June 2020 monthly challenge

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June 2020 monthly challenge

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  • Day 5 USA (Illinois) FD

    Decided after Silver Sneakers this morning that I ought to do a FD today. My DH’s hunger is pretty small as he is still recovering (but oh so much better) now that he is home from the hospital. Thank you all for your concern about him. I’m glad to be able to be his nurse now.

    @penz – water in large quantities helps keep away my hunger.

    @emma-taylor – beers for you! Nice. I enjoy Stella Artois or just a nice American Coors light. There are certain foods for me that just require a beer. Of course, they aren’t the best foods, but still I enjoy them every so often. And Hazel is a lovely name. 🙂

    @snowflake56 – a nice broth helps me too, especially when I feel cold.

    @daffodil2010 – Happy Birthday to YOU ♫♪♫♪ May it be a terrific day! Do I understand your name to be Jacqueline? It’s our #3 kid’s name too. She is 42.

    @i-hate-lettuce – Warthog? Really? To me he is the adorable creature from “Lion King” who sings “Hakuna Matata” so why is he so feared? 🙂 I guess our hunger creature is very personal.

    @excelsior12309 – welcome to you over there in Virginia.

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍓
    @dykask WFD

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 Canton OH NFD
    Thank you for asking all these interesting questions @penz, I have missed a couple days of posts and it was great to read all the responses. I feel like I know you all better
    My handle is a combo of my name and my OH’s name, my first name is Bassey which means “born on a Sunday” my grandma and I share the same name.
    Water and self-control is how I keep from messing up my fasts. Once I find the commitment sweet spot, that’s it for me. I am a creature of habit and a change in my routine is the most likely culprit to keep me from staying true to my fasts. I like @funshipfreddie’s tips and I will try it this weekend for my upcoming extended fast. I have also found that mindless snacking is the greatest enemy, because there is only so much that you can consume when you sit down to a meal
    @brightonbelle you are right – no shortcuts, no cheats

    Oh and…. coming here and reading posts helps remind me of my FD goals.

    @basyjames – you are so right about self-control too!

    Day 4, UK, NFD
    Day 5, FD

    Yesterday’s FD became a NFD after having dinner with DH and eating more than planned. I should have known I wasn’t going to stick to a salad when OH was having burger and dessert. Still ended up being a controlled calorie day so not too worried about it.

    Today’s FD going well, busy at work which pushed lunch to around 3pm (veggie quiche with salad). Keen to have a low cal soup and tea to finish off the day.

    To answer some of @penz daily questions: I have 2 gorgeous pairs of branded jeans that I was given by a friend many years ago – I have never been able to wear them, but I have carried these jeans across countries and new addresses and I still hope one day to fit in them.

    My handle is one of my favourite names (if I had a daughter I would name her Georgia). 83 is my year of birth.

    I have a few tricks that I use to tame the hungry dragon that lives inside me, but they dont work all the time sadly! Drinking lots of water does help, as well as drinking a cup of miso soup or similar. Distracting my brain with tasks also helps (baking something for my OH and cleaning up afterwards; popping a handful of popcorns on the hob; writing a work report; videocalling a friend; anything that keeps my hands busy is worth a try).

    @judyjudes I am currently reading ‘How not to die’ too. He definitely advocates the vegan lifestyle, and it made me more mindful about all the animal products I eat.

    @dee22 I don’t miss my days of job hunting, it’s really tough! I always tried to send at least 10 applications a day because (and you are so right about it!) the chances are only one of them will get looked at. It’s a numbers game and luck too! Stay positive!

    Day 5 UK FD

    Busy busy day at work. Early start and late home. Have only now managed to sit now with a coffee and the eggs I’d planned for my OMAD evening meal! Also enjoying the daily questions. I am so near my target, and have so far managed to yoyo a bit round about it so I try to fix on the fact that if I can just stay on track and hang onto the wagon then I will get there much faster! There’s a bottle of sauvie blanc in the fridge with my name on it but I will defer opening till tomorrow! Good things come to those who wait I believe!

    Day 5 London, UK, FD

    It’s a super late check-in from me today, I think I needed some ‘me’ time, relaxing yoga and meditation with NO thoughts about food ……………………………….. hence my 2nd unplanned LFD this week (😁 😁), I know the day isn’t over yet, but, I’m 90% there so unless I have a complete & utter meltdown …………………….. I’m calling it!!!

    @michelinme, I hope you’re taking things easy at the moment, your body needs some time to recover from everything you’ve been through. 🙏

    @penz, in answer to today’s question …………………………….. I just DROWN that sucker!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 It doesn’t always work, but most of the time the roaring stops after I’ve slowly sipped my 750ml bottle, I always say I’ll eat if that doesn’t work ………………………………………. It’s a delaying tactic ‘cause it can take a long time sipping!!!

    @daffodil2010, the best thing to do might be to open the chocolates there and then!!! Generosity might just save your waistline!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce ………………………. “the BBQ and Bacchus bus!” 😂 😂 …………………. I’m glad mine currently has a flat tyre!!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, your tolerance must be that of a Pioneer (I have no idea how they do it!!) so unless you want the mother of all headaches or to wake up in the bath fully clothed ……………………………… go steady with the ‘dops’ my friend!!!! 😂 😂

    I feel like LFDs are easier than regular FDs at the moment, my off button is broken and the evening small handful of cashews or baby plum tomatoes definitely start an avalanche!!! So perhaps LFDs are for me???? I’m still avoiding the scales, but (TMI warning!!) my knickers were falling down this morning!!!I think if I start to falter I’m going to jump on the scales to see exactly what LFDs & walking with Leslie is doing for me!!! That might be when a boost is most needed as mojo is currently keeping me on the wagon!!

    Lovely to learn some real names!!! Don’t expect me to reveal mine though ………………………………….. for all you know I could be famous!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Keep the faith people!!!!

    Day 5 Canada NFD
    A late check in for me too, hope you have a successful surprise FD @flourbaby
    My trick for fasting is to count how many FDs there are in a challenge. 9 this month, 2 down and 7 to go. 🤓

    Day 6, NFD, Aus

    Happy birthday, @ Daffodil2010! Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned.

    Am feeling very sleepy this morning with no energy to type!

    Great tips to battle dragons and warthogs. The main ways seem to be: drink water, distract yourself or mentally think it through.

    So straight to today’s question: if there’s one bad habit you could instantly and magically eradicate, what would it be? (Mine would probably be reaching for that wine bottle!)

    Day 6 Australia NFD

    Hi I’m also a late check in. I’ve been away for a 5 days.

    No big changes from my two fast days however I’m still edging down ever so slightly and making sure my self talk and discipline remains positive.

    @flourbaby Great idea to share around the chocolates!….something I could definitely improve on!

    Day 5 Ohio, US — NFD

    Air conditioning went out today and it looks as though we’re heading into a stretch of some really hot days. I’m going to have to come with some ideas for staying cool. Today’s weigh in showed no change in weight, so I’m back on the plateau.

    @penz The only bad habit that I’d love to eradicate is succumbing to the sugar dragon. That’s about my only bad habit, although there may be some annoying ones, depending on whom you talk to. 

    @flourbaby You’re definitely famous in my book!

    @daffodil2010 Happy Birthday! Hope this is the start of your best year ever!

    Day 6, Emden Germany, FD800

    @daffodil2010 Happy Birthday!

    @penz my bad habit is the same as @matpi‘s, the sugar. I don’t want to eat non but less.

    @at I’m able to go to the spreadsheet again, perhaps it was my computer.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 6 NFD Ire
    Hello everyone, FD was yesterday and went grand. I did have a nice afternoon nap though ! It helped to pass some time away as it was raining and I don’t like gardening in the rain. I’m also reading a great book,(poison Garden by Alex Marwood) I can get totally lost in a good book and not think of food. I was woken from my slumber by the phone and guess what? It was a job offer! wipeeee. I start training on Monday via zoom, new experience !! Am delighted . I interviewed for this back in March and had forgotten about it. Covid seemingly delayed the process. So things are shifting , even the pounds 😁. I love the analogy of life is like shifting sands , you move a grain of sand and everything shifts, it can even cause an avalanche !!!!
    My bad habit to change has to be picking at food when cooking or other people cooking, I drive my DD crazy. I could eat 500 cals before my food is on the plate, not good.
    Have a good day everyone and I’ll watch out for all those dragons, Sugar and
    Hunger, Wine and the Warthog too, very Game of Thrones, Mother of dragons is among us.

    Day 6 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick call in this morning, heading off out for a long walk today, but will see what happens. It’s been raining quite a bit overnight and still lots of cloud about, the garden is no doubt glad to get a dousing!

    Take care all

    Day 6 – Ireland – NFD

    @daffodil2010 happy birthday to you!!!! Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend.

    Was so tired yesterday I did not make good food choices but I’ve decided to reset ftom Monday.

    @penz my bad habit is binging on sugary foods once I unleash the dragon…. when I cut added sugars it works really well for me but when I fall off the wagon it’s a disaster. It affects me in so many negative ways you think my mind would know that and resist.. 🙄

    I have a very Irish name but one which is not that common and Ireland is such a small country I always feel my anonymity would be shot if I revealed too much so keep quite a few details private on the forum. Actually I always have to double check that I haven’t used my starndard sign off at the end of my posts just before I hit Submit 😂😂😂

    Have a great day everybody 👍 it’s horrible here so don’t feel bad having a lie in. 😴

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @daffodil2010 – Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁🍾🥂

    @flourbaby – oh, now I’m intrigued by your reluctance to reveal your real name! And you live in London?! We could have royalty in our midst! Your last name isn’t ‘Windsor’, by any chance? Rowling? I think JK lives in Edinburgh, but I’m sure she must have at least one mansion in London.🤔 I was well-behaved with the dops; I allowed for 3 in MFP, although I may have nudged over to er, 3 & a half. Rum & coke – it’s incredibly addictive.

    My answer to today’s question? I don’t really have a bad habit re food or diet; not one that I’d want to eradicate anyway. I think mine would be procrastination; or my propensity for being idle. Putting off what I should have done last week until…whenever. 🤷‍♂️

    Wishing everyone a pleasant, lazy weekend! ⛅️🌈

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD 🎂

    Morning everyone. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a controlled day yesterday, generously handed around the chocolate and had NONE myself, no blow out on Friday evening snacks either…there was a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as the sun went down, but that was it, early to bed and early to rise.

    So today being my birthday I am going to just relax, eat mindfully, watch a good movie this evening (might even light the fire as its turned suddenly cold) and I will enjoy some red wine.

    Tomorrow I am in interview preparation mode as I have an interview on Monday morning for the new re-organisation of the company where I currently am on contract. Fingers crossed I get an offer of permanent employment, I enjoy the work, it’s also handy for me with no mad commute. And it would be good to get something at my advanced age of 53 that would keep me going until I decide to stop working 😄

    @jaifaim I agree with the anonymity, I was a bit wary giving my name, but it’s a common enough world wide name …..if you have an unusual Irish name then definitely keep it private 😀

    @penz bad habit……if there is white bread in the house I find it very hard to ignore it. I could toast slices and lavish butter until I burst. Apart from that, if mojo is bad I can drink wine and eat crisps and shrug it off and go “I dont care”……thankfully doesn’t happen that often.

    2nd Post – Day 6

    I just thought of one bad habit I’d like to eradicate, as I was making my third cup of coffee; artificial sweeteners/diet soda. Even though I know they’re not good for me, I just can’t enjoy an unsweetened drink.

    @dee22 – Congratulations on the new job! 🥂

    @daffodil2010 – best of luck for your interview on Monday! 🍀

    Day 6, London, UK, NFD

    Happy Birthday @daffodil2010, enjoy that special calorie free cake 🎂 🎂 🎂. I hope you and Mr Daffodil have a chance to celebrate it properly once his shifts change!! Congrats on the interview, I’m crossing everything for you!!!

    @bellyblast, I might borrow that countdown idea, yesterday’s planned FD was successful, but the surprising part was that it was a LIQUID one!!! I’ve done a couple before, by accident, but this week there’ve been 2, both relatively easy and there’s no angst, thinking about topping up my FD with a handful of cashews or a BabyBel or a spoonful of yoghurt with a drizzle of honey …………… all good choices, but they start the avalanche that leads to a (I know we don’t use this word here!) ‘failed’ FD!!

    @penz, today’s question is a doozy!!! However, I must just say, no offence intended, but let us NOT get carried away here, next it’ll be the peanut butter!!!! Why oh-why would you want to eradicate the vino habit???? I mean, there are only so many cat videos I can watch to bring joy to my life, sometimes after a hard day at work (or at lunchtime!!) wine is the ONLY thing that keeps me sane!!!! Perhaps you should amend your answer to read …………………….” Mine would probably be reaching for that wine bottle SO OFTEN” ………….. Phew!!! My answer would be threefold ………………………. to break the “clean plate” habit, the “that’s a bargain, I must have it” habit and the “FOMO” habit ………………….. If everyone else is stuffing their faces with chocolate fudge cake, it takes Hulk-like strength to resist, and usually I don’t!!! ………………….. Of course, needless to say, I’m with @daffodil with the bread (straight from the oven? Good grief!!) & butter I’m sure I persuaded myself for years that that alone covered ALL major food groups, hence my need for 5:2!!!!

    Congratulations @dee22, in these turbulent times, it’s great to see the world is still turning, good luck with the training!!!

    @funshipfreddie, Not royalty (I’m a princess only in my own house!!) If it’s not red wine, it’s rum & coke, I have a taste for Jamaican Appleton Estate …………………. With Pepsi Max!!! 😂 (dieters joke ………… “I’ll take 12 Big Macs and a diet coke”😂 😂)

    So, clearly I can talk the talk but not necessarily, walk the walk!!! I hopped on the scales this morning, I can’t even say it was a reflex thing…………………….. I DELIBERATELY got on!! Daily weighing has been a ritual for such a long time, it was hurting to swerve that small square of hope, despite our tenuous love-hate relationship, it does keep me honest ……………………. I’m not known for my perseverance, I need regular prodding to keep on keeping on!! Today’s result shows -3.8lbs since the beginning of June, those 2 LFDs (just 30cals of milk) seem to have worked, this loss was what I used to have weekly at the beginning of this journey, when I was more disciplined on NFDs, when the kitchen was locked precisely at 7pm with the snack-dragon inside, when FDs were 500cals without exception. The introduction of the FD800 really did a number on my brain, I kept thinking I had an extra 300cals to play with, then brain said ‘well 900 isn’t so far off 800 is it’????? Before you know it I was pretty much eating a low calorie diet, and we all know those just DO NOT WORK!!! I’m crossing everything that this is the start of my journey off of the plateau and into a routine that works for me ………………………… I get it @dykask, finally!!!!! 💪 💪 💪

    “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.”

    Day 6 UK NFD

    Morning everyone. The scales this morning show 60.9 kg, the first under 61 for a long time! Good impetus to press on to get to target! I’m totally on board with not eradicating wine especially a lovely Australian SB but wine is very often partnered with crisps…. any kind… I’m not fussy! And once I open even a very large packet they’re gone!

    Happy birthday @daffodil2010. Have a lovely day. Well done luck on the job @dee22. It’s good to know the wheels of industry are still turning!
    Good luck to everyone today and stay safe.

    Day 6 NFD IRE

    Thanks for all the good wishes. Happy birthday daffodil enjoy whatever you have and good luck with your interview , I understand the stress. Be positive.

    Day 6 NFD London

    Happy birthday @daffodil2010. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Day 6 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 5 FD

    Great weigh-in this morning, already down 0.6 kg for the month. Probably blew it with my NFD day today, but pleasing all the same. I was working out my measurement loss since I started this WOL – more than 4 inches from both bust and waist, plus 5 inches off my hips. Still quite a way to go, but happy with the progress.

    @daffodil2010, happy birthday, have a lovely day. Good luck with your interview on Monday.

    @dee22, congrats on getting the job. What a relief!

    @penz,to answer your questions:
    To quiet the sugar dragon, nothing used to work, but more recently, a mug of hot water has seemed to work – sometimes, at least!
    Habits to change? Would like to manage my NFDs better.

    @jaifaim, great you could have some time with your parents. You really do deserve a rest now, though. Who generally looks after them?

    @flourbaby, wow! You’re starring with your weight loss, in just 6 days.

    @michelinme, concerned to read of your strange turn. Glad it’s being checked out.

    Onward and downwards, everyone!

    Day 6 – Japan – NFD

    WFD was easy. Controlling my eating on NFD is hard.

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went wonderfully at 400 calories. Even though I did one last Sunday, at least one a week is imperative for my maintenance. I really ought to have 1 FD followed by 4 or 5 NFD’s if I know what is good for me. Also, daily weighing for me too. And daily entry of food into MFP.

    My addiction: like @funshipfreddie it is artificial sweetener. My morning coffee has to have it (no milk or cream at least) and Diet Coke or Crystal Light Tea. (That’s a beverage you mix up – packaged, add water, also no calorie.) Some say artificial sweetener unleashes the sugar dragon, but it doesn’t seem to for me.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. For me, I will include one Long Island Iced Tea, my summer love.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, I had a 1.5 lb gain after NFD 1 and just under 0.5 lbs on NFD 2. I’m starting NFD 3; I have today and tomorrow before my next FD and it’s the weekend temptation time. I have to go to the grocery store right now and then help my brother move some furniture, so that should keep me pretty occupied. I find that being busy tends to reduce cravings. I am trying to eat normally but cautious to not overdo. It’s funny how your dread for a FD reverses and you start to dread the NFDs and get excited for your FDs!

    @dykask I know what you mean. Even the days I think I’m being mindful, I probably am forgetting the calorie content more than I think. But that was my motivation for going to 5:2. I can count out 500 calories two days a week when I know I have to be super careful. I’m sloppy the rest of the time, other than knowing when I have really had huge meals or lots of snacks.

    @flourbaby Congratulations on your weight loss in such a short time!! I’m not disciplined yet for closing up the kitchen at 7 p.m. (especially since work ends at 5:30 and I visit my parents after that), but I am trying for 8 or 8:30 p.m. more and more on NFDs.

    @mia139 Great job! It’s such a nice feeling to burst through that barrier weight! My next goal is going below 260. I think I can do it before June is out, despite the down/up/down/ups. Press on to your target 🙂

    Day 6 Canada NFD

    Happy birthday @daffodil2010 hope you have a wonderful day!

    My starting weight was 63.7kg and I am down to 62.1kg, that lockdown excess must have been lots of water

    @penz definitely sugar, dark chocolate, cake etc yikes I can polish off enough for a family of 6

    @flourbaby my countdown strategy is all yours! When I realize there aren’t that many chances to get the weight down it makes is so much easier, plus I have used your drowning technique for a long time.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Day 6 Oxfordshire, UK NFD
    Didn’t go alcohol free yesterday so NFD rather than CD. Today will aim for moderation.

    @daffodil2010 – happy birthday & good luck for your interview

    @dee22 – well done with job offer

    Day 6 – UK – NFD

    Hi All

    Nothing to report apart from I’m managing to stick to plan.

    Take care, stay safe.

    Day 6, UK, NFD

    Just checking in, been for a long walk and has a small sandwich for lunch. I’ve profiled in my calories for the day and yikes it’s a lot. Saturday is usually my day for eating and having a few glasses of wine so I’m not too bothered and normal service will resume on Monday.

    Happy weekend everyone.

    Day 6 UK CD

    Solid CD yesterday – funny how much easier it is to make healthy decisions right now! Maybe I’ve had the boot I needed to be firmly back on the waggon.

    Fortnightly fruit & veg box arrived today and feeling blessed with abundance. This will shape my meal-planning for the next couple of weeks. And I am actually planning meals after several months of winging it. Great to find that the foods recommended for lowering BP are all the ones I usually eat – portions, salt and not adding in regular junk will be helpful.

    @flourbaby @betsylee thank you for good wishes. Definitely feeling fragile and finding my way very gently, taking nothing for granted.

    Long chat with old friend today which helped me feel better – more info, and a bit of a plan. There’s nothing like talking with someone who knows me & my environment really well to help me get centred. I’m working on better boundaries to reduce stress – I seem to absorb it like a sponge.

    @daffodil2010 happy birthday to you 🙂 Great job with the chocolate – I hope you are feeling suitably self-satisfied! Hope you have a lovely day, and a chance to celebrate with DH soon

    @dee22 congratulations on your new job! That’s wonderful news. Thanks for the reminder re shifting sands.. so true

    @penz habits to break – black coffee, which had rather crept up in lockdown. I’m back down to 0.5cup the last few days. Evening snacking when tired – always my downfall. White bread, white cakes, white anything, sugar anything – so don’t have the in the house and reframe as occasional poisonous treats 🙂

    Day 6, UK, NFD

    @penz the only bad habit that I was worried about was smoking, but I got rid of it few years ago. So happy about that, it was a major one. Others are minor 🙂

    Happy birthday @daffodil2010 🎂🍾🎈 and many happy returns! Hope you have a great day 🤗

    Congratz on job offer @dee22, and good luck! 👏👏

    @michelinme hope you are feeling better, sending you some healing vibes and virtual hug 🤗

    Have a great weekend everyone 🌼

    Day 6UK NFD

    Nearly forgot again – just had a quick skim through Lots of good news @flourbaby @dee22

    Happy birthday @daffodil2010 🎉

    Will have a proper read through tomorrow x

    Day 7, NFD, Aus

    A cold cloudy day here. Still, probably preferable to a stretch of hot days with no working airconditioning, @matpi. Good luck with keeping cool.

    Congrats @dee22. Fab news re the job!

    I do enjoy your posts @flourbaby – always make me laugh.

    Good to read of lost weight and inches. You’re all doing well!

    Welcome back @aussiejill.

    No question today – I’ll tell you I’m giving myself the day off but the truth is I haven’t come up with one!

    I’m off to have a bowl of that delish zucchini and pea soup.


    Day 7 Melb Aust TDEE

    Going okay. The NFD yesterday only shifted the weight up 0.1 kg, whew! that’s a relief.

    Keep on keeping on everyone!

    Day 7 Australia NFD

    Hi Everyone,
    In answer to @penz question I always overdo cream….Lashings of cream…more like great blobs of whipped cream sometimes hiding the desert!!!

    It’s a dull day here in Melbourne. I am finding it hard to get out and exercise unless it is sunny. Does anyone else have trouble with that?
    Belated Happy Birthday to @daffodil2010

    Day 7, Emden Germany, NFD

    Day 7 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    Yesterdays plan went somewhat awry, we were going to have a walk up what was our local fell before we were married and moved area. Although not far away, never got round to re-visiting, so, off we went, blustery and showery, but what I’d forgotten is the start of the walk is across a peat bog and its prone to flooding quickly! Recent rain was all that was needed so plan B, only thing was, no plan B had been planned! Ended up heading up into the hills on our ’round about’ way home and had our picnic on one of the fellsides between showers, not much walking done!
    So today, after a decent sleep and no rain forecast, our walk is going to be a really nice one we did for the first time last week, but the opposite way round, the views were quite something, but we were walking away from them (if that makes sense)

    @penz – yesterdays question, bad (food) habits, hmmm so many things, I really enjoy baking and experimenting with bread, then of course eating it, with butter! Full milk, can’t be doing with the ‘weak’ stuff. Wine/crisps etc, if it’s open, it’s empty!

    @dee22 – Congratulations on job offer
    @daffodil2010 – Happy birthday for yesterday and good luck for tomorrow

    Take care all

    Day 7 – Ireland – NFD

    @daffodil2010 I’m glad you had a lovely day even in lockdown but… great news you’ll be able to see your dad more now I hope 🤞… I’m a little nervous about the next phase… tbh I think I enjoyed lockdown way too much…
    I love my Irish name 😊 but it caused many a laugh abroad particularly when I lived in France 😂
    It is none of these 😂

    @betsylee my parents have a lovely private carer who stays with them for the week nights but she was on holidays last week (poor thing had rubbish weather). We have one half hour each weekday from the Health Service (another fantastic carer though 💕 who my parents really like/trust). My sister visits twice a day for tablets and other care..We are due to receive more assistance and have qualified for that but the funding is not available… 🙄 don’t start me… 92&86 terminal cancer & Alzheimer’s respectively but they can manage most of the time and quite like their space too but this is why people end up in nursing homes when it would be much easier to keep them at home with more care… 😖
    This week myself and the HSE carer took care of them as I was in the house anyway… it was special and the longest stretch of time I’ve been with them since my 20s but it takes it’s toll – I even feel bad saying that but you understand.. 😊

    @dee22 – congratulations on your new job!!! That’s fantastic news! 👏

    @flourbaby WOW! well done to you!!!💪 both on the LFD and the weight loss 👏👏

    @mia139 👏👏👏 I bet it feels great!!

    @michelinme I’m glad you are feeling better and have had precious time with your frien … I have two people who really understand all the pressures I’m under but also the effects of my illnesses in mind and body so I always feel so much better after time spent with them… always being mindful not to overburden them (another stress 🙄). Oh god… when did life become so complicated….Stay well 💕

    I’m supposed to be up cycling… but I’m still in bed… I had a birthday zoom for a friend last night and two g&ts – So I’m Lazy… but will seize the day…. now…..
    Have a good one gang!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 7 NFD London

    @jaifaim – I thought your YouTube link was going to be to a video where an Irish woman takes us through Irish boys and girls names, their spelling and pronunciation. Very useful but nowhere near as funny!

    I thought I didn’t really have a ‘thing’ which I was addicted to, having sort of dealt with the booze( haha), but I remembered. Twiglets!!!! Who invented Twiglets? They are completely impossible to resist. We hardly ever have them in the house, and they don’t last long when they’re there. Aaaargh.

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another glorious, sunny winter’s day in Kwazulu-Natal, 24ºC. The mild winter days more than make up for the unbearable heat and humidity of January/February.

    @flourbaby – my poison is Captain Morgan Black Jamaican Rum & diet coke (no Big Macs 😜). And then there’s vodka, which goes with virtually anything. I guess it’s the sugar content that makes spirits so addictive. I really should stick to red wine. The FD800 threw me a bit at first too; so now I split the difference between 600 & 800 cals, allowing myself 700 max on FD’s. Oh, well done on the almost 4lb down, in less than a week! 🥇🏆

    @michelinme – is coffee really a bad habit? These days more & more studies seem to point the other way. Here’s an article Dr Michael Mosley wrote for the Radio Times. It’s a couple of years old, but still relevant, I think? https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-01-10/is-coffee-bad-good-for-you/

    Happy S🌞nday!

    “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, which we ascribe to heaven.” ~ William Shakespeare

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    Good morning All

    I’ve stuck to plan, no real movement on scale. Slightly disappointed and puzzled as I’ve been really healthy in my food choices. Little to no sugar, no alcohol etc. When the Snack Dragon 🐉 was in charge and I was eating with impunity I’m surprised I didn’t put more on tbh, with how little I’m losing and I’m eating a lot less and more healthy. Hope that makes sense.

    I need to catch up on reading posts.

    Have a great Sunday, Take care & stay safe.

    Day 7, UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s take away meal was delicious, I enjoyed every cream and butter filled calorie (mmm tartiflette). Today will be a little more restrained, roast lamb with new potatoes later. I spent a nice half hour yesterday trying on summer clothes. I found I could fit into the dresses I couldn’t wear last summer which was a nice bit of encouragement. I think I’ll take a leaf out of @flourbaby book and target a piece of clothing each month.
    @jaifaim the video link was really funny.
    @daffodil2010 hope you had a good birthday, yesterday. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Had a lovely quiet day yesterday. Cooked myself a delicious chick pea pilau, then sat in front of a roaring fire and watched a few episodes of “Hollywood” on Netflix. So I really enjoyed my lockdown birthday. Thank you all for your kind wishes.

    Today I started later than usual, but I have done my interview prepping, written down some points to remember, organised my clothes, baked Oatbran bread for the week, made a huge pot of chilli, planted a gorgeous PassionFlower in the borders, done a Leslie Sansone walk……and it’s still only 13.00!

    When DH wakes up we will go for a walk before he heads off on another night shift. I will have an early night myself tonight, and looking forward to this time tomorrow when the interview will be over.

    Congrats @flourbaby on that super loss! LFD’s are the best, wish I could do one though, I used to do one a week when I started this WOL….it seemed easier to do an LFD whilst working in the glasshouse….can’t seem to do it now in an office 🤔

    Day 7 Canada NFD

    Had a great day yesterday, a big kale salad for lunch and roast leg of lamb and lots of veggies for dinner. A bike ride up hills felt like more work needs to be done on my cardio though.

    @penz the bad habits/downfall question could be one that lasts for a few days! I make sourdough bread, have for 15 years, and can eat ½ a loaf when it is hot and crackling.

    @michelinme I get a weekly produce box and I love it, so many leafy greens and vegetables make eating well easy.

    Yoga, meditation and a long walk are things I am looking forward to today!

    Day 7, London, UK, LFD

    I’m going with the flow and sticking to LFDs at the moment……………………. Not even thinking about food!! I didn’t weigh-in today and it didn’t cause any stress!! I’ll jump on tomorrow to see my 1 wk results since incorporating LFDs, this week has been 4:3 so I’m thinking positively and I’m sure I’ve finally vacated the plateau!!!

    @funshipfreddie, if you ask me, red wine is pretty darned addictive too!! 😂 😂 Your soooo lucky to live in wonderful South Africa, home of the big bold reds I would sell a family member for (not a close one, a cousin or something!) ………………….. and rum & coke is your favourite??? I am/was supposed to be attending a wedding at the end of the year at the Webersburg Wine Estate about an hour outside Cape Town …………………. I’ve got EVERYTHING crossed it happens 🙏, ……………………………. for the bride & groom of course, not for my wine drinking plans!!! 😜😜

    Typical Sunday posting today …………………….. minimal!!! I hope everyone is out and about enjoying their Sunday, rather than drowning in a vat of vino!!! I’m busy drowning that hunger 🐉, if anything, these LFDs have doubled my water intake, roll on clear eyes & skin!!!

    “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dye

    USA Day 7 FD

    Jumping in for accountability! Heavy duty gardening has kept me out of the mix but still in the game for the last few days. Today I will get to see my daughter, her husband, and my little grandson for the first time in four months, since the lockdown. She is in the city, so she is still on partial phase one, and I am on the border of the city, so I just started phase 2. It’s hard to make decisions on what to do these days because you can’t account for what might happen. Golfing opened up but no sooner did I play then one of the golfers at my club tested positive for Covid. I stopped play but I really need to start doing something and take a chance. My neighbors plan to do outside eating at a restaurant. I am not there yet. I find coming out of this as hard as it was going into lockdown. Anyway, I could really really use a haircut!! LOL

    My FDs went well and I expect today will, too. It seems the more I fast, the less hungry I feel. Very helpful!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    USA Day 7 FD

    Jaifaim, I had to pop back in here after viewing your comedy video about names. It is hysterical! I am Irish and my father is from Cork. Irish names over here have been corrupted exactly for what that comedy sketch is about, although my last name remains in tack as a recent arrival. Thanks for the link!

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Taking it easy today – online church shortly. I overdid yesterday with yard work, and my back is suffering. Ugh. Sunday for rest.

    Glad to read that Dr. Mosely agrees coffee is good. I am right at that 2-5 cups a day considering I usually drink substantial mugs of it, but am done, generally before noon.

    @emma-taylor — I had not heard of Twiglets, so Googled them. They sound rather like our Dots pretzels that are also very habit forming for me.

    @jaifaim – funny bit about Irish names. I always knew Welsh really does not use many vowels, but Hawaiian uses almost only vowels! Strange language customs we have….

    @bellyblast – I love lamb. We can get excellent 2″ thick Australian lamb chops in our Costco that grill beautifully. Not so much into your kale, but do enjoy about all kinds of lettuce.

    Onwardand downward.

    Day 7- Atlanta,Ga.-USA- FD. Haven’t been sticking with the program much last week. But its a new day and a new week to get it done the right way. Gonna start off the week right!

    Day 7, UK, NFD

    Just a quick post for accountability 🙂

    Have a great Sunday everyone 🌞

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