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  • Morning all

    Well good day yesterday. I managed to stick to around 1500 calories, had no sugar, no starchy carbs, and only one coffee, and I had a good session at the gym where I managed to burn around 700 calories. Today is good so far, I’ve just had a bit of biltong and cup of soup so far, and I have a chickpea curry for lunch and prawns planned for dinner tonight.

    Well done on the alcohol free week Thin. My wife and I don’t drink much, we usually just have 2 each on Friday night and Saturday night. We’ve got a little bit left in the current rum bottle that we’ve been working through that we’ll probably finish Friday night, then I might skip the alcohol for a few weeks until my birthday on the 29th.

    Lindsay, scary about Rosy, I hope she’s feeling all better now.

    Cinque, I don’t know why people are so opposed to wearing masks. I haven’t had to wear them over here because we only need them on public transport, but I’ve worn them for hours on end in the past while sanding down furniture or stripping paint.

    The weather here is supposed to improve for the weekend, and the long range forecast is for a long hot summer, so my wife is flat out getting the garden planted. She’s already set me several tasks so hopefully I can get in and do some this weekend.

    Well have a great day everyone

    Lindsay, that is so scary about Rosy and the chicken bones. I always thought that the danger was just in them choking on them on the way down and didn’t realize they could cause problems in the digestive system. Even scarier that you couldn’t reach a vet right away. I’m so glad to hear she is better now. Glad also to hear that OH’s foot is getting better. Physical therapy seems to help so many people after injuries or surgeries. I agree about not leaving food outdoors for pets. We had problems here years ago with raccoons and a rat or mice when feeding a stray cat. We finally brought the cat indoors and didn’t have problems after that.

    Thin, I’m happy to hear that the visa ordeal is solved for the next few years for your OH. One less thing to worry about. Now you can enjoy your time on the canals. It’s nice that you can move around with the covid lockdowns if they should occur.

    Cinque, I would be concerned about the home help not keeping both her nose and mouth covered with a mask. There is some worry about it being spread through the air. I think they just don’t know enough yet about how it’s transmitted. But having the doors and windows open should help. Of course there are so few cases in all of Australia now that you probably don’t have much to worry about anyway. It’s not like over here where there are 40-50,000 new cases per day. And still many people refuse to wear masks.
    Cinque, we have a big callistemon bush in our garden but it’s a red one. We call them bottle brush bushes or trees. It does well in an area under huge Oak trees where it doesn’t get too much sun. I’ve never seen a pink one like in the picture you posted. It’s lovely! So glad to hear that you can babysit your granddaughters again and that you’re brushing up on your Mario Party skills. 😁

    Neil, sorry to hear that you put on weight when being off of work but with all of your exercise it seems to go away quickly when you’re eating reasonably again. Bread is one of the things I have a hard time resisting too. That’s one reason I don’t bake it. I would eat the whole loaf. They should make bread scented perfume. What is more enticing than the smell of baking bread?

    Anzac, when is your dad’s surgery? I hope to goes easily for him and heals quickly. Will he stay with you for a while afterwards?

    The fires in Northern Calif are mostly over 50% controlled now and far enough away that we aren’t getting as much smoke as before. We often can’t smell it even when the air quality isn’t good. Tonight it’s around 50 something which is pretty good. It had been over 200 for a while. The temperatures have come down and hopefully we’ll be able to have the windows open again tomorrow. This is usually one of the best times of the year.

    We just finished season 4 out of 8 seasons of McLeod’s Daughters last night. That’s a lot of shows considering the are 20 to 30 shows per season. This is our “Aussie summer” since we’re staying at home because of covid and TV is a major source of entertainment these days. We’re watching 4 different Australian series with lots of episodes to each one. We usually watch 2 after dinner each night.

    Hi to everyone I didn’t mention by name and I hope you are all going well.

    Good evening everyone!

    I’m away a few days, and there’s so much to which to respond (trying not to finish with a dangling preposition – LindsayL, is that the right terminology? When a preposition is at the end of a sentence?).

    Haven’t managed a FD yet, but not overeating either, and currently about the same weight as October 1st. Sorry Anzac65, not leading you very positively at the moment – you will have to lead ME into better habits! 🙂
    Glad you were able to enjoy a relax with a book, and in the pool. It’s been cold and wet here again over the past few days, so I’m looking forward to this time next week, when it will be warm. But then the Covidiots will all be doing the wrong thing at the beaches, and we’ll be stuck in lockdown for another how many weeks???

    Saw my doctor today following routine blood tests and mammogram etc. – all good. My cholesterol is still up a bit, but not as much, so no mention of statins, yay! I think my tiredness at the moment may be hayfever – have had a runny nose and post-nasal drip recently. Had yet another Covid-19 test Tuesday (negative, of course) so I could tell the surgery that yes I have symptoms but no, I don’t have Covid-19. The frustrating thing for me is that I’ve had a few tests over the years and have never come up as allergic to any allergen. But just let the weather be windy, and I’m symptomatic. Sigh! Claratyne helps a bit, so I’ve been taking that over the past few days.

    The next couple of days won’t be great days for eating – if I can keep to TDEEs, I’ll be happy. My birthday is Saturday, a friend is visiting tomorrow (“single” cluster), and I’ll visit the friends I often give some care to on Saturday. So, I’m giving myself a “pass” for the next two days. THEN, I will finally be free to knuckle down to proper FDs. From there, it will be “optimistic October”. Will also be trying to get longer hours of sleep, which will be a major help with the eating control. Noted your comment about that, too, Cinque.

    Thin, sympathise with the what to do re maintenance, but really? Just wish I were in your shoes! You do so brilliantly with your eating control. Of course, on track can very quickly become “off track”. Which reminds me – Neilithicman, hope the “on quickly, off quickly” rule works for you.

    LindsayL, what a scare re Rosy. So glad she was okay. And glad that OH is doing so much better with his foot. Yay for good myotherapy and other health professionals. Hope the plumbing problem has been promptly and efficiently fixed.

    LJoyce, congrats on reaching your 2020 walking goal already – well done you! And great that with a controlled few days of eating, your jeans are back to being loose again. It’s a nice feeling, and one I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks.

    CalifDreamer, noted that Trump is back at the White House again, and downplaying Covid-19 yet again as being not as serious as the flu (noticed that his tweet was censored, though! 🙂 ). Not many people are given such an urgent cocktail of drugs as he was given. It will be interesting to see how he and his many close associates are over the next week or so, as it seems that the more severe symptoms tend to arise around days 7-11.
    Are you still safe from the fires? It seems from the news that the fires just keep burning.

    Penguin, hope you’re doing well with your current chemo, and enjoying the flowers that Cinque manages to find online so brilliantly.

    Okay, goodnight and stay well all.

    Quick second post – just saw the last 2 posts.

    Neilithicman, good that you’re already putting an action plan in place to take off the gained weight.

    CalifDreamer, glad the fires are about 50% controlled, and the air quality has improved. It’s good that you can enjoy an “Aussie fest” of programs while you stay safely at home.

    Good morning,
    I am having my slow coffee and catching up on posts instead of smartly getting ready to be at the veggie shop at 9am. Ah well, hopefully I will get there before ten.

    I didn’t overeat yeasterday (now why is that one of the misspellings I do all the time?), I had a better night’s sleep. Tick, tick. Now for another good eating day.

    Neil, congratulations on your good day yesterday. And you will love getting those tasks done on the weekend, and so will Mrs Neil!

    Masks, sigh. People here seem to either have embraced them from the start, and worn them properly… or not.
    Anyone wearing the disposable masks have a problem because once they pull them down, they just don’t fit back over the nose properly. So they either need to put on a new one, or put up with one that keeps slipping down. Most seem to go for letting them sit under their nose (Saving the environment? Saving money? Saving themselves from having to lift it up every 25 seconds? Hoping one blow hole covered is enough?). Another Sigh.

    Cali, you are right, that it is something to be worried about, but most of the time my homehelp is not in my sight, and she thinks she couldn’t possibly be infectious so just plays lip service to the rules. When my little home is completely open, the air moves through it well, but even with that, and our low numbers, I have to behave as if the air is full of infected aerosol and that surfaces are covered with it. And I do.

    I do feel bad talking about covid here, but Betsy is right, we have all had enough and there are new clusters, so it looks like it will be a long tail.
    We just do have it so much easier than your poor country where the huge numbers are not going down, and then the UK where numbers are growing so quickly. So deep breath, we will hold the line.

    So glad to hear the fires are 50% contained, I heard the big one is now the biggest on record, and my heart breaks for all affected.

    Betsy well done with those test results. And with other things ruled out, even though that makes it hard if you are still fatigued. Hayfever is exhausting, I do hope it passes soon.
    Ha, let that preposition dangle! Perfectly good traditional English being squashed into dead Latin rules. Stuff and nonsense!

    Well my coffee is finished and it is after nine. Off I go to buy a lovely box of vegetables. Cheers all, Have a great, sensible eating day. Enjoy every bite!

    Haha Betsy, you dangle away. Although I am from the ‘purist’ school of grammar, even I accept that the world moves on and common usage changes the rules (even in PhDs, if my old friend APA7 can be trusted). What was it that Winston Churchill is reputed to have replied, when someone took him to task on a dangling preposition? “There are some things up with which I will not put.”

    Abandon Latin rules Cinque ….aaaahhhhh!!!

    I read with interest that the New England Medical Journal is calling for the removal of the Trump administration, because of its handling of the Covid crisis in the USA, saying something like ‘they took a crisis and turned it into a tragedy’. First time in two centuries it’s entered the political fray. I will be glad when the U.S. elections are over …and I don’t even live in the US.

    Cinque. You sound a little flat, which is so not like you. Better times coming, friend.

    My plumber has been and gone and my rat trap baited but no takers so far. Maybe the carpet python ate it (eek!). The plumber also fixed a pipe from my washing machine that had broken (outside, fortunately) but was spilling sudsy water outside the laundry. I was very pleased when he pulled the machine out that we’d had it replaced recently, which had given me an opportunity to clean behind it. (plumber is the husband of my hairdresser … I so didn’t need him to see the dust and debris behind the machine).

    Calif we call them bottle brushes too …such a pretty tree, and so good for birds and bees.

    OK time to admit my failures. I just can’t seem to get into the groove. I go down, I go up. I am so disappointed in myself. I bought some new togs online (swimsuit, to most of you I suspect), in a brand and a size I’d worn before, and they are a struggle to get into. Oh I just have to knuckle down! I really need a week or two on my own to eat well and not have to cook for two people. OH is pretty amenable, but wouldn’t fancy vegetable soup each night. And yes, I know I can have it while he has something else, but I don’t.

    OK back to work. How are you going Anzac? Quiet weekend planned?

    Where are you Thin? Motoring along somewhere quiet and beautiful?

    Neil, peeling off your holiday weight? I bet you are.

    re alcohol….we are off it apart from an occasional g & diet tonic for me. It’s ironic….my OH is off alcohol at the same time he surrendered his driver’s licence. Still the designated driver, so no long lunches for me! Probably just as well.

    We had our first live music outing last sunday arvo to the jazz club to hear a blues band. It was truly wonderful – it was their first time in Queensland for a long time, and their first time with the whole line-up. My Dad was a saxophonist, and it’s an instrument that makes me melt. I hadn’t realised how much I missed live music, until I had it again (and yes, I did have two rather large glasses of red wine, and that was pretty good too).

    Bye all, til next time. Happy birthday for tomorrow betsy. Hello to all I’ve missed.

    Hi all, just a quick one to let you know I’m still here 🙂

    Betsy, I too have let the side down due to being….unmindful? I honestly don’t know what the opposite of mindful is….anyway weight has crept up again and, like you Lindsay, I am going up and down, down and up, up and down. Work is driving me nuts but I just have to push through. The new joy is we have to work with London and that means meetings once or twice a week (for now, more regularly later) at 6.00pm or 7.00pm and as I am an early birdie, often up as early as 5.00am that does not suit. Once again, as a contractor I just have to suck it up. I feel sorry for the perms who get paid a LOT less than I do and have to do the same work.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Betsy!

    We are visiting some friends in Wollongong tomorrow but otherwise a quiet weekend is planned. I have no motivation for housework but it needs to be done. Badly. OH just vacuumed up enough hair for a whole new labrador.

    Cinque, hope you are ok. Neil, hope the gain comes off as quick as it went on. Cali, glad the fires are better and those extreme temps are cooling. Thin, LJ, HK, Quacka, Merry, Penguin and everyone else – hello and hope you are all ok

    A flurry of activity!

    Lindsay, we are on the Ashby Canal, quiet, rural, peaceful and opposite a healthy herd of Limousin beef cattle grazing on the greenest grass I’ve ever seen.

    Neil, with your encouragement, I’ve now made it to Friday sans alcohol. Today marks one year since we moved onto the boat and I’m afraid there will be a celebratory drink. We, too, enjoy rum occasionally and have a bottle of duty free from February. We used to drink it with OJ. but I find that too sweet. With one grocery delivery back in March, we were given a huge bottle of pepsi max free. We opened the rum a couple of weeks ago and tried the pepsi max – it was NASTY! I’ve never been able to handle sticky drinks (occasional tonic water required) but how anyone could pay money for that stuff is beyond me.

    Cinque, can you contact the supplier of the home help about the mask wearing? It’s really not acceptable. The story reminds me of people who wear their bike helmets perched on the back of their heads in defiance of the law. The irony is they’re more likely to get a broken neck if it’s not properly secured on the cranium.

    Anzac, I’m sorry to read that the job remains so stressful.

    Happy Birthday, Betsy. Hope you feel better soon.

    HK, are you still with us?

    CalifD, good that the fires have died down a bit and your air quality is improving. Hope you’re feeling OK with all the worries you have there. The world is in such a mess.

    Good morning,
    Hee hee Lindsay (Latin grammar) and to think they let me be in charge of primary school children.

    Hooray for live music. Especially a blues band.

    Much sympathy for being out of the groove. I do think one of the best things about this thread is that we have a reality check on how tricky 5:2 can be in real life. Even Thin has struggles!

    So many people join and then disappear, and I think it is rarely because they are so successful they don’t need to hang around. We see people coming back to the forum after a while because they want to try again. And we see people talking honestly about how, with the best will in the world, they can’t manage 5:2 the way they want to. Given that 5:2 is possibly the most user friendly way of eating for health and weight loss, it just goes to show what a tricky and intractable issue healthy eating, and being a healthy weight, is in our society.

    HelenKate, block your ears! You might never be in this predicament!

    But Lindsay, Betsy, Anzac (Cinque) and anyone having a rough patch, I bet you are kilos and kilos lighter than you would be if you weren’t trying at all. Just as eating an extra 100g a week puts on a kilo every 10 weeks, not eating a 100g a week, keeps a kilo off (Pollyanna here!)

    It really is like dealing with a chronic illness, acting as if there is no problem is not an option. It makes things much much worse very quickly. (Unless you are Donald Trump apparently 😉 )

    5:2 is beautifully simple, but our lives are terribly complex, our bodies are complex, and we are in a society that makes overeating the constant. Fitting 5:2 in among our stress, our habits, our need for comfort, our longing for a quick fix… in one meal we can undo the hard work of last week’s fast days! Yikes.

    To try each day to take advantage of a good wave when it comes, to pick ourselves up after a rogue wave dumps us and get back on the surfboard, and to notice when our habits change even one increment towards healthier habits, that is success.

    Yesterday I did particularly well until I ate dinner. Hunger dragon! I was starving to death! Intolerable. But fortunately I had nothing to nibble on and after about half an hour the feeling passed. Is the solution to have empty cupboards?
    I’ve made a beautiful loaf of rye bread now so I won’t have the same situation tonight. Plus it is day before fast day, so I will be able to argue that it is okay to eat more so I am not as hungry tomorrow. Oh yikes. How will I avoid it. Check out the next exciting installment tomorrow!

    I was sighing yesterday, but I am fine and rather regretting talking about that mask problem. If I complained to the council my worker would bear the brunt, and I know what a conscientious and hard worker she is, and that the problem is with education and training, and no checking or following up procedures. What I should do is ring Virginia Trioli (best radio talkback) and find out if it is common across councils and other organisations and publicise the issue.

    Happy Birthday Betsy! https://www.blossomwithlove.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/IMG_0195-scaled.jpg

    Best wishes all

    Happy Saturday everyone,

    Happy Birthday Bettsylee. Optimistic October – I love that!

    Helen how lovely to go to Kangaroo Island. I’ve been there twice, for 2 weeks each time and I absolutely love it. In fact if I were able to retire and live anywhere I wanted too, then KI would be it for me. We have been talking about going back for a holiday soon as MrGday has never been there.

    LJoyce I pre-cook my spuds, rice and pasta as well to create resistant starch. MissD and MrGday love mash potato which I now make with half white potato and half sweet potato. I always make it the day before eating as it heats up really well in the microwave. Brown basmati rice I cook up in big batches and freeze – again heats up really well in the microwave. I also make spaghetti bolognaise in big batches to freeze. Congratulations on reaching your step goal way ahead of time. Looking forward to see how many steps you make by the end of the year.

    Anzac I’m a sucker for Cherry Ripes too. Not that it’s something I eat often but if we are given a box of favourites (which usually happens at Xmas) you can guarantee the Cherry Ripes have my name on them.

    Thin, Pepsi and the like – I don’t know how anyone can drink them. Even the smell makes me feel ill. I shudder when I see people (and more so kids) skulling large glasses of soft drink. Most of MrGdays grandchildren have free reign to have as many cans of soft drink from the fridge as they like at their home. A few weeks ago MrGday was visiting his daughter and he said that the grandson (aged 12) drank 3 cans of Pepsi Max in the 2 hours that he was there. Any they wonder why they are all struggling with obesity. The few times we’ve been out for a meal together they think something is wrong with MissD because she refuses soft drink or fruit juice and only drinks water – hence she is slim.

    Cinque I am a big fan of Virginia Trioli. I so miss her on ABC TV breakfast. What is the station number on the radio dial for her Melbourne radio breakfast show. I have no idea if I would be able to pick it up from here but I would definitely tune in if I could. I do receive her Weekend Reads column each Saturday via email. I do love her wit, humour and the fact that she is such an ‘on the ball’ journo/commentator. She is on my list of ‘would like to meet’ people.

    Speaking of ‘would like to meet people’, when MrGday and I were in the Barossa we went to Maggie Beers Farm Shop (yes I did indulge big time $$) and we also dined at her Eatery. Of course I was hoping that Maggie would be there but I nearly died when I walked in and Simon Bryant was sitting at the table next to us. For those who don’t know Simon, he was Executive Chef at the Hilton in Adelaide for 10 years and he and Maggie did a cooking show on the ABC called the Cook and the Chef which I think ran for about 4 years and SBS Food are still showing repeats of it now. He’s well know in Adelaide for his charity work and supporting causes such as animal welfare etc. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him – lol. I was polite and waited for him to finish his meal and leave the table before I introduced myself to him and asked for a photo. He was so polite and we chatted for awhile (about food of course) and we both had our photo taken with him. It absolutely made my week. I also had a photo taken in the Cook and the Chef kitchen – not the real one from the TV show but a replica in the Farm Shop. I wish I had thought to take one of Simon’s cook books with me for him to sign as I know that he is a regular at Maggies Eatery.

    A new addition to our family – a worm farm! We made our own ‘farm’ and filled it with 1000 worms we bought from the Barossa. Yes a weird purchase while on holidays I know but there’s nowhere local that sells worms so when I spotted a sign outside a garden centre in Tanunda with worms for sale I had to get some – ‘rolling of eyes’ from MrGDay. Not sure if I mentioned in my last post but we also went to the Barossa Farmers Market and I was in absolute heaven. The abundance of fresh produce, jersey creams and milk, grass fed meat etc was amazing. The Barossa is second on my list of places I would live if I could retire now.

    Must dash. I really should be studying instead of posting as I have 3 assignments to get through and I have set myself a goal of completing them all this weekend

    Happy birthday Betsy. I’m so pleased to see you will actually have some company today. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Cinque, yep, ‘even Thin’ requires constant vigilance and a determination never to get to back to where she was. I know that it’s a long way back to ‘where I was’ but, for me, even a kg rings an alarm bell because letting even one kg slide puts me on a slippery slope back to 25kg. We did have a celebratory rum last night with a splash of fresh OJ (and, oh dear, the accompanying cheese assortment) but I’m a better weight than this day last week. The forum is an essential tool and, I agree with you, people rarely return after an absence to tell us how well they’ve fared.

    I nearly had a cream tea yesterday which would have meant no rum and cheese snacks. Mr Thin wasn’t keen but we’d seen some people enjoying one a few days ago at a nearby wharf and it did look so English. Yesterday, we’d walked for several hours and happened there at just the right time. Paid for it, sat down in a covid-safe space and waited in anticipation. After a time, the waitress returned to apologise profusely but they’d run out of cream. They could offer cheese scones or adjust the bill for just scones and jam. It’s something I’d only order once in a blue moon and I just couldn’t picture putting myself through all the guilt without the lashings of cream so we cancelled it all. I still hope to have it next week but all the moons have to be aligned – decent weather, lots of exercise, no other meals out that week, a low cal dinner planned. Life is so hard!

    GDSA, the trip sounded idyllic. I think I remember the cooking show – they seemed an odd match at first glance but it became a huge success. At first I thought he needed a jolly good scrub but grew to like him a lot. It is strange that people don’t make the connection between soft drinks and obesity, isn’t it? My DD was the same as yours, we only ever drank water with meals both at home and at restaurants. She’s now well into her twenties and doing the same, also very slim. I never bought soft drinks (except tonic water as mentioned only because gin is pretty hard to stomach without it!). And it must be Schweppes, no cheap imitations.

    I’ve just read that Australia will require people applying for a spousal visa to first prove an understanding of basic English. Critics say it’s racist. The cost of 500 hours of English lessons will be footed by the tax-payer. The article states that 35% of Melbourne and Sydney’s populations do not speak English at home. Little wonder people don’t understand what’s going on with critical issues like covid guidelines. We thought OH’s £2052 fee to apply here was expensive but it’s more than double that in Australia.

    Cinque, yes, I wholeheartedly believe that not buying ‘non-food’ things in the first place is the key. Oh, you lucky live-alones!

    Hello all

    I am still here! And after a week off, due to the Kangaroo Island time and some unavoidable social things, I am back on my schedule and just coming to the end of a Fast Day.

    It feels good to be back. I realised today that the Fast Days remind me that I can be hungry without having to eat, and that I can use will-power. They also remind me about calories. It’s funny how after just a week I could feel that awareness fading and was merrily eating heaps more than I needed as if there would be no consequences. I only count calories on FDs, but it does keep me in touch with reality and aware of the choices I’m making – like you, Thin, knowing that you can have the cream tea or the rum and the cheese snacks. I think I enjoy food even more when I have this awareness.

    The time on Kangaroo Island with the family was really good. There was a lot of rain, and while we still had our pizzas we weren’t able to sit outside and enjoy them. My sister and her husband stood outside in all the rain gear cooking the pizzas in the oven they have built, while the rest of us inside constructed the pizzas and took them out for baking and then ate them. So good!

    I had some long walks on the beach and in the bush and saw sea eagles and kangaroos. It was good to be out in the wild – not another house anywhere in sight – and to go to sleep to the sound of the ocean.

    There is so much in all the posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and would love to comment on, but I can only manage a bit.

    Lindsay, your Rosy is such a beautiful dog. I really felt for you with the scary chicken-bone episode. Thank goodness she came through it.

    LJoyce, congratulations on your great achievement in doing all that walking.

    Calif, I am glad you can finally open the windows. Well, I hope you can. It’s been such a terrible summer for you all.

    Anzac and G’day, I too love cherry ripes, and if we had to share one of those party packs of assorted chocolates there could be nasty scenes!

    Anzac, I feel for you with your old father having to undergo that surgery for the skin cancer on his leg. It just seems so unfair that someone should have to go through this sort of thing at that age. My old Dad, who turns 96 next month, had to have a skin cancer on his leg removed a year or so ago, with skin graft and all. We were very worried about it but it all went smoothly and it healed well. I hope the same for your father.

    Cinque, I was happy to read of your family reunion. And I loved reading your email about the beautiful simplicity of 5:2 and the complexity of our lives and the trickiness of the society we live in, and how we need to forgive ourselves our lapses and just get on with it – and enjoy life – you seem to be good at that!

    OK that’s all.
    Warm wishes to everyone and happy fasting and eating

    Good afternoon,
    It is a sunny Melbourne Sunday, fast day. Next I will go and sit out in the sun and soak up some VitD for a few minutes.

    And then pick more broad beans! What a crop!

    Well, I did get hungry after my evening meal yesterday, but I couldn’t use that silly argument after writing it out here, so I navigated the evening successfully. Win!

    Gday, I’m delighted that you are a Virginia Trioli fan also. I get too frustrated by callers I don’t agree with to listen to her all the time, haha, but I hope you can find her. I have the ABC Listen App on my ipad and that makes it easy to find broadcasts in other states (I listen to Richard Glover in Sydney a bit). It is AM: 774 kHz; DAB+: 9C Melbourne (no idea how to use that info!)
    But here are two links that might help:
    Her radio show: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/mornings/
    And ABC Melbourne’s site: there is a place to click to listen live, at the top. Her show starts at 8:30am Melbourne time. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/

    And I am also a fan of Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant. I watched The Cook and the Chef all through and still enjoy the repeats when I catch them.

    Ooh, you will have fun with the worm farm. How will you keep it cool in your crazy climate? I have so many friends who killed their worms in Melbourne’s summer.

    Good luck with those 3 assignments!

    Thin, it is just fascinating to think what is worth giving up for such a treat. If it was a sure thing, I would be prepared to have a very frugal week and then enjoy it to the full. But I would be SO disappointed if it wasn’t a brilliant feed, or if they ran out of cream again.

    I do hope this will be a good week for eating frugally. Frugally doesn’t mean without pleasure. (I’m talking to myself here).
    I am suffering from having to much good food, I might have overdone the veggie shop, but the fridge and freezer were empty.
    On Friday I made broccoli soup base (two big containers in the freezer) Chicken Bordeaux which I will eat my way through because I don’t like it as much thawed and reheated.
    Then yesterday I made eggplant dip that is sitting in the fridge (oops watch out for snacking Cinque) and a big pot of beef and rhubarb stew (so good, the rhubarb and cinnamon just make it magic), that has all gone to the freezer.
    I have chickpeas and a little barley soaking, to stuff lovely red capsicum tomorrow. And I will make a good batch of spicy cabbage and carrot for the freezer. Then I might get some cooking rest (but I need to keep on top of my garden which is all broad beans and greens).

    I am going to have to use mind control because the cupboards are not empty!
    End of selftalk.

    Thin, a little woot that Mr Thin’s visa wasn’t Australia-style expensive. We are very busy making it hard for ordinary people to come to Australia, and therefore begging people already here to have more babies. Not sure how that will go!

    HK, welcome back to the mainland! What a great week.
    You are so right, the structure of 5:2 keeps us so aware since it is always the day before, or the day after, a fast day. Except for that one lull day in the week, and I am always super aware of that one too. Sometimes it irritates me, but I am embracing your viewpoint and I will see it as a positive from now on!

    Today however it is miso soup this evening. Only 4 hours to go.
    Off I go to sit in the sun. Cheers all.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I’m having a day at home today. Trying to get some cleaning etc done. I have finally gotten all the winter bedding washed and drying and have finally put my spring-summer bedding on. (The winter doona is now in storage and I have the layers of cotton blankets topped with a patchwork cotton quilt that I find works better in warmer weather.

    HK, it sounds like you have a great time at KI, despite the rain. Glad you slipped back into 5:2 so easily.

    Cinque, snap! https://imgur.com/a/I2JrwXI My broad bean crop is very abundant too. What amazes me though, is that I bring this enormous mound of beans into the house and by the time I have shelled, blanched and peeled them I have little more than a handful of lovely broad beans to eat. Yummy though. I’m hoping to let the last of the crop become fairly large pods that I can shell, peel and then freeze. They’ll be lovely in winter.
    Would you mind posting the beef & rhubarb recipe Cinque. I also have an abundant crop of rhubarb which I usually just stew with apples or strawberries. I have never thought to use them in a savoury dish.

    Cali, I am relived to hear that the fires seem to be under control and that our air quality is improving. What a tough time you have had there this summer/autumn.

    GDSA, I keep portions of cooked grains and pasta in the freezer too. Not only does mean resistant starch, it’s much more efficient to cook the whole bag at once.
    I agree with Cinque – keeping the worm farm alive in the heat is a challenge. Finding a spot in full shade helps, but when I had a worm farm I found there were other things I needed to do too. My worm farm had 3 layers a bottom tray with a tap to catch the liquid. A middle tray for the worms and their castings to live and a top lidded tray where you put the veggie scraps that the worms can go into and out of when they want to. I always kept a thick layer of folded newspaper on top of the food scraps and kept them wet in hotter weather. If it got to 40+ I also put one or two blocks of ice among the food scraps and under the wet newspaper – this works a bit like an old fashioned ice box, but the blocks of ice need to be large (about 2 litres) so they don’t thaw too quickly.

    Thin, what a dilemma, scones or a cheese board – I’m rather fond of both!

    Anzac, If you have to work that late for international meetings, could you take a longer lunch for walking those days?

    Betsy, hope you’ve had a lovely birthday weekend.

    I got a shock last week. I hadn’t weighed myself since I got to the top of my target weight range. I had assumed I was still up the top of that range but was pleasantly surprised to find myself at the bottom of my 3kg target range. Although after having fried chicken at a Korean restaurant on Friday I may not still be there! My best friend was at the same lunch so we tried to walk off some of the calories yesterday and did a 2 hour walk (with some short breaks) to the beach and along the esplanade.

    Hello to everyone else.

    Time I got back to the housework and stopped looking for excuses to avoid it!

    Hi all

    I just wanted to say a quick (belated) Happy Birthday to Betsy. I hope you had a lovely day

    I went clothes shopping this morning and what a wake-up call. Everything looked hideous and instead of getting depressed I got determined. Optimistic October here we come!

    LJ, great job on the scales, what a relief. Don’t let it go to your head, (or stomach rather)!

    Cinque, what a lot of activity at your place. You are so adventurous with your cooking. I hope your FD has been brilliant. Governments encouraging irresponsible breeding is a big pyramid scheme to create little tax payers. The world doesn’t need more babies. Or politicians. Thinking back 30 years, I think we must have paid for the Australian spousal visa too.

    HK, so glad you had a lovely break at KI. You’ve embraced the 5:2 WOL so well. I agree that every FD resets your portion control and puts you back on track. Once committed, no will power is required, you just do it. Then there are the other five days to grapple with.

    Anzac, I’m sharing your determination. Having only one alcoholic drink last week helped me drop 300g in between FDs. It makes such a difference to me. Chicken Provencal for dinner. Hairy Bikers’ style.

    Persian Lamb and Rhubarb Stew for LJoyce

    It is wonderful to have a savoury recipe for rhubarb. I have adapted this for the pressure cooker, I use gravy beef because it is cheaper for me, and I’ve never managed to add the mint, but this is the original recipe from the Women’s Weekly ‘Soups and Stews Favourites’


    40 gram butter
    1 kilogram diced lamb
    1 medium_piece (150g) brown onion, sliced thinly
    1/4 teaspoon saffron threads
    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
    1 cup (250ml) water
    2 cup (500ml) chicken stock
    2 tablespoon tomato paste
    2 3/4 cup (300g) rhubarb, coarsely chopped
    1/4 cup fresh mint, finely chopped
    1 1/2 cup (375ml) vegetable stock

    1 Melt half the butter in large saucepan, cook lamb, in batches, until browned. Remove from pan.
    2 Melt remaining butter in same pan, cook onion, stirring, until soft. Add spices, cook, stirring, until fragrant. Add the water, stock and paste, bring to the boil. Return lamb to pan, reduce heat, simmer, covered, 1 hour 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    3 Uncover, simmer about 20 minutes or until lamb is tender. Add rhubarb to lamb mixture, simmer, uncovered, about 10 minutes or until rhubarb has softened.
    4 Stir mint into stew, season to taste, serve stew with couscous.

    Good morning,
    I had an excellent fasty fast day yesterday, I do hope I am on a long roll.
    Hoping today will be delicious and frugal. Having good food in the fridge means a nice reward for four hours without eating.

    Ha LJoyce, the pile for the compost is much bigger than the pile for the stove with broad beans. Mine are so abundant I pick them so small their skins are still tender and sweet. Luxury.

    I have had an interesting lesson in bean selection. I had a bean come up self sown in my garden. I recognised it was a bean, but couldn’t work out what sort until it flowered, it was so delicate. https://imgur.com/n9ChXlB

    Meanwhile, my farmer BIL sent me a dozen broadbean seeds that grew several stalks from each seed, and several flowers on each flowering spot, so that it is this enormously abundant little jungle. https://imgur.com/ECWIXQj

    I have an impulse to collect and grow the delicate one’s seeds, even though it is against my own interest. Maybe more in the interests of the other plants trying to grow in my garden, though!

    What a good system for keeping your worms alive!

    And best of all, woot! woot! well done in counteracting that weight gain, so beautifully you didn’t even notice until you got on the scales! Way to go.

    Anzac, yes! Hooray for dermination. Carry it proudly through the day!

    You too Thin, with your exotic Chicken Provencal instead of my exotic Chicken Bordeaux! Haha. But well done with that one alcoholic drink in the week. I hope that is sustainable ongoing (or close to sustainable).

    Cheers everyone, I do hope you are having a great day today and come on here and tell us about it, or come for comfort and support if the day conspires against you.

    Good afternoon everyone

    Cinque, thankyou so much for that recipe. I’ve added it to my collection of casserole recipes – I love slow cooking where I don’t have to watch the pot and where a cheap cut of meat (like gravy beef) turn into something exceptional. Now I’m deciding whether to make the recipe with the lamb or with beef – I love lamb (and it does feel appropriate for a Persian recipe), but I find gravy beef the most reliable red meat for long slow cooking.
    Your broad bean patch looks more like a hedge!

    Thin, I agree – it’s easy to ease up on my caution around food when I’m at the bottom of my weight range, only to bounce back to the top again quickly.

    I am looking forward to a mostly quiet week. So nice after a few weeks that have felt far too crammed with activity. I’m mixing up my eating a bit. Some weeks I just do two 500cal FDs and other weeks I’ll do 3-4 FD800s in a row. It depends what I’m in the mood for and both approaches seem to work.

    Hope you are all having a good day.

    Cinque, that’s a great recipe thank you. We’d given up lamb a couple of years ago because of the appalling slaughter conditions in Australia but I will try it if I can find some at one of the farm shops. It sounds like a perfect dish for cooking on the diesel stove. I love rhubarb so it will be great to try a recipe without the need for buckets of sugar. Drat, I just discarded my mint growing on the roof as I never used it and it was taking up too much planter space. I’ve also given up on my vine tomatoes, they never ripened despite bringing them inside. I’m deciding whether to bother doing something with the crop of green tomatoes that are now hanging from the houdini hatch. Lettuce and chilis successful. Now I’m looking for pretty, colourful flowers again.

    LJ, enjoy your quiet week. We’ve just spent a whole week at one location, the hamlet of Far Coton. It comprises two farms and six houses. I’ve loved watching a healthy, herd of Limousin cows eating the greenest grass I’ve ever seen. So relaxing. Sadly, we need water so must move on a little today. Closer to the scones, jam & cream place though ….

    I lost a measly 500g yesterday. Yes, I definitely need to be vigilant this week.

    Good evening all, just a quick check-in.

    Good to read everyone’s news, and so much to catch up on (yet another dangling preposition!) 🙂

    Cinque, thank you for the gorgeous virtual flowers, and thanks to everyone else who remembered me.

    Anzac65, glad you’re taking “optimistic October” and running with it. After my quite indulgent weekend – why do people feel they have to give you food to eat if it’s your birthday? I wonder sometimes if it’s a form of sabotage, when they know I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Agggh! No, I know they’re being kind, but I could wish they’d been less so, or else that I’d had the fortitude to throw the various eateries out once they’d left, etc. – but I didn’t, they found the mouth and the hips instead. Sigh! Anyway, it’s all gone now, so from tomorrow I can eat to suit myself again.

    Hope the “stars” align for you, thin, so you can enjoy a guilt-free Devonshire tea with scones. Good that you are 500gms down – better than up!

    HelenKate, glad you enjoyed Kangaroo Island, and good that you’re persevering with the weight loss. Good for you!

    G’DayfromSA, what a lovely visit you had to the Barossa Valley, with celebrities (with photos) and worm farms as remembrances.

    LindsayL, yay for plumbing problems to all be fixed. Hope that pesky rat gets caught.

    LJoyce, how lovely to be at the bottom of your “weight range” instead of hovering near the top. Hope the Chinese meal isn’t too damaging.

    Sleep well, all.

    Morena everyone

    Thanks for the recipe Cinque, I may have to try it sometime. We have huge rhubarb in our garden. A couple of years back I built a 1 metre square box a couple of feet high, filled it with horse manure and planted our rhubarb in that and now we get rhubarb stalks almost as thick as my wife’s wrist at the base and a couple of feet long. I’m thinking of making some rhubarb cordial this year though after trying some rhubarb soda at a local cafe that tasted awesome.

    Betsy, happy birthday for a few days ago, mine is coming up soon too so we share a birth month, yay for the October babies. I don’t think it’s sabotage, I think some people just enjoy watching others enjoy the food they’ve prepared. I know that I do that. I enjoy making food and watching people enjoy it, even if I don’t eat much of it myself anymore.

    Thin, green tomatoes should ripen up off the vine if you pick them and leave them in a warm place, especially if you put a ripe banana or apple nearby. The gas they give off helps ripen other fruit.

    Ljoyce, Congrats on the big drop in weight and I hope you enjoy your quieter week. I’m the opposite this week. The kids are back at school so I’m back to running around taking them to all their after school activities.

    Anzac, have a great optimistic October and may it roll into never-failing November and dedicated December 😉

    That sounds like a great break Helen-Kate!

    Gday, A worm farm is one of the things I haven’t got for the garden, we’ve got tons of worms in our compost heap, but the worm farms you can use the worm wee as well as the compost can’t you?

    Well I had a good day with eating on Saturday, had a little bit of bad food on Sunday but managed to stay within my calorie limit, did well yesterday to stick to only 1500 calories, I’ll have slightly more today and then weigh in tomorrow. I took my bike out for a couple of hours on Saturday and it was a beautiful day to ride. Yesterday was beautiful in the morning so I took the bike to work, but the weather turned bad in the afternoon and I ended up having to ride home in the grey drizzle. Hopefully the weather improves because I want to rekindle my cycling goal that I put on hold over winter (I did plenty of cycling on the exercise bike but I don’t count that towards my goal) So far I’m sitting on 2400 kilometres for the year and I’m aiming for hitting double my 2020 kilometre goal in 2020 so I have around 1600-1700 kilometres to do in the next 11 weeks (yes it is only 11 weeks until the end of the year!)

    Well have a great day everyone and I’ll check in tomorrow to let you know how my weigh-in went.

    Good morning from a sunny and pleasant 27 degrees today in Sydney

    Proper FD today with a small thai beef salad for lunch and turkey bolognaise in lettuce cups for dinner. Should be around 600 calories. It’s been too long since I had a good one and today is the day

    Neil, I love ‘Never failing November’ and ‘Dedicated December’. I will stay true to these sentiments 🙂

    LJ – congrats on being at the bottom of your preferred weight range. I long to be there too

    Betsy, yep, back onto Optimistic October horse for both of us. Glad you had a nice birthday

    Thin, the Hamlet sounds just stunning and I can visualise those cows. Good luck with the scone temptation

    Your holiday sounds so lovely HelenKate

    Cinque, your broad beans are incredible!

    G’day, I really love Maggie Beer too and that show with Simon is great. What a fab holiday and how well you have brought up Miss D to love to drink water over soft drink and fruit juice

    This has to be a quick post as work is still crazy. Now we have been told to drop everything to do an impact assessment on bringing forward work from 2021 and 2022 due to some regulatory changes. What? I really don’t know how they can expect us to keep kicking goals when the goal posts keep getting moved. Sigh. However I keep telling myself I’m (a) lucky to have a good job that pays well and (b) lucky to be able to continue as a contractor as it means I don’t have to participate in all the silly happy-clappy banking hoohaa that the permanent staff have to do.

    Have a great day all

    Good morning, and Wominjeka, which means Hello/Welcome

    Day before Fast Day for me. Embracing it!

    Yesterday I was out in the sun, shorts and bare feet, soaking up vitamin D, getting gardening done, stirring the compost heap under that big callistemon tree, when OUCH! Looked under my foot to see a poor dying bee. I’m allergic enough to bees that when bitten on a finger my hand swelled so much I couldn’t bend my fingers for about 5 days.
    This time I took an antihistamine and did ice and elevation and I only have a relatively small swelling, but it isn’t fun walking around. Grr I did not need that! (Neither did the poor bee.)

    Whingeing out of the way, I am glad LJoyce, Thin and Neil, you like the look of that stew. I will take some out of the freezer for my day-after-fast-day.
    My sister is growing rhubarb and has mentioned that it goes surprisingly well on pizza! (I’d like to try rhubarb kvass)

    Ha Thin, how the universe laughs at us, supplying a minty recipe just after you gave up on it. Have fun planting flowers. I hope you find something good to do with the green tomatoes.

    I had salad yesterday made with garden produce: mizuna leaves, lettuce, broad bean tips, baby spinach and marigold petals. Lovely. I was able to add some (medium expensive) diced avocado to it.

    LJoyce, what a clever idea to alternate 500 fast days with a run of 800’s as you feel.

    Betsy, sympathy re the piles of food left with you to celebrate your birthday. Hoping you have a lovely lean rest of October. It sounds like you had a companionable birthday weekend given the lockdown limitations, I am so glad.

    Anzac, your post just came through. Happy fast day! May it be a good one! You will just love waking up tomorrow morning.
    It sounds like your workplace is very good at squeezing as much as possible out of its employees. Hope you can find ways to stop yourself from getting squashed completely. Yay for the good things about your job.

    Cheers all, off to limp around the kitchen and get it spick and span. Frugal, mindful and saying ‘goodbye tummy’.

    I’m sorry to hear about your bee sting Cinque. I hope it heals quickly 🙁

    Thanks for the positive and encouraging words for my FD 🙂

    Morning everyone

    Managed to shed most of the holiday weight. I was down 1.4 kilograms to sit at 90.0 kilograms on the dot. Hopefully I can drop the last little bit next week and get back down to the mid 89s where I’ve been hovering for a while.

    Have a good one everyone

    Thursday morning, weirdly warm, but rain coming.
    My bee sting is barely noticeable, hooray. Thanks for your good wishes Anzac.

    Today is my fast day. Yesterday was one of those days I woke up feeling like a grasshopper that had hit a windscreen, and I couldn’t manage babysitting Miss 4 and fasting, so I put fasting off until today. Babysitting was fab, and my daughter got lots of dyeing done.

    I read this article: https://www.sbs.com.au/food/article/2020/10/07/how-fast-properly-and-live-longer-life and really like the concept of sticking to two meals of non-starchy vegetables on fast days. I’m going to start it today, although I am still a bit squashed grasshoppery, so I have had milk in cuppas. My aim is to wean myself off them on fast days as quickly as I can.

    Neil, great result. You will be so pleased to get back to sitting just under 90Kg.

    Penguin, I hope your treatment day went well, another one done and dusted. Here is this week’s tribute: https://specialtyproduce.com/sppics/1955.png
    Borage for courage.

    Cheers to every single one of you, and sending good wishes that today is a day you can eat lightly and easily. If it is a battle, strength to you!

    *Crickets Chirping*

    Hello? Is everyone asleep?

    Chirp Chirp Neil….I am lurking! COngrats on the 1.4 kilos

    Hello everyone, nothing to update from me – just waddling along trying to not stress eat. I did manage 30 laps of our 8m pool today – 30 before work and 30 at lunch time. I feel so much better when I can get some exercise in, especially swimming. I did manage a very good FD on Tuesday but couldn’t face one today

    I hope you are feeling a bit less like a squished grasshopper today Cinque

    Hi everyone else, I simply can’t reply due to deadlines. I do read your posts and they are lovely and encouraging

    Take care

    Good evening all. I’m home from babysitting and just finishing an 800cal FD – the first of four in a row. I find that when I’m managing to stick to my TDEE on the NFDs two FD500s in the week is perfect. But when I’m routinely struggling for control on my NFDs then the best circuit breaker for me is to do several FD800s in a row (usually 3 or 4).

    Neil well done getting the holiday kilos off so quickly.

    Cinque, glad to hear the bee sting has healed so quickly. I remember the old remedy from childhood – rub a cut onion on the stung area. I have no idea whether it does anything useful as I’m not allergic, although I did seem to be routinely stung in warmer weather as I preferred to be barefoot.

    Anzac, excellent that you are managing to fit some swimming into your busy days. I hope the weather continues to make that an inviting prospect.

    Betsy, my family (me included) tend to show that they care for people by cooking for them. It’s quite a challenge when you are trying to lose weight and being very careful with food choices. When I lost the bulk of my weight I remember having to have a very direct conversation with an aunt who cooks to show she loves you and would take it as a serious rejection if you refused the food.

    Thin, the location for your quiet week sounds very restful. Definitely no grazing cows around here, although I do occasionally pass Alfie the alpaca on his afternoon walk, grazing on any grass or flowers that he fancies.

    I am braving a trip to Ikea tomorrow to finally buy furniture for my craft room/study. I looked at and eliminated dozens of options a couple of weeks ago on my previous visit but needed thinking time to make sure I made the best choices. I think I’ve worked out the right solution now. I have a sewing table but needed a tall chest of drawers for craft storage and another cabinet for papers. I had considered getting these delivered but it’s “contact free” these days, which means they dump it on the front lawn and I have to drag all the boxes inside. I figure if I have to do that I might as well save the delivery fee and collect it myself. At the last visit I was horrified to go to the restaurant looking for a cup of tea to help me mull over my options – only to find they don’t sell tea and coffee there anymore. I won’t make that mistake again – I’m taking a thermos with me!

    Have good evening all.

    Less like a squashed grasshopper today thanks! A lovely fast day yesterday. That big bowl of (non starchy) vegetables suits me really well. Yay, another good tool for health. It is a pretty Melbourne morning-after-fast-day, hope it is the same for you Betsy, and only 2 new covid case, so sweet, you can feel the entire city with smiles stuck on our faces.

    Anzac, all power to you, every morsel you avoid stress eating is a win. Hoping you get to the end of the deadlines soon. Hi to Mr Anzac and Maxx. Best wishes for today.

    Neil, I bet you are awake, chirp chirp, even if you are stuck filing at work, weekend tomorrow! Happy election day too.

    LJoyce 2nd day of your 4×800, and then you will be half way. I hope you had a lovely refreshing sleep.
    Isn’t Ikea wonderful for (eventually) having the exact thing you need. I remember working out the proportion and shelving requirements I needed in a piece of furniture to fit in the space behind the door in my cramped bathroom, and sure enough, within a couple of months, the exact right thing turned up in the Ikea catalogue. Enjoy your shopping today.

    Sending best wishes to everyone, happy 5:2ing.

    LJ, you jinxed me! Yesterday sunny and 27. Today cloudy, cool and a very gusty cold wind…

    Glad you are feeling better Cinque and yay to your excellent FD. Thanks for the encouragement for no stress eating. It is the 9th anniversary of my lovely Mum leaving us and I was looking for a nice photo to put on FB. I found one of myself at about 21 and I look slim and HOT (LOL). I’ve put it near my laptop for encouragement

    Have a great day all

    Good morning all.

    I’m just coming back from a bit of a wobble, and am also pushing the clock to finish this editing, so just a quick one, and I’ll be back in a few days.

    I really wanted to say thank you to you, Cinque, for your very considered and kind response to my last post.
    Clearly you put a lot of thought into providing me (us) with advice and support, and I so appreciated it. And it really gave me pause for thought, about how I can make this work for me.

    So, here’s what I did. I got my commitments out of the way – Monday with my cousins on the Gold Coast, just to be together after our loss a month or so ago. Tuesday we had the 2 year old. Her Mum left early for a workshop that wasn’t on her scheduled work days, so we had the little one from 7.30 to 4.30. By day’s end, I could barely crawl into bed, (but it was lovely having her).

    Wednesday marked the clean slate. I took OH to his two medical appointments, then put him on a train to the island. He didn’t go willingly, but did go. I’d started Wednesday as a FD, and was absolutely focussed. First meal at noon of a little grilled chicken and salad, a few nuts late afternoon, and after taking Rosy for a good run in the park, settled down with a G& diet tonic…and never got back up to get dinner. It worked, although probably not the healthiest FD. Down .9. Another 500 FD yesterday, and down 1.3. I am doing an 800 day today, but don’t imagine I’ll have the same loss. All I am really trying to do is get into the swing.

    I lost 16 kilos in 2018, but then OH had his eye problem and the program went out the door, and my weigh then crept up (and sometimes down) from there. I’m still 10 kilos lighter than I was when I started. Now I am trying to get to that low tide mark again – 4 kilos to go – and then I’ll work on the next 5 kilos.

    Thank you for your support Cinque – and I’ll be back in a few days to answer all the posts.

    My PhD editing is due this weekend – it is a dog’s breakfast. The work is fine, but oh, the reference list. Diabolically bad. Something like 40 different Wangs cited, and hardly one of them in alphabetical order. Sigh.

    Enjoy your Friday all, and sorry this has been all about me.

    Good evening all.

    Sorry, this really has to be brief. It took a few days to eat all the cake and ice-cream cake, but I’m finally ready to “begin again”. It wasn’t things people cooked, though, they bought stuff just to give me, to share with me for my birthday, then leaving the rest with me. And then, to be completely honest (oops, ouch!), I also bought a half a black forest cake for myself – cut it into several slices, froze it, and have eaten it over the past 4-5 days. I am really, truly, finally ready to start anew, from tomorrow, so yay!

    Neilithicman, good that you’re back at the 90 mark, and I’m sure you’ll get under it right smart. Pre-happy birthday wishes! 🙂

    LindsayL, I sympathise with your correcting of the reference list – it’s a hard line to draw re how much to edit, and how much to make the writer fix their own mistakes.

    Anzac65, finally, finally, I am truly willing and ready to join you for optimistic October. I don’t know what the damage might be, but weigh-in tomorrow, then on we go, DOWNWARDS!

    Cinque, your poor foot, the poor bee, ouch, ouch! So glad the swelling wasn’t too severe – you obviously gave your foot the TLC it needed.

    LJoyce, hope you find the furniture you want at Ikea. We are still unable to do retail shopping here. It’s all online or click and collect. I’m still waiting on a couple of parcels from around 21st of September.

    Penguin, hope you’re doing okay – you deserve the lovely flowers from Cinque for your fortitude! Any nibbles on the house-selling yet?

    Cinque, sounds like this weekend will still not mean retail is open again, even with the low numbers for the past couple of days. I hope the 5 km radius for travel at least is lifted, but I’ve realised that the restrictions have also been affecting me with my eating (which didn’t happen earlier this year) so it’s time that stopped.

    Feel very sorry for folk in the UK, with their horrific virus numbers – stay safe and well, Thin!

    Had a shave biopsy of a lesion on my face on Wednesday – result Thursday of next week. May be just sun damage, may be pre-cancerous, which will mean using a cream on my face for 4 weeks, or may be a skin cancer, which would mean surgery, skin grafts, etc. Oh well. The blessing/ curse of having very fair skin! It will be fine, just something to deal with. But, that’s okay, life is, and it doesn’t stop because of a virus. We just have to keep on keeping on, and be happy in the process.

    Goodnight and stay safe everyone!

    Betsy, thanks for your thoughts and I agree that the covid numbers here are terrible but unsurprising. Honestly though, everyone has to be somewhere and I do feel very, very fortunate. We can self-isolate easily, we have a different outlook every few days and we’re very close to nature which is good for our wellbeing I feel. I know we could be in covid-safe WA but I don’t really envy our friends there with very limited movements and their o/seas families unlikely to be able to visit for Christmas. I’m not wild about spending Jan/Feb in England but, if it’s not safe to leave for Europe, we could do a lot worse than float around on the UK canals. The leaves are changing now and it is just so pretty on the water. I’ve just seen a little water vole.

    Betsy, also, all the best for your test. Good to get it sorted asap. I’m also susceptible to sun damage and had a nasty cancer taken off my lower lid with a skin graft from behind my ear. Had it not been mis-diagnosed by one of those awful mole clinics, I could have been saved a lot of grief and money. Another four months and I’d have been a ‘gonner’, so fast was it growing down my facial nerve, my concerns repeatedly dismissed for 5 months. I hope yours is the most benign of options and can be fixed with the Effudix cream.

    Lindsay, laughing at putting your OH on the train to the island. Thinking about it though, I suppose one can travel to this island by train. Wow, 16kg lost in 2018. You kept that quiet, didn’t you? You did it then, you’ll do it again.

    I’ve run out of time so will have to work backwards next time. Hi to LJ, Cinque, Neil and Anzac. Have a wonderful weekend all.

    Hello all

    This is week 14 of the FD way of life for me, though I did have one week off so perhaps it is really week 13.

    I haven’t been to the chemist to weigh myself for 3 weeks. I don’t think I have changed much, because of the week off, and some fairly substantial eating on some of my NFDs.

    Anyway here is what I am noticing:

    I feel fitter and more energetic without the 5K I’ve lost
    I still have a bit of a stomach – maybe I always will – but it’s flatter and I feel better in my clothes.
    I am now usually able to pause when I’ve embarked on mindless munching, and to halt – not always but most of the time
    I’m drinking a lot more water every day and it feels good
    I’m not spending as much on food – not going through avocados and nuts and cheese etc at the same rate!
    I’m enjoying food more than ever
    Raw carrots with just a little bit of hummus are actually delicious
    Keeping some rice biscuits in the car means I can get a quick crunchy energy boost during a long drive, without succumbing to the potato crisps
    I feel generally more positive – it’s the feeling of having more control I think

    Anyway that’s enough. I appreciate very much reading the news from everyone and learning from the different ways people approach the 5:2.

    Cinque, I thought your description of waking up feeling like a grasshopper that had hit the windscreen was brilliant. Hope you are feeling like a lively grasshopper now. And LJoyce, good luck with the worm farm.

    I’ve been working in my little back garden all afternoon, and will go out now to look with pleasure at the results – old gone-to-seed plants cleared out and pea straw spread, so the all the green flourishing plants – parsley and erigeron daisies and miniature pomegranate etc – look better than ever!

    Best wishes to everyone – happy fasting and happy eating

    Helen Kate

    Hello all, hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Thin it’s good that you feel positively about being in the UK as infection rates increase. I thought the new 3 tier classification was a sensible way of approaching things. Your mode of transport and accommodation has proved to be a real blessing in the current environment as it seems safer than most other options. I agree though – winter on the canals might be a bit brutal.

    Betsy, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the cakes and feel in the right frame of mind for a change. I unfortunately find I need a flurry of treats before settling into a strict period of eating.
    I did get to Ikea, although now that I have to build all of this I think I’m regretting it: https://imgur.com/a/UfBhpLr 140kg of boxes to make a an office cabinet and chest of drawers. It’s a lot of boxes for 2 pieces of furniture (it’s because there’s 14 drawers between the 2 units). There is one blessing of a trip to Ikea – 5000 steps!

    Cinque and Betsy, I think today was day 100 of the shutdown for you. I am so sorry that you are having to endure this. I was relieved to see such low infection numbers for the last 2 days. I hope that continues so that you move fully to the next stage very soon.

    Anzac, so very sorry to jinx your weather, ours has been erratic too. I hope you get a welcome relaxing break from work this weekend.

    Lindsay thanks for dropping in to let us know how you are. I trust you will meet your editing deadline and can then have a less stressed time.

    I am nearing the end of day 3 of my B2B FD800s. I have an unexpected family brunch tomorrow so I have decided to do a NFD Sunday and then do 2 further FD800s Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday I have a cafe lunch to go to in the city, but that should be ok, as it’s Italian and they make a wonderful minestrone that I’m always happy to order.

    Neil, I believe it was election day for you. I hope you get a result that is good for NZ.

    Take care all.

    A quick PS because I know that last post was pretty self-absorbed.
    Cinque and Betsy, that is such a long long time of lockdown that you have endured, and I hope it eases very soon. The numbers are looking good.
    LJoyce, I know what you mean about how one sometimes needs a flurry of treats before settling into stricter eating. I also know what you mean about the mighty step count in Ikea. Good luck with the flat packs!
    Thin, I’m wondering what your canal-house-boat is like. Will it keep you warm through the winter. I do love to think of you living and travelling in this way. Wonderful to combine having a home and having an adventure.
    Betsy, hope things go well with the skin lesion. How we all sunbaked back in the 60s and 70s – well I certainly did! – and it is catching up with us now.
    Oh so many more people and bits of news to respond to, but no time – also right now I feel too hungry to think!
    Warm wishes

    HK, ha ha, it’s still week 14 I’m afraid! Great that you are seeing so many benefits already. You have really embraced the WOL. I’ve answered your boat question below. Probably more than you wanted to know.

    LJ, I’ll be joining you for a FD on Monday. DD will be visiting tomorrow having had a week off work and only staying close to base to move house – thereby reducing her exposure and our risk.

    ALERT: This is all about me and nothing to do with IF:
    Our boat is 57′ long and 6′ wide. It has a fixed double bed in a bedroom with lots of hanging and cupboard space; shower, basin, towel warmer & toilet; an engine room; a galley with a washing machine and teeny fridge/freezer box (that’s the hardest bit for me); a dinette that converts into two more berths; two extremely comfortable leather swivel/recliners with footstools; wall mounted TV/DVD; stereo with speakers piped throughout and a front cratch cabin useful for wet weather gear changing or opening in summer for cruising/sundowners.

    HJ, to answer your question, we have three radiators used mainly when we’re on shore power in a marina that can be programmed on timers and a morso diesel-powered stove which makes the boat so toasty warm. Last winter, I found it useful for cooking one-pot meals such as Cinque’s lamb and rhubarb stew which I’ll be having a go at soon.

    Now that I’m on a roll, I’ll keep rambling, we ended up spending considerably more than originally planned because so many boats we looked at were dark and dingy with musty smells. We thought we must be comfortable if we’re doing this for a year or it would be too depressing. We ended up with a Braidbar fitout and, although we hadn’t originally sought out any of these features, it has some really nice additions like granite kitchen and bathroom tops, mosaic tiled splashbacks, oak hardwood flooring, prism lighting, houdini hatch, ash panelling, white ceiling, mood lighting (!) and high quality cabinetry throughout.

    We’re very comfortable. It suits my minimalist leanings – but not OH’s. He’s a hoarder and misses his tools. You have to work just a little bit harder for everything – nothing is on tap like at home. But there are daily mental and physical challenges to keep us fit and healthy. We’re close to nature. It’s not what we imagined (visiting the Antiques Road Show, Museums and National Trust properties) but it’s still been great and we’ll probably spend another year on board.

    Howzat for ‘all about me’?

    Betsy, a belated Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like it was a nice one, at least in terms of food and treats. Sometimes we need to splurge a little, especially with the lockdowns. Your numbers are looking very low these days so hopefully things will loosen up soon. I hope the biopsy for the spot on your face turns out to be nothing.

    Cinque, that lamb and rhubarb recipe sounds very appetizing. I’ve never thought of adding rhubarb to meat in a savory dish. I love rhubarb desserts though. I will have to try it. Thank you for posting the recipe and also for posting the links for the Melbourne radio stations. They come through loud and clear here. I can listen on the iPad. I’ll have to see if I can figure out a way to hear them on Alexa.

    LJ, it looks like you have your work cut out for you with all those IKEA boxes. The nice thing about Ikea is that the instructions are usually simple and clear. I actually enjoy assembling their furniture. And you’ve put together other pieces in the past.

    Thin, your boat sounds like it’s well outfitted and as long as you can keep it cozy through the winter, it shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully getting groceries will be convenient to the marinas nearby.

    HK, I’ve noticed that food tastes a lot better too when eating less of it. When overeating we seem to just shovel in one thing after another without much thought about each bite. Congrats on your weight loss!

    The smoke smell is gone most of the time now and the fires are getting more under control every day. The temperatures have been in the high 20’s to low 30’s during the day for this past week, but dropping to the low teens at night. That, and the shorter days certainly helps. But still no rain and none in the forecast for this next week. We surely need it. A couple weeks of rainy weather would take care of them.
    Only a little over 2 weeks now in til our elections. I will be SO glad when they’re over! Trump says that if he loses he may leave the country. Perhaps he would prefer the nice warm Australian weather now that winter is coming to the northern hemisphere….

    Ha ha, CalifD! And if he wins, Bruce Springstein is moving to Australia.

    Thin I’m not a fan of Bruce Springsteen or Donald Trump but I certainly hope Bruce wont be moving to Australia in 2 weeks time……or Donald either. Thumbs up for Jacinda in NZ – hope that is the result you were wanting Neil. Election post over…..Ha Ha

    Morning all, What a great weekend! I got the election result I was hoping for (yes Gday, it was indeed what I was hoping for), the rugby result I was hoping for (sorry wallaby supporters) and I managed to pick up my first ever hole-in-one at frisbee golf. One of my frisbee golf buddies was demonstrating the difference between US and NZ politics with a friend of his in the States by sharing pics of Jacinda’s partner feeding the hungry media waiting outside their house on election night with venison bites and snapper bites that he’d caught and shot himself.

    Cali, I’m glad the smoke smell is going. With all the other stuff that’s going on in the world at the moment dominating the news, I was completely unaware that the fires were still burning.

    Anzac, I hear you on the exercise. The weather hasn’t been good enough over here for me to get out too often, but the couple of bike rides I managed to get done felt so good!

    Betsy, reset button pressed, good luck for your fresh start! I’ll have the same challenges soon at the family dinner for my birthday. Also my goal to be alcohol free for the rest of the month is going to be a lot harder to resist. My mother-in-law just gave me a big bottle of Teachers scotch whiskey as a thank you for some tree felling that I did for her a couple of weeks ago. Staying alcohol free is easy when you’ve got no alcohol in the house, not quite so easy when you’ve had a long week and there’s a nice bottle of whiskey calling your name from the cupboard :/

    Lindsay, good luck with your work and the last 4 kg to get back to your 2018 weight.

    Ljoyce, good luck with your fast days today and tomorrow. I’m joining you on back to back fast days. I’m hoping to hit that magic 8 number in front of my weight this week on Wednesday morning’s weigh-in.

    HK, Great that you’re feeling so good with this way of life, it’s good to know that success is not always what we see on the scales, but the way we feel as well.

    Thin, that’s a great plus for your canal life, you’ve got your own little floating isolation bubble, stay safe from the increased covid numbers over there!

    Well, back to work, back to fasting and I hope you all have a great week.

    Monday morning in a slightly less restricted Melbourne, woot!
    And feeling proud as we flattened our corona-wave as quick or quicker than any place has in the whole world. Hoping we continue with the tail of it as comprehensively.

    Anzac, I hope it was a gentle day, remembering your mum https://hips.hearstapps.com/toc.h-cdn.co/assets/16/09/1457116174-lily2.jpg
    And an excellent photo reminder to yourself, every time you are at your laptop.

    Lindsay hooray for such a focus on getting back into the swing of 5:2. I am keen to hear how it is going. I hope Mr Lindsay has had a fine time on the island, is he walking easily on the sand?
    Oh dear, as if reference lists aren’t the worst part anyway! I do hope it went well.

    Retail (read opshops!) should be open in two weeks, woot! woot! I’m so excited.

    Betsy, I hope you are really enjoying your reset, and the pleasurable frugality after the wonderful celebratory feasting. Next feast Christmas? You will be so happily lighter by then.
    Yes, another couple of weeks before retail, but it will be here before we can blink. I have a hairdresser appt on Friday morning. So delighted. My hair is basically long and unstyled, but my hairdresser has a wonderful way of cutting out the bulkiness so I will be so light and free feeling, and with the endy bits gone too. I hope there are freedoms you can enjoy too, while waiting for the lovely retail opening.

    I agree with you about the background stress affecting us, particularly our eating. I don’t know how I would be if it was at Cali levels. We have a long way to go, sigh. Experts are saying that we are still just at the beginning of the epidemic.

    Fingers crossed for that biopsy result.

    Thin, how excellent that you and Mr Thin are where you can be happy and (comparatively) safe. It is a wonderful life.

    I hope you have had a lovely fast day.
    Mine was good, but I didn’t manage to cut the milk out of my cuppas. However the big bowls of non-starchy veggies are working a treat. I had my midday bowl with a drizzle of basil oil I made last summer (it has been sitting in the freezer waiting for the opportunity). And my evening bowl I used the oil to fry onion and chili, and also added turmeric and a squeeze of lemon, so very similar vegetables tasted wonderfully different.

    HK, so good to read your post. ‘All about you’ was exactly what we needed to hear, and your perspective is inspiring. So many nice results of 5:2ing.

    Oh dear, I am a bit grasshoppery-windscreeny this morning, but probably because I overdid it gardening yesterday. And I can’t help feeling it was worth it. I moved selfsown tomatoes and pumpkins to places where they could grow more conveniently, and swept up leaves for my compost (before the man with the leafblower came this morning) and gave the compost a good turn. But it is about time to do some mulching, so that had better be next on the gardening list. Hooray for getting yours done.

    LJoyce, what is the state of the Ikea boxes now? I am one of those people who always misses a vital instruction and ends up in tears of frustration. I have a feeling you would be a better constructor than me though!

    I hope yesterday’s family brunch was a delight and that you are all set for a lovely couple of fast800’s today and tomorrow.

    Cali, so glad to hear from you. Ha, have fun listening to our radio stations. The one I enjoy most is Sammy J first thing in the morning and someone (from Ohio, I think) phones in regularly.

    Those big bushfires are such an ongoing disaster, aren’t they. And even when the fires are out, there is so much more to be done. But I do so hope they are all out soon.

    I never much liked sweet things in stews (growing up with too many sultanas, and occasionally pineapple, in curries) but am very glad of that rhubarb stew, and the quince tagine, I make.

    Hello Gday, I second what you say, even though I am a fan of Bruce Springsteen. I do hope your wormfarm is thriving and that study and 5:2 are both going well.

    Neil, don’t you have a lovely list of things going your way. Hooray.
    Is today your birthday? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/61/38/1d/61381d5b40e4ff6d2185af30a7624022.gif
    A drink of that whiskey would be a wonderful treat at the beginning of next month!

    Time to get moving, best wishes all

    Hi Cinque, Yay for less covid restrictions. You’re jumping the gun a bit on the birthday wishes for me though, my birthday is on the 29th so around a week and a half away.

    Cinque, my FD is today due to DD’s visit yesterday. Glad yours was a good one, mostly. I will try to limit the milk in coffee today too. OH is having a large steak that we bought at a farm shop and which I had not fancied at all. I’m having Chicken Provençal (again) as my last recipe served three so there was one lonely portion left. Hurray for gardening, boo to the leaf blowing man. Pleased your covid numbers are more or less dealt with and you’ll soon enjoy more freedoms. Over here, it’s a continuing balancing act between protecting the NHS and economic disaster. Neil’s balloons are smashing.

    Cinque, I have thick hair too so it soon looks like a mop. It used to be that hairdressers would say, ‘oh what lovely thick hair’. Now it’s $$$ and an opportunity to charge extra for ‘thinning out’. DD, who has long ringlet hair, can never understand why cutting off six inches should cost more than cutting one inch. She’s thinking of cutting the first 5″ herself next time. Yesterday, she cut mine with the kitchen scissors and a brush – I don’t care if it’s a bit wonky because I no longer have a mullet.

    Neil, have a lovely birthday in case I’m not here when it falls. Is it a significant one? (you mentioned a family gathering). My green tomatoes are indeed turning red! I had all but given up but then you sounded so confident in your post last week so I gave them a little extra time.

    Hello Monday fasters, your day is nearly done. I shall do my best to carry it on for you.

    Penguin, you’d better give us a brief catch up or it will take you all day to get us up to date when you finally get back here. Have you sold up? How is the treatment going for you? A beautiful sunny day today and a lofty 17C tomorrow.

    Good morning,
    It is a beautiful morning here, and I am cooking dosa for breakfast, so double lovely.

    Neil, ha, an early birthday celebration then.
    Fingers crossed for your weigh in.

    Thin, I bet you have gorgeous mop hair. They have just allowed school photos to resume here, and are making jokes about the mop haired kids in this year’s photo.
    Oops, I forgot about DD visiting, I bet that was lovely.
    Btw did you get your scones and cream?

    Well, my health feels better today and I am doing some babysitting (Miss 4) this afternoon. I am going to take some broad beans to see if she likes finding the babies in their velvet beds.

    I’m finding I am doing well with a carby breakfast, and then really cutting down on carbs the rest of the day.
    Also, the minute I took my eye off it, I slowed down my 7 serves of veg a day. But the game is on again.

    It is interesting that, even though 5:2 is so good to slip easily into life, as soon as ANYTHING (work, stress, social things, medical things, busyness) takes priority, it starts to slide. Sigh.
    That is true for me anyway.

    Hoping today is a good day for people to be able to post. Hello all of you. Sending you good wishes.

    Good morning friends

    A quick post to say hello before the frantic work day begins. Thank you so much for the flowers Cinque; it was a sad day but also full of lovely memories. I had a little cry and Maxx came running in all concerned and gave me lots of healing nudges and licks.

    So glad you are feeling better today and have fun babysitting Miss 4

    It must have been wonderful to see DD again Thin, I’m glad you can get together again. Yay for ripe tomatoes 🙂

    Neil – a hole in one – wow! May the magic 80 appear soon for both of us

    FD today and I have managed to lose 400g last week and the week before. I crept up to 91.9 with me EFS weekend a couple of weeks ago but Optimistic October is slowly chipping away at the gain. 91.1 this morning

    So glad the fires are getting under control Cali, and those horrible high temps are coming down too. I see India has now overtaken the US as having the most new cases but the numbers for both countries are terrifying.

    You are a braver woman than I LJ, tackling an Ikea set up. How is it going?

    I must run, take care all.

    Morning all.
    Cinque, your day sounds lovely, as have your reports from your garden. I am pleased to hear you’re feeling better. It is pretty nice here in Brisbane too….cool, blue skies, my sprinklers showering away, after the plumber dealt with our gnawed pipe.
    Reporting, quickly, that I have had some very good FDs in a row ..I started Wednesday, and am having one today too …so that will be 7. So far I have lost 2.8 kilos. I had one little hiccup on Sunday night when DD invited me for dinner, as she was concerned I’d replaced my evening meal with a gin and tonic (quite right too….haven’t I brought that sweet girl up well haha). So she cooked a cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach. Carbs, but a very light meal, and very healthy. Counting, I think it took Sunday to 800, but that was okay.
    Thin, I loved your description of your boat … it does sound rather swish, and very comfortable, even through a cold winter. I know what you mean about minimalism. Our island house is very compact, but has absolutely everything we need.
    Nice to have some time with DD Thin, and lovely you’ll have Miss 4 today Cinque.
    You Victorians have really shown the world how to do lockdown, and congratulations on your low numbers and having the restraints lifted because you’ve done so well.
    Neil, I am sending birthday wishes in advance too, because we’ll be on the island (hopefully) when it falls, and anyway, my memory is bound to let me down. Congratulations on returning the wonderful Jacinda Adern.
    How are you going with your Ikea construction LJ? Are we going to see a picture?
    Betsy, how are you going? Back on board? And you too Anzac? C’mon, we can do this (says the woman who had a great wobble and was about to slink off into the sunset). As Cinque says, once stuff gets in the way, it gets harder, but we have so many examples on here of people who pushed through. I am in awe of them, btw.
    OK I must get on. I sent back the PhD late, late on Sunday with a list as long as your arm, and a note that I felt the candidate had rushed through the final chapter. He agreed, and said his supervisor had said the same, so he was rewriting it, and would I review it again on Wednesday. So, my jumping for joy is postponed, because after working with him (5 years now, first at work and now privately) I have to see it through.
    My house looks like its been ransacked, but I am desperate to get into the garden. I went down to the pool yesterday to put the robot in …Rosy spotted the rather large water dragon that sunbakes on the edge, so it was on for young and old. Both scared the life out of each other.
    Anyway, I have booked a cleaner for tomorrow morning, and will have lunch out with my friend after that to celebrate her birthday. OH is home on Thursday, and much as I’ve missed him, I’ve relished this time alone.
    And now, I am just signing in to see if I can’t buy a car at auction. Wish me luck!
    Again, too much about me ….sorry friends. It’s because I’ve hardly spoken to a soul for the last week, and my fingers have done what my mouth does usually. Back later, to check in on you all.

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