Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Good morning all.

    I had second thoughts about my choices Monday morning, so I took some boxess back to Ikea and bought an alternative. I feel more confident that I’ve now made the right choice. I have not however started building, I haven’t even opened a box yet!

    Lindsay, I think an evening with your daughter sounds like the perfect thing to do – the dinner sounds yummy too.
    I had a giggle at your description of the encounter between Rosy and the lizard.

    Anzac, I am so glad you had lots of Maxx cuddles to get you through yesterday.

    Cinque, Hopefully babysitting doesn’t impact your health too badly – no more grasshopper days. I hope your grand daughter likes broad beans. I didn’t like them as a child because of grey wrinkly skin – as an adult I’ve realised they can be shelled and then peeled and they are so much nicer then – sweet and delicious.

    Thin, you really have made good use of that hairy bikers low cal cookbook that was inherited with the boat. Your description of the various FD meals you concoct from its pages sound really inviting.
    How lovely that your homegrown tomatoes are finally ripening.

    Neil, what a fabulous weekend. I hope the good days continue and that plans are well underway for lovely birthday celebration.

    HelenKate, I loved your list of the changes you’ve noticed – especially the increase in control and confidence. I’m so glad 5:2 has been so successful for you.

    Calif, glad the smoke has finally cleared. I’m sure you are heartily sick of electioneering. I certainly hope that Trump does not get a second term. Luckily he doesn’t own a golf course here so I doubt he’ll be moving to Australia – maybe Scotland or Ireland.

    I dropped my car off for an overdue service this morning and then went for a long walk. Unfortunately the headache I awoke with is still there. Maybe a little food at lunchtime help. Actually some more water might help too (I’m channelling Cinque). After a NFD on Sunday I did a FD800 yesterday and am doing another today.

    I have a lunch in the city tomorrow which will be a NFD and I was thinking about how I move forward from Thursday. Because the weather is gradually warming I don’t feel the need for hot food at lunchtime. I’m thinking that I’ll try to do mostly controlled days with fresh fruit or a smoothie for lunch and then dinner that padded out with extra veg. It’s not dissimilar to my FD800s but I’m careful with my meal choice on the FDs. I’m determined to arrive at December at the bottom of my weight range – unlike last year where I was shocked to find myself 8kg up from that weight.

    Have a good day all.

    A successful FD yesterday with 900g gone but I must keep my resolve about having only one alcoholic drink per week. Looking over at OH’s steak, I honestly felt grateful that mine was the Chicken Provençal. He was very happy with it so all good.

    Cinque, I missed out on the scones, jam and cream twice (what a good thing!). Friends in a ‘vulnerable’ category visited us for a socially distanced morning tea at the same place a few days later. They’d driven 45 minutes to see us, the first time in 7 months as she’s been in serious lock-down all summer. Can you believe it, they were still out of cream. Apparently they make their own and it wasn’t ready. I declined again as I’m unlikely to have such an indulgence more than once this year – so it has to be perfect. I hope your time with the little one was super.

    Lindsay, that water dragon is a spectacular critter. I’d love to have that in my garden as long as the snakes didn’t come with the package. Good job with the 2.8kg gone. Keep it up. Or down.

    Anzac, isn’t it incredible how dogs just know? Virtual hug to you. Don’t work too hard.

    Penguin, a few months ago I told you about a narrow boat we passed called, ‘Tipsy Penguin’. Today I saw one, ‘Perfect Penguin’.

    I started this about 8 hours ago so I expect there will be other posts since Lindsay’s’, hello to you if so, and I had better copy/paste this so I still have it if it disappears when I press ‘submit’. Ha ha, forum thread, you’re not getting me on that one today!

    P.S. LJ, I’m sure you’ll make all the right choices. Yes, there were two Hairy Biker recipe books on board. Also a fat Delia Smith cookbook (the book was fat, not her) which I donated to the marina library as it’s not really my thing and was taking up too much space.

    Morena everyone

    Well I’ve had a good week, I had the feeling I was dropping weight because the last few days I’ve had the familiar flushed skin feeling that I get when I slip into ketosis. And this morning confirmed it. I dropped 1.5 kilos from last week to be sitting on 88.5 kilos! it’s the lowest I’ve been since April.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good evening,
    End of a fast day for me. Still struggling with milk in cuppas, but I went through the middle of the day without any.

    Penguin, this came up on fb this morning. Floral, and maybe a portrait of you, sporting a beard? https://www.facebook.com/BotanicGardensVictoria/posts/3534101379946621 Hope you are feeling ok, and that everything is going well. You Perfect Penguin.

    Anzac WELL DONE! for those last couple of weeks. May they continue! 80’s here you come. Good luck with the work stuff too.

    Lindsay WOOT! You are on a roll too, and what a lovely meal with your caring daughter.
    Hoping the Wednesday PhD review went well and easily.
    Hooray for getting to the garden, much more important than housework.
    I hope the water dragon is able to stay in your backyard inspite of the fear of Rosy.
    Thinking of you having a lovely last evening in solitude, and a real treat of a day with Mr Lindsay back home tomorrow.
    I loved your chatty post.

    LJoyce, hooray for exchanging BEFORE you opened boxes!
    My granddaughter just loved shelling broadbeans with me, and said I was the grandma ever, for sharing the activity with her, haha. But she wouldn’t eat one.
    I do hope water did the trick (or something else worked) and your headache is long gone.

    Good ideas planning for summer eating. No sooner than I wrote how well my eating was going, I stuffed up. Apparently I can’t look after food and have a busy day at the same time. But luckily even my bad day yesterday was pretty good, and tomorrow morning I am heading for the veggie shop to buy up big on veggies!

    Thin, oh well re the scones and cream etc. As you say, a good thing. It has to be perfect!
    I do hope the one drink (alcohol) a week settles into a nice habit.

    Neil, what a lovely reward your scales gave you, and so nice that you can feel it. Best wishes for the week.

    I moved some winter clothes into storage today, and some lighter clothes into the wardrobe.

    Cheers all

    Just a quick hello to everyone before I get some sleep. We had some excitement here on the weekend with a 15 acre bushfire, mostly grass, bushes and a few trees that was very close to here, that started next to the freeway. There were huge plumes of smoke but they brought in planes to drop retardant and helo’s dropping water. And fire trucks, of course. The perimeter was contained within a few hours. Very stressful here. Everything is so dry. Luckily there was no wind. Our weather has been lovely but we need rain badly. This has been an unusually warm October. A couple good rainstorms would eliminate what’s left of the fires.

    We have a cat that hasn’t been eating and went to the vet for an X-ray because we thought he might have been blocked up. They didn’t see anything there, but his lung looked hazy. Could be pneumonia or infection, or could be a growth. He will go back for another X-ray of his lungs if the antibiotics don’t help. We have antibiotics for him twice a day and are waiting for bloodwork reports to come back. So we’re worried.

    I badly need to get back to fasting and away from the stress eating. My knees hurt from the extra weight and my skinny clothes don’t fit. Between the lockdown, election news (much of which I’m trying to avoid) things seem overwhelming lately. We did do the early voting and I dropped off our ballots to a lockbox yesterday. I’m glad that’s done. There is definitely something to be said for having a short campaign period like you do in Australia. Ours seem to go on forever! Is NZ and the UK the same?

    LJ, did you get started on your Ikea furniture yet? I hope you’ll post pictures.

    Cinque, glad you’re past the grasshopper stage and feeling well enough to babysit Miss 4. Have you been brushing up on your Mario game skills? 😁

    Anzac, isn’t it amazing how animals seem to know and try to comfort you when you’re sad? Maxx is a sweet and dedicated dog.

    Penguin, I hope your delay in posting means that you’ve had an offer on your house and are getting ready or in the process of moving house. Also hope that your treatments are going well.

    Thin, so glad to hear that you had some time with DD and with your friends. Are you happy with your haircut?

    Hi to everyone else. I’m getting sleepy eyed here. Take care and send some of that rain over this way!

    Good morning, a beautiful day here, but mad weather on its way.
    I had a lovely ‘day after fast day’ visit to the shop and bought lots of lovely veggies. Stuffed portobello mushrooms for lunch, with asparagus and an egg. Also felt very good in my trousers, light and slenderer. 🙂

    Cali, so sorry to hear of that worrying fire so close, and of your poor cat, fingers crossed. No wonder your anxiety levels have been high. It is a relief to see that California is one of the most ‘covid under control’ states at the moment, but such a worry about all the states with uncontrolled spread.
    There are so many big things happening around you that you have no control over, and it must feel so awful that your eating is out of control too.
    Hopefully you can keep finding little things you can do for your health that you can control. With any luck the time will ‘come around on the guitar’ where you can also do things that help control your stress eating. You will do it, you are so worth it, and so capable. We are all cheering for you.

    Off to check on that lunch. Best wishes all.

    A quick good evening from Adelaide.

    I have just finished a FD500 (fruit & almond milk smoothie for lunch and chilli-bean soup for dinner). While I won’t be counting calories, my plan to have just one proper meal each day for dinner with fresh fruit or a smoothie for lunch should mean my calorie count is 1000-1200 most days. This means that on those days when I have social events I can let my hair down without panic. The next event is a halloween kids party that I’m going to (and baking for). I’m making mummies (sausages wrapped in puff pastry strips) and severed witches fingers (green shortbread shaped like fingers with red icing as blood). I’ll take pics of the results.

    Hello to everyone, I hope you are going well and have had a good day today.
    I still have fingers crossed for Victoria that the infection numbers stay low and will allow for some major changes this Sunday.

    Take care all, time I went to bed.

    Cali has it right, subject to the usual surveys and paperwork we have agreed to sell and to buy. There is much discarding of things we have had for years and packing of things we will take but can live without for a few weeks. I am the busiest I have been since Covid and the lurgy arrived together.

    Thin, the one I saw and particularly liked was “Precious Penguin”.

    Cinque. Nope. Still shaving every day. Quite a lot of the hair on my head has fallen out but the beard remains.

    I may not post very often, but I am still reading!

    Good Afternoon all from a very wet and flooded South Australia (well in my part anyway). After a night and day of steady rain, thunder and lightening we’ve just had the most amazing downpour (3pm here). I’m sitting at my desk looking out through the sliding doors to a backyard that is fully underwater. Mr GDay is just gone to collect Miss GDay from school, she normally walks but not today. The rain is so heavy the gutters cannot cope and the water is gushing over the sides of the house and sheds. When it eases I will have to go and investigate the car shed which I have no doubt will be flooded to some degree. I love a good thunderstorm but I have to admit some of the thunder claps and close lightening bolts made me jump to high heaven.

    Have been busy with study most of the week. Submitted 2 assignments, one of them 34 pages long. Weight this week has been on a downward trend which is good. Now the weather is warmer (except for today) I’ve been keeping up with a daily fitness routine and have managed 2 fast days this week. Oh I was going to write more but the lights are flickering so think I might log off as I know other areas around us have lost power today so we may be next.

    Hello friends

    So great to hear from you Penguin! Happy news about the sale and purchase, good luck with it all.

    Not a great week for me so I am not going to dwell on it

    Great idea to keep calories ‘in the bank’ for hair-letting-down activities LJ. I like that idea. Look forward to the pics of the Halloween cook up

    We’ve got mad weather heading our way too Cinque – tomorrow night apparently. Severe thunderstorms etc. Today has been glorious and sunny and 28 degrees. Sunday is only 19….brrr

    Cali, I totally hear you and empathise with the stress-eating. My knees too are hurting and clothes are uncomfortable. I hope your poor cat is ok

    Neil – 88.5 kilos! You really are doing and have done so well. Very inspirational

    Thin, I find it so incredible that you can drop 900g on a FD when you are so very slim. A good FD for me drops 400g. Your willpower and strength is inspirational too.

    Hi to everyone else, hope you have had a good week and have a super weekend. It is our 28th wedding anniversary on Sunday so we are actually going out for a meal. I think this is the 3rd meal out this year – or at least since we got back from our trip. I’m really looking forward to it

    Take care all

    Good evening all.

    Good to read all your posts, and catch up on news. Seeing I’ve been off the radar for about a week, I thought there’d be more to read, but I guess as we move more towards Christmas/ end of year, everything just seems to become busier.

    Thanks for all the encouragement re eating. I haven’t been going great, but not a total disaster either. Then today I was gifted a box of 6 deluxe donuts as a thank you for something I’d been doing – sigh! Fresh, sweet, gooey donuts – sigh! Did eat 2, then gifted the rest to friends – and then ate half of another one. Well, better than the entire box.

    CalifDreamer, so glad the air there is now much cleaner and with less smoke. What a terrible summer of wildfires you had. And now not long till the presidential election and the results. Hard to know who to hope for, but at least this last debate was considerably more civil. (I would vote for Biden, or not vote at all).

    Anzac65, hope that work has settled down a little. Are you still having to have all the Zoom meetings with London late afternoon? What a hassle for an early bird like you.

    Thin, great visit from your DD, lovely for you all. Also enjoyed the description of your houseboat – sounds really beautiful.

    LindsayL, pity you have yet more revising to “look forward to”, but sounds like it’s nearing the end. Good that OH is back with you.

    Cinque, are you crossing your fingers with me re an easing of restrictions on Sunday? With the new outbreak, I wonder if they will actually occur, or be pushed back another week.

    HelenKate, you are doing so well, and really learning to listen to your body and giving it what it really needs, rather than what it might think it wants. Go girl!

    Neilithicman, yay for getting so many results you wanted. Happy birthday in advance for the 29th. Have you managed to resist the bottle of whiskey you were given???

    News for me – thankfully, skin lesion on face is sun damage, though the dermatologist wants to see me again in 6 months just to be sure it’s still okay. Don’t need to use the chemotherapy cream on it to get rid of it unless the mark bothers me – no, it doesn’t, so that’s okay.
    My plumbing job finally was started yesterday. The original plumber was still delaying on giving me a quote after 4 months, despite me contacting him several times. He said he still wanted to do it, but – after still no quote, contacted another plumber. Unfortunately, the drainage problem is much more serious than we initially thought, so much more extensive work is being done, at triple the cost (ouch!). Well, if it’s done right this time, I’ll be happy anyway. They’re having to fix something that wasn’t done when the unit was built 26 years ago, digging up concrete, etc., so it’s a big job.

    Nothing else from here. With all that’s been going on, haven’t done a successful FD yet. I tend to do well till dinner time, but then, once the hunger dragon awakens, it awakens with a vengeance ( 🙂 ). I’ll find out the damage at my weigh-in tomorrow.

    Fortunately, tomorrow is another day to begin anew (with no more donuts!)

    Posted, then discovered another page I hadn’t seen – somehow when I log into our forum, the final page isn’t showing up. Is that happening to anyone else? Anyway, many unread posts now read since I just posted.

    LJoyce, glad you were able to return the Ikea furniture before you opened it up – sounded like a big job you’d set yourself. Hope the alternative works well. You’re doing so well with your FDs – really showing me up 🙂

    Thin, not sure whether to congratulate you or commiserate you on missing out yet again on your scones and cream. Probably congratulate!

    Neilithicman, yay for 88.5 kg!

    Cinque, yes, I’m also moving into spring/ summer range clothes. Finally seeing more warmth about!

    CalifDreamer, sorry about your sick cat – hope he responds to the antibiotics.

    Penguin, so pleased that you have now sold your home and bought a new property (subject to paperwork, approval, etc.). Always hard to decide on what to discard and what to keep!

    G’day from SA, hope you didn’t lose power. Well done on getting major assignments done, plus increasing your fitness. You bad weather has been heading our way – have the beginnings of it outside at the moment, but no thunderstorms yet.

    Anzac65, hope you’ll also stay safe when the wild weather reaches you. Enjoy your wedding anniversary meal on Sunday, and don’t even let 5:2 cross your mind!

    Goodnight all. Sleep well.

    A quick catch up before I make my evening meal.

    LJoyce, Your Halloween plans sound such fun! Eating frugally, it is good to have a treat to look forward to. And what better treats than witches fingers and mummies!

    Thanks so much for those crossed fingers, they might have kept the numbers lower than they would otherwise be. This latest cluster is (another) reminder of how quickly it spreads. I fear that not enough people will keep behaving covid safely (went to the hairdresser yesterday and she was not covidsafe, sigh) (but at least I did get my hair cut). I am with you and Betsy, fingers and toes crossed. And on the edge of my seat tomorrow morning to hear the numbers, and the announcements. Not so confident of opshopping on Monday now.

    Penguin, great news that the sell and buy are done. It is the Georgian place you are moving to? Sending so many good wishes to you and Mrs Penguin. Moving! Yikes. Busy busy busy. (Stress stress stress).
    I’ll look for a baldy, clean shaven flower for next week!
    So glad you are still managing to read posts, and it is so special when you manage to write one.

    Gday, you got the mad weather in buckets! How is it now? I do hope there is no damage. It seems to be centering around the Gabba now to make the Grand Final interesting.

    There was excellent rain here, but nothing too mad. Cold though! Lucky I still had some jumpers out.

    Well done with those assignments and with lovely weight loss! You will end the year feeling very pleased.

    Anzac, I hope there is no damage there either. How wise to have your anniversary dinner on the day after the thunder and lightning. Happy anniversary for tomorrow!

    Betsy, yes! When we start a new page, my computer takes me to the previous page for days! I told JJ the tech officer about it, and was asked if I could take a picture, but I can’t work out how to take a picture, let alone one that shows what happens. Then it stopped doing it, and now it has started again.
    You do get lots of edible gifts. Well done on giving some away.
    Much sympathy for that plumbing job being so much bigger than you hoped. But hooray for getting it done right. Will it take long?

    Well, another day almost done and dusted. I’m off to cook lots of veg and a chicken tenderloin.

    See you all in the morning of my Sunday fast day!

    Penguin, congratulations on the sale and purchase. All the best with the packing and moving.

    Betsy, great news on the facial lesion. Relief.

    Neil, marvellous that you’re back in the 80s. Well done.

    CalifD, how’s your cat?

    Anzac, Happy Anniversary! Don’t be inspired just yet, I’m still struggling to keep my weight within the wiggle room. I do strictly adhere to 500 cals on my FDs (it used to be 350 cals until I started cheating with milk in coffee). I know full well that two FDs a week are what’s needed right now but I’m putting it off because of the haphazard way we have to source and store food. If I get to my trigger weight, I’ll get right on it. I find keeping a daily weight record keeps me honest because it would be easy to let a few grams slide if they weren’t staring me in the face in black and white.

    While out for a walk this week, we came across an inviting pub called Tame Otter (it’s on the river Tame) and, on impulse, went in. The pub atmosphere is the lure, not the alcohol but I don’t know what to order if I don’t have a glass of wine. I can’t drink coffee after noon and I don’t do soft drinks. LJ, you were right, when we were in lock-down, I didn’t have to worry about the extra calories with the pubs being closed. Many have such long, rich histories associated with the canals so it’s an incomplete picture if we don’t go inside!

    Cinque, I get the page before the current page also. I must say JJ gets rid of the spammers promptly. I’ve reported three lately.

    FD tomorrow. Not at all sure what’s on the menu as I don’t have the ingredients for my regulars.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Happy Anniversary Anzacs

    Betsy, hooray for the skin lesion news, I must have been very hunger distracted yesterday to miss writing that.

    Thin, hello fellow faster today. Hmm, there must be a way to enjoy a pub without a high calorie drink. I hope you can figure out one.

    JJ is great. I try to report spam too and she (he?) always sends a nice message of thanks.

    Dan’s presser is due at 10:30, that’s in 5 mins. But goodness me we have it easy compared to other places. So sad to see Illinois’ top medical official breaking down as she reported to the public.

    Anyway, off to see what is happening here. Fast day has started well and I have a big bowl of veggies to look forward to.

    Cheers all.

    Hello all

    I am going to need to write more often, because when I leave it more than a few days there is such a lot of news to catch up on that it can feel overwhelming.

    Thin, thank you so much for describing your boat in detail. I found it really interesting. I went on line and looked at images of ‘narrow boats’. A few weeks on a canal boat in the UK is now at the top of my list of dream holidays!

    Penguin, I was glad to read that the house was sold and that you are moving to your new one. All the best for the process of moving – a lot of work involved, and a lot of decisions too.

    Betsy, good news on the facial session front. What a relief.

    Neil, congratulations on the hole-in-one. Fantastic! I’ve watched people play frisbee golf and I think it would be incredibly difficult to do that.

    LJ, good luck with the Ikea construction work. When my daughter moved to Sydney as a medical student many years ago we bought a heap of flat packs, were totally defeated by them, and in the end hired someone to put everything together for us. It was a great relief and money well-spent, but then we are neither of us at all skilled in that area.

    G’day, you’ve had dramatic weather up there in the Flinders. It has not been so dramatic here in Adelaide, but still a fair bit of rain and a lot of variation in temperature. I had put away my warmest winter clothes but some days I have to pull them out again.

    Cinque and Thin, I am fasting with you today. I’ve discovered that a rice biscuit spread with some dal (a thick dal made with yellow split peas) is delicious, and gives me the crunch I enjoy.

    Saturday is usually my fast day but I had a bad night on Friday night and didn’t want to be hungry as well as extremely tired, so postponed it to today.

    I have been a bit up and down with the IF over the past week. I’ve cheered myself by remembering the saying, “a stumble may prevent a fall”. Each stumble is a chance to learn something, and to avoid the situation or the thinking that led to it.

    I can’t remember now which of you was given the box of donuts, but I have a similar thing every now and then with a warm and generous neighbour who makes rocky road and likes to give me little bags of it. I usually give most of it away to other people (thus passing on the problem I suppose!) but I also eat some, especially at night when my resistance is low.

    I find a couple of days of mild over-indulgence seem to be reflected almost immediately in a plumper stomach. I used to have a dog like that, a dear cairn terrier who was a great forager, and whose weight varied quite a bit depending on her success in foraging for discarded buns in the park!

    I will stop now, and get on with answering other overdue emails.

    Warm wishes to all

    Helen Kate

    Good afternoon all.

    surprising for me to be posting in the afternoon, but I checked emails, and thought, why not?
    The major news for me is plumbing! After much thought, and with the help of a plumbing friend, I did a water test on the area I was told was a problem – no problem. The extra job hadn’t been started, so I’ve cancelled it in writing, and asked for the deposit I paid to be applied to the original job – hoping that will happen. Either way, losing a few thousand dollars is better than paying over $11000 for unnecessary work.

    Cinque, what disappointing news for us today, no opening up yet. Hopefully the northern suburbs clusters won’t take off and this will be a pause, not another long delay.

    Cinque and Thin – yes, the numbering is exactly the problem I’ve been experiencing. I remembered today to check once I logged into our forum, and moved on to the next page.

    Thin, you are so incredibly disciplined! You put me to shame. Yes, how can you visit a pub and not drink something?! Lemon, lime and bitters could be a low-cal option, if the pubs have it.

    Helen Kate, I was the one who received a box of 6 donuts (twice now!). My church is running online, and there are volunteers doing all sorts of connecting up to people things. I help with 2 groups, so received thank-you donuts for both, about 2 weeks apart. It was fairly easy for me to give them away – rocky road, on the other hand, could be a disaster! 🙂
    I find a plumper stomach shows for me if I have too much ice-cream. What am I doing having ice-cream? Good question. No answer except a guilty look.
    A mantra I read on another forum states “delay, not deny”, and it’s a good one to hang on to!

    Overall, I’m now finding that the eating is under better control than it was. Considering birthday cake, donuts and other indulgences, I’m still hoping to end October the same weight as I started it, and for me, that’s a major plus.

    Have a good week everyone.


    Betsylee, ah yes, it was you who was dealing with the donuts. Sounds as if you dealt very well. And I like that mantra, ‘delay, not deny’.

    I’m sorry that the lock-down isn’t easing more quickly for you and for Cinque. Such a long drawn-out process.

    I’ve been at a workshop all afternoon, which was great for keeping my mind off food. And I have enough calories left to have a mushroom omelette for tea, so that’s good.

    Hope it’s a good week for everyone.


    Hello all, here we are – Monday yet again

    It’s happening to me too, when I click on the link in an email it is taking me to the page before. I thought I was going a bit mad!

    Awful, crazy weather here. Gale force, cold wind and rain. We didn’t take Maxx out this morning due partly to the weather but mostly because the poor boy is showing signs of a slight limp. So he is on calm activities for a day or two

    We had a lovely anniversary yesterday, thanks for the nice words. And thank you for the lovely flowers Cinque 🙂

    Even Mr Anzac has put on weight so today marks the start of ‘healthy week’. We are determined to both lose weight and get the wine consumption way down. So weekdays will be rigid with healthy food, no wine and more exercise. We can relax A LITTLE on the weekends to keep it real and make sure we can stick to it. By Christmas we both want to lose 5 kilos each.

    So glad your plumbing issue isn’t as big as first thought Betsy. I like the ‘Delay not deny’ mantra.

    It really is difficult when people give you food as a gift. They are well meaning but it makes for too much temptation when, as you said HK, your resistance is low. Better to not have it in the house so re-gifting is a great idea for the rocky road.

    No new cases in Melbourne today Betsy and Cinque. Fingers crossed for reopening and hopefully saving some poor small businesses.

    Work should (emphasis on SHOULD) be better this week but who knows what they will throw at us. I’ve got some little bits of time-off coming up; I am taking Melbourne Cup day off next week and we are going to our local golf club with 4 friends for a function. Then Mr Anzac and I are going to the Hunter Valley in mid-December for what was going to be a concert but of course that was moved 12 months. We decided to go anyway and are staying three nights. The first night is the day after my birthday so we can celebrate up there. Then….bliss…the project has a mandatory three week shut down over Christmas. I’m desperately looking forward to that but, if they go ahead with this massive change request to bring two years worth of work forward, I fear it may be cancelled. We do have a trip to Fiji booked (how is that for pure optimism?) so on the miniscule chance that the Bula Bubble happens before Christmas they can’t make me cancel that. But if I’m just at home I won’t really have an excuse to demand I get the time off. As a contractor that really doesn’t look good. Fingers crossed they don’t cancel it.

    I must leave it there as I have a meeting in 2 minutes. Take care all

    Good morning,
    Yes woot! woot! woot! No new cases, no deaths. I think Betsy and I have spent the morning loving all the fb posts and retweeting the tweets and whatever! So proud of our state.

    HelenKate, indeed! Yes, you DO need to write more often. But from our side it is because we love your posts. (And ofcourse, we don’t want you overwhelmed!)

    I hope you are having a lovely morning after fast day.
    The dal on rice biscuits is such a brilliant idea!

    I hope you had a good night last night. I agree, a bad night can make a fast day just too hard.

    Betsy, hooray for your plumbing friend! (Ooow that is a lovely amount of money saved for your new wardrobe when you reach your goal weight!)

    Anzac, fingers crossed for an easy week and holidays ahead. And woot for doing a healthy week with Mr Anzac, hopefully that will make it easy and fun.

    Cheers to everyone for a good day and a good week ahead.

    Good morning all…well, it’s actually early evening now, after getting caught up in the day.

    I’m over on my lovely island, having come over on the 6pm barge last night after having the four little ones for most of the day ….an exercise in crowd control!

    I am pleased to report I am going well ….I have been on mostly 500 to 800 days, with perhaps a 1000 day for my eldest brother’s birthday celebrations. I had my very favourite Vietnamese meal, bun cha, which I suspect isn’t as innocent as it looks, but was amazing and reminded me of my time living in Hanoi.

    It has worked well, having OH out of the house for 8 days, and he is no longer commenting when I don’t eat dinner, if I eat during the day. So a breakthrough there. Now, results …well, I think I’ve done okay. 3.6 kilos since I started Wednesday week ago. It will slow now of course but I have packed a very good range of food and Woolies will deliver tomorrow. I have the little girls from Wednesday through to Sunday – DD is working on the Queensland elections, and although we offered to not go away to help with babysitting, the compromise was that she’ll being the down to the ferry and we’ll go over on the speed boat to collect them.

    I am going to try to work back on posts – I know I’ve missed a lot, so apologies right up front for those I miss. As you say HK, stay away for a few days and the forum just whizzes by.

    LJ how are you going with the new Ikea purchases. Full marks for having a go at it. And great you’re knocking off that extra 8 kilos that crept on last year.

    Cinque, the water dragon lives within the pool enclosure, and Rosy can’t get in there unless we are there too. They’ll reach an accommodation, I’m sure. so sorry Cinque, and Betsy, that the Vic freedoms are taking longer than expected.
    Are you okay with that, or feel there should be more relaxation now?

    Betsy I don’t honestly know what to say about those gifted ‘treats’. It is really hard to say no, when people offer you gifts out of kindness. But I think Thin once pointed out that people who are offering food out of kindness should accept it if you ask them not to. I have used the excuse in the past that my blood sugar is creeping up, and I am restricting carbohydrates. Saves offending, and actually pretty accurate too.

    I have a girlfriend who loves to cook, but with only her OH at home, distributes food in her workplace, to her family, her grandchildren’s P & C tuckshop (for the helpers, not the kids). She’d often bring my OH great trays of chocolate brownies because once he’d told her he thought she made the best. Finally I had to say to her that although he’s slim, it really wasn’t good for him to eat a dozen brownies on his own,… eventually she got the message. I love my friend, but at the risk of sounding mean, I think she gifts food because she loves cooking,not out of kindness per se.

    Calif, sorry to her about your poor cat. Hope the vet has resolved the issues. Troubling, when an animal is unwell.

    Good to hear from you Penguin, and to read that you’ve bought and sold. Full marks – can’t have been easy when you’re still going through the treatment. Hope you are feeling well and positive about the move, and it doesn’t tire you.

    Gday, your assignments sound really challenging. Are you loving this new career course you’ve embarked on? Your weather event sounded extraordinary. We had wild storms last night here in Brisbane….lots of trees down on our drive down to the barge …and this after weeks of super dry weather. I think we’ll be having more of these events as our weather changes.

    Happy belated anniversary Anzac. Fingers crossed you actually get your break at Christmas. What a year it has been for you.

    Good news from the dermatologist Betsy ….we pay the price for our sunloving youth, don’t we (but good you escaped relatively unscathed). And better news about your water situation – yikes, we are at the mercy aren’t we, of people who are experts in their field when we are not. A less expensive option, though dear enough.

    And on that note, if I don’t sign off soon I’ll be back to saying ‘good morning’ and it will be tomorrow.

    Now I have clear air, I’ll try to post more regularly and not the massive missives I seem to write when I’ve been gone for a while.

    Goodnight all

    Heavens, I’ve left my editing fingers back on the mainland. Of course I meant to say ‘she’ll bring them down to the ferry….” and not “she’ll being the down to the ferry.

    Good evening all.

    LindsayL, good to hear from you, and well done with the weight loss progress. You’re doing so well. I’m going to be happy if I end October as I started it – even that will be a considerable improvement on last year’s yo-yo up.
    Hope Rosy and the water dragon do reach an accommodation – probably have to be training of Rosy, but she’ll learn.

    Re the 2 lots of donuts I was given, all I received was a text message to say they were coming, and there they were on the doorstep. No opportunity to say “no”, and it was a kind thought. As my friends, to whom most of them went, said “most people would drool to be given a deluxe box of donuts”. But then, they froze them, and only ate one at a time, half each to husband and wife, so very well controlled eating.

    Yes, the “joys” of childhood summer holidays at the beach sans sunscreen, which I don’t think existed in the 50s. Maybe zinc cream? My family couldn’t afford that anyway. I’ve already had several skin cancers and pre-cancers removed from my skin, hands, arms and face, so I’m now fairly sun-averse.

    Plumbing – well, when I refused to have the second job done, I lost the deposit I’d paid, but I’m thinking of having an alternative job done. By doing that, I’ll receive a discount of about 35% of the amount I lost in the deposit. There’s still a problem with tree roots and broken pipes, so will get 2 pipes relined, instead. About half the price of the other job, so much better, and should solve the cracked pipe problem.

    Cinque, really I should have started with this – we are out of lockdown as of midnight tomorrow night, yay, yay, yay! Still can’t travel more than 25 kms from home, and not to regional Victoria, but pubs, cafes, all retail will re-open. What a relief. And if all the numbers stay stable, more easing of restrictions in 2 weeks. We still can’t have visitors at home, but you’ll be able to meet with your family in outdoor spaces so much more easily. How are you feeling about it all?

    Hey, I might actually be able to visit the local op shops. I’ve had 5 or 6 bags of goods to donate just sitting around home for months. And although plumbing will be done, it won’t be as expensive, so yes, maybe some new clothes could be in order. Mind you, with the lockdown and our cooler weather, I haven’t been wearing many different clothes in recent months – a few items – wear, wash, re-wear constantly. Haven’t even worn a lot of the clothes in the wardrobe, but something new always gives a lift of spirit.

    I’m babbling on here. Hope everyone is well. Oh, most of the first plumbing job is finished, just re-concreting to do. The guys tried to clean up – let’s just say that their idea of cleaning up differs considerably from mine 🙂 . I’ll be hosing and scrubbing down the driveway, I think.

    Okay, enough. Really, really happy. Hope you’re all well!

    Morning everyone. I hope those of you in Victoria are enjoying your increased freedom.

    The long weekend over here was a bit up and down for me. I had a good day on Saturday, the weather was pretty good so we went out to long beach, explored the cave and fed the wild chickens. Then I went for a good long bike ride, I managed about 45 kilometers in just on 2 hours. Sunday was hot in the morning and early afternoon and I got out for a round of frisbee golf, but then the weather packed in and it was gale force winds and pouring with rain, then yesterday it was cold and rainy all day. We went from 27 degrees on Sunday afternoon to 11 degrees on Monday with the fire going in the living room.

    I’ll try to catch up on all your posts some time today

    Have a great day everyone

    Morning all.

    Yea Melbourne. Congratulations Cinque and Betsy and all other Melbournians. Freedom at last. You’ve done so well. Who would have been the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews? He looks exhausted, and after those early hotel quarantine debacles, seems to have done well and not buckled to pressure. Long may the ‘no cases, no deaths’ reign.

    Neil, that weather is pretty extreme. The thought of the fire going is lovely though.

    Betsy your plumbing situation sounds really complex, but it seems you are getting it in order without spending the huge sum you first thought.

    I can’t remember wearing zinc when we were young …. the lifesavers wore it and we thought they were so so gorgeous in their white stripes across tanned skin and speedos. I wonder what they look like now? Mmmm, perhaps best to keep the memories of youth. That first sunburn of the holidays was almost a rite of passage.

    Coming back to your earlier post Gday … how is your worm farm going? Named them all yet? I got my worms from Bunnings ..they sit in a box on the shelf, just waiting to be given a lovely home. Mine live outside the laundry, and in return for vege scraps give me lovely worm wee, which is wonderful for the garden (but not neat, as I discovered).

    Also late joining your conversation with Thin about soft drinks. What more can be said! When my kids were little, we thought (were told by the current experts) that fruit juice was a good option, so off they went to school with their little popper boxes. Now of course we know it’s pretty much sugar in a box with no fibre etc. My friends (same one who cooks) have like us temporarily given up alcohol, but over dinner will order two or three diet cokes. She wasn’t impressed when my tactless (Glaswegian) OH told her she was drinking chemicals.

    Scales continue to be kind this morning, after another good day. Down .4, which takes me to 4 kilos all up. I’m being pretty strict – 500-800 most days, IF, and very low carb, but feel better for it (and can just squeeze into my new togs, which was the trigger when they arrived and couldn’t be squeezed into).

    Happy day all …..and particularly Cinque and Betsy, to enjoy the new freedoms.

    Lindsay I just love love love hearing about you being on the island, talking (diluted) worm wee and grandkids and losing that pesky excess weight. So glad the waterdragon is protected.

    It was emotional watching Dan’s press conference yesterday and seeing so much about to open up safely. I am very glad to go slowly and steadily and ensure we don’t risk another wave. Another double doughnut today (zero cases, zero deaths) so the mood is just so lovely in Melbourne.

    I’ve been thinking about those food gifts too. And for so many thousands of years of human history there could not have been a better gift than a rich food treat, packed with sugar and fat and plenty of salt.
    But I also have a (sort of) funny story of when diet information was coming out about heart disease and this combined the women’s movement calling out the trauma so many women were suffering at the hands of their husbands. A song was written called ‘Feed him fat’, and the verses told how badly this man treated his wife and she had no escape but to keep piling his meals with more and more fat. The perfect murder.
    So do question the motives of those people plyiing you with doughnuts and brownies! 😉

    Betsy it is nearly the end of October so hooray for you managing to finish it at the weight you began. Hopefully November will be a good net loss for you. And even with the (clever) plumbing decision, you will be able to reward yourself with a beautiful piece of clothing.

    Yes woot re the restrictions easing, I’m heading to the nearest op shop first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll take my donations too, won’t they be swamped! Ooh lovely!
    Interested to hear what Dan says today (I am writing about 20 mins before his presser starts).

    Oh dear re cleaning up after the plumber. Typical, though.

    Neil, hello! I thought Melbourne was the place for changeable weather, but yikes, you are making us look so stable!

    Cali, ANOTHER frightening fire, sending you so many good wishes. How are you holding up?

    Best wishes to everyone xxx

    Good morning all.

    Betsy and Cinque, I am so very relived that restrictions are finally easing for you both. My heart fell when I saw the weekend numbers and realised Sunday would not bring the good news that everyone was expecting. What a relief that the reopening was only delayed by a couple of days.
    I hope you have fun op-shopping. I imagine there are many people like Betsy who used the time at home to have a good clear out – there should be many new donations to rummage through.

    Betsy, it was really well timed to discover that the expensive plumbing job wasn’t necessary – I’m glad you have found a way to use the deposit for other work that also needs to be done. I has similar issues with tree roots in the drains when I lived in the Adelaide Hills. I found that I needed a plumber with an electric eel to remove the small tree roots on an annual basis before they had a chance to grow larger and split the old terracotta pipes.

    Lindsay, congratulations on the weight loss during your self imposed isolation from MrL. I’m glad you are now getting to spend some time together in your lovely island home. The grand daughters will love it too I suspect – with many requests to go swimming. I still remember you telling us that one of them wanted to swim in the ocean when you were in Europe over Christmas in 2018.

    Neil, glad you’ve had at least some good weather. It feels more like winter than spring here at the moment, so I think your weather is also likely to be a bit erratic too. Hopefully you’ll get dry enough weather for cycling.

    Anzac, I hope your new healthy week is going well and that MrA is also coping with the restrictions. Hope Maxx improves soon as I’m sure you all miss the walks.

    Cali, how is your cat going? I hope the antibiotics have helped.

    HK, I’d never thought of the parklands as a source of buns! Though I’m sure a cairn terrier could find any food titbit that’s hiding in the bushes – aren’t they just lovely dogs. My aunt and uncle had one that they trained to not leave their unfenced yard – it never did. (They could give a labs a few lessons in how to obey instructions!)
    I have the same issue with falling behind in the posts, I have decided that it’s just going to happen sometimes if I want to respond to what I’ve read.

    Thin, I rarely go into a hotel or bar these days, but I used to have the same issue with ordering drinks in hotels/bars because I don’t drink alcohol and find soft drinks too sweet. I usually just order bottled water. Another calorie free option is to have soda or plain mineral water with a slice of lime or lemon. My other backup is soda lime & bitters. It’s still a soft drink but not very sweet and less sugar than other options. It looks like other people’s drinks so I didn’t have to put up with the inevitable comments about drinking water. (These days that wouldn’t bother me, but when I was younger and out with work colleagues is was an issue.)

    Penguin, absolutely wonderful that you have contracts for you house sale/purchase. I know the packing will be a big chore but I do hope it goes well and that there are no delays with contract settlement.

    I still have not started building the furniture. I have had issues with extra joint inflammation over recent days and my hands and wrists are just not up to job at the moment.

    My eating plan has also hit the wobbles – mainly because it’s so cold that I find myself wanting a hot lunch again. I am managing to keep the excesses to a minimum though. Yesterday’s FD500 was a struggle as the hot food I had to look forward to was a cup of butternut-lemon soup for dinner. I enjoyed every mouthful but it was a long wait through the afternoon. The weather feels more like late autumn here and not springtime.

    I hope you are all having a good day.
    Betsy and Cinque enjoy planning your first outing!
    Take care all.

    Lindsay, good job on the big loss. Why have you and your friends temporarily given up alcohol please? I must have missed that post. I am trying. Eww, three diet cokes. Dr M. describes OJ as a sugar-delivery system. Have a lovely time on the island.

    Betsy and Cinque, enjoy your freedom. On Sunday, we visited a marina with a view to winter mooring and there was a spectacular monthly market being held. The homemade fare looked superb. It was a FD so I wasn’t tempted but I enjoyed looking. I’m mentioning this because the signs all around the market read, “Help prevent local lock-down” and then a reminder of the social distancing guidelines. So sensible to put it back on to the population to make it work instead of blaming govt. for everything. Europe (incl. UK) is in a right mess. The Oxford Uni / Astra Zeneca vaccine is on its way, yay!

    Betsy, we learned quick smart about sun damage when DD started school, ‘no hat, no play’. I always avoided the sun in Oz but skin cancer is cumulative and mine stemmed back to childhood holidays in the south of France and later uni when we students would find a way to get on the hospital roof, smother ourselves with baby oil and try to get burned in whatever English sun was available. Sounds mad now but we didn’t know any better. It was decades later when I developed the squamous cell carcinoma on my lower eyelid.

    Betsy, what a debacle re the plumbing.

    HK, so happy to have inspired you to consider a narrow boating holiday. If you can be bothered and you use FB, you can check the latest Braidbar fitted narrowboat, no 189, Alkemi, here: https://www.facebook.com/braidbarboats/photos/pcb.5268795579812594/5268795523145933
    By chance, we met the new owners the other day and they had just collected it two weeks ago. Ours is a Braidbar fitout but it’s 10 years old.

    Anzac, wonderful that Mr A is on board for some healthy eating. I dropped a whole kg after Sunday’s fast but a four hour walk contributed to that.

    Running out of time, poor signal. Take care all.

    Hello everyone

    A quick and rather tired message from me before I throw myself into bed.

    Betsy and Cinque, I am so happy for you Melbourne people. You have done a fantastic job, but what a hard stretch it has been. Enjoy those op shops! And the freer socialising.

    Thin, I smiled to read of you sunbathing on the roof smothered in baby oil – my sister and I used to do the same – not a great idea under the Australian summer sun!

    Lindsay, I’m intrigued by the island you go to. Is it a small island? How long does it take you to get there on the ferry? Is the barge the same as the ferry? When I go to Kangaroo Island to my sister’s place it is a 2 hour drive to the ferry, then a 45 minute crossing (twice that if it is rough) and then another half hour or so through the bush to her place. I get the feeling that your island might not involve so much travelling.

    LJoyce, nice that you have known such a good and well-trained cairn terrier. I loved ours dearly but she was a stubborn little creature with quite a bit of attitude – and I loved her for that too, as one does.

    There is so much more I could respond to but I need to go to bed and get some sleep.

    I have a dear friend arriving from Alice Springs tomorrow. She will stay with me for a week before going into hospital for a hip replacement operation. This will be a challenge for me – can I maintain the IF and my morning exercise routine and my daily walking with her here? I shall do my best.

    Best wishes to everyone

    HK, that’s funny about the baby oil. Oh dear.

    Yes! I think you can maintain your IF routine with your friend visiting if you plan it. I have to provide meals for my OH who doesn’t fast (although he did for the first 11 months just to support me). Have you seen our recipe page? https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/southern-hemispherites-fd-recipes/

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions but … hip replacement …. is it possible your friend’s a bit overweight and may be inspired by your weight loss when she sees you? If not, well you can plan your FD fare with her in mind, extra portions for her, a few carby additions. As for the morning walk, it’s unlikely she can manage that but you can still go while she has breakfast.

    Good luck! And have fun.

    Morning all, well I roller-coastered back up to 90.1 kilos again this week. I’ll try to keep my eating more steady this week and see if my next weigh-in I can get it back down to where it was last week. I went through this roller-coaster period for a bit at the beginning of the year, with my weight jumping up and down by as much as 2.5 kg per week before settling down at about 90 kilos. Hopefully this time I can get it to settle a couple of kilos lighter.

    Thin and HK, I would never dare sunbathe, I’ve got really fair skin and burn in about 10-15 minutes in the sun, so my parents always made sure that as I kid I wore plenty of sun block. Probably just as well because my dad has had several spots cut out and one came back as being melanoma. I’m going to have to get a mole map done at some stage so I can keep track of it in the future.

    Ljoyce, I know what you mean about the cold, I don’t crave hot food when it’s cold though, I crave the starchy crap that I shouldn’t be eating, usually piles of toast or pasta. I envy my son, he’s going through a growth spurt and can eat mountains of food and still stay skinny. The other day he had a tub of popcorn, big drink and an icecream at the movies in the afternoon, came home and while I was cooking dinner he ate all the sushi I had made for my lunch the following day, ate a salad and two huge pumpkin burgers that I made for dinner, was sniffing around for dessert, then he was eating half the lunch he was packing for school the following day as he was making it. I told my wife that her vege garden better hurry up and grow or we’d need to take out a second mortgage to feed the little bugger.

    Cinque, In the sugar docco I saw a while back they stated that there’s been a big re-think recently about how bad fats actually are for you. When there was a big health push in the 1960s there was an American scientist that put forward that fats were bad, while a UK scientist was putting forward that it was sugar that was bad. The US scientist won out and there was a big low-fat movement where everything has been loaded up with sugar to improve the lack of flavour you get from removing the fat. When you see old codgers on the news that have hit 100+ and they ask them the secret to long life, they all seem to say that growing up, they all ate bacon, cheese, butter, etc and walked everywhere.

    Congrats on the 4kg Lindsay, long may it continue!

    Well back to work, I took my bike in today because it’s back to being a lovely day again (I guess it’s not just my weight that’s on a roller-coaster at the moment). Have a great day everyone and happy fasting.

    Good morning, it is my Wednesday fast day, and possibly my op shop day! (Whispers that it might be busy, so I won’t go in if it is), (I’ll go and check it out in an hour).
    Fingers crossed people do keep to the restrictions and behaviours that keep everyone safe.

    LJoyce happy to say the opening wasn’t delayed, only the announcement was delayed, so we are actually opening earlier that the 2nd of November that was the date on the ‘road map’ out of restrictions.

    Well done on that wobbly day. The weather affects our eating so much, especially cold weather. Hooray for soups.But hoping today is easy.

    Thin, that monthly market sounds so wonderful, and so do the signs around. Complacency is our greatest weakness when it comes to letting covid go wild. I hope some of those signs go up around here. I might put one out the front here!

    Yes I am another one who grew up out in the sun with added baby oil or coconut oil to enable sun tanning. I’ve had bcc’s removed and warning that my hands have had too much sun.

    HelenKate, I do hope you have a lovely week with your friend, and that all goes well with her hip replacement. Hoping she is supportive with you managing fast days and exercise, surely she will be. I find that having a cuppa and chatting while my friend or friends are eating works fine. The first time seems a bit weird, but we easily get used to it.
    I’m thinking of Alice Springs too, so fondly. For a short time (first half of 1990) I taught up the road at Alekarenge School, and we would come into Alice Springs for the weekend.

    I’m all set for a fasty fast day with a bowl of veggies in the middle of the day, and miso soup tonight.

    A sacred lotus for today Penguin, thinking you might like some beauty and peace in amongst moving chaos. Sent with good wishes, as always. https://www.atozflowers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sacred_lotus_Nelumbo_nucifera-1024×939.jpg

    Miso the cat is hassling me. She is thinking that today is fast day, which means a whiskas pouch instead of boring old dried food, but hasn’t got the concept of ‘after 5pm’ very well yet. Anyway, I’ve let her in, again, and will explain to her one more time.

    Best wishes for a good day everyone.

    PS woot! I tipped it! It went to the right page!

    Ooh, no maybe you did Neil, your post came through while I was writing. Yay!

    So true that fats aren’t the terror they were made out to be (Feed him sugar might be more successful 🙂 ).


    ah what a lovely forum this is, where friends can remind you of what you’d not remembered. I had quite forgotten that little miss wanted that European winter ocean swim. Thank you LJ!

    HK our island is Stradbroke, off the coast of Brisbane. We drive an hour across town, then the barge takes around 45 minutes. There is also a passenger speedboat which does the crossing in about 15 minutes. People who commute mostly use the fast boat. There’s a complimentary bus to and from the railway station, about 5 minutes away. I was surprised to find that Kangaroo Island is so big …I’d imagined it a little dot off the coast.

    Wonderful, yesterday, sitting on the verandah watching the black clouds swirl …lots of damaging thunderstorms from the Cape to the NSW border but we escaped with very heavy rain. More dangerous weather expected today. Our island rarely gets hail …but I was sure now I have my new car, it is certain to happen (no carport or garage at our little island house).

    What a drama getting the new vehicle – but I felt quite pleased, bidding on an online auction, managing without calling on any of my brothers. But….in the past we’ve bought ex-Queensland Government cars, and the auctioneer arranges the registration. But no, this was a Department of Defence vehicle, which meant I had to get CTP insurance, before collecting it from out near the airport (early lift with SIL who works at the airport), then drive it, uninsured, home, and wait for a mobile mechanic to come to give it its safely certificate and then, still uninsured, out a few suburbs away for registration. Back in the day, we used to get cover notes for such a situation, but my insurer, RACQ, laughed at me when I requested it. It is lovely to have a new (well, newish) car …a 2017 Toyota Camry hybrid.

    Coming back to your question about IF and routine HK ….I think it’s manageable with your friend staying. I practise 16:8 and my OH is okay with it. I have 2 black coffees when I get up, and OH has tea and toast. Then I make ‘breakfast’ around 11, usually. But we do have our early morning tea and coffee together, so perhaps you could just sit with your friend while she eats?

    Thin, apart from a G & slimline tonic in lieu of dinner while OH was away, we are off alcohol while I get to my target, and so OH can avoid the dreaded gout that so affects him. I have no idea why my friends have given up – they were quite heavy drinkers …she would bring a bottle of white and he a bottle of red when we ate at BYO restaurants. She had a health scare recently, and both carry excess weight, so maybe that’s the reason. I asked, but got a vague answer so I guessed they didn’t want to talk about it.

    Cinque, you are wicked. But I did love the thought of those abusive husbands being pushed to their graves by meals cooked by their long-suffering wives.
    Are you off op-shopping already? How wonderful, after such a long long time, for life to start to return to normal for you and Betsy. I just can’t imagine wonderful, vibrant Melbourne not bouncing back, and safely too.

    Neil, teenage boys, how they eat! Hard to even imagine downing that much food, but they need to fill those hollow legs during their growth spurts.

    I’m off now to look at the FB pics of Thin’s boat.

    a quick update ….down another .2 this morning. I’m pitching for another .8 off before we leave the island, which will take me to the 5 kilo mark, and then another 1.5 before my birthday a couple of weeks later, to be where I was when I settled after my 2018 loss.

    great day all

    Interesting how all our experiences with the sun were similar. Except Neil sensibly avoiding it but then Neil, you do have youth on your side, a younger generation. Was that doco ‘That Sugar Film’? When I’m in the store, I try to remember it’s the food manufacturer’s job to sell us junk and make us think we must continually snack, it’s my job to fight back and resist it. Funny about your son’s growth spurt.

    Lindsay, odd that your friends wouldn’t discuss their reasons about reducing alcohol. You’d think they’d be proud. Great about the ‘new’ car and how you went about it. Years ago we had a Toyota Camry station wagon, it looked dated even then but we could pack a heap of camping gear into it. In 2006, we upgraded to a 2004 Corolla station wagon which we kept until last year and loved it but although it seemed bigger, there was considerably less room in the trunk – or whatever the back end of a SW is called. Still in touch with the lovely couple who bought it from us. We tended to hang on to our vehicles.

    Lindsay, the link I posted isn’t of our boat but the latest release of the fitout company. Ours is 10 years old. Each is individually crafted with the owner’s input. I see this one has gaslift cabinetry hinged at the top which OH and I had lamented ours didn’t have.

    Cinque, have a great FD, it’s almost over now. Well done for getting us on the right page.

    On the move, must get going.

    Sunbathing smothered in baby oil must have been an international thing because it was was very big over here too, back in the day. But we would often add a few drops of iodine to the bottle and shake it well before applying. (They didn’t really blend well.) I guess the iodine must have been for the color, adding a slight stain to our skin to make it look tan. Neil, I have very fair skin too and burn easily. I think the only thing that saved me so far is that my first 23 years were in Wisconsin where summer was strictly 3 months long, June, July and August. When we went back to school in September we were wearing jumpers by the second week and jackets to football 🏈 games at night. I did make up for a lot of lost sun time in California though. I loved lying in the sun until I started getting wrinkles and reconsidered.
    Betsy, I’m so glad to hear your skin thing turned out to be nothing. I have a deem appointment later next week for an itchy thing on my back which I hope will also be nothing.

    Monday was a successful FD500 and I was down a kg this morning. (Yesterday morning, actually, since it’s past midnight here. I have to get back to 2 FD’s per week because my one knee is getting so creaky and my weight seems to be the cause.

    The smoke is all gone and there are no big fires close to us, although there is a big one down in Southern Calif. We had a lot of high winds in the area, although not right here, from Sunday through Tuesday. Luckily they didn’t have to shut down the power here. Some towns nearby were without power for 2 or 3 days. We’ had beautiful Fall weather with temps around 20-23°. Only big concern is still no rain. I think the last rain was in early June. We should have had some by now, but none in the forecast.

    Penguin, congrats on getting the contracts started on both houses. How long does it usually take for them to close? I’ve never liked the transition period because the old house doesn’t feel like home anymore once you’re packing things up. Once youin the new one though, you can finally relax and hopefully take your time finding places for everything and getting settled. Think of how well organized you’ll be! I hope the packing is going well and you’re not feeling too tired from the treatments.

    Cinque and Betsy, congrats on having Melbourne opened much more now. I know the feeling of being cooped up for a long time. Although our area is fairly opened up (although it probably shouldn’t be) we’ve been doing a self imposed lockdown except for things like grocery shopping. Australia is doing an excellent job of keeping the numbers down. Ours here are skyrocketing in many states although the president says not to worry, it’s going away. Election is a week away. We’ve already dropped off our ballots last week. Fingers and toes crossed!

    Our cat is still not eating and the meds don’t seem to be helping much. We did get some special cat food that’s high fat and smelly and have been putting a bit in his mouth on our fingers, but he still isn’t interested. He’s acting quiet, but otherwise ok. I guess it’s good he’s still somewhat obese. He has a lot of fat to live off of. We’ve tried every food we can think of. Nonetheless, we’re very worried since the X-rays showed some unexplained haziness in the lungs. Two different meds don’t seem to be helping.

    Lindsay, I had a Toyota Camry many years ago. It was one of my all time favorite cars and very dependable. I love the way they look. I hope you’ll enjoy yours.

    LJ, hope your joints are feeling better soon so you can start on your new Ikea furniture. Their new catalog is coming out soon. I love looking through it.

    Cinque I was thinking about your teaching job up in Alice Springs since we’ve been watching yet another Aus Tv series that takes place in Winton. I see from the map that is not too close, but still in the northern outback where the landscape must be similar. The show is Mystery Road. Everything looks very desert like and dry but with some beautiful rock formations in the area. Some of the rocky areas remind me of the ones we have here in New Mexico. This has become the summer of Aussie TV for us. Lots of great series that we never knew about before.

    Have a great day everyone. I’m too tired to go back and spellcheck, so hopefully there aren’t too many errors!

    Good evening all.

    Well, the plumbing saga continues. Work in progress, but not finished. I’m getting a couple of storm drainage pipes cleaned out and then relined, and the relining works better if it has time to dry without getting wet. A few days of light rain are forecast for the next 3 days, then there’s a public holiday (Melbourne Cup day – a holiday for a horse race, only in Melbourne! Or only Victoria? Not sure actually). The relining will probably be finished next Thursday. All up, I will probably have paid around $2000 less than if I’d gone ahead with the other job. Not good, but much better than it could have been

    With all that, though, I’m saying that’s the end of my “retirement” car 🙂 . I’ll just hope my 7-year old Toyota Corolla sees the distance. Well actually, I’m sure I’d buy a new car if it became necessary, but it sounds good.

    Hmm! Seems several of us have had the same or similar experiences with the sun, CalifDreamer, LJoyce, Thin, etc. I remember during high school how it was almost a badge of honour to be the person with the worst sunburn. Like Neilithicman, I have very fair skin, so I never tanned to more than a light brown and was so envious of those who were a rich dark brown colour. Now, seeing a dark brown tan horrifies me. Okay if that’s a person’s normal skin colour, but not if it’s just sun damage. I remember my Chinese friends would avoid the sun, using parasols if they were outside in sunny weather – commenting that if they got too much sun “their skin went black”. Nowadays I often copy them, and use an umbrella if I have to walk on a very hot day.

    Hope your skin lesion also turns out to be nothing, CalifDreamer. Your cat is a bit of a worry. How old is he (she?)? My guy has recovered well from his tooth abscess, and is eating really well again, having been off his food for weeks – guess it was too painful to eat, and it wasn’t until swelling on one side of his mouth appeared that I realised there was a problem and took him to the vet’s.

    Did you get to the op shop, Cinque? I went to Westfield Plenty Valley and did a little shopping, bought a birthday present for a friend, plus a few items I was getting low in. It was such a pleasure to just be allowed to do it! I’ll gradually get to other things, like op shops. It’s a bit difficult until all the plumbing is finished – still trying to pin down which day the concreter will be coming.

    Neilithicman, I chuckled over your description of your son’s eating. Years ago my friends’ two sons were teenagers, and the wife epically described them as having hollow legs, or that their stomachs were bottomless pits, yet turn them sideways and you couldn’t see them as they were so thin. That didn’t last, alack – maybe they got too much into the habit of eating a lot, and by their more sedentary 30s, they were both quite overweight, and still are (not in early 40s). Sad.

    HelenKate, hope that you can work around your visiting friend and maintain a reasonable form of IF. I think the suggestion of just drinking something while she eats breakfast is a good one. She might feel neglected and ignored if you don’t join her, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat what she does.

    Time is escaping me. I’m now trying to be in bed at a reasonable hour, and get up earlier in the mornings. Don’t like the idea, but certainly feel better for it.

    Sleep well everyone, and stay safe!

    Oops – friends’ sons now in their early 40s, NOT not in their early 40s – missed typo!

    CalifD, I just started a new Netflix series called, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. I binged on three episodes last night as OH likes to watch his US Great Lecture series that he’s subscribed to and I find them too boring (he chooses Physics and such like). I think you’d have to understand chess just a little bit at least to fully appreciate it but the story line is good. I could really empathise with the 9 year old Beth – I even looked just like her when I was nine and we had to wear the same pinafore uniform!

    Hope your cat feels better soon. Yes, less than a week until the election but I fear that, whoever wins, that will not be the end of it. Some fear civil war. Let’s hope the result is accepted graciously this time and that whichever side loses immediately look to what attracted the other half to their choice of leader and start to address those concerns. I’m pleased to say that, like you, I’ve mostly avoided the entire circus and very relieved that OH and I are not compelled to vote. I’ve even had US readers of my narrow boating blog slamming each other in my comments section. Hello! Wasn’t it better back in the day when we didn’t discuss sex, politics – and what was the other thing – in public?

    Thin, thank you for the recommendation of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. I saw that on the Netflix list and wondered about it. I didn’t read the description very carefully before and thought it involved the Monarchy. We’ll get to it now on your recommendation. We’ve been rotating between episodes of 4 different Aussie series, watching several episodes of one sometimes when something intriguing is going on. The one I don’t want to end is ‘McLeod’s Daughters’. I love that show and we’re on series 5 of 8. I found out that ‘The Heart Guy’ was called ‘Doctor Doctor’ in Australia.

    Helen Kate, another idea for having a cupcake while your visiting friend eats, would be to serve it in a fancy teapot or coffee mug. That might make it feel like something a little more substantial.

    I gained back 300grams from the 1kg lost after my FD when I weighed this morning. That isn’t too bad. Tomorrow’s fast should get rid of that and hopefully some more.

    Betsy, sorry to hear about the whole plumbing debacle. Don’t you just hate spending money on things like that? But your 7 year old Corolla should last much longer than 7 years. Toyota’s are know for their longevity and for being very dependable. (Unless having the steering wheel on the other side affects their wear. Haha!)

    Neil, you will need to get another job to keep that boy of yours in food! I’m not sure that I could even eat that much on a binge. And he’s probably skinny as a rail while consuming it all.

    Thin, many people here worry about civil unrest if Trump loses because of all of his militia followers and the number of people with guns. But as LJ reminded me when we talked recently, those people are a small minority of the population, but the ones that the media focuses on. I certainly hope she’s right. There are long lines of people waiting in line to vote in states that don’t allow voting by mail and even in some that do. There is a disturbing amount of mistrust in our voting system this year. I don’t remember it ever being so extreme in the past. I will be so glad when it’s over and the votes are counted.

    Betsy and Cinque, I wonder if the Melbourne Cup Day contributed to the opening of the lockdown this week? I’m sure it’s a big source of revenue for the city. Hopefully there are adequate restrictions on the attendance and gatherings connected with it.

    Cinque, I hope you were able to get to the op shop. That is one of the things I missed most about the lockdowns here. Ours opened a month or more ago and I went once so far. They spread out racks and displays a bit more but it’s still difficult to social distance in shops like that. I got in and out quickly.

    My internet is not working so I am tapping this out laboriously on my phone but wanted to say a big thank you for the support and suggestions re sticking with IF when a friend is staying. I stuck with it yesterday, and did my walking too!
    And it didn’t feel so hard. But it had seemed almost impossible before your warm and sensible messages. Thank you.

    Hello from sunny Stradbroke Island ….although more storms expected today.
    The first heavy rain yesterday came as I waited at the ferry terminal for the little girls. DD took nearly 2 hours for the usual 1 hour drive, and made the flyer by the skin of her teeth, as my mum used to say.
    Then around 9 pm around it came again – I don’t think I’ve heard heavier rain ever ….and the hail started at around midnight. Not heavy fortunately, and I don’t see dints on my car.

    Talking of which, Thin, Calif, we’ve had our last car, a Camry, since 2006. I was reluctant to get rid of it, but felt it was nearing the time when I couldn’t go distances with confidence. The trigger was that the passenger window wouldn’t go down, and the quote to get it repaired varied between $265 (and a long drive to the mechanic) and $450. When the mobile mechanic came to do the roadworthy certificate on the new car, I asked him to do one for the old. When I drove it to move it into the carport, I pushed the window button for some reason – and it worked. I asked the chap what he’d done….”I turned the key, pushed the button and gave it a good whack on the side.” Well it worked …and I did laugh.

    Calif, I just loved Mystery Road, with the wonderful Aaron Pedersen. How do you go with the accents? I found it a bit hard sometimes…and I’m Australian.
    I hope your cat starts to pick up soon. Worrying.

    HK it’s tricky, with house guests, and I’m glad your first day went well.

    I hardly stopped running yesteray, and after an omelette late morning, didn’t have anything until I got home at around 6. OH had cooked pasta, and I quickly made the girls’ favourite, pasta with tuna and broccoli. I am still very light carb so had some celery and hummus, but nothing more as I got the girls bathed, teeth brushed, pjs on, and as a special treat, a half hour of television (Outback Ringer, one to watch for Calif). Oh a ringer, btw, is a sort of cowboy, and they catch wild bulls using helicopters, toyota utes with hooks, and when that fails, by tackling them!

    Anyway, I’ve dropped another .4 this morning, so am pretty happy with that.

    OK, off I go to start my day.

    best wishes to all …..how are you this morning Cinque, Anzac?

    Oh dear, I should have proofread my post last night before heading off to bed!

    “Helen Kate, another idea for having a cupcake while your visiting friend eats, would be to serve it in a fancy teapot or coffee mug. That might make it feel like something a little more substantial.”

    ‘Cupcake’ was originally typed in as ‘cuppa’. That darned auto correct on my iPad changed the whole meaning of that sentence!

    It was a cracker of an auto-correct though Calif, wasn’t it? (I think we probably knew you weren’t recommending eating a cupcake to avoid eating breakfast 🙂

    Hi all. Have just skimmed, yes literally skimmed through posts as there seem to be so many since i last posted and i am so time poor at the moment.

    Penguin, best wishes on house sale, purchase and health. Ljoyce, hope the ikea purchases come together…flat pack furniture can be tricky for sure.

    My Gday was a big one for slapping on coconut oil and sunbaking in his life before me…I put a stop to that. Im surprised that he has not had a sun/skin issue so far.

    I skimmed through a conversation on fat/sugar. Apologies I didn’t read in full but I’m all for eating full fat products, cheese, yoghurt, milk, quark etc as well as olive oil, coconut oil, animal oils etc. Anything that is reduced in fat is replaced with sugars to make it palatable.

    Sorry but cant recall other posts but hope everyone is going well and weight is on the downward trend.

    Our car shed flooded as expected after the downpour but all good no major damage.

    Our worm farm is going well. We have them in a sheltered spot and they seem to be thriving. We will certainly have to re-evaluate before the intense heat of summer given our climate but fingers crossed we can work something out to keep them happy.

    Been busy with study and garden chores…. both of which make me happy so all good. Pulled up the last of the winter veg from the vegie patch, mostly broad beans and carrots have been prolific and have so enjoyed making different dishes with them both. Yesterday we planted roma tomatoes, baby spinach, onions, basil, capsicum, chilli, pumpkin, radish, lettuce, zucchini and more that I cant recall right now.

    Michael Mosley and his wife Clare have just landed in Australia to do some filming (cant remember what the doco was about) and they have to go into 2 weeks isolation. Clare posted on Instagram that she was worried about how they would cope for 2 weeks together in a hotel/motel and asking people for provide 5;2 recipes they could cook that would be easy to do in a motel setting. I’m guessing they are in Sydney. If they were in SA I would be happy to cook and bring it to them…..lol. I actually prefer Clare’s social media posts to Michaels, much more practical and down to earth than Michaels marketing stuff.

    Must go now and start preparing tea. MrGday has multigrain bread in the breadmaker which will be ready in 1.5 hours and I need to go and make garlic soup, which we have with crispy prosciutto and douka.

    Good evening all. The news is on, and rather than focus on all the bad news, I prefer to write my post 🙂

    CalifDreamer, I am hoping with you that the loser of your election accepts the results with grace. Really, I hope there will be such a clear separation between the two candidates that there can be no dispute about the various forms of ballots. I think the distrust of postal ballots has been generated and maintained by many comments by President Trump, which has really been unhelpful. Well, we’ll see.
    By the way, another Australian series I really enjoyed; unfortunately it only ran for one season, was “Mr and Mrs Murder”, and also there was the rather unusual “Strange Calls” – both good for a chuckle, as they’re both written somewhat tongue in cheek.

    Loved the cupcake vs cuppa!! 🙂

    Good that your weight is on the way down!

    Yes, re my Toyota – I know they tend to just keep going on and on, so am hoping that will be so for my current car. I’m 71 already, so may not need a further car. I just thought I might want to update to the newest technology. The reality is – if I have to have a new car, I’ll manage, but it may well be that it won’t be necessary. I wouldn’t mind having a hybrid, but I think they’re out of my price bracket anyway.

    Helen Kate, Glad the strategies to cope with your friend’s visit are working so far.

    LindsayL, Stay safe in the heavy rain up there. Glad your DD made it in time for the ferry and handover of grandkids.

    G’DayfromSA, good to hear from you. Glad the worm farm is going well. Hope they survive through the hot summer weather. Your vegetable garden should yield some yummy vegies.

    Current plumbing situation – concreting to be done Monday, as Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be warm dry days. Then relining on Thursday, high pressure hose to clean up, I pay the rest of the monies owing, and it will all be done, whew! It will be a relief.
    I haven’t been able to focus on my studies at all the past few weeks, with all this going on – from the following Monday I’ll be working 4 days a week on it, probably not 7 hours each day, but enough I hope to see some real progress.

    Cinque, email today said that Savers will re-open from Wednesday of next week, so that will be another op shop open again.

    Weight? Still have 0.5 kg to return to my start of October weight, and I might make it. Whatever, where I am this year is so much better than at this time last year, when the yo-yo just kept going up and up.

    Stay safe and well everyone.

    Hello friends from a FINALLY sunny day in Sydney. I’m quite sure every household has done at least one load of washing as we have had so many cloudy/rainy days in a row. It was a novelty at first after years of drought but that has well and truly worn off now.

    Like G’day I skimmed the missed posts and don’t have time to reply but please know I am always thinking about you all

    Healthy week going well food-wise and we have been very good with our wine consumption. However I am stuck behind the laptop for up to 16 hours per day (sigh – so much for a better week) so have done zero exercise. Not helped by poor Maxx’s strain; he is only allowed a 5 minute on-lead walk each day for a couple of weeks. The vet thinks it is only minor as he is still bouncy and wants playtime so it can’t be bothering him too much. He sat like a lamb and let the vet check through his paws and pull his legs. Good boy Maxx. It breaks your heart, though, looking at his little face as he limps towards you 🙁

    My Dad’s surgery went well and he is fine thankfully. We will take him on Monday for a dressing change and the biopsy results. Fingers crossed as if he needs another go at it he will need a skin graft and up to a week in hospital.

    I’ll try to post more on the weekend but as we have visitors staying over on Tuesday night we need to do a visitor clean. Ugh. Very time consuming and I truly hate housework. But it must be done

    Take care all

    Afternoon all, I had a bit of a cheat day yesterday on my birthday. I didn’t feel like exercising so I skipped the gym, on top of that I had some McDonalds for lunch and some lollies for a snack, then when I got home my wife had made my favourite dessert, Pavalova, so I had a couple of servings of that. Back on the horse today. I’ll get plenty of exercise this weekend, I’m filling in for a tennis team and I’m hoping to get out for a good long ride.

    well have a good weekend everyone

    Happy belated birthday Neil!

    5:2 is off limits on Birthdays. That is the wonderful thing about it

    Enjoy your tennis and cycle and have a great weekend

    I’m just taking a short break in my afternoon of halloween baking.

    I attempted to make severed witches fingers (shortbread). All was looking good until I baked them. They spread out so much in the oven it looks like the witch had a serious case of fluid retention. https://imgur.com/a/ZKaHXH4 Thankfully I had enough dough left to makes some changes before baking the rest of it. I’ll take the second batch tomorrow and give the fat fingered shortbread to my neighbours.
    I did have a couple of the failures with a cup of tea and I had better stop there of I’ll end up with similarly fat fingers!

    Next I’m making mummies – sausage rolls with the pastry cut into thin bandages.

    Have a good day everyone.

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