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  • Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 162.2
    Day 7 – NFD – 161.8

    My FD on Saturday went well, although it was closer to 800 than 500, and the drop on Sunday morning was a welcome sight. I’m thankful that yesterday’s “reasonable eating” didn’t pop me back up much this morning, and looking forward to the results of my Tuesday WFD. Today I’m making a simmer-all-afternoon dish (Nana Kay’s Sunday Gravy that I mentioned the other day) and will perhaps have some high-fiber cereal for lunch but will absolutely use MFP to figure out calories BEFORE I eat.

    The big excitement in the midwest is the snowstorm that has been forecast and has finally begun. Yesterday afternoon, the forecast had jummped to 8-12″ but this morning we have dropped to 5-8″–although our sons’ towns (where they live and 30 miles away where the elder is supposed to start a new college semester today) are both still at 8-12″. That will worry this mama’s heart, LOL.

    @penz It was indeed me who asked, and @funshipfreddie‘s suggestion of Vitamin D sounds like an excellent place to start. I’m sure you’ve researched it, but here’s what the Mayo Clinic says: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20364722 Have you considered one of the lights they’re talking about? And I loved the suggestion that you start by sitting as close to a bright window as you can. I also was going to suggest walking with Leslie

    @carley.marie Well done on sticking to your goals for that first day! Succeeding on this path to weight loss/better health is nothing more than sticking to your daily goals day after day after day. Well done!

    @merryapple How’d your Sunday night dinner turn out? Sounds like a lovely menu!

    The snow keeps distracting me; it was barely visible when I first sat down, but currently is big flakes and looks lovely.

    We’re still fighting mice: DH sets out traps and they eat all the peanut butter off one then move on to the next, never setting off the traps. URG!

    I cleaned out the knife drawer as well as the bread basket that has slowly accumulated all sorts of misc kitchen things, and now the kitchen is messy from the leftovers that I don’t know what to do with, but I’m determined to have a completely tidy kitchen by the time I start cooking around noon, so I guess I’d best get at it. I haven’t even made coffee yet, so it’s truly time, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 8
    @flourbaby 🧀
    @excelsior12309 FD800
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @brightonbelle FD800

    * Six servings of alcohol for the rest of the month, consumed whenever I want.
    * T & TH will be either WFDs or regular 500 calorie FDs, with no guilt
    * I’ll add in 3 extra FDs (WF, 500 or 800) for the month ✅
    * NFDs will not exceed 1500 calories
    * TRE from 11:30am to 7pm except for Saturday (because of DH’s schedule)
    * Starting Monday, I’ll do some sort of exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes on 3 days a week SOON, TRULY, SOON

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) FD

    Too much popcorn, salty food, some wine etc. has me at about my highest weight in a LONG time. FD today to do a good reset. Often I can lose 3-4 pounds in one day when it is like this.

    @stitchincarol – you are sending that snowstorm on to us in NW Illinois! We are hearing 6-9″ over the next couple days. I am supposed to get delivery of appliances on Friday but not sure Home Depot will like that. Need to call them. I’ve been cleaning out 36 years of laziness in tossing stuff – getting close to planning to move what is left. Boxing will be next.

    The house is coming along well. I am expecting it will be habitable in about 4-6 weeks.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8, NFD, Aus

    *phew* PFDS but really it’s more like post FD relief. I CAN do this!

    Good suggestion, @funshipfreddie and @stitchincarol re walking with Leslie. I enjoyed her videos during COVID lockdown but have not gone back to them.

    Still grey today but at least not raining. For now!

    Wishing everyone good motivation and resolve – there are a few out there who seem to be struggling a little.

    Day 9 Auck NFD 78.3kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    I left my walk too late y’day and it became too hot. In truth I was also tired from a busy Sunday. @stitchincarol The meal was well received thanks to El Moro’s delicious recipes.
    @songbirdme At least you know about the effects of salty food. It’s difficult keeping a lid on eating when you’re trying to clear out the cupboards… Any distraction is better than the job in hand!
    @penz Well done on getting through your FD!
    @northgeorgia I hope you recorded that awful sugary food and drink in your new 2024 diary!
    @flourbaby Seriously?! Were you dreaming about Renaldo? Or in your subconscious did you want to put the boot into someone at work???
    @stitchincarol Maybe you could put your declarations up on the fridge door?!
    Those snowstorms sound amazing!
    Cheers everyone! One week to go to get over the hump. Let’s do this!

    Onward and downward one and all!

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @penz – you made it, well done! 👏

    From a tidy pocket list to a tidy mouse. This is so cute 😅 🐁

    Gotta run – dentist appointment 😬

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏

    Day 9, Germany, FD800

    @stitchincarol Clever mice!

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 London, UK, FD

    Another FD for me today as yesterday’s was more like 800cals, so I’ll go for another FD800 for balance!😁

    Not sure if this link will work, but your mention of ‘Home Depot’ reminded me of this @songbirdme (Google ‘Home Depot lipstick girl’ if it doesn’t work!)


    @merryapple – “I left my walk too late y’day and it became too hot” – I wish I could say the same, but in fact I had EXACTLY the opposite experience yesterday, just substitute ‘freezing cold snowing’🥶🥶 for ‘hot’!!🥵🥵

    Regarding my sleeping injury, I’m 90% back to normal, but I’m wondering if it could have been a severe case of cramp???😨 I suffer with severe leg cramps when I’m out of balance or dehydrated (Xmas vino??) sometimes it’s so bad it brings me to tears and I can be in pain for days even after it subsides😭😭. I’m still heel walking and when I roll my foot, the clicking & popping is like nothing I’ve had before!! Yes, @funshipfreddie, very, very early 50’s but clicking, popping & limping like very, very late 90’s!!!🤣🤣

    @snowflake56, no lovely Victorian semi-detached yet, lots of things were put on the backburner for a couple of years (fasting, house hunting, pilates😢, yoga, etc.). Caring for my mum and work were just about all I could manage, but having her stay in her home and have the best care possible was worth the miniscule sacrifice.💕💕 I’m ready to pounce if the dream house surfaces though!!

    Well done @penz, I keep telling myself I just need to pull my finger out and get on with it …………….. like I did before!!! The weightloss didn’t happen by magic & I’m still here, so it wasn’t impossible to actually FAST!!!

    Keep the faith folks, we can & we will!!
    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @flourbaby FD800

    “Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure.”
    — Aisha Tylor

    Day 9 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. My fasting partner at work challenged me again! She wants to try a week-long fast. Unfortunately, I can’t join her all week as I have one of those munch meetings all-day on Thursday, but I’m going to try another three day fast through Wednesday; my plan is WFD (check), WFD (in progress), and FD500 (breaking it tomorrow evening). Worked well last week, and not feeling hungry at all this morning.

    @merryapple I have it on my refrigerator, but didn’t get a chance. I will go write it down now before I leave for work!

    I might not hit 219 this week, but I suspect I’ll fly close to it if I’m successful!

    Ugh, now to get out in this flooding weather to attempt to get to work. I heard there have been traffic back-ups already.

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @flourbaby FD800

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went very well — lost 2.6 pounds overnight with the purging of salt. I enjoyed some spaghetti squash with garlic shrimp for supper last evening, figuring that meal to be about 350 calories. Promised DH we would do a good breakfast whenever he wakes up.

    First wave of snow wasn’t too bad but weather reports another wave is due shortly. Glad I have provisions here to stay home.

    @flourbaby – that “Homee Depot” lipstick girl was just adorable! I can see why the mention of that store triggered your memory!

    @stitchincarol – we had to watch Michigan last night (2 of our 4 kiddos and one SIL are alums – musical theater program is tremendous) and we were glad to see them win. Now over to B1G basketball with our ILLINI!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500 or even 800 – 161.4

    I’m astounded that I ate normally yesterday, including a glass of wine and some nibbles on sweets and nuts that I wasn’t planning on…and my weight is down almost a pound this morning. And today should be a WFD, but the roads are hideous, so all ten piano lessons are cancelled and I’m staying home, which is no place to attempt a WF. So now I’m working hard on self-talk that I can do a regular FD. I’m going to have to dream up a reason to walk over to church this afternoon just so I can be away from my kitchen! But, one day at a time is entirely doable and, as @funshipfreddie says, it’s just food, right??

    Shall I tell y’all about our weather? It snowed ALL day yesterday, and all night as well. And we got perhaps two inches by bedtime…but probably not. Partly it was because it was a light snow, despite its consistency, and partly it was because it was just barely below freezing, so much of the snow melted as it hit the ground, although it was cold enough overnight that we picked up another inch. But now? Howling winds of 43KM/H and temps of close to -10C. That’s nothing, however, when Sunday is considered, when we’ll have a daytime temp of -22C and an overnight low of -27C. BRRR!! Winter has well and truly arrived and is howling to make sure we know it.

    @songbirdme I’m curious if your forecast is as shy of reality as ours was! And I also watched the game last night until sleepiness sent me to bed during halftime, but there were certainly some amazing passes by Michigan’s quarterback!

    @penz I hope Leslie helps lift your mood at least a little!

    @merryapple Our fridge has many things on it, including several quotes I really like, so I hesitate to add anything else to it, LOL. But I’ve put my goals on my cell phone, so can quickly access them and remind myself…

    @funshipfreddie and @snowflake56 One of you posted about a “cute” mouse and the other about a “clever” mouse. I’d just as soon have NO mice. 😂😂

    @funshipfreddie How was the dentist???

    @flourbaby The YipTick toddler is adorable, LOL! “I asked myself” is the best line of all. Hey, and I have a wonderful family story that you may benefit from. My nephew has been struggling for years–I didn’t know this–with DAILY leg cramps and has tried everything he could find, so I mentioned my doctor friend once said he’ll get up in the middle of the night and go drink pickle juice. So Mike started drinking daily pickle juice and hasn’t had a single leg cramp since! So if your mystery ailment was indeed a cramp, perhaps that will help you.

    @northgeorgia Good for you and good for the colleague; I hope you both have truly encouraging results!

    * Six servings of alcohol for the rest of the month 1️⃣
    * T & TH will be either WFDs or regular 500 calorie FDs, with no guilt
    * I’ll add in 3 extra FDs (WF, 500 or 800) for the month ✅
    * NFDs will not exceed 1500 calories
    * TRE from 11:30am to 7pm except for Saturday (because of DH’s schedule)
    * Exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes on 3 days a week: 1/8

    @stitchincarol — whew, you do TEN piano lessons in one day? That is really dedication to your students!

    We were warned our snow would be coming in waves. First wave began last night netting about 2″ but then stopped. Next wave has begun with big flakes beginning now. Rockford weather predicts anywhere from 5 -14″ depending on location. Glad I have nowhere I have to be today or tomorrow. Then we also are due for the deep freeze this weekend.

    @songbirdme Wow, already 2″ and 5-14 more??? Glad it’s yours, not ours, LOL!

    Yeah, ten does sound crazy, and the two households (one on Thursday) where I do three lessons at a stretch are challenging–I can hardly wait to leave by the end of the 90 minutes. 😂 But I start with my first lesson at 11 in the morning, have a two hour break for errands in the early afternoon and another around supper, and have about 15 minutes of driving (not the distance, but the city traffic) between each lesson, and that makes it really comfortable. And I have truly wonderful students with only two exceptions who are simply normal, LOL.

    It took my husband a full hour to scoop this morning, and it’s still coming down and the wind is still crazy. Do you two have a snowblower or do you stick to old fashioned shoveling as my DH insists on?

    USA. DAY 9. FD

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @flourbaby FD800

    No weight lost yet! :(. Well, another FD and a position on the pocket list! 🙂

    Day9 U.K. FD800

    Starting week 2 of my Fast 800 experiment and delighted with my week 1 results – a 7lb loss and even better 2ins of my massive post Christmas belly .

    I know a lot of it might be water etc etc but I think that’s the best weeks results I ever had so spurring me on for another week 💪

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @flourbaby FD800
    @brightonbelle fd800

    2nd Post  –  Day 9

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @flourbaby FD800
    @stitchincarol  FD500/800
    @brightonbelle FD800

    @stitchincarol – years ago we decided a friend and neighbor with a plowing business was right for us to do our driveway. We get the shovel out for the small walkway into the house, but I am happy to write the check to Jeff for plowing. Being retired, he knows we don’t have to get shoveled out early for work (I call him if we have an early morning appointment or such). Take care you two with your snow work!

    Day 10 Auck NFD 78kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    I’m chugging along eating summery fare – fresh corn and homegrown lettuce, tomatoes and basil etc
    @ccco Keep going! You will lose! My routine is (if you want to know😊) I try to have carbs for energy and protein at breakfast and lunchtime then in the evening focus on protein and vegetables/salads. Mediterranean menus suit summer here. In winter I made a lot of soups to fill up on. I don’t eat cakes and biscuits unless I’m entertaining but I do like a glass of wine or a G&T… Hope this helps…
    @flourbaby I hear you!! CRAMPS… 😫Nobody talks about it much but post menopause I had the most horrendous paralysing cramps the length of my legs at night after drinking EtOH. I certainly wasn’t paralytic but after imbibing for several evenings in a row they would hit me like a sledgehammer. I would manage to stand up, hyperventilate in agony and eventually walk it off… The only way I could help this was by cutting back🍻🥂 and making sure I remembered to drink a big glass of water before bed. Even now I feel irritable muscles esp in my shins and feet in the wee small hours and get out of bed and walk… The effects of EtOH on kidney function probably mean you are losing solutes that contribute to this but there doesn’t seem to be much written about it in relation to menopause. Kidney patients suffer from terrible cramps.
    You might need some physio on that ankle if it’s making that much noise to aid soft tissue repair.
    @stitchincarol Ooh such sweet wee mouse!!! But where there’s one there is more lurking.
    I have never heard of drinking pickle juice so I looked it up. Most of the commentary referred to athletes (tired muscles, dehydration) rather than EtOH consumers (diuretic effects, dehydration) and nothing in relation to menopause, although I did find a study on liver cirrhosis and pickle juice (dill and kosher) as well as consideration of other fermented foods like kimchi and kombucha. In my loose summary from Dr Google – pickle juice is acidic and salty and doesn’t prevent cramps but anecdotally if you take a slug it helps to resolve it quicker. A glass of water helps to rehydrate you.
    The scientific jury was out on this one – the resolution of the cramp happens too quickly to be about ingesting it at the time so some other neuro reflex might be in play.
    @excelsior12309 Do you have any thoughts on this?
    @songbirdme That’s the equivalent of 2.6L of fluid if it’s all water weight. Amazing huh!
    I’m loving the snow reports!!
    @brightonbelle That’s a wonderful reward for your hard work!! And inspiring to hear!

    Onward and downward one and all!!

    Day 10, NFD, Aus

    It’s hot here too @merryapple. And humid, which is very atypical for Canberra. The rain is good but I am getting a little tired of it! Still, all things being equal, I’d probably take that over the weather that you’re experiencing @songbirdme and @stitchincarol!

    Funny house mouse, @funshipfreddie. Now if I could only train my dogs to be similarly tidy…

    Two 800 cal FDs in a row sounds like success to me, @flourbaby.

    Yay for your fasting partner, @northgeorgia! This is doing you BOTH good!

    Well done @brightonbelle – as you say, even if it’s water weight gone, it’s a great motivator and you can’t argue with the lost inches!

    Day 10 country west Australia FD 84.3 kgs
    Thanks @merryapple for encouraging us into Jaunty January.
    Time to reset.
    Too much …everything …..over Christmas.
    Have a dress I need to fit into in 2 weeks and I think it is not going to happen.
    Just trying to figure out the self-sabotage which is ongoing.
    I lose a few kilos and then eat like there is no tomorrow. 🤔

    Day 10, Germany, FD800

    Yesterday frustration set in and I decided to do a NFD instead of another FD800. After doing 7 days of strict FD800 I “lost” 0,7 kg/1,5lbs. After my NFD yesterday 0,5 kg came back, not very encouraging.

    @flourbaby Caring for your Mum was time spent well, it takes so much time to find the right house and move there. Enjoy the search!

    @brightonbelle What a great result! You’re doing so well on FD800, I’ll join you for another week.

    Pocket list day 10
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.7 kg

    Another successful FD 😇 No struggle really, but I was so ready for my 7 pm meal. A little cheese omelette with butternut & mushrooms, it tasted like the best meal I’ve ever had 😅

    @stitchincarol – my appointment was just with the dental hygienist. She was already on holiday when I saw the dentist last month. My teeth are squeaky clean now. But she spotted what she believes is the start of an abscess?! 😰 Which is odd, because I haven’t experienced any pain, but when I woke up yesterday morning I vaguely remember dreaming that I’d had toothache 🤔 So I’ve got yet another appointment with the dentist tomorrow morning, gulp?! So I think tomorrow will be FD #3 this week..

    @merryapple – I’d never heard of an association between leg cramps & alcohol before, but apparently it’s quite common, especially in people aged 60 & over https://www.confidanthealth.com/help-with-alcohol-use/does-alcohol-cause-leg-cramps

    @lilymartin – welcome to Jaunty January! Wishing you a successful FD, & many more in 2024 🎯

    Nearly line-dancing time 🕺 Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD,

    I’m 2lbs down after my B2B FD800’s, so if that doesn’t motivate me, NOTHING will!!!

    @stitchincarol, yes, I’ve heard & tried the pickle juice thing, it worked a couple of times, I read somewhere it’s due to a reaction to the acid hitting the back of the throat……………. Possibly! Magnesium oil has been my champion defender (I’m not keen on necking pickle juice at 2am, even if I could actually make it to the kitchen🤣🤣). I make my own MO and use it as deodorant, but ran out of the salt-flakes before Xmas, I’ve only just twigged why I may (or may not) have had the mother of all cramps, so I’ve just placed an order as I’m still limping & a little concerned about how my ski trip at the end of the month will fare 😲😱😭!! @merryapple, yes, I think the Xmas indulgences🍷🍷, menopause, dehydration and the lack of magnesium oil conspired against me, I’m not 100% sure it was cramp but it seems most likely as my foot is tender and almost healed after 4 days, not sure what else it could have been.

    Welcome back @lilymartin, you know you’re in the right place!!!

    @ccco, hang in there, ……………………….“Success is the sum of small efforts — repeated day in and day out.”
    —Robert Collier

    @funshipfreddie, thanks for the info on cramps, but as I said Very, VERY early 50’s!!🤣🤣 I’m upping my protein at the moment, so a cheesy mushroom omelette is on tonight’s menu, I hope it tastes like the best meal I’VE ever had too!!! So, you dreamt about toothache and awoke to the find you’ll probably have a toothache🤔🤔…………………. Tonight, I suggest a dream about lottery numbers!!!🤣🤣

    I’m looking forwards to my NFD lunch, it’ll be a very CD chicken salad, despite the arctic temperatures!!

    Stay strong everyone fasting, you can eat whatever you want tomorrow……………………. But will you ??!!

    “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” – Frida Khalo

    Day 10 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Onto day 3 of the 3 Day B2B2B FD challenge! Finished first two WFDs without issue. Today will end with a FD500. I am excited to see what the scales read tomorrow morning

    Pocket list day 10
    @snowflake56 FD800!

    Day 10-No. VA USA-FD800
    We have survived the heavy rain and winds here. Weather was quite warm (near 60 degrees); now back down to the 40’s, more seasonal.
    On the subject of leg cramps, they are said to be more common as people age. I have had them wake me at night (after trying to”work them into” dreams, such as dreaming that someone was pounding a nail into my leg!) and had to get up to walk them out. And then having a very sore muscle the next day. I don’t know that there is any good science as to the cause or treatment. Some people swear by putting a bar of soap in the sheets (!!) to prevent them; others recommend calcium or potassium supplements, and the famous pickle juice. All of which are pretty harmless. But you are doing these things after the event, so it is hard to tell whether they are actually forestalling an intermittent occurrence.
    The alcohol link is interesting. But why don’t you get the cramps every time you drink?
    or do you?

    Anyway, message to all fasters: Baby steps, baby steps. You are all interesting and valuable people, at any size!

    USA. Day 10. NFD

    I was reading the remarks about leg cramps. While leg cramps can be caused by a lack of potassium, it is best to ask your doctor first before adding some to your diet or taking potassium pills. Too much potassium is dangerous. I also know, according to my doctor that dehydration and Statins can also leg cramps. I have had both of those things happen to me and I was able to remedy this by drinking more water and by changing the Statin I was taking. Low carbohydrate diets can also cause this. I was on the South Beach Diet a few years ago and had terrible leg cramps. I had to give up that diet to eliminate the cramps. There probably are other causes, too, but I was lucky enough to find mine problems and fix them. Leg cramps are horrible! 🙁

    I hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 159.6

    I dreaded all last evening having to report this morning what a poor job of a FD I did yesterday–it was much closer to 1200 calories, and perhaps worse?–so imagine my complete astonishment to see the scales this morning. I’m actually wondering if all that eating while in California nudged my metabolism higher. That seems a true stretch, but I don’t know what else can explain that, while my eating choices have not been particularly good on the few FDs I’ve had since getting home, they’re still producing results. Whatever the story, I’m totally thrilled!

    @ccco You’ve always had good results in the past, so I’m sure they’ll start showing up again soon!

    @flourbaby I’m thrilled for you that your Fast 800 efforts are showing such great results, and that your mojo is strong and vibrant!

    @songbirdme Ahh, I wish we had such a neighbor! Over the years, we’ve occasionally had a member of the church come with a big plow to at least do the driveway (the garage is separate from the house and near the alley, so it’s a L.O.N.G. driveway to scoop by hand), but that doesn’t halp with the sidewalks. 🤷‍♀️ On the other hand, DH is in great shape, and appreciates the forced “workout,” so we’re okay for now.

    @penz You sound more cheerful this morning, despite the rain; is that my imagination? As to the snow, growing up on the coast of way northern California, I was sad that we didn’t have four seasons, and especially snow…there’s something that seems so RIGHT about it, despite all its drawbacks. So this transplanted Californian actually loves the snow, especially when I can simply do my thing inside and never leave the house.

    @lilymartin Oh, good to have you back!!! As to why you lose and then eat, I’ve been realizing that I often feel resentful and defiant to various people and situations around me, as if they’re “forcing” me to eat less and thus lose weight, so I eat in rebellion. A rather “nanner-nanner” sort of attitude. So if you can dig below your surface thoughts and emotions and remind your deepest self that it’s YOU who are imposing this behavior because it will bring about results that YOU want, perhaps you can sort your way through the eating that destroys the results you’ve achieved?

    @snowflake56 Oh, I so understand the frustration you felt! Let’s hope your body cooperates with your excellent behavior in the week ahead and you finally show the significant results you’re wanting.

    @funshipfreddie Oh, dear! I hope it’s all easily resolved for you!

    @flourbaby Well, as I recall the story my doctor friend told, it was when he had multiple leg cramps in a night that he’d go drink pickle juice, so perhaps by the fourth cramp, pickle juice would be appealing, even at 2am??? 😂😂😂 At any rate, my nephew is drinking pickle juice during the day to prevent the cramps he’s had for a decade or more, and perhaps it’s simply the placebo effect, but his relief and joy was wonderful to see, especially since this is the nephew who had surgery in December to reconnect his shoulder blade to his collar bone, an injury caused in early November by playing ice hockey. He’s still in the sling, even when sleeping, so you can imagine how extra debilitating leg cramps were when he was in bed and “down one arm.”

    @northgeorgia Well done, you! I’m also excited!

    @excelsior12309 Lovely and kind words to end your post today; thank you. ❣️

    Pocket list day 10
    @snowflake56 FD800!
    @excelsior12309 FD800

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Expecting more snow (1-3″ this time, wind though) so staying home and working on purging. Feels good to throw away items accumulated too long.

    @funshipfreddie – tooth issues are never fun. Hope yours are not difficult.

    @flourbaby & @stitchincarol – through the years we have had discussions about leg cramps. Mine are always worse the night after a Silver Sneakers workout. Yes, magnesium is helpful for me, and my masseuse has also recommended tonic water – guess it is the quinine?

    @excelsior12309 – glad you survived the East Coast rains. Whew — saw some reports on the news that looked awful!

    @northgeorgia – congratulations on your good progress! WTG

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11 NZ FD 78.1 kg🏃🏼‍♀️

    @lilymartin I’m so pleased to see you back! It’s one day at a time, every day is a new day and a monthly reset. And it all adds up over time! Just stay in touch daily and your mojo will come back!
    @brightonbelle You’re on such a great roll!
    @funshipfreddie Thank you, yes but still no mention of menopause – not a subject you’re interested in, of course!! Off you go to line dancing!!
    @flourbaby Well done you! You’ve tipped over the edge of the plateau!!
    @northgeorgia Wow! You have really got the bull by the horns!
    @excelsior12309 Thank you for your sage answer. It’s the sort of research the EtOH industry should fund because if the question was solved we, the over 60s, could all drink more😅
    @ccco Yes, statins can certainly cause muscle stiffness. My DH had to change his because he couldn’t lift his legs to walk up our steep path to the road.
    @stitchincarol Below 160lbs! That is great news indeed and must surely give you confidence that you’re on the right track!
    @penz Your dogs would better employed for search and destroy rather than tidying I suspect!! Hope your mojo is intact!
    @snowflake56 I bet you will lose weight this upcoming week since you have put the effort in for the previous week.
    @jaifaim I’m sure you’re there lurking but are working hard. Same with @at. But we are missing our @daffodil2010

    Onward and downward one and all!!

    Day 11, NFD, Aus

    It was supposed to be a FD today but half an hour ago I sabotaged it. In the spirit of confession, if @stitchincarol can own up to blowing a FD, so can I!

    Tomorrow I will be good.

    So lovely to see you back @lilymartin; I know the pattern you speak about so well. How to stay comfortably on a steady decrease in weight….

    @merryapple – you know my dogs so well! Search and destroy is their forte.

    Day 11, Germany, FD800

    @stitchincarol Well done, you’re below 160lbs!

    @merryapple and @stitchincarol Thanks for the encouragement! Normally I’m a fast gainer and loser, perhaps this isn’t the best way to lose weight for me. We’ll see next week.

    Pocket list day 11
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    It’s great to see so much progress this month. And pocket lists every day! 💪

    It seems like there can be several causes of nocturnal leg cramps. I used to get them occasionally – absolute agony?! – but I never gave any thought as to why. Since I stopped drinking though, I haven’t had any. Just saying.. 🙃

    @penz – oh no? Just saw your post. And I worked out you ‘sabotaged’ your FD around 5:30 pm?! Such a pity. You were almost there? I’d love to know what was going through your mind when that happened? I know we’re all different, but there’s no way I’d go all day & then throw in the towel at that time. If I was insanely hungry for some reason at that time I’d eat something, but nothing that would put me over my calorie target 🥕 I don’t want to make you feel worse, but it’s worth giving it some thought, right? So that next time you can have a strategy ready to avoid whatever it was you ate/drank that tempted you. Never mind – tomorrow! 💪

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 11, London, UK, FD,

    Looking forwards to today’s FD, I need to see good results tomorrow to keep the mojo at peak level!!

    @penz, nothing worse than self-sabotage😢 you can see yourself doing it, but just can’t stop!! I’m sure you know it’s all in the mind, you have to close that kitchen, lock the fridge, brush teeth …………… anything to prevent you putting that one tiny morsel in your mouth which puts you firmly on the slippery slope!!! I had a lightbulb moment from one thing which @funshipfreddie said, if you make FD meals high protein, you can swerve the hunger that might break you!! I’ve found recent FDs fairly straightforward as a result of upping my protein; usually a 3 egg omelette or tuna cauliflower rice or chicken & veg FD meal💪🏼💪🏼. Tonight it’s egg fried cauliflower rice with prawns🤤🤤!!

    This talk of -22-degree weather is making me cold……………… and a little sheepish, It’s 0 degrees here, with a sunny blue sky and I refuse to go outside (unless the office is on fire) because it’s so cold!!! I take my hat off to the mid-Westerners across the pond🥶🥶!!

    Onwards & downwards folks, keep the faith!!

    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 11 UK F800

    Didn’t get round to posting yesterday, stayed on course but very tired , much better today but keeping an eye on things

    It really is frustrating @snowflake56 when something that has previously worked doesn’t Our bodies truly are mysterious

    Loving reading everyone’s tips , that dinner does sound nice @flourbaby , I’ll keep that in mind

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @brightonbelle f800

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Actually gained a few ounces over yesterday LOL! I do know my body well and figured it would refuse to budge despite logically thinking it would after a FD500! That’s OK though. Gaining a few ounces is probably due to the meal I had. Like last week, I had a soup and salad in the evening to break my 3 day fast. I think this was was under 500 calories, but could have been more. My mom, earlier in the week, had made a stew with canned okra and tomatoes from a friend, added extra tomatoes, smoked pork, chicken stock, and rice. I diluted it with more chicken stock to make a soup. But I’m guessing the rice impacted the weight overnight. Still, I’ll be curious to see the results tomorrow after having breakfast and lunch served today at my all-day meeting. I’ll be curious to see if the metabolism is changing. I think it may be, which will be helpful! My next FD will likely be on Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. My coworker and I may do yet another 3 day challenge!

    Day 11 – UK – FD800

    Day 7 – NFD and a fab 11.07 mile walk with a friend – weather was just fab too
    Day 8 – NFD and 7.57 mile walk + 90mins Yoga class
    Day 9 – FD800 and 8.24 mile walk + 50 mins HIP class
    Day 10 – NFD and 90min Yoga class

    Where has this week gone? – Lots of walking making the most of the nice weather – 35.5miles done in the first week of the month 💪 Exercise classes are back on this week so back to a more regular routine.

    Aerobics class this morning and a pilates class this evening so 🤞to stay on track for my 2nd FD of the week

    @brightonbelle – definitely nice to get back one the mat for yoga and pilates after the festive break
    @flourbaby, – what a weird way to injure yourself……what were you dreaming of that night??? Good to hear that you are recovering well and great job on your FD800 stretch – 7lb loss in the first week!!
    @snowflake56 – I too hanker to getting back to that 56-58kg mark – it’s where I felt my best – below that I was too skinny and above that definitely not happy!! The Vertigo lasts a short time apart that I can’t lie flat or move my head to the right for around 12hrs after the episode and I feel a bit lightheaded and slightly nauseous for a few hours
    @merryapple – I have that El Moro book – love the recipes
    @lilymartin – lovely to see you back with us – join us in resetting this January

    I too don’t seem to be losing weight easily so far this month, despite an increase in exercise and sticking to TDEE on NFDs and 2 FD800 each week but let us stay motivated and not let the slow loss put us off – we can do this!!

    Joining the pocket list for motivation

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @brightonbelle FD800
    @at FD800

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500 – 160.4

    We had a little more snow yesterday, a lot more is forecast for tonight starting during piano lessons, it’s getting wicked cold, the roads are still not good (or, more specifically, the streets of Omaha are not) and so piano lessons for today (only 3, @songbirdme) are cancelled, which makes a FD immeasurably harder. And, while my weight is back up over yesterday, it’s up only slightly, which thrills me since yesterday was an NFD. So, do I have the wherewithall to do a FD500 even though I’ll be home? I guess we’ll find out, but that weight is certainly motivating me! I’m working on my RESOLVE, DETERMINATION and attention to PROGRESS, and thinking through all the things that could derail me, and figuring out what I’ll do to ensure I’m fine. I WILL do a successful FD500.

    @penz But tomorrow is Friday; what about your pizza and wine???? Let’s hold hands, shall we? I promise you I’ll stick to my FD500 today; what do you promise me? (Does your arm feel twisted into this deal????? 😂)

    @funshipfreddie I’ve been thinking a lot about what was normal for me when I was 32 (the weight I think of as exemplifying my best years where eating/drinking/weight are concerned), and my 32yo self would also never have given up the fight at 5:30pm. But I think that’s because I was already thin at that point, and I’m not thin now. There are so many built-in motivations and strengths to a body that’s already thin, and I think you’ve been thin for so long, you’ve forgotten the struggle of not being thin. That’s not a complaint of what you said about not giving up the fight at 5:30, you understand, just an explanation of why it can easily happen. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    @flourbaby The things you cook sound delish!! What seasonings are you putting in them? I think we’d all love a description of just what/how you’re cooking! And your comments about the cold made me laugh out loud! For what it’s worth, when you live in it, apparently your blood thickens up (and then thins out during the summer) and that makes the temperatures much easier to bear. And, honestly, I don’t go out much either, and then am bundled up thoroughly!

    @brightonbelle What caused the tiredness yesterday? Is it left over from your health challenges earlier this year?

    @northgeorgia It sounds as if those 3-day challenges with your co-worker are perfect for both you and her!

    @at I just realized, as I read your words about your vertigo, that I was going to comment about that when you first mentioned it, and I think I didn’t for some reason…at any rate, how awful for you. How often does it typically hit you?

    We caught two more mice overnight. What worries me is how quickly mice can birth MORE mice, so we have no idea if we still have some, but I’m getting really truly irritated at their presence. (Not the word I actually am thinking, but I AM a pastor’s wife, after all. 😂🤣😂🤣)

    I’ve been interrupted many times during this post, so it’s time to face my day and put out the fires popping up everywhere, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @brightonbelle FD800
    @at FD800

    USA. Day 11. FD

    I see it is a big pocket list day, so I am joining right in!

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍓
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @brightonbelle FD800
    @at FD800

    I think that starting today, I will be doing a OMD regimen. I think for me doing this helps me keep in control. I also have to give up wine for the meantime. I can’t seem to lose weight when I drink alcohol, even when I add the calories to my food journal.

    @stitchincarol, I seem to have mice, too, but I can’t find them. They ate a whole loaf of bread I had out, so now I am putting all my food in the refrigerator! I haven’t seen them in two days, so maybe without my bread they are starving, unless they have place where they can get in and out of my house. That would be horrible! 🙁

    Second post

    @ccco Oh, bummer on having mice also! I would actually recommend you buy some traps and go after them aggressively so that they don’t start breeding and producing an entire colony.

    * Six servings of alcohol for the rest of the month 1️⃣
    * T & TH will be either WFDs or regular 500 calorie FDs, with no guilt
    * I’ll add in 3 extra FDs (WF, 500 or 800) for the month ✅
    * NFDs will not exceed 1500 calories
    * TRE from 11:30am to 7pm except for Saturday (because of DH’s schedule)
    * Exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes on 3 days a week: 1/8, 10, 11

    USA. Day 11 FD

    FD is going well so far. I had a nice large lunch and journaled my calories. I definitely not hungry now. I won’t have anything until tea time at 3 but I won’t eat anything.

    You are right about the mice, @stitchincarol! In my previous home, I did have the mice breed. They even got into my couches! It was horrible! Also, your plan looks great!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Day 12 NZ NFD 77.6kg

    It’s Friday! Although pleased to see this number it won’t last long. I have South Island friends for lunch then beer and burgers at a new local brewery with the dog pack…
    I’ve decided that I’ll start strength exercises when I hit 75kg – the top end of a normal not overweight BMI for me! Since muscle weighs 2 1/2 times more than fat, if I start exercising at a gym the scales most likely won’t change much… So I’m continuing to walk (not today though) to build stamina. We have an international cricket T20 match at Eden Park today – NZ vs Pakistan so the area is feeling alive, aliveho!
    @at You sound like you need a different measure for your weight because you are doing so much exercise. BMI is not such a good measure when you have good muscle mass.
    @ccco Those mice are doing you a favour eating up the carbs so you don’t have to🤣🤣
    @flourbaby To combat cold, on your TV go to YouTube music and put on the BeeGees or Carlos Santana etc and have a wee dance with yourself!!
    @northgeorgia Delicious! Water retention from salt might add to a brief rise in weight too.
    I agree @brightonbelle The way our bodies react to our various lifestyles is a mystery! I wish I had uncovered this WOL when I was much younger… but we’re all here doing it now!
    Must keep going with my day!

    Onward and downward!!

    Day 12, NFD, Aus

    Whatever was I thinking? You’re right, @stitchincarol, today is pizza and red wine night and there are some traditions that are not worth breaking! I promise you I will do a FD on Monday and get back in to my old routine.

    Good question, @funshipfreddie. Why did I self-sabotage? Partly, it’s because I did not look at the forum in the morning as in my usual practice (but again not today!) so didn’t start the day in the right mindset. I had a very busy morning and told myself I therefore deserved a reward. And finally, because I normally do a WFD, the thought of doing a 500 cal FD didn’t really occur to me. You’re right, though, @flourbaby, I should have had an omelette which would have been perfect.

    Have a great weekend everyone. In passing, I’m surprised no one has suggested getting a cat to deal with those mice. Could Boo-Boo or Bo-Bo offer any tips?

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.5 kg

    False alarm at the dentists, phew?! 10 minutes & R 670 later, I was told it was just a pimple of some kind. Whatever it was, it’s gone 😌

    @stitchincarol – I thought about what you said, & I’m sure you right. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten close to obesity; I’ve maybe been around 9 or 10 kgs heavier than my current weight. But then I thought, still, 5:30 pm?! I also think a lot depends on one’s FD strategy. At 5;30 pm I’ve still got most of my calories to play with, & dinner to look forward to. I’ll only have had tea/coffee with a little milk by then. So if I’d already used up the calories by then & was suddenly overwhelmed by hunger it might be a different outcome. Which is why it’s so important to try different strategies to see what works. And to plan; trying to wing it on a FD just doesn’t work. Maintenance has its own challenges too. In some ways it’s easier to get complacent, I think, when you’ve already hit the goal. “Keeping weight off is harder, often requiring a lifetime of attention. Contrary to popular opinion, people without obesity generally have just as much difficulty in sustaining a small degree of weight loss as people with obesity have with even larger degrees of weight reduction. ” Rudolph Leibel, MD https://www.cuimc.columbia.edu/news/why-its-hard-maintain-weight-loss

    @penz – Boo Boo would have plenty of ideas on how to deal with the mice 😅 If she could talk she’d say, ‘gimme 5 minutes’. She’s in the dog-house though, no pun intended. Earlier this week she attacked my neighbour’s cat three times in two days. So she’s not allowed out after dark, & I’ve put a bell on her. I don’t know if it’ll help, but maybe her victims will at least get a heads-up that she’s on the prowl 😳

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    “A month from now… you can either have a month of progress – or a month of excuses why you haven’t.” ~ Unknown

    Day 12, London, Uk, NFD,

    @at, if only it was me who discarded 7lbs in the 1st week!! 2lbs from my FD800 B2B for me, then back to the usual FD500 but ADF, I’m another 1lb down after yesterday’s, so -3lbs in total this week ……………………… so far🙏🏼. I’ve really cut down on carbs, which isn’t difficult as I consumed enough over the holiday to sustain me for months!!

    @stitchincarol, there’s nothing wrong with a potty mouthed pastors wife🤣🤣, in fact I love the contradiction!! Regarding my meals, I usually Google ‘the best’ when looking for a recipe, so this was ‘the best egg fried cauliflower rice’ recipe I found (It was exceptional!!) then I just chucked a handful of prawns in near the end to warm through ……………. I’m no Gordon Ramsey🤬!!!🤣🤣

    @ccco, unfortunately alcohol is an easy source of energy, so rather than burning the fat, our bodies go for the easy option & burn the booze (sugar)! IIRC, you’re tiny with not a lot to discard, so perhaps a full-frontal attack is what you need, no vino, no treats, no wavering, no excuses, very controlled NFDs & OMAD might be your best bet too. I’m doing dry-ish January as I’m skiing at the end of the month, but I’m planning AMD………………. Alternate Months Dry!!

    @merryapple, a ‘wee dance with myself’ sounds perfect……………………….. perhaps I’ll wait until get home from work!!!🤣🤣

    @penz, the mice catching services of Bo-Bo and Boo Boo were offered a while ago, very reasonably priced at airfare, room & board to the Midwest …………….. for their owners of course!! Strangely enough, the offers weren’t taken up🤷🏼‍♀️🤔

    @funshipfreddie, my goodness, Boo Boo and Bo-Bo are BOTH currently in prison!! Is Boo Boo in season? She might have been giving that cat a firm Hands-Off signal!!! Bo-Bo, perhaps had a fight and had an injury to his cheek which became infected, it’s clearing up with regular warm salt water compresses, but he’s wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’ (‘UP’ is a favourite film!) until it’s healed enough that he doesn’t want to scratch it!! He’s struggling with the cone, missing his whiskers so bumping into things and misjudging widths …………. He keeps falling off his favourite windowsill!!😂🤭🤭 His vet suggested we remove his bell because it diminished his hunting skills, I wasn’t too bothered about that where the baby birds are concerned, but I’m glad we ditched the bell after he caught his first mouse in the kitchen!!!!🐭🐭

    Keep the faith folks & Friday fasters …………………..enjoy your FD!!🤭

    “Your body can stand almost anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince”. ~ Vince Lombardi

    Day 12, Germany, FD800

    I’m having dinner with the charity shop group this evening but I’m sure can stay below 800 cals as I’m not fond of German food.

    @brightonbelle and @at I really wonder why it’s so difficult to get the weight off this time. Our bodies are mysterious!

    @at I hope you don’t suffer from vertigo often, you live such a busy life. I’m sure we both will get back to 58 kg, we just have to go on and not give up. We did it in the past and we were good at it!

    Pocket list day 12

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. Yes, yesterday was pretty bad with bad snacks and choices. I still didn’t gain a typical post-WFD of 4 lbs though… more like 3. I’ll be curious what tomorrow brings. I do think there may be some sort of metabolic reset value in the 3 day experiment. I will make better choices on this long weekend and continue my observations.

    Day 12 UK FD800

    Going well , Yes I suspect it may be a delayed reaction @stitchincarol , I had a flick through my documents and it says months maybe years before your body’s clear of the chemo drugs , feel much more with it now

    Might be just us today @snowflake56 – we’ve got this 💪

    Pocket list day 12❄️

    USA. Day. FD

    Two pounds down as of today, so I am adding myself again to the pocket list.

    Pocket list day 12❄️

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 159.4

    I’m actually feeling no smugness despite the lovely weight because I did not eat appropriately yesterday. I probably didn’t stray far over 800 calories, but my goal for the day was 500, and I even made a promise to @penz that I did not keep (sorry, penz). That article you posted, @funshipfreddie, is wonderful, and I particularly adored this quote: “The tendency to gain weight and the difficulty in losing it and keeping it off is primarily a biological problem, not a reflection of sloth and gluttony.” Given that I’d lost 25 pounds and have now gained back almost all of them is proof that keeping it off is incredibly difficult.

    I also agree 100% with you how hard it is to maintain thinness–when I weighed 132 all the time, I was ALWAYS focused on what was and was not good food to put into my body. For example, I bought potato chips three times a year: Memorial Day weekend (end of May, and “the start of summer”), Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekend (first weekend in September, and “the end of summer”). Period. My husband felt probably even more deprived than my kids, because they probably thought that was typical mom behavior. 🤣 And, just as often as not, I weighed 134-136, and so fought hard not to go any higher. ONE beer or ONE glass of wine in an evening, and only once or twice a week. No snacking was the rule, although I wasn’t always good about that, but would sneak snacks because I certainly didn’t want my kids to get into bad habits.

    As to giving up a FD at 5:30, I too had all my calories in front of me yesterday, and still lost the plot. Partly it was because the salad I’d been planning on was too much for me alone and DH didn’t come home for supper, because the weather was already bad so he just stayed in town until his evening meeting. Partly it was because I had the mentality of “while the cat’s away the mouse will play,” for whatever reason. Partly it was because I was seriously craving carbs and crunch. Interestingly, once I’d had the things I wanted, I was content for the rest of the evening and didn’t eat after 7pm. Bottom line? @flourbaby‘s quote summed it up exactly: “Your body can stand almost anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince”. ~ Vince Lombardi

    I asked DH (I still feel like a transplanted Californian, while he’s a native Midwesterner) and he agreed, yes, this weather could be called a blizzard. For example, there’s no snow “falling,” as it’s all blowing sideways. It’s impossible to measure the snow because the wind is so strong that the drifts are wildly different in size. We were forecast for 5-8″ and have at least the 5″ and perhaps even the 8″. And, it’s still snowing (sideways, remember).

    And, I’m delighted to report that we caught THREE mice yesterday. Sadly, it was using the glue traps, which means they were stuck but alive. Not humane on any level and it made me very sad. But I am done sharing my home with mice, so whatever was necessary was acceptable. Didn’t get any more overnight, so we’re wondering if perhaps we’ve finally got them all?

    @brightonbelle I’m glad you’re feeling better today. 🥰💐

    @ccco Yay for being down 2lbs!

    Tonight is pork tenderloin, asparagus, and that salad kit that didn’t get eaten yesterday. Or perhaps I’ll save all that for tomorrow and we’ll have the baguette and baked brie with fruit; DS27 gave me a cool dish for Christmas that’s meant to bake a brie and I’m eager to use it. So, one reasonable meal and one more indulgent. Next week I’m hoping to finally be able to get to Omaha to teach lessons and thus have two WFs.

    And for you lightweights (as well as you sweltering in summer’s heat), the current temperature is 2F/-17C and the windchill makes it feel -22F/-30C. BUT. The forecast for Saturday night is that same -22F, so who knows what that windchill will be, and the high–the HIGH–on Sunday is -9F/-23C. It’s winter. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 (Thanksgiving Day in 1989, the year DH and I got married, was -20F and icicles were forming on the light switch just inside the back door. This Californian was quite dumbfounded by such a temperature, but it turns out that’s not at all normal, and especially not in November.)

    Okay, enough chatter; I need to do something to be productive. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 12 – UK – NFD

    Yesterday ended up as a good 600cal FD and Cruella rewarded me with a weight of 62kg this morning – that’s a drop of 0.9kg/1.9lbs since last week – surprised with that loss as I had not felt I was losing but very happy💃

    My regular Friday morning walk 🥾 with friends this morning was overcast and dry but none of the sunshine ☀️ we were promised

    @stitchincarol @snowflake56 – I tend to get 1 or 2 episodes of the BPPV a year so I’m lucky with that – the problem is that there is no warning, usually I wake up in the morning and turn over to my right side to get out of bed and it hits me.
    @stitchincarol @ccco – Unlucky with the mice 🐁 don’t like the idea of those in the house…
    @merryapple – thanks for sharing that article – I will check what my waist to height ratio is – I remember doing that in the past and it was OK but I do feel so much better in myself when my weight is lower than it currently is

    So far I seem to have much better control over my NFDs this month so pernaps that is reflecting in the weight loss so I will keep using MFP daily and hope my self control on NFDs continues

    I have an early 2hr yoga class early tomorrow morning followed by a vegetarian brunch organised by my yoga teacher – I will have to set the alarm clock ⏰ as the class starts at 0830hrs – early start for me and I need to leave home at 0800 to get there in time 🤣🤣

    Resolve to all Friday Fasters!!

    Day 12 USA (Illinois) NFD in the snow

    All the roads are awful and most of our region is hunkered down waiting for this storm to pass. Weather predicts deep freeze of -17′ F by Sunday (-27′ C) but this is January in the Midwest.

    Down to my 165 “high maintenance” weight this morning, and I have been this for a couple years. For me to lose 5 lb. it would take 2 FD a week, and likely won’t do that, at least until after we move.

    We’ve been watching an 8 episode British show called “Fool Me Once” on Netflix. It is exactly the kind of show I enjoy: solving murders with clues along the way. We’re about 1/2 way through it.

    Onward and downward.

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