Jump-Start January! The January 2023 Monthly Challenge

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Jump-Start January! The January 2023 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 6 UK NFD

    Yesterday’s FD800 was pretty solid and I’m being rewarded for my week of 4xFD800 with a fabulous 5lb loss! NB this is a loss of some of my Christmas weight gain rather than overall progress but I will take it very happily – 3lbs to go and I’ll be back where I was before decidedly dangerous December.

    Next thing to work on is earlier nights, gentle stretching and meditation. I’m getting super anxious about the backlog of project work and missed deadlines so need to focus on good sleep, self-care and baby steps. Brain is still wiped out but better than i was so I’m making gentle start today with things i enjoy/find easier to get back in the swing. Also realised I’ve not been out since Christmas Eve so going to go out for short walk round the block today to test my capacity. The sun is shining!

    @stitchincarol yay for unexpected weight loss! Keep on doing what you are doing – and hope you are feeling better. How was your Twelfth Night concert?

    @gardenlily I always love the sound of your FD menus

    @brightonbelle how have the FD800s been going? I tried to join you for a few days this week

    @maui that sounds really helpful! Sorry not to be clear, I meant is the type of acupuncture based in Chinese-medicine or western medicine 🙂

    @matpi that sounds amazing. I used to have chinese-trained acupuncture on the NHS and found similar results – I’d be wiped out afterwards, sleep like the dead then feel generally better. Sadly it’s no longer available except for very specific conditions. I’ve been looking round for a private chinese-trained acupuncturist and wondering whether to take a leap this year to see if it helps with long covid symptoms

    @songbirdme 2.6lbs is amazing! Hope DH is more comfortable and feels better soon

    @funshipfreddie ‘Don’t buy it if you’re going to regret eating it’ – love this top tip!

    @dramaqueen6 EOEO is Easy On, Easy Off – hopefully eg the weight that piles on over Christmas! There’s a list of common abbreviations in my first post for this challenge which may be helpful. Yes, weighing weekly the day after a FD works for me too 🙂

    @northgeorgia 213lb is great progress! Sorry your folks are still struggling with health and hope they are back to usual health soon

    @missybear wow – well done on your 4lb drop for this week! I’d forgotten about marmite tea as a temptation-tamer – thank you 🙂 i’m with you on the Christmas leftovers to eat up, and here on my own. I think I’ll take a chunk of Christmas cake to church on Sunday to share with gluten-free friends; that just leaves cheese!

    Wonderful to have such a strong pocket list yesterday. Sending strength to anyone who is fasting today.

    Day 6 Thought – What’s your top tip for not over-indulging on a non fast day?!

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD 152.2

    Okay, another WF/FD that wasn’t. We ended up meeting friends for drinks after the recital (which went wonderfully👍) and ordered an appetizer to go with our drinks. But I was feeling festive to celebrate that the recital was done, and it was lovely to finally meet the husband of this couple (long story why it took three years), and to be down another 2/10 of a pound is proof that I didn’t go too nuts, LOL.

    Okay, I was just partway reading through the first post, and DH needs my help to get his truck out of the snowpack behind the garage, and then I’m going to town with him, so I’ll chat later.

    Day 6 UK F800

    5th day of my F800 experiment, I’m planning to do 2 weeks but I’ve now entered the danger zone aka the weekend , so aiming for my first AF weekend in a loooong time at the moment I feel strong but we’ll see

    Day 6.

    Happy New Year everyone. I haven’t been here in quite awhile and thought I would jump back in. Good luck in the New Year!

    Day 7 Melbourne, Australia FD

    I have stayed consistently below 76kg this week which I am very happy about. The aim for next week is to stay below 75.5kg. I weigh every day so of course my weight fluctuates. But it helps keep me on track.

    Thursday night was an incredibly busy shift at work, so I had a fantastic sleep last night. Sometimes after a FD I have difficulty sleeping. Maybe I need to try the cashews then.

    I have not really worked out how to resist temptation on a NFD. I try to keep unhealthy food out of the house which does help. This time of year, I can overdo the amount of fruit I get through, but it does not do too much damage.

    @brightonbelle good luck with the AF weekend. I have never been much of a drinker which means I am happy to have only when I’m enjoying myself with friends. And even then it is only one glass of wine.

    Day 6 USA /HI FD
    This is turning into a FD as it’s almost 4pm and I haven’t eaten yet, except for samples in Costco .. but does that really count? LOL I’m going to have to give some thought to how many calories I consumed in Costco …they only give you a small bite of whatever they are promoting. Most likely I’ll be under 800 even with a big salad with a protein for dinner.
    Just got in the door and groceries put away. I will enjoy reading everyone’s posts after I get DH settled and do some dinner prep. As others have mentioned I am trying to eat dinner earlier so there’s a few hours of fasting before bed.
    Hope everyone has a good day or evening… whatever is next in your time zone.

    Day 6 Ohio, US — NFD

    Today the Christmas decorations got put away, and I got a little work done. That said, I’m still going through the process of shedding remnants of the sinus infection. So I was up and got some stuff done, and then took a short nap and then have been repeating the cycle the whole day. For supper tonight I made some cornbread and had that with a little maple syrup on it. Not my usual fare, but it did settle the tummy. On the bright side, the scales said 178.8 lb (81.1 kg) and that’s down more than a pound since last week. So the weight is also in recovery mode after Dangerous December!

    @malee57 My alcohol usage is about the same as yours. A big improvement over when I was at university. (Probably the same for everyone!?)

    @ccco Glad you jumped back in! A perfect way to start the new year!

    @brightonbelle Congrats on five successful FD800’s! Good luck on succeeding through the weekend!

    @stitchincarol Great news on the recital going well! And food is just more than a chemistry experiment that you can eat. It plays an important part of celebrations and the joy of life! Hope the truck got out of the snow drift easily!

    Day 6 USA/HI second post
    @michelinme My doctor uses acupuncture based on Chinese medicine, not Western.

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD – 🚫🍷 Day 99

    @ccco – welcome back!

    Great to hear of the progress of others – @missybear & @michelinme – 5 lbs & 4 lb?! 🎉 🎯

    @michelinme – top tips for not over-indulging on a NFD – Before I reached my goal weight I logged EVERYTHING into MFP & that really helped. I also didn’t eat anything I hadn’t planned to eat. I continued doing that for quite a while after I reached my target weight, but I think I was still over-indulging sometimes (especially with the booze) & would occasionally need to do 4:3 to stay on track. Since I quit drinking (have I mentioned that? 😅) I can eat pretty much what I like on NFDs – minus the sugar/refined carbs – so long as I stick to my two FDs per week.

    @linda.b – hope you’re okay? I miss seeing your bubbly, enthusiastic post + 100 emojis first thing. Come back! 😅

    Article from today’s UK Mail re Clare Bailey’s new Fast 800 Keto Recipe book:- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-11607215/How-lose-weight-fast-Dr-Michael-Mosley.html

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🌤 🌈

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    I have to own up that I did not have a good restart with my intentions as stated on Day 4……I have yet to make a FD this month – My Mojo seems to have deserted me at the moment……

    However, I am going to a New Year Yoga Workshop this afternoon with the aim to starting the New Year with a nourishing afternoon devoted to myself, giving myself time to stop & reconnect 🙏

    Today would have been ideal to start but I met a friend for brunch this morning and we have a planned meal out with friends this evening which will involve some wine so I am hoping for a fresh start tomorrow with a positive mindset 🤞

    @funshipfreddie – Thanks for sharing this article – it has encouraged me to investigate this low carb FD800 joining at Stage 2 which I am hoping to find easier to stick to
    Article from today’s UK Mail re Clare Bailey’s new Fast 800 Keto Recipe book:- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-11607215/How-lose-weight-fast-Dr-Michael-Mosley.html

    I’m off to get ready to drive to my yoga workshop and I’ll be on that pocket list tomorrow for a fresh start to this “Jump-Start January! The January 2023 Monthly Challenge”

    Day 7 UK F800

    confusingly day 6 of my F800 14 day challenge ( but I couldn’t start on New Year’s Day 🎉)

    800 cals going ok (ish ) the low carbs I’m struggling with and the odd slice of bread has crept in but big achievement for me successfully going AF on a Friday , onwards and downwards 💪

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. We’ll see how today goes. It’s my niece’s birthday, so I’m sure ice cream and pizza may make an appearance. I feel like psychologically, I may be making a good turn. Although I haven’t technically done a TRE to cut out suppers on one of my FDs yet, I have found myself being very careful if I do choose to eat supper. A lot of times it may be a little soup or some fruit and cheese, maybe an occasional salad. Of course, the beast within says to sit down and live it up, and I did do a little snacking one evening because of it — but quickly stopped myself before I went into overdrive. There’s a deep level subconscious training this week where my brain is finally realizing, “hmmm… actually if you don’t stuff yourself in the evening, it’s OK. Maybe even more satisfying.” Slowly relearning the difference between true hunger and cravings out of boredom and habit. Yeah, I think that might have been a missing element last year.

    Let’s see how it goes this week. Have a nice Weekend! Planning on a FD tomorrow.

    Day 7 UK NFD 172lb

    I enjoyed yesterday’s NFD after 4xFD800 this week. The freedom of eating didn’t go to my head and even tho I had cheese and biscuits and left over Christmas cake with custard I came in at goal weight TDEE. The main difference is that I was much more mindful of what I’m eating and had smaller portions rather than diving in head first!

    I did some solid project work yesterday afternoon but got stymied by software issues with printer. Today I’m still super tired so resting and reading ahead of going into town tomorrow – first time since Christmas Eve. It’s a day of church and community events and I’m taking my laptop and a couple of papers to get some gentle project work done in the three hours in between.

    @stitchincarol sounds like you had a busy day yesterday!

    @ccco lovely to hear from you – how are you?

    @malee57 keeping food out of the house is a great way to resist treats becoming habits on NFDs

    @maui unplanned FDs are a real bonus!

    @funshipfreddie great tips for NFDs – logging everything you eat and not eating anything unplanned. It’s amazing how much your AF lifestyle has boosted your 5:2

    Yes missing @linda_b a lot – I hope you are doing okay after your awful bout of covid & shingles xx

    @at yay for your yoga afternoon for centring and reconnecting. FD800 keto sounds like a great way to refresh your enthusiasm and jump start january. You’ve got this!

    @brightonbelle Congrats on your first AF Friday AND reaching Day 6 of your FD800 experiment! How’s it going?

    @northgeorgia ‘Slowly relearning the difference between true hunger and cravings out of boredom and habit’ – that! thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s always helpful

    Weekends can be the hardest with that sense of being let of the leash – thanks for sharing your tips for NFDs Once we’ve started 5:2 it can be easier to eat/drink more intentionally and hopefully hold onto our bigger goals. I try to think – do I really want this?

    Day 7 Thought – any tips for drinking more? (Water etc rather than alcohol!)

    Day 7 USA FD

    Thank you FUNSHIPFREDDIE and michelinme for remembering me. It’s been awhile. Oh, well! I had lost weight all the way down to 109 lbs. which made me happy. Then 2022 turned into a disaster! My brother died suddenly in the early spring. When I returned his funeral in Florida, I discovered that I had Covid, which, despite even having the available boosters for that time, I got very ill, with lingering effects after I recovered. By the end of the summer, I was so stressed out that I began stress eating! :(. Now, I managed to reach a very disconcerting 130 lbs., which is more than I have ever weighed in my life!!! So I am back! Ugh! Lamenting what I did, I have returned to try again. I have a plan for both my diet and exercise and now I can pray 🙏 that I fix this quickly before spring clothes come out! I removed all alcoholic beverages and added long walks (I am unable to jog or I would!), physical therapy for my arthritis, personal training, yoga and Tai Chi. That all takes up 5 days a week and weather permitting, I will walk on weekends. I also row on my rowing machine for 15 minutes, while I listen to music. None of this takes too much time out of my days, so I find it very doable and it makes me feel so much better physically. I think it is sustainable and for some reason, it is easier for me to stay the course when dieting, if I am also exercising. Now to keep my fingers crossed that I succeed with my Christmas present to myself! 🤗

    I hope everyone every success and a wonderful new year! 👍

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    I resisted opening a bottle of wine last night so I have decided to have a wine free weekend. This week’s weight loss has definitely boosted my motivation to have a good restart.

    @ccco hello again, lovely to hear from you. The second half of 2022 was horribly sad for me too and like you I gained many pounds. I am feeling the extra 20 lbs on my arthritic spine and knee and can’t breathe easily in my clothes! There are a few of us old 5:2ers back this month to shift regained pounds so you are in good company.

    @at sorry to hear you are struggling to find motivation, you are normally our leading light and great at supporting us all. Hope you enjoy your yoga day. I am going to join you in doing the stage 2 keto 800. I will do it Monday to Friday next week.

    @brightonbelle you are inspiring me!

    We can do this if we just keep on keeping on one day at a time 🤗

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    I never did get back here to chat yesterday, and I’m sure late this morning: best-laid plans and all that, right? Getting DH’s truck out of the snow yesterday morning took almost an hour; it’s just a tiny bit of an incline (maybe a foot?) but the truck is too light to get traction and the tires just kept spinning on the ice and dirt. We were both quite determined, however, and eventually got a rug thrown down on the nasty spot just as the tire got there, giving it traction and getting us off the parking pad and into the alley-proper. YAY! 🤣😂🤪 And then I was playing catch-up all day. This morning was equally busy, although on my laptop, as I worked almost four hours on a project I intended to complete yesterday. Whew. Some days can suddenly be so busy, right?

    So no Christmas decorations got taken down yesterday, and my motivation to do that today is low…I’m hoping DH will come home from work cracking the whip. OH! I crack myself up! My mild-mannered DH has never cracked a whip in his life! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I guess I’ll have to find the motivation all on my own, huh?


    So, off I go to take down decorations. . . Can’t say I’m actually tired of them yet, but oh well.

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 7 – UK Cam – NFD
    Quick post for accountability – hectic day with DGD, been eating mindfully but not sure about the sweet potato and squash soup made with silken tofu – it tasted great but felt as though it was calorie laden – must check it out. any one else use silken tofu?

    Great to see so many old-timers as well as newbies in the forum. Keep up the good work!

    Day7 NFD
    Making today a CFD so it could possibly end up being a FD800 again. Weigh-in holding at 165lb. I’m pleased to just be maintaining for the moment. I know it will start dropping again soon.
    @funshipfreddie thanks for sharing how you use MFP app. After decades of attempting to lose weight , this combination of 5:2 and using MFP is finally working. And the secret sauce that brings it all together is the accountability factor by logging in here everyday. I don’t have anyone in my life available as accountability partner so being part of this online family of weight loss warriors is grateful appreciated.

    Day 8 Melbourne, Australia NFD 74.7kg

    Not feeling the PFDS, but it went okay. Going toa friend’s 60th birthday party today so will have to really watch my eating. My bingeing brain lizard loves it when I am in close contact with lots of yummy food, so I need to remember that I am in charge of my mouth not him.

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on the AF days. It is great when you can see such a positive outcome from such a big change.

    @maui I agree about this forum. It really helps me with accountability too.

    My way of trying to make sure I drink enough fluids on any day, but especially FDs, is that I have lots of herbal teas. In winter I have them cold and in summer I make a fruit herbal tea and let it cool down. And I drink plain water. I am trying to reduce the amount of artificially sweetened drinks I consume, not with a marked amount of success.

    Day 7 Ohio, US — NFD

    Quite definitely I’m feeling better today.

    @malee57 I’ve significantly reduced my use of diet sodas to just two a week. My FD’s are also my shopping days each week, and since I usually get thirsty after a while, I get one diet soda. That has become something of a routine now. I use the diet soda as a FD “treat” and it gives me a little more flavor than I would ordinarily have with my FD meals. The only other times I use diet sodas are when I’m travelling. With their high pH they are a safe way of getting enough fluids, since the high acidity kills bacteria. One could also do the same with high proof alcoholic drinks — but then you’re flying high, even if you are just taking the train!

    @gardenlily Silken tofu is fairly lean. One easy way to estimate calories for it is to halve the number of grams of tofu eaten. I guess if it is blenderized, it can really make a soup nice and thick.

    @stitchincarol My decorations came down yesterday. I always find the house seems so empty once they are put away. Could it be part of an “empty deco’s syndrome”?

    Hope everyone is having great weekend adventures!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD – 🚫🍷Day 100! ✨🎉

    I did it!! My 100th day AF – so proud of myself 😇 But it wasn’t that difficult; I think the first 9 days were the toughest. After that it was almost like a cloud lifted, it felt like the worst was over & it would only get easier. And it did. So – a good day for a FD I think. Definitely no celebratory bubbles! 😳

    @michelinme – I drink plenty of fluids, but definitely not enough water. Most days I drink half a litre of sparkling water during my walk, but that’s about it. Drinking water just feels like a chore to me. I can’t say I don’t like it, because it’s tasteless. Maybe it’s something I should work on 🤔

    @ccco – sorry to hear of your loss & your ordeal with Covid. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan to shift that unwanted weight before spring 🎯

    @maui, @malee57 – this really is a great place to stay accountable & to share the fasting lifestyle. I think a few of us have found that it’s not always a welcome topic of conversation with friends, family & colleagues. Despite being fairly mainstream now, telling people you fast regularly can still provoke scornful comments & even ridicule.

    Another article from Dr Michael Mosley re his wife’s new book – The Fast 800 Keto Diet

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍓

    Day 8 U.K. F800

    Well done @funshipfreddie fantastic achievement 😇

    Unfortunately my halo slipped and I did indulge in a small glass 🍷last night but not much over my 800 and I’m enthusiastic for 1 more week , it is challenging but it works – I’m down 4lbs , which for me is absolutely brilliant

    @coco 💕

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍓
    @brightonbelle F800

    Day 8 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. OK, I weighed in late morning today, but still happy with the results. Continuing to trend downward over the previous week. I’ll look at the charts and pick a nice goal weight for January that’s within reach. Have a nice weekend!

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍓
    @brightonbelle F800

    Day 8. USA. FD

    Good afternoon, everyone! 😃. Well, it may be only my second day but I have already lost 1/2 lb. I know that’s not much but it’s still encouraging. I keep looking over all those diet plans that pop up every year in January but they seem to be so much easier if I don’t have to do any thinking but I really want something I created and know I can Iive with. Doing my own meals and exercising seem to me to be the best path in that direction. I don’t know if this will work, but I started taking melatonin in the evening in the hope it will decrease my stress eating, which seems to happen primarily in the evening! Here’s to hope!

    Thanks, FUNSHIPFREDDIE, for starting the pocket list. I am placing myself there right now!

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍓
    @brightonbelle F800

    Congratulations BrightenBelle! Way to go! Also, congratulations to FUNSHIPFREDDIE, with conquering the AF plan. I have tried and failed on that a few times but may try again. I like the idea. That you also for your sympathies. 2022 was a very hard year. I pray this one is better for all!

    I wish you all a wonder and successful new week! 👍

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Back again for a check in. Maintenance is still going fine, but I have realized I spend lots of days doing 16:8 – almost never eating breakfast then having a decent sized dinner and maybe even a little dessert before bed. Whatever works, right?

    @ccco – so great to see you back again! It’s amazing, isn’t it, when we realize what works for our body? I am so sorry for your loss and health woes with COVID. We are here to support you. I never left after starting with @coda in May 2016. Guess it is my ‘stubborn Swede’ showing up again.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 Melbourne, Australia FD

    Not feeling terribly inspired today, but after yesterday’s meal I feel in need of a FD. I am keeping @missybear‘s “one day at a time” in mind for today.

    I have been for a swim this morning, and I am trying to build up my speed so am putting a lot of effort in. Now I am rather tired. I have read about exercise not being very effective for weight loss, but very necessary for health. And it can help maintain weight loss. I wish to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible and regular exercise will help that.

    Well done @brightonbelle

    Pocket List Day 9

    Day 8 USA/HI NFD
    Rough couple days… DH in hospital as of this morning. Couldn’t stand or walk … doctor thought possible stroke but so far tests aren’t confirming. Should get results of MRI tomorrow.
    Trying to eat healthy and not jump into stress eating with sweets etc.
    I know we are all dealing with life’s challenges along with many joyful moments. Wishing everyone strength and peace to carry on.

    Day 9 2nd post

    @maui I hope your DH is okay and that they can find out what is wrong. Don’t be too hard on yourself during such a stressful time.

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Monday morning PFDS! And not a bad pocket list for a Sunday. Weight – exactly 71 kgs, the same as after my last FD. BMI 21.9 🎯

    @maui – thinking of you & your DH. I hope you get some answers & a simple solution quickly 🤗

    Perfect weather here. Hardly a breeze, clear blue sky. But it was already 24C at 8 am, so it could be a scorcher 🥵️

    Wishing everyone a good week 🏋

    Day 9 – Dorset – FD

    Morning All,

    Feeling a bit poorly, not sure what is going on, but anyway definitely doing FD today. Just been at the gym so a good start and now to plan my meals for the week.

    @maui – thinking of you both. Hopefully the Drs will get to the bottom of the problem soon.

    @funshipfreddie – Congratulations on staying the same and your BMI is so good! The weather here is 7.5 rainy and grey ;(

    @malee57- well done for keeping going, even if you dont feel like it. At least you are doing something positive until the motivation does kick in.

    2nd post – Day 9

    Have a good one, Monday fasters! 🎯

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍋

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    I have enjoyed a controlled weekend without reaching for the corkscrew, carbs or sugary treats. Phew! It can be done. Over the weekend I prepared a food plan for this week: FDs today and Thursday and keto 800 days on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will wait and see how I feel on Friday, it may be wise to make that a TDEE day, I don’t want to exhaust my enthusiasm.

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on 100 booze free days 👏 🎉 🥳 I am in awe. I think I have done well when I achieve dry till Fri 😉

    @maui sorry to hear about your DH, hope the doctors quickly discover what is wrong with him and give him treatment to make him better.

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍋

    Day 9 UK F800

    Well done @missybear , I must admit I did have a glass on Sat and Sun but those little treats are enough to see me with renewed enthusiasm for this week and I’m planning a week very similar to yours so we’ve got this 💪

    @maui – so sorry to hear about your DH , I was watching a comedy at the weekend Young Rock and a lot of it is set in your part of the world and I was thinking what a beautiful place to live – stay strong

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. So far, so good. Then again, this week’s FDs are more spaced out than last week’s, so there may be a correction by the weekend — hopefully still downwards, but not as stark.

    Day 9 USA. FD

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍋

    Just added myself to the pocket list. I weighed in this morning two lbs. down. This is a diet of my own devising but it seems to be close to a low carb or keto diet. Maybe that is why I am losing so fast.

    Maui, I am very sorry to hear about your husband. I will pray for him.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 9 UK FD
    Day 8 UK NFD

    I missed posting yesterday after long day out. It was weird to be surrounded by so much noise and busyness after 2 weeks ill at home but glad I went. Also glad I took my laptop with me as I broke the back of a piece of project work that I’d struggled to start – over half done with a couple of hours left to do.

    My weekend’s eating was pretty relaxed tho yesterday I fasted all day then had an indulgent evening meal of baked potato with stilton, spinach and baby leeks and mushrooms braised in vegan butter followed by Christmas cake with vegan custard. That’s almost all the Christmas food now eaten up apart from a few veg so back to my ‘normal’ mostly vegan diet. Weight back up to 173lb, now planning b2b FD800 Mon-Thursday.

    This morning has been serious rest and this afternoon is project work, then supper, bath and early night. Wiped out and it’s a pretty full week with deadlines, meetings etc so need to keep a focus and practice good self care.

    @ccco Sorry for your loss and your struggles with Covid. 2lb loss is amazing – it sounds like you have a great plan for exercise and fasting to jump start a better year

    @missybear well done on the AF weekend! It’s wonderful how progress motivates and inspires us to keep going. Look forward to hearing about your keto FD800 menus

    @gardenlily I use silken tofu – it adds richness and protein to soups and stirfries without bumping up calories very much at all, at around 55 calories/100g

    @maui So sorry to hear about your DH’s health. I hope the tests are helpful and show a way forward. Praying for strength and peace for you too. Take good care of yourself x

    @malee57 cold herbal teas are a new one on me! I seem to be majoring in peppermint tea this month, making 1litre flask at a time 🙂 Good luck with your swimming focus

    @matpi great use of diet soda for FD – i will try that next time i’m travelling

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on your 100 AF days! That’s a mammoth achievement and clearly boosted your 5:2 WOL – win win! I love drinking ice cold sparkling water but adding slice of cucumber, piece of mint or bit of fruit can make it more appealing. Well done on your solid post-Christmas maintenance 🙂

    @brightonbelle well done on 4lb loss – that’s wonderful! Here’s to a successful 2nd week 🙂

    @northgeorgia that’s a promising start for January – look forward to cheering you off your plateau in 2023!

    @songbirdme you are a poster woman for maintenance! 16:8 seems to be natural pattern for me too – need to make sure I don’t eat too late tho

    @dramaqueen6 hope you feel better. Gym and meal planning is a great start to a 5:2 week!

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍋

    Day 9 Thought – Does meal planning make a difference?

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD 154.4

    The weekend was not as well-behaved as I’d intended, but yesterday was decent enough, so I’m starting the week at an okay point. I’ve done no menu planning, so can’t tell you what I’ll be eating today.

    @matpi For years, I had the same depressed feeling about everything looking empty once the Christmas decorations were taken down, so several years ago, I decided the solution was to have “January decorations.” So far, I’ve sewn a 15″ square wall hanging of mittens, and a table runner with felted wool snowflakes appliqued on, and a snowman sofa quilt, all in blues and whites, so I have something to look forward to when faced with putting away Christmas. We still haven’t done everything, as Saturday ended up being busy with other tasks, but today really will be the day, and I’m looking forward to seeing the January stuff up! (I’m always sad at the truly cute snowmen I see in December that I’d love to use, but they always have red and green added in, and my rule for January decorations is blue and white, so…)

    @ccco Welcome back! I’m so sorry for all the grief you’ve experienced this year, and the resultant weight loss. I too am someone who gains from grief, although there are people in this world for whom grief turns off all appetite. Makes no sense to me, and I’m sure I make no sense to them. 🤷‍♀️ We’re here to support and encourage you back to your sweet spot!

    @maui I’m continually amazed and impressed at how solidly you are embracing this WOL; you often mention your “failure” to do FD500s but you’re clearly doing wonderfully exactly the way you’re approaching it, and I don’t see any need for change; you’re going to be at your goal weight in nothing flat! OH! And I just read that your DH is in hospital; praying that answers can be found and healing can happen.

    @brightonbelle So delighted to hear of your success so far!

    @funshipfreddie CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 100 days AF!!!! 🎉🎉💪👍🙌🎉🎉

    @michelinme Sounds like you’re making progress to good health even if it’s slow progress. I’m still irritated with cold symptoms, and getting quite tired of them!

    @at You’ve always been such a wonderful leader in how to exercise mojo that it makes me really sad that yours seems to have departed for warmer shores! Keep at it; it WILL return, and you WILL regain your maintenance weight!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 9 USA/HI NFD
    Weigh-in 165 lb I’m not going to be concerned about losing weight this week… happy just to maintain 165 and not go off the rails and back into the 170’s! That would only add more stress so I think it’s worth the effort. Past history shows these life crisis situations are prone to be a big set back to the healthy weight journey. And it really doesn’t help the situation to start eating cheesecake everyday ( which I may or may not be thinking about… ha ha ).
    I appreciate all the kind words of support for us during DH’s hospitalization. He’s still in ER waiting for a bed to open so he can be admitted. Hospital is apparently 100% at capacity for the amount of available staff. So far all tests negative for stroke but MRI results are not available yet. I’m heading over there this morning . Will spend a couple hours and then go meet a supportive friend for breakfast and return with hot food for DH if allowed.
    Wishing everyone a good day or evening.

    Day 9 USA/HI NFD
    Weigh-in 165 lb I’m not going to be concerned about losing weight this week… happy just to maintain 165 and not go off the rails and back into the 170’s! That would only add more stress so I think it’s worth the effort. Past history shows these life crisis situations are prone to be a big set back to the healthy weight journey. And it really doesn’t help the situation to start eating cheesecake everyday ( which I may or may not be thinking about… ha ha ).
    I appreciate all the kind words of support for us during DH’s hospitalization. He’s still in ER waiting for a bed to open so he can be admitted. Hospital is apparently 100% at capacity for the amount of available staff. So far all tests negative for stroke but MRI results are not available yet. I’m heading over there this morning . Will spend a couple hours and then go meet a supportive friend for breakfast and return with hot food for DH if allowed.
    Wishing everyone a good day or evening.

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Sorry haven’t posted since day 5, just mad busy, but thinking of you all.
    Great news is that I am down another 2lb, so started the week at a happier number than last week.

    Great to hear all the chatter. I will log on tomorrow and catch up.

    Day 10 Melbourne, Australia NFD

    I made it through yesterday’s FD by the skin of my teeth. It did not help that I had nothing planned after my swim in the morning. This is why I often give myself something to do that gets me out of the house. Today I will do some strength work at the local park and then meet some friends for a coffee. I’ll try to do some garden work this afternoon – not something I love doing. But it needs to be done, it gets me outside and it is a different type of exercise.

    @michelinme good job on getting a big dent in your project work. Hope you continue to improve and regain energy, even if slowly.

    @maui I hope tests went okay for your husband.

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Gained a pound yesterday eating an olive loaf of bread I had been dying to make for weeks. Just had to indulge…. It is delicious, and better part of the artisan loaf is still waiting. Do any of you know of a “tater tots” imitation that is not potato at all but either broccoli or cauliflower. They are pretty tasty when I crave “carbs” that potatoes offer. They’re made by Green Giant.

    @maui – whew, sure do pray that they get some answers for your DH. Mine is 75 and had a mild stroke some years ago. But it was what they decided was some virus that had him so weak he could not walk. Almost anything could cause that weakness, it seems, so sure do hope they find out. So sorry your hospital is at capacity… so rough on all of you.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 Ohio, US — FD800
    Day 8 — NFD

    Yesterday was a regular busy Sunday. In the evening my next-door neighbor brought over some holiday cookies (she’s running late this year). So I turned a bunch of them, along with a glass of milk, into supper. Since I was able to get 12K steps in, the dessert-for-supper hopefully didn’t do too much damage to the weight. All that sugar did have effects today: I just wasn’t able to get into gear and accomplish very much. Fortunately that should be the last of the holiday “cheer” and now I can concentrate on getting back to sensible eating.

    @songbirdme Those cauliflower tots sounded quite good. I looked them up and unfortunately they contain onion powder, so I’ll have to pass on them. I am amazed at how ubiquitous onion powder is in vegetable products!

    @daffodil2010 Congrats on the 2 lb down! That’s the way to get January going!

    @maui Hope your DH will get diagnosed quickly and that a bed comes open for him fast! And I hope definitely that his recovery moves forward with the speed of lightning!

    @stitchincarol Your idea of January decorations is fab! Back in 2020 when I was staying in my house almost all the time and every day started to seem like every other, I started putting up pictures on my fridge celebrating the various holidays and times of the year — sort of like the bulletin boards teachers put up in grammar school. That way I could keep a sense of the flow of time. Once things started to open up again, I stopped doing that. It might be a good idea to get back to that practice.

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍋

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    My scales are playing tricks on me. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see 167 and hopped on and off again a few times to confirm, but 167 it remained. Had a sneaky peak after work with just a small salad taken and saw 166.7. Yay. But later at bedtime it was 171 and remains that way this morning. A 4lb gain in one night???!!!!!

    Nope, it has to be the batteries or something,,but I have hopped on and off a number of times and still in 170 land 😱

    Today therefore is protein rich and carb low. I might try to ignore the scales, but they have become part of my routine.

    Way to go @funshipfreddie on over 100 days AF. Well done. It’s my downfall, like @missybear I am delighted if I make it Dry till Fri

    @maui thinking of your DH and hoping he gets a bed soon.

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @michelinme – meal planning makes a huge difference, for me anyway on FDs. It’s only one meal for me anyway, so not a lot of planning. But, the last thing you want to be doing on a FD is to stand gazing into the fridge or wandering around a grocery store thinking about what to eat!

    @michelinme, @stitchincarol @missybear @dramaqueen6, @brightonbelle & @daffodil2010 – thanks! I’m going for 180 days/6 months now 🚫🍷I’m not going to get complacent though. I try to top up my motivation every day by reading some quit-lit, as they call it. I’m currently reading ‘Alcohol Explained’ by William Porter. I also found ‘Walking Back to Happiness – The Secret to Alcohol-Free Living & Well-being’, by Nigel Jones. He’s a British guy who quit drinking in his 50’s, became an author & founded http://www.9kmby9am.com There’s no chance of me ever even crawling 9 km by 9 am. I could maybe drink 9 coffees by then though 😅

    @daffodil2010, @missybear – I struggled with ‘dry til Fri’. My weekends suddenly contained 6 days. Somehow quitting is just easier for me; kind of like just ripping off a plaster rather than peeling it off slowly. Scales can be cruel?! I sometimes wonder if maybe the old, no-battery-required scales might be more accurate?

    Yet another Michael Mosley article:-

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD800

    Good normal Monday FD yesterday. Today will be keto 800, keeping it simple with omelette, spinach and tomato for brunch and dinner will be haddock with green beans, a few black olives and a drizzle of soy sauce. Sparkling water and marmite tea on standby.

    @michinlinme I definitely do better when I plan meals in advance, but I only tend to do so when my motivation is high…..which is madness because when I’m struggling is when advance meal planning would help most. Think this is something I should address 🤔

    One day at a time…..have a good day everyone 🤗

    Day 10 – Dorset – NFD

    I weighed today, I have lost 2 lbs. When I was younger I used to lose at least 4-6lbs in the first week, now I am older the weight comes off very slowly.

    @michelinme – meal planning really does help as @funshipfreddie said, on FD looking around a supermarket is not helpful at all. Even if I don’t keep to the actual meal plan it does give me a base from which to work .
    At the moment my husband is complaining of having eaten too much chicken over Christmas and does not want to eat chicken! Anyway, chicken it is on Thursday :).

    Have a lovely day everyone, it is wet windy and cold here.

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD/ZBC

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. Well, I expected an ugly number this morning… it was a NFD, and I snacked way past supper time while watching the game and checking the score up until near midnight. Go Dawgs!!!

    Ohhhhh, getting up is not fun this morning LOL But on the other hand, I definitely am not hungry, so skipping breakfast. Not really planning a FD today, but we’ll see where it leads.

    Day 10 USA. FD

    Good morning, everyone! I’ve decided not to weigh myself every day. Today my weight remained the same as yesterday. I think weighing myself once a week is better for me, so I can let my weight settle on something. I know I am eating right according to plan but I can’t control water weight, so I am happy with today’s outcome. I do plan my meals every day like many of you all do. It helps me to keep myself under control.

    Wishing you a successful fasting/non fasting day! 🙂

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD 153.8

    I didn’t show as much restraint as I’d have liked yesterday (we still have leftover candies from Christmas), but at least it was enough restraint to give me a good weight this morning, not padded with water weight, so that’s something to be pleased with and that’s more restraint than some days. Now for my first WF since before Christmas!

    @daffodil2010 I’ve wondered at your silence, and “mad busy” certainly explains it; well done on being down 2 pounds!!! And the higher weight this morning? Yeah, my scale does that to me sometimes for no apparent reason…perhaps something was saltier than you realized? No idea, but hold the course; it will be gone again!

    @malee57 I too am someone who has to get out of the house if I’m to be certain of success; good for you for pulling it off on Day 9 despite not being away with things to do!

    @songbirdme Nope, haven’t seen those pretend tater tots; I’ll look. On Saturday, I roasted a spaghetti squash and served it with a marinara sauce; we had the other half last night with just butter and cheese on it…yummy!

    @funshipfreddie Fascinating about MM et ux stressing the importance of sufficient protein. Back in my 30s, DH and I would always chuckle: I’d serve a meal of protein, veg, and carb, and we’d serve up about the same amount on our plates. When done with that, I’d go back for more carb and he’d go back for more meat. Always. And I was 132/BMI22. I wonder if that need for protein changes with age, or is different for different bodies? Because I had LOTS of carbs in those days, but have learned to my chagrin that I can only have few carbs THESE days or the scale shoots up.

    @missybear Nice menu for today. The trick for me, I’ve discovered, is that I tend to nibble when I start cooking supper; if I didn’t nibble, my total calories each day would be FAR lower! Are you good about not nibbling?

    @dramaqueenn6 You sound a little disappointed in your 2 pound loss not being higher, but I think it’s worthy of celebratory balloons!! 🎈🎈🎈🎈

    @northgeorgia Your Dawgs SLAUGHTERED TCU!! 65 to 7?? Wowza. Your whole state must be celebrating today! And behave today and that 219 will go back to a much lovelier number!

    @maui Thinking of you and your DH, and praying for improvement for him.

    @gardenlily It’s unusual not to have morning chatter from you; hope all is well.

    @at What if you went back to posts from a period when you were strong? Would reading them help? I first joined this group in June 2018, and was in AWE of you and your strength and discipline.

    Today is the first Tuesday since some time in December that the weather hasn’t been ugly with some variation of snow/sleet/ice, making driving to lessons daunting; Whew!

    Have a grand one, everyone, and be strong: throw out the concept of “hope” and embrace the choice you’re making. As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

    “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

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