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January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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  • Day 21 – Cumbria UK – FD

    @daffodil2010 ….. Pocket LUST day ?

    …and you missed off us lads @funshipfreddie, @dykask, @i-hate-lettuce & @therealwil78, maybe it’s the Mankini thing ! Bad as me a while back, put Bucket List instead of pocket list! LOL

    Well yesterday was a flop, didn’t put much thought into my FD and decided to try just water! Big mistake, on my second MOAM short walk I felt ill, almost drunk. Had to stop, get my act together and short cut home, so a rethink on that one. Had to get food in me quickly, ended up losing the FD, not trying that again unless I plan better. I’m mid 60’s and 246lb so think just water might be too much of a shock to the system.

    Going back to my FD of max 800 calories, served me well so far!

    Pocket List Day 21

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Yes I’m with you on the weekend struggle @jaifaim – it’s hard to change the habits of a lifetime at the moment I’m content with a slow loss

    @daffodil2010 Those bullet coffees were a big thing on here a while ago and I love coffee and butter but the thought of them together makes me queasy


    Day 21, London, UK, FD

    Thankfully, today is a FD!!! The weekend was super controlled, but the scales are still refusing to cooperate, but my tummy is definitely showing some definition, just a little but it IS there!!!!

    @caroline-esty-akporokah, you and I are going to be squatting for England!!! I’m aiming for 3L too which means numerous visits to the loo, and I’m aiming for 30squats each visit ……………………………… I may have to crawl from the office to the car this evening!!!
    @lilymartin, having been here for a good while, I’m familiar with others sitting on the plateau and encouraging them to just stick with it, logic & science says this WOL MUST work, so I’m taking my own advice and sticking with it, not getting despondent and just making sure I don’t feel so sorry for myself that I dive into a barrel of vino whilst stuffing my face with every flour based food known to man!!! Patience grasshopper!!

    @rabbette, good to see you back, so sorry for your friend’s losses, so difficult in such a short time.

    @dykask, rant away! We always learn so much from you, so keep it coming!!!

    Hmmm, thinking I may have to overcome my egg aversion @daffodil2010 & @basyjames, if your results are anything to go by!! I can eat quiche, omelettes (Well done) and a limited amount of egg mayonnaise, the problem is mostly in my head stemming from a bad experience during which there was an explosive expulsion of a fried egg breakfast!!! More research required. By the way, @daffodil2010, those macadamia nuts are little balls of buttery decadence, you’re gonna love them, they put cashews to shame!!!

    I bought a milk frother (only £1 in Ikea) with the intention of trying bulletproof coffee ……………………. Still thinking about it a whole year later!!!

    To all those suffering the ‘NY resolution wobble’ ………………………………..

    “Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you.” Michael Boyle

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @daffodil2010 – Pocket Lust Day?! You’ve got to love predictive texting 😅

    Day 21 Oxfordshire, UK FD

    Hello all. Another lovely sunny day here. Earlyish dog walk this morning, up our local hill. So beautiful to see the mist hanging in the valley below and the frost on the trees and shrubs.
    Pleased to report yesterday’s FD went well. Came in on target. Drank 3L of water which is really good for me. I drink 2L regularly so thought I should try and up it. Scales were kind this morning too. Haven’t weighed in for over a week as I was afraid of the result. I’m pleased to say that I’m still at my after Christmas low. This means I didn’t do too much damage when I was eating and drinking for England.
    Decided to do a B2B2B this week as out to lunch Thurs and have DD & partner to stay for weekend.

    @flaquita interesting reading your notes from goal setting. I don’t think I had ever thought of the difference between end goals and means goals. TY

    @flaquita re decorating. I’m banned from kitchen and dining room this morning as DH has gloss painted the woodwork. Sat with my flask of coffee and bottle of water, I can’t reach food even if I wanted to. Bit extreme but its working. 🙂

    @dykask thanks for the links, it’s always good to be reminded of why we do this.

    Interesting comments around fruit consumption. I can’t remember where I read this but the gist is. Stay away from tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango and ripe bananas as the sugar content is higher than apples and pears.

    @songbirdme DH & I travel in Europe in our motorhome. We spend quite a lot of time in France, Spain and Portugal. We have found we can get by in Spanish, just. But French is our go to language when English doesn’t work. So were trying to keep our French going over the winter while back in UK. We are also fortunate to have some native French speaking friends whose English isn’t great so it helps when we communicate with them.

    @rabbette So sorry to hear about your friend’s losses. It’s very hard so close together. I lost my Grandmother followed by my dad 3 months later nearly 20years ago.

    @flourbaby thank you for that great quote “Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you.” Michael Boyle

    Pocket List Day 21

    Day 21 Canton OH FD

    @penz that is horrible 🙁 Eek! I am glad she did not die, there is a major artery there!!!

    busy day today. I’ll check in again later

    Pocket Lust Day 21

    Day 21 Canada NFD

    Spent so long reading posts yesterday I missed posting 🤓 I had a successful FD though, keeping up with the forum does help
    @basyjames I’m intrigued by the fat fast. Will give it a go in a couple of weeks when my house guests leave
    @daffodil2010 🥑🥑 are so delicious

    Warmer weather here today. I’m off for a long cross country 🎿

    I’m the only one responsible for reaching my goal weight 💪⬇️👖

    Day – 21- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Day 21: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’m a bit late posting today. After work instead of before.
    We’ve changed our internet provider and, overnight, the old one cleared off….DH needed to set up the new router, and he doesn’t get up as early as me….he’s retired. So no internet!
    @penz: Thanks for news on the weather in Melbourne….DD has said in the past that the weather/temperatures can change dramatically within a few hours. I saw on ht e internet yesterday that Pakenham (where she lives) had storms and some of the residential streets were underwater from flash-floods. However DD says, no, just a bit of a heavy shower during the night and no flooding. Does the internet lie??? Or is she VERY unobservant?
    @i-hate-lettuce: 800 calories a day suits you so why change what works….everyone’s different….water fasts seem to be best for @dykask: I used to be able to do them but can’t do ANYTHING now…I just get too hungry and lack the willpower….sigh!

    Day 21,UK, NFD

    Sorry I’ve been awol, just been busy and a bit annoyed with myself. Lets say it was a heavy weekend 🙊
    Yesterday however, was a very good day, successful FD and I even exercised! 😃
    Still not seeing any change though.
    I read sonething here about fat fast? Didn’t see the link, its difficult using my phone to search properly, could someone please repost it?
    Have a great day everyone!🤗

    2nd Post,

    @shinything, put the weekend behind you ……………. Onward!!! I’m exactly the same as you, fasting & exercising, yet the scales are being stubborn!!

    Here’s the link to some info I found whilst trawling the internet, rather than working ………… much the same as I’m doing right now!!



    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday turned into a FD after I decided DH needed to get to immediate care, so I missed my luncheon meeting. Still not positive they have a proper diagnosis of his chills and fever, but he does seem better today. And they ruled out flu and other infections.

    At any rate, it was a good FD at about 450 calories. I do like an apple for regularity about mid-day then salad with some protein for supper. I stay away from any carbs I can possibly avoid.

    @penz – guess I need to research exactly what an egg fast is. And wow… squatting is so foreign to us in the USA. Glad that woman didn’t hurt herself worse than that!

    @rabbette – so sorry for your friend’s losses. I know your friendship is a great comfort to her.

    @ccco – I’m with you on happy eating day!

    @caroline-esty-akporokah – yes, we seem to hear about new benefits of IF almost weekly. Our Silver Sneakers teacher, in her early 60’s, is a fitness and yoga nut, but newly learning about IF.

    @daffodil2010 – I love sardines on a FD. When I was a kid, a tin was my normal Sunday night supper. Oh, and I poured the olive oil over crushed saltine crackers for added treat. Didn’t know much about Omega-3’s back in the 60’s!

    @emmataylor – know you will enjoy Napoli! It makes me want to sing “Italian Street Song” – found this rendition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xynOVL_sZgo – never sang it anything like Anna Moffo, but loved it anyway!

    @i-hate-lettuce – we all must learn our limits and our bodies with exertion on FD’s. Do be careful!

    @brightonbelle – yes, old habits do die hard.

    @shinything – glad to see you back again.

    @flourbaby – I looked at the IDM program you posted. Lots of good information there. I always tell friends who ask about my weight loss that this was free, except I did buy Dr. Mosley’s book (but didn’t really need to). That program said $39/month, and I know of others that the food costs money or the meetings do. Free My Fitness Pal and free http://www.thefastdiet.uk were all we needed!

    Onward and downward.

    Second post.

    Ooops this is what comes from a quick skim and post. I completely disregarded page 11 of posts AND continued the pocket LUST, LOL.

    @flourbaby eggs are not required on a fat fast, here is a list of acceptable foods, mix and match whichever works for you.
    • Salmon
    • Eggs
    • Avocado
    • Bacon
    • Sardines
    • 3TBS Olive, coconut, MCT, avocado, or macadamia nut oil
    • Butter
    • Ghee
    • Halthy oil based mayo
    • Olives
    • Bone broth
    • Plain Tea/coffee
    Rules for a fat fast:
    1. eat when hungry, stop when full
    2. No dairy or nuts
    3. May use up to 3 TBS of Heavy Cream for tea or coffee
    When should you consider a fat fast:
    • To get started on IF
    • To get back on track after eating a high carb diet
    • Periods of stress when fasting seems impossible
    • I used it to mix things up and step off a plateau

    Updating the pocket list
    Day 21

    USA Day 21 FD

    Day 21

    Originally, yesterday was my FD but in the end it didn’t work out, so today is my replacement day! So far, so good! Wish I could go outside for a power walk but it is so bitterly cold out there, so that isn’t happening today! Hope everyone is having a nice day!

    Day 20 – FD
    Day 21 – NFD

    Cork, IE

    Hi everyone!

    I had a lovely NSV last night. I tried on a couple of skirts which had been uncomfortably figure hugging for the past 2 years and they were loose around my legs! The tummy is on the way but the month of daily squats has been paying off 😀

    @Emma_Taylor Avocado Hand is a thing and has been linked with millennials in social media due to the popularity of avocado dishes on Instagram! 😀 They can be slippery things to de-stone

    @daffodil2010 well done on your fat fast. It’s not something I have tried. Hope it continues to go well for you.

    @jaifaim, @penz, @flourbaby I am thrilled that you have been inspired to try the squatting idea. I have told so many of my friends at this stage, they think I am mad but it’s working for me. I am now alternating between a regular squat and a plie squat so as to target both the inside and outside of the thigh. I feel I need to clarify that I squat in the cubicle/bathroom area and not on the toilet!! 😀 😀

    @i-hate-lettuce have you tried taking some Himalayan salt if fasting with just water? Apparently it is supposed to help if feeling faint or sick https://thefastingmethod.com/more-practical-fasting-tips-part-13/ But as you say, if your current system is working, why change it?

    @angrypony my friend is great for finding these events as I am so lazy and antisocial at times! She finds a lot of events on https://www.eventbrite.com/ so this might be useful to see if you have any events locally?

    @suki2 I could do with someone to come and do the painting for me 🙂 I actually enjoy decorating for the most part as it is very therapeutic to see the changes we can make in a room just by changing a colour. It’s also the satisfaction of a finished product. The nature of my job means I rarely get an end product most days.

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely support on my progress. I was talking to some colleagues today and I am actually in a really positive place mentally for the first time in a long time. It’s not just the weight, it’s the feeling of having taken back some control over my body and that it’s responding positively. Back in October last year I started a 12 week programme of probiotics. I had been researching my autoimmune condition, Hashimoto’s, and there is evidence to link autoimmune conditions with leaky gut. I figured I had nothing to lose (except the cost of the probiotic) and I had been dealing with low mood and anxiety. Earlier in the year I started taking B12 and that made a huge difference in my energy but I still had some brain fog. I think the probiotics have helped my overall health and mood as I feel much more resilient in myself and I am taking action from my library of self-help resources rather than just reading about them. Hope this isn’t too much TMI but I learn from others’ stories and hopefully others can find some useful nuggets if I share 😀

    All the best and have a great evening!

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    Not sure how I ended up on Day 21 pocket list? Did I miss a promise to myself?? It WAS an egg fast day but prob over 500 cals. Under 800? Huh. On reflection, maybe I could credit myself with a FD??

    Squat toilets were a challenge for me as a Westerner. Easier if one was wearing a long loose skirt and no stockings; challenging if wearing tight skinny jeans. (Even easier if one had fantastic bladder control and could wait out until one was back home!)

    Wow, @daffodil2010, you’ve never had avocado before? I hope you fall in love with them! One of my favourite beverages (seem v popular in the Middle East) is an avocado smoothie – yum! And did you know (bit of a patriotic pride thing here) that macadamias originated in Australia? (Hawaii takes the credit for them but they’re native to us.) I saw a chef on tv explain the best way to remove an avocado stone was with the heel of a knife (ie as close to the handle as you could get) – I’ve always used a knife but perhaps not carefully enough.

    Ooh, look after yourself @Ihatelettuce! If you know an 800 cal FD works for you and your MOAMs, stick with it.

    For those of you who struggle with weekends (@jaifaim, @brightonbelle and others) my philosophy is that this is a WOL and I can still enjoy my weekends (yes, sometimes to excess) but provided I diligently stick to the 5:2 “rules” during the week I know I can lose weight. It’s all about balance.

    Great results @suki2!

    @ciren2 – I don’t want to comment on whether or not the internet lies. !!! Maybe it was referring to the backed-up drains and gutters that can sometimes happed in suburban streets after a heavy downfall? It usually clears v quickly and usually just means heavy water on the outer edges of the streets (still ok to drive through).

    Thinking of your DH @songbirdme and hoping he makes a speedy recovery from whatever mystery ailment he has. The egg fast is just one Keto-diet variation; similiar to the fat fast. I like eggs, which helps. Here’s a link: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/egg-fast (but I don’t follow those “rules” strictly.)

    Great idea, @flaquita! I’m defn going to add a plie squat to my toilet routine! If your friends think you’re crazy, then clearly they’re not trying it out for themselves. And yay for your positive, in-control feeling.

    Day 22 country West Australia CD
    So good to feel back in control of food and stopping eating when feeling just less than full.
    Appetite finally starting to decrease.
    Had grilled fish and veggies last night – so satisfying.
    Fast days are OK but really looking forward to Lust Days – they sound like so much more fun!!!

    Day 21 Ohio, US — NFD

    Back to the usual NFD, but with 10K steps. The experiment with just walking 30 minutes a day didn’t pan out — the weight went up 3 lb (1.4 kg) last week. While the 30 minutes daily may be sufficient for health, for me it just doesn’t keep the weight under control. It appears to be more than just the calories burned — if I get enough steps in, then my eating also stays under control.

    By the way, sodium also seems to be important (at least for me) on FD’s. It really helps to have salt with all my food on FD’s, as opposed to NFD’s when I use salt only at supper, and maybe sometimes for lunch.

    @flaquita Congratulations on your NSV! That kind of positive reinforcement really can give a nice boost!

    @ccco The inclement weather can certainly mess up a walking routine. One solution I’m trying is that I went out a purchased some inexpensive runners and built a “circular” track around my great room. It seems to be going well and it’s a pleasant change to watch TV while walking.

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    Arrrghh!! Lost a post!! And after a day on the computer no energy left to recreate it. Sigh.

    Day 22: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @penz: That is SO annoying, I know, it’s happened to me many a time! Did you try looking in your history, copying and pasting it back. That worked for me once. I’m on a PC not a phone though.

    @songbirdme: Sorry to hear about your DH. I hope all turns out well. I diagnosis would help. Good luck xx

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I was wondering what a NSV was; so I Googled it. Non-surgical vasectomy?! 🤔 Then further down I found ‘non-scale victory’, so I’m going with that 😀

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 22 – FD – Ireland
    🚫 ✅ 🤸‍♂️
    Finding this week tough but my willpower is strong… colleagues birthday cakes yesterday and I stayed away from all cakes… I did have a crisp or two… but that’s ok..they don’t unleash the dragon 🐉.
    Walked and cycled yesterday and I’m beginning to feel the benefit of the plank and squats now…
    @flaquita great to see your progress and to note the improvement in your general health… i have two auto immune conditions and am always searching for ways to improve my compromised health and in particular brain fog.. 👍
    @matpi I’m laughing as if I built a circular route around my largest room it would only be about 10 steps 😂 I have a wee cottage but luckily weather than I can generally get out in….😂😂

    Pocket List Day 22:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Yesterday’s Fat Fast was great, until after work that is. My DH got the job that he interviewed for last week so we had a celebratory meal with a bottle of bubbly and I am delighted for him. That’s what life is all about. Marking the special occasions, then the beauty of this WOL is right back on the wagon.

    So it’s really day 2.5 of the Fat Fast. Thanks for the tip re avacado hand @emmataylor and @flaquita, I will certainly YouTube tonight when I prepare it to go with my salmon supper.

    It’s sardines for lunch with olives and spinach. Oh @flourbaby, I bought some macadamia nuts, oh my, they are delicious!! I could only get a mix with dried cran berry however so I have painstakingly picked out the nuts from the dried fruit. But I fear they will be more addictive than walnuts and cashews for me!

    Did we all enjoy yesterday’s Pocket Lust day??? 😆😆😆😆
    But yes, @i-hate-lettuce, better than a Bucket List!

    Ha ha @funshipfreddie, from my work background I see NSV as Net Sales Value….I like your interpretations better 😀

    Happy hump day.

    Day 22 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @suki2 – I’m OK with French to a degree, understanding it is OK, but getting a reply together …. bit slow, but most French people I’ve come across are more patient than you might think! Had some fun getting it right sometimes, in fact getting it wrong has been even funnier!

    Going to try another FD today,but somethings not quite right? Again, yesterday, was on a FD (although had been removed from pocket lust ?)had a longish walk, just over 5 miles, but not at speed. Again didn’t feel well (not dizzy or faint) more like had a few drinks too many, rather weird.
    Yesterdays figures – Total calories consumed 963 – Exercise calories burned 882 – Net – 81 for the day.

    @songbirdme@ciren2 – Haven’t changed things much (apart from trying a water only day, which I won’t be trying again!) will have to look back through my notes.
    @flaquita – Got to be careful with salt, have had blood pressure issues in the past.

    Pocket list day 22


    Second post

    Pocket List Day 22:

    Day 22, London, UK, FD,

    Another FD for me as I’ve a meeting this afternoon at the time I would normally break my fast, so it’ll be OMAD FD for me.

    @songbirdme, I found those links but had no intention of joining the programme, their website and dietdoctor.com have lots of free resources for anyone who needs to reinforce what we already know!!! One of many things I love about this WOL is how cheap it is, you save on groceries and eliminating excessive treats helps too!! Sending healing vibes to Mr. @songbirdme!!

    @basyjames, thanks for the list, I think I had ‘egg fast’ stuck in my mind. I could definitely do a fat fast of even just salmon, avocado, olives, mayo and bone broth!!! No cheese on the list though, I love cheese almost as much as wine!!! Cheese and wine, Mmmm …………………. Good grief it’s 9 a.m. AND a FD AND Dry-January!!!!!!

    @flaquita, your doing so well with the NSVs. Taking control of our own health is the biggest gift you can give yourself. I think fasting gives you back the sense of control we lose when we find weight is a problem you can’t easily solve ………………. But WHY can’t I lose weight/ stop eating/ stop binging/ eat healthily???!! …………………………. Who would have thought they had soooo much self-control before starting this journey? I’m forever hearing, “But I couldn’t go a whole day without eating!!!” ………………… you truly don’t know how strong you are until you try!!! Also, it’s never TMI to share something of yourself, we’re privileged that you’re willing to share xx

    @lilymartin, a few FDs or CDs seem to reset everything, I was worried after Xmas that I wouldn’t be able to drag myself back onto the wagon!! Phew, thank goodness this isn’t a diet, otherwise we’d all throw in the towel after the first slip up!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m wishing for NSV’s for everyone here!!!! ………………… the 2nd type of course!!! LOL

    Pocket List Day 22:

    Keep the faith people, we’ve GOT this!!!!

    Day 22 UK FD

    Any brits been watching the Ch4 prog How to lose weight well ? Fascinating – comparing different regimes the underlying story appears to be Find something you can stick to and it will work !

    Pocket List Day 22:

    Day 22- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Up early this morning, actually little sleep helping my weakling DH with issues. We finally got a likely diagnosis from his primary physician that this is likely a secondary infection from dental surgery last week. (Beginnings of implants with bone work in the jaw.) He has him on a much stronger antibiotic that we pray will help him lots. I take him in for a blood test this morning to rule out any other possibilities. Prayers much appreciated for Mr. @songbirdme

    @suki2 – our surname is “French” and DH speaks quite well when necessary. I have learned some phrases to get by, and I always would hit my music classes in school with some of them to help them remember my name! I know native speakers love it when you can communicate, even with errors. Right, @i-hate-lettuce – you know that too.

    @basyjames – I like the idea of a fat fast but doubt I could really do without cheese/milk or nuts.

    @flaquita – yeah for clothes that fit now! NSV’s for sure. Our Silver Sneakers class does a fair amount of squatting (hovering over a chair and such) so feel good about that.

    @penz – I cannot agree more about balance and enjoying some of our NFD’s. Yup. All about balance. The egg fast does intrigue me.

    @lilymartin – Hurrah for positive feelings when in control!

    @jaifaim -congratulations on your will power over the cakes. I often say that I learned will power from my genius father. We all just need to use it at times!

    @daffodil2010 – now you’re hooked on macadamia nuts. One of the stops on a day tour of the “Big Island” in Hawaii was at a macadamia nut farm. Oh wow… I had not had them myself until then. Heavenly little morsels.

    @flourbaby – I would miss my cheese on that fat diet too. Our county in NW Illinois produces LOTS of milk (we are right next to Wisconsin, known as the “Cheeseheads”) and most goes to cheese, lots for Chicago pizza!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 – Japan – NFD

    Here is the youtube video about the “Miracle Benefits of Fasting”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgVz3837l0 It is based on the study from the New England Journal …

    @daffodil2010 I missed your comment about apples and bananas giving you a sugar rush. You are correct if something does that you should avoid it. They are sweet but digestion is very complex and I probably have different gut flora than you. In fact if I eat too much fruit have I have fructose malabsorption systems. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fructose_malabsorption

    The malabsorption systoms started months after I cut down on added refined sugar consumption. I’ve measured my blood glucose many times to look for blood glucose spikes or it just being high but have never seen much impact from eating fruit, even bananas. That doesn’t mean that is true for everyone.

    Actually I started checking blood glucose because of claims that artificial sweeteners cause blood glucose to spike, but I never saw one if there is. Maybe it does happen to some people. I’ve noticed some anti-artificial sweetener folks have gotten clever and are now claiming it causes insulin to spike, which is vastly more difficult to get a measurement of. However what most people don’t talk about is the amount of an artificial sweetener needed is tiny compared to a natural sugar like fructose. Typically like 1/100th the amount. Some experiments did find problems artificial sweeteners, but at insanely large doses. So I feel much safer drinking a diet cola if I’m going to drink a cola. I’m not claiming these are health foods either, they aren’t. Still there has been so much misinformation about refined sugar for so long, we think it is a natural food. It isn’t, refined sugar is also man-made and artificial.


    In the 70’s there were big pushes for everyone to give up butter and use margarine instead because it was healthy. Turns out it was the man-made trans fats causing a lot of the heart attacks. I eat a lot of margarine when I was a kid. Even when I got married I thought it was better than butter. However, my wife was cooking a lot and she would only use real butter because she didn’t like the taste of margarine. Turns out to be a good thing for me. 😀 Anyway that is kind of how I feel about the claims around refined sugar being “natural” and healthy.

    Day 22 Canton OH NFD
    First NFD this week! I broke my 16hr TRE with a cinnamon roll chaffle and burger sandwich. It reminds me of a mcgriddle but I feel better about eating it. Just in case you’re wondering what’s in a cinnamon roll chaffle: 1egg, ½ cup mozzarella cheese, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1TBS monkfruit sweetener – mixed up and cooked in my dash mini waffle-maker for 4minutes (makes 2 chaffles) – and guilt free pleasures beckons. I topped my burger with one slice of thick cut bacon, pickles and 1tbs mayo. Let’s just say I am a very happy camper!!!

    @flourbaby I love cheese too and was so sure it would be included – but I did not miss it, to be honest

    @songbirdme hope OH feels better

    @matpi and @i hate lettuce one of the benefits of this WOL is its customizable nature. What works for one person may not work for another; glad you’re figuring it out

    @jaifam internal conversations with myself about ingesting dragon unleashing foods followed the exact same sentiments. The cake and pizza may look, smell and taste good for a minute but the downside is a loss of control that causes setbacks that may take weeks ( in my case) to overcome. It’s just too much hard work for a minute or two of pleasure

    @daffodil2010 congrats on OH job! Definitely worth celebrating 🙂

    Enjoy hump day everyone!!!!

    Day 22 Canada NFD

    Small drop in the scales 😇

    @shinything good for you for hitting the reset button
    @songbirdme hoping your DH is feeling better today 🙏
    @flaquita you must be feeling great. It’s great when clothes confirm progress
    @lilymartin control definitely improves with practice
    @penz 😩
    @funshipfreddie thanks for the clarification 😂
    @jaifaim stay strong 💪
    @daffodil2010 glad you could 🎉
    @i-hate-lettuce good idea to listen to your body 👍

    I’m the only one responsible for reaching my goal weight 💪⬇️👖

    2nd post

    Fat Fast going well, and thanks to tip here from @emma-taylor who is enroute to Napoli, I have successfully cut and de-stoned my first avacado. YAY 😄

    Now what to do with it! The Fat Fast leaves me nice and sated, and a sneak peek on the scales after work and it’s looking good.

    @songbirdme, prayers for your DH’s return to good health.

    Until tomorrow my friends

    Day 22 Oxfordshire UK FD
    Today was the third of my b2b2b. Calories a little higher today, but I’ve managed 3L of water on all three days.
    Feeling much more in control thsi week.
    Tomorrow is my monthly rambling group outing which usually includes a pub lunch. So to counteract some of the harm I shall not break my fast until lunch then probably just having something much lighter in the evening. Hopefully combined with the walk I’ll be ok.
    enjoy the rest of day 22.

    Day 23, FD, Aus

    Really not feeling the love today (from a life/5:2 perspective) so will be relying heavily on this forum and the pocket list!

    Hi @ciren2, I’m also on a PC not phone. When you suggest looking in my history for a lost post, can you give me some more details please? Browsing history? Profile history?

    I really must work to incorporate planks into my daily routine as many of you have. Wonder if there’s a way to do that in the bathroom along with my squats…. Any ideas @flaquita?!

    Congratulations to MrDaffodil! And thinking of Mr Songbirdme – hoping it is as ‘simple’ as an infection and easy and quick to treat.

    @flourbaby, I’m reading your post at 8.23 in the morning and you have to mention wine and cheese. Thanks! Not. :) Just glad you didn’t add peanut butter to the post!

    Day 23 pocket list

    @daffodil2010 – glad the avocado destoning worked. There are so many new skills to learn out there. Naples is bonkers, but I knew that already. It’s like going back 400 years in time. And it’s so dark. And sooooo noisy. But, the food is just unbelievable. I’m hanging on by my coat-tails but it’s gonna be a serious business when I get home. I’m trying not to pig out, just to eat normally and deal with the consequences when I get back. But every single thing you eat is fantastic. Hey ho. I wasn’t expecting miracles. H

    Day 23 country West Australia FD

    Day 23 – Japan – NFD

    Update: I took my OH to the emergency room since he just could not shake what was making him so ill. They ran some tests and admitted him to the hospital for IV antibiotics. He likely will need to be there several days for them, the nurses believed. Prayers much appreciated.

    It turned out the oral surgery, early bone grafts for dental implants they did a week ago, had become infected and likely into his blood.

    Day 23: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD:

    @penz: Computer wizardry is NOT my thing, but I have discovered that, on my PC, at least, down the left hand side (sometimes it’s along the top) among various little icon things, is one for browsing history….hey presto, it brings up the pages you’ve been looking at, today, yesterday, etc. Click on the appropriate fast-diet page, maybe back arrow it to find the place where your post was entered. Copy and paste….wey-hey! It worked for me, once. I have to say that , another time I couldn’t get the relevant page….so, maybe worth experimenting.

    Off to work shortly…I have to go a bit earlier to get everything done, as I have two appointments this afternoon.

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    It’s Day 3.5 of my Fat Fast and all going well. Will see what tomorrow brings. I am posting earlier than usual as I start work at 8am today, but finish at 16.30….yay! Salmon, avacado, olives and baby spinach leaves for lunch.

    My friend and I are going shopping for birthday banners etc after work but I intend to get home for a spinach omelette dinner straight after and put her off if she suggests dinner.

    We are both (my friend and I) flying to Lanzarote in two weeks time, me for a weeks holiday, and she for four weeks! She is officially retiring next Friday and there will be a party with a frock to fit into……so I have two good excuses to decline impromptu meals out 👍

    @songbirdme my goodness, that’s serious stuff with your DH. He is in the right place and prayers being sent for quick recovery. Take care of yourself too.

    @penz, although it wasn’t there yesterday your post has re-appeared!! I have tasted avacado before, just never at home, so I probably would have tried hacking at it without the help of Jamie Oliver and YouTube!

    @emma-taylor ohhh Naples sounds interesting. I have driven through and around it many times but never stayed. It always seems so much different to the rest of Italy, and kind of challenging for the traveller….and your description is exactly apt. It sounds like Palermo…..stunning setting, ancient city, but down at heel and wits needed about you!!! Enjoy!!

    So, shall we have another Pocket Lust day…heh heh heh 😉

    Day 23 – CD – Ireland
    🚫 ✅ 🤸‍♂️
    Tough week continues….quick lunch with some family today but will choose wisely… I’ve been very active this week so maybe that will help we’ll see… 2 min plank yesterday and lots of squats between loo visits and gym class…. I’ll be sore tomorrow 😂
    Congrats to your DH @daffodil2010 👍 will the new job be less physical I wonder? I can’t believe you had neither bought nor prepared avocado 🥑 before… I love them! And about two years developed an intolerance to them but cut it from my diet for 6 months and can eat them again now … I, in the other hand have never bought sardines, mackerel etc… would love to love them but just can’t do oily fish.😂😂
    @suki2 and @ I-hate-lettuce i’m a french speaker too and spent a good part of my life in France and have some family there..love the language and the lifestyle… if you want to improve your french there are great series and films on Netflix and Channel 4 which can help. Even being able to just greet someone in their language makes such a difference and shows them the respect you have for them and their culture… 💕… In this case a little goes a very very long way.. 👍
    @songbirdme I hope your OH is doing ok! 🙏
    Good luck to all the fasters today!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 23 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @songbirdme – Hope Mr S recovers quickly and returns to the nest soon.

    @jaifaim – My French sometimes sounds like I’m in an episode of ‘Allo Allo’ but that only adds to the fun! Especially when I’ve been in a local market and struggled along and the stallholder in the end answers me in very good English with a big smile!

    Yes going to nail it this week, felt better yesterday after a couple of wobbly days, fastening the belt this morning … getting ready for another notch!

    @bellyblast – you’re right, as you others have mentioned ‘whatever works for me’.

    So have cut down a bit on water, not much, but also think I’ve not been drinking my ‘allocation’ early enough in the day, so towards end of walk possibly dehydrated. Basically I’m out early in the day either MOAM walking or a longer walk. It’s been cold recently and getting a bit older it has a slightly annoying effect on the bladder, which ‘interrupts’ the walk, so tend to drink most in the afternoon.
    Also having a good look through my daily records and gone back to what I was doing, there’s maybe a touch of trying too hard in there as well.

    But going to have another FD today and joining others on the LUST list, the power of the group, encouragement and advice driving us along to our common goal!

    Take care all

    Day 23 Pocket list

    Day 23 – 2nd post

    Brilliant comment from my OH just now …

    “I’ve started putting some of your clothes in the tumble drier, need them to shrink.”

    RESULT !

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    Day 23, London, UK, FD,

    Another FD for me, it may well be the ONLY reason for me to go to work!!!

    Yesterday’s OMAD FD went so well that I’m repeating it today, usually I bring some soup or snack cheese to work as an emergency hunger killer, but today, just a sachet of miso soup as I’m clearly strong enough to ride the hunger wave particularly if I drown dragons in 3L water!!

    Congratulations Mr. @daffodil2010, hopefully this job isn’t as physically taxing on the knee??!!

    @dykask, so true, we used to listen to the ‘experts’ because we had so little information, these days we question EVERYTHING. Probably because we have easy access to information, false or not, via the internet. It’s best to inform yourself, research and make your own mind up, there are too many ulterior motives out there to take ANYONE’S word for it!!

    @basyjames & @jaifaim, that internal conversation is an easy one to have with myself, exactly as you describe it @basyjames, however ………………… add a glass or two (bottle!) of red wine to the conversation and ALL bets are off!!! Decision making & making healthy wise dragon slaying choices is NOT recommended after the vino ………………………… no wonder we don’t drink & drive!!!

    Right back atcha @penz …………………………. 10 a.m. and (whisper it!!! peanut butter has raised its ugly, addictive, tasty, moreish head!!! …………… where’s that miso sachet???

    Ok, so I’m crossing Naples off of the ‘places to visit’ list @emma-taylor ………………. It sound equally heavenly and hellish!!!!

    @songbird me, I’m sending extra strength healing vibes & prayers to Mr. @songbirdme, the hospital will have him fixed up in no time!!

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 23 UK NFD

    Yoga then lunch and theatre matinee – Jennifer Saunders in Blithe Spirit Just hoping I can control my Patsy & Edina tendencies

    @emmataylor Love Naples – been through quickly a few times and wasn’t keen Had a few days and once you’re used to it you start to appreciate it I find it fascinating- Enjoy

    speedy recovery Mr Songbird x

    Day 23- Atlanta, Ga. -USA- B2B FD

    Day 23 Canton OH FD

    @songbirdme sorry to hear about DH, I’m so glad you went in to the ER. Blood infections are nothing to joke about, they can go bad very quickly. The IV antibiotics should do the trick, will continue to keep him in prayer

    @i hate lettuce #winning!!

    @flourbaby I agree, that conversation is only possible when there is NO wine involved. I also don’t drink enough water when I am imbibing which compounds my problem. But I love wine, and would love to find a way to imbibe and exercise restraint. Someone please share when you figure it out

    @emmataylor will add Naples to my list of places to visit on my European tour. It sounds like just what the doctor ordered

    Pocket List – Day 23

    Day 23 – 2nd post

    I’m not really trying to lose weight. I might at some point decide to lose a few more kg but it isn’t a pressing concern. I carried a bag for my son to the airport a few weeks ago. It was a bulky duffel bag and it seemed really heavy by the time I put it on the ticket agents scale. It was only 13kg. That is only 1/2 of what I lost. I was kind of shocked I used to carry around that much extra weight all the time. No wonder I didn’t feel good.

    So why an I still fasting? There are a few reasons.

    1) Fasting is still having positive impacts on my health and it is getting easier to do. The best way to make fasting easy is just to keep repeating it. (At least for me.)

    2) I really enjoy eating and strangely fasting make eating even more enjoyable. I think it makes me more mindful of eating. I also get to eat more food in general without guilt or fat gain.

    3) Sometimes fasting isn’t fun, but I actually do enjoy letting my body just empty out. It isn’t the same as eating, but there is some good general feeling I often get from it.

    4) Fasting is getting easier, working out fasted is getting easier, I’m getting stronger, my body is continuing to change and adapt. I’m hopeful it is healthy, at least it seems healthy. I’m curious to see where it will go.

    I’m reading a book by David Sinclair, “Lifespan Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To.” I bought after listening to a youtube video of a talk he gave. He thinks we are only decades away from extending our lifespans. Not sure if that will help me but he mentioned a bunch of things he and family are doing. He mentioned fasting more than a few times. I’m not afraid of dying, but I don’t want to become a living corpse either. Many people suffer so much the last years or even decades of their lives. My father has a brother that is two years older than him, but one would think he is 20 years older as the last decade has been hard on him. (My father is almost 88.) My mother died this last year, she was 81, but she had extremely poor quality of life for years. The doctors probably could have done more and saved her, but to be honest there wouldn’t have been any point to it, she had been gone for some time. That isn’t how I want to go.

    So I’m hopeful that fasting will continue to help me. I hope fasting will continue to also help all of you putting so much effort into it,

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