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  • GDSA, I’m with you on the fats.

    Neil, I knew I’d miss it! Happy Belated Birthday.

    LJ, are you baking for your family or trick or treaters?

    Anzac, so good to hear your Dad is OK and you had a healthy week. Good wishes to Maxx for a complete limp-free recovery.

    CalifD, I’ll have to check out McLeod’s Daughters when I’ve finished my current offerings. From what I understand, Antifa is planning mass demonstrations across the US no matter who wins the election.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Woah, just got it going to the right page, and we are on to the next one!

    Hello everyone, it is the weekend and Neil your birthday is in the past already, consider my tributes bookends! https://s3.amazonaws.com/lowres.cartoonstock.com/seasonal-celebrations-birthday-party-celebration-birthday_wishes-birthday_parties-rbon784_low.jpg

    Lindsay good work, what a celebration your birthday will be, good health and feeling fabulous.

    Cali, so good to hear from you, and sending good wishes. I do so hope some rain comes soon. Gentle pats to your cat.

    Woohoo for you getting back into fast days, despite the stress all around you. All power to you.
    And fancy you not being a Cali, born and bred. One of the songs we kids sang on car trips was about Wisconsin (‘My name is John Johnson’).
    Good wishes for that skin check too.

    Wow, Mystery Road has a very different feel to McLeod’s daughters, I think! And yes it has the wonderful landscape of remote Australia, so much beauty. Although I am glad to say my experience in the outback wasn’t as bleak as that story. I liked season 1 best. I am, like Lindsay, a great fan of Aaron Pederson. I wonder if you will get on to the Jack Irish series, he plays a wonderful role in them.

    And I am another one who love love loves Mr and Mrs Murder. I wish they would put it on again. Such a treat.

    The current state of reopening here is starting to feel familiar. I did go to the op shop but a) had to wait (only 15 allowed in at a time), b) didn’t find anything, c) woman at the counter wearing her mask under her nose.

    Betsy, sympathy for living in the middle of a plumbing job. Good luck with the car, and yay for shopping. The op shop is open 11 – 4. I will enjoy gradually visiting the ones in my radius. Thanks for the Savers info.

    Ha Thin, that old saying about not discussing sex, politics or religion can be a wise move on public forums! There is enough difference of opinion in scales, carbs and snacks, haha.

    Melbourne Cup Day this year mostly seems to be lots of encouragement to place bets on line. Very quiet.

    Just going to make a coffee and come back for part 2!

    Sipping coffee, chatting to friends and fellow travellers, the good life.

    Part 2.

    Helen Kate, thankyou for tapping out a post on your phone. Hooray that you found the way to keep your good practices going. I have had that same experience where some situation just seems impossible, and then someone says something and suddenly it isn’t a problem. So glad this forum did its job.

    I do hope you and your friend are having a great time.

    Yikes that stormy weather up North.

    Gday, well done popping in for a skimmy dip 😉
    My tip re fat in our diet is that if your poo is sticky, you are eating too much of it. (My other tip is re drinking water, if your wee is yellow you are not drinking enough of it) (The two pillars of my wisdom.)

    So glad that storm did no damage, and that the worms have settled happily.
    Hooray for the pleasure of garden chores, such a nice counterbalance to that study.

    Ooh interesting news re the Mosley’s, I wonder what they are working on. Haha I hope they survive being cooped up for 2 weeks. Will you send Claire a recipe?
    Omg, I bet that soup was fantastic.

    Working through the posts, and Betsy it was you who enjoyed Mr and Mrs Murder (what good taste you have!). I have never heard of Strange Calls, I will look out for it.

    Sending good wishes that today is an excellent day to help you lose that .5. It will have you starting the next month all the more cheerily.

    Anzac, such good news that your dad’s op went well. I hope he is having an easy recovery.
    What can you do about those 16 hour days? You need to keep healthy. Can work be interrupted every 20 mins for a stretch, at least? You need a Contract Workers Union!
    At least that cleaning will be giving you a good workout.

    Poor Maxx, I do hope he is healing well. xxx

    LJoyce those witches fingers are brilliant. Happy Halloween.

    Okay, I’m off to do my version of housecleaning (3 things at a time 😉 ) Best wishes all.

    PS winning autocotrrect Cali. I chuckle again each time I have a cupcake…. cuppa.

    Hello all

    Calif, I really loved the ‘cupcake’ autocorrect! I knew that ‘cuppa’ was meant, but I enjoyed the idea of sitting with my friend while she ate a healthy frittata and salad and I, on my FD, tucked into an elaborately iced cupcake!

    Anyway all is going well and I find it surprisingly easy to stand back from the chocolates and sweet things that my friend likes to indulge in, and also from an excess of the tasty meals I am cooking.

    Betsylee, I had a big plumbing job done a few years ago, and I well remember the disruption and the mess and the expense. But sometimes there is just no avoiding it. I hope yours is completed soon.

    It is interesting how all of us of a certain age remember the crazy extreme sun-bathing of our innocent youth. And now it is hats and umbrellas – and frequent skin-checks!

    Lindsay, Stradbroke Island looks very beautiful in the pictures I’ve seen. And nice that you can get there pretty quickly.

    Mystery Road – like you, Lindsay, I loved this. I have only seen the first series – one day I’ll get to the second. But I loved the first so much I was a bit nervous about a sequel. Hope you enjoy it, Calif.

    Anzac, glad your dad is fine and hope he doesn’t need further messing around with. Enough already! I am shocked to read of you doing 16 hours at the computer! Hope that eases up. You don’t want to be working at that pace for too long.

    Oh dear my timer has just gone, and I must get going. I am visiting my old dad in the home this afternoon. I will read and respond to other posts in a later message, I hope.

    Anyway, good wishes to all – and I hope you Victorians are enjoying yourselves!


    Good evening all

    Just home from the afternoon halloween party and enjoying some peace and quiet and a cup or tea or two (definitely a cuppa and not a cupcake). I saved the day by renaming the shortbread as trolls’ fingers. But the big hit was the mummies (half a beef and garlic sausage wrapped in puff pastry bandages). I baked them when I got there so they’d be hot and the pastry still crisp. The large pile disappeared in less than a minute, with a few grumbless from those who weren’t quick enough to nab a second one (all the grumbles were from dads of some of the kids present).

    Thin, as I’ve just mentioned the biscuits were for a party I went to this afternoon. I don’t get many trick or treaters here, but I bought a few caramello koalas for them.

    Lindsay & Quacka, I hope your election goes without complication today and that whatever the result it has good outcomes for your state.

    Betsy & Cinque, I hope you have some lovely plans for your unrestricted (almost) weekend.

    Betsy, good luck with the plumbing. I too have had extensive and expensive plumbing in the past and it is a real trial to live with, but wonderful once it’s finished and the damp issues are finally resolved.

    Anzac, pleased to hear such good news about your dad’s surgery. I hope he bounces back quickly.

    HK, you are doing really well managing IF with a house guest, that can be a real challenge.

    Hello to everyone else.

    I’m feeling unusually fatigued tonight and think that early to bed with a good book might be an excellent idea. FD500 for me tomorrow – to make up for the party food this afternoon.

    Thought you Aussies might like this narrow boat that we passed this week:

    Cinque, yep, I think you’re right. And yes, thank you for reminding me that the third thing was religion – I was thinking it was money but that didn’t sound right! Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if no one discussed that.

    Halloween is BIG in England. I love the way everyone gets right into decorating their homes.

    HK, good for you embracing this as a proper way of life, and not just when it suits you!

    Sunday Fast Day Morning (in my house) and cheers to the other Sunday fasters, hi LJoyce and Thin.

    HK I am glad you are finding it easy to stand back from those chocolates and sweet things. (I find it easy too, but I get very tempted to binge out AFTER the event, when I am finally home alone again. Crazy I know.)

    LJoyce, great save with the Troll’s fingers! I hope you got a refreshing sleep and can have a quiet, easy fast day today.

    Thin, oh no, the link didn’t work.
    I hope the UK enjoyed their Halloween and are ready for a good strict lockdown to get those numbers down. Are you all set up to manage?

    Penguin, what does it mean for you? I do so hope it doesn’t make everything too hard.

    Ha, maybe it should be four things, Thin. Money could be a good addition to that trio of subjects. But oops we never quite manage. Shout out to Lindsay who has just had an election day.

    It is a good fast day for me (she says early in the morning). Hoping you are all having a fine day too. Cheers.

    Good afternoon all.

    Anzac65, sorry to read of you being too busy to even do any exercise – what are they doing to you at your work? And poor Maxx. I feel for him, as he loves to be so active. Hope the housework gets done so you can enjoy your guests. Glad your dad is okay. Let us know the result of the biopsy.

    LindsayL, I looked at your “witches fingers” – I hope you didn’t give them all away, as their “wonkiness” is perfect for old, gnarled fingers.

    Nelithicman, belated happy birthday – I think I posted an early birthday wish, too so you’ve had one at each side of the birthday. As someone (forget who) posted – 5:2 copes with birthdays, so good that you enjoyed your day! Enjoy the tennis and cycling, too.

    Cinque, re Savers, I had an email today – they’ve decided to open from tomorrow, not Wednesday, 9-6 tomorrow. Like you, I’ve noticed masks being worn under noses – maybe 25% of those at the shopping centre were wearing their masks like that. Even so, it’s safer than none. Breathing out through the nose doesn’t spread breath as far or as explosively as mouth expelling of breath when talking, etc. Either way, I wear my mask correctly. Interesting that masks may soon not be mandatory for when people are outside.

    CalifDreamer, forgot to tell you, re Melbourne Cup – lots of betting online, but only essential personnel allowed on site. Some talk of allowing owners as well, as our virus numbers are so good, but I don’t think it’s been decided yet.

    Thin, just saw the news today about England going into 4 weeks of lockdown. Doesn’t sound quite as severe as we had, no 8p.m.-5a.m. curfew, but still, will maybe make people take the Covid-19 situation more seriously. Stay safe!

    HelenKate, good to read your post – hope you enjoyed your visit with your dad.

    Cinque, by the way, Strange Calls is a bit fantasy-ish. A new cop in a country town who gets some weird call-outs. Good for a chuckle. There’s currently a similar one showing sometimes now from NZ. Can’t remember its name or TV station. If it comes to me, I’ll post it.

    LJoyce, hope you feel refreshed from your early night with book, and that your F500 day goes well.

    OOps, out of time, as I’m off to visit friends. Enjoy your day, everyone!

    Kia ora from NZ. This is my first post, as I’ve just joined this forum. I see we have some Aussies active on this site so I won’t go too deeply into the rugby result from last night, except to say the AB’s rule and the Wallabies should fire their (NZ) coach!
    When I viewed a rerun of the (2013?) TV show on 5:2 fasting recently it twigged something in my tiny brain that I really should do something about my self-loathing about my largish gut, even though I exercise a lot for a 66-year-old. I asked my doctor point-blank: “Am I obese?” and he said “yes”. I did wonder why I had to ask him and why he didn’t deliver the news to a long-term patient unprompted, but there you go.
    I’ve now been on the 5:2 for five weeks, sticking to the regime without cheating. When I started, I weighed 106.0kg and this week I weighed in at 102.3kg, a pleasing weight loss. I felt the semi-fasting regime works well (I “fast” Mondays and Thursdays) as you always know you can eat normally the next day. I have a modest breakfast (say, a poached egg on rye no butter or 2 Weet-Bix with skim milk, just a cuppa & Krispie for lunch and a 300 calorie meal for dinner, including grilled salmon or chicken. So I intend to stay on the 5:2, much to my wife’s annoyance, as she’s been getting food bags and it’s upsetting her meal planning! I also hardened my ban on takeaway meals because I feel you never quite know how much sugar and fat they shovel into them to make them taste good to takeaways addicts.

    welcome Jonykiwi, very pleased to welcome another New Zealander. Well done sticking with 5:2 for 5 weeks so far and the losses. You’ll be pleased to know that Neilithicman from Dunedin is a regular poster on this forum and his success with 5:2 has been very impressive and gives us all encouragement to keep going.
    You are right about the takeaway meals – really hard to not undo the good work of your 2 FDs.

    Betsy, it was lovely to see you rushing to finish a post so you could go and visit friends – what a wonderful change that must be from endless days at home.
    I still have quite a container full of those wonky shortbread fingers. I only took the best looking ones to the party.

    Hope everyone else has had a good day and that the fasters made it evening successfully. My FD was ok although I didn’t feel much like sticking with it this afternoon. So I took myself out into the garden to dig some trenches to make it easier to water the veggies. I was so hot and bothered when I came back inside that I was thirsty but not hungry.
    As we are having a couple of warm-hot days here, I’ve decided to aim for FD800s until Wednesday.

    Take care all.

    Jony – welcome! You’re a brave man leaping right into the rugby, not that I know which way it all went. You and Neil will have plenty in common and he can relate his elation at getting below 100kg. He’s our pinup boy from NZ. Well done with what you’ve already achieved, you’ve proven it’s never too late to turn your health around. I was 58 when I discovered this WOL and finally took control over food instead of it controlling me all my adult life. Yes, ditch the takeaways, they’re deadly.

    Aaah, Cinque, I was on just long enough to realise that imgur hadn’t given me a code that worked but lost the signal before I could fix it. Let’s try again: https://imgur.com/esuodMp For those who didn’t read it, it’s a narrow boat we passed the other day for the amusement of the Aussies here.

    Pleased that you and LJ had a good FD, as did I. I had one alcoholic drink last week and was in a better place to start my FD so hoping this will be a trend.

    Betsy, Cinque, thanks for the thoughts on Lockdown Mark II. Thank you, we’re OK. I don’t think it will make a lot of difference to us personally for the next month except that we cannot see DD at all and apparently the grocery delivery panic has already set in according to a friend. We got a delivery last night so I wasn’t aware of that. But yes, I welcome it and also hoping it will make people take it seriously – especially now that young people have also been admitted to hospital in droves.

    Penguin, hope all’s well with you.

    And, of course, everyone else.

    Morning all

    Well welcome aboard Jony, it’s good to have another kiwi on here (what’s happened to Turnabout? Haven’t heard from them for a while). What part of our beautiful country do you live in. I’m way down south in Dunedin. I started on fast800 almost 2 years ago at a weight of 131.5 kilos, and within 10 months I managed to shed around 45 kilos, My weight fluctuates a bit at the moment but usually sits somewhere between 89 and 91 kilos.

    I didn’t get my bike ride in over the weekend, but I still got plenty of exercise. The weather was beautiful so I spent a few hours gardening on Saturday and got in a couple of hours of tennis. Sunday was even better. I woke up at 5:30am with it already bright outside, it was so nice that my wife and I went for a bush walk before breakfast, I got in a couple of hours of frisbee golf and then another couple of hours of gardening. I managed to get in my bike ride this morning on the way to work so I’m feeling good.

    I hope everyone else had a great weekend

    Welcome JonyKiwi,
    Lovely to have you here. Cheers for 5 good weeks of 5:2. Isn’t it wonderful to find something that works easily and healthily.
    Best wishes to Mrs Jony, I hope she gets comfortable with meal planning around your 5:2.

    I am so completely unsporty I can happily congratulate NZ for winning the rugby, although, as I write someone on the radio is bemoaning that we might never win, so I had better put my Aussie hat on and start barracking for our side. Tomorrow.

    Shout out to Turnabout, and Crazy Artist, if you are still reading, our other current Kiwis.

    It is day-after-fast-day for me, and my favourite way to eat breakfast is after a fast day. Tastes SO good!

    Betsy, thanks so much for the Savers info! I am going near the Sydney Rd one today, very tempted!
    Oh dear re the 25% of masks under noses in the shopping centre. My daughter wants to get a Tshirt with the popular illustration likening it to wearing underpants with your genitals hanging out (trying to say it nicely 😉 )
    But I agree, better than not wearing it at all.

    Ooh is Strange Calls like Wellington Paranormal? I LOVE that show.

    LJoyce, isn’t gardening a good circuit breaker on a tricky fast day. And digging trenches is very impressive! Good luck for the next couple of days. Warmer here too, I might need to water the garden.

    Thin, perfect link. Cool to see an Australian theme in the wonderful canal boat style. Hooray for getting a grocery delivery before the rush (serendipitously).
    Hoping to see numbers fall now.

    Ok off to have a good sensible day-after-fast-day (no takeaway). Cheers all.

    Edit: Hi Neil, it took me so long to write I crossed posts with you.

    Good morning all, still cool here in Sydney but at least it has finally stopped raining. Yesterday was terrible – gale force wind, sideways rain and it was as cold as any winters day. Weird

    After a very good week I had a very bad weekend. But here we are a brand new week and even better, tomorrow is a day off for me as I always take Melbourne Cup day off and go either to the races (not this year obviously) or to a function with friends. I have no idea what will be on offer food-wise but I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’m having a FD today and another on either Wed or Thurs to counter it.

    Welcome JonyKiwi, I’m glad Neil has another male Kiwi to chat with. This forum is really supportive and friendly

    Maxx is improving and my Dad came through his surgery well. In fact Mr Anzac has gone to take him back for a dressing change and for the pathology results. Fingers crossed.

    For those that don’t know, Mr Anzac is a kiwi – hence my username. Despite living her for 30+ years he still fervently supports the kiwis. In fact he supports two teams only in every sport: First New Zealand and second whoever is playing Australia. Cue eye roll

    Sadly no time again to respond to all of the great posts. Have a wonderful day everyone

    Good morning, a glorious Melbourne morning, and double doughnut days are just about the norm woot woot! (touch wood and whistle).
    Enjoy your Melbourne Cup Day Anzac.

    I visited the grandkids yesterday and Miss 4 loved it when I said something was driving me up the wall. She hadn’t heard the phrase before and thought it was VERY funny. When we sat down for a lovely evening meal (chicken, felafal and salads with a beautiful tear-apart bread made by my daughter) the kids found the bread SO delicious and Miss 4 announced emphatically “This bread is driving me up the wall!”

    Day before fast day for me, and I am going to get out in the garden before it gets too hot. Then I am going to make some ramekins for freezer and fridge with layers of greens (from my garden) beetroot (from my kvass making) spiced mince and my new discovery of a topping made with burghul, sesame seeds and Parmesan. Busy day!

    Hoping your day goes well, fasting or eating mindfully and healthily.

    Good Morning all from a very hot Flinders Ranges. 37 degrees yesterday, 40 today with tomorrow 20 degrees. Talk about going from one extreme to the other. Welcome to the forum Jony.

    Weight seems to be doing the usual up and down trend at the moment. I need to commit to a couple of extended fasts as they always seem to give me a kickstart. I’ve been having a standard fast day of less than 500 cal every second day but it’s not really doing much to maintain a continual weight loss. The fact that I’ve been studying for around 10-12 hours most days and not moving much besides my morning fitness routine certainly isn’t helping. Today will be a blow out too. MrGday has bought some beers and wine for us to watch the Melbourne Cup events – well non-events this year I guess. MrGday wanted to go to a pub for a MC event but I couldn’t be bothered so home in front of the TV it is.

    I’ve managed to submit another 4 assignments in the last few days so just waiting on the results. I don’t think I did too well on one of the Fitness assignments so fairly confident I will need to re-submit but that’s okay because my next unit is 32 hours work experience at a gym and I’ve been very slack and haven’t organised that yet – that will be my job when I’m in town tomorrow. I have to say that being in a gym setting amongst all the ‘body beautifuls’ fills me with fear. There are only 2 gyms locally that fit the criteria for a placement so fingers crossed one of them will take me on.

    Oh must go, MrGDay has just arrived back home so time to crack open a cold one and get comfortable in front of the TV.

    G’day everyone, and welcome to 5:2 JonyKiwi. 5.2 is a good way to lose weight because you only have to count calories 2 days per week. The rest of the week can feel normal as long as you don’t go overboard.

    Anzac, I’m glad to hear your dad’s surgery went well and hope the biopsy shows they got it all. Did you ever find out how Maxx hurt his leg? I hope it’s back to normal again soon.

    Cinque, I had to laugh about your DD’s homemade bread driving Miss 4 up the wall! Don’t kids come up with the funniest things sometimes? It’s so nice that you can all get together in person again. I watch your covid numbers each day and they continue to be very low. Australia and NZ have been so successful in getting things under control. Our numbers here seem to get worse every day, although on a per capita basis California is not as bad as some states.

    We had to have our cat put to sleep on Friday which was very sad. He hadn’t eaten for about 10 days and we tried every food we could think of. His follow up X-ray showed that some of the haziness in his lung had cleared with the antibiotics but that revealed that the spot that was difficult to see before was a large mass and his chest cavity contained quite a bit of fluid. It would probably have been a matter of days before he hit a crisis in breathing. DS and I were able to be in there with him for the injection. It was peaceful. But losing a pet never gets easier.

    GDAY, isn’t it early to have such high temperatures? The variance seems to be like we had here a few weeks back. Our weather is beautiful now but still no rain and none forecast in the coming week.

    LJ, those witch fingers didn’t turn out so bad. They just looked like ‘before and after 5.2’ fingers. The “mummies” sound like they were a big hit too.

    Betsy, good to hear that your plumbing problems are almost behind you. What a mess to have to go through that, not to mention the expense. Having it finally finished will probably be a load off of your mind.

    Thin, that Aussie style channel boat was beautiful. It must be fun seeing all the different style boats going by. I hope getting groceries isn’t too much of a problem with the lockdown in the coming weeks.

    Time to get some sleep. I hope the next several days here are peaceful.

    CalifD, so sorry for your loss. There’s nothing worse than losing a pet.

    Good morning, rain due, fast day, getting ready for my homehelp.

    Cali, I am so sad to hear of the death of your cat. They leave such a sad cat-shaped emptiness in our lives. So glad you were able to give him a quick painless death.

    I am pleased Miss 4 gave you a little laugh. She is a character. I wish my daughter could record her all day long so I could hear the things she says.

    Thinking of you (fb post this morning: “having finished their annual parochial sook about how Australia shouldn’t celebrate Halloween, Aussies are now preparing to live monitor the US election for 12 hours”). Hoping it is an early clear result and no violence afterwards.

    Gday, oh crikey, those temperatures. Enjoy the cool today. May those weight ups and downs be slightly more downs!
    I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the people who attend the gym ( I guess the people who work there are a bit more ‘body beautiful’). I know people of all shapes and sizes who go to the gym.

    I seem to be having (touch wood and whistle) a bit of a run where my stomach indicates nicely (if I give it 20 mins or so) that I have eaten enough. This seems to go in waves, there are other times where it seems to only ever keep telling me I want to keep eating. So hooray, I will make the most of it. My tum is disappearing. Happy days.

    Sending best wishes to those having fast day, and those having a normal day.

    Cali, sorry to hear about your cat, how old were they? We’ve only had one previous cat and she managed to live to the decent age of 18 before we had to put her down because her kidneys were failing. The kids were small when we got her put down and they kept asking my wife why daddy was crying, because they’d never seen me cry before.

    Cinque, Great that your body is giving you cues, I find it easy not to overeat after back to back fast days because I feel full a lot faster (I’m assuming it’s because my stomach has shrunk), it’s the day after I really struggle.

    Gday, sounds like you’re pretty busy with the studying, good luck with finding a gym to do your placement.

    Anzac, I hope you enjoyed your Melbourne cup day off, it was a shame about the horse that had to be euthanised at the end of the race though.

    Well today was weigh-in and after that one week where my weight dropped down by over a kilo, it seems to have settled to hovering back around the 90 kg mark. Today’s weight was 89.8 kg so down 0.3 kg from last week. It was a beautiful morning here today so I got up early and took the bike the long way to work, I got in a good 50 minutes of riding before work. I always feel a lot better during the day if I’ve had a good ride in the morning. It really is a cracker day today, it’s supposed to be around 23 degrees and it’s sunny and calm as anything outside so it’ll be a good day for my tennis this evening, tomorrow is supposed to be even better, hitting 26 degrees. It really feels like summer.

    I hope everyone has a good day today, and a nice easy fast for those of you fasting.

    Cinque, that FB line was hilarious. As was little Miss 4’s up the wall comment.

    Neil, I cried for a solid week when our dog was put down. Funny story though – when I told a very young DD that our pet rabbit would have to be put to sleep, she asked, “How long for?”. Reading what you wrote about the MC horse lowered my mood this morning. According to my DD, at least two horses are sacrificed at the event every year. I don’t understand how people can celebrate in their glad rags drinking champagne while listening to those gunshots as if nothing happened. Humans!

    Quick post.

    Great to read everyone’s news, can’t respond to it all.

    Jonykiwi, welcome to the forum. We’re an honest bunch with our own failings, so don’t despair if you have a bad day here or there, we’ve all been there (me, a lot!). Re the rugby, I don’t follow it particularly, but I believe it was more of a slaughter this year, rather than a game. Well done to the ABs.

    CalifDreamer, so sad to read that your cat had to be put down. Like Neilithicman asked, how old was it? My Wilbur is a 15-y-old indoor-outdoor cat, and I wonder how long he will keep going. It’s so sad when pets go.

    Anzac65, glad your dad is doing okay 0 what was the biopsy result?

    Thin, great picture of the narrow boat. Hope you’re able to list yourselves for grocery deliveries.

    Neilithicman, good that you got some cycling in. Seems like your body really has stabilised at that 90 kg weight, but that gives you a good BMI for your height, doesn’t it?

    Cinque, did you get to Savers? Very funny comment from Miss 4. Yes, re Strange Calls. And you’re right, the other show is Wellington Paranormal – couldn’t remember the name! Good for a chuckle.

    GDayfromSA, yay you for progressing so well with your studies. You’ll be fine at the gym – good motivation!! 🙂

    Got to go. Plumbers coming in the morning, maybe to do the relining. Having delayed coming because a bit of rain was forecast at the end of last week, which didn’t eventuate, they’re coming tomorrow after quite a wet afternoon evening today. Don’t know if they’ll be able to do the job. I phoned and spoke to the plumber, and he said they’ll see how wet everything is. Next Monday would be better. The concreting was done on Monday of this week, though, and had nearly 48 hours to dry before the rain came, so that’s one thing finished.

    Aiming for a B2B2B 3 days, just to reset. Putting it in writing as a commitment!

    Sleep well, everyone.

    Morning all

    Another stunning morning here in Dunedin. I took my bike and rode the long way to work again, I took a couple of snaps on the ride.


    Betsy, my BMI is on around 27, which is officially overweight, but BMI doesn’t really take into account muscle mass, so I’m fine with where I am, I’d like to be 3-5 kilos lighter but I’m not unhappy with 90. Good luck with your triple fast day.

    Have a good one everyone

    I did have a nice easy fast day, thanks Neil.

    And a lovely breakfast already 🙂

    Well my wishes re a quick result in the US election didn’t come through, but commentators are saying that might be best, to stop any rioting, so ok.

    Penguin, roses this week! The Melbourne Cup this year didn’t have its usual crowds, but the roses at Flemington racecourse were magnificent. https://tribalroseflowers.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/golden_delicious_3.jpg

    Neil, there are times when I can feel completely stuffed and that my tummy might burst, and still want to keep eating. Sigh. But at the moment the roll I am on is continuing so I hope it is a long one.
    Fine news that you are settled at 90kg, but hoping you get down the extra couple of kilo to the healthy weight you want.

    Thin, I am with DD re the horses, I’d prefer a rose competition.
    She was funny re that poor rabbit, euphemisms do so often cause confusion.

    Betsy, all power to you with that B2B2B. You should feel lovely at the end of it. And maybe even have the plumbing done by then too? The rain over night was pretty heavy, my garden loved it, but the plumber… maybe not as much.

    I didn’t get to Savers yet, but my time will come 🙂

    Sending best wishes to everyone

    Hi all

    After finally getting some nice weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, today we are back to strong, cold wind and rain.

    Thin, now I feel guilty for enjoying myself on MC day. It is heartbreaking when a horse has to be put down

    I’m so sorry about your cat Cali. Losing a beloved pet is also heartbreaking

    Good luck with your B2B2B Betsy

    I’m having a good week after indulging a bit on Tuesday. There were photo’s taken and I look dreadful so more motivation to get moving downwards again

    Glad you had an easy FD and a lovely post FD breakfast Cinque

    Send some of your good weather over here please Neil. Gosh, we don’t say that very often – prefer the weather in NZ!

    Good luck with your studies G’day, it sounds quite intense but it will be worth it in the end. Gyms – ugh – I hate them and refuse to go near one but good luck with yours

    Hi to everyone else and have a great day all

    Good morning all, from my lovely sunny island.

    We have had a wonderful holiday. We had the little girls for 4 days and it was such fun. Such funny sweet little things. Our favourite (dog-friendly) beach has a lagoon that runs its length, before a sand bar and the ocean, and we swam in the still water every day. Safe for the girls, and for Rosy to swim. She was so protective of them, swimming around and around the girls, rounding them up if they got out of her sight.

    So, after 3 weeks and one day of rigid 500-800 calorie days, with only perhaps two days where I had no more than 1000, I am on my way again. I had a great kick start when OH was over on the island for a week or so. This morning I’ve lost exactly 6 kilos. I am over the moon – totally motivated again, and can even fit into my new swimsuit. My new goal is to lose another kilo by my birthday (achievable, it’s a week and a half away), and then another 3 kilos by OH’s birthday, mid-December. I’d then like to take a couple of weeks to lock that in, and start the new year at that point, or preferably lower. Such a good feeling.

    Now, enough about me. Cinque I laughed out loud at your little one. Aren’t they adorable? I hope your daughter is keeping a little book of their funny sayings.

    Good news Anzac, that your father is okay. Do you have the results back from the pathology? How is Maxx? Like others, I’m appalled at the length of your work days. Hope having Tuesday off gave you some breathing space.

    Calif, so very sorry you’ve lost your cat. It’s never easy, is it? Thoughts with you.

    Neil, you must be so fit and healthy. What an achievement. Your bike ride sounded perfect ….

    I’m deliberately not mentioning the American elections ….but thank you Cinque for the callout about our Queensland elections. Our local member, a Green, was returned, and quite rightly too. He has worked so hard for the electorate, and has really built a much stronger community and has had some real wins (for example, leading the community to stop a zipline being built through pristine bushland on our beautiful Mount Coot-tha).

    Betsy sounds as if the plumbing saga is coming to an end. That will be a relief.

    HelenKate do get to the second series of Mystery Road. It was pretty scary, but wonderful.

    Welcome Jonykiwi. Aren’t you doing well? We all have our own stories, and this forum doesn’t always stick to 5:2 (as you’ve probably gathered) but such a nice group. Your weight loss to date is impressive, and is the bonus for this way of life. I think most if not all of us feel better living this way.

    Turn, where have you gone now?

    Cinque I love your daughter’s Tshirt idea …. too funny, and apt.

    Penguin, how is the relocation going? Treatment and moving not too tiring?

    OK I know I have missed posts, so hello to all, and enjoy this lovely day.

    Hello all, hope you’ve had a successful day – fasting or otherwise.

    Today was my first NFD since Saturday as I’ve just done 4 B2B FD800s. It was needed as my weight had bounced back up by a couple of kilos. Despite doing approx 15,000 steps every day, which conservatively puts my TDEE around 2000cals, it seems to make little difference to my weight. The smallest indulgence in foods with sugar or a higher fat content and my weight bounces up immediately and it takes considerable effort to rectify. One thing I will say though, is that my body feels leaner, fitter and stronger since I’ve increased my daily exercise – all good things.

    Lindsay, what a wonderful effort. You sound so positive now, which is a lovely change to see from where you were a few weeks back. Hope it continues.

    Cali, I was so sorry to hear about your beloved cat.

    Neil, If I had a scenic ride to work like yours I’d be tempted to stay out there all day!

    Betsy, sounds like the plumbing is moving toward the finish line – finally.
    I hope your B2B FDs go well. I’m having a couple of days off and then I’ll also do another block of them.

    Cinque, I loved miss4’s comment – they do make us laugh don’t they.
    How are your broad beans going. I’m planning to pick, blanch, peel and freeze mine tomorrow. I have a lot and most are large now. It’s time to dig the plants into the soil to provide some green manure.

    Thin, have you reached a decision yet about what to do for the winter? Is it a mooring or staying on the move? I know you originally intended to moor the boat and then travel to continental Europe, but I imagine that plan is still on hold.

    I’m afraid I’m quite behind in posts, so hello to everyone and sorry to those who I haven’t responded to.

    Take care all.

    Hi LJ, good for you for feeling so much better with exercise, commiserations on the weight gain. I’m having my first (and only I hope) glass of wine this week. Highly motivated to stay below 59kg because anything over 60kg requires serious change. It’s probably going to be a winter mooring, we are opposite a potential marina right now. The thought of being packed like sardines for 3 months doesn’t appeal, especially as you rightly observe, travelling overseas seems so unsafe right now. High hopes for a vaccine in early 2021.

    Anzac, aaah, sorry I hadn’t read that you’d enjoyed the Melbourne Cup. Don’t feel guilty on account of me, please. It’s so embedded in the Aussie psyche that nothing I could say would ever change it. It’s just that Neil’s post made me sad to read. For years, we used to have a sweepstake and a lovely luncheon at my cryptic crosswords class which I always thought was harmless – I regularly won the silly hat competition. I couldn’t make the connection that I was contributing. I copped so much flack from DD about my of enjoyment of it that I eventually stopped going. I suppose she’s right, I wasn’t going to change anything if I didn’t take that small stand.

    Cinque, a rose competition sounds lovely, very sedate. I think you’d have to come up with a boozier, wilder, money splashier idea than that to replace horse racing. I’ve forgotten how many billions are spent on that one day.

    Lindsay, wow, well done! More solo trips planned for OH?

    Betsy, hurray for the concrete works progress. It will be nice to have it all behind you. Already there is panic with the grocery delivery services but we have checked out the local village near this marina and there are several small shops so we won’t starve if we decide to return here in December for 12 weeks.

    Neil, looking forward to seeing your photos when I have sent this. Was 90kg always your weight loss goal?

    Kia ora, Southern Hemis folk! This is my second post and I’d like to thank all those who welcomed me to the forum after my first post. Good to know I’m not alone and you seem like a great bunch!
    It’s a wonderful time to live in the South as we enjoy the final month of spring and look forward to summer. I’m sorting o0ut my camping gear now!
    I’m into the 6th week of 5:2 fasting and haven’t fallen off the wagon. I’ve lost almost 4kg since I started – is that good or otherwise?
    From what I hear about diets, slow and steady weight loss is the way to go. I’ve never been on a diet before but I feel the 5:2 is sustainable long-term, not like most weight-loss programmes.
    I’ve been out on my Scott Spark full-suspension e-bike quite a bit recently (I tell my mates the Govt has passed a law that it’s OK to buy an e-bike once you reach 65). I run a group here in Dunedin for senior MTB riders and on the last 3 rides there were no LPB’s (leg-powered bikes) present, as more and more of our seniors switch to e-bikes (and I think I’m picking hillier courses). However, an e-bike can still give you a great aerobic workout, especially if your ride course includes lots of hills.
    I finally finished my entry for the 2021 Commonwealth Short Story competition and emailed it off to London. Researching the story setting, NZ whaling in the 1830s and early encounters between British and Maoris here, took me a month. Then came another 3 weeks to write the 5000-word story so it was a real mission, but well worth the effort. The story is definitely AO, as it includes cannibalism, buggery, slavery and some other stuff my wife wanted me to cut out — but it’s all true, as life was savage in those days.
    We’re so lucky to live in these times, setting aside covid, of course!
    Stay well everyone!

    Oh cool, another Dunedinite

    You may have seen that I get out and about on my bike quite as often, but I’m not 65 yet so I just have a good old leg powered bike. It’s quite a challenge some days because I work in town but live in Brockville so I’ve got to climb about 400 vertical meters every day on the way home.

    As for weight loss, everyone is different I started on the fast 800 (800 calories every day rather than just twice a week) and I started off at 132 kilos, so I lost something like 12 kilos in the first 6 weeks (5 kilos of it in the first week).

    Good luck with reaching your goal, and maybe we can catch up for a ride sometime, if I can keep up with a speedy e-bike.

    Message to Neilithicman – hello mate! I read somewhere that you’re also from Dunners. Good to have a fellow sufferer in our wonderful mini-city. Yes, I’m into biking – in fact I rode 27km with a Balclutha friend today from St Clair down to Macandrew Bay on the new shared path only to find the recently reopened Mac Bay cafe was closed again. The ride down was tough – into a howling easterly – but this meant a lovely, quick, easy ride back to the city on the way home. My friend was pedalling an LPB, so he particularly appreciated the help from nature. I organise and run the AOK Wanderers, and you’re welcome to join our next ride, on the Taieri Plain (30km flat or 40km some hills options). Visit AOK Wanderers on Facebook for details.

    Neil and Jony, rather exciting to feel another thread meeting coming on. Perhaps not coffee but a bike ride. Sounds like you two have lots in common.

    Jony, your 4kg loss is probably better than average, I’d say. I’ve read some rather outlandish claims on here but I believe half a kg per week is a good steady rate of loss. That was what I lost over the first year. And you seem to have already embraced the idea that this is a way of life rather than a diet – so you’re on track. Good luck with the writing competition. I don’t know what AO means – I looked it up and got Appliances Online. But good for you for sticking to the actual facts, history is what it is. As Aussie comedian Steve Hughes says, if you’re offended, be offended – nothing happens!

    Kia ora, thinatlast. Many thanks for the encouragement. You were perplexed by the term AO, referring to my story It’s a previously used NZ movie rating meaning “adults only”.

    Good evening,
    I am tired at the end of the day, but I am off early tomorrow, babysitting, so I will write now to say hi to everyone.

    It is my 3 year check up after lung surgery, this month, so I had my ct scan this morning. That was no problem, but I stepped on the hospital scales while I was there and was horrified and embarrassed to see I was nearly 57 kg. That is up 7kg from 4 years ago when I was at the weight I wanted to stay. Maintenance fail Cinque!
    I thought I might have put on a kilo a year, but it was actually closer to two. (And I think I was heavier last month).

    Ah well, reality is my friend. I’m going to do fastier fast days and hope that the other good things I have in place will see off that gain.

    Anzac, I’m with you. A shock and a decision to make great 5:2 the priority this month.

    Lindsay, such a delightful catch up, and a role model for making great 5:2 the priority!

    LJoyce, it is so cruel about the small indulgences. That is what I am facing up to, that my small indulgences must simply outweigh my fast days. Continually. Sigh. But yay for being leaner and fitter!

    Thin, I do hope the marina you winter at is a particularly nice one.
    You have made me want to write a movie about the (alternate universe) rosebush competition at Flemington racecourse and make it the very opposite of sedate! And still have the fascinators and dresses and champagne and maybe even the gambling.

    Hi again Jonykiwi. Wow, you are doing magnificently!
    How unfortunate that Neil was the first reply, as he did insanely well at losing weight quickly on 5:2. I think you might come in second!
    I am at the other end of the spectrum as chronic illness means I am terribly sedentary. I lost a kilo a month and took 15 months to get down the lower end of my healthy weight range. (Determined to do it again).

    Thinking of you Cali, what extraordinary times you are living through.

    Hi to everyone else. See you on Sunday Fasty Fast day! I am also going to think about doing an ‘800 a day’ week or two. Cheers now.

    Jony – thanks for the AO explanation, I guess I need to get a life if I didn’t know that one by age 64!

    Cinque, wow, has it been three years since that lung surgery already? And did you get the results right away? You said ‘no problem’ so I’m hoping that’s what you meant. Great, if so. Oh dear with the hospital scales though! Don’t you go by how your clothes fit to determine weight gain/loss? You must have made too many trips to the op shop, unlike me who lives in the same pants for years ….. OK, let’s get our skates on and I’ll try to take over your 57kg weight for you while you race on down to 53kg. Love your movie idea, what’s it going to be called?

    Morning all.

    Jonty you are doing very well. We all follow our own paths, and there are variables. How much we weigh when we start, how much we need to lose, how disciplined we are on FDs and particularly on NFDs. Even with a relatively free rein on non fast days, we still need to eat within our limits. The website provides a good explanation of calorie targets for individuals. My rapid weight loss over the past 3 weeks came through following 16:8 (ie, only eating in an eight hour window), very low carb, and mostly 500-800 calorie days. It isn’t sustainable but I needed to kick-start my loss after struggling with motivation for some months now. Once I get to a mini target I’ve set myself, I’m going back to a naked 5:2 (as some long-timers here call it).

    LJ yea for lean and fit. You are rocking those 15000 steps daily. I bet your clothes look great on your new strong body.

    Haha Thin. I’m hoping my motivation lasts once we settle back into our routine at home (we are still on the island). But OH has volunteered to come back solo if I need to kick-start a plateau, and although I adore him, I did enjoy my week of silence (as I say about, and to him, ‘No thought left unvoiced’.

    Cinque, three years since the lung surgery? It can’t be! Did you get the results immediately?. Could it be that the hospital scales were wrong? Or you weighed in clothes?

    We’ve had some terrible storms here, and more hail, but we’ve woken to a perfect day and I’ll take my girl to the beach soon. Terrible commotion in the back yard last night….Rosy barking, barking, barking and dancing around and ‘saving’ me by rushing between me and the wall when I went to investigate. It was the sweetest little green tree frog, which totally kept its composure as my crazy big red girl went ballistic at something around the size of half of one of her paws.

    OK enjoy your Saturday all (or Friday for you Cali….all calm in California?)

    Morning/afternoon everyone,

    I had a really stressful time at work this week, and next week is going to be hectic too,as I’m going to have to scan several hundred A1 plans for the redevelopment of the town hall on top of my regular work. So this morning I woke up at 6:30 with the urge to go for a big ride. I got out for a good long mental health ride in the sun. I put in just over 2 hours and got around 55 kilometres under my belt. I feel so much better now. Nothing like exercise in the sun to help clear your mind and lift your mood.

    I’m off this afternoon to do some work out at the scout camp clearing some gorse and blackberry for the frisbee golf course. There’s our annual tournament out there in January which has been confirmed to be doubling as the South Island Open tournament this year.

    Well have a great day everyone.

    Neil and jony, how cool that you live nearby and both are into bike trips. It will be great if you can meet up. Also lots of encouragement from someone nearby.

    Cinque, do you have the results from your scan already? I can’t believe it was 3 years ago for your surgery. I bet you had clothes on when they weighed you and you probably had something to eat before you left home. You know how to successfully lose weight so whatever you may have gained can be lost.

    Lindsey, I had to laugh about Rosey going crazy over a little tree frog. I’m sure our dog would do the same. He seems to bark at everything lately. Your weight loss inspires me to get my eating under control again. It’s the NFD’s lately that are the problem. So this week I just stuck to whole foods and cut out the pasta and sugar, except for 2 squares of chocolate in the evening. I’m down 1.1kg since Monday.

    I’ve been glued to the tv for the last couple days, watching the vote by mail counts but it all moves painfully slow. The only think that’s moveing fast are the country’s Covid numbers which were up over 132,000 new cases for today, the highest ever. We continue to stay home, going out only for groceries and the occasional dentist or doctors appointments. And we always wear masks. Our county is relatively low, but the numbers are creeping slowly upward. We should be following Australia and NZ’s example.

    Have a good day everyone and send us some of that rain!

    Lindsay, I’ll trade OHs for a week. I’d love a bit of chatter! That’s what I miss so much about DD. My OH believes he was only given a certain number of words over his lifetime and doesn’t want to use them all up too soon.

    Good evening all.

    Well, my B2B2B FDs became one FD and 2 NFDs, but hey, I managed a FD, which is a victory in itself. Really, I picked a bad time to try to do a B2B2B, as we had a sudden cold snap, plus I had to be up about 2 hours earlier than normal because the plumbers were coming and my car needed to be moved out of the driveway each day. From that, you’ll see that most of the plumbing is now finished, yay! A few finishing touches needed. I’m not altogether happy, though – Some noticeable gouges in the driveway concrete from their excavator, and when I checked their fine print – they’re not liable for any damage they cause like that. Sigh! Okay, enough.

    CalifDreamer, glad you’re staying well. With new Covid numbers in the States over 100,000 daily recently, it’s a real concern. Arizona numbers aren’t great, which concerns me because of my brother and family being there. You’re certainly doing the wise thing with your masks, and restricting your “out” time.

    Cinque, I’d echo the others’ questions – did you allow for weighing with clothes on, in the afternoon? I can’t imagine you being at all overweight. When are you going to Savers? You said you’d not got there yet.

    Neilithicman, from your photos, you certainly don’t look overweight, so I’d guess you’re right, it’s all the extra muscle you have now. Great idea to cycle to prepare yourself for a heavy work day.

    Jony, weight loss can vary from person to person, and also from time to time. Most of us have experienced periods of rapid weight loss, and then times when the weight stalls, or plateaus, for a bit, then whoosh, it continues down again, provided the dieter doesn’t become disheartened in the meantime.
    Losing 1/2 to 1 kg per week is the “recommended” rate of loss, but that’s over time, In the short-term, sometimes people lose a lot more for a bit, then very little for a bit, and it averages out.
    On the other hand, some people do what Neilithicman did, and spend 8 or 12 weeks on 800 calories per day, just to kickstart the weight loss. And some of us will do that for a time every now and then when our weight starts to creep up a bit.

    LindsayL, that Rosy! How she must have loved having time with your grandkids, and “herding” them in the water. You’re doing so well with your weight just now – good for you!

    Thin, sounds like you may be mooring for some weeks, but if there are suitable shops nearby, that should work okay. Sad that you won’t be able to have any more visits from DD for a bit, though.

    LJoyce, was it you who made the “witches fingers”? Oops! I thought it was LindsayL. Have you put together any of your Ikea furniture yet? Great that you’ve been able to successfully increase your daily steps.

    Like LJoyce, I’m planning another spate of B2B2B days this coming week – probably not as successfully as she will do, but we can but try.

    Anzac65, we’ve been waiting anxiously to hear how your dad’s biopsy was – is everything okay? Are you okay? You seem to be working yourself almost into the ground with your bank work.

    Weighing in on the Melbourne Cup, one of the biggest problems seems to be that more overseas runners are coming to Australia to participate, and they’re not acclimatised to Melbourne weather, or to the ground. We have faster and harder tracks than they’re used to. In the past 8 years, 7 horses have been injured running the MC and had to be put down, and I think most if not all of them were overseas entries. It’s sad.

    Well, that’s it from here. Planning a NFD day tomorrow, then B2B2B, here I come again 🙂

    Congrats to our Aussie friends on beating the NZ All Blacks in the rugby clash at Brisbane last night. Suncorp Stadium can be a graveyard for the ABs, so many NZ fans would not have been surprised by last night’s result. I was actually pleased, as in any sporting endeavour I like to see a close battle and the Aust-NZ games have been so lopsided recently there was a fear Aussies would stop going to rugby matches. Who would we play then?
    Would you northern hemisphere types like some crap weather so we can prepare for summer? I’m sitting here in front of the log fire, as it’s only 8degC outside. Other days we’ve been getting as high as 26degC, so it’s been a crazy spring. It’s only 3 weeks to summer?
    Last night (not a fasting day thankfully) my better half laid on a lavish family dinner for 14, as green-fingered family from South Canterbury were south to help our younger daughter get the garden designed and planted around her very first own home. Her half-million-dollar place (that’s what we have to pay now for a basic family home) is only a 10min drive from our place (and our elder daughter lives just a 10min walk from No 2 daughter). Thank God we’ve got both our daughters & husbands/partners and kids) within a 10min drive and my wife sees all 4 grandkids almost every day. Many of our friends have kids (& families) overseas and they can’t fly to see them becos of covid. It very sad. The virus has also had a huge impact on NZ’s tourism industry, as it’s our 2nd top overseas income earner. And we’re really missing our northern hemis visitors! We love meeting you.

    Hello all,

    Oops. No. Just had the ct scan, I see the specialist on the 19th. (By all good I was talking about parking, waiting times, covid safety etc).

    Yes haha I was wearing clothes as I stood on the scales in the hospital lobby! (But I had put down my handbag ;).
    Previous years I have generously taken off a kilo or two off the reading (“ooh my shoes must weigh a kilo!”), but the lesson is that it has climbed each year and my clothes haven’t got any heavier.

    At 57kg I am still in my healthy bmi range, but getting close to the top of it. And I have NO extra muscles. (sigh).

    Oh yikes, learning the lessons of depending on my clothes. I like elastic waists too much for that to be very exact. But I do have a pair of trousers that I have now designated my gold standard and I am determined to wear them comfortably before too long.

    I think I will try a couple of weeks of every second day being a fast800 day. I will see how I manage that and how those trousers feel at the end of it.

    Thin, I think you are right about new clothes, opshop or not. If they are surprisingly tight I think to myself that they must just be small for that dress size. Makers fault! Oh ho, the excuses I can make for myself.

    Skates on!

    Surely I will have to call the movie “The war of the roses”.

    Lindsay, Hooray for your perfect day, after the storms. Well done, little green tree frog.

    Neil, hooray for that exercise (and clearing work) to balance out stressful times at work. I hope scanning all those plans goes easily.

    Cali, you will be so relieved to have a clear election result for President and to see the major institutions being very clear to support proper process.
    Have an extra fasty fast day to celebrate!

    Betsy, hooray for that fast day. Hooray for the plumbing done!
    No cold snap forecast until next Saturday, and I bet you will be nice and ready for that one. All power to you.

    Jony, look what happens when I start barracking for the Aussies! (Tbh I didn’t know the result until I read your post, other things have been dominating the news this morning).
    Nothing better than having family close by, especially the green fingered ones!. What a wonderful feast. Did you find yourself enjoying it differently after a couple of months of 5:2?
    Yikes what a cold snap at your place. Hope your weather improves nicely.
    Sympathy re the tourism industry, it is very much the same story here.

    Part of the news this morning was a ninth day of zero new covid cases for Melbourne, and a further easing of restrictions. Woot.

    I’m off to eat nothing!

    Cheers all, enjoy this precious day.

    PS Chuckling at the thought of Thin and Lindsey swapping OH’s for a break

    Cinque, you’ve said it all out loud so now it must be done! For starting today’s FD, I’m at a better weight than I’ve been for 6 weeks so my skates are on – well, maybe one skate. All the best for a negative result. I read one of those covid funnies that circulates today, ‘Now is not the time to surround yourself with positive people’.

    Jony, how lovely to have your family so close. You won’t have known this but last year, we moved from Perth, (the Australian one) to England to live on a narrowboat. Our adult daughter, who’d been living with us, finished uni and took her first job here too. We’ve been about an hour’s drive from where she lives all year but have only seen her about 3 times due to covid. I hope you get your tourism industry up and running soon (but not too soon).

    Also off to eat nothing!

    Good evening all.

    Well, I’ve had a really self-indulgent day today, in “preparation” for a further few days of much lower calorie intake. Not sure that’s the best way to approach it 🙂 but there you are!

    Cinque, it looks like I’ll be in good company as if the B2B2b doesn’t work, I’ll be trying out alternate day fasting, too. Like you, most of my trousers have elastic waists – so convenient for me, as my hips are considerably bigger than my waist. If I buy clothes that fit the hips, the waists are frequently too loose.

    Thin, sounds like you’ve put the brakes on with your eating, too, so good for you. I admire you, Cinque and LJoyce, who’ve successfully navigated this WOL for some years. I sometimes feel that I’m scrambling to work out what suits me best. Really, it seems to depend on factors such as whether I have enough sleep, how much pressure my study is placing on me, etc.

    jonykiwi, yes, I noted the Aussie victory over the ABs this week – after the slaughter of last week, it was a relief to see some slight redemption 🙂 As you noted, generally, your team is much stronger, so it was nice to see one for “our” side.

    Sleep well everyone!

    Good morning all

    Still quite cool here in Sydney and we are really hoping for some nice warm days soon.

    My Dad’s biopsy came back all-clear, thanks for asking. Otherwise he would have had to go into hospital for a week for a nasty skin graft and as a complete home-body he would have hated that. Mr Anzac is taking him to get the stitches removed tomorrow and that is the last of it.

    Work is still crazy and I am counting down the 6 weeks until the project closes for 3 weeks over Christmas. I am determined to get some exercise starting from this week as I the weight is not coming off even though I have been eating well.

    Maxx is no longer limping so the 10 days of restricted activity plus the NSAID’s have worked. He still isn’t allowed off the leash but we are going for 15-20 minute walks each morning for the past three and he is fine

    Cinque, I find it puzzling that 57 kilos could be considered heavy. I think my bones weigh about 60 on their own! I was 74 kilos when I got married and while not slender by any stretch of the imagination, neither was I very overweight.

    One of my closest friends has just published her first book and I just ordered it. It is a book with 5 short stories (all linked) that she wrote with 4 of her writing-group friends. She just texted me to thank me and to say how amazing it is to now be officially a ‘paid’ author! Cinque, this is the friend who had CFS in her 20’s and 30’s. While she is now healed she has never had great health since and picks up every bug going around and has suffered several major surgeries. So I am just so proud of her.

    Yikes, already nearly 10.00am and I have a meeting. I had so much to say so I will have to try and come back later.

    Take care all

    Good morning,
    Ready to skate through the week, it was right foot fast day yesterday, done and dusted, and my left foot is down today for a good non fast day.

    I really do need to get it into my head that normal days are not full of indulgences. (You put it beautifully Betsy. Indulgence is exactly the word, and these days I can’t afford them. I think I need to write INDULGENCE in big letters and hang it in the kitchen so that it is staring at me every time I think “Ooh it would be nice to have one more piece” or “Just a handful to last me over until my evening meal”
    Now I need to think of lots of non-food indulgences to give myself instead. What do you others do?

    I’ll be doing my favourite one in an hour, checking out the opshop near by. Last week I did manage to find a couple of treats: a light cotton summer dressing gown with dragons and tigers on it, and a useful glass jug.

    It is glorious here (it might be too hot tomorrow 😉 ) so I will also muddle about in the garden. I am pulling out all the broad beans, what a lovely crop they gave me. Just giving two remaining plants today to get their last pods as full as they can.

    Thin, that was funny. Hmm yes, all negative people around us please!
    Cali, glad to see Biden is starting work on the national covid plan. Better late than never. Such sympathy for the huge number of infections every day in the US. Surround yourself with negative people! <3

    Betsy, I am so grateful for the invention of elastic. My waist expands two inches if I have a drink of water! And one bad thing about not having good sized hips is my trousers and skirts slide down when my waist is bigger than my hips.

    Hopefully when I am down several kilos I will be in the right headspace to enjoy my clothes and not spoil their fit by having a big meal! (Haha I say that knowing I spend most of the day in comfy pyjamas.) Ah well, with no covid restrictions and my health a bit better, maybe I will get out every day. A chance to wear all those gorgeous outfits in my wardrobe.

    Betsy good luck to you today, it is a glorious day to start your B2B2B. You will feel so light and pleased with yourself at the end of it.

    I’ve been listening to my favourite podcast (https://historyofenglishpodcast.com/episodes/)from the start again and am up to the episode on bread, where they say that in Saxon times people ate a piece of bread in the morning, had a bigger meal in the mid afternoon, and soup with another bit of bread in the evening. And that was when they were doing hard physical work.
    They hadn’t even invented desserts, let alone afternoon tea and cooked breakfasts!
    (But I bet they did eat any ripe berries and nuts they happened past.)

    Okay, I’m off to do some gentle physical work and see how far I can make it into the afternoon before I have my yummy midday meal (and then broccoli soup for supper with a little egg and cauliflower fritter instead of bread). How very Anglo Saxon of me!

    PS The word supper comes from soup!

    PS2 will I go past any ripe berries or nuts?

    Morning all, well back to work and I’ve had a check with my boss about the heavy workload I’ve had over the last couple of weeks and he’s agreed to work to reducing it, he’s said to spend no more than 25% of our day doing work for other departments, and he’ll try to get the rest pushed back onto one of the other teams. I feel a lot better about that.

    Yesterday was pretty cruisy, baking in the morning, church, disc golf, baking in the afternoon because all the morning baking was gone already, then couch time for a few hours. I needed a bit of a lazy day because Saturday was pretty full on with my bike ride, shopping and bush clearing.

    I took the bike to work this morning and I’m fasting today and there’s no way for me to cheat on it, because I left my wallet at home this morning so I can only eat the vegetables that I’ve got sitting in the work fridge.

    Hopefully a good fast day today and a control day tomorrow will see a move on the scales for me on Wednesday morning (moving in the downward direction that is)

    Have a great day eveyone.

    If anyone wants an easy-ish fitness challenge, I’ve just signed up to this one on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/3532354090155036/ It’s the 100k to Christmas challenge. You need to cover 100 kilometers between the 1st December and Christmas day (so around 4 kilometers per day) You can walk, run, swim, count distance done on exercise machines, just not cycling as it’s too easy. The distance has to be on top of your regular day so you can’t count steps accumulated on a pedometer during the day doing your normal activities. I’m a sucker for a challenge so I’m right into it.

    One thing about fasting days – you really appreciate your evening (and only) meal! My wife is a great cook and usually sorts out my meals for FDs but today I was downtown trying to sort out transport for an expensive bike I’d just sold to a guy in Christchurch and I called at New World supermarket and Harbour Fish to see what they had to offer. I arrived home with 140g of fresh, locally caught blue cod (NZ’s best fish, southerners say), some thin new-season green beans, red onions, courgettes and a green pepper. I was going to cook but my better half took over and before too long I was tucking into baked blue cod (fantastic), steaming green beans (so tasty), fresh spears of asparagus (where did that come from?) sliced red pepper (wifey said red is sweeter than green) and onion – all veges baked in the oven. It smelled and tasted wonderful and after eating all those veges, I knew I had dined. So I reckon this “fasting” isn’t too bad! PS: I also hope that when I step on to the scale tomorrow morning, I will have faded away even more. I’ll keep you posted . . .

    Cinque, here you go: https://imgur.com/q3Fr4bO

    Jony – another Sunday faster! There’s nothing like fresh fish. For years I ate cauliflower soup at 2pm on a FD and a lower calorie meal at night (5pm). Now I find that extra 103 calories gives more scope for a decent evening meal.

    Anzac, great news about your Dad, Maxx and your friend’s book.

    Neil, ha ha, leaving the wallet at home! Sounds like a busy life.

    Betsy, I feel that I’ve simply replaced a food addiction with a fast addiction. Before IF, I’d lost significant amounts of weight twice only to regain the lot – and more. I found that I could ‘get away’ with this or that food for a while after the target weight was reached but eventually a kg here or there turned into an uncontrollable slippery slope and I was back where I started or worse. My weight consumed me and depressed me. I never want that again. This is why I try not to make excuses about life getting in the way. We can do this!

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