Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 3

    2nd post

    Hung all the ornaments in the Christmas tree, it’s the best tree we had for years, got everything in it. Have to replace a few things, will do that tomorrow.

    @jan1110 and @sunn_beam a warm welcome to both of you!

    @flyingplanes and @ymgiles are you related in some way?

    @borealis how nice you’re with us again.

    @ciren2 that was bad luck, I hope your hand will be normal soon. Is there a weight limit to the parcels you have to deliver?

    @emma-taylor what are you planning to do in Paris? Shopping?

    @northerndawn Happy belated Birthday wishes!

    @michelinme my bra size depends on the brand, 80A seems to have the same cup size as 75B. No idea about the equivalent size in British brands, but it’s a small size.

    @tante I had a bra fitting a few weeks ago in Winschoten, I don’t know where you are. Just go to a specialized shop, they will take measurements and give you good advice.

    @dykask I’m glad your hand in healing, well done on the 105 push ups, that’s a lot!

    @daffodil2010 glad you DH knee is getting well. Will he be home on time for Christmas?

    @betsylee just keep posting, I always think that the ones that stop posting have given up. This WOE works so well and you get used to the fasting days.

    @dingping I never saw Frasier, I just know it’s a spin-off of Cheers. Had to look up Eddie, he looks cute. On one of my dog walking rounds I met a woman with a 10 weeks old Jack Russell, adorable, she was white with a few grey spots on both her ears. I always make a rich fruit/nut cake without marzipan/icing, don’t like it to be covered. I always feed it with Drambuie, last year I overdid it and it was unedible. Perhaps I will go for Grand Marnier or Cointreau this year.

    Bye for now!

    Day 3 FD London

    @snowflake56, and all the other kind people who have wished me well in Paris – I don’t think we’ll be shopping. We seem to have pretty much all we need and Christmas presents for the millions of nieces and nephews consist of vouchers so they can buy what they want. We will probably just be flaneuring ( that’s bound to be spelled wrong) and looking at buildings and galleries ( DH is an architectural historian so we spend A LOT of times looking at buildings…). We usually stay near the Marais and missed Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan by about a week, so we are somewhat sanguine about our Paris trips. Let’s see if we get back in one piece.
    Hope all today’s fasters ( and all the other lovely people on here) are having a good day. H

    Day 3 second post

    Popping in to keep myself motivated as I get into evening peckishness. Tho unfortunately my FD seems to be going a lot better than my project day – feeling as tho i’ve only just begun so may be a long one.

    Hope all the fasters are holding fast today – we’ve strength in numbers 🙂

    Day 3 Pocket List:

    @snowflake56: Interesting question, and sore point. The weight limit for parcels was 25kg, but Royal Mail recently increased it to 30KG!! Luckily few are that heavy, thank goodness. I have a sack trolley in my car boot to use if necessary…they haven’t supplied it, I did!

    Day 4 NFD Australia

    Yesterday was fine, under 500 cals and doing fine. Had the tuna nicoise from the Fast Diet Recipe Book for dinner which I can recommend, it was goooood.

    @snowflake56 we’re celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary this month. 🙂

    Day 3, Florida, NFD

    Hellooooo old friends and new! I’ve been silently stalking the last few months’ worth of challenges, but life and work got in the way of my active participation. The bad news is, my weight has not changed since mid-year. The good news is, my weight has not changed! I’d been managing about one successful FD per week so if this is what “maintenance” looks like to my body, it’s working. Pretty pleased with that, but I’m not ready for maintenance yet. I’ve got about 10-15kg to shift.

    I almost didn’t come back in December – too much of a challenge, I was telling myself. But! That’s exactly why I’m now here. I’m pleased to be back in the fold and looking forward to more actively engaging with you all. The commaderie, support and friendship is irreplaceable.

    Quick summary of me: F45, married, dog, around 84kg (me that is, not the dog). I usually like to do a water FD on Mondays and Thursdays, but the last few months of work pattern mean I’ll change to Tues and Thurs (colleagues like to bring in samples of their weekend baking on a Monday – too cruel!). I would also like to do the Dry until Fri. That WILL be a challenge as I very much enjoy my nightly tipple.

    Day 3 – Ireland – FD

    Busy day travelling yesterday and a busy day in work today. Not getting out for much exercise but will plan some for the end of the week…
    FD today and I’ve been pretty focussed so hopefully will come in under 500 cals.

    Seems like there is a nice big group fasting today!! Good luck to each and every one of you!

    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 3 Pocket List:

    Day 3 fast went well – have dinner out tonight but going to try and make strategic choices so I don’t start my second fast day with too many carbs in my system 😉

    Day 3 hotel Bristol definitely NFD

    Lonely and bored in hotel room after long slow train journey here……here being very close to the clinic where I will see the surgeon about my leg veins in the morning. Meant to be careful today but have found myself nibbling the cookies in my room…… not eaten anything like cookies in over a year so feeling naughty!!

    @penz Hi and welcome back……I will be water fasting with you on Thursday to make up for the indulgences of today.

    Feeling tired now so I’m going to get ready for bed and an early night 😴

    DAY 3 – UK – FD

    Had homemade soup for lunch and a plate of veg for my evening meal. A couple of litres of water and a couple of white coffees. Good day. Scales up a bit. See what tomorrow brings.

    How do people post the Pocket List. I can’t seem to copy and paste it and I can’t remeber it to type it. For those on FDs, you’re all safe in my pocket 🙂

    Day 3 – Eastern WA USA – FD (1st of B2B)

    Day 3 Pocket Fasting List:

    Just added you @judyjudes. I can only copy and paste readily on my computer; not my phone very well. Perhaps someone else can explain it to you.

    @penz – welcome back! Congrats for maintaining and then also for jumping back in!

    Welcome @betsylee – I also have an ESL background. Just retired from full time teaching and am now with a local university as a field supervisor of aspiring teacher candidates. This is a great supportive group on the 5:2 journey.

    @daffodil2010 – so glad your hubby is making good progress. May everything come together for him to get the surgery he needs and you get your help back 🙂

    Stay strong fellow fasters!

    USA Day 3 FD

    Second Post

    Just finished my FD and intend to try a water FD tomorrow!

    Welcome back, Penz. We will be rooting for you!

    Have a great evening/night!

    Day 3 Minnesota, USA MFD

    I had a lovely BD dinner yesterday with DH and DD and her family. It’s so hard to tell what kind of calorie intake one has when eating out at a restaurant. Sometimes the simplest foods have had oils and other things added. I didn’t eat all of anything I ordered. Not even half. But I did have a lot more non-vegetable carbs than I usually allow myself. Anyway, I’m assuming about 800 calories over my usual TDEE of around 1475 cals, sedentary (I don’t plan to be sedentary but I don’t always trust the calculations for activity so I’m just being on the safe side) which is based on my ultimate target weight, around 140 lbs, 22 BMI, or 63.5 Kg.

    Weight is up this morning about 1 KG or 2 lbs. I’m assuming a lot of fluid retention with the carbs as my rings are tight today. Hopefully I can dispense with those excess pounds within the week and resume my downward trend. OH’s BD dinner will be in the middle of the week but I’ll have something sensible and he can be the one to indulge. Then, planning to do 5:2 as prescribed and to be “Dry til Fri” for the weeks between now and Christmas. And maybe for most of December. We will see.

    I would like to add that even though I didn’t stuff myself epically, I still found myself not feeling particularly well once we were home. I felt very bloated and uncomfortable from eating more than I’m use to now. And the rich, refined carbs really did not settle well. I felt like I had a rock in my stomach for hours. I need to keep that in mind the next time I feel like eating as I use to before I got back on the 5:2 wagon. I’ll have to eat and drink more slowly and mindfully in the future, or be prepared to experience the consequences.

    Thanks you so much for the Happy Birthday wishes @at, @snowflake56.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Day 3, Surrey (UK), FD

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting this month, and @basyjames for hosting November. And thank you to everyone who participates in the monthly challenges. You make all the difference.

    It’s a bit late in the day to be adding myself to the pocket list, but I’m happy to report a good FD today. My ambition for December is simply to keep on maintaining at 150lb, my goal weight.

    A bit about me, I’m F57, 5’7.5″ and have been following this WOE for a year now. I reached my goal after 11 months, and in that time I lost 50lb. That averages out at just over 1lb per week, a slow and steady pace. Now I’m in maintenance, I’m experimenting with various eating patterns to see what suits me best. I did try alternating 5:2 and 6:1, but found I missed fasting on the 6:1 week. At this time I’m continuing with 5:2, but have upped my FD calories to 800. Touch wood, it seems to suit me and my graph is showing a steady line – so I must be doing something right!

    I think that like many of us who have been following this WOE, I find the FDs straightforward, but sometimes derail myself on the NFDs. I try to be mindful on NFDs, but we’re all human and I am no exception, so the odd binge does happen! All I can say is, thank goodness for the re-set button and for this forum, because it really does help to keep me accountable.

    To all the newbies out there, WELL DONE – you have made the best decision of your life, for your health, your well-being, your families. I really mean that.

    To everyone else, never stop keeping on, you KNOW you are worth it!

    @judyjudes – there is a knack to copying the pocket list on a phone or tablet: You should hold your finger on the first line you want to copy e.g. “day 3 – pocket..” and the select option will display. You should then see a “start” selection marker and an “end” selection marker…drag the “end” selection marker to the end of the list and choose Copy..
    It’s best to start the selection on standard text rather than people’s names/links as they are links and you will automatically be linked to their profile..it can be frustrating 🙄
    Hope this helps 👍

    Hi. I ended up on the pocket list twice at one point. Is someone trying to tell me something….? Thank goodness I’m in bed. I’m ravishing… ( silly joke…).

    Day 4 – Japan – WFD (#87 in 2018)

    I’m a bit sore today! Tomorrow I’m work on the planche related exercises.

    Day 3, Mountaintop PA USA, CD

    I’m happy to report that my 2 year anniversary in mid November saw my maintenance weight holding steady for the past year. 142.4 is 50 pounds lost over 5 years. I am 72 years old and managing my weekly newspaper in Pennsylvania. Married 50 years with 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Walking daily weather permitting is how I started my health program. Added Fitbit 4.5 years ago and Fast 5:2 two years ago.

    I am satisfied with smaller portions, eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein and a desert now and then.
    Cocktails and wine fits into my life. I really don’t obsess about how many calories I’ve eaten.

    I recently earned my Earth badge from Fitbit for walking 7,900 miles – the diameter of the earth. Next badge on the horizon is 12,600 miles so that will be awhile.

    Overall the Fast 5:2 program and the Fitbit accountability have been a winner for me. Remember we enjoy our lives one day at a time.

    I don’t post often but enjoy reading about our forum members experiences. Thank you to the monthly moderators and the regular posters. Stay positive!

    Day 3 Ohio, US — FD(#34)

    The FD went well. Still quite fatigued, but energy levels are higher than they were yesterday, even with that being a NFD.
    Some facts: I’m 5’9″ and weigh about 176 lb (79.8 kg). I’d like to get down to 167 lb (75.7 kg), so about 4 kg loss. It seems to be taking quite a long time to work toward that target weight.

    @missybear Hope all went well with the surgeon! Sometimes travelling and new environments can make us eat differently than we usually do at home. When I travel, I have a tendency to eat like a 5-year old. If only I had the metabolism of a 5-year old too!

    DAY 4 – UK – NFD

    @northerndawn Happy birthday for yesterday. Seems like you were sensible eating wise and had a good time too.

    @jaifaim thank you.

    Wishing everyone a great day.

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD

    Feeling good today and could attempt a second fast day but have a birthday dinner for one of my family tonight and another meal out tomorrow. Will choose the best option I can but know myself by now – When I’m out I’m out😄 – but I will go without dessert and alcohol.
    Next fast day for me will be Thursday.
    All the best to those of you fasting today.

    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Planning on just an OMAD today, a big chilli at lunchtime, because straight after work I have to pick up DH at home then drive 50km to the physiotherapist for a 7pm appointment. No time for eating so! Hopefully there will be some clarity on whether his knee operation will be on track. He certainly can’t go back to work yet as his work involves a lot of heavy lifting and pulling at the airport (he is an aircraft engineer)….so we will see.

    We did manage shuffle to the post office yesterday evening which was a big achievement as he did not bring crutches. I linked him and we looked like two people without a care in the world ambling very slowly through our village 😆

    Thanks all for your kind wishes @michelinme, @northerndawn, @dingping, @at, @ccco, @annemarilyn, @shinything, @jaifam…and so many more, I do appreciate it. I love this forum for its bouyant attitude and uplifting mentality.

    @flourbaby and @michelinme…so I found my food diary from last December and during the week not much difference to now BUT there was a few LFD’s in the mix and quite a few non-alcoholic Friday nights as I had to work 6 days a week then in the Glasshouse. That, plus the extra physical activity I had working in the Glasshouse compared to my desk job now has made me realise I need to be softer on myself. I do a lot of walking when I can but I am desk bound for much of the day.

    But, I WILL get back to 125lbs…it’s only a few pounds away….I will aim for Dry Till Fri and a couple of LFDs…and hopefully December will be kind. It’s up to me.

    Cold and frosty morning, got to get out now and defrost the car. There was a fabulous crescent moon as I was out for my 6.30am walk this morning, and Jupiter with a halo shining extremely brightly by the moon….that and early birds tweeting in the darkness …I felt very happy with the world. If that’s mindfulness I will take it.

    Missing quite a few on this forum….our usual first poster of the day @arelkade for one. Hope you are all ok out there.
    Have a great day everyone 🤗

    Day 4 UK NFD (mindful!!!!)

    Aaagh, a difficult day yesterday! Stayed at DD and SIL over w’end cat sitting whilst they were away. Had to sort out our old family car which we have leant them, but it had a flat battery, OH and I got very tetchy with each other whilst sorting it out. I also over the w’end, in trying to do something nice, thought I’d do DD & SIL clothes washing but didn’t notice SIL’s lovely wool jumper in the middle of it all, yep it shrunk!! SIL said all the right things, ‘not to worry’ etc but the body language said different, can’t blame him I’d hate someone shrinking my favourite jumper to. Then there was a bread & butter avalanche!
    So cross with myself!!
    On the bright side my jeans kept trying to fall down, that must be a sign, you have to look for the silver linings!!!
    @borealis – welcome back, like your zen approach.
    @betsylee – hi, yep I have many in all shapes and sizes below my present size, this time going to ditch the fat clothes as I shrink so there is no re growing room!
    @at – that was a lovely thing @bert1802 suggested last year.
    @michelinme – lovely to be in demand but not nice feeling swamped. What sort of projects do you work on?
    Shape shifting and bra fitting seems to be bringing pleasing results!
    @snowflake56 – Jack Russell’s seem feisty characterful little chaps, if we got a dog we’d get one from an animal shelter so in reality would end up with the dog that pulled our heart strings the most!
    Keep a steady hand when feeding your cake! Do you make Christmas puddings as well, the type you set on fire/flambé?
    @emma-taylor – flaneuring, my new word of the day!!
    @flyingplanes & ymgiles – how lucky to have each other on this journey keeping each other honest.
    @penz – welcome back, sometimes limbo is ok!
    @judyjudes – It is a bit fiddly copy/paste on a phone, but if having that psychological boost helps you on FD’s you could ask to be added, someone will oblige. Good luck.
    @northerndawn – belated b’day wishes.
    @steffieagle – welcome back, you must be well on your way to walking to the moon and back!
    @daffodil2010 – hope OH gets good news.
    Interesting to hear your mixed approach to successful fasting last December. What would you consume on your LFD’s?
    Keep strong fasters.
    Ta x

    Day 4, London, UK, FD

    I need this FD sooooo much. The weekend was a little overindulgent, the house is once again empty of ‘treats’, however, rather than throw stuff away I, AGAIN, used myself as a bin and ate it ALL!!!! I am, not a bin, I am not a bin, I am not a bin!!!!!

    @betsylee, welcome to the challenge!!! I quickly discovered braces, belts and safety pins during my journey!!! I skipped a couple of dress sizes without ever buying anything new in that size, because I didn’t stay there very long (except knickers, there’s nothing worse than baggy, saggy, falling to your ankles knickers!!!) However, I did miss out on wearing numerous items already in my wardrobe that hadn’t fitted for a long time and by the time I remembered them, they were too big……………………. It’s a double edged sword this 5:2 malarkey!!!! Also, I dispatched 10lbs in my 1st month so (even though we’re all different) I don’t expect 4kg is too ambitious, but remember a loss is a loss and 1/2lb per week is still 26lbs in a year………………. Who wouldn’t take that????

    Welcome back @penz, I hate to think of our missing members as gone completely, so stalking is positively encouraged!!!

    The scales have moved in completely the wrong direction this weekend, but unless I’ve grown another limb, it’s got to be water or food in transit, funnily enough I’m not drinking nearly enough (water, I mean!) so my body must be hanging on desperately to what’s already there. I must get back in the water habit, it’s the only way there’s going to be any kind of whoosh this side of Xmas!!!

    Here’s hoping todays FD gets me back on track, my mojo seems to be sluggish!!! Onward & Downwards people!!!!

    Day 4 London UK FD

    Hello all, just realised that I hadn’t check in for December at all! The weeks seem to whizz past. I wasn’t great at checking in much in November either but I have been thinking of you all and this forum. I just feel like I don’t have a huge amount to add since reaching my goal weight. Which isn’t right I guess because I know I liked reading about what “maintainers” were doing and eating when I was trying to lose the weight.

    So a quick recap – I started this WOE in mid June this year. Having had a baby two years prior I had never lost the extra weight and it was slowly increasing. At 5ft 2 and a half and of petite build, every extra pound shows! I wanted to lose 5 kgs and reached my goal weight in mid August. I then dropped a couple more kgs and my weight seems to have settled there. So in total I lost 7.5kg (16.5kg/just over 1 stone) and have been in maintenance mode since late August.

    I really really love this way of life. I can’t believe that in the 4 months since reaching goal weight I have kept within my 2kg maintenance range. It’s 5 years since I was this weight and I am enjoying fitting back into old clothes and shopping for new. About a month ago I took the plunge and gave all my loose items to a charity shop. Until then I kept thinking “what if I put it back on?!” somewhere in my mind I was still holding onto that extra stone and that’s clearly not the right attitude!

    I still skip breakfast every day (it’s simply become a habit) unless we have company, and do 1 x 500-800cal day per week. On other days I don’t keep a running calorie count although I do look at the calorie content of what I buy, and I have soup for lunch and then usually a cooked meal with my husband in the evenings. Weekends are family time and I have the odd desert, at least one meal out and other treats. But come Monday I’m back on the wagon. I like the structure this WOE brings and the way it all balances out.

    Thanks for asking after me @ciren2 @snowflake56 @borealis and it’s lovely to come back and see all the familiar names. I have really missed being a regular part of this community and will definitely post more often.

    Right, it’s time for me to leave my desk and head out for a walk. Definitely struggle with motivation to go out in this cold weather!

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Very proud of my LFD yesterday while traveling home. Things were so busy, I didn’t take time to eat with activities and settling in again. I had a cup of my new Marmite tea last evening. It was interesting- likely not something I will want all the time.

    Happy to be back to my own scale again this morning, coupled with the LFD yesterday, back at 161.4#. Glad to see that.

    @penz -good to see you back again. Glad you’re happy with maintenance!

    @missybear – hope and pray your vein treatments are good for you.

    @northerndawn – how did I miss your birthday? “Happy birthday, dear Dawn (hear me singing?) happy birthday to YOU!”

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4 Canada CD

    Thanks for the shrub recipe @michelineme and @debster251 I am going to make some today and look forward to trying it. Sounds easy and delicious plus a great way to help out the digestion of all the treats that are about to come my way!

    Winter is here and the snow has settled in for the season. Lot’s of cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the mountains for me which will help improve fitness and health. My happy place:)

    Welcome back @redrockgirl @borealis @beththenew @penz and thanks for sharing your success @steffieeagle and @beedoo

    @ccco portion control is the only thing that works for me, I deeply am deeply in love with food. I divide up food into groups, those that are nutritious and those that I eat for the joy of it. One thing this WOL has taught me is that eating smaller portions of those that are indulgent is not too hard and eating food that is nutritious is still delicious. It’s all about balancing the consequences of eating each group

    Oh my goodness @basyjames a 5lb whoosh, what a feeling that must have been

    @daffodil2010 I so hope your husband continues to recover quickly so the knee surgery goes ahead

    @dingping silver linings are often there, we just miss observing them

    @tante I also use a rower and am in awe of your 6k splits, you are fast:)

    Have a good CD mapped out and a FD tomorrow. Christmas decorations are up and the tree will be done by Thursday, a million other things to do so better leave and get on with it.

    Good luck today faster!!!

    Day 4 Minnesota, USA FD

    Up another pound this morning which makes me up three lbs (1.4 Kg) since last week. Rings still tight. I need a good FD today under 500 and plenty of water to flush out the sodium and fluid retention. I admit to finishing off my baked potato with sour cream last night, which I’d brought home from the night before. Oh, I so love a baked potato with “the works” as they say here. Maybe I will order that as a dessert in the future when I’m treating myself, and no sweet treats. I’m confident I will get back to 153 lbs soon.

    @steffieagle Thank you for sharing your success story. It’s very inspiring to me as you’re a bit older and therefore a beacon of encouragement and belief in this WOL for the long term. And it has made me determined to get to the Fitness Center I belong to, as I had stated in my goals for the month, in order to walk a couple miles around the track. Walking has always helped me with weight loss. It really reduces my appetite.

    @judyjudes, @songbirdme (yes, I can hear you singing! It’s beautiful!), and @dingping: Thanks for the belated B’day wishes. And dingping, I hope today is a much more relaxing day!

    Best of luck to everyone today! I didn’t see a pocket list, but I am definitely fasting today and am in sending vibes of determination to all who are fasting and/or being mindful.

    Day 4 North Canton ohio healthy-ish eating day

    Today is the holiday lunch at work and I decided to participate cos I was starving

    I declined the stuffing and mashed potatoes but had the roll,cookie and pie. One of each. Small victory because it was serve yourself 🙂

    That’s it for me today, I’m posting from my phone and still need to get caught up on posts.

    Keep on keeping on my friends

    Day 4: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    The sun SHONE this morning!!!!!!! It seems to have done nothing but rain in these parts for over a week. Unfortunately I hear it’s back to normal tomorrow. Yet another wet delivery in a steamed-up van then.

    Good to see maintainers @steffieagle and @beedoo…..show us how it’s done!

    Day 4, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    @northerndawn: Happy belated birthday.💐
    @bellyblast: Thank you! 😊
    @penz: Welcome back!😊

    Weight is stable and I am maintaining. If I can pull this off this December it will be great. But today is only the 4th. 😄😄😄 Still that is the plan.
    Ice cold here. Winter in general is a challenge. Drinking large amounts of herbal tea.

    Have a good Tuesday everyone!☃️❄🌨

    Day 4, Florida, NFD

    Thanks for all the ‘welcome back’ messages. What a fabulous friendly supportive group you are.

    Thanks too for those of you repeating the mantra to drink more water. I had forgotten that!

    Day 4 – Eastern WA USA – WFD

    Looks like this is the fasting list for Day 4 so far:


    @daffodil2010 – your morning walk sounds lovely as you took note of your world! You don’t mind walking in the dark by yourself?

    @steffieagle – good to hear you continue to do well and that you’re a total of 50 lbs lighter.

    @flourbaby – on the water front, I needed to truly be aware of how much I was drinking. Yesterday I started tallying every time I had some water or herbal tea. I found it actually helped me drink more than I would have w/o recording.

    @beedoo – welcome back. Great to hear you’re still maintaining and that you even dispatched a little more than your original goal.

    @northerndawn – I like your idea of a treat being a baked potato with the works; yummy and no sugar. Yes, also to the water to flush fluid retention. I ate more carby vegetables including hashbrowns on Sunday and saw an unusual bump upwards on the scale. So water to the rescue yesterday and scale is moving the right direction again. BTW a belated happy Birthday!

    @redrockgirl302 – good for you for maintaining! I agree the cold weather has its particular challenges. I see you plan on some cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. I sold my skis on the last move but am interested in snowshoeing. Any tips? Also I need to find a gym for a place to work out even when its cold.

    @snowflake56 – I believe you asked about what I was planning to do at the gym. In the winter, I’d like to do at least 2X a week strength training and another couple of days interval training (Dr. Mercola calls this Peak 8 – in 20 minutes there’s a warm-up for 3 minutes on some cardio machine, then 20-30 seconds go fast, then moderately, the goal is to peak 8 times at the 3,5,7,9,11,13,15, and 17 minutes then cool down until the 20 min mark). I like to use the elliptical but also use the stationary bike or treadmill (with the treadmill I also change the incline for the peak times).

    Another forum friend we haven’t heard from in a while is @fatrabbit. She and I were at the same weight early on but she sailed on by on a fairly quick weightloss journey and reached her goal. I’m definitely in the tortoise club but moving in the right direction. Wonder how @fatrabbit is doing? Hopefully she and others will pop in occasionally. It’s good to hear how folks are doing like @steffieagle.

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Day 4 2nd post

    Today is the first day that I have felt like I am making progress on the mountain of work that I got buried under; there is light at the end of the tunnel 

    @steffieagle, @penz, @beedoo great to see you guys

    @bellyblast, I could hardly believe my eyes either, I stepped off and got back on just to be sure. I have been on a plateau for many months now, and even though the scale was not budging my clothes were either loose or fitting better. As has been said before: The scale does not tell the whole story my friends!

    @flourbaby definitely water, especially if you lived up to your moniker and indulged in some “flour based items” no judgement here, definitely been there – done that, here’s to your mojo!

    @daffodil2010 sending healing vibes in hubby’s direction

    @northerndawn happy belated birthday, I am so sorry I missed it

    @matpi I would love to have the metabolism of a 5 year old too.

    I guess I better get back to the mountain, my deadline keeps a-calling but it was nice to chat even if it was just for a little while.

    Day 4 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD nearly became an unexpected WFD. I pulled a late night belatedly writing papers for today’s meeting, and by 11pm I’d only had water, black coffee and hot vegemite… But *revived* flagging energy with 2 fat slices of seedy bread and butter, Not a great balance of food groups but under 300 calories & I’ll take it this once 🙂

    Late bed & short sleep meant I was caught in that carb-seeking/sugartastic low-energy place today, and the afternoon meeting began with lunch… I began with a careful salad but popcorn and chocolate chip cookies may have been consumed during the later stages. Today will be comfortably under TDEE but I’m definitely in need of a rainbow of veggies for the rest of the week – and lots more water!

    Delighted to squash in a haircut this morning, which was fab – the first time in 6months so I had a Lot chopped off. My hair has thinned significantly over the last year & it was good to get it shorter & curlier again, while still long enough to go up 🙂 Haircut & bra fitting – I’m ready for anything 😀


    @ciren2 30KG parcels???!!!! wowsers
    @penz welcome back and congrats on maintaining 🙂
    @missybear sadly with you on the cookies today. HOpe your surgeon appt went well
    @northerndawn belated happy birthday
    @fatfingers happy 2nd anniversary. It’s never too late to add yourself to the pocket list 🙂
    @steffieagle congratulations on 2 years and on maintaining. it’s wonderfully encouraging for the rest of us to read about life after losing weight
    @flourbaby ta for the water reminder
    @beedoo hello 🙂 Yup, it’s cheering and hopeful to hear how easily you’ve slotted into a maintenance routine
    @bellyblast love reading your snow stories
    @basyjames yay for progress on the work mountain 🙂

    Great to read how many people had successful fasts yesterday… Here’s to a solid start to the month, well-balanced diets and steady progress to longterm goals! Onwards & downwards 🙂

    Day 4 – UK – FD (700cals)

    Yesterday ended up as a Water Fast Day (WFD) and I eventually broke my fast around 1130hrs so a 40+hr water fast done. Today was going to be a CD but has ended up around 700cals so I’ll count that as another FD ☺️

    Two exercise classes today – high impact pilates in the afternoon followed by another evening yoga class (doing a catchup tonight for the one of the two classes I’m missing out on next week whilst I’m away 😇)

    Went shopping this morning with another volunteer for the Christmas afternoon tea we are putting on for the club we volunteer at every Wednesday PM – a successful expedition with a well earned coffee and scone afterwards!

    This afternoon I made a coffee and walnut cake for my DD to take to work tomorrow (it’s an early birthday cake to share with her colleagues as it’s her last day at work before some holidays!) I made the coffee buttercream icing for it this evening on my return from yoga and finished the cake nicely for her.

    @michelinme – the perils of late night TV – leading to a visit by that well known snack attack dragon 🐉
    @ciren2 – be careful on your deliveries especially if early morning ice is still around x
    @snowflake56 – I made a Grand Marnier Christmas cake one year and it was delicious – a much lighter fruit cake and like you I’m not partial to icing……
    @emma-taylor – Be safe and enjoy Paris – I just love walking around that city – always discover something interesting to look at………
    @flyingplanes – when is your 7th anniversary? Happy celebrations !!!
    @penz – lovely to have you back with us – definitely good news that your weight has stayed stable! and good on you for not letting the challenge of December put you off – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!
    @missybear – hopefully the consultation went well today
    @northerndawn – the beauty of this WOE is that you can enjoy special celebrations and not get off track too much as a bad day does not a bad week make ☺️
    @fatfingers – nice to see you are still with us and I echo your sentiments about this WOL
    @steffieagle – Hello thought we had lost you………wonderful to hear that you celebrated your maintenance anniversary in November and that all is well with you 🤗
    @daffodil2010 – hope OH physio appointment went well – shame there is nothing local to you and you have such a drive there
    @beedoo – thought you had left us – great to hear from you and especially to hear that all is well and that you are still on the fasting bandwagon and maintaining – happy days!

    @arelkade @bert1802 @foodfreedomgirl @lilymartin @merryapple @metatauta @rainbowsmile and others we have been missing – where are you??? hopefully all is well with you and we might hear from you soon – thinking of you all 🤗

    Joining the Day 4 Fasters although a bit late in the day

    One of our previous regulars to these challenges @happymargo (if you are lurking in the background Hello 🤗) used to share these 3 thoughts – so I thought it apt to share them during this difficult Challenge Month of temptations……….
    1– “BACK TO 5:2 BASICS”
    2– Keep striving for “PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION”
    3– Before putting anything in my pie-hole, ask myself “WILL THIS GET ME CLOSER TO MY GOALS?”

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD (HNFD Happy non-fast day!)

    @at you are really pushing the fasting. Great going on your WFD! I’m also really impressed by the people that can fast, then eat just a little and then fast some more. I’ve only done that once, once I start eating it is game over for me. I don’t have the will power that such controlled eating requires.

    Day 5 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Hi all, lots of posts to catch up oh but just checking in.

    Ate more than intended yesterday, mostly good choices but more sugar than I would have liked (had a terrible sleep the night before which contributed to that I think). Today is a new day!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Day 4 Ohio, US — NFD

    I had to work until just a little before logging in here. Unfortunately, I snacked pretty heavily while working, but at least everything is prepared for tomorrow. Even though it will be a very long day, I’m going to attempt to make it the second FD this week. Even though tomorrow is “hump day”, right now that hump seems more like Mt Everest. At least it will be down hill after that!

    Have a peaceful day!

    Day 5 Melbourne Aust, NFD

    Going okay, loving reading all the posts. I don’t seem very interested in eating much at all at the moment, which is a bit scary, as I wonder if a major binge is looming!!! Yesterday was a NFD but I probably didn’t eat more than 1000 cals, and today food is still not interesting me. FD tomorrow, and maybe next week I might officially do 3 FDs in the week. The scales are not shifting much yet, after an initial 1.5 kg drop. Patience, patience!!!

    @penz, very encouraged to read your post and current weight, as so many others seem lighter than me. I’m at your weight, but a “petite” size and fat, so have to lose much more than you, though.

    @northerndawn, great that your response to carbs has changed, hoping for the same, but I can’t see me giving up chocolate.

    @steffieagle – inspiring loss of 50 lb. I’m also working with a Fitbit, stated with a ChargeHR, then moved to a FitbitAltaHR when that died, and currently have a ChargeHR2. I like being able to check how much exercise and walking I’ve done; find it keeps me on track with the exercise. Walking, rowing and using a cross-trainer are my preferred cardiac workouts.

    @dingping and @flourbaby – I also have a range of clothes in different sizes. I call them my “fatfat” clothes, which I’m just moving down out of now, my “fat” clothes, and my “normal” clothes, which haven’t had an airing for a few years. If I can sustain the 5:2 WOL, I may even go below the normal clothes to what I’d call the “ideal” clothes. My dream, anyway! Then I’d really have to buy some new clothes. Definitely new underwear, however much I lose.

    @beedoo – great you’re at maintenance. Years ago I chose to fast once a week, the 6:1 diet, without knowing it as a diet and maintained my weight for a few years – higher than it should have been, but 15 kgs less than now. Now I need to loss all the weight and then get back to maintenance.

    As a newbie, I’ve a couple of questions – FD & NFD are obvious and I’ve worked out WFD, but what is a CD? Also, how does a pocket fasting list work? Plus, I’m reading all the posts, but once I get down to the bottom, I can’t remember who posted what to make comments so I’m now resorting to making notes as I go. How do others do it?

    @michelinme, question please – I just wrote a long post, submitted it, then went back to edit a word and pressed submit, and now the post doesn’t seem to be around any more. Do you know what I might have done wrong?

    day 5, NFD, Melbourne Aust – second post (or third if the first one suddenly shows up)

    Struggling with eating at the moment as I just seem to have lost my appetite. It’s concerning as I’m afraid at may all end in a major binge. Yesterday’s NFD I only ate around 1000 cals, and I’m not doing any better today. Then tomorrow is another FD. Suggestions anyone?

    Day 5, Emden Germany, NFD

    too busy to post yesterday.

    @emma-taylor what exactly does an architectural historian do? Is he involved in restauration projects or doing anything with listed/graded houses? Have a good time in Paris!

    @ciren2 lifting 30 kg is way too heavy. Our friends daughter, 26 y.o. and healthy, always has her cat litter delivered, weight 25 kg. She’s on the 3rd floor and expects the postman/-woman to bring it up. I’m glad some of them refuse to do so, she can do it herself.

    @flyingplanes when is your wedding anniversary, our 32nd is on the 12th, so next week.

    @beedoo, @penz and @steffieagle welcome back, glad to have you with us again!

    @missybear how did your visit to the surgeon go?

    @dykask be careful!

    @dingping that was bad luck with the jumper, it happens! Glad you saw the silver lining, it’s so great when your clothes are too loose on you. I never made or even tasted a Christmas pudding, you somehow have to cook it, that seems weird to me.

    @at will try it with Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, I like the yellow one (triple sec) more but it’s very hard to get. Just a little left in the bottle and I want to share it with a friend who really appreciates it.

    @annemarilyn Peak 8 sounds like a good plan, I have an elliptical. Will try it out when my shoulder is fine again, seem to have done a wrong move and it’s kind of stuck at the moment.

    @daffodil2010 I love the image of you and your DH slowly walking along like an old couple.

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone, have to get out of bed, want to do a bit of shopping in the Netherlands, no cheese in the house anymore.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Although yesterday was not an official FD I did not have time to consume much more than 700 calories and am down a pound 👍

    Ha ha, I just quickly checked that first sentence and Spell Checker had changed cals to CAKES!!!! Jeez….700 cakes!!! I spluttered my coffee 😄

    Physiotherapist appointment went well. DH asked me to come in with him as he gets a bit of “white coat syndrome” and pretends things are grand and forgets to tell them important symptoms. Anyway, ice and gentle massage and ankle exercise, walking but in short sequence, anytime he feels the dart of pain in the calf (which is every few minutes right now) he is to rest. Another appointment next week. Physio told him that due to the nature of his job DH must make a conservative recovery…could be weeks. But the goal is to have sufficient reason recovery so that knee cartilage surgery goes ahead as scheduled.

    Thanks everyone the healing vibes, they are working. 🤗

    @at, yes there were not any private physiotherapists near us so we had to drive to Dublin. Oh well.

    @annemarilyn I love my morning walks and unless it’s raining
    Heavily I try to get out every day. In winter I just walk around my village so it’s streetlights all the way. Once light starts coming back I walk by the local river and in the grounds of the local hotel too….it’s very safe and I see the same people every day, wave at each other etc.

    @snowflake56 I laughed at the Dutch emergency of no cheese in the house 😄

    Enjoy Wednesday everyone

    Day 5, London, UK, FD

    Feeling a bit ‘Meh’ this morning, and clearly, still dehydrated since I’m not drinking any water!!! I expect to wake up one morning to find a shrivelled, prune-like countenance reflected in the bathroom mirror!!! Cheery this morning, I am NOT!!!

    Anywho, yesterdays’ FD went well, there were cashew nuts once the kitchen was closed, but I’ve fooled myself into believing they’re for medicinal purposes …………………. Prozac or cashews????? I think I made the right choice!!

    I hope everyone is finding the strength to get through this abysmal weather …………………. I hate dark mornings & early evenings, and it’s not helped by the drizzle & damp!!! …………………………….. As I said ……….. Cheery this morning, I am NOT!!!

    I’m off to Google a joke to cheer myself up!!!! Keep the faith folks!!!!

    Holland – day 5 – weight minus 1 pound 😀 – CD

    Back on track again, that’s how it feels. No sweets/snacks and one pound less! Happy!!
    The Dutch St. Nicolas celebrations are always full of temptations, like marzipan and chocolates, but I’m going to do my very best to avoid the treats.
    Keep filling myself up with vegetable soups and crudités, that is my trick.
    And not unimporant: eldest daughter announced she is going to be married in spring! I’m going to look great and healthy!

    @bellyblast (wonderful alias btw 😄) About the rowing: Yes, I was happy with my splits as well. I really love that rower. Never find it boring. I’ve started to incorporate some hiit in the sequence, which helps even better. (If you like, we could become training partners? 😅)

    Good luck everyone on their fast day, if it is now. I might join in one day, but not yet, haha. Too hard for me now… (I’ll stick to the trusty 16:8.)

    Till the next post!

    @snowflake56 – my DH worked for English Heritage as a historic buildings advisor, so he gave permission ( or otherwise) for people to make alterations to listed buildings. E.g. someone with a house in Kensington may want to dig down ( can’t go up as listed) 6 levels to put in a cinema, wine cellar and garaging for his car collection. OH would determine if that was ok. He loved it. He’s seen some amazing buildings and now leads walking tours in London which he also loves. Lucky him.
    @flourbaby – it’s soooo horrible in London today. I’m trying to kid my brain that I really love winter, by telling it I love dark mornings and the cold, but it isn’t working…
    Have a good day all. H

    Day 5 – Iceland – FD

    Just popping in to keep motivated and adding myself to the pocket list, hope to catch up with all the posts this evening 🙂

    Have a great day all!

    Day 5 Pocket List:

    Day 5 – Sydney AU – FD

    Had an ill advised fast day today – woke up shaky but I had a cup of hydralyte and felt better so I went ahead fasting. I felt a bit off all day then come the late afternoon I got super shaky again and had to have emergency cheese before I was stable enough to make dinner. Next time I’ll just listen to my body and not do it.

    Finished the day on 550 + a few small bits of cheddar + I licked the peanut butter spoon when making tomorrow’s breakfast (overnight oats), so I assume I finished around 600. 😝

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Just checking in today — stay strong, wonderful peeps on this magnificent board!

    Onward and downward.

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