Jump in June! – June 2022 Monthly Challenge

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Jump in June! – June 2022 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – 19/5

    146.6 (that’s down 2lbs!)

    When DH and I agreed to do 19/5, I knew it was going to be problematic some days, and yesterday was one. His schedule didn’t allow him to be home in time for that meal, and I was too hungry to wait–after all day having promised myself food at three o’clock or so–so I ate a little leftover meat and went out to work in the yard. Long story short: we didn’t eat what we planned, we ate far later than we intended, but we ate under 500 calories, and worked hard in the yard. So, I call that a win. Today should be easier to control the schedule, and we’ll eat at mid-afternoon as planned.

    @mariaelena Ahh, those body/mind cravings. Well, well done for resisting them!!

    @at Happy birthday!!!! Have a lovely day pampering yourself!

    @i-hate-lettuce Yup, I thought it meant that you’d gone on at length…except, showing up on the very first line confused me terribly, LOL!

    Aww, @penz, I’ve been there with the pain of regret…we ALL have. Deep breaths, deep thinking, and deep RESOLVE, and Monday’s FD will go wonderfully.

    @matpi Are you a golf fan, at least? And will you go to watch, or stay as far away as possible?

    @linda.b Great quote.

    @5413.5 Yup, we ALL are prone to “sudden catastrophic eating”–generally called EFS. You’ll get the weight back off; at the moment it’s not actual pounds you’ve gained, but merely food bulk in you.

    @northgeorgia Yay for 209!!!

    Today will be another day of gardening. I bought lots of plants yesterday (Mexican heather, geraniums, begonias, a smaller version of a petunia, an ivy leaf hosta [at least, I think that’s what it was called]) and will work to get them all planted. Our back yard is quite shady with two huge trees, and those trees drop branches and twigs non-stop, so half of my gardening time is spent picking them up. It’s a never-ending chore that I’m thoroughly sick of, but needs doing. I think of you often, @i-hate-lettuce, knowing your yard is in far better shape than mine, but hope to catch up with you in a week or so. 😁

    Okay, time to get to it! Have a grand one, everyone!

    My personal themes for June (the first quote compliments of @funshipfreddie):

    “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” ~ Jim Rohn

    “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

    Day 3 UK FD

    Like @penz I didn’t manage a FD yesterday as a friend dropped round with ice cream & popcorn. Tho interestingly having sugar and carb for the first time in a week made me feel quite unwell so it feels no problem avoiding them again now. Reminds me of when I stopped smoking and lit a cigarette a week later… I’m going to hold fast to that feeling!

    Today is a very lazy day. A lovely friend has come round to tidy the garden fence line ahead of new fences next week, but otherwise I’ve just been watching the jubilee service and pottering while listening to the radio. I’m wiped out after a heavy couple of weeks and enjoying the rest.

    I’m planning a FD800 with OMAD big salads followed by berries, then close the kitchen until Saturday

    @penz this is a great group for sharing the mojo – look forward to seeing you on Monday
    @linda.b acclimatising is key – to temperature and to this WOL!
    @5413.5 I hear you! i’ve been eating my feelings a fair bit this last year. But now keen to keep an eye on bigger goals and trying to be more mindful with food. My body clearly doesn’t like either sugar or popcorn and it’s up to me to listen. We know this WOL really works when we ‘just do it’! I find putting myself on the pocket list on FDs helps for external accountability- i imagine everyone else rooting for me while I root for them.
    @funshipfreddie good luck with the evening’s flutter! Yes, much easier to keep treats out when living alone – but also harder to keep a sense of external accountability. That’s one of the reasons I love this forum.
    @at Well done on the B2B2B2B FDs – and Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day/weekend x

    @stitchincarol well done on your loss! You and @at are showing that it can be easy on easy off once we’re in the rhythm of this WOL. And losses are much easier at the beginning when we drink plenty of water and stick to basics. Love the sound of your new plants and hope you have a great gardening day. That’s my plan for tomorrow, gentle pottering, potting on flower seedlings, bit of maintenance on straweberries and veg in pots, plus planting out tomatoes. If i feel really energetic i might cut back some creeping plants that have crept a little further than intended so things look less overgrown and more wilderness!

    ‘Take it seriously but hold it lightly’

    Pocket List day 3

    Dear @at Happy birthday!!!

    Day 3 – 16:8 CD

    Feeling blah (allergies and stomach upset) and my kitty is in the animal hospital.

    @at have a good day – happy birthday

    Gonna lay down some more. Won’t be eating much today cause I feel lousy.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Did just one meal today – still in effort to lose the vacation pounds. But movies and buttered popcorn will keep that from happening completely, I think. Finally got my annual flowers bought today and will plant tomorrow. I didn’t want to have them left un-tended while we were on vacation, so waited. Same with opening our little backyard pool. Worked on that for the last few days. So much for work around the rural Illinois home.

    @at – “Happy Birthday, dear @at 🎵 happy birthday to YOU!” Hope and pray it was a terrific one! 🎂✨🍷🥂😁

    @northgeorgia – yeah for you and 209!!

    @mariaelena – sure do hope your blah feeling fades very fast.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3 Ohio, US — NFD

    Stayed on track today and the beautiful late Spring weather has helped a lot. Got my regular 50 minutes of exercise in and so far have stayed with my regular eating plan.

    @at Happy Birthday! Raspberry brownies sound perfect!

    @mariaelena Hope your kitty is on the mend!

    @songbirdme and @stitchincarol and other gardeners — A friend gave me a little poinsettia plant for last Christmas and I’ve nursed it through the winter and spring and now it’s thriving. But gardening isn’t really my thing. What’s a good way of parting company with it? It’s a nice plant, so I don’t want to put it in the garage and kill it off. Any ideas would be helpful.

    @stitchincarol Unfortunately I’m not a big golf fan. Fortunately the festival has come to my neighborhood — Every night while the tournament’s on, down the hill there is a big fair — sort of like a farmer’s market on steroids. This is party central for the people in town for the tournament. Right now I can listen to the live music without even opening my windows. The whole area is what’s called a DORA around here, so there are lots of people having a great time and will do so until late in the evening. By the way DORA stands for “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area”. To get back to your questions — I did play golf while I was in college, but afterwards there just wasn’t time for it.

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD ✅ 🚫🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hello everyone – I’m just checking in today to say hi and all is well. Thank you all for the thoughts 🙏. Mum continues to improve and thanks to the Alzheimer’s doesn’t really realise what Covid is. She is testing negative now so hopefully will have no long term effects. I am so impressed with how stoic she is generally and rarely accepts the offer of painkillers or tablets when she is feeling poorly.

    Bank holiday weekend here so it’s busy with lots of people around. ☀️ Enjoy the extra long weekend all of you in the UK 🇬🇧.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 UK
    89.60- coming down – feeling better
    Will avoid all cakes today!
    Thanks for the great energy and positive vibes

    Day 04 – Saturday – Gold Coast Queensland Australia – (NFD) – evening post 🦘🦘🦘


    @at HAPPY BIRTHDAY … hope it’s a good one so you can streeeeetch it out over the weekend!🎆🎇✨🎈

    @northgeorgia – a goose egg!! FANTASTIC! You’re on your way with this, it’s just amazing the motivation at the start of a new month…. 🥇🥇🥇🎯🎯 for you!

    @stitchincarol – you’ve done it too! ….medals for you too!🥇🥇🥇

    🧸🧸🧸 to those not well and see you all on Monday after the celebrations.
    We have a little, not a lot, of the coverage here and think it a pity the Queen wasn’t feeling up to the celebrations.

    Looking forward to my next FUN DAY!

    cheerie dearies

    You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @northgeorgia – congrats on getting back down to 209! I may join you in a FD tomorrow. And @at – down 2 kgs already! 🎯 Happy Birthday! 🥳️ 🎁 🎉 🥂

    @michelinme – I won! I only played for 15 minutes & won R1000. Not a fortune, but it covered lunch & a tank of petrol 🙂

    @mariaelena – I hope you & the kitty are better soon! Boo Boo isn’t herself either; I may need to take her to the vet on Monday. Hardly eating & sleeping more than usual – which I didn’t think was possible. I noticed a red mark on her nose yesterday. Not sure if she’s just been fighting or if it’s a symptom of something more serious. I Googled it, & it could be one of a number of things.

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 4 UK FD800

    Successful FD yesterday – woop woop!

    I had a OMAD supper of huge salad with eggs, vegan chorizo and sliced baby jacket potatoes followed by berries with a blob of soya yogurt and sprinkling of cinnamon and raw cacao powder. The trick yesterday was to wash up and run a bath thus getting myself out of the kitchen and to bed earlier.

    This morning I don’t seem to have lost any weight but would probably help if i drank a lot more water. I woke up aching all over so not sure what’s going on – inflammation post Thursday’s sugar or post-fast? It’s as tho my usual anti-inflammatory meds have been replaced with blanks.

    Going gently today with yoga and chores then pottering in the garden. After the success of last year’s cosmos I’m growing a few more flowers from seed this year – wildflowers grown directly in the soil are coming up slowly, plus cornflowers, cosmos zinnia and gypsophilia seedlings waiting to be potted on.

    If I have the energy I’ll go into town tomorrow to meet friends, and if not I’ll stay home and potter a little more. it’s a really full week ahead so going very gently.

    @mariaelena sorry you are feeling bleurgh and the cat is at the hospital. Hope you both feel better
    @songbirdme enjoy the planting!
    @matpi well done on sticking with it. Hope you can endure the golf and business and have your usual peace and quiet back soon
    @jaifaim so glad your mum is through her covid without obvious after effects. Hope you have a good bank holiday weekend x
    @5413.5 well done! You’ve got this
    @linda.b love your quote – it’s echoing in my head today
    @funshipfreddie – woohoo for the win! That sounds like a great approach to gambling!

    Pocket List Day 4

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – 19/5


    That’s only 0.2 up from yesterday, despite having eaten a “normal” amount of food. This business of eating earlier in the day seems to be having benefits, although it’s certainly too soon to say for certain. It’s a struggle, however, to shift our routines to accommodate an early large meal; I may have to switch to having “supper” at noon instead of a nibble at noon and “supper” at 3 or 4.

    I spent six or seven hours outside yesterday, sometimes working, sometimes sitting and enjoying the day. After the awful winds we’ve had all spring, to have two days in a row of lovely sunshine, lovely temperatures, and NO WIND, it was a huge treat. And I got lots done, besides!

    @mariaelena I hope you’re all better today!

    @matpi If you plant your poinsettia outside–as we always do to ours–it grows into a lush green “bush.” We always plant ours in partial shade, because nearly every spot in our yard is partial shade, but since they’re native to Mexico (right?) I would think full sun would also be fine. And the DORA close to you sounds delightful! (Well…as long as it doesn’t go TOO late in the evening!)

    @jaifaim Thought of you and your mum yesterday as I was gardening, and hoped you’d give us an update; so glad it’s a good report!

    @funshipfreddie Congratulations on your roulette win…and then stopping, LOL! 🤣🤣

    @michelinme I cannot express how deeply I wish your long-term covid would simply go away…or at least dramatically decrease. 🥰🤗

    Pocket List Day 4

    My personal themes for June (the first quote compliments of @funshipfreddie):

    “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” ~ Jim Rohn

    “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

    Day 4 16:8 CD

    Feel more like myself today. @matpi, & funshipfreddie @Michelleinme and others, thanks for the good wishes for my kitty. We will find out more this morning about Kidd Kirby – hoping for the least of the potential problems: a severe UTI. He is a Manx cat (a ‘rumpy riser) and they can have a lot of troubles (like UTI’s) due to genetics – not just the tail shortening or lack is part of his inheritance. He is such a sweet beautiful cat, and I do think his brother and adopted sister were keeping him company sleeping close while he was sick.

    @funshipfreddie I hope BooBoo perks up! And it is not anything serious.

    @jaifim I’m sending good thoughts to you and your mom. Hopefully the Covid is past.

    @michelleinme I do think sugar indulgence causes an inflammatory aching in my extremities (hands mostly) – not immediately, but a few days later. I hope your inflammation passes quickly. I’m trying (now that I’m essentially in maintenance) to have a bit of added sugar in my regular diet – only up to the recommendation of 24g (~100 cal) most days and see if that helps my body remember how to cope with the rare days I indulge in treats. Don’t know if that will make a difference. My preferred calcium vitamins are a gummy (with 30% of that recommended amount of sugar) and I have started taking them again – always at the end of a meal. I should note, I had not given up calcium supplements- just was taking the horse pill size ones without sugar and difficult to swallow.

    Finally have that excess hunger (from indulgent eating weekend?) under control – at least the unusual morning appetite. It is a relief, as hungry as I felt, eating in the morning really doesn’t agree with me.

    Made a fun exercise improvement this past week, too. Now, yes I can spin two hula hoops around my waist at the same time! How fun is that! Working on trying to move (walk) with the two hoops now. ‘Walk’ – well not quite- more of a zombie shuffle – I have fun with it when Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is the music my shuffle plays while exercising- lol.

    My one pair of jeans to that fit perfectly when I went to Chicago in April (tho not a good style for me, capri length and hip huggers do not flatter my shape even when they fit perfectly) are now too big?!? I’m just 3 lb down from the day I left for that vacation but seem to have lost some unwanted extra from my hips and rear end. A Win!

    @stitchincarol – like @matpi I’m not a golf fan. My father and brother are, tho, so I know a fair bit about it. As for gardening- I hate it, but yard work is necessary so I do it. One reason I hate it, mosquitoes LOVE me.

    Gotta run, hubby phone just rang, hopefully good news in kitty.

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Did a good OMAD yesterday at about 1000 calories. Today, though, we are back to the movies for “Top Gun: Maverick” that everyone says is outstanding. Will try not to overdo on buttered popcorn today!

    Clouds, cool weather, and rain predicted so I need to get right out to the plants.

    @matpi – I know some put poinsettia plants into a partially shaded area to “summer” there then bring inside before first frost. Here’s what looks like good advice: https://extension.usu.edu/archive/could-you-should-you-keep-your-poinsettia-year-round

    @funshipfreddie & @mariaelena – hope your fur babies are better very soon! 😺

    @jaifaim – prayers for continued healing for your mum. 🙏

    Onward and downward.

    second post

    @songbirdme Great link about the care of poinsettias to get them to last year ’round; thanks!

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Not too well behaved yesterday with the sugars and carbs, but today is mostly a post B2B WFD bloat. I did ZBC this morning (by accident), and welcome @funshipfreddie to join me for another FD tomorrow 🙂

    My mean and median averages went up a pound this week while my mode average went up 3 lbs (and I am up 3 lbs over last weekend), and yet I hit my lowest weight in nearly two months. My explanation for this is the unplanned NFD streak of 7 days which can be a nightmare to recover from, but I went into quick strategy mode, converting three of those into OMADs or at least 16:8s. That helped stabilize the weight. What I found was a lot less “bounce” than having two WFDs in a row. In order to get my 2 FDs in this week, I had to go back to that method, which isn’t hard — but the post-day NFD tends to end up in a bad way.

    After looking at the data (which is only my body, of course!), although B2B WFDs yield big quick results, there is typically a big bounce-back because of the psychological effect of the severe restrictions of two days, an effect that is hard to overcome! This limits weight loss and even invites weight gain on some weeks. The data also shows that Alternative WFDs yield a slightly smaller drop, but the bounce-back effect is the least noticeable. However, having three or four WFDs in a week are still psychologically challenging, and go well beyond 5:2. OMADs were slightly less effective than WFDs, but data-wise, the outcomes match up with the outcomes of the B2B WFDs. But the difference is that you do get to eat a nice lunch out with friends!

    What all this really means is that eventually I’ll return to 5:2 FD500 again. I just need this little adjustment to get off the plateau. My plan for the next few weeks is to do two WFDs a week, not B2B, and an OMAD following one of the WFDs.

    The vegetables are coming in from the garden, so I’ll make a nice zucchini/onion/tomato concoction fried in butter, season with a bit of tumeric and cilantro, and add in some shredded roast chicken. Sounds like a good first meal today.

    Day 4 second post

    I finished at 870 which isn’t quite a FD but would make an astonishing CD! Posting for accountability and because I’ll be out in the morning…

    @stitchincarol thank you – that’s so kind of you. I’m better than I was last year, back to c50-60% of my pre-covid energy but with some additional health issues. I’m so pleased I’ve not caught it again and hoping things will continue to settle down

    @mariaelena Glad you are feeling better and hope your cat is too. Love that your jeans are fitting so much better! I went down 3 sizes on a plateau back in 2018 – it’a mazing what’s possible. Thanks for sharing your sugar/inflammation experience – it would make sense as my inflammtion was 2 days after my sugar burst. Tho I used to get similar pain at the early stages of fasting…. I’ll wait and see – and not eat ice cream for a while!

    @songbirdme thanks for the poinsettia link and hope you enjoyed the film!

    @northgeorgia i find your data and ideas so helpful – thanks

    third post

    The day’s eating again went in the opposite direction of the plan, but for the reasonable reason that I just didn’t feel all that good–thought of you, @mariaelena. So for the day, I ate just under 1000 calories, and am feeling complete satiated with those calories.

    @northgeorgia I too experience a huge bounce with WFDs, and continue to do them because I remember reading several places how beneficial that is to the health of your body. You’re right, however, that they’re not so beneficial where weight loss is concerned. Probably maintenance? Also like you, I’m doing all sorts of screwy things because I need to find the discipline to have “reasonable” come back into my life in a serious way. We all have to find our own path, don’t we?

    @michelinme Well, I didn’t realize you were making progress at regaining your previous energy, so that at least is good news…every little bit helps, right? And now may the other health issues go away!! 😁

    I’m feeling far better now than this morning, and spent an hour or so outside after I finished eating for the day, planting more things: monarda, something called, string vine, Stargazer lilies, and my 2-in-a-pot Easter lilies from this year. If I’d just quit buying more plants I’d be done, LOL!

    I doubt I’ll have time to post tomorrow, and possibly not Monday morning: Vacation Bible School starts then, and it’s another thing I’m in charge of. But this is my last year. I swear it. I’ve been telling people that at church for several years, but no one steps up; they’re going to have to now! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (Do I sound tough and as if I mean it? I’m practicing.)

    Now for a long bubble bath and then early bed to ensure I stay out of the kitchen!

    Day 4 Ohio, US — NFD

    A good steady day — got regular exercise and eating in, as well as some routine chores.

    @stitchincarol Trying out lots of different things is the experimental method! After all, there is the proverb, “If you keep doing what you have been doing, then you’re going to keep getting the same results.” I think some people add that the definition of foolishness is to believe that the saying doesn’t apply to them. In any case, I’ve been recently, for the last ten days or so, trying an experiment with eating more protein. Even though I’ve been careful to keep my daily protein intake around 60 grams, that might not be enough. Someplace Dr. M says that seniors may need more than that. For weight loss, some of my cravings for carbs might actually be cravings for protein. The last ten days seem to have borne that out. We’ll see how the experiment works out over the next month.

    @songbirdme Thanks for the link. Maybe I will plant it out on my patio, which is in shade almost all the time, except for very early in the morning. The only problem is that I’d have to go out and buy a shovel to dig a hole for it. When I moved to my townhouse, I gave away all my gardening tools.

    @mariaelena I also know how it is to be a beckoning target for mosquitoes. Fortunately there don’t seem to be any around my yard, even with a little stream across the way.

    @michelinme The music isn’t really all that bad — tonight I can sit out on my patio and understand all of the words that they’re singing. It’s a country-western band, so not quite as strong a bass beat as last night’s band.

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @mariaelena & @songbirdme – I think Boo Boo just has a cold, maybe even flu. She hardly moved yesterday; but at least she’s eating this morning. She had a couple of odd sneezing fits too, more high-pitched than her usual sneezes. But if she’s eating, whatever it is can’t be too serious. Fingers 🤞 for Kidd Kirby!

    @stitchincarol & @michelinme – thanks! 😅 The stopping is the tricky part. I won the first 4 spins, & that kind of luck makes you feel invincible. Which is partly how people get hooked, I guess.

    A lovely jubilee sketch of the Queen & Padding Bear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABniDx7xoFw

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍌

    Day 5
    Jubilee cakes and full English! Oh well

    Day 5 – 16:8 CD

    Kidd Kirby is home now, yes, he had the severe UTI but no stones this time. Segregated so we can keep an eye on his pee, and today he is vocal again and moving around so I think he is better.

    He dang well better be, because I slept with him in the guest room as he didn’t want to be alone. And, in the unfamiliar territory, it looks like I may have broken my toe in the middle of the night. 🤕 ow. I broke a toe several years ago and the doctor I saw said they don’t really set or do much – just tell the patient to ice and elevate (for swelling) and try to stay off it when possible. It can be strapped to the neighbor toe, but patient can do that by self. So I’m doing that, because a Dr visit would be too expensive for little return.

    Ah well.

    @funshipfreddie, Kidd Kirby sends Boo Boo his regards. It is no fun being a sick kitty, he says.

    @matpi I too find a good amount of protein helps with hunger and carb cravings. I also try to control them with a nice serving of a baked potato (including skin) and for me, that is a big satiety win.

    @michellinme We call it a plateau when the scale stops moving down, but if the body measurements are still moving in the right direction- is it really 🤔?

    @stitchincarol, good for you keeping control when you felt under the weather. Hope you feel better today.

    @songbirdme, let us know how you like Maverick!

    Off now to limp around, lol.

    Day 5 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. Well, here we go! My plan: WFD today, OMAD tomorrow, regular NFD Tuesday, WFD Wednesday, possible OMAD Thursday or Friday, and NFD Saturday.

    Really, if I just get one extra OMAD in the week, I’m good. But there’s lot of travel on Tuesday, so that might be my OMAD day. Anyway, as I said before, having an OMAD or two thrown in will probably help me with psychological withdrawals on NFDs. Going to try it for a few weeks, because honestly, the refeeding is killing me after the WFDs. I think the WFDs are effective for me, but I think normally I need no more than two, spread out during the week when possible, or I get a negative effect on NFDs.

    I really want to get into the 100s this year (and it’s nearly half over, what happened?)

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍌

    Day 5 UK NFD

    After a couple of puffy days I was delighted to weigh in at 185lb this morning, 3lbs down on my backtrack weight mid-week weight of 189lb.

    I was up and out early, enjoyed seeing friends and succumbed to only 300 calories worth of biscuit, saving my appetite for home. I shopped on the way home and avoided unplanned purchases except lots of spinach and some berries, then a tomato plant at the plant stall because one of mine broke yesterday when being potted on.

    I had a late lunch HUGE salad of lettuce, spinach, beetroot,tomatoes,avocado and onion with sliced baked potato and hard boiled eggs followed by strawberries, blueberries and flat peach with cinnamon. All in all feeling fairly pleased and well set up for a FD tomorrow!

    @stitchincarol hope you feel better very soon – and good luck with this week’s summer school. Covid recovery has stopped but as long as i don’t overdo it and knock myself backwards I can manage where I am, pacing carefully and practicing better self-care. That’ll be a bit challenging at the end of the month but focussing on where I am now and building from here!
    @matpi hope peace and quiet is soon restored
    @funshipfreddie that was my favourite part of the whole event!
    @5413.5 I can’t seem to tag you – let me know what i’m doing wrong? A full English gives plenty of protein and is a great treat – the trick may be not to eat the rest of the day!
    @mariaelena very glad the cat is home, but OUCH! for your toe. Hope the pain settles down speediy
    @northgeorgia that sounds like a great plan. Look forward to hearing how it goes

    I’m off to have a bath and an early night – builders here from 7.30/8.00 tomorrow morning to fit a new boiler and do some repiping. Best way to prepare is to tidy up the corner then get a good sleep!

    Day 6, FD, Aus

    Somehow I feel my mojo is with me today. (Must have been you sharing @michelinme.)

    The news reader on the radio this morning said “it’s 4 degrees, but feels like minus 4”. Very hard to get going with news like that! (That’s 24.5F for you folks who don’t use Celcius.)

    Yes, @matpi, doona = quilt! They are usually either feather filled or wool. (Wool is best in winter!)

    @linda-b – you’re so right about the leaves here at this time of year. We have a native garden, but we have three deciduous street trees down one side of our block. I shuffled 5 bin-fulls of leaves on the weekend and I estimate there’s still another 2-3 to go (but I ran out of space to put them!)

    @5413.5 – I think at some point all of us have fallen prey to ‘catastrophic eating’! On this forum you may see reference to EFS (Epic Face Stuffing) which is really the same thing. The trick is to acknowledge you’re only human, and then jump straight back on the 5:2 wagon.

    Lots of other happy news in the forum: @at’s birthday, @funshipfreddie’s roulette win, @northgeorgia’s goose egg and that both Boo Boo and Kidd Kirby seem to be on the mend. But bad news about your toe, @mariaelena! Hope it was only a painful stub, and not a break.

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD 19/5…well, 18/6

    I weighed 146.0 this morning after yesterday turning into only 900 calories or so. I didn’t feel all that good, but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and was thankful to feel fine today. Eating today was much heartier, but not unhealthy and not unreasonable, so my weight will bounce up tomorrow simply from eating a normal volume, but it’s all good except that I was still eating up until about six o’clock tonight. Oh well, eh?

    We’re all set up for Vacation Bible School, but I’ll be out the door by 7:30 or so in the morning, and may or may not get on my laptop when I get home in the afternoon, so who knows when I’ll check in again.

    Know that, even when I don’t chatter at you, I think of you all at different points in the day, and treasure the support and friendship we offer each other.

    Day 06 – Monday– Gold Coast Queensland Australia – FUN DAY (FD)🥑🥦🥬🍅🥦🥦

    Good morning all

    It’s my second FUN DAY of Jump In June! The weekend was busy and under control excepting for receiving a lovely home baked GLUTEN FREE gift of 2 x blueberry muffins & 2 x choc chip biscuits from a friend….. Uh Oh! 😲😲😲
    Well obviously, I did what every dedicated faster would do…. ate them! Ate them all and enjoyed every morsel😋😋😊. No time for a guilt trip about this, life is too short! So, happily skipped a meal or two to offset and now here we are on Monday and no lasting damage to the scale.
    Nevertheless it clearly tells me that the INNER WARTHOG is still hiding inside, watching 👀👀👅👅 and just waiting to rear itself on occasions!

    As winter is now starting to drop the temps, Sunday was my annual foray into the kitchen for soup-making. So now have an ample supply of roasted pumpkin soup in the fridge and freezer. Next on the list will be pea and ham soup and then maybe a lovely french onion soup.
    Looking for your suggestions on how to eat a hot, steamy bowl of soup without the requisite bread roll or toast? What I can substitute for that? Gluten Free of course.

    @penz I see your temps dropping a lot, lot further with the wind coming straight off the Antarctic. Makes me shiver just to think of it! Stay warm!❄❄❄

    Lovely to watch the Jubilee concert and events over the weekend. The Paddington Bear and Queen skit was so much fun. We love her here too! In 1963 when HRH visited Canberra, our (then) Prime Minister Robert Menzies was to quote the 17th century words of Thomas Ford: “I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die.” 💖💗… fond memories indeed.

    Hope you all had a lovely weekend too, now must get back to work.

    cheerie dearies

    Pocket List – Day 6

    2nd post, adding me!

    Pocket list – Day 6

    Day 6 FD
    Going the wrong way 91.35
    Combo of Jubilee visits to family and cakes has meant a gain!
    Oh no!! New resolve for this week is needed


    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @mariaelena – Ouch?! That must’ve hurt like heck?! I hope it’s not actually broken at least. Boo Boo seems to be bouncing back quickly; her bottomless stomach is certainly working just fine now.

    @michelinme – I think the Paddington Bear skit was my favourite part too. This is quite interesting – Secrets of ‘Operation Ma’amalade’. But it’s a little disconcerting to see Paddington’s head on a stick! 😳

    PFDS for me, but sending RESOLVE to today’s fasters 💪

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍏

    Day 6 UK FD

    Good morning! Here we are in a new week ready for a fresh start, whatever indulgences the weekend has brought. Coming up to the end of the first week of this challenge already so a good time to reset goals for the month and set our minds on the road ahead – starting today.

    I had a bit of an EFS yesterday with popcorn and oats – OMAD isn’t going to cut it on such an active day. No time to weigh myself this morning before plumber and builder arrived to fit new boiler, but I can feel the puffiness is back. BUT picking myself up and starting from where I am now. I’m planning a solid 5:2 week, with Mon & Thurs FDs, 4 x CDs and one relaxed day. This is what got me from 178 to 142 4 years ago so I know it works!

    @penz yay for mojo!! Please share liberally
    @linda.b your soups sound lovely – as do your friend’s baked treats. Well done for enjoying them – that’s what makes this sustainable longterm
    @stitchincarol hope you continue to feel better – good luck with your week
    @5413.5 you are not alone – but we can do this, starting fresh today!

    Hope everyone is doing okay today whatever your Monday holds

    Pocket list – Day 6

    Day 6 – USA/GA – OMAD

    Weigh-in: 213.0 lbs. Going to try for an OMAD today; planning it to be dinner, but if invited to lunch, I’ll make that my OMAD instead. Got a bit of swimmer’s ear today after my first time in the pool this year *uff*

    Sorry, but in a rush again. I will eventually get caught up on everyone 🙁

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – 19/5


    Eating has gone well thus far today; all morning, I avoided the snacks area at VBS like the plague and then DH and I ordered a wrap to share for lunch and I am stuffed now…it’s been a long time since half an entre was enough to satiate me to the uncomfortable point, so I’m making good progress with reducing how much food is the norm. AND Vacation Bible School went well, with happy kids and wonderful teachers and helpers, so the rest of the week should be easy!

    Remember that loaner organ we had at church for awhile? It went home today, and I said a tearful goodbye to it…’twas fun to have while it lasted! So now we’re home, and I’m gonna rest just a bit longer, then I’m going out in the lovely sunshine and see what else I can accomplish in my yard…planting some of those plants I bought last week, weeding the hosta bed, planting my carrot seeds that have been soaking for 40 hours: there’s always SOMETHING. 🥰

    Have a grand one, everyone.

    Day 6 – FD 800

    Surprising scale number of 128.4. Jumped downward about 2 1/2 from last week. That puts me exactly at a weight that would be the top end of my minds eye for maintenance so if next week shows the same, I’ll try to pay more attention to making sure my calories are up enough on nfd’s. It would be so nice if I could maintain this range with one fast day a week, but I won’t try that for a while or if I keep losing.

    The toe IS broken, pretty sure. Turning all sort of unattractive colors. I’m still doing weights but hula hoop walking is not in the cards for a while. Even walking in the home is slow going. Kind of a limp shuffle going on lol.

    Kidd Kirby’s recovery continues- he is almost his normal (quite vocal) self – but seems to need more reassurance than normal. Not surprising.

    As many of you Southern Hemisphere folk are cooling down, we are getting extremely hot here. Ironically that means I am freezing much of the time indoors, as my DH and others in these parts like a much higher indoor temp than I do. I believe that may be because I grew up without air conditioning mostly and folks in these parts always have had it. I remember we would always go as a family to the movies on really hot days to take advantage of the coolth in the movie theaters. I saw a number of age-inappropriate movies that way. Lol.

    Warmer weather does mean it’s the season for yummy fruit! That is always a summer treat I look forward to- and will be taking advantage of.

    But not today on my regularly scheduled FD. 😂

    Pocket list – Day 6

    Day 6 second post

    Checking in for accountabiity. It’s been a long and ful day with 5 trades in and out for 7 hours but the boiler is in, repiping done and making good looks pretty good!

    AND i’ve pulled my first FD500 since 2020! That’s the way to do it – lock me in a room with the kitchen out of bounds for 7 hours, non-stop blast with email & DMs and have a few zooms go askew – and i end up not eating. OMAD supper of steamed cauliflower, baby baked potato, salad and egg followed by blueberries, strawberries and flat peach – 470 calories!!

    @northgeorgia swimmers ear -is that an infection?
    @stitchincarol well done avoiding the snacks – and how wonderful to be full on enough
    @mariaelena Wonderful to lose 2.5lbs – tho so sorry about your broken toe. I hope it mends very quickly

    it’s very quiet here today but hoping everyone is doing okay.

    Hold fast pocket listers -you’ve got this!

    Day 7, NFD, Aus

    Glowing with PFDS today. I know I’ve asked it before, but rhetorically, why are some FDs soooo much easier than others??! Had a LFD and not even a whiff of temptation when smelling OH’s dinner and watching cooking shows on TV. Maybe I do have some spare mojo to share, @michelinme! [And yay for tradies and distractions = one successful FD!]

    Must have been the time for sooky pets. My big boofhead dog last night suddenly yelped when OH hugged him and he wanted nothing further to do with us (dog that is, not OH). When he gets hurt, or gets himself in trouble (bee stings, bones stuck over back teeth), he hides away and just sulks. He slunk into his crate and did not move all night. We have no idea what he’d done, or what hurt, but fortunately this morning he was back to his bouncy, normal self. They can be such a worry!

    Ouch your sore toe, @mariaelena – you never realise how important individual toes are to walking and balance until one is hurt. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Day 07 – Tuesday– Gold Coast Queensland Australia – ACCOUNTABIITY DAY (NFD)🙃🙄🙃

    So, even though I hop on the scales every morning (it’s a girl thing!!), Tuesday is my (to me at least) ACCOUNTABILITY DAY. Happy to report that the scales, in fact, went down last Thursday by 400gm and have continued to maintain that new low since, so today it’s official…. that 400gm has gone for good!😁😂😀 I like to think that a new low must continue for at least 4-5 days for me to count it. AND IT HAS! So where does that put me? Only 300gm to go… that’s 10.85oz in northern hemisphere speak. So very close now. Had a chat to my hairdresser (who is also my very good friend too) about getting close to my new hairstyle now. I’m so excited as I’d resolved NO HAIRCUT (and NO ALCOHOL!) until I reach my goal. Believe me, being a WOCA, my longer locks atop in a scrunchie ponytail do not rock at all!😮😝😜 So, not wanting to pre-empt, it will still be another week or so as we all know the last VESTIGES OF FAT are the hardest to budge! So close, but not getting ahead of myself just yet.

    And then, new haircut and join all the maintenance brigade to maintain the equilibrium. I’m trying so hard not to get over-ambitious as we all know a plateau could appear out of nowhere! And of course that INNER WARTHOG is lurking, watching for an opportunity to sabotage! But, with all your support, I have my trusty weapon… RESOLVE… at the ready!

    @mariaelena — ouch that broken toe! 😖😬 I had one last winter, hobbling around. I remember the technicolour well… a sight to behold! My doctor advised to xray to make sure the bones were lined up correctly lest they healed crookedly which could be a problem later with shoes or hiking. Doctor’s advice was to keep walking on it as much as possible. We put a box in the bottom of the bed so the weight of the bedding didn’t hurt the toe. I could put a big, loose sock on it during the day but couldn’t put the foot in a shoe or even a slipper. Luckily it healed straight and no problems at all now. Even wore high(ish) heels (not too high), to an event last week, for the first time.

    Must get to work. Hope you all have happiness and sunshine in your day today😍🥰

    cheerie dearies

    Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up – Edison

    Day 6 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 5 — NFD

    Yesterday was going along fine until the evening when I had some extra caffeine. I got so wound up that I read until two in the morning. Around one some ravenous hunger pangs set in and I had two bowls of cereal — probably about 400 calories more than I usual eat in a day. So I really needed to fast today to do a recovery and a reset. Everything has gone well with the fasting and I feel full of energy here at 9:30 pm (EDT) .

    @penz My dog, a Westie, would, in similar circumstances, hide under my bed. Considering that the space between the bed and the floor was only five inches (12 cm), it was always a problem to coax him out for medicine or a little TLC.

    @mariaelena Hope your toe mends perfectly in short order! In my place in warm weather I have to keep the downstairs cool enough for a sweater so that the upstairs stays reasonably tolerable in just short sleeves. The joys of single zone air conditioning/heating in a two story house!

    @stitchincarol You impress me! You are a veritable dynamo with all your activity!

    @northgeorgia Before I went to college, I use to swim a lot — usually a mile a day. But once I went to univerisity, trying to keep up the swimming brought on one ear infection after another, so that I had to give up swimming. (Either that or give up university! Ha!) Hope you get over the swimmer’s ear fast!

    Pocket list – Day 6

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @northgeorgia – I saw this recently & wondered if this is what you were referring to after your swim? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10879781/How-water-ears-going-swim.html

    I woke up way too early, so haven’t had much sleep but I’m RESOLVING to fast today.

    Busy drowning in paperwork & trying to make the place look presentable because I’m preparing to put my apartment on the market.

    Have a good day everyone 🌤

    Pocket List – Day 7 🍓

    Day 7 UK
    89.6 kilo
    14stone 1lb
    Did a HiIt this AM and booked to do a sprint triathlon later this year – exercise is key for me.
    Thanks 🙏 for the great support

    No cake!!

    Hi all,

    I feel terrible for just being a lurker. I have been so busy, between my day job (schooling my kids) and studying (for a master’s degree). I have no life at the moment, but I have been reading the posts.

    I am (hopefully was) the heaviest I have ever been, I am 1.5m and currently weigh 67 kgs. I do hope to go back to my pre-baby weight of 50kgs. With my first, I did manage to lose the weight on an Atkins diet, but I was miserable, Atkins was not for me. With my second I lost baby weight down to 58 using 16/8. I think my body adapted so I was not losing as much, but because of lack of knowledge, I continued to restrict my calories more and more during my eating window, till I began binging on weekends, I was starving. Then I gave up on 16/8 altogether and started intuitive eating. Needless to say, the weight crept on, and I gained 9kg in about 2 years. Technically speaking it may not be much, I still wear the same dress size, except it’s super tight. However, for a petite frame like mine, the fat has begun to deposit in a not-so-nice way. Secondly, I felt like if I carried on with IE, I was going to keep gaining weight and my appetite naturally gravitates to 16/8 anyway. Oh, by the way, I was also super lazy and not exercising consistently, which probably added to the weight gain.

    So I decided I wanted to give the fasted life another try, I did feel like I was eating too much and too often. I was constantly eating, just because it was mealtime. I am so glad to be back on the fast wagon. I feel so good and full of energy over the past 2 weeks. I am doing a 5:2, mixed with some 16:8 for some days, I am just not as hungry at the moment. Yesterday was a FD, I had dinner of some rice, french beans, and a beef stew about 500cal (not strictly counting though). I proceeded to a 16 fast window this morning. Will also try to do some kettlebell HIIT this evening.

    I do not know if I have lost weight, haven’t weighed myself, got rid of my scale but feel my clothes are not as tight.

    I hope to be consistent this time around and get more active. Add in some walking and kettlebell stuff. I do not intend to join a gym as yet.

    This time around, I hope to keep my feeding window within reasonable calories.

    Michtobesmall (Zimbabwean living in Kenya)

    P.S. I may go into lurking mode again, but I do read all the posts

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD (maybe OMAD)

    Weigh-in: 210 lbs. Yesterday’s OMAD was successful. Going to attempt another today, but at supper time instead of lunch (I have zucchini to eat)! Tomorrow will be a WFD, then normal NFDs the rest of the week, except maybe a ZBC Friday. I want to observe the psychological effect of the OMADs as opposed to WFDs.

    My ear is a little better, but still a little sore. Thankfully, I remembered I had some antibiotic ear drops from last year, so I put some in this morning. Should clear it up. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

    Have a good day!

    Day 7 – 16:8 CD

    @matpi and @northgeorgia – it is so nice to see other swimmers! I’m on the slow side, but have endurance and will often swim laps for up to two hours. Why so long? Because of my ear! I had extensive ear surgery in my late teens and have to keep close to 100% water out of that ear. A wax earplug, with Vaseline to keep it water tight, a water absorbing pad ( I use cut up women’s thin menstrual pads) over it and a very tight fitting swim cap are required and it is time consuming to set up correctly. I have a waterproof MP3 player clipped to my goggles and the ear piece in the other ear keeps swimmers ear at bay in that ear.

    Extensive rigamarole setting up so I can keep my ear safe when swimming accompanied with hair protection (I have long fine hair that gets dried out by chlorine) takes some time, so I make it worthwhile by swimming for a long time! I miss it – have not been swimming since the pandemic quarantine because they never reopened the pool 😢 But I always feel so good after a nice long swim, I swear I must have a ton of retrograde aquatic genes or something.

    Lol, I woke up to my phones health app scolding me for my steps going down. I grumpily told it to shut up, it has never tried walking with a broken toe! Truly, I do appreciate the reminder/notifications usually but this today did irritate.

    @linda.b thanks for sharing your toe experience! I expect you have a more thorough Dr than I, mine just shrugged and said ‘we really can’t do anything for you except manage swelling and pain’. I am using the foot, but with caution – can’t wear even a sock and have my foot sticking out of the covers at night. But, I have a pair of slide in sandals – flats – that don’t come near the toe and can use those, thankfully.

    @penz, I have to second that rhetorical question- why indeed are some fast days so much more difficult 🤔? What type of dog is your big boofhead? 😀

    @michelinme I bet your very glad to have the trades work done with! Glad you could use their disruptions to your fasting advantage- way to go!

    @mitchtobesmall – A big welcome! This is quite a supportive place! Like you, I don’t strictly count calories on the fast day, I just pay close attention to getting nutrients and serving size right. I would say looser clothes are a sure sign you are doing something right!

    Ok, I’m off. Slow but steady. Sending good thoughts to all!

    Day 7 UK FD800

    Coming in late because it’s been a really full day! I got up early because half-expecting another batch of tradespeople today, this time fence. They didn’t show but the time was usefully spent clearing up after yesterday’s work, then been stuck at desk with zoom meetings and project admin ever since.

    Much PFDS going on here, tho more like delight! This morning’s weight was 3lbs down to 183lb, just 2lb up on this month’s target. I know it’s water weight and much will go back on again but it’s really encouraging reminder that FD500 work well for me. i also drank so much more than previously, around 3litres fizzy water plus black coffee, peppermint tea, ginger tea and marmite tea!

    I’ve got another zoom at 5.30 but i’m about to have some eggs and spinach as a late lunch / first course of supper. After the zoom’s done I’ll go down the road for more fizzy water and berries, then supper of vegan chorizo with a little baked potato, steamed cauliflower, asparagus, courgette and crispy lettuce followed by berries – yum! I’ll also roast beetroot and make kale crisps for tomorrow – the same salty tang as popcorn but no puff.

    @penz way to go on your LFD – mojo and to spare!
    @linda.b congratulations on your very nearly goal weight and into maintenance. Fab to celebrate with a haircut!
    @matpi i’ve been there with the late night book and cereal fest! Great that your reset FD has you back in alignment
    @funshipfreddie are you moving far?
    @5413.5 HIT and 5:2 seem to go really well together for some. Look forward to hearing more about your sprint triathalon
    @michtobesmall Don’t worry about being a lurker – use the space as works for you – but it’s always good to hear from you. it sounds as tho you know your body really well – clothes are often a helpful early measure of progress. I’m only down a couple of lbs (around 40 to go!) but i can feel there’s more breathing space in my clothes too
    @northgeorgia glad your ear is getting better. Do you have favourite zucchini recipes? I’m growing courgettes again this year and always keen to try new
    @mariaelena i hope you can find another pool to use

    Lots of regulars quiet or away but it feels like a good first week. Hold fast!

    Pocket list day 7
    @michelinme FD800

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Hi @michelinme, I am one of the regulars who had gone quiet, sorry about that! I spent last week starting work early and finishing late as we had a huge backlog of work (hoping overtime will be worth it).

    Then it was the bank holiday weekend and DH and headed south in our camper for the long weekend. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a lovely relaxing day. I was delighted to reach the age of 55, as that was an honour not afforded to my mother who died of a heart attack at 54….so this was quite a significant milestone for me.

    Started work early again today, so finding time to post is hard. I haven’t done an FD since last week, and haven’t weighed but all seems ok.

    Going to have to knuckle down soon

    Day 8, NFD, Aus

    @linda.b I can’t help thinking if you chop off your locks now, you’d lose that last 300gms!! Or would that be cheating?

    What’s prompted the move, @funshipfreddie? (if you don’t mind me asking)

    Hi @michtobesmall – it’s ok to lurk! But nice to see you pop in when you can. You’re clearly doing something right if your clothes are not as tight! I find clothes-fitting is often more rewarding than seeing a loss on the scales. After all, it’s about how you feel about yourself, rather than a number on the scale.

    @mariaelena – I have two Australian Cattle Dogs. They’re colloquially known as Blue Heelers, but that’s not their official name. You may have heard them associated with the very popular kids’ cartoon called Bluey. They’re working dogs (bred to work cattle as the name implies), intelligent, fiercely loyal, can be stubborn and like to have a job to do. I’ve started agility sports with them both and will see how they go.

    Happy (belated) birthday @daffodil2010!! And extra congratulations on the milestone.

    Day 7 Ohio, US — NFD

    A good NFD — I’ve stayed on plan with eating. My GI system was a little nervous, so I skipped my yoga practice, since it works the core so much. But I did get my half hour walk in.

    @penz I think there was a procedural crime show called “Blue Heelers”. Did they get the name of the show from nickname of the dogs?

    @daffodil2010 Happy Belated Birthday! And many, many more!

    @michtobesmall Welcome! Yeah — I didn’t have much luck with Intuitive Eating either. But it was fun!

    @funshipfreddie Good luck with putting the apartment on the market! When it sells, where will you move to?

    Day 08 – Wednesday– Gold Coast Queensland Australia (NFD)

    @penz – ha ha 🤣😂🤣 .. you’re onto me… that is my evil plan!😈😈😈 Unfortunately I don’t think my fine hair weighs that much!🙄😏🙄

    @daffodil2010… happy birthday…. hope your birthday fun continues all week 🥂🎂🍰🍷

    just a quick post today🌸🌼🌻🌺

    cheerie dearies

    “You had the power all along, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.” – Glinda the Good Witch to Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Super quick post, as I start an hour earlier in work this week and finish an hour later…overtime to cheat that darn backlog before my colleague goes on leave, so lots of rushing about.

    Thanks@matpi, @penz and @linda.b……I really was anxious to reach this birthday milestone, especially after last year and the scary health worries…but now I feel fit, healthy, and happy…..and despite being 30lbs more than I want, I still feel fit, healthy and happy 😄

    Today it’s ZBC, mackerel and chickpeas for lunch, not sure for dinner, and will drink tons of water etc.

    Have a great day.

    Pocket list day 8

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