LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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LittleDragon & friends: 2 months in – going strong!

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  • Fasted yesterday after my 4 week break. Actually was looking forward to it and found it quite easy. Have to be careful now I’m on low carb/ high fat as the cals mount up, but was down 1/4 lb today. I know the extra weight has gone on my waist but hope getting back to exercise will help in that department.
    I am def feeling the cold since coming back – although wind, rain and grey skies don’t help. I am also lacking vit D ( the sunshine vitamin) ha ha, but have to get it from foods, which is just as well, as I won’t be getting it from the sun! Apparently the weekend will be better. Hope you are all having successful fasts this week. Thursday is my next one and already looking forward to it. Hope you are feeling better LD, summer is on the way!

    Hello everyone

    Angie glad your fast went well yesterday, nice to have one down for the week.

    Third Time Lucky – glad the first fast after the 4 week break went well, it’s nice to get back into it and come to the end of the day and feel like you have achieved something, right?

    It’s been a miserable day all day and the sun has just come out. Hopefully it gets a bit brighter later this week as you say TTL.

    Well, I got better and was much better on Sat & Sun then this morning it came back and attacked me again and feeling quite rotten. Not as bad as on Friday but still not 100% so a trip to the doctor may be in order.

    Fasted Monday and today so will be done after today – back to back fasting isn’t so bad once you get in the swing of it and the reason I’m doing it is because I go to the gym on Wednesday mornings.

    I’ve been considering cutting out carbs and refined sugars in the week as my weight loss just isn’t moving at all. I went down from 11 stone beginning of Jan to my lowest around April to 10.4. Last week I was back up at 10.7. It’s quite frustrating plataeau-ing and gaining like this as I did have a lot of success on this fast last year – til I plateaued at around the same weight I am at now and lost heart and gained everything back.

    Any ideas?

    Hello everyone,

    can’t remember if I welcomed you back after your holiday – sounds like you had a wonderful time and 2.5lbs will soon disappear, in fact you’ve already made a great start x

    Little D it’s rough feeling unwell, do hope it goes away properly very soon! Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to me, you could maybe try the bikini 6 week fasting which is basically 4:3 and sticking to your TDEE on non fast days or maybe you could just continue with 5:2 and stick to your TDEE on other days. Please please keep going you will get there eventually.

    Guess what Angie, 3 bantams arrived at school yesterday!! They’ve laid 3 eggs already which have vanished from the staff room already!! Glad your fast went well yesterday.

    I fasted yesterday too but did go over the top a bit, mainly because I decided to have a small piece of toast with peanut butter!! OMG 26g of peanut butter = 127 calories!!!! I was shocked!! So came in at around 600 calories so not too horrific!!

    Little D you’re brave doing a back to back! Though I suppose the Joules (Size 8) dress I bought in a charity shop on Saturday (looks heavenly but sitting down, breathing and eating are nearly impossible!!!) might fit a little less snuggly after two fast days!

    Am fasting again tomorrow. Be strong everyone xxx

    Morning all!!

    Looks like a better day weather wise and getting warmer… LD so sorry you’re poorly again, its rotten isn’t it but hopefully you’ll get better in no time, don’t be too hard on yourself, remember you said the same thing to me, i was thinking maybe its just muscle gain you are seeing on the scales? don’t worry too much and look at the bigger picture and even better try and put the scales away for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ i am determined not to take mine out for a few weeks yet!! you WILL get there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hilly i love bantams chickens!! they are so cute and unique, i have one at mo, we call her fluffy because she looks like she is made all of cotton lol, and she lays small eggs ๐Ÿ™‚ size 8 wow!!! you go girl!!! fab fab fab ๐Ÿ™‚

    have a good day everyone and hope you all get some sunshine, happy fasting and take care xxxxxxxxxxx

    Everyone is very quiet, must be the sunny weather that’s arrived today!!!

    Fasted yesterday, seemed to go ok. Had an omelette made with three eggs from school – it was delicious!!

    Hope everyone is ok


    PS have put a couple of “big” dresses on ebay to see if I can get anything for them – I hardly wore them. A big move for me letting go of some big clothes – I have lost and gained so many times!! But have now been fasting for a year and a half and (fingers crossed) I seem to be able to sustain it!! I have two massive bags of clothes that are now ginormous and am gradually forcing myself to add some favourites (also too big!!) to the pile!!


    Fasted today but not so good. Started the day with bit of a headache. First Pilates class for 4 weeks, of course they had moved on and I hadn’t! Found it hard this week. Bone broth for lunch, but the headache has persisted. Mixed bean chilli for dinner which I was really ready for, cheated a bit by adding grated cheese, but no rice. I have a feeling an early night is necessary to ease these aching bones, and the aching head. Weigh in tomorrow – yikes. I’ve got out of the habit. Hope you have all had a better day than me!

    Hi everyone,

    sneaked an extra one in today but am going out for dinner tonight!!

    Hope your weigh in went well 3TL and the headache has now passed!

    How is everyone else getting on?


    Yes thanks Hilly, feeling much better today. Another 1/4 lb gone , not much but in the right direction!
    Have eaten well today and up to 1000 cals, so still have 200 to go if I feel the need. Trying to keep my non FD low in cals as I am determined to get down to 10stone by the end of June.
    Hope you’re better now too LD, and well done Hilly for unloading your big size clothes. I get rid of mine as they become too big, as I’m determined not to grow back into them.
    The white trousers are still lurking, but if I’m honest too tight to be comfy. Took them to Africa for the ride!!!

    Hello Ladies

    I am back from my holiday! My clothes feel fine but I am not going to weigh now until Saturday as I will fast tomorrow and Thursday. It was very hot in Venice so actually didn’t eat that much but I will see on Saturday what the damage is (hopefully not too bad). I have 9 weeks from today before I go away for the summer break so I would like to lose a few more pounds before then.

    Have a good day one and all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jfitzy – well done going to Venice and not overdosing on their lovely cakes and pastries. These are my biggest likes, but having discovered I’m allergic to wheat, it’s so much easier to pass them by. I look at them and think they are going to poison my body (it helps). Pilates last week was hard and boy do my muscles know it. Must try and practice at home before the next session or I won’t be able to walk! Down 1/2 lb last week. Fasting today so hope to do better this Week. No headaches today, drinking lots of herbal tea and hot water. Will weigh in tomorrow.
    Good luck to everyone.

    Morning everyone!

    i hope you are all well and enjoying this warm weather, fasting today so good luck to everyone else who’s in ๐Ÿ™‚

    not much to report really, Jfitzy well done on being so disciplined in Venice lol! LD where are you hun?
    i hope you are ok and feeling better now..

    have a good day fab fasters ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    Morning all hope you all had a good weekend. I still haven’t weighed myself as I didn’t manage to fast last week for various reasons. Anyway when I weigh in this Friday I will have been back on a very loose version of FD for 4 weeks so will see what the result is!

    I am fasting today and Thursday so will hopefully have lost a few pounds bearing in mind I have been on holiday and been out a lot as my Mum has been staying!!

    Have a good week and I will post my (semi) one month result at the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    FD today and have struggled a bit. Made the mistake of having muesli for breakfast ( to use it up) even though I have a wheat allergy, and have felt bloated and fed up all day. Had an early dinner as we were both really hungry (stir fry prawns and vegetables) but still feeling bloated. Oiled the decking and outdoor furniture this afternoon in the hope we get to use it, apparently the sun will shine again from Wednesday. Much as I hate wasting food, the muesli that’s left will have to go. I can at least understand now why I have been feeling this way, for years, and didn’t occur to me it could be what I was eating! It’s scary to think that I felt my diet was healthy, but in fact it was doing more harm than good. I still get days when I could eat a scabby carbohydrate horse, especially when OH makes a delicious loaf of bread, but I know how I will feel afterwards and I can say NO most of the time.
    Weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed! Good luck to all fasting today too.
    (Where are you Little D and Hilly, you are keeping a low profile – hope all is well with you both?)

    Morning all

    Sorry everyone for the lack of activity on here – last week was a bit of a hectic week at work!

    I managed 2 fasts last week on Monday & Wednesday (I had earmarked to only manage one because of various work events and dinners out, but I cancelled dinner with a friend and threw in another fast for good measure).

    I fasted yesterday and struggled a bit too. I don’t know what’s happened, usually I am absolutely fine on a Monday but yesterday was tough. I guess it goes in ups and downs though. I am also fasting today so I can resume normal eating on Wednesday as I’m off to the gym in the morning. Had the low cal spinach and ricotta ready meal from Waitrose for dinner with lots of broccoli and mushroom which was really yummy. Same again tonight.

    I was down 2 pounds this morning from last week but still stuck at 10.5. It’s safe to say this may be the longest plateau in the history of 5:2-ing.

    Recently I’ve been thinking about abandoning fasting. I know I go in phases about this but I’ve been thinking that perhaps it’s better for me to concentrate on feeding my body healthier things – less processed food, more wholesome clean food. I’ve been getting into training at the gym quite a bit recently and I wonder whether fasting is prohibiting my progress and if I need to change it up to see better results.

    Morning all

    hope everyone is doing well, LD glad you are ok, i understand completely how you feel about fasting, last year came a time when i just gave up and tried to eat healthy and be active, though it was hard because of too much emotional trauma going on…

    so if you want to take a break hey why not! the beauty of this way of life is that you are in control, no one tells you how and why, its all up to you and there is so much flexibility!

    i wish you well hun, whatever you decide am sure it’ll work out well… good luck on your fast today, stay strong, take care xxx

    Hi LD. Great news that you lost another 2lbs. I know what you mean by plateaus – I got stuck for what seemed like weeks on 10st3lbs and got very disheartened. Funnily enough but I got up at 5.30 this morning, couldn’t sleep, but read the Fast Diet book again. Page 126 says “Remember why you’re doing this: not just the smaller jeans, but the long term advantages, the widely accepted disease busting, brain boosting, life lengthening benefits of It. THINK OF IT AS A PENSION PLAN FOR YOUR BODY. SO KEEP YOUR PERSPECTIVE: don’t be disheartened if you plateau in any given week, weight loss is your bonus, not your sole objective”. I usually pick up Dr M’s book and re read when things don’t go right.
    How many of us live to see the numbers fall on the scales and forget that brilliant things are happening inside. I for one am guilty of that. Maybe a couple of weeks break will give you the push you need. I know when I took a holiday break of three weeks, I was really glad to get back to a regular regime of eating. I had gained 2.5 lbs whilst away and looked bloated.
    Since being back 3 weeks I have a 2 1/4 lb loss which is good for me, and on target to lose 4 lbs for June.
    Don’t give up heart, look back to where you started and give yourself a pat on the back. Know that inside, good things are happening, regardless of numbers! Good luck with it and please excuse the preaching!

    Angie and TTL thank you both so much for your support, coming on here reminds me why its so great to have people to support you.

    I’m going to stick with it for a little while longer. I’ve been stuck at around 10.5-7 for about 2 months now and it’s frustrating to say the least. Perhaps I’ve not been honest enough on the non fasting days. I always work out 3-5 times per week so it can’t be for lack of activity. And yes TTL you are exactly right, it’s for the long term health benefits, not just fasting. I think I’m just having a moment of weakness where I’m questioning why I put myself through feeling hungry and faint, where I see no results ๐Ÿ™

    Hi LD

    Personally I go by how my clothes feel and how I look. People who haven’t seen me for a while think I have lost loads of weight but I haven’t on the scales. My clothes are fitting better though and exercise does change your shape.

    I used to be a slave to the scales but I am much better about it now. I will weigh on Friday or Saturday and see what my one month result is and then I will wait until the following week for my next one.

    Have a good day one and all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hello everyone,

    apologies for going off the radar for a while, all good here, things have just been a bit hectic of late!

    Keep thinking of all the health benefits little D, and you must be toning up with all of that exercise. Stop thinking about weight loss and think about health benefits instead, whether you decide to continue fasting or switch to clean eating. xxx

    Third time lucky sounds like you’re off again good on you.

    JFitzy I’m with you, going by how my clothes feel and look now. That said I have a slightly distorted view of myself at the moment – can’t believe the size I am is my size – have had to buy quite a few things as had nothing that fitted (even clothes I had put away as being too small had become to big) – my head hasn’t quite caught up with the reality yet!! Am still fasting two days a week but haven’t been weighing myself. I think my body has settled down into a kind of maintenance mode of it’s own accord; don’t think much more weight (if any) is going to come off now but am happy with that have lost 2 stone 11.5 lbs since I started fasting just over year and a half ago. But I shalln’t leave our little gang, I like everyone’s company and it helps me to stay on the straight and narrow!

    PS Think I’m going to sign up for my first ever half marathon on September 13th!!! Am seriously wondering where my body has gone and whose I’m currently occupying!!

    Any of you guys fasting tomorrow hope it goes well.



    Hi hilly, and well done you. What is your weight now. 2st 11.5 lbs is an awesome amount of weight to lose. It’s great being able to shop for new clothes. A lot of my ‘good’ clothes are size 12/14 and will get into them again soon (another 1/2 St should do it). But some are a bit dated. Maybe it’s time to let them go and update my wardrobe. 3/4lb gone today. Just another 1lb off and I will be 10st. Then to start on the next 1/2 stone!
    How are you doing LD – hope your resolve is back.
    Good luck everyone, and remember, it’s only food – it doesn’t rule your life!

    Morning all. Well having been on holiday and not really being 100% committed I still managed to lose 2lbs over the 4 weeks since I last weighed in. Not much I know but at least I didn’t gain! I am fasting today and tomorrow as I am out on Wednesday and Thursday so thought I would get it out of the way early this week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will weigh in on Friday again and see if I have managed to lose anything more.

    Have a good week one and all x

    Afternoon all.

    TTL, you are doing so well, being so close to 10 stone. I am frustratingly still quite far from there. Last week when I weighed I was 10.5 after 1 fast. Still ploughing on and fasting today as whilst the results have been disappointing me recently, it helps me feel in control to a degree, and helps offset the bad weekends.

    JF well done on your 2 pound loss over the last 2 weeks, that’s great and you’re now fully back into the swing of things, so that’s a step in the right direction.

    Hilly you’re quite the fasting superstar, well done again on all your success, I am so proud of you! Good luck if you’re going to sign up to the half marathon, what an amazing step.

    As for me, I fasted twice last week, did 1 gym class and 2 runs. Someone who is a family friend commented that I looked like I’d lost weight so that was pleasing to hear. Even if the pounds are not melting off as quickly as I would like them to, I am feeling stronger, more toned and lean and more confident.

    Ha ha LD that is 2lbs loss over the past 4 weeks!! I was on holiday and had my Mum staying during this time so didn’t really do it properly. I am back on it though from this week and my fast today is going ok so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done for not getting too hung about the scales. If you are toning up and people are noticing then that is good.

    Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh dear, feel as if I’ve let you down LD after your praise. Charity strawberry tea cost me a gain of 1 1/4 lbs! Will try to keep daily cals at 1000 this week to try and get rid of the gain. Running out of time now to reach 10 stone by end of June, but will give it a go. Definitely no carbs this week, going to be strict with myself. Onwards and downwards. Well done Hily for signing up to a marathon! Wow, what a result! Keep at it LD. It will come off. Is there one carb food that you can live without to eliminate from your diet. I found taking out one cal heavy food at a time helped me. Good luck all, one day at a time!

    Sorry JF, I did mean to say 2 pounds over 4 weeks – that is still something to be celebrated, so don’t undermine your achievements there, especially as you said that you didn’t do it properly and you had a holiday.

    TTL don’t beat yourself up over the gain, it could just be a temporary glitch for now and it should disappear as quickly as it appeared. Even if you don’t make it to 10 stone for June, that’s okay, I think you need to step back and concentrate on the bigger picture.

    I weighed in again this morning, am still on 10.5 after one fast so same as last week. Better than gaining. Not as good as losing but there we go. Had quite a bad weekend of eating because of Father’s Day/ seeing family. i think the reason I am not losing anything is because I”m good during the week but terrible most weekends. I always try and stick to exercising three times a week though.

    Fasting again today.

    Hello Ladies

    I fasted Monday and I am fasting again today. I am trying to stick to low carbohydrate foods on my non-fast days as it makes me feel better and I have downloaded the My Fitness Pal app so I can keep track. We are going away this weekend so I will have a few treats but I am really trying not to do it too often as long term I don’t think it is a good idea for me as I get too complacent. By tracking my food for a few weeks I think it will give me a better idea of how many treats I can have and still lose weight!

    Hope you are all well and enjoying this sunny day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey gang,

    am still here!! Forgot to turn the tap off in the bathroom and caused a small flood; the water landed on my bathroom scales and now they’re dead!! Did my usual 2 fasts this week.

    In answer to your question girls am now 8 stone 11 and when I started I was 11 stone 8.5 lbs, really am still pinching myself to see if it’s true!!

    So keep going everyone don’t give up you will definitely get there.


    Hi everyone, well that’s another month gone. I have managed to unload 3 1/4 lbs this month, so only 3/4 to go then I’m in the ‘9’s – I ate quite well today but when totalling up my cals I have only had about 900 today. Checked and all seems correct, but I’m not even hungry for anything. My stomach is definitely shrinking. Also lost an 1″ from waist, and hips, and thighs. Happy with that. I am aiming to unload another 4 lbs in July. I am finding now I have cut a lot of carbs from my food, the weight is coming off consistently now. Very impressed Hilly with 8 St 11 lbs – that is some achievement! I need to check what my ideal weight versus height should be so I can get my head around what is to come. Can’t quite see me in size 10, but 12 would be good. That would definitely mean new clothes!
    Hope all is well with you LD and you are back on track. Are you off that plateau yet?
    Good luck to all for July. Here comes the sun!

    Afternoon all.

    Where is everyone? How’s everyone doing? TTL well done on hitting 9 stone, that’s brilliant news, really pleased for you.

    Hilly thanks for your words of encouragement, still can’t believe you are a tiny 8 stone 11!

    JF how are you doing? I see on another thread you’re off on holiday again on 31 July. I am also off on hols on 1st August so I suppose July I’ll have to reign it in.

    I’ve not weighed this week, but last time I checked I was 10.5 Would love to just see those 6 pounds disappear and make it into the elusive 9 stone bracket but try as I might, I CANNOT get there!!

    Hi LD yes I can only take proper holidays in the summer really so I take a week in late May and I take the month of August ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a goal of 8 lbs to reach by 31 July which is 4 weeks tomorrow so if I really go for it i can do it!! I restarted on 22 June properly so will weigh in tomorrow after my fast today.

    I have joined the Little Voices July challenge started by TTL.

    Well done you on 10.5 I don’t think I will ever be that weight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the weather one and all.

    HI JF

    I can’t remember what your stats are – but I am sure 10.5 is a very attainable goal for you. Where are you off to at the end of July, have a fabulous time.

    I may join the same challenge, except I forgot to weigh this week!

    I made it to 10 stone dead last May (2014) and wish I were there now!!!

    Fasting today, anyone else?

    Hi LD

    I am off to Ireland for just over 2 weeks and then Spain for about 10 days.

    You can still join the challenge as it was June on Tuesday so like me you are fasting today and you can weigh tomorrow which is what I am doing!

    Off home for a prawn salad ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry LD meant to ask you where are you going on holiday x

    Good morning girls!!

    have had a bout of insomnia, so got up at 3am and sorted out my ebay parcels!! Have made ยฃ70 so far selling clothes that no longer fit!! It’s now 4am and I’m wondering whether to go back to bed, it’s light already!!

    What’s the Little Voice challenge?

    Everyone is doing so well, am quite envious of all the holiday news! Shall probably go to my cousins in Weymouth for a few days but my two are going away to the beach with their Dad (first time he’s every organised a holiday for them!) so they’re not keen to come to the beach again, which feels a bit sad!

    Keep at it everyone and you too will be buying a size 8 Joules dress from the charity shop for ยฃ9.50!! I have every faith in you all.


    Good morning all – delighted to weigh in at 9st 13 3/4 lbs. in the nines at last! Am aiming to unload 4 lbs this month, so am on the way.

    The Little Voices challenge has been running for three months now. Just add your name to the thread and keep up to date with what’s happening. It’s a very supportive group and has grown considerably over the last month. I am heading it up this month. I collate all the weight loss and add it up to grow our named blob of blubber, before scooting him out the door. Last month the Crisco Kid got booted out weighing a collective almost 50lbs. (Total weight loss from all participants.). This month we are helping our baby Lardy Lad to grow before we turf him out. Just a bit of fun, but the incentive is there. Go into WEIGHT LOSS and click on Little Voices – July challenge. It’s not too late, I’ll just add you to the list. Might be the push you need LD to get off the plateau.

    Good luck everyone. If you don’t hear from me on this thread this month, I have not abandoned you, just busy on the other one.

    Morning all hope everyone had a good weekend. I started back properly 2 weeks ago today and even with a weekend away I have lost 5 lbs since 22 June!! I am really pleased and feel I am back on a roll. I usually fast Monday & Wednesday but yesterday I had an accidental fast day and also swam 50 lengths of the pool.

    Hope you all have a great week. I will be glued to the tennis ๐Ÿ™‚

    Evening all,

    what fantastic news 3TL to come under the 10 stone mark – always feels fab to break into the next stone ๐Ÿ™‚

    And brilliant to hear of your success too JFitzy – we all rock.

    Fasted today too, went well but soooooooooooooooo sleepy now!!

    Hope everyone else is feeling good.


    Morning all

    I didn’t fast yesterday as had dinner plans so fasting today and Thursday.

    Last time when I weighed last week I was still on 10.5 so the little voices challenge may be what I need to shift these few pounds!

    Well done to you JF for shedding those 5 pounds, you must be motivated! Great to hear.

    Hilly how are you doing? xx

    Thanks LD – I am really pleased and really determined!! I had been maintaining more or less for the past few months (up and down the same 2 or 3 lbs) but could feel I was on my way to the slippery slope with the sunny weather and daily wine drinking in the garden (ha). Anyway I nipped it in the bud and decided to really go back on 5:2 properly. I am also hoping to manage to fast over my holidays as I will be staying with family for part of it and in an apartment for some of it so can control what food I am having. I didn’t gain last summer as I cycled and walked most days so I am hoping for the same result this year.

    Where are you going on holiday by the way? ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s really great JF, nothing like some success to spur you on. I am still on this dreaded plateau must be the longest plateau ever since my weight hasn’t really budged significantly since about April/May so it’s grating on me now!

    I’m off to Italy for a week and can’t wait. How about you?

    Morning all hope you had a great weekend.

    I stayed the same last week but I am not too worried as my clothes feel looser and I feel slimmer. I am exercising quite a lot and hopefully the scales will be kinder to me this week. Having said that I have lost 5.5 lbs in 3 weeks so that is fine by me!

    Have a good week one and all x

    Evening JFitzy and everyone else,

    5 1/2 pounds is fantastic in 3 weeks JFitzy, no wonder your clothes are feeling looser.

    How’s everyone else doing?

    I fasted today! My scales are broken so can no longer weigh but my clothes feel ok, so hopefully all is well. Went for my longest run yet yesterday (just over 10 miles when my phone died!!) but went the wrong way at the end and had to climb on all fours up a very steep chalk scar in the hillside!! Nearly killed me after all that running and today my legs and arms are seizing up from all the pushing and pulling!!

    Would love to hear how the rest of you are faring.


    Hi all

    Well done to JF, sounds like you are well on your way.

    Hilly your run sounds epic – 10 miles, go you! That’s amazing. The most I’ve ever managed is 10km which I think is about 7/8 miles. I regularly do 5km but because I do it first thing in the morning before work, there’s not always the time to build in longer runs.

    I only managed one fast last week and I won’t be fasting this week. I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon a bit.

    I am however, exercising. Sunday I went to circuits. Yesterday I rested, this morning I ran, tonight I’m going to yoga (getting back into it after a 2 year hiatus). Tomorrow circuits, Thursday maybe fasting, Friday morning run, and Saturday maybe a run, Sunday circuits.

    I’m still not losing any more weight on 5:2. Longest plateau known to man…

    Hi all

    LD don’t be disheartened forget the scales and keep exercising. I have only lost a half pound in 10 days but have been swimming 180 lengths per week and my shape is changing.

    Hilly that is a fantastic run I am uber impressed I can only do 5 or 6K at one time and I haven’t run for ages. I will do on holiday as I won’t have access to a pool.

    Have a good week one and all

    Hello all where is everybody!! I am on the Little Voices July Challenge and I am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow.

    Hope you are all have a lovely summer. Only one more week to go and I am off on holiday. Cannot wait!!

    Have a good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Woo hoo I am down 10lbs since I started 5 weeks ago so really pleased. One more week to go before my holiday and sm determined to g down by another few pounds! Would like to hit the stone mark

    Not sure where everyone is but hope you are all well. LD are you still exercising like mad? I have started swimming 4 times a week 60 lengths and my shape is changing! Hope you are ok x

    Well done JF on your success, that is brilliant news. You are doing really well.

    LD is still here. I fasted once this week on Monday, did yoga on Tuesday, circuits on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday and went for a run this morning. Stepped on the scales and I am 3 pounds up. to say I am frustrated is an understatement. I really don’t know where I am going wrong.

    That is very frustrating LD! I have been trying not to go mad at the weekends and I am being good during the week not having too many carbs and have vodka and soda with lime pieces rather than wine. I stayed the same for 2 weeks and then dropped 5 lbs. I am sure it will happen and you must be losing inches with all the exercise x

    Thanks JF for the reassurance. I am fitter and stronger at the moment than I probably have ever been in my life, and I’m trying not to get too downhearted about it because I know that the scale isn’t everything but it’s still frustrating. I don’t really drink much at all so I can’t blame wine. I feel better and when I look in the mirror, I am pleased with the progress I am making and it’s not like my clothes are too tight or anything. But still, it’s annoying to feel like you are trying and your efforts are going nowhere!

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