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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Happy,

    I’m not letting you know who mess up my Christmas a second time so I got organised.

    I’ve also ordered a goose directly from the farm. I did some research and have found several recipes for using leftover goose which will all freeze well so none will be wasted.
    And think of the spuds roasted in goose fat……..

    I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen yesterday, weighing out ingredients, chopping up candied peel, Bramley apples and nuts and mixing mixing mixing.
    This morning I put the mincemeat in a low oven and the puddings on to steam.

    The result is two large jars of mincemeat and two delicious looking Christmas puds. The flat smells delicious πŸ™‚

    If nothing else I can live on Christmas pudding and mince pies both of which will do wonders for the waistline πŸ˜†

    I’m trying to go for a walk every day and the fine weather is helping. We’ve had a couple of mini monsoons but I’m getting out most days.
    My hip is great. No pain, no stiffness and I can do everything I would like to be able to do and autumn is such a nice time to be out in the fresh air.
    This time last year on some days I could barely walk to the newsagent and now I can walk for miles.


    I agree, on warm days I find it much easier to limit what I eat. Colder days yell “give me comfort food in a large bowl”

    Thanks for the delicious, virtual, cooking aromas, Amazon. It’s Thursday, fast day, here.. 😏

    Well it’s a damp and cold (8 degrees!!) day here. The perfect opportunity to stay inside and get on with Christmas cakes 😁 I forgot to buy a cooking apple this morning though, so the mincemeat will have to wait…

    I seem to have picked up a lingering cold a few weeks back which, with short days and inclement weather, stopped my regular running. That, combined with autumn comfort food, has impressed upon me the need of re-commencing fasting ☹ First one in a while this week was easier than expected. Fingers crossed I can rein in eating and get back into regular fasting habits before I do too much damage!

    Not much else to report. We are still getting a regular trickle of house viewers, someone will make us a sensible offer at some point. At least it means we keep the house clean and tidy 🀣

    We opened up a bit this week, which meant the first house visitors in 3 months. Terrible having to clean the house, and work out what I used to wear before lockdown. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    You’ve picked a tricky time to start fasting again, Happy. It’s always harder in cold weather. Make sure you wear warm clothes and keep active.
    Michael’s new Australian show is a great way to rethink and remember why we started 5:2 nine years ago. We all need prompting occassionally.
    Cheers P

    I’m finding fasting difficult at the moment. There is far too much going on and I have a few lingering health issues which are not helping my frame of mind one of which resulted a day at the eye hospital last week.

    On Wednesday I’m having a surgical dental procedure to remove a retained root of a back tooth and I’ll have stitches in my mouth. I’m hopeful a physical barrier to eating will help me get to grips with fasting πŸ˜†

    Until this week I’ve managed to convince myself it’s still summer and have avoided seasonal comfort food but the cold evenings are heralding a move towards them so I’m planning on making a lentil bake which is basically a very healthy vegetarian shepherds pie and some chicken stock for the soup which will be essential eating in the days after my dental procedure.

    I’m still doing the physio exercises I was given for my hip and I’m doing lots of walking and working out once or twice a week avoiding a couple of exercises which are contraindicated.

    I went to Richmond Park yesterday with my best friend and did a very long walk which was very enjoyable but walking down a fairly steep slope on uneven ground caused some discomfort in my hip which was a timely reminder not to try to do too much too soon as it is still healing.
    No lasting issues and I took things easy today.

    I’m booked for a Covid booster next week.
    I see Australia has done really well with it’s vaccination program after an initial slow start and that things are opening up so I might be able to visit next year after all……..

    Hi Amazon. Sorry to hear about your eye issue. I hope it will be OK?
    I DO think dental work is a little extreme to kick off fasting, though. πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
    With my keg injury, I definitely find slopes are the biggest issue. I plan walks carefully to reduce steepish downhill slopes. Where I live is quite hilly, but I can plan routes to have longer downhills and steeper uphills. That seems to work.
    As of yesterday, NSW has 80% fully vaxed and 93% at least 1 dose. Even 12 to 15s have been rushing to get vaxed since it became available to them in the past month. Over 70% of them with a first. They plan to open NSW up to overseas Aussies on Nov 1. Some states,(notably WA and Qld) who have plenty of vaccines available but have not experienced significant outbreaks, are slow at the uptake and will not open up to anyone any time soon. πŸ˜’ After waiting so long for vaccines here, due to the Federal Govt not ordering quickly, we lined up the moment we could. I still can’t believe people who hesitate.
    We have had a lovely week seeing our Sydney family, reacquainting with them all and watching them interacting. Little kids grow so quickly.
    I’m still doing online grocery orders and won’t go into shops, even though I can now. I don’t enjoy shopping anyway and would always prefer outdoors recreation. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
    Keep well and good luck with the dentist. P


    A day out at the eye hospital! Lucky you ☹️ I hope it was time well spent though, and your eye issue has been resolved?

    And dental surgery to look forward to as well. Poor you. I can imagine you won’t be in a rush to eat anything more solid than soup and baby food until it’s healed, fingers crossed it is the kickstart you need!

    The rain stopped yesterday afternoon, so I did get out for some fresh air and exercise.
    Today, it’s raining again and forecast to be set in all day. The Christmas cakes are made (Dad’s is in the oven as I type; a smaller one to a different recipe, for me, was made yesterday) and the house is clean. I will probably do a bit of work and then cuddle up with a book. I may waterproof up later for a walk, or do some pilates, or alternatively nothing…. 🀣


    It’s great that you are getting more freedoms and seeing the family again. High proportion of the population vaccinated and low infection rates, lucky you! Here, after the UK blowing it’s own trumpet and being so smug about getting in early with vaccine procurement, the rollout has seemingly stalled – while boosters are bring rolled out, NSW (and many Europe neighbours who were slower to get started) is beating us on the percentages for single and double jabbed.

    We have shockingly high infection rates and more than 100 people die each day within 28 days of a positive covid test. Yet most of the population seem happy with that and are just pleased they don’t have to wear masks or socially distance anymore… Johnson says everything’s OK and he’s such a lovely optimistic chap isn’t he, so it must be true πŸ€”

    Good job everything else is going so well in the UK at the moment…oh, wait… πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚


    Thankfully my eye will be fine. I actually spent the day in the A/E department of the eye hospital and they were brilliant.
    The place was rammed with people, the waiting area full, people queuing in the corridor and others waiting in an overflow area downstairs. Every single patient was wearing a mask and the vast majority appeared aware of how much pressure the staff were under and waited quietly and without complaint.

    Everyone was seen in Triage by a senior nurse who referred the patient to the relevant staff member and the philosophy was to treat the patient there and then if at all possible.
    Fortunately the only treatment my eye needs is time to heal and the important thing is I can stop worrying about whether my sight will be impaired and get on with life.

    As for the tooth issue, it forced me face the fact my dentist (who took over the practice after my longstanding dentist retired) simply does not have the skills and/or experience to run a one man practice so I searched out another surgery and made an appointment to see someone. After hearing my tale of woe regarding what had happened I was given an appointment to see one of the senior partners and as soon as I met him I realised I was in safe hands.

    I’m suffering from a severe attack of sofa-itis today so won’t be going too far…..

    I had read that the UK never has terribly high vaccine takeup, while we are a, surprisingly, compliant and trusting lot. Canberra (the ACT) have the highest vaccine takeup in the world. Just goes to show, public servants ARE smart!
    I think the idea they applied here, refusing “freedoms” to the unvaccinated, has been particularly effective.

    We’ve had similar change of season fluctuations. Today was a beauty, so we drove out of our Local area (SO exciting) to have a long walk and a cuppa, beside a different part of Sydney’s many waterways. Delightful. But don’t worry, the rain is due again on Tuesday.
    Off to bed. Monday fast tomorrow. P πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Amazon, I was interested that you said you were getting a booster shot. From what I’ve heard from research lately, AZ is lasting well and there is doubt that it needs a booster. Pfizer, however, should always have been a 3 shot vaccine as it’s efficacy wanes. What is the feedback over there? P

    I’m not entirely sure what our vaccinated rates are – it seems to vary depending on whether its UK government data (we’re the best!) or independent data (we’re average – which of course can’t be right because we’re the British and therefore exceptional 🀣🀣🀣).


    It’s reassuring to know your A&E was an oasis of patient understanding. I guess a lot of people will have failed to get anywhere with the GP practice and will just be happy they will get to see a medical professional!

    Glad to hear you’ve got a competent dentist too. It makes such a difference when you can trust that you are getting the right treatment.

    P, sleep well!


    There are virtually no mitigations in place here. Mask wearing is supposed to be compulsory on public transport but there are insufficient transport police to enforce it, and many people aren’t wearing masks in shops either. I would imagine those who don’t think they need to wear a mask includes those who don’t think they need to have a vaccination which makes being out in public a bit of a lottery so the offer of a booster to increase my immunity in the coming months is being taken gladly.

    Covid is ripping through schools and as Happy says infection rates and deaths are very high, I think the highest in the world population percentage wise and the NHS is on the verge of collapse and winter isn’t here yet.
    The only measure the government is prepared to take is vaccination which is why anyone over 50 and those who are clinically vulnerable will be offered a booster.

    A cynic might say the government don’t want to be blamed for the collapse of the NHS but want to keep it on the edge so at some point they can say it isn’t fit for purpose and sell it off.


    The majority of those who go to the eye hospital A/E have been in touch with either GP or optician who have recommended they attend. In the time I was waiting I was aware of only one self referral.

    There were a couple of dissenters, one who thought he could lie his way into being seen immediately as he wanted to get back to work and another who had had failed treatment to the other eye in another hospital and complained to anyone who would listen. At one point she started talking to me and complaining. I replied I had worked for the NHS and it was obvious to me how busy the staff were and how hard they were working. She admitted she worked for the NHS and my response was a raised eyebrow and a quizzical “really?”
    I was very polite and calm and spoke just loud enough for others to hear.
    I’m pleased to say she stopped talking to me and to everyone else.

    I also attended my GP surgery last Saturday morning for my flu vaccination.
    There are five practices in the health centre and they were all seeing patients for flu vaccinations and Covid boosters. The people either side of me in the queue had nothing but praise for the surgery and disdain for the way some of the media appear to be vilifying GPs.
    I know the level of service varies but the majority of GPs are working very long days doing a combination of phone, Zoom and face-to-face consultations.

    I feel it is definitely a case of taking aim at the messenger.

    Well my recent experience of trying to engage with a GP hasn’t been so positive! It’s nearly impossible to get to even talk to a doctor on the phone unless you say it’s an emergency. Having eventually spoken to my GP, she made me a face-to-face appointment (thank god, otherwise you’re stuck in the hell of ringing in the morning in the hopes you can speak to a receptionist before the appointments are all gone… until they β€˜release’ more the next morning!). Then having seen my GP, and her saying she wanted me to have a blood test, I went to reception… who said I would have to phone in the morning to book in for a blood test… yes, but I’m here now, and the GP has ordered the test? β€˜Thems the rules’. Hmm, so the next day I hang on the phone, only to find they aren’t doing blood tests because of a shortage of tubes…. right, well I think I will need to speak to the GP then about plan B. β€˜You’ll have to phone back in the morning…’.
    Take a deep breath and try not to think violent angry thoughts!!

    That kind of thing is really annoying as it makes no sense. If the GP has you in her surgery why can’t she take blood rather than expect you to come back on another day.
    I would have asked her why she wasn’t going to do so as I was sitting there in front of her.

    Having said that it’s nothing short of a miracle they are still able to think straight after the past 18 months.

    The doctors aren’t doing blood tests, it’s not an efficient use of their time. And I had only got a one appointment slot for the consultation, not 2 slots for consult and blood test….And they can’t be making special allowances for me just because I live 30 minutes from the surgery….

    The GP experience sounds a nightmare. I have kept completely clear of the health system. Mr P has been to the GP, and had several bloodyests without issues.

    A, The Guardian was reporting the problem with ambulance “ramping” at hospitals in the UK. Interestingly, even Qld (among other states) has been complaining about the same here and they have virtually no COVID cases! They are wanting more Federal money to support their State hospitals because they have failed to allocate money to the sector for years. Apparently a lot of the hospital issues, in many places, is that people now use ambulances and A&E for non emergency situations. But, if you can’t get to see a GP, what is the choice?
    We have to wear masks on public transport and shops and only double vaxed people can go into non essential retail or any of the rest of places that have been closed (cafes, restaurants, gyms, theatres etc, etc). Limited numbers indoors and no travel between Sydney and rural NSW. Schools are gradually reopening from today, with teachers, fully vaxed and masked, and most 12+ kids are well on the way to most being vaxed. Highschool kids wear masks.
    Fingers crossed our hospitalisations remain low and manageable as the number of cases rise with our reasonably high vax coverage. In my district well over 90% are fully vaxxed.
    Looking forward to the 2nd episode of Michael’s new Aussie show to boost my resolve re fasting. P

    Hi all, after the 230mm deluge of the weekend we are enjoying sunny low-20s weather – before the next rain arrives tomorrow! There won’t be any water restrictions or fire ban this year, or not in the foreseeable anyway.

    We have now been told all of the health board districts have to have their population at least 90% vaccinated before we can relax our level system. We in the North, with a large population of young Maori, are lagging behind, but there is a determination among their health providers that it will be done. Even then, this will leave us with half a million un-vaccinated. πŸ™

    I tried watching MM’s new documentary, P, but of course it is blocked on this side of the ditch.

    Stay safe, all.

    That’s a shame you can’t pick up Michael’s show, B. I guess they might play it some time on NZ TV? Mind you the “standard Aussie diet” he eats is a long way from anything I see as normal! I’m sure some people make lazy, unhealthy choices, but it doesn’t reflect us all. πŸ˜‘ P

    So he uses himself as a guinea pig again? We may see it sometime, but probably there’s nothing for us to learn from it, we old-time fasters and real-food eaters πŸ™‚

    Yes, he eats rubbish food for 2 weeks and demonstrates how easily a healthy person can slip into diabetic, and then how he can reverse it. The value of the program is demonstrating, quite graphically (!!!), the damage done by poor diet and diabetes. It doesn’t matter how much you know, it massively reinforces the message and hopefully convinces more people that their health is in their own hands. πŸ˜’

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve finally got back on the wagon and am doing my 3rd FD of the week πŸ™‚
    I am mightily relieved as I was beginning to wonder if I’d every be able get to grips with regular fasting again.

    I’ve decided to give up a few things between now and Christmas so no alcohol at home, no desserts etc, and lower fat intake as my cholesterol has risen and I want to remedy that asap. In order to keep the saturated fat levels low I’m going to be eating plenty of vegetarian and fish base meals and I’m also conscious I’ve been eating far too much cheese in recent months so I’ve only got one small piece of Cheddar in the cheese box.

    Wish me luck πŸ˜†

    It’s very autumnal with signs winter isn’t far away such as frosty mornings but the weather during the day is fine and dry.

    Good on you Amazon! You are a determined woman…you’ll do it!
    They have been discussing procrastination on the radio this morning. The trick is to set short term deadlines. Longer deadlines undermine your impression of the importance of the task. Apparently the problem is tomorrow keeps becoming today! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    I am back in the Mon/Thursday fast pattern and don’t dare drop the habit, no matter what. Unfortunately, I am also eating too much cheese, but otherwise a fairly healthy diet, just interrupted by the post lockdown luncheons, a couple of times a week. Very nice after nearly 4 months of eating at home. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ P

    Hi Purple,

    My dear Dad used to say “never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after” πŸ˜†

    There have been far too many weeks where the intended Monday fast hasn’t happened and before I know it Friday has arrived with no FDs completed but this week something has clicked and I’m in the right mindset and it feels good.

    Hopefully I can keep going now I’ve started.

    Good news on the fasting Amazon! I’m not (yet) back in regular good habits. I did have a good fast last week from lunchtime through to the following evening, but I’m finding I’m weak willed in the mornings where food is concerned if I’ve eaten the evening before.

    It will be interesting to see if you can reduce your cholesterol through diet, although I’m not sure I want to know if it involves giving up cheese πŸ˜‚

    P, that’s so true about procrastination! If I have a long deadline I put off the task until it’s a short deadline…

    I think we are all natural procrastinators, Happy. 😏 That’s why I try to do things as soon as they pop up as I know I won’t bother if I wait. πŸ˜„
    It used to backfire at Uni. I’d complete assignments and essays as soon as they were issued, then spend the rest of the time editing and always submittedthem before the due date. Others waited until the last minute, ran out of time and requested an extension. They were usually one! What was the point of the due date? 🀨🀨😐
    My system is the opposite to you Happy. I cannot miss dinner, even a light one, as I would not sleep at all, but can easily skip breakfasts, even after fasting. I plan breakfasts, while lying in bed, but they are often such grand plans, I don’t have time to make them, but feel I have eaten them anyway! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


    I’ve been taking statins for 15 years and I don’t want the dose to be increased.
    As I’ve been eating too much of the wrong things for most of this year it’s really a case of getting back to my more usual eating habits and the giving up of cheese is a temporary measure which will cut down saturated fat, calories and eliminate a source of snacking.
    The giving up of drinking alcohol at home is also a temporary measure as a couple of glasses of wine often leads to indiscriminate snacking.

    The interesting thing about the snacking after wine is that I’ve never been one for eating anything after dinner and it’s not a habit I wish to develop.

    Being very much a morning person I find it fairly easy to get up and get busy and not even think about food until noon at the earliest.

    I did a 4th FD yesterday, M/Tu were 800 calories to ease myself into it and TH/F were 600 calories. I’ve not been particularly hungry this week until I woke up this morning feeling ravenous.
    I had promised myself a bacon sarnie this morning if I stuck to my FDs but I had to wait until my grocery delivery as there was no bread, something else I’m cutting right down on. The sarnie was quite possibly the best one I’ve ever eaten πŸ˜†

    I also decided to brave the scales but the battery is flat………

    My Christmas cake is in the oven and it smells divine πŸ˜€

    Amazon, I’m considering taking the batteries out of my scales. I’m sure they are broken. 😏
    The thing that keeps me fasting is that I realise my weight would sky-rocket without it. As it is, I’ve gradually increased over the last few years. I’m heavier than I want to be, with too much around the middle, but I seem stuck in a holding pattern. Unlike in the past, my weight doesn’t fluctuate at all during the week, despite fasts and exercise. Also, I know I don’t eat much, but am accepting that the older I get, clearly the fewer and fewer calories I need. With the swimming season upon me, I’m a bit shocked at the “cvurves” I see in mirror…all in the wrong spots. πŸ™„πŸ™„
    No way will I have Christmas cake etc in my house this year. I’ll stick to salads.
    As to wine, I am pretty good at having a single glass and several glasses of water. Snacks are a thing of the past. I know I can’t have them. 😏
    Well done on getting back on the wagon, A. P


    I’ve decided the only way to permanently get rid of all the unhealthy eating habits is to be very strict with myself between now and Christmas. I’m also hoping it means I lose a sufficient amount of weight to remind me why I use fasting to do so which will hopefully make it easier to continue.

    I’m not cutting out Christmas cake. I am making changes to the amount and type of festive food I eat. There will be less meat, less carbs, more veg, more fish and seafood. And there will be cheese 😁 but no crackers.


    I’ve not had a bacon sarnie for ages. But I think I should definitely put it on my Christmas list!

    I have made a Christmas cake, which will keep for ages, and mincemeat because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a mince pie or two… but its important not to use Christmas as an excuse for a binge 🐷

    My tipple of choice these days is gin, which doesn’t seem to set off the snack/ nibble cravings. But I have slipped into a bad habit of occasional shortbread biscuits (so easy to make from the store cupboard in small quantities… ☹). Its linked to my haywire hormones, but all the same needs to stop! Particularly as I’m much less active now the days are short and dark and the weather has been mostly wet rather than dry and bright.

    It is dry today though, so I’m going to brave the wind and rake some leaves…hopefully burning enough calories to justify the Staffordshire oat cakes I was inspired to make by the Hairy Bikers πŸ˜‚

    Amazon, I think one thing you and I have learnt over these years on 5:2 is we definitely need to give ourselves a reset regularly. Sounds like a good plan!! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Very true P. It’s easy to let complacency and procrastination creep in and before you know it you’ve got a mountain to climb to get back on track!

    I’ve been climbing that mountain for quite some time and falling off at the first tricky bit but this time I got past it.

    I’ve been doing some gardening, pruning, weeding digging up summer bedding, planting pansies in the tubs on my little patio to give some winter colour.

    One section of the garden is still completely wild as everything is still in bloom and I’m not pruning it until it stops putting out flowers.

    I started doing my regular workout a couple of months after my surgery but decided after a couple of weeks it was too much too soon. Almost 3 months have passed and it’s time to start again but making the effort is proving difficult but I’m going to do it at least twice over the next 7 days and see how my body reacts.

    I don’t do much in the garden in autumn, except tidying up the greenhouse, polytunnel and veg patch, and stopping us from being buried by leaves. I tidy and cut back borders in spring mostly, leaving winter cover for creepy crawlies (and food for birds). Or that’s my excuse!

    After raking leaves, only to turn round to see nearly as many newly fallen, I gave up and went for a run. I’m only getting perhaps 1 a week at the moment due to persistent flooded lanes recently. I’m still doing pilates once a week, but wish I could motivate myself to do it at home when the weather isn’t fit to get out…

    Woo hoo, I’ve finally nailed a 500 calorie FD and I’m going for B2B.

    Back on the wagon 😎

    Good work Amazon πŸ‘
    Tomorrow will be a fast day for me, I’m out and about so it will be easy enough to avoid food… until later in the day 🀞

    Steady on the reins, A . πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    I put a battery in the scales and got on this morning. I weigh 3lbs less than last time I weighed myself which was months ago and I know I gained weight since then by the way my clothes(don’t)fit, which means last week and yesterday have had the desired effect.

    A good start to the day 😁

    Nice one! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Hi everyone,

    So it’s Friday night again already (where does the time go….) and for the second week in a row I’m not disappointed in myself as I’ve stuck to the plan.
    This week I nailed 3 x 500 calorie FDs. I was aiming for a 4th today but by lunchtime I knew it wasn’t going to happen and had something to eat.

    I’m pleased with the way things are going and hopeful I can stay focussed.

    I’ve got a nice outfit I want to wear mid December which is shall we say a bit snug at the moment. It’s hanging on the hall cupboard door so every time I go anywhere in the flat I have to walk past it.


    You appear to be well and truly back in the groove! I actually weighed MORE after fasting this week ☹️🀣 But I’m mostly maintaining within acceptable limits at the moment, so no need to panic just yet!

    I haven’t got any good excuse to buy a new outfit as I’m going nowhere and doing nothing. I do keep looking… but mostly at flannelette loungewear and chunky knits πŸ˜‚

    That sounds a delightful ensemble, Happy. πŸ™‚
    I’ve had a few occasions to actually wear dresses in the few weeks since lockdown ended for the vaccinated. It then meant I had to find my shoes too. It is so much easier to just don tshirt, jeans and sneakers every morning, as I have most of the year! πŸ˜„
    We have been making little forays out, among the vaxed, wearing masks 😷. It IS nice to socialise again, but it also means keeping the house visitor ready and a rapidly filling calendar. It’s all or nothing in life, isn’t it?
    Keep going girls. P


    It’s not a new outfit but one for going somewhere nice at this time of year.

    The no alcohol at home went out of the window this evening and I’m justifying it by telling myself a glass of wine with dinner will not lead to snacking πŸ˜‡

    I did a lot of knitting last year so am not in need of any knitwear and I’m not sure what loungewear means and don’t want to try to imagine what it is especially if it’s in flannelette 🀣🀣🀣

    I’m definitely back in the groove and am planning on staying there.
    As for the ups and downs of weight, it’s why I weigh myself no more than once a week as there’s nothing more soul destroying than struggling through a tough FD and the scales lying to you……

    It’s interesting, Amazon, how we have love/hate relationships with the scales. It’s clearly their fault, or even a malicious plan, if the number goes up. 😁😊

    The thing with scales is although we know all about the way our bodies work we associate a raised in the number as an increase in fat.

    There has been many an occasion in the past when I’ve got on the scales after several days of working really hard to lose and they’ve not moved so I’ve thought %^$Β£! and gone and eaten everything I can lay my hands on only to have lost weights the next day πŸ˜‚

    It is one of life’s mysteries.

    That’s why I do weigh every morning, A. I know I go up and down but don’t want it to climb too high. Only once a week would not give me a feel for what is happening.

    I’m with you on the daily weighing. You spot blips and you spot trends. If I weighed once a week, I could fool myself the blip was a trend.

    I agree. Better to average it out.

    I know if I’m eating too much and don’t need the scales to prove it.
    I prefer to use them to monitor weight loss and make decisions as to whether I should add an extra FD or continue with whatever I’m doing.

    We are all fasting for similar reasons but each need to find their own path and it’s amazing how many ways there are to succeed.

    I’m feeling a bit low today. A 20 year old man was murdered at the end of my street on Friday evening apparently after intervening when an elderly woman was stabbed.
    The area was cordoned off until yesterday afternoon and went I went to buy a newspaper this morning a shrine has appeared, flowers, candles, written tributes and his basketball.

    It reduced me to tears.

    It’s horrifying how little respect for life some people have. What a tragic loss. P


    No wonder you are feeling low. That was an awful senseless act of violence. Knowing these things happen is one thing, but when it’s so close to home it makes it much more real.

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