Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 9 UK NFD

    @snowflake56 your FD was more diligent than mine which was more 800 cals, but I’m ok with that as I had two in the bag already this week. @northerndawn – hope you got through your dangerous time, good to have you covering our backs here in the northern hemisphere, thanks.

    Thanks @snowflake56, @jailaim, @borealis, @missybear, @ciren2, @annemarilyn and @judyjudes for the support yesterday always appreciated.

    @jaifaim – precious times are worth re balancing for, good luck on Monday.

    @annemarilyn – it’s the only joke I remember sadly!

    @michelinme – I’ve been back on niacin a couple of weeks now (one of those good habits I dropped) and really notice an improvement in the quality of my sleep.

    More DIY, sorting, present wrapping and card writing today. Start of our w’end here but wishing everyone a great finish to theirs.
    Ta x

    Day 9, Emden Germany, NFD

    @dingping you didn’t do too bad and you had 2 FDs last week. Just try not do overeat today, says the one that mostly overeats on Sundays!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post
    @snowflake56 – Sunday’s, because of the way OH works, means they are just like Friday’s for most. Yay it’s the w’end so like you it is a day of trying not be OTT. Good luck with your self control.
    Ta x

    2nd post

    @dingping does he also have to work on Sunday’s? Made 2 smaller Christmas cakes this morning, somehow I did other things the last few days. Also made peanut butter, just ate a slice of bread with butter,endive and cheese. Forgot to buy tomatoes. No cooking today, have to go to church at 5:00 pm, the neighbours take part in the Christmas Concert, flute and violin. Going to watch the John Lewis ads, catis sleeping on my lower legs, he’s heavy.

    Day 9, London, UK, NFD,

    I would love, love, love to get a weekend FD under my belt!!! One of these days, perchance?

    I seem to be struggling a bit…………………….. the EFS floodgates have been well and truly opened!!! Pizza & wine on Friday continued throughout Saturday, and this morning ………………………………….. I channelled my Sardinian SIL and had a cake & espresso breakfast with the Sunday papers!!!! Luckily, the only thing waiting in the fridge is bone broth or lentil soup…………………………. Phew!!!

    I’ll plan this weeks’ meals a little later, but I think the entire week will consist of Bone broth, greek yoghurt with fruit or honey, soups & salads. THESE are the craving I know and love!!!!

    @dingping, I love a ‘groaner’ too, that Capt’ Kirk one was new to me and you can be sure I’ll be repeating it regularly!!! However, my all-time favourite that I dust off every year mainly at Xmas is an old panto skit …………………..

    Comic: Sorry I’m late. I’ve been to the optician’s. He’s just told me I’m colour blind.

    Buttons: Colour blind?

    Comic: Yes, it came as a real bolt out of the orange.

    @snowflake56, I’m loving this years’ Xmas advert selection, the Waitrose speedy carol concert is my favourite so far!!!

    Onward & Downwards folks, I’m aiming to get ‘it’ together before the festivities begin in earnest!!!!

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Having a lunch at church with some missionaries – heard it’s pizza. Yes, I will indulge. Hopefully not too much.

    @flourbaby – Waitrose has not made it to America, so I found your advert online, that speedy carol and one of a couple under the mistletoe. Adorable indeed! I love any commercial that uses some play on a song! I will have to go back and read @snowflake56 and your discussion.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Drove over to Basingstoke this morning to take a ladder in order to help DD empty her loft ready for her Great Departure. While working in Australia she is renting out her flat. She leaves on Boxing Day….
    First day off work for a whole week, as I had to give up my weekday off to make up for having two the previous week for my injections….incidentally, they don’t seem to have helped me this time.
    @flourbaby: GROAN!! Ha…ha..

    3rd post

    yes, the speedy carol is fun, perhaps we’ll have this later on in church! So many great ads, the Snowman,the one with the robin, the bear and the hare.

    love this one Mog’s Christmas Calamity, it’s fun to watch and has the right message about Christmas and music by Rachel Portman, I think it’s my favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuRn2S7iPNU

    Day 9 (end of) Melb Aust, NFD

    Well, rather blew it at the wedding buffet yesterday lunchtime, though not too much later in the day. Still over my calorie limit. The scales showed it this morning – yesterday a.m., 83.4 kg, down 1.6 kg from last Saturday. This morning, 84.2 kg, but I’m hoping that most of that is fluid retention due to salty Chinese food. Haven’t done too badly today, but will still keep to the 3 FDs this week, starting tomorrow. At least it’s cooler so I can catch up on some sleep, which really helps the self control. One victory – threw a few “naughties” out instead of eating them.

    Christmas fun in church today – had the children come into the service to do actions for the 12 days of Christmas, EXCEPT for the 5 gold rings, when the congregation all had to bounce up and raise our hands – eight times through the song! A few non-participants, but it was fun for both us and the kids. 🙂

    @dingping – Ha, ha! As a Trekkie, gave me a good chuckle.

    DAY 9 – UK – NFD

    @at sounds like you’ve had a great time and well done staying within your TDEE!

    I’ve just done a add up of my calories for this past week (Sunday – Saturday) and it come to 6134 for the week! My weight has been up down up down and finally settling .4lb down overall. Better than .4lb up.

    Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday Evening.

    Day 9 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Thank you @snowflake56 and everyone cheering on the fasters yesterday….I made it! Two in a row under 500 cals and this morning I am back to 153 lbs after being up 4.4 lbs at one point this past week (2 Kg).

    I feel like myself again, and like @flourbaby, I think I’ll try to do a week of the healthy choices, the ones I’ve come to enjoy the most and look forward to. That includes experimenting with different vegetable based soups, which I’m really enjoying on these cold, cold days. I use minimal to no “creamy” ingredients to keep the calories down, but use immersion blender to blend at least half the veg to thicken. Feels hardy and very filling that way.

    @ciren2…I’m sure you are struggling between pride in your daughter and sadness that she’s soon to be away. I have a lump in my throat just thinking of you and the bittersweet days ahead. Sending hugs.

    Heading out with OH to shop for Christmas. He likes to go early and get home early. Not a big shopper, that one. 😉 Next week my DD and I will do more serious shopping for Christmas Dinner staples and grandchildren That will be a lot more fun!

    Have a lovely Sunday, everyone. Thank you all for the support you give to me and everyone on this forum. It makes such a positive difference!

    Day 9, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Stayed a bit under TDEE yesterday. Plan on doing the same today.
    Today’s food will be chicken and Brussel sprouts. DH just made mini blueberry muffins for dessert. Will be lovely with tea in the afternoon sitting in front of the fireplace.
    Walking the dog and getting my steps is also on the agenda and possibly visiting elderly friends. Sun is elusive unless I drive high up in the mountains. The dreaded inversion!

    Have a good Sunday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    2nd post

    @snowflake56 – OH works Wednesday – Saturday, with increasing long hours as the week progresses. He works for a national Sunday newspaper so Saturday means a late finish at 1.30am for him. He’s worked there for over 30 years so we are well used to being out of sync with everybody else!

    John Lewis adds are charming. Have bought Mog the Cat cuddly toy and book for a little ones Christmas pressie.

    @flourbaby – that carb dragon is so hard to suppress once woken, keep battling your plan this week should get those carb cravings back in their box and locked away.
    Having said all that I liked your indulgent slow start to Sunday!
    As for fasting on the w’end it’s easier for me because of OH’s working pattern.

    @well done @judyjudes.

    @northerndawn – I love soup and eaten with a green salad I don’t even miss the chunky bread I used to eat with it. Heard of a great one on the radio today with sweet chestnuts in it, will have to investigate and try.

    @redrockgirl302 – what a perfect Sunday, imagine you dog walk in snowy mountains and coming home after a decent romp to afternoon tea in front of that roaring fire!

    Enjoying hearing about everybody’s Christmas concerts and different family traditions, several last week mentioned marking advent Sunday’s, fellow brits will remember the Blue Peter Advent Candle Crown, now that’s a blast from the past!

    Off to make dinner and settling in to watch the final of I’m a Celebrity…. love it, better than a Brexit debate!!

    Have a good evening everyone.
    Ta x

    @betsylee: Your church sounds great fun! Ours is pretty traditional, Catholic with a Nigerian priest.
    @northerndawn: Good for you and all successful fasters. You’re right about me and DD, yes, of course I’m SO proud of her….but also I do fret. Especially after hearing about the young back-packer who just got murdered in New Zealand and seeing pictures of her distraught father. She was just 22.
    We have to let them go and spread their wings though.

    Day 9
    Been off the diet for a week. Had a cousin to come to visit the week and ate out a lot. Unfortunately, I have to pay the piper, gained 1.2 pounds. This may be a tough month with several parties. Oh well, this is the beginning of a new week. Will do my best.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Yesterday turned into an EFS…. I decided not to make bread to avoid the carbs, but later raided the Christmas cupboard & ate a whole box of tiffin c1500 calories! My first carb/sugar blow out in a long while… I actually felt pretty unwell and ended up going to bed early, but woke up with massive headache and lots of nerve/muscle/joint pain. The moral of the story is…decisions have consequences! I’m amazed that my carbtastic tum hasn’t done its usual swelling thing; tho suspect there’s something going on on the inside. Sugar is clearly linked with inflammation for me, and I simply need to watch it!

    Lesson learned – again! – today has been 16:8 and vegetable-based! Cauliflower bake with salad for lunch at community project for homeless refugees & migrants, and more knitting & chatting than snacking over the afternoon. It was a real privilige to step outside my own experience and spend time simply being with people in such dire circumstances, be reminded of the many priviliges I take for granted … & given me much food for thought.

    I’ve been pretty breathless and tired this weekend, and the small outings have taken their toll. As a result I’ve done no card-writing or present-wrapping, not chutney lids & labels, no Christmas shopping or house-tidying, or even inbox-emptying! But there’s time this week, and hoping a good night’s sleep will set next week off with a little more energy and motivation for good eating & self-care too.


    @snowflake @dingping well done with your Saturday fast
    @northerndawn great reminder that it’s never to late to add ourselves for motivation & accountability
    @at hope you have a lovely week visiting your friends in Suffolk
    @dingping thanks for the Niacin reminder. it’ll be my second night tonight and I’m full of hope 🙂
    @flourbaby empathy with the EFS ! What can i say? We live and learn and hope to do better next time…
    @ciren2 sorry to hear you’ve had no results from your injections.. thinking of you as you help your DD to prepare
    @betsylee love the sound of your children’s church – hopefully bouncing up for the 5 gold rings will have burnt some calories too 🙂
    @judyjudes fingers crossed for more helpful GP response this time round. And for your scopes this week. Thank you for the reminder of adding up weekly calories – I’ve not done that for months and forgotten how helpful it is to have perspective. Note to self for this week
    @northerndawn yay for 2×500 FD! And for the amazing scale results. I know what you mean about feeling yourself again – it’s such a gift, isn’t it?!
    @redrockgirl302 i love the sound of your Sunday of lunch, walk with dog/mountains, afternoon tea and fire…. it sounds simply idyllic
    @ciren2 hopefully it’ll be easy on/easy off. Happy to start a new week and with fresh resolve alongside you…

    Amazingly we’re almost 1/3 of the way through December! We have a wonderfully active & supportive group this month, with a mixture of great results and difficult days. Here’s to hopeful Mondays, and wise decisions in the week ahead…

    “There are better starters than me, but I’m a strong finisher” Usain Bolt 🙂

    Day 9, GR, NFD

    Still in Greece and still haven’t managed a proper FD. But its not all bad, I managed to follow 18:6 almost every day (thanks for the reminder about that strategy @at x) and apart from some mulled wine today (urgh!) I haven’t eaten all that bad 🙂 . When I go back home and step on the scales the truth will come out 🙈

    Haven’t had a chance to catch up properly on all posts but I definitely will because I saw a glimpse of some interesting conversations 🙂

    Have a great day/evening everyone ❤

    Day 9 – Iceland – NFD

    I too am guilty of EFS over the weekend🐍🍫 went way over 3000cals yesterday and have been trying to scale back today, finished at 1500cal despite some pastries at teatime. There has to be a serious reset tomorrow, hope to manage B2B2B Monday to Wednesday…

    @judyjudes – good idea to check the weekly calories, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before, much more sensible! Congrats on losing the .4lb!
    @northerndawn – well done on finishing 2×500 FDs, great results!
    @michelinme – I hope the inflammation goes down quickly and wish you lots of energy for the week☀️🍀

    Day 9 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    It is interesting how different folks have different schedules. I’m glad @snowflake56 & @dingping have each other on similar fasting schedules. Knowing someone else is in it with you is indeed encouraging.

    @ciren2 – so sorry to hear the injections don’t seem to have helped. May you enjoy your daughter. It’s nice to be able to work on some of it together as she transitions.

    @betsylee – I love the extra music and involvement of the children in this season. This morning, having a young lady of about 9 or 10 yrs old play a carol on her trumpet was a real treat. It was commented on how her progress from last year was really evident. She did really well.

    @judyjudes – yay! you’re trending downward 🙂

    @northerndawn – How our weight bounces! If I’m patient, in a day or two things usually settle down. I find I need to be sure to keep up the water intake to flush things out. I’ve taken to recording tally marks to actually be intentional in my water drinking.

    @kaywestern – Enjoying your friend was the focus of the week! That’s important! A FD should take care of things in no time. I’m working on practicing fasting before and after planned social events involving food in this season. That seems to help in mitigating damage.

    @michelinme – The lunch you had at the project for homeless refugees and migrants gave you food for thought. So too, my attendance at a fundraiser for refugees this past week did the same for me. At each table we had one or two refugees, and they shared their stories with the table. We also had a couple of other stories shared from the stage. It gives another picture of what it can mean to love our neighbors.

    I’m enjoying some yummy food today but will be ready for fasting tomorrow! But first, also I have a couple of young people coming over to help me stack a cord of wood that is to get delivered in the early evening.

    Together we can do this!

    Day 10 – Melbourne AUS – CD

    Two christmas parties over the weekend resulted in too much food and wine, so the puffy feeling continues! But it was great fun catching up with lots of old work friends, so that’s a bonus.

    Monday is normally a FD, but I have dinner with the in-laws as they are in Melbourne for the night, so I’m instead going for a CD today as my body has been craving a break from eating (Going for 16:8, will have a sensible 300cal lunch, and try to stick to healthier choices at dinner), and do a FD Tuesday and Thursday. This time of year is a minefield!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

    Day 10. London UK FD

    Struggling a bit at the moment, but I’ve worked out that it’s not a criminal offence to put on a bit of weight from time to time. It’s all dealable with. By getting support from everybody on here, you realise that nothing is irrevocable. We KNOW how to sort out our bodies. We know calorie reduced diets don’t work, but fasting does, so there’s no need to panic Mr Mainwaring ( quote from silly British tv show…). Thought I’d start a pocket list for Monday


    Have a lovely Monday all. H

    Day 10 – Japan – WFD

    Working water fast #89 in 2018.

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Feel bloated and puffy today after a very indulgent weekend. Did not even weigh myself this morning as I could not face the truth.

    So FD it is. Best of luck everyone.

    Pocket List Day 10

    Day 10 – Ireland – FD
    Day 9 – NFD
    Day 8 – NFD

    Lovely weekend with my parents and helping out with their Christmas shopping,etc. Thanks for your lovely comments all, I am very lucky to still have them and to be able to help them with the tricky stuff… They did so much for me and not just as a youngster 😁 my mum is I’ll but they still enjoy their independence but driving in the dark and shopping etc are difficult now.

    @emma-taylor hope your Paris trip went well. I lived there for 15 years and it’s my second home. I’m travelling over next weekend.. it makes me very sad to see the reports in the news but no better people than the French to demonstrate and stop a country in it’s tracks… I lived through many “manifs” over there…I hope it resolves itself soon and not too much damage is done.🙏

    FD today to reset after the weekend which turned out to be better than I thought control wise.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    Pocket list for today
    @dykask wfd

    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 10 Belfast FD

    Continuing the theme of an overindulgent weekend, so today’s fast is an epic RESET.

    Enjoying the chatter around Christmas ads – I particularly liked your link @snowflake.

    Pocket List Day 10

    Keep on keeping on

    Day 10 UK CD

    Over did Sunday! Going to the theatre tonight with DD and SIL followed by meal out, plan is OMAD and lots of water through out the day.
    Good luck Monday Fasters and those pressing the reset button. Have a good day all.
    Ta x

    Day 10 Wales FD

    Fighting off a cold so aiming for a nutritious 800 calorie FD today.

    Pocket List Day 10

    Together we are stronger 🙂

    Day 10, Melb Aust, FD

    Got through today okay, maybe just a little over 500 cals, but not by much. Still needing to drop some of the extra weight added because of the wedding buffet on Saturday, but 3 FDs this week should shift things downward again (I hope!). Still waiting to see some change in my shape, but I guess I have to be patient with that. Have a spare tyre I want to see go, but the December challenge will only be the start of the journey.

    @michelinme, noted your comment about so much pain after your carb indulgence – I’ve noticed the same over the years. Too many evening carbs will almost always mean waking with aching joints. Not worth it. I try very hard not to do that to myself any more. One of the reasons I like eating chocolate, I think – I don’t usually get follow-up joint pain from it, provided it’s not something like chocolate-coated Turkish delight or somesuch. Cadbury chocolate with either almonds or hazelnuts doesn’t result in pain the next day, for me. Actually not a good thing, as I have been known on occasion to eat a whole 200 gm bar over an evening. I’m looking on that as an action of the past, and not in my future!!!! 🙂

    Day 10 North Canton OH FD

    Planning on 3 FD this week. Hubby is home finally, I kept him 2 extra days in the hospital, so it was quite a crazy weekend going back and forth but I am glad the surgery is done and on to the next phase recovery.

    @gretta I agree, it’s the most wonderful time of the year but it’s a freaking minefield with saboteurs every where.

    I have to be mindful, I slipped to 2nd place on the leaderboard of our challenge and that has gotten my competitive juices flowing

    Adding myself to
    Pocket List Day 10

    Day 10, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Michelinme. ciren2 and At thanks for your concern and interest in my new granddaughter. She was born last Saturday 8 December at 2.45 pm local time weighing 3.66 kilos. My daughter is coming back from hospital this afternoon. She was registered as Eve Marie Ann. My daughter was induced on Saturday because her constructions stopped on Friday.

    I haven’t posted these last few days as I was busy babysitting my grandson. I’ve been eating during mealtimes and nibbling a bit too.

    This evening we have adoration during our Eucharistic meeting and then we’re dining in a restaurant near by. So I won’t be fasting.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 10 – UK – NFD
    Day 09 – NFD

    Enjoying my break down in Suffolk – catching up with friends!

    Managed to stay just within TDEE over the weekend! There will be no FDs this week………but definitely aiming to stay in control!

    @anna6 – great news on the safe arrival of your granddaughter – Eve Marie Ann (lovely name)

    Not much time to contribute this week but will try to log in to keep me accountable!

    Thinking of you all

    Day 10, GR, NFD

    It was supposed to be a FD, but I will be going back home tomorrow so today, on my last day of the visit, we will eat out 🙂
    One thing is certain, I actually crave to get back into fasting and exercising, something I didn’t before, so this trip has dome me good in more than one way 🙂

    @anna6 congratz on your new granddaughter, glad it all went well ❤

    Have a lovely day everyone 🌼

    Day 10 UK FD

    Definitely need this FD after yesterday’s EFS weekend ended with late-night 2 raisin bagels! I haven’t done myself any favours by trying to get ahead stocking Christmas treats, and simply need to avoid having them in the house. once the sugar/carb dragon has awoken it feel almost impossible to resist on home turf

    Today’s about RESET – lots of water, hot vegemite, bouillion, vegetables & protein to help me flush the sugar & carb stuffiness out of my system. Pretty wiped after long day yesterday so slept late and lazy day. Now to plough through emails, write a list for the week and practice good self care in the shape of stretching, meditation and an early night with a book.

    Brilliant to have the company of honest companions on this journey! it’s always a relief to know I’m not the only one who has EFS days/weekends/weeks, and to pick up tips to find my mojo again…

    @debster @jaifaim @kaywesterman @borealis @daffodil2010 and anyone else struggling after the weekend, let’s hit that reset button – as always, we’re stronger together 🙂
    @borealis thank you! i’m happy to join you in some B2B this week to get this show on the road again 🙂
    @kaywesterman glad you’ve had a good time with your friend 🙂
    @anna6 congratulations on your new Granddaughter! How lovely to have a Christmas Eve 🙂 x
    @basyjames good to know your DH is home and into the recovery phase, hope all goes well
    @jaifaim sounds like a wonderful weekend, so glad you were able to get there and support your parents in the things they find difficult
    @shinything well done keeping mindful 18:6 during your break – hope you are having fun and sun too 🙂
    @dingping thank you for good wishes – have a good CD 🙂
    @annemarilyn there’s nothing like hearing people’s stories for helping us understand each other
    @emma-taylor hope all is going well with your trip to Paris
    @missybear hope you feel better soon
    @betsylee well done Resetting! Carbs are not good news – bloat and water retention – but it’s sugar that seems to cause high pain levels and feeling generally unwell. It seems my body has switched to treating them both like poisons, just as it did to alcohol when I cut it out for a while bc medication a few years ago. Who knew?!

    Amidst December’s minefields, I’m echoing @emma-taylor ‘s wise words – “it’s not a criminal offence to put on a bit of weight from time to time. It’s all dealable with. By getting support from everybody on here, you realise that nothing is irrevocable. We KNOW how to sort out our bodies.”

    It’s all too easy to lose perspective and beat ourselves up for unwise choices but we’ve got this – and each other to share the journey!

    Pocket List Day 10

    Day 10 London UK – most definitely a NFD!

    Ah silly season has hit and in the past it would have meant boozy lunches at work and boozy evenings after work. Since having toddler it means a whole lot of chocolate! Managed to behave very well until this weekend and I’ve gone downhill very rapidly now!

    I have two weeks left at work before Christmas break and I just cannot wait, definitely ready for some time off. I’ll then be off for two and a half blissful weeks. We are spending two of those weeks in Ireland with my husband’s family which should be both hectic (a lot of children in the family!) and relaxing as we’ll stay with husbands parents and they live in a beautiful, peaceful part of the country. On the final countdown!

    In other news, the treats in the office are overflowing and there are chocolate biscuits galore – my weakness. I just had FIVE in the space of an hour! Will try to refrain from having any more (1hr and 30 mins to go) and do a FD tomorrow. Since my last post I have done a 500 calorie OMAD FD. While I do one FD (500-800 cal) once a week since reaching maintenance, it’s the first OMAD I’ve done in a while and felt really good! So I will attempt this again tomorrow. However my boss is back in the office tomorrow after two weeks away so if there was ever a time to want to binge….

    Day 10, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Planning on about 1000 to 1200 calories today. Weekend NFDs were around or a bit below my TDEE.

    Have a good Monday everyone! 🌸⚘🌲

    Day 10: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Heavy day on the Christmas deliveries….plenty of parcels, packets and LOADS of cards to deliver. Luckily the weather was kind.
    @anna6: Congratulations on the safe and happy arrival of your new grandchild, Eve xxx
    @dykask: One more WFD to reach your target?
    @beedoo: Wow! you have two and a half weeks off for Christmas? What a treat! We seem to be getting a lot of chocolates, biscuits and other fattening goodies being brought into our postal delivery office too, just lately….but at least we can walk them off!

    USA Day 10 CD

    Anna6, congratulations on your new granddaughter! I just bought a new best seller written by the American newscaster, Leslie Stahl, entitled “Becoming Grandma: The Joys ….” I think you are already a grandmother but I will be one for the first time this Spring. I like this newscaster and I thought this book would be a great read for a newbie!

    I am amazed about how often everyone gets together with their families! That must be nice. I don’t have any family where I live, except my son and daughter, along with their spouses. It would seem that they are always too busy to get together with me!

    I am just checking in as I am having a CD again today! Good luck everyone on having a successful and beautiful day! 🙂

    Day 10 – USA – NFD

    Hello, all my cyber friends, old and new! Have been reading all the posts daily just to still feel connected, but have not fasted lately….maintaining at 151 and lazily hoping to get to within a range of 150 (147-150) by the end of the month. Still recording on MFP and usually at or within TDEE, so no worries there. Can’t begin to say how great this forum has been for me as far as comraderie, weight loss, emotionally, etc. It’s a very sustainable WOL that I wish I would have practiced a long time ago, but no time like the present. Going forward, I’m expecting to maintain and keep connected, albeit from a distance, and on the spreadsheet. Will throw in a few FDs when necessary. @anna6, congrats on grandbaby Eve!

    Day 10

    FD today.
    So far so good. It’s afternoon here, so I think I’ll be able to keep it at 500 or a little over if at all. My big hunger comes around 3:00 pm.
    Thanks, @michelinme, and @annemarilyn for your comments. It was great to see her and visit. True the main focus was being with her. Back on the road today.
    Have another bump in the road coming. My mom, 98 yrs old, kidneys are failing plus has a UTI going on. They will try antibodies for the UTI which makes her really sick. If that doesn’t work, will be suggesting Hospice to start. At this point will wait and see. Trying not to stuff myself during this time.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Pocket List Day 10

    Day 10 Eastern WA USA – FD

    Yes, ready for a FD all the way through to supper tomorrow evening – going for a 48 hour fast.
    @anna6 – congratulations on your new granddaughter!

    @metatauta – good to hear you’re doing well. How much have you lost in total?

    Pocket List Day 10

    Need to go shovel some snow so I can get out to a birthday party. I plan to have coffee only as I visit, and skip the coffee 🙂

    Together we can do this!

    DAY 10 – UK – FD

    Thank you to all those posters who’ve mentioned me in comments. On phone and struggling to scroll and remember everyone. Ditto with pocket List as unable to copy and paste.

    Just to say I love reading all your posts!

    Warm wishes to you all.

    Day 10 second post

    Just popping in for accountability & distraction 🙂 I’ve drunk one black coffee and 2litres water, about to have late supper. Hoping that the lateness etc and my viral fatigue will have me back in bed soon after, thus avoiding recent evening EFS sessions

    @ciren2 you must burn so many calories!
    @beedoo your holidays sound lovely, and a new biscuit policy sounds wise 🙂
    @metatauta it’s always encouraging to hear that maintenance has been straightforward, thank you
    @ccco how lovely, when is the baby due?
    @annemarilyn good luck with your extended FD
    @judyjudes i always end up using pen & paper! popped you on the pocket list – wonderful to have strength in numbers today 🙂

    Pocket List Day 10

    “Giving up on your goals because of a setback is like slashing your other tyres when you get a puncture” Hold fast, fasters & Happy Mondays to all 🙂

    Day 10 – USA – NFD
    @annemarilyn, I started out at 191.6 in Jan. 2017. I’ve lost a total of 40.6 lbs. May want to lose another 3-5 lbs. in total. Thanks for asking; it was not painful at all and so much fun on the forum; the time flew by!

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    P.E.O. party tonight (buffet, wine!) so hopefully won’t overeat. Saving calories all day for it. Then tomorrow is my blood donation (every 8 weeks) so cannot fast then. Movie with popcorn on Wednesday… maybe fast on Thursday?

    Busy times – onward and downward!

    2nd Post @michelinme that is so kind of you, thank you!

    Note to self, have pen & paper ready (what a good idea) 🙂

    Day 11 – Japan – NFD (1 more WFD to go in 2018 to make my 90 WFDs goal)

    I’ve started a new type of pushup, planche style with the feet on the ground. From the normal arms directly below shoulders you lean forward until your hands are close to your waist line and then do a push up keeping elbows straight back. I was able to do 6 to 10 of them at a time until I got to 30. However my arms are spent. On frog stands I’m in the 10 second range, it seems that some of my shoulder and back muscles are still too weak.

    What a great pocket list, hang in there as everyone should be over 1/2 now!

    Pocket List Day 10

    Day 11 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Yesterday’s CD ended up being more like 1400 (though ate dinner out so that’s a rough guess), but did manage a very good 50min spin class before dinner, so came into today’s FD not feeling quite as stuffed as I normally as I normally do coming into a FD.

    Saw the PT this morning with another great session, so I imagine my hunger will come on thick and fast early afternoon, so will definitely be needing today’s pocket list to help keep me focussed!!

    The extra 2kg that I put on after the wedding (pretty much instantly) I’m very keen to shift, not only did I prefer how my clothes sat on me, my wise food choices and discipline at training meant my energy levels were way up, and there was no puffy feeling resulting from carb binges …!

    @anne6 congratulations! That is such exciting news! ❤️

    Pocket List Day 11

    Day 10 Ohio, US — FD(#36)
    Days 7,8,9 — NFD

    This FD has gone well. Since my last FD, life has been very hectic! Most of these evenings I don’t finish with the day’s work until well after 9, usually closer to 11. Today was early: the finishing point came at 9:30. One of the downsides to email is that students think you should be answering their emails 24/7, and when they’re stressed, they send out more emails!

    @dykask Your push-ups sound pretty intense! I have carpal tunnel issues in each wrist, so can’t do anything that puts pressure on them in a right angle bend; but I do about 30 wall push-ups a day. So I’m in awe of what you do!

    @kaywesterman With any luck the antibiotics will do the trick. Hope all goes well with your Mom!

    2nd post – day 11

    @matpi – I typically use hand grips and go down a bit deeper than one can with hands off the floor. I can now also do pushups off the floor and I often do a few that way. A couple years ago I couldn’t because of wrist/hand pain. The first hand grips I bought were too fancy even with a counter than never worked well. (A pen and small notebook is better for keeping track.) Anyway I wore out the pads on the bottom and they started to slip so I bought a cheap set for 400 yen. (~ US $3.50) Those work pretty well. Hand/wrist pain is a common problem with push ups.

    Now I also stretch my wrists both directions but not everyday, just when I think of it. Also working on pull ups greatly improved my hand strength. All those finger squeezer exercise devices are pretty worthless compared to just hanging from a bar. So strong hands/wrists are needed to deal with push up hand pain.

    When the hands get strong enough the trick is not put your weight on your hands flat, they need to arch like the feet do. So most of the weight goes on the back of the hand and the finger tips. If you really strong, just the finger tips. Even with all that, sometimes it becomes painful and then I have to just let the hands heal for a week or two. That happened a few weeks ago when I started trying to do frog stands.

    I had mild carpal tunnel syndrome about a decade ago and I had to wear a hand brace that protected my right hand for a few months. I will still have shooting pain if I put weight on my right hand the wrong way. Normally it isn’t a problem anymore unless I too tried. I guess that is the other trick, to learn when your muscles have too much fatigue and not to push too far, at some point it becomes counter-productive. Still carpal tunnel pain can be a serious problem.

    There isn’t anything wrong with doing pushups off the wall. However if you can do 30 without a stop you might want try maybe doing them off a solid chair or bench and step up the difficultly slowly. However that depends on your goals. If you just want to maintain there isn’t anything wrong with doing what you are doing. Only you can decide what is right for you.

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going to do a B2B today. I weighed in after my FD and I was up from last week so I dare not even think what I would have weighed yesterday after the EFS weekend. Still in healthy BMI and clothes still fit…just…so mindful mindful mindful….

    DH is recovering well, walking almost normally now, and strengthening himself for next weeks knee surgery where it will be back to the beginning except this time with the OTHER leg. Sigh. So I will be busy this week trying to get all the heavy Christmas shopping and things done before the 20th.

    My work have extended my contract until the end of May. Yay!!! And then yesterday evening a mistake on my part was discovered and today may be a day of being hauled in and explaining myself. I know how not to make the same mistake again and have plans to bring in processes for myself to double check but that’s not going to help with this issue. Oh well. I am still relatively new so maybe they won’t be too hard. I have sent reiki out there to cushion my say and I don’t feel any bad gut vibes so perhaps it will be ok. Fingers crossed ☹️

    @anna6 congratulations on Grandaughter Eve. How wonderful ☺️

    Pocket list day 11 – Together we are STRONGER

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