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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Definitely not like our magpies then 🀣

    Ours are known as ‘chattering magpies’.

    Good disciplined day so far. Glass of wine to accompany The Killing needed later, though

    Yes. Australian magpies are regularly voted the favourite birds here. Their songs are really beautiful. Nice birds if they know you, but famous for swooping unknown people’s heads when protecting nests. Bike riders paint eyes on the back of their helmets to make the bird think they are being watched. We have a family here, who just walk up and look happily at us. A very different bird to yours, but also black and white, hence “magpie”. πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen and heard Australian magpies and couldn’t believe it when my friend told me what they were.

    I had to have an eye test today and arranged to meet a friend after for coffee and a walk which was really nice as we strolled round a large local park which was full of children of varying ages playing tennis, football, biking, skating, paddling in the open air pool.
    It was wonderful to see so many children out in the fresh air enjoying themselves in such lovely weather.
    We ended the afternoon with an impromptu stop at a local hostelry where we sat in their lovely cool peaceful garden complete with singing blackbird and had a nice cold beer before deciding we were going to be disciplined and not order another beer or a bottle of wine and dinner but go home to whatever was waiting in the fridge.

    If you can hear a strange noise it’s my halo strangling me……..

    Amazon, we live on the flightpath too. Luckily there is an overnight curfew, so nothing until just before 6am. No noise at all overnight, except for the occassionally Police helicopter of a distant train.
    There have been so few planes in the last year, they have become more noticeable now as domestic travel has picked up. Still few international flights, except freight. We are far enough from the airport that they are still quite high, luckily, but noticeable when a cloudy sky contains the noise. πŸ˜‘

    We’ve noticed more flights, too. We are also on a flight at, but most planes are en route to or from London and Manchester, even further afield. We have a very definite peak on the Clwydian Range, which was obviously a landmark when these routes were created. It’s just those going to Liverpool that we hear as the engine tones change.

    You gave me a chuckle this morning, Amazon.

    Hi all,

    It’s raining and has been doing so all morning. The weather forecast was changed late yesterday from sun to rain with a return to fine weather tomorrow. Can’t say I’m disappointed as the garden is now being watered naturally rather than by hosepipe πŸ™‚

    I had already decided today would be a quiet day at home as I’m going out tomorrow with a friend for afternoon tea ie tea, sarnies, scones, cake. The plan is to make it my only meal of the day. The person who owns and runs the teashop made my birthday cake and I’m looking forward to tasting more of her baking.

    Now you know why I exercised restraint yesterday despite not wanting to do so πŸ˜†

    On Sunday I’m meeting my niece and her family in Kew Gardens which I’m really looking forward to having not seen them since Easter.

    Have a good weekend everyone πŸ€ͺ


    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea and visit to Kew.

    The weather here was glorious all weekend. I mostly spent it outdoors, but mainly in my own backyard! Everywhere is really busy again, too much traffic, too many people!

    I’m feeling a bit more settled and less anxious about the future, still too much uncertainty in terms of when the house will sell and what I’ll do then (renting/ buying, and where?!), and too much to think about (house hunting, mortgages, moving, finances, possessions, animals, divorce…), but lots of people go through this and survive and thrive. I’m not special 🀣

    It’s another lovely morning, today I shall be admiring the day through my office window.

    Happy fasting and mindful eating the rest of the time, to all!

    Of course you are special, Happy…we all are!
    I’m in the danger zone of my Monday fast..5.30pm..cold now the sun has gone down and the wood fire won’t light. πŸ™
    I CAN do it!!!!

    Glad to read that you’re feeling more positive, Happy. Good luck.
    Purple, you can do it. Have a tasty warm drink to take the edge off.

    Thanks Polly. I went for a walk, all rugged up, in the dark. Just had some veg and salmon warmed in the microwave! Excellent. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    My afternoon tea was cancelled as my friend tripped on an uneven pavement and sprained her ankle. She’s now laid up in bed feeling very sorry for herself and I don’t blame her.
    I intend to visit her tomorrow and I’m considering baking her a cake.

    I should have taken the opportunity to fast but of course I didn’t.

    Kew was wonderful, the weather was fine if alternately sunny/overcast and bringing a few 2 minute showers but we all enjoyed ourselves. The gardens were very busy with lots of family groups out in the fresh air having fun.
    There was a puppet show which the eldest great nephew thoroughly enjoyed and a stall giving away free grow a sunflower kits to children and my last view of the little one as I waved goodbye was him sitting in his buggy clasping the bag to his chest and grinning from ear to ear 😍

    I saw an awfully large number of lockdown babies πŸ˜†

    I’m fasting today and all is well. I’ve spent the morning alternating between cleaning and watching tennis even indulging in some high dusting which was long overdue as there were more cobwebs than the Ghost Train at the nearest funfair 🀣

    I could go outside and weed the path but I can’t see the TV from there……


    I’m sure you know of the saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Of course you’ll be fine and you’ll thrive once you’ve found your feet again and are able to relish the next (hopefully) exciting and fulfilling part of your life.

    Oh dear, Amazon, I hope your friend is OK. That’s what I did, then discovered, 2 days later, that it was broken. No wonder the pain was excruciating! 7 months later, it is still a long way from healed. 😐 Simple slips become life changing as we age. πŸ˜’ I’m sure she’ll appreciate your cake and visit.
    Your Kew outing sounds very pleasant. I’m pleased Londoners can get out and enjoy the weather.
    Very wise words for Happy. The journey will be rough, but the destination is a new beginning. Nurture yourself. P

    The weather here has been wet wet wet over the last few days, coinciding with a long weekend. Winter is definitely here, and after the wind the trees are decidedly barer. No flooding, fortunately, but nearly 150mm. We just met our daughter off the local plane as she has been visiting a friend, and I think the landing was borderline!

    There’s a thrush singing it’s heart out on the plum tree, convinced it’s springtime!

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Amazon. Touch wood, I have never had to endure a broken bone, P, and I do take more care when out and about than I used to.

    Such uncertainty can be so unsettling, Happy, and yes, you and all of us, are special πŸ™‚ ! Sometimes we look back at periods of our life and wonder how we coped. You will!

    We are off to Rotorua (also known as RotoVegas in some circles πŸ™‚ ) for a golden celebration of our wedding anniversary! Hot pools and sulphur await!

    Congratulations B and your beau.Enjoy your Golden Celebrations together. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Barata, as Craig from Strictly Come Dancing woukd say FAB–U – LOUS!

    My last message seemed to disappear into the ether.
    Happy, I can understand your feeling of uncertainty. Moving on is often easier to do than thinking about it. I know well about loving the place one lives in. I have that feeling about my house in France and everyday I look at the painting my brother did of it. But at a distance of 20k km, I can feel that I can sell it and become an ex-resident of France. Good luck with your process.
    Purple, I hope the floods in NSW are not causing you too many headaches.
    Amazon, sorry about your friend. I hope the friend is already recovering. When is your op?
    Barata, enjoy Rotovegas. It’s nice in Wellington today. I hope it’s great in Rotorua. You have had a few months of celebrations. Congratulations on the Golden Celebration. I don’t think I will ever make 50 years of marriage even cumulatively!
    In 48 hours, I will be under the surgeon’s power tools. I started a fast 6 days ago and have more or less stuck to it. I am also doing lots of strengthening exercises, and am ready though I doubt whether sleep will happen tomorrow night. The fast means that there is no inflammation and no pain in the knee, but I’m feeling a bit heady. It will be interesting to see if the fast makes recovery easier. I will eat afterwards, and for a few days.
    I haven’t discussed this fast with the medics, as they would think I’m crazy.
    Maybe I am.
    Signing off for a few days.

    Thanks Wi. The floods are in Victoria. NSW got a dump of snow that has meant record breaking cold here.
    All the best with your op. You will be fine with all the prep you’ve done. P x

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow, Wi, as we return to the ‘Winterless North’. Best of luck. And go gently easing back into eating mode – but I am sure you are familiar with the routine.πŸ₯°

    Good luck, Wi. Hope you’re fasts help with recovery, too.

    Dear Wi, I trust everything went well (or better!) yesterday with your op. Do you have to stay in hospital, or are you being shunted home into the care of OH?

    Home again yesterday, good to be back after a lovely long weekend. Lots of activities, lots of relaxation – including in hot tubs! Good meals, friendly people, and my weight exactly as it was when we set out last Wednesday. πŸ™‚ We did big breakfasts (included in the hotel tariff) and skipped lunch. This wasn’t quite as successful for OH, who’s weight is creeping up. it seems 5:2 is no longer working for him, either, as it failed for me several years ago. He won’t agree to Data Driven Fasting, balks at the idea of pricking his finger daily. I think this is an excuse myself… πŸ™‚

    Thank you Barata. All went well.
    A bit sore and difficult to walk.
    Wishing you well Amazon. Please let us how it goes for you.

    Will be back on the thread when I get home.
    Thanks to you all for your best wishesπŸ’–. Xx Wiwi

    Good news Wi. Take care. X

    Grrrrr! I missed an autocorrect on my previous post, wishing Wi all the best with her recovery. Embarrassing,

    Wi, hope the fasts help your recovery.

    Hi everyone,

    Surgery on Thursday evening went well and by yesterday afternoon I was mobilising with the aid of crutches.
    I’m feeling good and my surgeon is very pleased with my progress.
    The hospital is very nice and the staff are wonderful. I’m on schedule for discharge tomorrow morning.

    I’ve needed to eat 3 times per day due to the medication which will contine for a while and it hasn’t been difficult as the food is excellent.
    Hopefully I won’t need to continue with pain relief for long once I’m home and will be able to get back to 16:8 soon.

    All the exercises I did in the weeks before admission plus my general fitness have been a huge benefit meaning my physio is easy.

    I’m very happy and relieved to have had the surgery and looking forward to lots of pain free walking.

    Hope you’re recovery is going well.

    Fantastic news, Amazon! True to your name, you will recover quickly. πŸ™‚ I hope you have some backup at home and ongoing physio?
    Take care mate. P

    Hi Purple,

    I have a physio routine to follow several times per day and I’m seeing my surgeon for follow up in 10 days.
    I also have what appears to be the contents of a small pharmacy to take home with me 😯

    A friend who lives nearby is taking me home later this morning and will be keeping an eye on me and I have neighbours practically queuing to help out.

    I am very fortunate 😊

    As long as you don’t push yourself too hard, Amazon. Any tennis on somewhere? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s a cool damp day here in London and as much as I love the heat I’m grateful the forecast is for cooler temperatures over the next few days.

    I slept well and feel good this morning.
    I’m fast learning to adapt with life on crutches and I’ve already mastered picking things up from the floor with them πŸ˜†

    Have a good one everybody 😊

    Well done!

    We are having a beautiful few winter days, before the next weather system arrives for the weekend. At least I don’t have to worry about the tanks, and watering the garden!

    So we have imported (briefly) a Covid-19 case from Sydney. It was always going to happen, with borders opening. I just trust that the tracing, testing and isolation systems work, and Wellington doesn’t have to go into a lockdown. Thinking of you, Wi πŸ™‚

    I’m glad the surgeries went well for you both, Wi and Amazon. It’s not much fun being laid up on crutches, but I am sure the long-term outcomes will be worth it.

    Keep warm – or cool – everyone. πŸ™‚

    Hi everyone,

    Summer has returned after a large amount of rain and daytime temperatures of only 13C.

    My recovery is going incredibly well, I’m having so little pain I don’t need analgesics, I’m sleeping well and my walking is good. It won’t be long before I no longer need crutches at home.

    Now I’m off medication I can turn my attention to getting back to fasting starting tomorrow if all continues to go well.

    Have a good one everybody πŸ€ͺ

    It’s great your recovery is going so well, Amazon. I love your positive outlook.

    It’s a difficult time for you all in Sydney, Purple. Probably you know that you exported a positive case to Wellington last weekend. We have an alert level rise as a result. Today is a critical day. We will probably know if there are local cases.

    I am still not back on top. Pain continues and I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep very well. This morning I woke at 3am. I haven’t given up paracetamol yet.
    I am starting physio today.
    I have done 1 fast day this week and probably this helped with swelling.
    It’s not a very nice season at present here, so being home and warm isn’t a big problem.
    This is my first NZ winter for 25 years.

    Xx Wiwi

    Hi Wi,

    Sorry to hear you’re still in pain. Hopefully the physio will help.

    The one thing I’m struggling with is having to sleep on my back which is something I never do. I would expect my snoring to be heard on the other side of the river 🀣

    My fast day went well and I’m feeling very pleased with myself for having got through it so easily. Fingers crossed the next one goes as smoothly.

    After getting home on Sunday I completed an on-line grocery order to arrive while my friend was here to carry it upstairs for me.
    As we unpacked I realised I had forgotten to order any cheese. It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise to not have my favourite go-to nibble sitting in the fridge as I’ve not eaten between meals once this week.

    I appear to have inadvertently set the bar high 😬

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the absence, things have been busy and I’ve been stressed out and distracted (looking forward to one day saying I’ve been so relaxed I’ve been horizontal all week 🀣).

    Glad to hear your surgery went well and you’re making such a quick recovery, Amazon. As you knew, being fit and healthy going into surgery really does set you up for optimal recovery.

    Wi, sorry to hear your recovery is not quite so smooth, I really empathise with your lack of sleep and pain, it’s so debilitating. It will improve though, stay positive (says Mrs Woe is me, doom and gloom 🀣).

    Sorry to hear that NZ imported a case of covid from Australia. Unless you keep the drawbridge pulled up indefinitely it’s going to happen. As a matter of interest, what is NZ’s long term strategy for learning to live with covid-19?


    Thanks, I’m very pleased I made the effort in the weeks before surgery as it certainly seems to have helped.

    Wi is not the only person I know who has just had knee replacement surgery which is tougher to recover from than a hip replacement as the knee joint is more complex.
    And if there’s one thing a body needs after any surgery it’s the ability to sleep.

    Sorry you continue to have such a stressful time. I do hope things change for the better soon.

    Oh to live in a country where an imported case of Covid is headline news……

    Even more amazing, Amazon, NZ has no positive cases in the community. The one Aussie tourist, spent their money and left after 3 days, with no close contacts getting infected. Low news day?

    The visiting Aussie had already had his first vaccination, so that has probably reduced his Covid transmissibility. Apparently his partner in Sydney has tested negative.
    I gather he just came over to see an exhibition at the museum in Wellington.

    Once the bulk of the population here and overseas is vaccinated, Happy, we will be gradually opening borders. I envisage it will become like ‘flu, with annual vaccination, herd immunity and managing the cases that occur.

    Sorry things are not so rosy for you, Wi, and you have to suffer a winter like the rest of us mortals. πŸ™‚

    I feel better already after reading the posts, and amazingly it’s all a bit less painful.
    Covid 19 strategy of NZ. Only let in Aussies and Cook Islanders.
    I know NZ and Oz and the South Sandwich Islands are amongst the green list destinations for you, British. Bit of a problem there for you. I imagine those Islands have a worse winter than Wellington.
    Yes sleeping is difficult, Amazon. I can sleep an hour on my side only.
    Sorry your stressful time is continuing, Happy.
    I have been wondering how you are. If you need refuge in France, you are welcome to use my house. It’s got internet phone but not much heating. So okay until October. It’s very isolated but some of the natives speak English. It’s a restful place.
    I must maintain a fast now to try to reduce the inflammation in my leg. The physio doesn’t want me to start gym exercises before the 4 week mark.I am completely put off diclofenec as an anti inflammatory, since I learnt about its link with the disappearing vulture population in the Himalayas.
    I will maintain my 2 :5 fast for 2 more weeks and then try to do a monthly 5:2 week. The 8 day fast before the op did no harm but I was so looking forward to the op so I could eat afterwards.
    We have 60 hours of Village Francais to watch, so a lockdown weekend won’t be too bad.
    Xx Wiwi

    Morning, everyone. Glad to hear you’re making such good progress, Amazon. Wi, you have my sympathy: pain coupled with lack of sleep is a b***er’. Probably fasting is the last thing you need to think about.

    I’m sitting here at just before 8am wearing my thick winter dressing gown. We just seem to have alternate days of cold or decent weather. U3A activities are opening up. I held book group and poetry group at my house yesterday. One of the members brought a lemon drizzle cake to die for! No surprise that I’m stuck on 131lbs.

    Sadly cases are growing again here, but not hospitalisations. Teenagers need to be vaccinated, too. And it’s seems increasingly difficult to socially distance when out and about


    I’m glad we’ve cheered you up.

    I’m sitting here like a child on Christmas Eve. My best friend is coming to visit and she’ll be here in an hour AND I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! 😁


    On a couple of occasions this week I’ve felt cold and on opening the back door discovered it’s warmer outside than in and today is one of those days.

    When I was in hospital overnight it went from 23C with sunshine to 13C with torrential rain and the water was flowing along the pavements like a river!
    The weather is crazy.

    As for cake, the hospital menu offered 20 different desserts every day, three course lunches and dinners plus morning coffee with cookies and afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches.
    I had to exercise much self control as the last thing I needed was to leave hospital weighing more than when I arrived.

    One evening I ordered lemon tart and when dinner arrived they had provided lemon meringue pie. The host went to check if they had any lemon tart and returned 10 minutes later with a slice. When I asked him to take away the lemon meringue pie he appeared surprised I was not intending to eat both 🀣

    I confess to smashed avocado on sourdough toast every morning……

    Amazon – WOW! Just WOW! 😲.

    Not NHS, I gather.

    No not NHS as they are so snowed under I couldn’t see a specialist until the end of July with no hope of surgery this year.

    I spent all the money I’d saved due to not having any holidays or social life or buying clothes for 14 months and shelved the idea of changing my car.

    I view it as an investment in my future as I certainly would not be able to go on the small group adventure tours I love as I simply wasn’t fit enough but now I can look forward to times when such travel is possible again knowing I’ll be able to fully participate in everything on offer.

    I’ve had a lovely time with my best friend this afternoon and she gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers which includes Roses, Sweet William and Gerberas amongst other things in shades of the palest pink through to violet and plum/maroon.
    It is always such a treat to be given flowers πŸ˜πŸ’

    What a lovely image of your bouquet, Amazon. It is so nice to receive flowers :-).

    Polly, I think you had mentioned previously that you were involved in U3A. It is one of the groups that I joined when we moved north last year, and on Monday I was elected Chair! Yesterday I finished getting the committee roles sorted. We are two members short, so I hope we can recruit a couple more to join us. I was also wearing four hats at the garden club meeting on Tuesday, including security, minute secretary and hostess! So it’s been a busy week, but at least I have had a couple of good nights’ sleep, even if waking was 6am this morning!

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s a fine and warm morning here in London.
    I was up with the lark this morning as I’m still on hospital time despite having been home for almost a week πŸ˜†

    I walked to the newsagent this morning which is not too far, maybe 3 minutes away. It’s the first time I’ve been out so I took my crutches and I cannot believe how easy it was. I met one of my neighbours and he said I am already walking much better than before the operation which has made my day πŸ˜€

    Have a fab weekend everybody πŸ€ͺ🌞

    Amazon, I don’t blame you at all for spending your money on your health. I’m a great supporter of the NHS in general, but when one gets to a certain age, there’s just not enough time left to waste. Apart from the treatment, you’ve made the hospital sound like a 5* hotel!

    Barata, I smiled at the thought of you juggling those hats. Is it a fairly new, small u3a? I have to say that ours has become too big, losing the friendship angle to some extent. There was talk of splitting into North and South Flintshire. On the other hand, we may well have lost a few members over the pandemic. The two writers groups have become one. Sadly, it’s now led by someone who is taking it far too seriously, no fun with rapid writing exercises, she wants us to email stories to her for the whole group to allow for feedback. I don’t want that – I spent 26 years giving feedback, much of it to excellent teenage writers. And to be blunt, which I cannot there, most of the members are not that good! Oops, that’s a bit of a vent to you. 😲

    We’re looking forward to the Wales v Denmark game today, in spite of living rugby I’ve been sucked in to the Euros. No Welsh fans there in Amsterdam unfortunately. England have played their games in their main stadium – with fans!


    I wish everyone who can afford to do so would make a similar decision as it would make a huge difference by decreasing the pressure on the NHS and helping those who cannot afford to do anything other than wait until they reach the top of the waiting list.

    The hospital was purpose built back in the 1960s and has always been private with wealthy patients from all over the world travelling to London for medical treatment and the 5 star hospitality was probably an important factor.

    I was almost disappointed to be staying only 3 nights as it would have been great to try some of the other dishes on the menu and the first dish which springs to mind is profiteroles which are my absolute favourite.


    Its probably just as well you didn’t stay in too long with meals like that on offer!

    Its fantastic that you’re making such a quick recovery, it’s going to make such a difference to your quality of life, you can’t put a price on that!


    I am rooting for Wales too of course, although apparently everyone else in the world is behind Denmark…


    I cannot believe how fast my recovery has been so far and I was comparing it to that of my Dad who had a hip replacement back in 1980.
    He was in hospital for a week and when he came home he could barely walk and took to his bed. His recovery took months. And he was only 52!

    Here am I day 9 post op walking without crutches, going up and down the stairs with ease. I even went into the garden this morning and did some weeding.
    I have to keep pinching myself.

    I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to going for a long walk and not having to stop for a rest every 15 minutes. And I’m definitely not going to miss my body seizing up after 15 minutes standing in the kitchen doing food prep.

    Everyone else in the world is not behind Denmark………

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