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  • I have tried to follow the 5:2 diet in the past, but on returning from our holiday on 25 November, I have been taking this much more seriously. I have dropped from 64 kg to 59 kg, so my BMI is about 22.5.

    I will be 75 next birthday, and I have found that I am now much more capable in one of my active hobbies, and I wish to lose more weight. This is mainly because I have seen my blood sugar creeping upwards. My older sister has been Type 2 for years now and I do not wish to follow her.

    Recently I have been reading about TRE (Time Restricted Eating) and I want to do this – there’s a Michael Mosley article in today’s Telegraph about it. My problem is that my husband brings me a cup of tea with a dash of milk at around 06.00. We then eat breakfast around 08.30. So do I count the breaking of my fast with the 15 calories of milk in my tea? Or do I start from my real breakfast? Or doesn’t anyone know this sort of thing yet? Finishing dinner by 18.00 is not something we can normally achieve.

    Thanks for reading this far.

    Hi, I am fairly sure that the dash of milk does break the fast (annoying I know). This sounds especially hard because it seems like it’s a lovely tradition you and your husband have in the morning. You could try having a herbal tea (as long as its not sweetened), as I think that doesn’t break the fast. You could also try regular tea without milk or black coffee. I personally lovely peppermint tea which can be a lovely invigorating way to start the morning, or green tea which also contains some natural caffeine. That way you still get to maintain your morning tradition without breaking your fast for another couple of hours.
    Perhaps I am wrong though, interested to see what others think 🙂

    I understood that the consumption of an incidental amount of calories doesn’t necessarily take your body out of a fasted state.
    I remember this from a documentary that Michael Mosley did a few years ago – “Eat Fast Live Longer”. During that documentary he was aiming to stay in a fasted state for 3 continuous days and every few hours he had a soup sachet that contained 50 calories. I assumed that meant that staying under the 50 calories – especially if it’s something that wouldn’t trigger an insulin response (eg 50cals from sugar) you should remain in a fasted state.
    I aim to do a 16:8 eating regime every day, whether it’s a FD or not and I start every day with a cup of tea with a tablespoon milk (about 10 calories).

    Thank you for your two replies. I was waiting to see if there were any more. Unfortunately, I do not like black coffee, nor green, nor herbal teas. Perhaps I’ll have to try Earl Grey, that’s better without milk – but it would mean my husband had to drink it as well, or make two pots.

    I’ll try LJoyce’s idea for now, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try rolopolo’s stricter method.

    This could be fun with Christmas on the horizon!

    Thanks a lot folks.


    I’m with LJ. My understanding is that less than 40-50 calories which is more than that in a small amount of milk in your morning cuppa isn’t going to trigger an insulin response so shouldn’t take you out of your fasted state.

    16:8 is a fairly easy habit to acquire, the trickiest bit is working out which 8 hours fit into your lifestyle best. With regard to Christmas, it might be best for you to make following 16:8 a New Year’s resolution.

    Well done on your weight loss.
    As for controlling your blood sugar levels it might be an idea to look at what you are eating rather than concentrating on losing weight. A low carb high fat regime might be more effective, but you’ll need to do a bit of reading/research and employ trial and error to find what works for you and doesn’t take the joy out of eating.

    Good luck.

    Thanks for that, Amazon. I already eat very few white carbs, but life will be fun (???) over Christmas because my husband’s sister will be staying and due to a medical condition she cannot tolerate fats, nor alcohol!

    Now I will confess why I need to lose weight … having lost 5 kg, my pointe work has improved so much. If I lose much more I will be able to come off the barre, and dance in the centre on pointe!!! Yes, I’m a crazy 74-y-o ballet dancer. I normally dance with teenagers.

    Happy Christmas to one and all.

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    With a BMI of 22.5 you are doing fine. One doesn’t have to be always in a fasted state to loss weight and your weight is already in a healthy range. I don’t think you need to worry about a splash of milk in you tea.

    I need to amend my earlier comments. I watched Michael Mosley’s “Eat Fast Live Longer” documentary again yesterday and the segment that I described was slightly different to my memory. He did do a 3 day fast and he did have sachets of soup during those fast days, but they were 25 calories not 50 as I originally said.

    However it should not pose a problem for a cup of tea, as full cream milk is about 64 calories per 100ml. The amount used in a cup of tea is commonly 10-20ml (6-13 calories).

    Sorry for the not healthy ..
    Thank you!

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