January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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  • Day 23 Canada FD

    A busy work day which does make fasting easy. Day 23 😳 the month is going by fast

    Sending some love ❤️ your way @penz hang in there
    @i-hate-lettuce 😂😂😂
    @emma-taylor sounds amazing
    @dykask great post I couldn’t agree more

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    I’m the only one responsible for reaching my goal weight 💪⬇️👖

    Day 23, UK, FD

    Its been a good day so far. Its one of those FDs when I feel cold though, brrrr ☃ . But I’m happy to start feeling in control again, just starting …

    @flourbaby thank you for those links x

    @songbirdme I am sorry to hear about your DH, I hope he gets better soon. You are in my prayers x

    @daffodil2010 congrats on DH getting new job!

    @bellyblast congrats on that small drop in the scales! 💃

    @i-hate-lettuce yay \o/

    Have a good day/evening everyone 🙂

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    Second post

    @dykask your points are very valid and I could not agree more. Thank you for sharing

    USA Day 23 FD

    Successful FD today, coming in at 409 calories! Even though the day is over, I thought I would add myself to the pocket list!

    Day 23 Pocket List


    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    I did struggle with yesterday’s FD. I usually do a liquid only FD (where liquid includes a couple of coffees) but I needed to eat yesterday. Was probably a 500 FD. Still, it’s all working as I have lost about 1.5kg since rejoining you this month.

    Thanks for the browsing history tip, @ciren2.Hopefully I’ll never have to give it a go! (And that missing post reappeared so maybe it was never really lost. Just missing temporarily.)

    Unexpected bonus for me today. We had a grassfire across the road from my office building yesterday (amazingly quick response from 3 helos and umpteen firetrucks) but with the total fire ban and strong gusty winds, it took a long time to get under control. The upside is that the building lost power which has not yet been restored so none of us are at work today! Extra long weekend.

    Great laugh, @IHateLettuce!! If only we could put our bodies in the dryer in the same way for a bit of quick shrinkage.

    Yay @flourbaby – looks like your mojo is back too! (And without the PB!)

    Your comment @dykask “I really enjoy eating and strangely fasting make eating even more enjoyable.” resonated with me. I was really craving a piece of chocolate last night, but because it was a FD I resisted. I thought about how desiring something actually makes the reward or getting it so much better (and there have been many studies showing that delayed gratification is actually longer lasting than instant gratification). Thinking about how I was going to treat myself was enjoyable in its own way. And I don’t even want it today.

    Thanks for sending the love thoughts @bellyblast!!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 23 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Not much time to read or comment, but really looks like quite the pocket list today. Yeah for beneficial fasting!

    DH a little stronger today but still concerned for his weakness. Thank you so much for caring about him and me, and for prayers. This running around to doctors, offices, waiting in ER and all of that, has allowed me to lose 3 pounds. Mostly not eating! Was back under 160# this morning. Small blessings? Who knows.

    Be strong, everyone.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 – Japan – WFD #6

    Feeling good but so far behind on my work …

    Day 23 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 22 — NFD

    These two NFD’s have gone well as far as food control goes. Yesterday was another treatment for the heel spurs and that wiped me out for the rest of the day and the fatigue carried over through today. That, coupled with class, will probably lead to a really sound sleep tonight!

    @penz I didn’t realize how close to you the fires were. With any luck the near future will bring some rains to help.

    Peace to all!

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Nice, easy FD yesterday. Finally a little movement on the scales, & I’m sure I’ll be back at my goal weight by the end of the month.

    @dykask, & @penz – so true re delayed gratification and the extra enjoyment of food! I think one of the main contributors to the obesity epidemic is this culture of wanting everything NOW. And then a fear of hunger too.

    Here we go, into the last week of the January challenge! 🏋️‍♂️

    Day 25 – CD – Ireland
    🚫 ✅ 🤸‍♂️
    Weigh in today shows no loss this week but an increase of 1lb (🥴) but will see next week what I’ve lost since 1/1/20 – Ive been religiously logging my food in MFP and am still in deficit calorie wise for each week…so would expect some loss..the body and particularly the female body is a strange thing so I’m not losing hope..This has been the toughest week so far …😂
    Also hate to mention it this early in the day but MFP has an article entitled “Everything you need to know about peanut butter” today 😂😂 for those of you who don’t already know lots about it 🥜 🧈… i love it! But have to eat it in moderation…
    Great post @dykask and i agree with you about living corpses…. I too want to be the best version of myself that I can be… 🤞
    @songbirdme I hope your OH is on the mend… blood infections are very scary!
    Tempted to fast today but will probably keep it CD 👍👍
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Afraid I was hit by resounding TOM problems, (ladies I am sure you will empathise with the sad, painful, weepy feelings) coupled with some moments of dizzy spells in work, so I promptly took myself off the fasting pocket list and had some wholewheat bread and almond nut butter. Treated myself to my all time favourite Spag Bol last night.

    I am pre-menopause now so TOM is very irregular, but I am finding myself feeling faint lately when I have it. I fainted spectacularly the day we were going on holiday last September and hit my head off the bathroom floor. I am lucky I did not break anything! So my blood pressure must get low around this time and I need to watch out and self-care.

    Anybody else have similar experience?

    I am super fine today though.
    I will get back on the fasting wagon next week.

    @jaifaim and @flourbaby, yes, DH’s new job is not as physical so that’s why we are so happy he got it! The last year he has been plagued with knee, shoulder, ACL problems and as he is now 50 a choice had to be made to move on before he became a physical wreck. Now, he loved that job so much, real boys toys kind of job, but quality of working life etc etc.

    @songbirdme So glad to hear your own DH is starting to recover, continued good wishes for you both.

    I notice @michelinme and @snowflake56 haven’t posted in a while? Hope all ok.

    Have a great Friday everyone. Xxxxx

    Day 24 – Cumbria UK – NFD and a happy weigh in day

    Good morning everyone

    Brilliant Pocket list yesterday hope all had a good one.

    After a really good week, fell off the edge of the plateau and – 2lb this morning which gets me back down to my lowest which was mid December before our trip to the continent and Christmas! Can now focus on my initial goal from July, ie losing 2 stones, only 7 more pounds to go.

    Think I’ve managed to sort myself out again (might have been trying too hard?) strange, it seems I might not have been eating enough and drinking too much water (for me) Going back to one ‘free’ day, a couple of days around 1500 cals (my BMR is 1903 now) then three or four FD’s between 600 and 800. Sometimes the old body doesn’t like what’s going on and rebels somehow?

    @jaifaim – Found the easy answer to peanut butter, one of my weaknesses, we don’t buy it any more. Wine, one bottle a week (tonight!) and maybe a beer another night, but included in the calorie count.

    @songbirdme – Glad OH is improving, sure it will continue.

    Take care all

    Second post

    @daffodil2010 just came back quickly to check my post had submit… I’m in exactly the same space as you right now… and hence my difficult week… It only became apparent yesterday… after nearly 10 months of no TOM … so I’m being easy on myself…. and having some health toast and 🍌 right now..😄. Sometimes being a woman is just the pits!!! 😂

    Day 24: Gloucestershire, Uk, NFD:

    My day off today so, beware eating for England!
    @daffodil2010: I hope you’re feeling better today xx
    @songbirdme: Also, my best wishes for your DH. Keep strong for both of you xx

    Day 24 – 2nd post

    My water fast is going well. I just thought I would share a little tool that can be used to tell if the blood insulin has gone up because of something consumed. When I’m fasting I tend to try and learn about these kinds of things. (Or watch YouTube videos of people that have horrible eating habits and wreaking their health.)

    Testing for blood insulin increase.

    1) Wait until the blood glucose is stable. (This won’t work right after a meal for example and one shouldn’t exercise while doing this. The goal is to not impact blood glucose/insulin by anything except what is consumed.)

    2) Take a baseline measurement. (For example I just tested this with a diet cola, to see what would happen. Not recommended … 0 calorie though so it shouldn’t break the fast.)

    3) Consume what you are testing.

    4) Wait at least 1/2 hour. May want to repeat then a couple times at something like 1/2 hour intervals. Take another blood glucose reading.

    > Blood glucose is higher … what was consumed raised the blood glucose
    – Blood glucose is about the same … no impact to blood glucose or insulin
    < Blood glucose is lower … Likely an increase in blood insulin!

    So for my diet cola … I started at a blood glucose of 87 dm/dl, the second reading was 89 gm/dl which is just about the same. So the diet cola didn’t impact my blood glucose or blood insulin. (Who knows about my liver, probably not the best thing to do.) 😀

    Now I have another question kicking around in my brain. Some of the newer theories on aging indicate there are three main metabolic pathways involved.

    1) AMPK – which is impacted by drugs like metformin which can be use to treat type II diabetes.

    2) Sirtuin pathways – Some type of molecule and it is impacted by other molecules like NMN, NR and the ever popular resveratrol which has been used to justify consuming red wine. This pathway impacts another molecule called NAB which declines as we age and might be related to things like human growth hormone production, etc. (I’m pretty clueless about this one right now.)

    3) mTor which is primary activated by consuming proteins and I assume exercise.

    The mTor pathway is common with weight lifting and muscle development. So I have to wonder if exercise also helps age us?

    Just something I’m thinking about. I’m not going to stop exercising, but I might modify my exercise.

    To tie this back into fasting. Fasting actually pushes those pathways towards the youthful side. I hope exercising while fasting helps and doesn’t hurt but I don’t know much about that yet.

    Hi all,
    I’m from Ireland, the North West, I’m just on the Donegal / Leitrim border on the Wild Atlantic Way. I did the 5:2 years ago in 2013 when i had a stone to loose and found it pretty easy going. Didn’t know anything about a forum then lol ! Have all the books so ready to go.

    Unfortunately now I have about 6 stone to loose. Thats due mainly to severe mental health problems which reached crisis point in 2015, medication, then the menopause hit and a total lack of motivation to do anything which of course is a symptom of the illness. But after rescuing two little dogs in September 2018 I started walking again and can finally see a glimmer of light in the distance !! So I’m gonna start with 4 stone which would get me to 12 stone and see how it goes. I’m slowly increasing my level of activity. I used to be a great swimmer, but unfortunately I’m so fat now I’m totally embarrassed to go. So have made a deal with myself, when I get to 14 stone I’m off to the pool even though its putting the fear of God in me.

    I did my 3rd fast day yesterday and it went well. I try and do Tuesday and Thursday. I managed the one meal only yesterday without too much bother, I like the shepherds pie 489 cal approx. So far I’ve lost 8lbs and am very pleased with that. On non fast days I do some SW, PON recipes, make different types of lentil soup with homemade bone broth and basically try not to eat any rubbish, crisps chocolate and keep an eye on my sugar intake. And absolutely NO picking while watching the goggle box at night. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned SW PON, but have no association or anything like that

    We are off to the beach now, good luck everyone

    @emerald32 – Sounds like you are off to a great start! This is a great place to find some support. Welcome!

    Day 24 Oxfordshire, UK CD
    Day 23 NFD
    Yesterday’s ramble burnt around 700 cals, but I did have chips as part of the pub lunch. Probably a once a month treat. The pub gave us a seniors menu so the prices were great and the portions not too large.
    Today I’m on dog walking duty as DH is out for the day so no excuse for not hitting my 10K steps.
    DD & partner are coming for the weekend. They are trying to be vegan. Not sure if it is just for January or for good. So have planned a veg curry tonight which without rice comes in at 91 cals. and a mushroom bourguignon for Saturday night. There will be wine but I’m hoping I’ll stay within my TDEE.
    I am getting so close to my goal weight I must be careful not to derail myself.
    @emerald32 – welcome to the group. I only found it last summer but its been great having the support of everyone.
    @ihatelettuce – congrats on getting off the plateau. A loss is so motivating.
    @songbirdme – hoping your DH is on the mend
    @flaquita – thanks for the link to Eventbrite, I’ll take a look.
    @ihatelettuce & @songbirdme – I agree most French people are just glad you have tried and will be patient. The lady who leads our conversation group believes we should just have a go and not worry about mistakes. So that is what I try to do.
    @jaifaim – thanks for the tip about Netflix and C4 films and programs to improve my French, every little helps.
    @brightonbelle – re c4 how to lose weight well programme. I’d missed this, so will try to watch on catch up
    @EmmaTaylor – I hope you’re enjoying Naples. We visited a few years ago and I loved it. DH wasn’t so keen though. I felt it had a more real life feel than Rome or Venice. Even though I loved those cities too.
    Sorry about the long post.
    Have a great weekend everyone

    @emerald32: Welcome…you’re among friends here, a lovely, worldwide group. 8 pounds gone already….excellent!

    Day 24- Atlanta, Ga. – USA -FD

    Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I stayed about 1300 cals under my TDEE, but I missed the mark by about double. So I’m gonna make up for it today. Happy Weekend if I don’t get to post and read tomorrow!!

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Still at the hospital with DH – diagnosis of mononucleosis! So that viral infection is very likely the thing that is making him so weak. We both sincerely appreciate your prayers and concerns. Sounds like it will be a while before he is really well. Oh well…

    @emerald34 – welcome to this wonderful forum! People here have a wealth of experience and support. You are in the right place!

    @therealwil78 – you know full well we roll with unexpected or unplanned happenings. Glad you’re here for us and we’re here for you.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 Canton OH CD

    @shinything love the FD when I feel cold, hollow or hungry, then I actually feel like I am accomplishing my fasts. I used to hate them though, until I fell off the wagon big time – now I feel like they validate my fasts somehow…

    @penz and @Ihatelettuce would love to be able to put myself in a dryer for some quick shrinkage – of the places I would go

    @dykask and @penz I have to agree that food smells and tastes better when you live the fasting lifestyle. That is one of the reasons why I am so grateful for this lifestyle; the ability to savor and appreciate good food and not take calories for granted. When you’re stuffing your face 24/7, you lose that ability. I have also noticed that there is only so much that I can eat before I feel stuffed, so it makes sense to save calories for the items that I really enjoy.

    @daffodil2010 yes please Self-care! First and foremost, before anything else. I am 5 months into no TOMs, so can’t relate to the dizzy spells but seriously empathize with how you feel.

    @emerald34 warm welcome !!!!

    DD is getting inducted into the National Honor Society this evening, so proud of her and plan to go out to celebrate. There will be some mindful calorie consumption to be had 🙂

    Have a great evening everyone.

    @suki12 – thanks. Naples is so hard to describe. It’s our fifth visit here and it’s a city which is full of the most amazing grand buildings, some in a terrible state of repair, but it’s obviously been a very impressive place in the past. And the people are lovely.
    @Emerald32- I saw something today which made me realise that some people really aren’t bothered by what others think of them. An oldish chap was lounging on a reflective silver mat, on the steps of a dilapidated church, in his speedos, sunbathing!!! It really made me laugh. He obviously couldn’t care less. So I think you should get in the pool, if you like swimming. Despite what you think, people are probably more bothered about what they look like than what you look like… welcome, anyway.

    Day 24, UK, NFD

    I almost gave in and had some food last night, but than I pulled myself together and thought: hey, you don’t NEED food, you have enough stored to get you through until tomorrow, toughen up! And I did 💪 . I was so happy about it this morning, really pleased 😀 . Love mornings like that!

    @daffodil2010 your fainting like that is a bit worrying, not because there is something terribly wrong (menopause does weird things to the body) but because you can hurt yourself falling 😧, please take care. I am one of those who get hit by menopause very early, so I’ve already been through it (mostly) , and I had all sorts of weird health issues, but no, I didn’t have issues with blood pressure or feeling faint.

    @songbirdme I never hear of mononucleosis before, but I googled it and it doesn’t seem like too dangerous, more just making you feel really shitty, like all viruses do? Your DH will be fine, sending some healing vibes 🙏

    Like @daffodil2010: “I notice @michelinme and @snowflake56 haven’t posted in a while? Hope all ok. ” I noticed that too and I hope too that you guys are ok.

    @emerald32 welcome to our forum, good to have you here 😀

    @suki2 well done for coming close to your goal weight, stay strong and keep going until you cross that finish line 💪

    @therealwil78 we all have days like that, when FD just doesn’t happen. Don’t think about it, just look ahead, there is another FD just around the corner 🙂

    @basyjames I am not fan of cold, but you are right, and I will think along those lines next time I feel cold on my FD 😀

    Have a great weekend everyone! ❤

    Many thanks everyone for the warm welcome. And Emma Taylor that was a sight for sore eyes lol enjoy the rest of your trip

    Hi everyone!!

    Day 24 NFD

    Sorry I haven’t been around! Work and 6 children plus a grandson are hard to juggle.

    I have managed to lose a whopping 6.4 pounds since I started this WOL.

    Please don’t give up, this diet works!!

    I am still doing my plank, squats and gym classes.

    I have so much energy and am trying so hard to eat healthily whilst enjoying the odd treat!

    I have been trying to keep up with posts but it’s so hard!!

    Have a fab weekend all xx

    Day 25 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast went well. Today while running to the park I decided to do a bit of HIIT sprinting. I actually did 8 sprints on the way, the 7th wasn’t that good. However I didn’t even think about being 37 hours into a fast. I just did it and it wasn’t that hard. So my body is getting more adjusted to working out fasting. I do wish we would learn working out is actually bad for us, but I guess that isn’t going to happen. At the park I did pullups and pushups between sets of pullups.

    Day 24 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting went well today. No meetings today, so I was able to get a good bit of work done. With the return of the old walking routine the pants are fitting looser, so I’m looking forward to perhaps some good news at tomorrow’s weigh in.

    @caroline esty-akporokah Work and all the children are a great workout just by themselves. Your loss record is very fine indeed! Well done!

    @songbirdme Mono is no fun! As a result of a serious illness my mono titers went through the roof and it took me a very long time to recover. That doesn’t sound like the situation with your DH so he should be back to his normal self in just a short while. I’ll keep you both in mind and prayers.

    @suki2 I think “ Vegan January” has been a meme floating around the internet. Almost half my meals are vegan and have been for quite some time. It sounds as though you have some delectable vegan recipes for your DD.

    @emerald32 Welcome to the group! Let me check — is the google box a television or is it surfing the internet with google? I definitely do a little too much of the latter!

    Have a great weekend all!

    Day 25: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well, yes, my day off yesterday proved to be a bit of an over-eating day….oh well. When (or if…) I retire anytime soon, I’m going to have to plan to fill my days with….what?

    I’m hoping by then DH will have a new knee and we’ll be able to go out walking together again, at least. He’s already reached the so-called target maximum waiting time of 18 weeks, with no sign of any action. He rang recently to check he was still on the list. He is, but won’t hear anything about a date until he’s “seen the nurses” ….some kind of weeding out process…?

    Back to work for one day, then Sunday off, then five days in a row before my week off.

    See you later xx

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    @emerald32 – Welcome to the forum! I so agree with @emma-taylor re the fact that people are more bothered about what they look like than you. On the other hand, people can also be very cruel, and only you will know when you feel ‘beach ready’.

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Have a great weekend everyone 🌈

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Welcome @emerald32, this is a great forum to help and encourage you through. We have a few Irish on here but it’s so great to hear from all our international friends too. You live in a beautiful part of Ireland, I myself am a Dub but living in Co Meath near to the Hill of Tara.

    So today is Saturday and DD and Grandaughter coming for dinner tonight. I won’t be back to fasting until Monday, and it looks like January is a bust already.

    Thanks @jaifaim and ohhh, 10 months of no TOM then they arrive ☹️ The longest so far for me has been about 5 months ….so it’s happening but too darn slowly for me. I am 52! I want shot of it!! So glad though that others here are going through the same, empathy is a good thing.

    Day 25

    I incorrectly calculated my weight loss!
    I was 16 stones 4 and now 15 stones 7, total loss 11 pounds.
    Today will be my liquid fast as usual on Saturday!

    Well done everyone on your achievements.
    I am praying for you all to keep the faith, get better soon and keep going.

    Stay strong!!

    Please add me to the pocket list ❤️

    @caroline Esty-akporokah

    Day 25 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧
    🚫 🤸‍♂️
    Morning all…
    welcome @emerald32! You’ve made a great choice 👍
    I too hope that @michelinme @snowflake56 and other long timers we haven’t heard from in a while are doing ok along with those people who joined the challenge for the first time this January? 🤞Hopefully there are a lot of lurkers 👀 👍 nothing wrong with that 👍
    didn’t have too bad a day yesterday but started today with some sugar in a fruit scone at the airport so green tick ✅ is gone for today 🥴…. won’t let it throw me off course too badly and these are the habits i need to break..,, I will… just not today… I’ve done good up to today and the dry element of January is the most important to me… so no beating myself up…
    Dinner at a friends tonight so this will actually be the hardest place to decline a glass of wine… but will do it 👍… My man will be driving tonight so don’t even have that as an excuse 😂
    have a good day all!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 NFD 🇮🇪 Ireland
    Morning all.
    I’m just wondering how you all calculated your calories for non fast days. I’ve been reading about the BMR 1592 & TDEE 2190 but to be honest I’m not really any the wiser. Do I need to go below the BMR or between BMR & TDEE? 😂 slightly confused. I signed up to MFP and they recommend 1260 cal a day


    Day 25 – Cumbria UK – MFD

    Good afternoon all

    Bit late reporting in today, went with my OH yesterday to Outlet shopping place, brilliant to see how much difference in size things have become, I’m having to get used to smaller sizes!

    @emerald32 – I find the best way (for me) is to count all calories consumed and keep below my BMR. That way calories burned by exercise become a bonus and I’m not tempted to eat up to my TDEE. On FD’s I consume between 600 and 800 calories regardless of how much exercise I do.

    Take care all

    @i hate Lettuce many thanks. I just couldn’t get my head around it 😂
    shopping for smaller sizes is nice, well done !

    @caroline-esty-akporokah/ 11 pound weight loss is fantastic congratulations 🎉 you must be thrilled

    Happy Saturday everyone

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) CD or FD

    The wealth of support and knowledge of members of this forum still continues to astound me. You are all ALL-STARS – for me and for each other. If only the rest of this unhealthy populace would just listen and learn? Obesity and even just being overweight is such an epidemic.

    DH still in the hospital, not sure just what the next steps will be. I do know he is getting much better care here than I could ever give him at home. Well, except I might be faster with the urinal than night nurses could be… oh well. 😞

    Maybe later on I will be able to reply more personally, but just I care about you all!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25 Canada NFD

    @songbirdme so glad to hear your DH is in good hands and hope he is home soon. I totally agree about this amazing forum and also wish more of my friends were at a healthier weight 🍏
    @caroline esty-akporokah that’s amazing well done 👏👏
    @emerald32 welcome, you’ve found a fantastic group and WOL

    I’m the only one responsible for reaching my goal weight 💪⬇️👖

    @songbirdme: With your DH, I just looked it up. I think that is what we used to call Glandular Fever….hangs around for a few weeks but it WILL get better. As it’s a virus I suppose you just have to be patient. I hope he feels better very soon, and I’m sure he’s being well looked after in the hospital. Keep smiling xx ((hugs)).
    @emerald32: According to Dr Mosley (and others) counting calories on non fast days is not necessary, (life is too short) but eat healthily….he recommends a Mediterranean diet. Two fast days per week makes a calorie-deficit.

    @emerald32 and @bellyblast thank you!!😊

    SongBirdMe I truly pray for a speedy recovery.

    @ Emerald32 I am finding it works for me as I am counting my cals on MFP every day regardless if it’s a FD or not. It keeps me in check and stops me overeating. If I don’t I tend to binge especially after a FD. Eat lots of veg too helps me a lot to eat lots as they have fewer cals. My favourite is beetroot atm. Exercise is a bonus too. I eat more on these days when I am hungry but well under my TDEE.

    I appear to have been fasting alone today. It is hard weekend but I don’t do much on Saturdays so I find it easy to endure the liquid fast,

    Looking forward to hot and spicy grilled chicken and cauliflower cheese tomorrow!!

    Goodnight all xx

    Remember a moment on the lips is not worth the fat on the hips..

    Day 26, NFD, Aus

    Happy Australia Day to us!

    Welcome @emerald32 – always nice to see new faces on this fab forum. I’ve got two dogs too and they are the motivation I need to get up in the morning and take them out for a walk. They make me happy.

    Glad your OH finally has a diagnosis, @songbirdme, but Mono is no fun. Wishing him quick and full recovery.

    Day 26: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Hey yes! Happy Australia Day! Do you have a bank holiday tomorrow too? Long weekend, eh?
    All dog owners/lovers out there, yes, a dog gets us up and out, are great characters and are part of the family xx
    I had my first dog at 12 years old and have nearly always had one (or two) in all the years since. I like cats too but haven’t had one for many years.

    Day 26 – Cumbria UK – MFD

    Good morning everyone

    @Carolineesty-akporokah – I’m with you and others about counting calories on non FD’s.
    Far from being time consuming it takes moments, I’ve been at this WOL for 6 months now so can estimate calories pretty well, but still log them. Dr M states in his introduction to 5:2 “That’s five days of normal eating, with little thought to calorie control and a slice of pie for pudding if that’s what you want.”
    Yes it’s not the full statement and you are reminded to be mindful of what you’re eating as well, but some might just be tempted to forget.
    The chocolate biscuit or ‘it’s only a small piece’ of cake with coffee or ‘it’s a FD tomorrow’ ‘it’s been a good week, pass the wine’. I’m can be guilty as anyone on a Friday or Saturday evening, I let the inner warthog out of the cage, but keep it on a lead, it is so easy to go backwards!
    The worse time for me has been holidays and christmas, the warthog won’t stay in the cage and is let loose, then it takes 2 or three weeks after recapturing the beast to put right the damage, as we all know, ‘it was fun at the time’.

    We all have to do what it takes and make it work for you, life’s too short to count calories? Maybe, but the time spent counting those calories might just give you a bit more (healthy) time in the long run!

    Blimey, that was a bit deep for me on a Sunday morning! I’m off out for a walk after that, clear my head! LOL

    Take care all.

    Day 26 – NFD – UK 🇬🇧
    🚫 🤸‍♂️
    Very lazy day yesterday and fun dinner at our friends.
    Lots of lovely sparking water 💦 💕… and good food.
    Have a good Sunday all!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @i-hate-lettuce – your post makes a lot of sense to me, even if it was ‘a bit deep’ 😉. I’ve been quite lax about logging my calories this month (again) which is probably why my progress has been a bit slow. I need to get with the program! Although I’m very diligent with my FDs once I’ve decided I’m doing them; and I know I’ll never stray too far off course, so long as I stick to two or three per week.

    Have a happy S🌞nday everyone

    Day 26 Oxfordshire, UK, NFD
    I’ve got the house to myself. DD, Partner and DS have gone for lunch before heading home. DH has gone off to tennis. I’m busy tidying up and then a soak in the bath with my book. My Sunday treat.
    Managed a dry dog walk this morning. I’m not sure I’ll be so lucky later as its just starting to rain.
    Our dog has been a godsend for getting me moving more. I really miss it on the days I don’t take him out.
    @shinything – thank you. Scales are like a yoyo at the moment. I may not make it this month but fingers crossed for February. Well done for not giving in on day 24. It’s the little victories which add up.
    @matpi – we’ve enjoyed our vegan couple of days, although DH is looking forward to some red meat tonight. We are gradually moving towards vegetarian. At the moment totally vegan seems one step too far. But who knows what the future might hold.
    @jaifaim – I hope you stayed strong last night and are still ‘dry’
    @emerald32 – re your BMR/TDEE. When I started on this forum someone mentioned the fact these numbers drop as you lose weight. They were working with their goal numbers. I have adopted this approach this time. FDs I range 600-800, then on CDs I try not to go over 1000 and on NFD 1500. My BMR is 1100 and my BMR is 1520. I don’t always succeed but I’m nearly there.
    Happy Sunday everyone

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Had a wayward few days , intend to get back on track tomorrow Hopefully a couple of FDs and some CDs should see me register a loss for the month

    Day 26, London UK, FD?

    I’ve been MIA for a couple of days, life just got in the way!

    Today is proving to be a modified FD which will end at <800 cals, unplanned, but I’ll take it, gratefully!!!

    I’m not counting any chickens, but I think I’ve had a whoosh. It’s most likely water weight since Thursday night I woke up three times to visit the loo, this morning’s weight shows -3lbs from Thursdays weigh-in. Fingers crossed it’s a permanent loss, I could do with a different view, I’m bored with looking at this plateau!!!

    @daffodil2010, although there’s no fainting, I’m in a similar boat, I’ve no idea whether I’m coming or going! As if the trips to the loo weren’t disturbing my sleep enough, the hot flashes, pyjama changes are making up for it!! And who knows when the actual TOM will occur???!!!

    Welcome @emerald32, you are in the right place, that 8lbs will keep you motivated & it’s the perfect mood booster!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 26 NFD plus plank and squats

    Good night all!

    Well said @i Hate Lettuce

    The chocolate biscuit or ‘it’s only a small piece’ of cake with coffee or ‘it’s a FD tomorrow’ ‘it’s been a good week, pass the wine’.

    We all have to do what it takes and make it work for you, life’s too short to count calories? Maybe, but the time spent counting those calories might just give you a bit more (healthy) time in the long run!

    Wise words!!!! Totally agree❤️

    @suki2 your BMR/TDEE. When I started on this forum someone mentioned the fact these numbers drop as you lose weight. They were working with their goal numbers. I have adopted this approach this time. FDs I range 600-800, then on CDs I try not to go over 1000 and on NFD 1500. My BMR is 1100 and my BMR is 1520. I don’t always succeed but I’m nearly there. I may try this if I hit a 🛑 thank you and well said!

    I-only recently realised I had to change my calorie count with the weight drop. And mostly try to keep to MFP on most NFDs where possible which is helping to curb my huge appetite xx

    Back to the grind stone called work tomorrow. Have a fab week all xx

    Day 27 – Japan – WFD #7

    From what I’m reading fasting and exercise move the gene activation in the correct directions to get the proteins needed to combat the effects of aging. However, as always dosage is the issue. Also this isn’t a fountain of youth, just a way to fight of many of the diseases that come with age.

    I’m at the age where I really realize my time is limited.

    I don’t really like exercise much, although I often enjoy walking over driving. What I enjoy is how I feel from the exercise. Fasting is sort of similar, although I would probably prefer to fast over exercise. There is plenty to dislike about fasting, but in the end I like the effects of fasting more than I dislike fasting itself. It is all about balance.

    I know that if I stop fighting for my health I would soon eat myself too death. So water fasting it is. Maybe I’ll stop fighting for my health at a 102 … That means I have 42 years of struggle ahead of me. 😀

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