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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • You sound as though you are right back on the wagon, Polly! Well done! Now all you need is summer weather. 😄
    We are heading rapidly in to winter, with cold, wet days. We really have had our fill of rain…everything is getting mouldy!! It also makes it hard not to eat. I’m not fasting at present, but am trying to eat tasty, hot, low carb vegetable based meals. It’s amazing how onion, chilli and garlic, and liberal amounts of fresh herbs can raise the satisfaction level!
    Australia is tense tonight, with our Federal election tomorrow. It feels as if change is in the air. We’ll see…

    Sounds like the right strategy, purple. I’m now rewarding myself with a 99 cal ice lolly after doing a load of ironing. We’ve also gone back to smaller portions, so that helps.

    I didn’t know about your elections, not much coverage here. Press more concerned with Partygate – pro and against Johnson. There’s a widespread feeling of disbelief that he’s not had further fines. And the libel case between those two silly WAGs gets lots of space and time. More money than sense!

    Good to hear you are making progress, Polly, on your weight-reduction plans.

    And an interesting outcome of your election, P. Change certainly was in the air, and this time the pollsters didn’t get it wrong. Haven’t heard of your WAGs, Polly – not complaining there! And as for the appalling Bor-exit!

    We have been enjoying lovely autumn weather, even though winter is just around the corner. The trees are getting spectacular. My soil pile under them is gradually diminishing. This is the result of having two new septic tanks installed last month. We were going to have one put in, to upgrade the system, but found the existing one disintegrating and in dire need of replacement, so with minimum of fuss two were dug in. So I grabbed the soil – several truckloads of it – to spread on the lawn where the tree roots are coming through. They do make mowing awkward! The lawn’s surface has sunk over the years, so I am going to gradually build it up.

    Stay well, mates – or am I not allowed to say that now, P?

    😅😅😅 Good one, B.
    Yes, a breath of fresh air has swept through the country. Now let’s move towards a fairer world with actual climate action. 🤞🤞

    Yep, happy to see the back of Scummo! There’s hope for the future.

    There is!

    I’m envious! Johnson’s departure is well-overdue. However, I want the Tories to keep up as he’s Labour’s biggest asset at the moment. Only one fine after all those parties! We eagerly await the Sue Gray report. But ‘Boris’ is like an ‘albino greased piglet’. That was David Cameron’s description of him.

    Hi everyone,

    Hope all is well. I’ve been taking a break from a few things including even thinking about diets, fasting, calories etc spending much less time on social media, watching TV etc and spending more time with friends and out in the fresh air.

    I went away for a few days at the beginning of April and had my Hereforshire friend to stay last week. It’s the first time she’s been to London in more than three decades!
    We were blessed with glorious weather and were out all day every day, two visits to Kew Gardens,Tate Britain, Chelsea Physic Garden, Syon House and gardens, a walk along the Grand Union Canal and around Paddington Basin.
    We also had a couple of nice lunches, one in a fabulous cafe in Pimlico and another in a lovely old pub near the river. We also had an excellent dinner in my local pub and of course I did some cooking and baking.

    All of this was mitigated by a LOT of walking 😉

    I’m now back on the wagon and after a few months of a kefir free diet I’m making it again. I was doing some research this morning and discovered it has less calories than the equivalent amount of milk as the grains use up the sugars, which is excellent news.

    Other excellent news is the Australian election result, let’s hope we can rid ourselves of Johson and his motley crew before they succeed in taking away all our rights and bleeding the country dry.

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

    Great to have you back and hear all you news. You’ve certainly been enjoying life!!
    Yes, our election results are an enormous relief. Now for the UK to lose their slippery PM. It’s called People Power!! 😀😀 P

    I have been listening to Dr M’s latest venture – his ‘Just One Thing’ podcast, where he explores one thing each episode that can boost health and wellness. Mostly doing them, of course, but interesting all the same.

    It’s amazing to know that we are half way through the year, and the shortest day is on Tuesday. The trees are well on the way to nudity 🙂 and we can expect a very cold blast in the next few days. That will put a stop to my wandering around outside in bare feet!

    It sounds as though you had a great time, Amazon, and weather to match! Lovely, and certainly worth being off the wagon for.

    Stay well, all.

    Hi, Barata, The BBC ran Michael’s advice as R4 programmes, ideal. Just short bursts of advice- non of which I acted on, of course.

    We’re having a horrible summer, so far. The were two hot days, with the wind from Spain, lots of advice of managing in ‘dangerous heat’, then back to a blast from the Atlantic. It’s 13 degrees now, with a max of 15 forecast. Grey. I’m siting here in my winter dressing gown. What ate your winter temperatures?

    Food wise, I’m just about hacking it. We have a funeral to attend in two weeks, so OH is panicking about getting into a suit. It’s Fathers’ Day today, so indulgence will be tempting, no doubt. I have another incentive to maintain my weight: to refute that claim that everyone puts the weight back on in about five years or so. It’s nearly six for me. I’m still below my original target, but four pounds up on amended one.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Sympathy with you re your summer, Polly!

    Two weeks is a long delay for a funeral. Look up Optimising Nutrition for my secret to staying at goal! Must admit though, that after eighteen months 5:2 failed for me.

    I am in the happy position of being re-elected to the chair of U3A unopposed tomorrow. All I have to do is have a speech ready. I haven’t had enough practice, what with Covid cancellations etc last year, to be confident to talk off the cuff yet.

    Congratulations, Barata. How many members do you have? I feel that our U3A has grown too big and somewhat impersonal. We’ve had some situations where new members have wanted to turn every upside down, antagonising many, including our founder. Thankfully, a super member had returned to bade from the exalted ranks of the national body.

    The funeral will be three weeks after the death; that’s become pretty normal here. It’s OH’s brother-in-law. We weren’t close, but going out of respect.

    Thanks Polly. We have a little over 200, and no stirrers in the current group – none that are putting their heads above the parapet, anyway 🙂

    Wow, Covid-19 has certainly had an impact on your funerals. I haven’t attended one during the pandemic, but I think some folks were cremating privately, and having a memorial gathering after the lockdowns. Thank goodness most things are open again here, but Covid is still rife. We have just been lucky. I had my annual ‘flu jab on Saturday.

    Ah, 200 is a nice size. We’re about 800. Three weeks has been the average for funerals for years. Nothing to do with covid. Could be shortage of crematoriums ( crematoria?)

    The Welsh for crematorium is ‘amlosgfa’ – literally ‘place for burning. 😌

    That may be how you spell it, Polly, but how do you pronounce it?? 🙂

    Stress on second syllable ‘losg’, with a hard G. F is pronounced a V.

    Got it. Just don’t test me. Where has everyone gone, Polly? It’s a very quiet site.

    Shortest day today, in about five minutes! 🙂 U3A AGM on Monday – re-elected, as expected. Lots of compliments about the meeting, for which I’m very grateful. Then Geology this afternoon, History of Medicine tomorrow. Although I think that one has run its course – three months on the NHS by the pommy leader for us in Kiwiland is probably the maximum!!

    Happy Winter/summer solstice girls. I just photographed the sun sinking I to the Indian Ocean on the shortest day.

    I deduce you are in WA, P. Enjoy the family time.


    Apologies for my very long absence! I had an awful start to the year and have struggled to motivate myself to do anything…

    Successive bouts of ill health, including post viral fatigue,have laid me low. That, with the isolation, lack of emotional support and uncertainty about the future had taken its toll on my mental health.

    Anyhow, this last few days all of a sudden I feel so much better. The fatigue seems to have left me, I can exercise now without feeling steamrolled the next day. A bit of sunshine helps too! Our house sale is progressing and fingers crossed I’ve found myself a little place I hope I’ll be able to call my own in a few weeks. For the first time in a very long while, I feel positive about my future.

    I hadn’t been fasting and my weight had crept up a few kilos. It’s dropped back again (in time for summer!) I suspect not so much due to recent fasting efforts but more to do with stress and worry! Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m pleased to have shed the spare tyre I was nurturing!

    I always love reading about your travels and visits. I’m a country bumpkin but even I can appreciate there are benefits to living in London…!

    The solstice passes uneventfully here, I didn’t join any crowds at stone circles! However it was clearly a very long day as it was still pretty light past 10pm when I went to bed 😁

    Lovely to hear from you, Happy. I’m so sorry for the bad time you’ve had , over the last couple of years I think. Onward and upward hopefully now, eh. Cwtches from another little Welsh girl.

    Cwtches sound lovely Polly.
    A new start, Happy. More happiness x

    Happy, we your virtual friends wrap our arms around you. Sorry you have been so down, so pleased you now have your face up to the light. xx


    I was thinking about you a few days ago and wondering how you were.
    So sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time and very pleased to hear you’re feeling better.
    It must be hard to be moving and leave your garden etc but a new start in your own space will give you peace and give you plenty to occupy yourself with.

    I’m glad you enjoy my travel tales etc. I’m aiming for a couple of overseas trips next year, fingers crossed all is well. Having had 3 trips cancelled I’m not going to book anything until the end of this year.
    I’m hoping for a trip to Africa and if I can save a sufficient amount a trip Down Under towards the end of next year.

    We shall see.

    I’ve just passed the year mark since my hip replacement and I can honestly say having it done privately so I didn’t have to wait any longer was absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made.

    I’m still clinging onto the wagon by the tips of my fingernails but after so many years of downs and ups and downs and ups I’m not stressing but accepting I’m always going to struggle and continuing to keep trying.

    We’re having beautiful weather here which is wonderful as we are in the middle of the grass court tennis season and I’m now glued to the TV at every opportunity.

    I know all about Cwtches, my Herefordshire friend has a Welsh husband and he used the word all the time especially when their children were little. It took me ages to work out what he meant 😆

    Ah, now that I have looked cwtches up, I can fully engage in this. My Welsh ancestors would approve. 🙂

    Thanks! All virtual hugs gratefully received 😁

    Amazon, I can’t believe it’s a year already. So pleased the new hip was worth it, you’re a new woman!

    It’s been another lovely day here, I won’t be getting used to it though – I live in Cumbria after all 😂 Only just out of my thermals AND I’ve just realised that I’ve still got the winter duvet on the bed, perhaps time I opted for spring tog instead…

    So ScoMo and BoJo have both gone. There is now a gaping gap for a clown in UK politics! Perhaps all the ministers will re-apply for their pay packets – I mean, jobs.

    We are in the throes of winter now, inundated with Covid, ‘flu, and an array of seasonal illnesses. Schools are struggling with both teachers and pupils – thank goodness the term finishes today – and as for our hospital system! We are still fortunate not to have caught C yet, although we know we will never be rid of it (like ‘flu), and our turn will come…

    Cwtches, all.

    Yep. Pretty good overview, B. 😏😒

    Hi everyone,

    Johnson has not gone, he is still PM and has today appointed several new ministers to his cabinet.

    We are having glorious weather in London, forecast to last for at least another two weeks something which makes me very happy.

    I’ve had a nice week, I went to the Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum on Monday which was fascinating.
    On Wednesday I met a friend for dinner followed by Shakespeare in the park, an outdoor performance of The Tempest to an audiesnce of approximately 250 people.
    It was very good and we had a fabulous evening.
    Tomorrow I’m taking a friend to the ballet for her birthday treat. We are going to Sadlers Wells to see the Birmingham Ballet perform Don Quixote.
    It’s been a long time since I went to the ballet and I’m very much looking forward to it.

    My weight is moving in the right direction slowly but surely and I’m content with that.

    He has to keep the wheels of government ticking over. There’s another party to organise – Chequers, anyone?

    I love your list of activities, Amazon. We have a thriving arts scene here, but there’s nothing like a city for the variety.


    I guess you’ll be at the ballet now, lucky you! I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan, but when I’ve seen it live I’ve really enjoyed it.

    No culture here! The weather has been glorious and I’ve had a few days off, seen my Dad and some old friends, been gardening and just generally enjoying being warm 😁

    All seems to be progressing OK with the house sale/ purchase, and we’re just in a quiet ‘it’s with the solicitors’ phase…

    …so I’ve had plenty of time to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the Downing Street sh1t show 😂 You have to love the Tories, give them long enough and they will eat their own 🤣

    But yes, Barata, get rid of the buffoon, who never charmed or fooled me, and what’s the alternative? There’s some real ‘stuff of nightmares’ people hoping to step up and who knows who the walking dead… sorry, Tory members… will back! I hear Priti Vicious is quite popular with the aged male members at least, god save our souls if she got to be PM!!

    I’m glad things are progressing with your house, Happy. Is the U.K. the slowest at selling? You might not have culture but you have the scenery. We’re quite well located for both, on edge of the Clwydian Range, and within easy reach of Liverpool and Llandudno for opera and theatre – not forgetting lovely Theatr Clwyd in Mold.

    Friends, I fell off the wagon again! Half-hearted efforts BUT we’ve been away on a little break to the Isle of Wight and I was appalled to feel my muffin top in too many pairs of pants. Anyway, I’ve got flipping Covid now,so don’t fancy food

    Exciting stuff in Downing Street. ‘Boris’ has never realised that it was as unchanged anti-Corbyn vote that got him in. PMQ has become the highlight of our week, watching the mendacious, arrogant toad deliberately stutter and sprinkle a bit of Latin to impress the plebs, like us.

    Sorry to hear you have Covid, Poll. I hope it doesn’t knock you around too much.
    We are hunkered down with cold, very rainy weather, keeping well away from any source of Covid or ‘flu.
    You really wonder if life will ever become carefree again? 😒 P

    It was a rain-free day here today, but bookended with deluges. Must keep my snorkel handy!

    … big rant deleted about the state of the planet …

    kia kaha, friends.

    So many people seem to have covid now. Daughter and partner are just over their second infection.

    I’ve not had Covid and I don’t want it thanks, which is why I’m wearing a mask on public transport unlike the majority.

    The ballet was wonderful apart from a last minute discovery the station nearest to the theatre was closed. Thank goodness for taxis meaning we made it in time to grab a G&T before finding our seats.
    The theatre was cool and well ventilated which was great as we’re having a heatwave as the weather forecasters like to call our two weeks of summer 😉
    My friend thoroughly enjoyed her first trip to the ballet which made me very happy especially as it was a birthday treat for her from me.

    I’ve been working so hard on my fitness since my surgery last year and I’m not best pleased to be suffering from plantar fasciitis which id b***dy painful and more than inconvenient.
    I’m now alternately iccing my foot, sitting with it raised and doing stretches hoping I can nip it in the bud and recover before it interferes with my plans. I’ve waited aged to get my life back and I’m not keen to have to stay home again.

    I’m watching the wonderfully talented but very troubled Nick Kyrgios v Novak Djokovic contesting the Wimbledon final.

    I’m firmly in the Kyrgios camp.

    Hi to you all
    I must have fallen off the thread without realising.
    It’s good to read your news.
    I’m still in France and due to a lot of miscalculations – all alone here.
    OH had to leave due to European visa problems.
    Just wanted to wave and say I’ll back.

    Good to hear from you, Wi. I trust OH will be back with you pronto!

    I had another fall on Saturday – going INTO the pub, not out! There is a sill at the door, and obviously I wasn’t watching. So a break from the gym while my foot heals. I’m loving the strength work there, will be back as soon as I can.

    It looks as though Kyrgios lost the tennis as much as Djokovic won.

    I might as well have sat up all night watching the tennis as I couldn’t sleep anyway. Checked the results several times though.
    You were lucky to only have a hurt foot, B. I break bones, and am out of action for months, every time I fall. And my bone density is excellent. 😒
    Bon jour Wi. I guess you are enjoying time with grandies again? 💝
    Like you, A, we haven’t had Covid. We’ve had 4 vaxes (plus flu) and wear masks and REALLY actively avoid indoor time with others, which isn’t very social, but utterly necessary, in this cold wet winter. P

    Yes, I am grateful for that, P. And no Covid in the household yet, also. Masks are still mandatory in some situations here, and being strongly recommended where they are not.

    Masks are mandatory on public transport and “strongly recommended ” indoors here. Where we live people are pretty good, but not so in other areas. 😒

    After all that rain and wind, Duck Lake is back on the lawn (sans ducks, though). And now the sun is shining, and 19 degrees!

    Hi everyone,

    Kyrgios fought hard and played well, he simply wasn’t quite good enough on the day.
    Sorry to hear you’ve injured your foot, hope it recovers soon.

    Hi, good to hear from you.

    Our government (still led by the PM who has supposedly resigned) are completely ignoring Covid as they decided many months ago that the pandemic is over, dropping all restrictions/mitigations and withdrawing free testing kits which led to a huge number of expired kits being disposed of and people not testing as they could not afford to buy them.
    This of course means goodness knows how many walking around with Covid, going to work, travelling on public transport and generally spreading it around.

    Numbers have been rising again but in the past few days appear to be levelling off.
    Mask wearing is not mandatory anywhere, even in hospitals and medical centres.

    I’m not actively avoiding indoor spaces but ensuring places I frequent are well ventilated and I’m back to wearing a mask in shops.

    London is very busy again as overseas tourists are back in force and the vast majority aren’t wearing masks.
    Good for the economy but not sure how good it is for public health.

    The weather here is hot hot hot which is fine by me as everything seems so much better when we are bathed in sunshine.

    I’ve been doing lots of stretching, applying ice packs and sitting with my leg raised and am pleased to report my foot is steadily improving which is very pleasing as being confined to barracks in such glorious weather is no fun.

    Well being in the north, it isn’t hot hot hot here! But it’s pleasantly warm and the sunny bright blue skies make everything seem better. We could do with some rain though…. 😂

    Polly, I hope you’re feeling OK. I was fortunate to catch a later strain when fully vaccinated, but it was still unpleasant and the effects lingered.

    Mask wearing is very low here too. I mostly continue to, in the slim hope I might get some protection from it and also to make a point! Covid hasn’t gone away and even these later mild strains can kill and disrupt services.

    Re house selling. Yes, it’s slow at the moment! Apparently there’s about half a million houses sold subject to contract, which is roughly 42% higher than pre-pandemic levels, hence delays with processing! Frustrating as you really want to exchange asap to secure it ☹️


    Sorry to hear about your foot. Fingers crossed it does heal quickly, I know how frustrating injury is when you’ve worked on fitness and want to be active! After my illnesses earlier this year, I’m still not back to my 2021 fitness levels but I’m very aware I need to try and build slowly…. ☹️


    Sorry to hear you’re all alone in France… again! Hopefully not for as long as you were during the lockdown phase of the pandemic!

    Barata, P, stop falling over!!

    I envy all the talk of hot weather. It is bitterly cold and miserable here this winter. I have to wear hat, gloves, scarf and padded jacket inside.
    Fasting today is no way to keep warm…onto my 5th cup of hot coffee. 😏

    It’s not warm here either, 16 degrees, and pretty galling to hear moans about the heat from the rest of the country.

    Wi, that’s an odd one, at least you’re not ‘Lost in France’.

    Amazon, masks seem to be a thing of the past and it’s difficult to avoid crowds. That’s might be one advantage, the only advantage, of your enforced rest with your foot!

    We enjoyed the final PMQ with ‘Boris’ yesterday. The arrogance and mendacity were undiluted. How the hell has he not gone, though?

    I’m doing ok with food at the moment, mainly because I was so uncomfortable in two good pairs of jeans, with hideous muffin tops thankfully concealed under tunics. Weight had crept up 7lbs, half a stone. Too many treats

    Hi everyone,

    The foot is improving slowly but I’ve not been out anywhere just yet and after all the many kinds of pain I’ve been through in my life I am amazed at the discomfort of an ice pack applied to the lower surface of the arch of my foot, it’s eye-watering.

    Apart from that I’ve no idea how it got to be Thursday already, and I’ve not managed a FD yet this week. I guess it’s going to be a hungry weekend.

    I loathe Boris Johnson and all who’ve enabled him over the past 3 years which includes ALL of the candidates vying to replace him, and what a motley crew of ambitious out of touch power seekers they are, more interested in the continuation of making the rich richer and taking away our rights and freedoms than working toeards a fairer and more equal society.
    No surprise there!

    It’s another hot day but with a nice cool breeze.

    I shall spend the day trying not to eat too much and keeping cool.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Amazon, I second your loathing of the whole hypocritical, self-serving crew! They scorn someone from a disadvantaged background, who pulled herself up by her bootstraps with no help and leaves them resorting to cheap jibes as she lays into them.

    They try to dismiss Keir Starmer as an Islington lawyer. He’s the son of a toolmaker, went to Leeds uni and worked pro bono for years. I suspect some of the Eton/Harrow types want to keep positions and power for themselves and offspring.

    After 5 days on the go, I’m having a bit of quiet.
    The two Italian grandchildren are playing pingpong.
    Even though I am not really concerned, I really don’t like the Brit politicians you are talking about. However the fascists won seats in France along with some farleft. France is now ungovernable.They need to look at an MMP country like Germany and NZ to see how you make coalitions.
    It’s hot in France this Fete Nationale day. Even at this altitude it’s hot (27° inside)
    I am still getting over Covid even though it’s 2 weeks since it started. Two days ago I drove to Tuscany and back with the family yesterday (1500km return in the heat) The boys aged 8 and 10 were adorable in the car which made the 9 hour drive back easier.
    2022 hasn’t been easy. My ankle split in January again, and it has taken 6 months to close. For the past 4 months in France, nurses have come every day to dress it. French health care is still an A to Z system, and I have been expensive this year. I really want to go back to NZ with OH in early August, as only there can we live together. I hope that the split ankle will be closed up in 3 weeks. We just haven’t travelled in Europe this year.
    On Saturday, 6 of the England-based family arrive in France for a week. Fun and games.
    xx wiwi

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