January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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  • 3rd post – phew made it now the rest of my fasting will occur when I’m asleep. Just have to build on this. Someone on another thread called their nfd a slow day. I think I might adopt it for a while and see if it has any effect (affect?). Usually after a fast day I’m already planing what I can have but a slow day seems well…. slower lol

    Day 29, Guildford UK, NFD

    Two days of tax returns left.

    Then freedom and sleep.


    Rainbowsmile, don’t even mention it! Ugh! We are just getting into tax time here now. Not my favorite time of year!! Hope I don’t wind up stress eating! LOL

    2nd post

    OK reason #6578 to NOT depend on the scale for basis of your mood…

    Today after an unexpected CD yesterday and a FD today (that I am feeling good about BTW)… I decided to step on the scale this afternoon. Mid day but still sans clothing. Why? Because I was actually feeling “light” and thought, hmmm I wonder. Does this feeling mean I have shed a pound or two?
    And guess what!! Two pounds HIGHER than my last weigh-in!!!

    Now I know that doesn’t really shock any of us. But what I found most disturbing was the almost instantaneous feeling that came with it. No more “lightness” but instead a desire to march to the kitchen and eat something. Like “well fine, clearly nothing works for long with me so I will just eat what I want to.”

    Now I didn’t do it. I breathed and told myself to hold on and think again. I looked for diversion in a book and it worked. Now posting here.

    The mind’s power is incredible. Don’t forget to tell yourself positive affirmations and remember you have friends and louder voices here when things get tough!

    Oh and PS–do NOT step on the scale mid-day… Like ever.😂😂

    Day 26 – FD
    Day 27 – nfd
    Day 28 – nfd
    Day 29 – nfd

    Been late checking in since this weekend was busy with family. I am officially a godmother to my new nephew! And he is a cutie. Got many compliments from my family – they finally noticed I lost some weight! 🙂 Feeling good, even though the scales haven’t budged.

    B2B fasts planned for the last two days of the month. Likely didn’t meet my goal, but I’m just going to keep on going right into February and work harder next month. I stuck to 5:2 the whole month, just other life things got in the way that messed up my nfds. I know the problem, now on to the solution! If only it was so simple…

    @mjrbcd44 – never midday! But something that might make you feel better. If you were only 2 pounds heavier at midday, then it is very likely you are lighter and you might have seen a difference first thing in the morning! Actually, a 2 pound fluctuation is nothing!

    Day 29, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Back to work, back to fasting. Felt great – lots of green tea, lots of exercise. Simple salad for dinner with just vinegar and a splash of olive oil.

    To your health, all.

    Day 30 – Japan – NFD 82.3kg

    Good fast day. @coda, sugar (at least fructose) and alcohol are pretty similar in how your liver processes them and generally pretty negative. Alcohol impacts the brain differently, but liver it is pretty much the same thing. The alcohol commonly drank is derived from fructose so it isn’t too surprising. Now how much fructose makes to the liver is really complex with lots of factors. From refined sugars it seems it is very high with little to prevent it. Fruit that often has a lot of fructose has compounds that can slow or reduce the amount of fructose absorbed. Things like unsweetened fruit juice are more complex. Sweetened drinks though have been shown to have large and rapid negative impacts on liver health. Candy is probably also bad but I can’t ever recall seeing a study about it. Anyway, it is in our nature to have harmful vices of one kind or another.

    WOW … The pocket list really grew! Hang in there as the fasts are almost over! (Done for me. 🙂 )

    @steve toon taxi driver

    Day 29 California FD

    Posting late today as it was a busy day. Fast day for me is almost over. I really needed it this week to regain my wiggle room.

    @steve toon taxi driver

    Day 30, Norway, CD

    Im losing hope 🙁 I’ve gained 1.3kg since my lowest…I’m back up at 84.9 🙁
    Did a good FD kcal/food wise yesterday…The hospital called and needed some white bloodcells immediatly, so I had to chucnk down something with proteins pretty quick. Had a yoghurt, and a small fish and carrot dinner in the evening…still up on the scales…only 35 days to my usa trip…no where near a bikinibody yet!!

    Im hoping that some of the reason why is due to the “time of the month”, but cant blame it all on that…and i know i dont drink enough water by far…but otherwise i thought i was doing good…, well at least OK.. enough mowning from me 🙂

    Norway, Day 30, FD

    OK so yesterday’s FD turned into an OOCD. So here I am, starting out fresh with a new FD today. I have a lot of water retention this week, had an active weekend with ice fishing (it is HARD to drill those holes through 40 cm of sea ice!) and quite a lot of alcohol. So I do not like the scales right now. But I know it will go back as soon as I get my head out of my ass (excuse my language) and drink lots and lots of water!

    @maayyaa I easily gain 2 kg when I have my period, so actually I do think you can blame it all on that 🙂 You have come SO far, I envy you (in a good way)! We started out at the same weight, and you are waaaay ahead of me. You go girl! It takes strength to keep on fasting when there is a platau, and you are doing it! Jeg heier på deg!

    Day 30, UK, FD
    74.1 kg. Successful 0 kcal B2B didn’t shift the weight gain from Saturday, so water retention plus the dreaded lurgies has blown any chance of me getting to my revised January target. Out for a curry banquet this evening, but at least I shall stay off the sauce! Then another FD tomorrow and the January challnge will be over.

    48 hours my friends. We’ve got this!

    Day 30, Cornwall UK, NFD

    I enjoy the stories of sugar addiction as I can pass by chocolate with no regret. Where are all you SALT addicts? Own up now – crisps and buttered toast! Thats my weakness. I can’t be the only one out there?

    I have decided our love of these calorie-dense foods is natural and the answer is not to have them in the house or car or bag!

    Day 30, NSW Australia, NFD
    Hi everyone. So happy today – weight this morning was 77.9kg – my January Challenge was to be 78kg, so I have met my target – feels good! Still a long way to go. Looking forward to the February Challenge – keeps me accountable and so more likely to succeed. The health benefits are amazing!
    Congrats to all those that have had a loss, and also everyone else for hanging in there and having a go. We can do this!
    Enjoy whatever you are doing and bye for now!

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    2nd in the 3 day B2B FD marathon to finish off January. I did not dare weigh yesterday after my out of control Sunday, but this mornings scale shows a modest .75 lb increase from Saturday. Probably I weighed way more yesterday!!!

    However, I think the holiday bloating and general blah is going. I look slimmer, I don’t feel like I am sloshing around, toilet time is back to normal as the 3.5 litres of daily water do their thing, plus, My skin has cleared up. Last week I had dry skin and spots!!! Today it’s looking good and clear.

    Holidays sure do a number on ya! I must have been very dehydrated in Peru 😨

    @cornish-jane. Hello fellow SALT addict. Thank goodness you came forward. I have also been reading all the sugar stories, and although I do love the odd sweet thing, I can happily leave a bag of sweets fur ages, chocolates are in my cupboard from Christmas and do not sing to me..

    BUT…..crisps!! White bread!! Oh dear, if there is a white sliced pan of bread in the house it’s to the toaster I go and the bread won’t last too long. So we do not have commercially made bread in the house. I make my own oat bran bread (throwback to my Dukan Diet days), and if there are guests we buy good wholemeal bread. But I LOVE hot buttered toast.

    So yeah, guess we all have something that’s our downfall. I dont have a sweet tooth
    But my DH does, and I have watched in amazement as he mindlessly polishes off a tub of ice cream 😳 I could be like that with toast 😨

    Stay focused, just two more days. My January goal was reached 4th Jan, but the trip to Peru shot my weight up so no hope of getting back to 132 by Thursday morning. No matter, that will be my goal for February.

    Together we are stronger

    Day 30 Belfast CD

    I stepped on the scales this morning and they were at an all time low. So delighted. And on a positive note regarding my sugar addiction, I have a box of M&S Belgian biscuits from before Christmas and I still haven’t finished the top layer. Yey!

    @maayyaa – keep strong. As Bert would tell you in no uncertain terms, the scales tell lies! It will come right. Hang in there!
    @mari84 – Ice fishing sounds really exciting. What a joy it is to read about different parts of the world.

    Off to Pilates and then a walk. I am on the home straight to maintenance. I’m not sure when I’ll stop. I guess I’ll know but it’s soon. My focus must now be the quality of my diet.
    Have a good day everyone.

    Hello from NI, day 30, slow day – still fasting with only a cup of coffee tho I can’t take it black.

    I plan to break my fast at lunch time with lots of salad leaves, an avocado, sprinkle of pumpkin seeds, chilli flakes and a dressing made up of ACV, olive oil and lime juice and S&P. I have changed my routine and instead of getting the papers in the shop who know I like the Lyons Midget gems (with the liquorice ones) I nearly feel obliged to buy them. I get the papers in another shop (now I know they also sell the midget gems but I don’t walk past them to get the papers). I also bought my boss his scone without the need to buy 2 for myself and I didn’t bring ‘real’ butter to keep in the office as I won’t eat butter look alike spread. So far so good and I saw a nice drop in the scales – still a way to go to get to where I was but at least heading in the right direction.

    Congratulations @debster251 for a long time you and I were about the same but whereas I fell backwards you traveled on towards maintenance. I am so pleased for you. WELL DONE YOU!💃🎉 so true about the 🐢 he gets there eventually.

    Day 30 Newcastle UK FD 🇬🇧.

    Day 30 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Day 30, Hampshire, UK – NFD

    Another successful FD yesterday, I was able to avoid the 6 different types of desert/cakes/chocolates which appeared in the office throughout the day – had I had a bit of each (as I usually would), I would have easily consumed 2000cal – starting to understand more why I have gained weight in the first place :O

    jumped on the scaled this morning as I usually do and its 72.6kg, I knew the 1kg up yesterday was to do with my period so I’m pretty happy that the scales are back down. Final weigh in tomorrow, I’m hoping to maintain 🙂

    Lets get ready for that February challenge !!!!

    Day 30, London, UK FD,

    I’m not going to add the pressure of calling this the 1st FD of a B2B2B, I’m just taking this one day at a time from now on, however, I have planned February’s meals so I can sensibly add or omit depending on whether I make CDs or FDs, avoiding NFDs until I get some control back!!!!

    @coda, I certainly have a sensitivity to sugar which plays havoc with my hormones & consequently my mood, there’s just no off switch and having asked myself the same question, “Will I ever be able to have just a little?” I’ve concluded that I really can’t!!!! It’s sad but true, I keep testing myself, but each and every time I end up hurling myself off of the wagon, I don’t have an issue with alcohol, but cake, sweets, pastry ……………………… FLOUR PRODUCTS in general made me what I am today, so I’m learning to be generous – have one biscuit, donate the remainder to colleagues, family or friends, and if I get desperate – Gulp – BIN IT!!!! (Easier said than done!!!) I’ll gradually wean myself off of these things. I’m skipping Xmas this year too!!!! I really believe gut bacteria is the key, I’m experimenting with psyllium and Greek yoghurt (full fat) at the moment. Having completed the daily Xmas EFS (Epic face stuffing) followed by the struggle to drag myself back onto the wagon, todays ‘moving the trousers pin’ episode, IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, shook me enough to realise that for me, that biscuit, slice of cake, single wine gum is EXACTLY like that cigarette that I KNOW will start the addiction all over again, so eventually I’ll just have to say NO!! Thanks for your post @happymargo – there IS light at the end of the sugary tunnel!!!

    Hmmm, don’t hate me, @daffodil2010 & @cornish-jane. I recall a doctor/nutritionist saying bread was just as bad as sugar, a few chews combined with saliva and it was like injecting sugar directly into your bloodstream. When I say I struggle with sugar, I always include bread in that too and crisps, maybe not for the salt but for the carbs…………… i.e. sugar!!!!! My sugar tooth happens to be both sweet and savoury, equal rights and all that!!!!!!

    @debster251, congrats on the ATL, I saw mine about 6 weeks ago but I think it was a mirage, ‘cause it disappeared in a haze!!! (Xmas booze haze!!!)

    Thanks for hosting us this month @mjrbcd44, I wish it had been more successful for more of us, but you know what???………………….. February is a whole new month and unlike those ‘diets’ out there, I know falling off this particular wagon is just another bump in the road we call LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Onward & Downwards people!!!!!

    @flourbaby – bread is my downfall too. It’s guaranteed to pile weight on, and although I love it, it doesn’t make me feel good. So your information about it being as bad as sugar ( it is a version of sugar after all) makes complete sense and might help me resist.
    Thanks. Have a good day, all.

    Day 30, FD, Copenhagen, DK.

    I’m still here! Fasting today, very hungry and only 6 hours of sleep last night. Was weighed at my doctor’s appointment this morning, and the reading was 3 kg higher than the one I got at home…. damn.

    And I now have further incentive to lose weight – my cousin is throwing a party in July, celebrating her birthday and the fact that she’s done studying, and I need to look amazing by then. So… I’ll just keep on keeping on.

    Happy fast day to everyone – and happy Tuesday x

    Day 30 – NFD – Surrey UK

    Jan target in sight!

    So, yesterday was a FD for me. I just had water + tea + coffee (incl. milk) up until 4pm, then I ate a light supper of home-made coleslaw (same recipe I gave earlier) and a small helping of cottage cheese, plus an orange. Hubby took me to a comedy show later on, which provided a welcome distraction from the evening snack dragon, to whom I am already well acquainted! I took some sugar free chewing gum, which also helps overcome that metallic taste I get sometimes towards the end of a FD.

    The scales this morning showed I’m now 12st 10lb, or 178lb, a 2lb loss overnight! BUT I am learning from other posters not to pay too much attention to daily fluctuations of the scales! The main thing is, I’m delighted to have met my target this month (180lb) – and no I don’t intend to blow it by feasting today!!

    I’ve been thinking about what my target for Feb should be – and beyond that, up until mid-May, when I go on holiday again. I’d like to get down to 12st (168lb) for my hols. That means a steady 1lb a week loss. I’ll continue with 5:2 for the time being, as it seems to be working for me at this stage of my journey.

    Thank you to all you wonderful posters out there for sharing your journeys. You have really given this newbie some much-needed support and encouragement. Thank you especially to @mjrbcd44 and @daffodil2010 for hosting this and next months’ challenges. It’s been wonderful, and I look forward to continuing with you all!

    Hugs and kisses all round!! (((( )))) xxxxx

    Day 30, FD (or it better be!), USA

    Yesterday was supposed to be my usual FD but for some reason at the end of the day I decided to blow it. Had far too much alcohol too so I’m feeling really bleh today. Why do I self-sabotage!??!

    Have enjoyed all your posts and thank you for the laugh Mjrbcd44 about your nasty scales. I count myself lucky that I can open a bag of sugary goodness and not feel compelled to eat the whole packet, but I cannot leave a half open bottle of wine. A glass half full for me just means room for more! I’m really disappointed with myself from last night because I have been quite controlled lately. Oh well.

    2nd post – ramble and confession alert – When I was having my nfd’s I would treat myself to a scone, I love cherry or fruit scones – well 2 actually as one was just not enough. I spread on the real butter, has to be real butter, and just out of the fridge so it could go on nice and thick – delicious but I noticed by the time I had finished my tummy would have expanded quite dramatically and usually by the afternoon I was nipping to the shops for my midget gems. The bag would be gone in no time and then I would go home and eat my dinner 1. I could eat again no problem maybe not as hungry but 2. I was eating normally as though I hadn’t just devoured 2 scones and a bag of sweets. I was eating junk at work instead of a healthy lunch and if I was still eating in the car on the way home I made sure the packet was stuffed into the kitchen bin -out of sight of anyone else. So again just like the secret drinker – I was eating/bingeing in secret too. So not only was I not fooling anyone but me but I was not giving my body what it really needed – no wonder it kept wanting more of something in the hope I would eventually feed it correctly. I hope after yesterdays successful fast it has been like a reboot – my job now is to not re-introduce the substance that causes the damage and make sure I feed my body with the good stuff. I can’t expect to be healthy if I eat unhealthy and I don’t want to get sick. I need to do my part in avoiding hospitals especially given the disarray the health service is in.
    When I felt desperate – I didn’t see loosing weight as a long term plan I wanted it off and I wanted it off now – I’ll tell you all something which only my family know and which brought me to 5:2. A well meaning friend sent me a link for some products that had such dramatic weight loss to a well known celebrity (supposedly). I clicked on the link and read about the tablets which sounded as though they were based on natural products – green tea etc – what could I loose except the weight that was yo-yo-ing about for years – lose it, gain it nothing seemed to do the trick. So I decided to purchase the product £34 or thereabouts – I knew as soon as I clicked the button it was not right – it flashed up £200 would be deducted from my account. That feeling in the pit of my stomach was awful – I got in touch with my bank but they couldn’t stop the transaction but referred me to the fraud department. I didn’t even know if I would get the product. I then googled the site and found it was scamming lots of people some received the tablets but were scammed out of more money others didn’t even get the product – why I didn’t google first I don’t know. My bank were fantastic and refunded the money within a few weeks. So while that was bad enough what really hit home was the reaction of my son – even now I feel my eyes fill up – he was so shocked by what I had done – me who was anti sweeteners, me who had told them all about the dangers of drugs – one can kill and I felt gutted. I was terribly upset not about the money but that I was prepared to put my life in danger for a quick fix and had let my children down. That has stayed with me forever. Not long after there were a few instances in the news about women dying after taking diet pills – that could have been me. I then was bombarded with emails and shock horror the pictures were off a different celebrity who had this great success. A very steep learning curve. I signed up to this forum in July 2015 and while I am definitely taking the slow route compared to some – it is my journey and it will take as long as it takes. When I get frustrated or have a set back I have to get things into perspective. Thanks for listening x

    Day 30 – UK – NFD

    Well it’s just turned into a NFD – I had hoped for a B2B but after a really good day yesterday 2pm arrived and I broke the second day fast… Hey ho! I haven’t gone completely mad – just five small crackers and some cream cheese followed by a raspberry yoghurt. Maybe if I fast from now on my intentions could be retrieved.

    @fatfingers – perhaps we can keep one another company as I am exactly the same weight as you and have the same goal for the middle of May when I go on holiday! I won’t meet my January target however and February starts with a Rome trip to watch the 6 Nations! I won’t be refusing the pasta there!

    I think I will commit to a second post when I turn in to let you know if the rest of the day has been a fast – that should do the trick!

    Day 30 Akron OH FD
    Thank you for sharing your story @coda, just getting this out there is so important, not just for those who can learn from it but also for you to get your healing. This is an important part of our journey, getting in touch with self, owning up to the lows and breaking free of the addictions that hold us back.
    Until very recently, I was an intensive care nurse and I will never forget one of our patients, an otherwise healthy beautiful 18 year old girl, who ended up in ICU unconscious and in a coma from taking diet pills. She was not even what I would call overweight, she just had a solid build to her; even in a coma you could tell she was gorgeous. Unfortunately, she did not recover and was eventually taken off life support, what a waste and tragedy.
    We have got to change the way we see ourselves and the way we relate to food. Mental rehab I call it. Prior to finding this way of life, I had been dieting for so long that I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. And it took me a while to break free of that. I still struggle sometimes, especially when the stressors in my life tip the scales.
    I know I feel better when I eat healthy, I don’t know why I still consider it a ‘treat” when I put unhealthy foods and drinks in my body. This is something I am working on right now, change the way my mind thinks to see “treats” as healthy fruits and vegetables and not the alcohol or refined carbs that make me feel awful.
    Like you said @coda, this is a journey; a very important one that we all must take ownership of. Thank you for sharing and I thank God for this forum.

    2nd post

    @toddybear – I’ll be delighted to keep company with you! I hope you have a lovely time in Rome, and go easy on the pasta!

    @coda and @basyjames – thank you too for sharing your stories. It just goes to show, this journey is tough at times.

    Slight digression here but I hope this will make sense: In the past, I have been a carer for elderly relatives with dementia. Someone once said to me that caring is rather like holding a glass of water at arm’s length. At first, it feels OK and you think you can hold the glass forever. Over time though, the glass starts to feel heavy. Then, one day, you find you can’t hold it any more and…..

    I wonder if that is a good analogy for this WOE? On good days, we might think we can carry on forever. However, something comes along to de-rail us and we find we have to put the glass down, metaphorically speaking, and have that sugary treat or whatever. I’m a long way off from a maintenance programme at this stage so it’s not for me to judge, but I wonder if the key to long term success is being able to put the glass down and take a rest from time to time? And how do we do that without breaking the glass? I think I should study the maintenance thread for ideas!

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Day 30 – SW WA USA – NFD or FD?

    Yesterday wasn’t the FD at first anticipated as I ended up helping a friend celebrate her birthday. I made good choices as we were at Red Robin, but just ate more than if I would have had my soup for supper at home. The scale was still down this morning, as I get rid of the popcorn sodium retention from the weekend. I’ll aim at another FD today but with the permission to change gears if my body needs to.

    @fatfingers – BTW there are quite a number of folks on the maintenance stretch on this site as well. The spreadsheet has them highlighted. They give the rest of us lots of hope.

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 30, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Day 30 NFD Oregon USA

    Successful FD yesterday and drank lots of water. Multiple trips to the “loo” (really a much better word you fabulous Brit’s) during the night but hey–at least I drank enough!

    @coda what a fantastic post. What I love most about this forum is all of you longtimers sharing your journeys. Even many who have “only been at it” for a year…all of you spend time and energy focused on your health and figuring out how your food choices make feel. How in the world could anyone interpret this as a “fad diet”??

    We experience successes and we stumble, and yes @fatfingers even sometimes we set the glass down for a bit. This WOL won’t be for everyone. And that’s OK.
    What is most important is if it works for you.😊

    As I am three months in tomorrow I can tell you that I haven’t really done my “best” in many situations. But I am a lot more aware every time I make choices (good and bad). I am prepared to change my eating habits for the rest of my life and since it’s taken me 53 years to get here, I suppose it should be no surprise that it will take a while to make those
    real changes.

    The blessing is finding this forum which gives us a place to rant, rave, vent, laugh, ponder, and support each other along the way.

    Preaching to the choir. 😊😊

    One more day of this month and I may switch my FD to tomorrow to see if I can dispense another half pound. February here we come!! 💪💪💪

    “Figure out what is good for you and then create a liking for it. You have to work at living!

    Day 30, UK, NFD

    Yesterday was a really successful FD, I believe around 400 cal 🙂 . And to my surprise, when I stepped on scales this morning they showed 55kg, which is my January goal 💫 . So pleased 😀 . It might show slightly different tomorrow but nevertheless, its a great feeling \o/

    Thank you for sharing your stories @coda and @basyjames , its so scary and sad reading how people fall in danger out of frustration. And one more sign that its better to go natural and even slow way. We must never forget to treat ourselves and our bodies with kindness 💜

    The last day tomorrow, Feb is almost here and the new challenge.

    Stay strong everyone 🤗

    Day 30 California NFD

    Lost just about all I gained on the weekend so down to 58.2 this morning,

    @debster251, congrats on getting to your all time low weight!

    Day 30 NFD
    Las Vegas NV

    cornishjane and daffodil2010 sweet things don’t call to me at all but good bread or rolls with butter or good potato chips I can eat all day! I don’t allow them in the house.

    Debster251 congrats on a new low!

    Coda, thank you for sharing your story. We all have dark moments that challenge us and so few of us ever come clean.

    Yesterday’s WF was routine. They feel normal to me now. Off to the gym to do my HIIT on the bike. My body feels much better, not much soreness at all after exercising anymore

    Day 30 NF day Stevensville Maryland USA

    Day 30 UK CD

    Coming in late after a full day, desperate for late supper but even keener to catch up here first! Goodness knows what I weigh, i’m only here for the insights 🙂

    @coda @fatfingers @basyjames thank you all for sharing your insightful and inspiring posts. That’s exactly what I’m here for – learning alongside and from the precious wisdom that only grows in our experiences of vulnerability.

    “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

    2nd post.
    Indian banquet was ok. Left plenty of it when I felt full 😇 A bit of snacking earlier in the day though, so not quite sure what today will do to the scales. A final FD tomorrow to finish off January. And then it is into maintenance.

    2nd post

    In bed, on the iPad, and wanted to thank you guys for saving a potential blip on my otherwise successful FD. I was thinking of snacking, had an URGE to go grazing, when I remembered somebody’s advice to just clean your teeth! So I did!! No way do I want to snack now. So it’s catch up on the forum and my halo has not slipped for the day.


    @flourbaby…..you are right, I have heard there is a huge amount of sugar in white bread…so, guess I am a sugar addict. Fact, I really try to avoid all white carbs as much as possible. They don’t satisfy me and only make my cravings worse. So rarely do I have pasta, rice, bread, potatoes …..
    Ha ha for your equal opportunities sugar addiction 😂😂

    @debster251 Hurrah for your all time low!! Delighted for you. 🤗 Good work in January

    @coda thank you for sharing that story. I too was once tempted by diet pills, I bought a months supply, but luckily they did not do me any harm, nor, however, did they help me lose weight. I never gave a thought until now of the potential danger I might have put myself in 😨
    @basyjames and reading how your young patient did not make it after overdosing on diet pills, it’s really scary to think of. Thank God I saw sense and stopped taking them.

    @fatfingers I like that analogy of holding the glass at arms length. I have lost weight before but struggle to maintain, perhaps that’s when the glass gets too hard to hold for me and I drop it. But I don’t want this WOE to be the same, and I do think maintenance will be easier as its a WOL.

    Day 30, Gozo, Malta, fd

    More like a cd today. I went over 800 calories. Scales showed I was up by 0.6 kilos from yesterday.

    Thanks Coda and Basyjames for sharing your stories.

    Mjrbcd44 thanks for hosting January. I’m about one kilo more than when I started this month. While I babysit I have started to snack again. I want to have healthier eating habits with this wol.

    Good night 🌙😴💤 everyone, onwards and downwards

    Day 30, Germany, NFD
    So many temptations again (I am talking about leftovers from my kids 🙈) – yet, I was doing much better with it today. I really wanna make this my February challenge – just focus on this one thing! To just throw leftovers away!! Feel really kind of not normal, because it is such a problem for me… 😕
    Tomorrow will be my FD that didn’t really happen yesterday. And then I am very excited about my weigh in on Thursday and am looking forward to February challenge! 🎉 – New month, new chance! Would like to reach a stable point of maintenance until the end of February…
    Have a good last day of January everybody tomorrow! ☺

    Second post

    @coda – thank you for sharing your frank ‘confession’. If the truth be told, it could be any of us. Don’t we all wish for that quick fix? That Cinderella wand that will allow us to go to the Ball as a beautiful and thin princess? Despite the fact that our predicament is probably the product of many years of poor eating choices, we all would like to wake up tomorrow as a skinny butterfly emerging from that fat cocoon. Just as you were there for us, so we’re holding out our hands to you now.
    Thank you @basyjames for the humbling reality. You’re right. The key to success is our relationship to food, particularly our NFDs.
    @fatfingers that was a great analogy. Thank you. Yes, in the middle of this month I dropped the glass. But I got a fresh one and filled it right up. That’s the joy of this WOL. The RESET button. I know you’ll do well at maintenance.
    @michelinme – I love that quote ‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
    @miraclelou if you encouraged your children not to put so much on their plates, and go back for seconds if they are still hungry would that maybe do away with some of the leftovers? I’m not sure what age they are. I’m from the clean plate brigade and still struggle sometimes, but found that by putting the food in dishes on the table and allowing the kids to choose what they ate, it was a start to sorting my problem.

    For all those in the tortoise group 🐢 remember, if you lose half a pound a week, you’ll lose 26 pounds a year.

    Just to say everyone, I have no idea who you are but, I find your comments very helpful – some hilarious!

    I am very new to the group but would love to join your tight community. Is that ok? I gather you had some sort of January challenge; will you have one in February? Can I join you?

    Tomorrow is my second FD. I am well organised to face the day and most importantly, not to eat after my evening meal!!!!

    Speak to you all tomorrow, and thank you for all your good comments

    2nd post

    @igorek –welcome! Of course you can join us. 😊 I remember when I first started posting (back in November) and all these people seemed like they had been around forever and all knew each other so well…it was a little intimidating. Well all I can say is just jump on in, the water is fine! Everyone has been nothing short of welcoming, encouraging, informative and yes–down right hilarious sometimes.

    Look in the forums and you will find the February challenge already set up by our Peruvian Travel Star-@Daffodil2010. (And if you don’t know what I mean by that just peruse the January posts as our friend @daffodil took us to Macchu Pichu and back on her fabulous trip.

    I’m probably biased, but the “challenge” folks are the best and keeping daily accountability has proven to be a very successful tool.

    Day 30, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Second fast day went fine, lots of planking around !

    Plan to have a light salad for dinner and read up a bit.

    To your health, all.

    Hi. Do I have to do anything else other than say here – please add me into the February challenge?

    I’m staying dry, by the way, if anybody else wants to keep on keeping on. FD went ok yesterday. Next one Thursday.

    Happy last day of January everybody. The days are getting lighter every day ( in our hemisphere anyway,,,).

    Day 31, Norway, NDF (I’m SOOO hungry today, and I was soooo hungry all evening yesterday, but managed not to eat)

    Thank you @mari84 and @debster251 for kind words and chearing for me 🙂
    I will try to pin this “non weight-loss” to the time of the month, and do my best for February to be better, MUCH better. Even though yesterday was not an FD, it turned in to a CD at least, so I was down 0.2kg today.. I will now update the spreadsheat.

    Good story @coda. See you all in February Challenge.

    Norway, Day 31, NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday, I actually managed to not eat the chocolate I knew was in the fridge. I was sooo close many times, but then I thought “NO! Stop! You can have it tomorrow.” I really need to cut back on the sugar though, it makes the snack dragon hard to tame on FDs. And of course makes the progress very slow.

    Now I will drink a lot of water and not break my fast until lunch. I have started the habit of not eating breakfast, even on NFDs, so that saves some kcal every day. But it does not help if I eat sweets or snacks in the evening!

    @debster251 Ice fishing is fun, especially if you fish in several holes at the same time. I had to run back and forth sometimes, fish here and fish there =D I even got a nice cod of 2.5 kg. It was a competition, but I didn’t get very high up on the rank. My team mate won best Woman though, that was very fun!

    Have a good last day of the month people!

    Day 31, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Its been good @ mjrbcd44 – thanks for hosting this month. You helped me drop 2kgs down to 87kg. I am a sort of ‘fast tortoise’🐢🐢. And thanks to the lovely people in this forum. On to the February Challenge next.

    The plank challenge was good – as i now do a bit of yoga most days at home and my yoga is getting better. Someone in my yoga class asked me if i was a dancer – how about that?! (the answer is no) I’ve not had a lot of complements in recent years so i was really touched.😏

    Been out of internet action for the last 10 days while helping my poor OH through an episode of severe food poisoning, even had paramedics in the night at one point. He’s starting to recover thankfully (and has lost 1stone involuntarily, quite scary!) but a very higgledy-piggledy few days food-wise for me while out of routine. Fast days were easy though! Ending the month having maintained my target weight for 3 weeks and looking forward to continuing with 5/2. Here’s to success for all in February!

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