Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 6 Ohio, US — NFD

    Just finished the day’s work, so am checking in.
    This NFD went well, not too badly over the TDEE. Didn’t have much at the office party, since most people brought food I couldn’t eat. Being a vegetarian who’s allergic to both chocolate and onions really narrows the options. In this area they put bacon bits on just about everything — even on pineapple-marshmallow salad. But I did get to try the gumdrop cookies and they turned out great! I’ll have to remember the recipe.

    @basyjames Congrats on holding to the FD! That’s awesome!

    @judyjudes Hope your thyroid test turns out well. I’ve been on levothyroxine for about 30 years. Low thyroid runs in my family. The thyroid medicine can make a big difference and it’s an easy med to establish a routine for.

    Have fun, everyone!

    Day 7, Emden Germany, FD

    internet went down yesterday, it took forever to get a new code and install the provider box. Frustrated about the trapped nerv in my shoulder, ate way to much sweets and enjoyed cheese and Port too much. Time to get serious again!

    @basyjames I’m glad your DH’s surgery went well.

    @annemarilyn we always have an older farmer’s kind of Gouda, an older Gruyère from Switzerland, a hard cheese with dried red chili peppers in it, a French Brie de Meaux for me and a French soft goat’s cheese for my husband. Yummy and so good with a glass (or more) of Port!

    @daffodil2010 we really need to have cheese in the house, my favourite food is a slice of home made bread with butter and cheese. Have fun tonight, it’s been ages I had a banana split.

    @steffieagle thanks for the link, you seem to live in a very lively town, loved reading your paper.

    @cornish-jane how is the eye-ulcer, any better yet?

    @emma-taylor your DH had the job every listed house owner dreams of. We had a listed house once, they are great to live in and the things we wanted to change got the approval, but changes always are expensive because of the companies you have to hire to do the job. How did the doctor’s appointment go?

    @sunn_beam don’t be embarressed, we all have our rough times, better to write it down here than to struggle alone. My FDs are Friday and Saturday, as @dingping wrote, there’s often just the two of us, but doing it together helps us to get it done. Just join us tomorrow.

    @dingping in the animal shelter we always ask for the oldest, most unwanted male cat. Nobody seems to want them and the stay at the shelter way too long. My favourite dog is an Irish Wolfhound but the males are too large for my height and they need a lot of space around them, not a city dog.

    Pocket list day 7

    @snowflake 1st of B2B

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 7, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Lets start the day with some good news.

    I stepped on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh-in and down 0.4kg to 71.5kg. I have only lost what i gained in the last 2 weeks but it feels good. But still on BMI 25.0. And i need to lose 0.1kg to go into healthy weight range. Gotta do this before xmas. Then i can focus on getting down to 63-65kg maintenance range.

    I’d like to try a headstand in yoga next year. Can you do them @dykask? I need to be leaner with stronger core muscles but I’m confident its possible. Already thinking about new year resolutions!

    I have been challenged to produce plant- based foods for a family buffet next weekend. Most of the family are firmly in the meat and butter camp but they have open minds so i will try and cook things all will like. A friend did a vegan greek orange/filo pudding for me the other day which was delish, so will do that with cashew cream.

    My plants are doing good. A batch of Salvia cuttings from September are starting to flower already, 6 months early! I must remember to write down what i did as they are loving it. And all my fleshy Clivia seeds are sprouting bar one, and they are my most favourite indoor plant. I’m also trying to get an old variety of white Freesia to flower to see if i can find a highly scented form. All very obsessive!

    3rd post — Day 7

    @cornish-jane – I’m working on the frog stand which is basically entry level for progressing to a planche or hand-stand. It seems that a headstand might be between a handstand and a frog stand,unless you are only using your head. That would be very hard. Anyway all of these are mostly balance, flexibility and some strength. Right now I seem to be lacking all 3! I have some strength, but not in the right places, weak back, shoulders and hands.

    Day 7 UK FD
    Busy so FD’s easier but must must must remember to drink more water.
    @snowflake56 – wolfhound’s are beautiful dogs with soulful eyes but as you say a bit on the large size for most. My mum breed and showed cavalier King Charles spaniels, she’s horrified I’d consider a Heinz 57 (x bred)!

    Adding myself to the p list for moral support.

    Pocket List Day 7

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good FD until after my lentil soup dinner when wine was proffered beside a roaring fire whilst listening to opera. Thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time though with DH, it’s been a mental mad rush the past week since his accident. He has been signed off work for at least 4 weeks but good news is that he was able to drive yesterday. Slowly but surely independence is coming back.

    @borealis and @snowflake56 I have not had banana split eitherince I was a child but one of my friends requested it so I will give it a go. If successful I will let you know.

    Have a great Friday everyone. @anna6 looking forward to the arrival of your new grandchild ☺️

    2nd post

    @dingping I like the way King Charles spaniels walk, but they are so small. What is a Heinz 57, is it what we call a garbage bin dog? Have anything in it, no recognizable breed.

    @dykask you’re doing great on the running and frogs! Forgot to put you on the pocket list. I need all the support I can get today, not very motivated at the moment!

    Pocket List Day 7

    2nd post
    Still sipping breakfast tea so saw your post @snowflake56 – yes Heinz 57 refers to a mixture of varieties and not being a pure breed. There is a difference between Cavalier King Charles spaniels and King Charles spaniels. Cavaliers are taller and have a full muzzle (my mum bred these) and King Charles are smaller and have flattened muzzles.
    Sorry to hear your mojo is missing, sending you some of mine which has bounced back. Good luck, stay strong.
    @anna6 – best wishes to you and your daughter and look forward to hearing about the safe arrival of your new grandchild, exciting and wonderous family times.

    Day 7 – Ireland – CD

    Yesterday’s fast day went well and spotted a new low this morning on my weekly weigh in… Hope to see it again next week.
    Good luck to everyone fasting today and over the weekend!
    Onward and downward ⏬

    DAY 7 – UK – FD

    @cornish-jane that’s fabulous news. Hope you lose the bit you need to get into your healthy weight range.

    @jaifaim fingers crossed you see your lovely low numbers again next week.

    Had my bloods taken this morning. Fingers crossed the numbers warrant treatment.

    Day 7 Pocket List


    On trying to copy and paste (failed) I’ve lost my curser. Anyone seen it lol

    Hope I got the Pocket list correct.

    Day 7, London, UK, NFD

    I’m out for a pizza with an ex-colleague this afternoon, she eats like a bird so I have to set aside the ‘Hate-Waste’ mentality and stop myself from finishing the ¾ pizza she will leave on her plate!!!!

    @penz, I actually Googled ‘the worlds’ funniest joke’…………………… desperate times!! But the one I found most apt was ………….
    ” I just burned 2,000 calories. That’s the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I nap”
    “A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Hey, we have a drink named after you.” The grasshopper says, “Really? In that case, give me a Kyle!”
    Had me chuckling too!!!

    @gretta, great to hear about the MO & niacin, I take 500mg too, I’ve had to add cashews to the mix before bed as my anxiety had spiked again, purely down to poor sugary carby food choices, sometimes a ‘treat’ is NOT a ‘treat’!!! So my nightly ritual is a handful of cashews (or 2) MO, niacin & a 10min meditation (I never get to the 10min mark!!)

    I haven’t had a ‘perfectly’ successful FD this month, so I suppose I’m starting fresh tomorrow after todays’ pizza (with wine!), 500cals seems quite tricky at the moment, I go through phases where the mojo is high, then times where it’s like catching smoke. Anyway, I’ll get back into it as usual; I’m just giving myself a little leeway!!

    I’m off to Pilates, so stay strong people!!!

    Goodmorning everyone, from a very grey Holland.

    I just finished 6 km on the rower, because things went all wrong yesterday (apple pie and crisps at Granny’s birthday…) But I have improved my time and went up 1 place in the rankings! 😅 Very motivating.
    Hopefully this will be visible on the scales tomorrow. It’s a very old one from a thrift shop and not very reliable. I suppose we could get one of those complicated ones. You know, that stores numbers behind the comma and remembers water and fat % of all family members and the neighbours as well. 🤔
    But I’ve always felt: why spend the money on heaps of details I don’t even want to know? It just makes obsessing over my weight easier than it already is. (Or am I a typical cheap Dutchwoman here? I don’t know, haha.)

    Anuway, good luck today! 💚

    Hi @snowflake56 and everybody else who asked about my lovely varicose vein… doctors appointment was ok but new doctor spoke to me as if I was a child and said she didn’t think it was a good idea to get it fixed. NHS not an option, fair enough, but the unspoken message was ‘ why do you care what you look like now you are over 60’. Maybe I got it wrong, but it left me somewhat p***** off. Anyway, outdoor swim was lovely. Very bracing.
    I’m also on thyroxin due to under active thyroid. All the nightly aches and pains I had disappeared once they got the dose right. H

    Day 7 sunny Belfast CD
    Weight hovering g at 146lbs -the top end of my range, so I must have a push to get rid of a couple of pounds to give me some wriggle room over Christmas.

    @flourbaby – water kefir is a doddle and I have never experienced explosions! The only reason I stopped fermenting it is because I’m trying to cut sugar although most of it ferments off.
    @sunn_beam – oh my word, what an awful time you’re having. Never say the ‘F’ word…failure. There’s no such thing. There’s another day around the corner. If you read this forum you’ll realise that there are many posters here who are facing huge challenges. This forum is the lifeline for most of us and a place to give off, celebrate and share life’s challenges. Never be embarrassed. We’re here for you.
    @basyjames – sorry I missed your post re your OH’s surgery. Hope all goes well.
    @dingping – we have a rescue dog from the Dogs’ Trust. We’ve had her just about a year. She’s a collie cross and she’s changed our lives forever. I can’t imagine life without her.
    @flourbaby 😂🤣I particularly liked the calorie one.
    @tante -I bough all singing, all dancing scales and I only ever look at my weight. 🤭
    @EmmaTaylor – I can’t believe you were treated like that! A new clinic perhaps?

    Off into town now for some Christmas shopping.

    Have a good day one and all.

    day 7 Melbourne Aust., NFD

    Hot and humid! 38 degrees, not a pleasant day and so glad I wasn’t having a FD. Didn’t eat too much, which was a relief. The weight on the scales this morning looked good, so I hope that’s the same tomorrow.

    Bracing myself for tomorrow – wedding in a.m. with a buffet lunch (MUST exercise self-control!), and then a Christmas extravaganza at church being held for the local community late afternoon and evening. I’m helping on the popcorn machine for a while – how fortunate that I don’t like popcorn 🙂 – but I’ll have to avoid the other treats around. I’m scheduling 3 FDs next week in case I need to get back on track.

    @ciren2 – your daughter will enjoy Melbourne, but do warn her about its erratic weather. We often say there are 4 seasons in one day. Today was 38 degrees, next Tuesday the temp will be back down to 22 degrees, then slowly rise again. Typical Melbourne weather!!!

    @judyjudes, Hope you’re put on thyroid tabs. Just be patient with the dose. It can take a few weeks to stabilise. A (different) friend needed thyroid tabs and they kept upping the dose as nothing was happening and she went into hyperthyroid, with major panic attacks. I’m sure it will help with your weight.

    @snowflake56, yes, a Heinz57 dog could also be called a mongrel, with no recognisable primary breed.

    Day 7 Wales NFD

    Good FD yesterday at 400 calories so I feel back in control. Now I need to be careful on NFDs in the lead up to Christmas. On Tuesday (after the carb fest of Monday) on my journey home from Bristol I bought 3 boxes of Heston’s chocolate cherry mince pies from Waitrose…..WHY…..that flipping TV commercial 😡 and now they are calling out to me!!!!!! Must ignore the call of the pie, hoping neighbours come round soon for tea…..and maybe put a box in the freezer.

    @emma-taylor sorry you’re not happy with your GP’s advice. To be honest I only got mine treated because they were inflamed and painful. I first got them at 15 and this is the third time I’ve had veins treated since my twenties. The surgeon I saw this time said I will most likely get new varicose veins developing in the future because its a genetic defect I have. That depressed me and left me wondering whether the best option is to leave veins alone unless they are painful????

    There is a rare glimmer of sunshine coming through the window so I’m off for a walk. Keep on keeping on everyone 🙂

    3rd post

    @dingping the transfer worked, motivation is coming my way!

    @tante “a typical cheap Dutchwoman” ???

    @betsylee there seem to be lot of words for mix dogs, never heard the word “mongrel” either.

    @emma-taylor not a good experience, I hate it when my questions are being ridiculed.

    4th post

    @missybear looked at Waitrose commercial, funny.

    5th post

    @missybear what did you do to me! Have to watch them all now, love this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr6lr_VRsEo

    Day 7 Canada NFD

    Quick check in, will catch up on posts later!
    Have a fantastic day everyone

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s CD really was closer to a FD at 675 calories. I’ll go with that.

    I always chuckle at various things on this board, like our language and cultural differences that give me pause (paws?) like using the Heinz 57 variety for dogs. I always thought that was only American, but obviously now around the world for a mongrel dog.

    Also calling 38’ hot (in Melbourne – @betsylee ) always makes me remember the difference between F & C temperature scales. And although we use kilos, stones, or pounds, the BMI calculates the same. Interesting! @cornishjane – you and I are both hovering right at 25 BMI. I admire your doing headstands! I doubt I would ever even try it! Our youngest daughter who teaches yoga in Texas likes to do her handstands every day and post photos. I swear, I see her more upside down than right side up! She’s the singer, and is doing a weekly Christmas Carol in her own layered voice (5 tracks on top of each other) that we her family and friends are thoroughly enjoying.

    Waiting this morning in Madison, Wisconsin for my car to get her new airbag … Takata recall also an international issue.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    Yesterday’s CD was not controlled at all. I did mindless eating all day long and ended above my TDEE. The scales told me about it this morning. So…reset it is and a FD for me.

    In the evening DH and I will go to the Symphony for a fine concert of Bach, Grieg and Sibelius. 🎶🎵

    Have a good Friday everyone! 🌲🌲🌲

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD….running alongside the wagon.
    Actually didn’t get rained on today, mail was heavy so I didn’t get out of the office until the rain had stopped…ha..ha..
    @redrockgirl302: that concert sounds lovely….I hope you have a good time.
    @anna6: Is today the day? I hope so, you probably can’t wait, hope all goes well.
    @betsylee: My daughter will spend her first week relaxing at a swanky airbnb apartment (with a rooftop pool!) in the centre of Melbourne. She is fair-skinned and will need to acclimatise. 38C is BAKING….too much for me, especially if it’s humid with it!
    @missybear: Oh dear…maybe not watch the adverts in future! But at least you can fast….unlike me.
    @jaifaim: congratulations on the new low….always a morale-booster.

    Hint: not smart to watch a baking show on a FD. “The Great American Bake-Off” began again last night. Oh to see all those Christmas goodies was so mouth-watering!!

    Day 7, Florida, NFD but maaaaaybe a CD

    Correction to yesterday’s post – it was a FD!! Yay!! Was sorely tempted last night but thought of you all and stayed fast. (ha.)

    I like the burned calories joke @flourbaby. I still think my all time favourite joke is: what do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? [answer below]

    Random odd thing that puzzled me today. My stick deoderant has an expiry date on it. Deoderant can expire?? (Perspire maybe…)

    Answer: a stick.

    USA Day 7 FD

    Just popping in for accountability! Christmas has me a little overwhelmed but am getting there! Have a great day everyone!

    Day 7, Surrey (UK), NFD

    Just a quick pop-in to update on progress in December, so far. Still on target weight-wise, even though I missed my regular FD yesterday. Been really busy running a pop-up shop. Lots of lifting, shifting and moving around, just as energetic as a workout at the gym!

    My tip for December: Brussels sprouts! I LOVE them! And they don’t half shift the backlog (need I say more…)

    Keep on keeping on, everyone. Don’t get de-railed by too many festive goodies!

    Day 7 UK FD

    Yesterday FD was good enough at just under 800 calories – I avoided carbs, enjoyed veg & distracted myself from late evening snacks by knitting! This morning’s weekly weigh day had me back down 3lbs to 145lb – where I was this time last week. I’m Delighted to have proven the truth of Easy On Easy Off & will now try to make some actual progress 😀

    Today has been an unexpected OMAD FD thus far, albeit with a random selection of food. My lovely friend who came for lunch didn’t want to eat so we drank coffee & talked, I had hot vegemite. Trying to avoid carbs & not having planned ahead, I’ve instead been eating leftovers – small baked sweet potato with cheese & a hot salad of tomatoes, spinach, spring onion & smoked tofu.

    I came here to catch up with posts & keep motivation for bonus FD…. and instead found myself reading about raiding Christmas food cupboards! Christmas tiffin kept calling to me until I went to my own cupboard, but amazingly practiced the pause & chose dark chocolate with an apple instead. It may not sound like a good choice but it had less carb & sugar! Tho now feeling slightly sick as it’s the first manufactured chocolate/ processed sugar I’ve had in perhaps 6 months

    On the bright side… I only took half the bar (!) and am not being tempted by the other half. Currently at 780 calories so if i close the kitchen i can bank another FD against the rest of December. AND a dress I ordered from ebay arrived today and fits beautifully. It’s exactly the same as one i loved & gave away bc far too big, but two sizes smaller and in much better condition. Great motivation, and how lucky am I?

    I took today off to catch up with my lovely friend after several eventful months for us both. Also, my mother’s had cataract surgery and my DD’s been at a funeral, so decided I’d rather be mentally available if phone support helpful. It adds an early start & a bit of pressure to Monday, but I think I’ll get myself into a more rested, balanced place and hopefully build capacity to do better. Tomorrow is early start for a community event, better prepped & rested 🙂


    @annemarilyn sorry your post was lost, so frustrating 🙁 Maybe worth copying before posting, just in case something goes astray
    @basyjames well done holding fast yesterday! And so glad your DH surgery went well x
    @dykask i love your exercise logs, and how you break down complicated or difficult things into steps and can plan months ahead for results. I am duly inspired to start wall press-ups, thank you 🙂
    @matpi vegetarian with allergies to chocolate and onions must rule out A Lot! I find gluten-free vegetarian hard enough. Glad your cookies were tasty 🙂
    @cornish-jane yay for 0.4kg loss this week, well done! Good luck with prepping the party food
    @dingping we had Heinz dogs back in the late 60s. Whenever we said it, people thought it was a special breed 😀
    @daffodil2010 so glad your DH is recovering x
    @jaifaim congratulations on your new low! 🙂
    @flourbaby love your burnt calories 😀 Tho if my oven didn’t turn itself off that would be me, every time. Currently got a pan in soak from setting Tuesday’s rice on fire 🙁 When I find 500 feels too hard I simply aim for 700 calories instead… it’s amazing how much easier it feels and Still Counts as a FD!
    @tante I’ve also got ancient mechanical scales… i have to be careful of level floors and weighing in the same place each time, carefully lining up with the floor tiles… Sometimes I go for the best of 3 or take an average bc the needle is known to stick 😀
    @emma-taylor how rude of that GP 🙁 But great to hear of your happy outdoor swim and how well your thyroid medication works 🙂
    @missybear well done on a good FD yesterday 🙂
    @fatfingers me too with the brussel sprouts – yum!

    Only two weeks until the turning of the year, and a week into this month’s challenge already. I’m reminded of the need to prioritise good self-care, be particularly mindful of carbs as well as sugar and drink a lot more water or herbal tea! I’d like to be stretching & meditating daily, and need to encourage myself to rest and prepare more this next couple of weeks. Do you have any tips or ideas to help carry you through?

    Whatever your weekend holds, here’s to holding fast to greater goals

    Day 7 Pocket List


    Day 7 Minnesota, USA FD
    Day 6 NFD

    I couldn’t sustain a FD yesterday, even though I waited until 3 pm to eat. Still struggling with hunger and carb cravings after too many rich foods and wine (as a result of two BD celebrations) this past week. I’ve not eaten yet today, as of 3:45 pm, and have only had coffee and tea. I’ll have a bowl of soup after 4 and the kitchen will close at 7 pm, so that should limit my intake. Haven’t caught up on posts yet, so will do so tonight and in the morning to help me stay strong. Going to go for another FD tomorrow. I need it!

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Day 7 second post;

    Adding myself to the pocket list:

    Day 7 Pocket List


    Day 7 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Wow! Last day of the 1/4 at the university and all sorts of details to take care of. Did enjoy running through most of the posts. It’s fun to see the way the conversations go. On the Heinz57/mongrel thread, my former husband used to say that he was a Heinz57 and that I was a purebred.

    Off to take care of thing at the university.

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    Another busy day starting with a 2hr hike this morning – weather was good for a change this week. Home to shower then OH drove me to pick up the rental car I will need as travelling down south tomorrow for a week visiting old friends – really looking forward to catching up with them all.

    Back home to finish of my overseas Christmas cards then walked into the village to post them before heading off for a manicure and eyebrow tint.

    Out this evening to a friend’s house for pre xmas drinks with all the running/hiking group – great fun but I restricted myself to 2 small glasses of red wine and small serves of canapés as I wanted to keep today to TDEE and managed to do that. Really happy how controlled I have been this week in preparation for my visit down south next week where I know there will be lots of lovely food and wine consumed with old friends!

    Then back home to pack and organise myself for the drive tomorrow – 5hrs+ motorway driving to look forward to………

    @anna6 – you must be getting very excited now waiting for the arrival of your new grandchild – thinking of you all xx
    @michelinme – LOL
    @annemarilyn – so annoying when that happens with a post 😒
    @judyjudes – fingers crossed for you re blood tests and treatment
    @basyjames – great to hear that your DH surgery was successful – wishing him a speedy recovery
    @dykask – progress re the frog stands – I admire your perseverance and focus
    @snowflake56 – your cheese selection is making my mouth water even if I’m sat in bet typing this up
    @emma-taylor – for you 🤗

    Time for some sleep now but am very tempted to watch the first hr of the 3rd day of the cricket test match between Australia v India………..if I do I might end up awake half the night and I do have that long drive tomorrow…….

    Must remember to weigh myself tomorrow before I set off – no FDs are planned for the week but will try for 16:8 days and some control – will do a FD when I drive back home next Saturday and weigh in on Sunday morning……

    Have a good weekend everyone wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing – ENJOY LIFE AND MAKE THE MOST OF EACH DAY AS THIS IS NOT A REHEARSAL……..“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein

    Day 8 – Japan – NFD

    To all those still fasting, hang in there! You are at the point where the fasting is really counting.

    Day 7 Pocket List


    @michelinme – Exercise can either be a chore or a challenge. I like the challenge better. Progressions are great because you start with what you can do but then you can challenge yourself to do a little more and keep moving on.

    In that line of thought, I found out about a push-up that is supposed to help with training to do a planche. You start in the in a normal position with your arms straight down about shoulder width apart. Then you lean forward so your arms are go straight back at an angle, the farther forward you lean the harder it will be. From that position you do a push-up maintaining good form. I tried it and failed on the 2nd one! It is hard, at least for me. There are dozens of different styles of pushups. Doing a few slowly with good form is likely better than doing a whole bunch quickly with sloppy form.

    Day 8, Emden Germany, FD

    @dingping it’s Saturday again! I hope @sunn_beam and @northerndawn will join us today.

    yesterday’s FD went well, thanks to the support! Just had a bowl of clear oxtail soup without the meat but with a few mushrooms, will have the same today.

    @at it’s a pity cheese has so much salt and calories in it. Enjoy you stay with your old friends!

    Pocket list day 8


    Have a great weekend!

    Day 8 U.K. FD
    Going for third in a row whilst absorbed and distracted with DIY.

    @flourbaby enjoyed your burnt calorie joke, love jokes that make you groan like the ones in Christmas crackers. The only joke I remember is equally bad – ‘How many ears does Captain Kirk have?
    Answer: Three, a right ear, a left ear and a final frontier!! Yep that’s bad!

    @debster251 – dogs do have a habit of stealing hearts but I keep reminding myself a dog is for life not just for Christmas. We will probably leave it a little longer once we get settled somewhere before we make the final decision.

    @snowflake56 – glad my mojo helped yesterday and smiled and went aaah watching the Christmas advert. John Lewis have a reputation for producing the best Christmas TV advert here in the UK, in past years it’s been a TV event waiting for the first screening.
    Hope your mojo is boosted enough for today.
    @sunn_beam, hope you’re able to join us today and anybody else.

    Ta x
    Pocket list day 8

    Day 8 – Ireland – CD (hopefully)

    Hoping to have a controlled day today although i am with my parents this weekend and whatever about my peers understanding 5:2 there is no way they would get their heads around it…. And it’s always cake overload when I am home. These times are so precious and I’m so fortunate to still have them both so I’ll just drink tea,eat cake and deal with the consequences on Monday! 😂😂

    Good luck to those fasting today – @snowflake56 and @dingping – always admire the weekend fasters!!

    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 8 – Iceland – NFD

    Finished a good FD yesterday at 360cal, had a miniature piece of chicken for lunch and vegetable stir-fry for dinner, no egg, no noodles, no rice… also managed to walk 6.5km, while running errands. Feel great this morning and ready to enjoy some baked goods😋

    Good luck to today’s fasters and have a great weekend all!

    Day 8 UK CD

    Decided to add cashews to my evening, so unexpected FD morphed back to CD. But i slept well and woke up cheerful,despite 6am alarm, so well worth it. Also ordered some niacinamide and looking forward to seeing how it works for me.

    Went into town for a community event and to meet friend for brunch. No sign of friend so skipped brunch in favour of coffee and shopping for my mother’s Christmas cards. Now en route to drop off cards and surprise my brother who’s come up to look after her post-cataract, via demonstration, road closures and bus diversions.

    Looking forward to home, late, light lunch and an afternoon of baking, making lids and labels for chutney and maybe even some Christmas cards!

    Day 8 Wales NFD

    Wishing the Saturday fasters a successful FD.
    Happy weekend everyone 🙂

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD (as usual)
    How I admire all you fasters!
    Work was a bit easier today. On my current round I have two small imdustrial estates, and they don’t get a Saturday delivery, as they are all closed! Cuts half an hour off my delivery time. The letter boxes are full of red and white envelopes now….people are posting…
    Monday will be busy as it filters through the system.
    Happy weekend everyone.

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Going to make today a 16:8 (I hope).

    May you all have a successful Saturday, wherever you may be. Onward and downward.

    USA Day 8 CD 16:8

    Just checking in for accountability! Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Day 8 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Will enjoy some food today; need to keep it balanced between eating and fasting. Didn’t get down to a new low this week, but that’s okay. At least damage was minimal and basically at the same place as last Saturday. During this season, I’ll take that as a win.

    @dingping – yes, your joke was a groaner but fun none the less. At least you remembered a joke!

    @jaifaim – enjoy your time with your parents! You’re so right, we need to appreciate and spend time with them while we have them. We never know how long they’ll be on this earth. My folks are 88 and 91. Even though my son and I headed up (about a 6 hour drive) in mid November, we’re still planning another visit before the end of the month. Why, because we never know how long we can.

    All the best to the Saturday fasters! And to the rest of us too 🙂

    2nd post

    @dingping it seems it’s just the two of us today, hope your day went fine. Having the mental support of @jaifaim, @missybear, @annemarilyn, @borealis and @ciren2 surely helps to get trough the day! Thanks for that!

    fasting on a Saturday is not that hard, my DH works on most Saturdays and tonight he’s having Chrismas Dinner with the crew. Ate the soup, forgot to put the mushrooms in and just nibbled on a few nuts.

    Sleep well everyone!

    Day 8, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD, 16:8

    Yes, the concert was lovely @ciren2.

    NFD today but not above my TDEE. That means calorie counting as always. Putting everything I eat in my Fitbit. That keeps me accountable and checking in with you dear fellow fasters as well.

    Went to Trader Joe’s for groceries.
    DH is making pumpkin pudding from scratch using xylitol instead of sugar. It is like pumpkin pie without the crust.
    Later he’ll cook wild Alaskan salmon. It will be served with broccoli and cauliflower. Drinks will be kombucha.

    Walking the dog 🐕 is on the agenda as well. Need to get to at least 10000 steps.

    Have a good Saturday everyone! 😊🌲🥀

    Day 8 Minnesota, USA FD

    It’s just 2:30 pm my time, though it’s evening and later for many of you, but I am with you, today @snowflake56 and @dingping. I’m entering my dangerous time when I start thinking of food. But I’ll put myself on the pocket list and stay strong.

    Yesterday’s FD was well under 500 cals, and what a relief to get a good one in to end a less than stellar week.

    Thank you @dykask for posting with encouragement soon after I posted. You said exactly what I needed to hear…..that we fasters were getting to the time (in the afternoon) when it really starts doing the most good. Thank you so much!!!

    I’ve caught up on posts and glad the husbands are recuperating, @judyjudes…I’m fairly certain here in the US you would be able to find a GP that would have you on thyroxine already, due to symptoms and borderline blood work. We aren’t all the same in how we react to levels…..that’s why there are “Ranges”, for heaven’s sake. And there’s talk among many practitioners that not enough women were factored into those ranges when they settled on “normals”. And @anna6 I hope everything is going well for your DD and you either do or soon will have your new grandson to hold and love!

    Pocket list day 8

    Best of luck to everyone and I’ll try to get back on tonight or morning to respond more personally.

    Best of luck to everyone.

    DAY 8 – UK – NFD

    @northerndawn It’s very frustrating. I expected treatment when the GP said my first bloods were out of range. No he said, we test again to see if they become further out of range. My reply was ‘so I have to become more sick before I’m treated’. He didn’t have a reply.

    Wishing everyone a great weekend. On phone so can’t do Pocket List, sorry. But you’re all in my pocket 🙂

    3rd post

    @judyjudes would it be possible to get a second opinion from another GP?

    @northerndawn stay strong today, it’s only this day and half of it is over now.

    2nd Post

    @snowflake56 I’m going to see what my second blood test results are and as to wether or not the GP is willing to treat or not (if out of range). I would consider going private if I have to. My quality of life and sense of well-being is well below par.

    Day 8 – UK – NFD

    Weight this morning 53.6kg – towards the bottom of my acceptable weight range 😇

    Left home around 0930hrs – Drive down to Suffolk went well – no traffic!!! some roadworks with 40-50 miles per hour zones but with no actual work going on……..anyway made the drive down in around 5hrs – so not bad!

    Had a lovely evening with the friend I’m staying with – took her out to her favourite restaurant for a yummy meal with some very nice wine – but as I fasted all day I managed to stay around my TDEE for the day…….

    Now back home and about to go to bed feeling pleasantly tired so I’m sure I will have a good night’s sleep.

    Catch up with the posts tomorrow maybe – enjoy your weekend!

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