sporting a bit of Christmas paunch!! Have never stopped fasting, so am still able to describe myself as small! I had been doing one strict day and a stick to it for the day but not worry too much in the evening if I went over a bit! Have just completed my fast day coming in at 523 calories. No idea what I weigh, never replaced my scales after I accidentally broke them back in the summer!

    Landed myself a new job in mid October; a little poignant to have left education but am enjoying the calm of being back in an office 🙂

    Hope your first fast went well today Little Dragon.

    Happy New Year to the rest of the gang too.


    Hi Ladies Happy New Year! I managed to lose a bit more weight before Christmas and only gained 3lbs over the past 3 weeks of not fasting so pretty pleased with that. Back on the wagon again and my next goal is to lose 8lbs by 25th February in time for my birthday weekend away. I will report back then. LD let me know how you are getting on 😊

    Morning JF and Hilly and anyone else who might be reading.

    Proud of you ladies for sticking to it – can’t say I’ve had the same success unfortunately. I’ve found myself up to where I started but I’m determined to shed at least 15 pounds between now and May. I think that’s do-able and I’ve done it before in the same time frame. Feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and not liking how my photos are so now it’s time to jump back on the 5.2 wagon. I wonder how many people have lost and gained like I have!

    Second fast day of the week. Monday wasn’t too bad – had some tough moments in the afternoon but it was otherwise alright. Yesterday had a beef salad for lunch and some grapes to snack on and made homemade stir fried teryaki chicken noodles for dinner which was scrummy. Had half a mango for dessert. Trying to cut down on the junk to maximise results.

    Hi girls fasting today too!! Though I have just had a blip in the shape of a latte!! Oops!! I did run 5.4 miles this morning so I hope it won’t have caused too much havoc!

    Little d it’s so hard keeping going – maybe check out whether fasting is right for you – you could try the BBC quiz just to double check. I love fasting and it seems to suit me. In fact today is my 2 year fasting anniversary!!

    Well done Jfitzy 3lbs is tiny and will soon be gone again ☺

    Omelette for me tonight ☺

    Wow well done on your run Hilly. Don’t worry too much about the latte, I’m sure that’s barely touched you.

    I tend to find that I lose a fair amount of weight in the beginning and then fall off the wagon when I stop losing. I think I need to get to that sticky point and remember to keep going for the health benefits not just for weight loss. I know that the fast diet works for me and I find it doable, but it’s keeping going through the times where I don’t see results that I find difficult. I do want to give it another go as it’s the only way of eating that has helped me see result and be able to maintain it for longer than any other “diet” I’ve gone on.

    Hilly I know your scales have broken but what results have you seen over the 2 year anniversary? I really need some motivation this time around.

    I’m having sushi for dinner tonight – today’s fast wasn’t too bad – I think it was easier than Monday. First day always a bit of a nightmare readjusting. I went for a long walk at lunch time and treated myself to a Coke Zero when I got back to my desk.


    Phew another fast day under my belt!! Am cold as usual – hot drink and bed for me!!

    How has your week been Little D, you sounded pretty determined, hope it went well.

    Are you still with us too JFitzy?

    Well you asked for some detail about my present state to give you inspiration Little D!! As you know I have no scales; the last time I weighed my self back in the summer I was around 8 stone 10 having started at 11 stone 10 ish!! Dress size wise I’ve gone down from a 14 – 16 (generally a 16) to an 8 – 10 (generally an 8), my bra size has gone down from a 34 F to a 30F!! and pretty much my entire wardrobe got too big, not just skirts tops and trousers but knickers and bras too!! I’ve sold lots of clothes on ebay and am gradually replacing using the sales!!

    Have always exercised but struggled with my running (something I did because it was free and I was on a very tight budget!) as I suffered with an Achilles injury. After about half a stone; I decided to try again, doing the Couch 2 5K programmed for the umpteenth time and I made it to the end and just carried on, gradually going further and further. Over night one day someone “pinched” my legs and replaced them with a sporty pair!! Have been going ever since, sometimes 4 times a week and just lately twice a week (it’s hard after a whole day at work). So I’ve become the small woman I once was – it feels great.

    Keep going everyone – it’s worth it and you will get results in the end.


    Hi Hilly yep I am here. I am still doing ok and working towards my goal at the end of July. You have done brilliantly stone is awesome!!! 😁

    Oops Hilly that should have said 3 stone!

    HI Hilly and JF looks like we’re the only ones left on this thread! Where have all the others gone?

    I’m still here, on my 4th fast for 2016. Monday wasn’t too bad, and today is ok so far. I’m drinking lots of herbal tea and water to get me through to tonight and I’ll be enjoying a lovely sushi dinner.

    Did you know a sweet potato only has 100-130 calories depending on size? I’ve recently acquired a new whizzy bit of kitchen equipment which is an air fryer and I air fried (no oil or butter) a sweet potato chopped into chip sized pieces on Monday to have with some skinless boneless chicken thigh meat and broccoli and it was a great fast dinner. I’m definitely going to do that more often!

    I’m down 2 pounds on last week so I’m moving in the right direction despite a rather indulgent weekend.

    I have also started getting back into running and managed a run on Sunday and another on Tuesday morning. i’m also going to go tomorrow morning and Friday, and then nip to a circuits class on Sunday.

    Hilly your story is amazing, I’m always in awe of success tales like yours, you must be looking and feeling fab. If only you could share pics on this site!

    Hi LD I know that TTL is on the Voices forum so I think it is just the 3 of us here!!

    Well done on your 2lb loss that is great. I am envious of your running. I used to love it but sadly I have a really bad knee and have been told not to run 🙁 Now I swim instead but I don’t get the same buzz as I did with running. Having said that I have weights at home so I am going to do some weight training at the weekends as I do enjoy that and I can tailor the exercises so I don’t put too much strain on my knee.

    I have an ActiFry machine as well and it is brilliant for making everything without fat. Celeriac chips are another one to try – we had them roasted last night with other veg and it is really lovely.

    See you on the other board 🙂 x

    Hi JF and Hilly, how are you both doing?

    Checking in to see how everyone’s getting on. Last week wasn’t a good week for me, was quite unwell so I abandoned the fasting but this week I’m going strong with my second fast today and my first was on Monday.

    JF I have one of those air fryers as well, they are brilliant aren’t they. I love making sweet potato fries.

    Hilly how are you doing?

    I actually haven’t weighed in a few weeks but plan to do so tomorrow or Friday morning.


    Hi JF and Hilly, how are you both doing?

    Checking in to see how everyone’s getting on. Last week wasn’t a good week for me, was quite unwell so I abandoned the fasting but this week I’m going strong with my second fast today and my first was on Monday.

    JF I have one of those air fryers as well, they are brilliant aren’t they. I love making sweet potato fries.

    Hilly how are you doing?

    I actually haven’t weighed in a few weeks but plan to do so tomorrow or Friday morning.


    Hi LD you must be psychic as I was just thinking I hadn’t heard from you for a while! I am fine and have had a very sociable January but I still hope to make my target by the end of the month. I am also fasting today and might even squeeze another one in on Friday or Sunday as I have a horrible cold so everything tastes of cardboard 🙂

    Let me know your result for the month. I am only aiming for small amounts like 4 lbs per month as it is more achievable and I have given myself some goals to aim for the last one of which is 28 July in time for my summer holidays!

    HI JF, haha great minds think alike!

    I had a really social Jan as well, lots of events going on, and didn’t manage any fasts last week (I did 16.8 on all days of the week though, so that’s something). I fasted Monday and Wednesday, ran on Tuesday and Thursday, and feeling like I’m back into the swing of things. I weighed myself this morning and I’m pleased with a 4 pound reduction for Jan, despite not doing 2 fasts last week. Hoping for a steady 1/2 pound loss per week.

    I’ve also got a goal in mind – 29th April which is my next holiday. I’m hoping to have 13 pounds off by then. I think that is a realistic goal? That would involve a loss of 4-5 pounds per month.

    You know what they say, starve a fever and feed a cold – I always tend to find that I get extra hungry when I’ve got a cold, so more power to you if you’re able to fast! I hope you manage to shake it soon, and feel better!

    Thanks LD and I will post my total end of Jan loss at the weekend. I think 4-5 lbs per month target is perfect and if you lose more great. I enjoy life too much not to have the odd pizza or burger (minus the bun) and sweet potato fries!!!

    Speak soon and have a lovely weekend 🙂 x

    Hi LD where are you? Haven’t seen you over on the other board either. I hope you are ok?

    Hilly66 how are you doing?

    I am still losing – yeah!! albeit very slowly but I am keeping it off which was never the case in the past. I am hoping to reach my goal by July.

    Let me know how you are doing ladies xxx

    Hi All,

    Its been about 18 months since I checked this site and love the fact that this thread is still going and that there are familiar names. In the 18 months I completely stopped doing the 5:2 and so slowly but surely have regained all the weight that I lost.

    Feel so frustrated with myself all that hard work for nothing….but have decided to start again on Monday and hopefully start to see the scales head down again. I have 2 stone to lose so it will be a long slow process but hopefully will get there in the end.

    Hope you are all well and would love to hear how you are all getting on 🙂

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