Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 5 Wales NFD

    Its lovely to be home with my feet up after my medical trip to Bristol….in June and July I had laser surgery and foam sclerotherapy injections to treat varicose veins and this week I needed more injections to remove the smaller remaining varicose veins. I’m hoping that will be it now but I won’t see the final result for a few months as it takes that long to fully heal after the injections. I’m genetically programmed to get varicose veins, most of the family has them, so there is a chance I will get more in the future but I will look forward to 2019 being the year of the skirt!

    @emma-taylor my GP referred me for NHS treatment but I was refused NHS treatment by the NHS vascular surgeon as my varicose veins were not bleeding or ulcerated. Short sighted in my humble opinion as the veins were very big and extensive and I (and my GP) considered they needed treatment now to prevent future ulceration, but I accept the under resourced NHS has to prioritise. After months of internet research I selected a private clinic in Bristol and have been pleased with the treatment but it could be late Spring before I see the final result….perfect timing for shedding the winter layers.

    Whilst away I ate cookies and quiche and now have indigestion and that horrid bloated post carb feeling. Looking forward to my Thursday FD. Nearly brought it forward a day but I should really get some healthy nutrition today to promote healing.

    Have a good day everyone xx

    Day 5 NC USA FD

    Day 5 Pocket List:

    Day 5 already, North canton Healthy eating day

    I ate too much crap yesterday, so I plan to rein it in today. @missybear hate that bloated post carb feeling. I am really trying to resist the “you are in maintenance now, treat yourself mindset” that got me in trouble last time. Positive thoughts needed please.

    Hubby is having surgery on his cervical spine tomorrow, he’s been battling a degenerative and narrowing spine with bulging and herniated disc for years. Surgery was recommended 5 years ago but he resisted, unfortunately the numbness and tingling has progressed to weakness in his left arm and it’s finally time to bite the bullet and do it. I am relieved for him that he’s doing it, but I can tell he is nervous, praying for successful surgery and recovery.

    Gotta go chip away at that mountain. Keep on keeping on my friends, your efforts are worth the trouble.

    Day 5, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Yesterday’s CD morphed into a normal NFD. I did major nut stress eating because my old dog was very sick and I was very worried. Luckily he feels better today and I will eat in a more balanced fashion.

    @annemarilyn: I don’t snowshoe anymore. I just walk/hike in my winter hiking boots. Mostly hiking the huge golf course behind my house or the nature park across the road that leads to the foothills of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.
    @daffodil2010: Sending healing vibes and positive energy to your DH.
    @missybear: Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    @basyjames: Wishing your DH a successful surgery.

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 5, Finland, NFD

    I had a successful FD yesterday after eating my way through a box of biscuits on Monday. We are going to friends tomorrow to celebrate Finnish Independence day so it will be a food filled day, with only a long day at work preventing also alcohol filled day 😉 . I am jealous reading southern hemisphere sunshine posts and also North American snow posts. Southern Finland is still un-seasonally warm, with no snow!! It is very dark and depressing. I have started formulating plans of living 6 months here and 6 months in Australia…if only that was feasible!!

    Hope everyone else is having a sunny and bright day.

    Day 5 UK CD

    Yesterday’s CD morphed into a NFD with too many carbs, so I also have the post-carb yucky feeling, and seem to have put on a shocking 2kg since last Friday… clearly some serious carb eating/water retention going on! On the basis of easy on/easy off, i’m going to join @missybear in making today a healthy eating day in preparation for a good FD tomorrow. My fridge is full of delicious veg & I need to take the time to prepare and eat them!

    When we’re squished for time or capacity, it’s easy to see food as fuel to grab and keep going. It can also make us more likely to succumb to mindless eating and an overdose of seasonal treats! One of the things that made last December successful for me was to plan & prepare, not just for FDs but for CDs and NFDs. A little meal planning & prep on quieter days gives me the quick food I might need and takes at least some of the temptation out of evening meals – it’s there on the shelf and ready to roll.

    Tonight I’m going to enjoy a OMAD feast of cauliflower, sprouts, parsnips and sweet potato wedges with spicy vegan mince & spinach – yum! And make enough mince to enjoy with a baked sweet potato tomorrow evening. It’ll make for a much more productive day and a quick-to-reheat supper – perfect. And on Friday I’ll do some meal planning & prep for the weekend and early next week. Mistakes are great learning opportunities 🙂


    @betsylee it’s not that you’ve done anything wrong, but sadly posts do go missing. I find it helpful to copy before posting, and again if editing. That way if it does disappear you’ve got a back up.

    @tante well done in getting back on track – and great news that your DD is getting married

    @emma-taylor @flourbaby it’s miserable in London today but a little warmer than yesterday and a hint of brightness… Just a couple more gloomy & wet days, & forecast is sunnier days ahead. Only 16 days until the turning point of the year and the lengthening of days again 🙂

    @basyjames hope all goes well with DH’s surgery tomorrow, wishing him a speedy recovery and helpful result

    @daffodil2010 DH’s physio sounds hopeful for his knee surgery, fingers crossed

    Good luck to today’s Fasters, hope to today’s Resetters and encouragement to us all to Hold Fast

    “Hope is something that you create….You live by hoping and then you create that change. Hope is trying to change your present for a better world. It’s pretty much up to you.” (Alfonso Cuaron)

    Day 5 Canada FD
    I went for such a long cross country ski yesterday, it was beautiful out there. Stuck to it being a CD and felt great but tired. Fitness is a WOL I need to build up:)
    @michelinme I am looking forward to an overdue haircut this week. Thanks for the reminder about a bra fitting, I’m overdue so have added that to my shopping list.
    @at I have never tried a WFD, I’ve always thought it was be tough. But one thing this WOL teaches us is that many things are possible as far as not eating
    @tante my rower is in storage for the winter so I’m no use as a training partner. Sorry. Like @redrockgirl I hike the snow shoe trails and Ski whenever I can
    Wishing a speedy recovery to @missybear and @bayjames OH
    Have lots to do today, some zucchini soup amd mussels to get me through.

    Day 5: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Phew I got absolutely SOAKED on my delivery this morning. Even my knickers were wet…yes, really! Postmen’s coats look waterproof but, trust me, they are NOT! Not unless the rain is light and intermittent.
    @at well done on the massive water fast.
    @flyingplanes: It’s just that some days are not meant for fasting. Or maybe you weren’t drinking enough?
    @fatfingers (or should it be slimfingers now?) another maintainer to give us the inspiration. Good for you!

    Day 5 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Yesterday’s FD became a NFD. I was just so hungry and the sugar dragon was roaring. This, because of the carbs I ate Sunday and finished up on Monday. At least I resisted sugar and instead had Gouda, smoked salmon and cashews. Strange combination but seemed to counteract the carb cravings with all that protein and fat (and calories). I wish I could fast today, but it’s DH’s BD and he has requested pizza for his BD dinner. I will try to discard the crust to limit carbs, and stay alcohol free. FD tomorrow; and I hope it won’t be a struggle if I stay mindful tonight. The first week of December is almost worse than Christmas is, for us, due to birthdays.

    @basyjames good luck to you and your OH for his surgery tomorrow.
    @missybear I hope you get the major healing you’re looking for. I am feeling the post-carb yuck as well as you and @michelinme…… a good FD will feel so good!
    @daffodil2010 Good luck to you and your OH as well. Healing vibes sent!
    @tante Congratulations on your new role as Mother of the Bride! How exciting! Enjoy!

    Thanks, everyone, for the belated Happy Birthday wishes. It does make a birthday more fun to have so many good wishes and good vibes sent my way!

    Off to spend the day out and about for OH’s special day (he took it off work), and hoping to fast until the pizza, and family, arrive late afternoon. I shall stay under TDEE of 1450!!!!!

    Best of luck to everyone.

    @betsylee: I too have lost posts when editing. Not sure why, but very irritating.

    DAY 5 – UK – NFD

    Slight loss on scales. Eating nutritionally well but low calorie even on NFD. If I don’t eat to a deficit I gain.

    2nd Thyroid blood test on Friday. Fingers crossed I receive treatment if it is still showing under active. Most probably get the results middle of next week. Also next week are my scopies to investigate stomach bleed. Oh the joys.

    Warm wishes to you all.

    DAY 5 – UK – CD

    Busy day started off with a wonderful yoga class – then setting up for the Christmas party that we held for the club I volunteer at on a Wednesday afternoon. Home for a quick shower then back to organise the food and service for the party. The local primary school children came to sing some songs for the group and later we had the local singing group come and do some Christmas carols – a good time was had by all and the food was much enjoyed.

    Now back home feeling a bit tired – OH and I are fed and now relaxing and listening to some music – feeling pleasantly tired.

    @dykask – strangely still not feeling particularly hungry so hoping to end the day as a good controlled day
    @betsylee – losing posts does seem to happen every now and then – I tend to save my post when I remember just in case…..re appetite eat when you feel hungry and try to eat nutritious food – healthy proteins. and carbs, lots of vegetables and fruit to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need.
    @flourbaby – same weather here in Cumbria – these will brighten up your day 💐
    @tante – sounds like you are in a good place mentally with this WOL 👍 Great news re your DD – congratulations to her
    @missybear – good to hear the long drive…etc was worth it – this will be you next summer 👗 showing off those pins of yours!
    @basyjames – sending healing vibes for your hubby and wishing him a speedy recovery from his spinal surgery tomorrow 🤗
    @bellyblast – I don’t often do a WFD but after an EFS weekend I felt the need to firmly press my RESET button – it led to a B2B FD on Tuesday although that one was at 700cals – and still not feeling very hungry so today will definitely be a CD – should hopefully give me a good wriggle room for my week down south visiting old friends where a lot of food and wine will no doubt be consumed……..although I’m planning on 16:8 days or OMAD where possible as there is no chance that I will have a FD
    @ciren2 – that did not sound pleasant at all 😒 in that sort of weather you definitely need proper waterproof trousers and top – makes all the difference! Thank you re the water FD – not something I do often……….
    @northerndawn – happy birthday to your OH – hope he enjoys his pizza
    @judyjudes – can I ask – are you eating to the TDEE for your target weight?? also when calculating your TDEE only use lightly active as your exercise level unless you are into extreme exercise – that way you lose weight quicker and get used to the much smaller portions your new body will require and try to drink at least 2L of water a day – hope your health issues get diagnosed and sorted out soon xx

    I’m off to watch MasterChef the Professionals – some very good chefs in this series and it’s down to the last 10 and tonight they are fighting for a place in the semifinals

    To lose the weight and keep it off – we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight! “IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOSING THE WEIGHT; IT’S ABOUT LOSING THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET THAT GOT YOU THERE” Steve Maraboli

    Day 5 Belfast NFD
    I haven’t made good food choices recently and have lost my way a bit. I don’t usually count calories, but have been grazing and pretending that the calories don’t count. I haven’t been on the scales for a few days, but I think I’m kidding myself! Back on,the wagon tomorrow and MFP resurrected.

    Good to see you back @borealis and @penz
    Happy healing @dykask
    @EmmaTaylor – I had to look up ‘flaneuring’. I like it!
    30kg is some weight to handle @ciren2. A work out in it’s own right! Yes, we had beautiful sunshine yesterday. We had a brisk frost and the mist rose in the meadow as the sunrise. Stunning. This morning was drizzly fog and you couldn’t see the meadow!
    @steffieagle – your location ‘Mountaintop’ always sounds so romantic! Good to see you.
    @beedoo – a great motivating post.
    @missybear – a 2019 mini skirt maybe!? Hope all went well.
    @basyjames – wishing your husband a successful operation and speedy recovery.
    @judyjudes – while scopes are not nice, at least it will hopefully get to the root of your problem.

    My Christmas hampers were sent to Dublin as I won’t be seeing the girls until after Christmas and they went down a treat. The photo Christmas decorations brought a tear to at least one son’s eyes. I’m only sorry I didn’t have the shrubs ready to go in. Next year…. ! My next project is kimchi. Watch this space….

    The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

    Day 5 – second post

    460 kcal so far today, the hunger is brewing but I am already in bed and hope to be fast asleep before it gets critical 🙂

    Thank you for the warm welcome @at @michelinme @snowflake56 @dingping @bellyblast @debster251 very glad to be back.
    @basyjames all the best for your DH tomorrow and speedy recovery, for yours too @daffodil2010
    Excited about your kimchi project @debster251 have been meaning to make my own for a long time…

    Good night all 🌜

    Day 6 – Japan – NFD

    Yesterday I ran to a park and did some bar work. Started trying to do an L-sit. That is holding legs straight out while doing a pullup. I could get my legs up but I couldn’t hold them. So I have a long ways to go. I did a good amount of hanging exercises. Today it is raining hard so I guess I be doing some in-door work.

    This was the first time I ran in a couple months. It wasn’t pretty but somehow I got the job done.

    Day 5 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Posting rather late, even after Dykask has posted for Day 5 🙂

    It’s a full day mostly at the university today working on end of 1/4 work and some professional development time. Will break my fast shortly with a fund raiser dinner soon.

    @snowflake 56 – do you get Gouda cheese or some other? That’s the one we have available from Holland out here.

    @flourbaby – “prozac or cashews” Thanks for the chuckle.

    @basyjames – will add my prayer to yours for you hubby’s surgery tomorrow.

    I’m off!

    Glad we’re together on this journey!

    Day 6 – Sydney AU – NFD

    Still feeling shaky and weird today so think I’ve got a bug, which would explain yesterday. Ate a big breakfast and got plenty of food for the day, which seems to be what my body needs. Dropped 0.3kg overnight so at least I feel vindicated after what a struggle yesterday was. 😉

    Hope everyone fasting today is doing well. 🙂

    Day 5, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    @debster251 Mountaintop is only 1558 feet in altitude with another 100 feet added to the higher ridge over the town. I regularly walk a Gamelands trail, kind of a park year round but designated for hunting in season, which gives me a good workout with an ascent of 400 feet from my house.

    Mountaintop is really more of a plateau between mountain ridges. We are west of the Pocono mountains, which are slightly higher in elevation. All of the USA eastern mountains are smaller and older than the snow capped peaks of our western USA.

    Mountaintop is a rural town in Northeastern PA. We enjoy our wildlife in the yard but when they eat all the flowers and shrubs we put up netting fences to deter the marauders.

    Mountaintop is a pretty place and has been my home for 40 years. Check out http://www.mteagle.com for a glimpse of our community.

    Day 5 Ohio, US — FD(#35)

    Just finished the last work task and emails in preparation for tomorrow and, as predicted, it’s been a very long day. In fact, I’m feeling quite virtuous now — in addition to the heavy pace of work to be done on this FD, I also made 2 dozen thumbprint gumdrop cookies with cream cheese frosting for the office party tomorrow. Surprisingly I didn’t feel tempted at all to sample the wares. Since each cookie clocks in at 350 calories, a little indulgence could really wipe out the FD. I hope they turned out okay — but I think I can wait until the party tomorrow to find out.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 6 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    It seems I haven’t been the only one to have overdone the carbs over the past few days, and as a result I’m feeling puffy and heavier than usual. And it definitely makes the fasts harder, not to mention the extra sugar cravings!!

    On the positive side of things, I’ve had an incredibly active week at the gym, with some good sessions, and an extra netball game. My friend is also coaxing me to a spin class tomorrow, which (despite wanting a morning in bed, and feeling a bit sluggish), I’ll go along for.

    Pocket List Day 6:

    Day 6, Cornwall UK, FD

    Saturday’s Xmas market was fun. Slow to start then a rush of interesting people. Sold all my OH’s oak planters/boxes – they looked so beautiful and lovely to touch.

    Doing well on reducing the alcohol and regularly doing 3 to 4 days a week without. Feel better for it.

    But got an ulcer in my eye and can’t do yoga and feel off-colour. I’ve been well all summer so feel hacked-off about it!

    Just treading water on 5:2 at the moment. Fast days going well.

    Good to see you back @borealis and looking forward to hearing about your journey. I think I’m at risk of falling off the wagon at the mo as i am sitting on a plateau. But i really want to lose the last 7-ish kgs. Hope to learn from others the power of persistence!

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Planning a good basic 5:2 today. Oat bran bread with chicken for lunch, tomato and red lentil soup for dinner. It’s a full on weekend ahead so need to prepare. Girls night tomorrow (it’s our catch up pot luck Christmas meal…one friends is bringing starters, the other main, and I am dessert….banana split 😱), then it’s the work kiddies party on Saturday with Santa, bringing granddaughter to that and babysitting her on Saturday night, lunch with stepdaughter on Sunday then some driving to collect DH’s car from his work place. Busy busy.

    Although weight is still plateauing I feel slightly thinner…I still have size 10 clothes which I could wear in August but now too tight but other size 10’s fit. Oh well onwards and upwards.

    I have my Ralph Lauren dress as my goal for the work Christmas party Friday week. It’s very slim fitting so will keep that as ultimate goal for the coming week.

    @basyjames best wishes for your OH and his surgery.

    @cornish-jane don’t give up, sometimes that mojo wavers, I know, and sitting on a plateau for ages is such a drag, but keep on, we are here holding your hand. And I look forward to my horticultural friends daily updates…..😄

    @steffieagle your home community looks great.

    @matpi…oh my goodness those gumdrop cookies sound divine!!!

    Day 6 UK FD

    Day 6 CD. Finding it hard to fit FD in. Too much on…

    @missybear – thanks for the info. I’m in the doctors waiting room now waiting for her to have a look at this varicose vein. Assuming I won’t get it resolved on the NHS, how on earth do you find a reliable private clinic to do the job?
    Off for a swim in the outdoor pool at Hampton this afternoon. It’s heated, thank goodness.
    Have a good day all. H

    Day 6 Belfast FD

    Another wet grey day ☹️
    @dykask – you’ll be a gymnast by the time you’ve mastered all your challenges! Hats off for your determination!
    @steffieagle – I love hearing descriptions of our fellow Fasters’ homelands. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the link.
    @matpi – thumbprint gumdrop cookies? Mmmm sounds delicious
    @daffodil2010 – mojo wavers! Ha! That’s me 😦

    Keep on keeping on!

    Day 6 – Iceland – NFD

    Three good fast days so far in December and only 0.3kg down… I guess I have to do some B2B2Bs to get things moving.

    @steffieagle – I just googled Mountaintop/Pocono mountains and WOW! What a grand landscape!
    @matpi – well done baking but not eating the cookies on your fast day!
    Thank you so much @cornish-jane, I really admire you for staying on the wagon 🙂 I’m sure you will have despatched of those 7kgs before you know it, it is nothing compared to what you have already accomplished!
    @daffodil2010 – ooo I loove banana split, especially the hot fudge… don’t think I have had one since childhood though (would you mind sharing the recipe?). Enjoy your girls night!

    Day 6, London, UK, FD,

    @basyjames, I’m thinking of you and your DH today, praying the surgery goes swimmingly & successfully!!!

    @at thanks for the bouquet, these dark, dank, damp days have me looking at holiday brochures for summer 2019 already!!!

    @debster251, looking forward to your kimchi updates!!! My Xmas project is water kefir, I’m not really a dairy person, unless it’s cheese!! I’ll order some ‘grains’ after Xmas as I’ll have time to study the process up close, rather than sitting at work freaking about exploding bottles!!!

    Good grief @matpi, a 350 calorie cookie sounds like both heaven & hell wrapped up in a cream cheese frosted dream…………… of course I mean nightmare!!!! That’s ONE recipe I really don’t want you to share!!!! LOL!!!

    Well, I’m off to do some work, it’s what I get paid for after-all!!!

    Day 6 Wales FD

    My first FD of the month and it needs to be a really good one.

    @basyjames best wishes for you and your DH today 🤗

    @cornish-jane times when I have felt like I was losing the 5:2 plot I reminded myself to take it just one day at a time….in fact I’m already telling myself that this morning as I think today’s FD may seem harder after a mini carb fest earlier this week….. I can do anything for just one day, so today I’m fasting with you.

    @steffieagle I loved learning about your community, it looks wonderful.

    @emma-taylor hope your GP was helpful.

    Strength to my fellow Thursday fasters, lets have a great FD, together we are stronger 💪😉

    Day 6, GR, NFD

    I’m away visiting my friend at the moment, so I doubt I’ll manage any good FD, CD or OMAD will be good enough if I manage that at all 😂

    Not had time to catch up on posts but I will try later ….

    Have a good day everyone 🌼

    Day 6 Australia FD
    I have had a rough week and have been too embarrassed to post (got to lose the shame thing!). My husband has been in hospital with spinal surgery and will be there for another few weeks. So combining single parenting, a rough week at work, shuttling the kids back from school and to the hospital & back and life admin selling a house has been a bit too much. Fail fail fail food wise.
    But reading your journeys and the damn scale made me think it was worth another go this morning, and I finally cracked a FD! So happy to have this accountability of this group, even if I don’t know anyone yet.
    I was going to ask if anyone has managed to keep 5.2 going in times of high stress? Unfortunately I’m a comfort eater so having some kind of framework now is important I think.
    I also split my calories between lunch & dinner & that helped.
    Looking forward to reading back over your last few days, good luck everyone.

    @missybear I love the idea of knowing others are fasting on the same day.
    Does everyone have set days? I try to do Monday & Wednesday but this week will be aiming for my second day on Saturday – where the work kids Christmas party is on and apparently serves terrible food 😁. Anyone else fasting on Saturday?
    @basyjanes hope your husband is recovering? How is he doing? Last time my hubby’s surgery was an instant cure but this time he has progressed to fusing the vertabrae so there’s lots of rehab involved. Praying all going well for you.

    Day 6 Melbourne Aust. FD

    Well, I kind-of made it today. After the first couple of FDs where I just ate one meal early evening, today I gardened then exercised (rower and X-trainer) in the morning and had to have SOMETHING at lunchtime – only 145 cals, but then I still had about 500 cals for dinner so my FD was slightly over. Sigh!

    @flourbaby, @kerryn73 & @ciren2 – noted your comments about abysmal weather, wet, overcast, no snow in Finland, and was almost green with envy as Melbourne is having a, thankfully short, heatwave; 36 degrees today and 38 expected tomorrow. It was already hot in the morning when I was gardening and exercising, which may have aggravated the “I have to eat something!” I love my rowing machine – bought it as a present for myself when I retired, and just enjoy rowing away to music. Only up to 16 minutes so far – working up to at least 20, and maybe 30 in the future. It’s a great way to do HIIT, as well.

    @judyjudes, is your thyroid underactive? What did the blood test show? It can be much more of a battle with losing weight if you don’t have enough thyroxine in your system. But, it can be done. A friend of mine who has had to take thyroxine for an underactive thyroid for years has lost heaps of weight; puts me to shame! 🙂

    @borealis, hang in there with the FDs. It sometimes just means your body is changing shape without obvious weight loss, then whoosh, a lot comes off at once.

    @sunn_beam, Hello to a fellow Aussie. I know all about the comfort eating due to stress: I’ve put on heaps that way over the years. Now I’ve retired, I get a lot more sleep, and everything is so much easier, even when there’s stress, so my suggestion – try to make sure you get lots of sleep. I’ve only just started the 5:2 WOL and am coping, where 6 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to. Unlike you, though, I’m finding so far that I do better with just the one main meal – See above!

    Day 5 – NFD
    Day 6 – FD – Ireland

    I can’t remember if I posted yesterday…very busy times but did two good deeds for others yesterday so feeling good…it meant a very long day but a nice early night tonight should sort me out….
    FD today as I’ve also had two meals out and whilst I didn’t go overboard I still ate betjnd a NFD yesterday..
    Hope all of you who are struggling at the moment find things easier soon…hold fast… Hard times do pass…
    I’m committed to a good FD today so hopefully will report a new low tomorrow… We’ll see..who knows!🤔

    Pocket list for today:

    @missy bear

    Think I got everybody
    Onward and downward ⏬

    Second post …

    It shows on our spreadsheet who is fasting on what days @sunn_beam, check it out :), its in the first post, and we have a pocket list with all the fasters on that paticular day that someone makes every day.
    I added your name for today 🙂

    Pocket list for today:

    @missy bear

    Day 5, Florida, NFD

    I needed to log in today (didn’t yesterday) as I’m cold and craving carbs!! Now feeling inspired and back on track after reading everyone’s posts, I’m going to have a hot drink of bullion instead. My dry til Fri has NOT been going well. I gave my OH a whiskey advent calendar for Christmas, and of course I feel I have to keep him company as he has his nightly dram.

    @basyjames wishing your husband a successful surgery and speedy recovery tomorrow. I know a few people who have had back surgery and it really gave them a renewed lease on life.

    @flourbaby – did you find a good google joke to lift your mood? Share!

    Adding me to the pocketlist for extra accountability:
    @missy bear

    Day 6, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    A very cloudy and cold day. Rather stay at the fireplace with a good book but forcing myself outside for a brisk walk. Need to get my steps!

    Have a good Thursday everyone! 😊😊😊

    2nd post

    Sending best wishes and healing vibes for successful surgery today for your OH @basyjames
    @emma-taylor – you’re making me feel nostalgic with your talk of going to Hampton Pool, missing living in Strawberry Hill!
    Good luck getting the right treatment for your varicose veins
    @sunn_beam – don’t feel embarrassed to post, no judgement here and once you stop posting then things can start to slip further.
    Sound’s like you have a lot on your plate so no wonder staying strong with this WOL is challenging. Don’t beat yourself up and do what you can, it’s still better than not, one day at a time. I like the pocket list too, it’s a big psychological boost and I fast routinely on Saturdays, often with the pocket list support of @snowflake56.
    @jaifaim – thanks for adding me to the p list.

    So dark already in London, shortest day can’t be too far off!

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) CD

    Going to do an 800 calorie day today – what I consider a CD or MFD I suppose.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 Atlanta, GA FD

    Going to do an 800 calorie day today, I have been out of country last month and gained few pounds which i want to get rid of it. good luck everyone

    Day 6 – UK – FD

    Another drizzly and grey day but I started my day off with a strong aerobic class at 9am which set me up in a positive mood for the day – brunch out with OH afterwards – back home for a shower then out for a meeting about my voluntary work now back home and it’s dark outside.

    Catching up on posts before I tackle dinner for OH and I’ll have a bowl of mushroom soup as I’m not feeling very hungry so will come in under 800cals and I’ll count this as a FD!

    @steffieagle – where you live sounds great – I’m sure I would love it as it sounds similar to my neck of the woods in some ways!
    @cornish-jane – I’m with you feeling better for having reduced the alcohol consumption – I too now have 3-4 days alcohol free even the odd 5 days……😇 Don’t give up – hold on tight to the 5:2 bandwagon and you’ll turn a corner soon x
    @missybear – you can do this FD – just think of us pulling you along with us – I have added you to the pocket list for support
    @shinything – enjoy your visit – try 16:8 days and making sensible decisions some of the time at leas😉
    @sunn_beam – never be embarrassed to post anything on here – we are all in this together – you will only find support, understanding and encouragement 🤗 I don’t have set days but usually find I fast on the same days each week unless social commitments means a change – I always try to fit 5:2 around my life and not the other way round as I did not want to feel like I was missing out……
    @betsylee – I count anything below 800cal as a FD and it’s a positive feeling
    @songbirdme – I count my 800cal days as a FD and anything around 1000 – 1200cals as a CD – funny how we all view things differently but that’s the beauty of this WOL – it’s flexible and works – I’ll add you to the pocket list for support 🤗

    Pocket List Day 6:

    You are all capable of amazing things and in the words of Confucius ” It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop”

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Another rain-soaked postal delivery, but not quite as bad as yesterday, thank goodness.
    @betsylee: I note your heatwave in Melbourne…my daughter is emigrating there to work after Christmas, she wants heat and sunshine! She is starting a three-year contract at Ellinbank Dairy Research Centre to the east of Melbourne. She flies out on Boxing Day and starts mid-January.I will be fretting here at home, as any mother would…
    @steffieagle: Lucky you being able to climb mountains from right outside your door! No excuses for not being fit then, eh?
    @at: same for you, being in the Lake District. I love mountains!

    Day 6, Gozo, Malta, cfd

    I had a yogurt and dried nut loaf total 600 for lunch and I’m having stuffed veal with baked potatoes and onions for tonight with the rest of the family.

    I’ve been babysitting my grandson since yesterday afternoon as my pregnant daughter had contructions which proved to be Braxton Hicks ones but they kept her in hospital. We’re hoping her baby will arrive by tomorrow.

    Have a great evening/night everyone.

    @at – I suppose you’re right about it being a FD at around 800 calories. It might actually end up less than that. MFP says the white chicken chile I plan for supper is only 148 calories. I’ll take it! Sorry you’re having grey and drizzle. The sun actually came out here in northern Illinois – nice to see for a change! 🙂

    Day 6 UK FD

    Yesterday was good reset after carbtastic Tuesday. I successfully avoided carbs and cooked lots of veg, today’s weekly shop was basically stocking up on veg again. I’m hoping the rainbow colours will encourage me to eat them! Ridiculously simple FD today – only vegemite tea and a couple of litres of water thus far. Baked sweet potato, steamed cauliflower & sprouts and mashed parsnip, followed by clementine for supper – yum.

    I’ve got a banana mountain to use up so perhaps make & freeze a gf/wheat-free ginger/banana bread tomorrow, useful addition to the Christmas cupboard of healthy treats. (Delighted that I’ve not even thought about eating any of my Christmas food even tho I know it’s there!)

    Just back from GP, last week’s blood results were all fine so likely to be viral rather than bacterial infection. But pretty breathless so chest x-ray next week and GP will prescribe antibiotics if anything shows up. I’m going to get an early night & make time for adapted yoga tomorrow morning: even if I can’t do much, stretching always makes me feel better.


    @bellyblast hope you have a good haircut & bra fitting 🙂
    @northerndawn well done for avoiding sugar & going with protein – thank you for inspiring me to do the same yesterday 🙂
    @judyjudes fingers crossed for your blood results tomorrow and scopes next week – you’ve really been through the mill 🙁
    @at you’re like an advert – I’m now picturing you as like the Energiser Bunny 🙂
    @basyjames I hope DH’s operation has gone well
    @debster I also found i’d slipped and had some mindless eating, going back to food diary and counting calories has helped loads
    @flourbaby thanks for reminding me about cashews, I slept like a baby yesterday and was really chirpy today 😀
    @steffieagle thank you for the link, it looks wonderful
    @matpi well done keeping up with work!
    @cornish-jane great job with alcohol-free days. I think we all lose our mojo a bit when the weight loss slows down. I’m glad to have been reminded that our body is always doing something helpful when we fast, even if it’s not always about weight. I’ve been on a plateau since August but after a couple of months my shape is changing, as tho I’m losing weight from places I don’t measure, and my size has begun changing dramatically. Things I could wear a couple of months ago look ridiculous now. Hold fast! 🙂

    @sunn_beam post away, no matter what’s happening. We’ve all been there, and we’re here to encourage each other through the lows, celebrate the highs, and share ideas & perspective. I usually fast Mon & Thurs but will shift it if there’s something else on – family gathering, party, special dinner. Fasting is our flexible friend 🙂
    @debster251 so glad your hampers have done the trick 🙂
    @betsylee 650 is fine for a FD!
    @jaifaim @shinything @at thanks for updating the Pocket List 🙂
    @anna6 how exciting that your pregnant daughter is so close to delivering; I hope all goes well 🙂

    Good luck to today’s Fasters, hope to today’s Resetters and encouragement to us all to Hold Fast

    “Hope is something that you create….You live by hoping and then you create that change. Hope is trying to change your present for a better world. It’s pretty much up to you.” (Alfonso Cuaron)

    Pocket List Day 6:

    Day 6 Eastern WA USA – FD

    I thought I posted a little while ago but don’t see it. Don’t have the umph to rewrite it but will add myself to the list.

    Pocket List Day 6:

    Day 6 – UK – NFD

    Had intended for a fast day but forgot. So moved it to tomorrow.

    @at Thank you for your interest. Yes I’m eating around 500 cals on FDs and around 1,100 rest of the time. My TDEE IS ABOUT 1450. I’m not very tall. Sorry for caps lock. I should be losing about a 1lb a week on what I’m eating. If you were to see my MyFitnessPal progress graph it will show steady loss from October 2017 to June 2018. Then my weight loss stalled for several weeks before starting to rise. If I didn’t eat to a deficit I estimate I’d be at least a stone or so heavier than I currently am. However for what I’m eating I should be about a stone lighter. Blood test tomorrow and I’m hoping to receive treatment for under active thyroid.

    Thank you @debster251. Not looking forward to next week. However it has a silver lining as I’m not allowed to eating anything from 9:00am the day before the scopies. So it will be a proper FD apart from clear fluids.

    Yes @betsylee my bloods have indicated underactive thyroid but require a further blood test to confirm. On reading around on the internet it seems there is a general reluctance to prescribe for underactive thyroid if you’re numbers are only just out of the normal range. I am so symptomatic I’m hoping that won’t be the case for me as I don’t want a battle. I have enough on battling amongst other things; losing hair, gaining weight and just exhausted all the time. Sorry for rambling.

    I hope I havnt missed anyone.

    Day 6 North Canton OH FD

    I was seriously tempted to break my fast today but was so glad I was able to hold fast to my fast 🙂

    Thank you for all the good wishes and thoughts, hubby’s surgery went well. I’m so thankful. I am hopeful for a speedy recovery.


    Day 7 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday, finishing around 560cal, with a pilates class and a game of netball.

    Hot couple of days here, 38C and windy! Have a Christmas party starting at lunch with the work group, it’s usually great fun. Will have some wine, but food wise I’ll try and stick to lower carb options – the start of the weeks’ carb binge has left me feeling yucky, and I’m almost feeling normal again so want to stay that way!! Must remember that feeling next time I reach for the extra carbs….!!!

    Have my grandpa’s 90th tomorrow, and my DH’s work Christmas party tomorrow night, so the weekend is fraught with indulgences, but I’ll just try and stay lower carb, and do lots of dancing at the party to offset some of the food and wine!! 🙂

    @sunn_beam congrats on the FD!! It sounds like you’re going through such a tough time at the moment, so you should feel proud to get a fast in, they’re not always easy!

    @betsylee that’s still a decent FD – I do the same occationally, especially this time of year when a strict fast seems too difficult. I’ve found it’s better to do a half fast, than no fast at all!

    @flourbaby I’ve been on the MO and Niacin (just having 500mg at dinner) for the past three nights, and I swear I reckon it’s been the best sleep I’ve had in months! Thanks for the tip! Will definitely keep it up!!

    @judy judes good luck for the test results, always frustrating when there’s something unexplainable going on with your body.

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Day 7 – Japan – WFD (#88 in 2018)

    Yesterday I did quite a few attempts at frog stands. I typically can hold for more then 5 seconds but currently can’t seem to get past 10 seconds. Need to be able to hold for at least a minute. After several attempts my heart is racing and I’m breathing hard. Today I’m sore in places I’m not normally sore in, so I guess I’m using muscles that aren’t used to being used. This is going to take months.

    2nd post – day 7

    Went for a run and ended up doing a bit over 7k in under 40 minutes. While it isn’t that fast it is a least a slow running speed. I’m surprised as it wasn’t really hard to do. On Wednesday it was hard but that was after eating, today I ran fasted and I don’t plan on eating for another 20 hours.

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