January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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  • Day 31, London, UK, NFD,

    Up late this morning, because I had another disturbed night. I’m resigned to suffering for a long, long time to come!!!

    Anyway, I had a lovely Pilates class, followed by lunch with my mum, now dinner this evening will be protein rich since I think I may be lacking in that department & perhaps it’ll help(?).

    Tomorrows weigh-in will be interesting, there’s been a whoosh, a wobble, exercise, Dry-January & a ‘what the heck?’gain ………….. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!! So fingers crossed & we’ll see what going dry does for the waistline!!

    Until tomorrow folks!!!

    Day 31 UK NFD

    Calling it a day for January and after a lot of yo-yoing it’s a 3lb loss which all said and done I’m happy with Moving on to Feb with renewed determination

    Thanks for hosting @songbirdme – You’ve had quite a month !

    See you all soon x

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Thank you all for a full month in so many ways. May we all go forward into February with renewed resolve to stick with our WOL and progress!

    Onward and downward.

    @songbirdme Thanks for doing such a great job hosting this month!

    Ophs … January is done, but my WFD went well. Best of luck to those still doing the Friday fast!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Second post….forgot to thank @songbirdme for your determination and example of maintenance, even through your ordeal with DH’s illness….and thank you @ciren2, for taking the reigns again in February!

    Final Post,

    Thanks for hosting us this month @songbirdme, it’s been a month of ups and downs for you, but you’re the queen of maintenance if they didn’t derail you!!!

    I end this month 2lbs down, not as much as I anticipated since it was a dry month, but the scales are doing that bouncy-bouncy thing I despise!!! Anyway the exercise is paying off, now to continue my efforts in February and hope for a BIG whoosh!!!

    I am sorry I didn’t post here on the last day, just got busy with things 😥

    I am still plateauing, but we carry on …..

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting us this month @songbirdme 💐

    Thanks @songbirdme for hosting the January challenge! A downward result of 14lbs and 6 inches (across the key measurements of neck/bust/waist/hips). The forum is a great spot to check in and get moral support for the ups and downs over the week as well as picking up on hints and tips. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences. Now to sign up for February challenge…

Viewing 9 posts - 701 through 709 (of 709 total)

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